Marine cooler with wheels

[USA-MD] [H] NZXT H200i, AMD Ryzen 5 2600, EVGA 650 GT, T-Force Vulcan (2x8) GB DDR4 3000 mHz [W] Local Cash, Paypal

2023.06.03 20:20 littlel3gz [USA-MD] [H] NZXT H200i, AMD Ryzen 5 2600, EVGA 650 GT, T-Force Vulcan (2x8) GB DDR4 3000 mHz [W] Local Cash, Paypal

Recently upgraded my gaming rig. Have some of these spare parts that are taking up space. Prices are all negotiable.
Local to 20817 and 21201.
NZXT H200i: $60 - The red and black one. In great condition with only a small cosmetic scratch on the front panel. NOTE: the front panel mesh filter is missing one of it's four clamping joints. (shown in the 4th picture on the top left).
Ryzen 5 2600: $30 - Has included cooler. Used for gaming with a water cooler. Never had an issues with it.
2x8 GB DDR4 3000 mhz: $30 - Ram is ram :)
EVGA 650 GT: $25 - Great PSU. Ran my 2070ti like a champ.
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2023.06.03 20:17 iwinyoufail (selling) Tons of New and reduced prices 4K & HD Codes Vudu, Movies Anywhere, Itunes, funimation and apple tv

Paypal/Venmo/Cashapp accepted. Friends and family payment accepted primarily. Will accept good and service if you cover the fees. Feel free to check my history I've sold lots on here previously already successfully. All codes are from bluray, 4K movies or DVD. If a movie is labeled as SD then its standard Definition 750P from a DVD. If it is not labeled then its HD 1080P and if its labeled 4K then its 4k Quality.
A Prayer before-Vudu-3$
Alien Covenant-Movies Anywhere/Itunes/Vudu/Google Play-2$
All Eyez on Me-Apple TV/Vudu/Google Play-3$
Anthropoid-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-3$
Avengers End Game 4K-Movies Anywhere-4$
Avengers Infinity War 4K-Movies Anywhere-4$
A Quiet Place-Apple TV/Vudu-2$
A Quiet Place 4K-Apple TV/Vudu-4$
Black Clover Season 4-Funimation-4$
Cars 3 4K-Movies Anywhere-4$
Deepwater Horizon-Apple TV/Vudu/Google Play-2$
Dracula Untold 4K-Movies Anywhere-4$
Draft Day SD Version-vudu-1$
Dream-Vudu/Google Play-3$
Dream A Little Dream-Vudu/Google Play-3$
Fortress Snipers Eye-Apple TV/Google Play/Vudu-3$
Frozen-Movies Anywhere-1$
Frozen Ground-Vudu-3$
Getaway 2013-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-3$
Ghost in the Shell Animation Movie 4K-Vudu/Apple TV-4$
Ghost in the Shell 2017 4K-Apple TV/Vudu-4$
Godzilla Vs Kong 4k-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-4$
Isekai Quartet Season 2- Funimation-4$
Jurassic World-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-1$
Jurassic World 5 Movie 4K Collection-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-20$
Justified The Final Season-Vudu-5$
Kick-Ass 4K-Apple TV/Vudu/Google Play-4$
LA LA Land-Apple TV/Vudu/Google Play-2$
Leprechaun Returns-Vudu/Google Play-3$
Log Horizon Season 3-Funimation-4$
Lucky Day-Apple TV/Google Play/Vudu-3$
Mechanic Resurrection-Apple TV/Vudu/Google Play-3$
My Hero Academia Season 4 Part 1-Funimation-4$
Nanbaka Part 2-Funimation-2$
Now you see me SD Version-Vudu/Fandango-1$ (Free with any purchase over 3$ just ask)
Now you see me-Vudu/Apple TV/Google Play-2$
Paranormal Activity 2-Apple TV/Vudu-1$
Paranormal Activity 3-Apple TV/Vudu-1$
Pompeii SD-Movies Anywhere-1$
Rambo 5 Film Collection-Vudu/Google Play-8$
Rambo Last Blood 4K-Apple TV/Vudu/Google Play-4$
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Phantasy Star Online 2 Part 2-Funimation-4$
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The Cabin the Woods 4K-Apple TV/Vudu/Google Play-4$
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The Fate of the Furious Theatrical Version-Movies anywhere/Vudu-1$
The Fault in Our Stars-Movies Anywhere/Itunes/Vudu/Google Play-2$
The Girl with all the Gifts-Vudu-3$
The Hundred Foot Journey-Movies Anywhere-3$
The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 4K-Apple TV/Vudu/Google Play-4$
The Marine 4 Moving Target-Movies Anywhere/Vudu/Google Play-3$
The Purge-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-1$ (2 Copies)
The Purge Election Year 4K-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-3$
The Purge Election Year-Movies Anywhere-2$
The Sound of Music-Movies Anywhere/Itunes/Vudu/Google Play-3$
The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 SD Version-Vudu/Fandango-1$(Free with any purchase over 3$ just ask)
Toy Story 4 4K-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-3$
Transformers The Last Knight 4K-Vudu/Apple TV-3$
Trolls-Movies Anywhere-2$
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas SD Version-Vudu/Fandango-1$ (Free with any purchase over 3$ just ask)
Warcraft 4K-Movies Anywhere/Vudu-3$
Zootopia 4K-Movies Anywhere-4$
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2023.06.03 20:17 NorthsideB Saw my first 2023 [Lucid Air Touring] with the 21" Aero Blade wheels

