Lifesafer interlock

Trouble with lifesafer interlock

2023.03.19 17:03 trillamanillla Trouble with lifesafer interlock

I have a a220 mercedes 2021. Ive been having problems for a month already getting locked out dates everytime i get my car from the shop. Anyone have same problems??
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2023.01.21 23:28 sloannyy Lifesafer interlock device

So I have a interlock device through lifesafer. And since having it I’ve had so many car problems. I have replaced the alternator twice (one was faulty) and the battery once. It’s been about 5 months since I replaced them and last night I couldn’t get my car to start at all. I also had 4 warning lights come on. I’m just starting to think that it’s the device causing all these problems. Has anyone had something similar happen to them?
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2023.01.07 03:55 Comfortable_Ice6428 Anybody in this sub in Southern California with lifesafer Interlock ?? Do you have the L250 model??

Anybody in this sub in Southern California with lifesafer Interlock ?? Do you have the L250 model?? ( slim and handheld ) And where do you get it serviced?? I will be moving from MD to CA got off the phone with lifesafer and I will need to make sure the shop I deal with can calibrate my model due to california only using the FC100 (old school and bulky pay phone) model
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2023.01.07 00:29 Comfortable_Ice6428 Interlock installed in MD, moving to CA with 3 months left, what’s the process?

I’ve been on hold with lifesafer all day and can’t seem to get in touch with someone regarding this process. I have an interlock that I will need to have in my vehicle until July, I’ll be moving to California by mid April. My DUI was dismissed but I opted in for the interlock therefore I need to still have it. Lifesafer has a bunch of service centers where I’m moving in California, I’m just curious as to what my MD DMV (MVA) needs to know and if CA DMV even needs to get involved. Had a conversation with the lady at the MVA stating nothing changes I just have to notify lifesafer, and keep my MD license until the suspension is up, any insight is appreciated please!
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2022.12.16 12:14 UnknknU Lifesafer Handset-Base Communication Problem

Hello all,
Since April of this year I have had lifesafers interlock installed in my vehicle. About two weeks ago I had it reinstalled in a new vehicle with a brand new/new battery, and no issues until last night. I went to the gym last night and when I returned to the vehicle, tried to do the ignition process, the only thing on the display was “Handset-Base Communication Problem.” I had not had a sip of alcohol for over two days, used my vehicle to and from work that whole day, so for no discernible reason I was not even able to ATTEMPT to start my vehicle. I tried using the buttons on device itself, and the only option listed was to turn off the handheld device, or “help”- which displayed the physical location of my shop and their customer service number. Once you get to this screen, there are no additional options besides the small x on the right button, which powers down the handset. As far as I can tell this should be entirely illegal. I don’t understand how this company can legally lock me out of my car when I have had zero violations from the date of the install- I simply don’t really drink anyways. I got my DUI from doing what I’d always done, which was taking my blackout friends home as the more sober individual. I recorded video evidence of me trying every way that is within my legal right to start my vehicle with this display screen on, as well as sitting on hold with customer service for over half an hour with no luck. If I did not have family close I would have been stranded and probably frozen to death due to this at no fault of my own. In lifesafers own website and user manual, this display is not even shown as something that can happen, there is no discernible recourse as how to fix the “hey, we are denying you access to your property for no reason now.” I think this deserves legal action. I will attach the video if I can find some more people screwed over IMO completely illegally. This can actually ruin peoples lives at no fault of their own, and I think that the people affected by this are entitled to some answers, and lifesafer may be due some legal action. Thank you, and if my vehicle is still displaying this unfixable error when I go to check on it this morning (left fifteen minutes away ina gym parking lot) then my vehicle will have been locked out with zero violations for over 9 hours. We deserve at the very least, some answers as to why there is no offline mode, why we can be seemingly locked out of our property at any time for no reason.
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2022.10.16 03:33 Instructor-Sup It's not the track itself, but the 15 mph headwind

It's not the track itself, but the 15 mph headwind
The 15 mph headwind 300 days out of the year, 1800 foot elevation, and cactus dust on the wind are what really make the track at Goodfellow AFB special.
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2022.09.27 19:13 Regular-Station-3485 Breathalyzer question

I have lifesafer interlock I drank until like 1am, would I be safe at 2pm to drive? I had shots during the day then I fell asleep and woke up and drank like 6-7 more shots, would I be safe at 2pm to drive?
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2022.09.07 06:35 HallEnvironmental685 Interlock fail lifesafer

Failed interlock almost 2 weeks back thinking about coming clean really had tough week at time when i failed and had a weak moment ever since then told myself its not worth it. Just wondering what will happen never have failed before for anything since starting probation im 7 months in. Preparing for the worst but hoping for some understanding to come out of it i know i messed up and am willing to come clean about it. Opinions? UPDATE: Just got out of my court date for violation was just given a warning definitely not messing up again! Can only be blessed i was given another chance.
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2022.09.06 21:37 Edstiffler13 Lifesafer FAIL but no LOCKOUT?

So I have a lifesafer interlock device on my truck. A few weeks ago it came up “Failed” on the interlock but it didn’t go into a lockout? I was sober and it was a false positive. After I called them I blew in it again and it PASSED. I just went for my 39 day upload and calibration and the shop said if I blew a failed test it would have went into an early lockout and I would have had to bring it in within 2 days for upload and reset. I’m supposed to get it off next week but I’m worried that the false fail is on the report. I’m not sure what happened but it didn’t lock me out? Thanks for any information!
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2022.07.06 17:51 probablypanicking Fail recorded for Interlock at .026, second .03 - the start limit in CO is .025. Hearing on Friday with DMV for removal. What should I say to them?

I have an early removal hearing this Friday with the DMV (CO) to see if I can have my interlock removed. Due to a low BAC (.082) I was eligible to have it removed after four months. However, the Lifesafer device recorded a fail. I got the reports back and the first fail recored .026 and the second recorded .03.
I am wondering what I should tell the DMV during the hearing. Should I say it was a malfunction?
For context, this fail came after my four month mark, but was recorded during the same month and therefore failed the early removal certificate.
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2022.07.01 15:33 probablypanicking Early removal hearing with the DMV on Friday - have a fail recorded, wondering what I should say to them?

Hello. I have an early removal hearing this Friday with the DMV (Colorado) to see if I can have my interlock removed. Due to a low BAC (.082) I was eligible to have it removed after four months. However, the Lifesafer device recorded a fail. I am not sure what the reading was (like how high the BAC was) but I am wondering what I should tell the DMV during the hearing. Should I say it was a failed reading?
For context, this fail came after my four month mark, but was recorded during the same month and therefore failed the early removal certificate.
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2022.06.27 05:23 Puzzleheaded_War_720 Extreme DUI AZ . Ignition interlock

So it’s now time for me to get an interlock and seen so many companies ; Intoxalock , smart start , alcohol detection systems , lifesafer. Has anyone in AZ used any of these companies . I’ve read that intoxalock is shit . I have a push start car and would like to know which one is best for push to start type of cars and most affordable . No stress kind of interlock . Really appreciate anyones feedback . Please give a brief experience with your interlock Device
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2022.06.15 22:54 probablypanicking Has anyone ever disputed an interlock violation with the DMV (CO) and won?

The DMV's four month mark was 5/18, and I am clean up until then but a fail was recorded on 5/28 which fails the certificate from Lifesafer (interlock company)'s side.

Just wondering if anyone has ever contested an interlock violation with the DMV and won.
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2022.06.05 19:24 Comfortable_Ice6428 Lifesafer IID and Energy Drinks

Was kind of anxious and worried about energy drinks or coffee setting off my IID but for those who are caffeine freaks I can confirm that C4 energy drinks do not set off my lifesafer IID nor does Dunkin iced coffee, now you know lol, for other interlocks I’m not really sure.
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2022.05.23 17:20 probablypanicking Does anyone have experience with Lifesafer and a fail/violation? I’m in CO. Received a fail on my last month (this month, early removal possible) and am sick to my stomach it will start my time over.