Saw my first 2023 [Lucid Air Touring] with the 21 submitted by NorthsideB to spotted [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 20:17 Spy008 Fold - Free Prepaid debit card w/ Bitcoin back! 50k sats signup bonus! (U.S. only)

Fold provides bitcoin (satoshi) rewards on every purchase online, in-store, or via the in app gift card shop. Includes free withdrawals to external wallets (50k sat minimum)
The rewards:
  1. Receive bitcoin back on various gift card purchases (2.5%+ on amazon 😍 7%+ on doordash🥳 3%+ on uber🚘, Instacart and many more) - gift cards are digital and available to redeem instantly!
  2. Receive bitcoin back on everything with the fold prepaid debit card - guaranteed 1% back with the 10/month spin+ tier. (No credit check, easy/instant loading options, no overdrafts, no annual fees on the spin tier) Use Apple cash for free quick cash transfers
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Use my referral link:
To receive 50,000 free sats after signing up for the spin (free tier) or spin+ (paid tier) debit card and spending your first $20!
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2023.06.03 20:16 555moo Gun idea: .45-70 Auto, AKA an automatic Henry

Because having lever action no longer be a lever action is cooler than I thought. Introducing...
The .45-70 Auto.

Like chucking lead fists at people.
Description: The chassis of an AR-10 modified to accept the .45-70 Auto cartridge, giving it much greater stopping power at the cost of mobility and recoil control. Expect it to make quick work of anything in front of the barrel, from salt blocks and egg plants to red cabbage or a hapless mercenary.
Class: DMR
MTTK: 0.00 seconds
Multipliers: 2.4x head, 1.55x torso
DMG Ranges: 75-100 studs
Accuracy: Very strong upwards recoil that jolts quickly up and down but settles quickly, minor but noticeable bullet drop
Fire Modes: Semi-auto
Penetration: 2 studs
Suppression: 2
Ammo Capacity: 20/120
DMG: 46-34
Velocity: 2700 studs/second
RPM: 375
Reload: 3.4 seconds wet, 4.2 seconds dry
Handling: 11 equip speed, 13 aiming speed, 14 walkspeed, 7.6 aiming walkspeed
Chambering: .45-70 Auto (Basically the same as the .45-70 round except it's rimless.)
Round In Chamber: One
Attachments of note:
full-auto conversion: Convert your DMR to fire in fully automatic with a very illegal third party selector switch! Don't tell the ATF. Gives the rifle much more battle rifle-like characteristics, removing the torso multiplier, lowering the headshot multiplier, and increasing the fire rate to 500.
Hopefully I can say thanks for reading, and feedback is appreciated.
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2023.06.03 20:15 NigiriDan salmon+ikura+smoker



salmon, yuzu bbq sauce, ikura marinated in sweet soy sauce, chili crunch, lemon zest, lime zest. smoked with cherry wood
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2023.06.03 20:07 throwawayxyzmit sister messed up my car

sister messed up my car
Sister went for a little spin in my car. Came back with this (she said she went over a curb). This is right behind the passenger wheel. Underneath the car. G20 330i. What’s the damage looking like?
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2023.06.03 20:07 MortalPhantom What happens if my cpu cooler turns out not to be enough?

So the cooler I wanted and that most people recommend here arre out of stock due to a sale and I need to purchase my pc now due to my current one starting to die and being impossible to work with.
So I got a fan that could work I think but maybe it doesn’t. Also it’s a i5 13600 so I might actually end up needing liquid cooling.
If it turns out the air cooler I can put in isn’t enough what’s the worst it can happen? It will just trhrottle the cpu correct? And most likely only when doing heavy task, but it’s not going to fry it or not work or anything correct?
So if it turns out it doesn’t work then I could change it later on right?
Help appreciated
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2023.06.03 20:06 rivinlife Nice touch for a reschedule delivery, Rivian is 1st Class!