Hi! Like the title says, I’m located in Colorado. I blew a .082 and this was my first ever DUI. The interlock is required but I have been eligible to get it out after four months since my BAC was so low. Well, this should have been my fourth month.
Last week, I received a fail & a lockout. I didn’t retest after the lockout and just chose to leave my car because I wasn’t sure of the nuances and didn’t want to make anything worse. I later returned and started my car and left (like 12 hours later).
After talking to a Lifesafer rep, she mentioned that it’s possible this will fail the entire month of May, which in Colorado restarts my ENTIRE four month period.
Does anyone have any experience with Lifesafer fails? Did it fail your whole month and reset your time? What was your experience?
I feel similar to how I felt when I first got arrested. Sick to my stomach, sad, disappointed, embarrassed, complete shit. I understand it could be worse and the interlock is not the worst possible thing. Doesn’t stop the intense emotions and worry.
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2022.05.05 23:15 Cici_South_2398 Interlock with Camera - can I Unsuctioncup the Camera Between Uses?

Hey There-
I got the LifeSafer Interlock with camera installed today, as Maryland requires. This is my first experience with any of this. I'm feeling such a sense of dread of dealing with this thing for a year, as I'm sure everyone else here understands. lol
So, I also just started a new job. This job is so important to me and my career! Anyone know what would happen if I remove the suction cupped camera from my dashboard when I park at work? As long as I put it back after, I'd be ok, right? I just have such a sense of shame. Not trying to fool the system etc, but wondering if I can unsuctioncup the camera between uses.
Grateful for any feedback!

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2022.04.26 20:45 oh_niner Breathalyzer companies/brands

Looks like the following are my options here in bexar county texas:
Intoxalock Draegger inc Lifesafer interlock Smart start Inc Guardian interlock Alcolock tx
Anybody have experience with these or recommendations? Or which one not to get? Are they essentially all the same?
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2022.03.24 10:54 Specific-Dog3871 PA license restoration

A few questions..
First off, interlock.. intoxalock, smartstart or lifesafer? When I took my dui driving class a few years ago they stressed having the right vendor (I took it as the people who install it) but now I'm questioning which one I should get. Anyone with recent experience? What were your expenses for it? Any issues with the device itself or the company?
Second, when I was on probation, she told me that you are eligible for interlock at half your suspension as long as you complete all court terms and your fine is halfway paid off. OR I can go another year without my license and not get interlock at all as long as I prove I don't have anything in my name vehicle wise but still have to apply for a limited license. As I looked at my restoration letter online, it's saying I can apply for interlock and the limited license 30 days prior to my eligibility date which is the end of my year suspension. I know I'll end up having to call penndot unfortunately but I find it sad the my po was more informative. But now I'm questioning if she was even given me the correct info or not. Any one know more on this? Again I know I'll just have to call but I'm curious to know what other were told or went through themselves.
Thank you!
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2021.12.31 02:12 Ok-Coach4670 Issues w/ Lifesafer IID

Throwaway for obvious reasons..
I've had the Lifesafer interlock installed in a push-to-start 2013 Rav4, and I'm having a pretty serious problem that has me and my mechanic stumped. (Lifesafer obviously is claiming zero responsibility).
Anyway, every 100 or so miles, I'll notice the car acting like my foot is on the brakes, even though I'm not. The brake system seems to build up pressure, the pedal gets rock hard, my whole car starts to shake, and any pressure I apply to the brakes stays there, so eventually I'm stuck in the road with my brakes 100% locked up. This has happened ~5 times now, and so far I've replaced my rotors, calipers, pads, and brake fluid, to no avail.
I spoke to the tech who installed the IID after I went in for a "wire check" and he told me the IID is effectively a switch between the brake sensor and my ECU. Since a push-to-start car requires the brake pedal to be depressed to start the car, it effectively blocks the brake pedal signal until you pass a test. My thoughts are that if the device can signal "we're not braking," a defective device can just as well signal "we are braking" when that's not actually the case. The problem was happening before the wire check and nothing changed afterwards.
At this point, I'm convinced this issue is related to the IID because the problem started the day after installation, but since Lifesafer won't acknowledge that there are any known problems, I'm a little stuck.
Has anyone else experienced this, or something similar? Is there a governing body who I can reach out to for help? I'm already out $1200 for new brakes and my car has not been safe to drive since the install.
Edit: I'm in California.
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2021.07.20 19:27 Tomasthetree Interlock devices in California

Ok, going through review after review has me defeated as every one of the companies has horrible reviews. Does anyone in the Southern California area have a suggested interlock device provider?
I’m leaning towards either Smart Start or lifesafer right now. Any suggestions? And specifically to avoid?
Edit: follow-up
I ended up going with Smart Start. It’s been close to a month now and it’s gone smoothly enough. The install was a little bit more expensive than what they sold me on the phone (the business I went had an install fee on top of Smart Starts install fee).
I haven’t had any false positives or aborts. Had a few “blow longer” sort of things. But all and all it’s been as positive an experience as I could ask for in this situation. I will keep following up for anyone doing searches for info in the future
Another follow up edit: Half way through a year of having smart start. It’s been pretty good so far. No false positives, no real hassles. Only two issues have been -traveling- left town for the holidays and needed to change my calibration date, initially they wouldn’t let me come in early for it but eventually I explained my situation, that I would be out of town 10 days and not able to do the calibration in the time suggested and that I’d like to do it early as to not tow my car. Then they said early was AOK -maintenance- my car has been my makeshift work van since I can’t have one anymore. It’s been through it. I needed to take it in to get work done and it was super annoying. The small local auto shop I trusted wouldn’t touch the device therefore wouldn’t do the work. So I had to go to a dealership and jump through various hoops. It eventually got done but it sucked.
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2021.03.07 20:52 Strange-Panic Lifesafer interlock WARN

I was working with some yard equipment and fuel today and I hoped in my truck and blew. The WARN and SERVICE. lights started flashing. So I jumped out and didn’t start the truck. I went inside and showered and changed and now I am scared it will be a violation. Should I go get a blood test of something?
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2021.02.16 23:31 Prognostrus LifeSafer Interlock Removal Experience

Wow, ok so here's the story / rant / vent:
I have a 1-year interlock requirement with 180-day compliance review by the WA DOL to have it taken out. My year is now up.
I literally did everything perfect along the way:
Zero bad blows. Zero missed blows. Zero dead batteries. Zero missed calibration appointments. Everything literally perfect -- I want this thing out of my truck and I acted accordingly.
Because my year was coming up I called the DOL and asked them for my final download date. They said I can go in for the final download anytime 2/8 or after. I scheduled it for 2/9 and went in there and had that done. The guy said that LifeSafer then sends the compliance report to DOL and then it takes the DOL a few days to approve removal, so he scheduled a removal day of 2/17 just to be on the safe side.
Fast forward to today (2/16). I get a call from LifeSafer that the final download got rejected by the DOL because the final download was done too early, and that I need to come back in and pay for another final download (and wait another week+ for the removal).
I immediately called the DOL and they had no idea what I was talking about. They said if I got the final download done on the 9th (like I did) it would be no problem, and that they haven't even received anything from LifeSafer (or sent anything back), so they don't know what LifeSafer is talking about. They were as confused as I am.
Then I called LifeSafer back. LifeSafer said I need to talk to their reporting office, which went to voicemail. I get a call back and the call gets disconnected. I called back and talked to someone else who said they'd send a note to reporting. And that's where it ends -- I can't get a hold of anyone.
I'm beginning to think that LifeSafer screwed up on the final download and they're lying to get me back in for another download. It's really the only scenario that makes sense given the facts. I'm super confused and have literally spent hours on the phone today trying to get this sorted out. At the end of the day I'm stuck in this weird no man's land after having spent a year doing everything perfect and by the book -- this could all be resolved in under 30-seconds with the correct person at LifeSafer, but it's proving impossible to actually talk to someone who can resolve what's probably a really easy problem to solve. FML.
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