Nice touch for a reschedule delivery, Rivian is 1st Class!
Got this in the mail today. Love my R1S and Rivian for being just different enough!
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2023.06.03 20:01 Pristine_Art4160 Warm bedroom, office 1, dining room - Phoenix AZ

Hi all. We bought this house in 2022. Had windows replaced in February 2023. Lordy, did they need to go! We have black out curtains on every single window/door with glass.
Our bedroom, my office and dining room face E/W. They get warmer than other rooms. There is a ceiling fan in the bedroom, dining room, but not in my office.
Last summer before new windows, the bedroom was so hot, we had to use a portable air conditioner to just be in the bedroom. Our ac ran constantly. You can imagine our APS (electric) bills.
After windows, the 3 rooms cooled down considerably. Although the bedroom is still a concern. We still need the ceiling fan to run on highest, and 2 floor fans to run on medium or high basically 24/7.
I'm about to schedule an energy audit that is subsidized by APS. Duct cleaning earlier in the year did not yield any change.
This brick house was built in 71 soooooo we are thinking it's insulation...or something wrong with ductwork. Our AC company has been out and been over our 5 year old rooftop ac unit 3x and 2 of 3 times found out in properly working order and sized right. The 1st visit was a few minor repairs costing around $1400. No pool. No sprinkler system.
We don't open windows/curtains during the cooler months of the year. We keep our lights off as much as possible. We have leased solar panels that came with the house. Between those, the new windows, our dark home cave habits, black out curtains, etc... we are seeing significant savings on our APS bill. Even with the solar panel monthly lease payment. So far, we are seeing $17-$21/month APS bills in these warmer months.
We do not want to use the portable ac again this year. That's one of the goals.
Any suggestions, experiences, comments, guidance, questions?
I'll be checking in regularly to reply and/or read.
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2023.06.03 20:00 bipedal-bastard Help

I need help, i installed a new car radio( Blaupunkt stockholm 400) im my 23 year old car. I wanted to connect the old analoge steering wheel control which works with redistors with the new radio. The new radio has a female 3,5mm Jack for steering wheel control and the car has only one cable. I attached the cable to to a male 3,5mm Audio Jack and connected everything. The issue was in programming the control, i could Programm it for only one of the 6 Buttons. What did i do wrong ,could not find anything online.
Thank you in advance
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2023.06.03 19:58 Bigo1087 [USA-MA][H]SFF ITX Custom Built Home Server, NAS, PLex Server Z370 with NVME. Just Add Storage [W] Local, Paypal

Custom Build Small Form Factor ITX Home Server or NAS. This was my unraid/plex server until i recently upgraded to a rack setup. Works Great, Currently has windows 11 home installed and activated. Just Add Storage. Or install a server OS or NAS OS. Such a UNRAID or TRUENAS.
This particualr itx motherboard is desiable because its an ITX with 6 on board sata ports + an m.2 nvme for fast cacheing. Dual onboard Gigabit Ethernet Adapters, for either link aggreation 2GB teaming or just a secondary link.
CPU is brand new
Powersupply is a top teir 80+ Platium Rated efficency
Everything adds up to approx $600
$550 + shipping or $500 Local cash Boston, MA
JONSBO N2 MINI ITX NAS Storage Case Holds 5 HDDs, + 1 2.5SSD $100
ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac LGA 1151 (300 Series) Intel Z370 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 Mini ITX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core i7-8500 Desktop Processor 6 Cores 65W - Brand New
Intel Pro 7600p (enterprise nvme) 256GB PCIe-NVMe SSD, 2280 M.2, SSDPEKKF256G8L
Noctua NH-L9i, Premium Low-Profile CPU Cooler for Intel LGA1200 & LGA115x (Brown) -
16GB Corsair Vengeance 2400MHZ XMP
Corsair SF Series SF600 — 600 Watt 80 PLUS Platinum Certified High Performance SFX PSU + Indivually Sleeved Cables
Windows 11 Home installed and activated
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2023.06.03 19:57 Flinglehopper We started toilet training.

A week ago we started toilet training our 4 year old autistic little man. We have done our research on tips and tricks for training a neurodivergent child, and followed the guidance from his consultant paediatrician before taking the plunge.
Dear Lord I've never done so much laundry in my life. His nursery bag is packed with 10 changes of clothes, in case of excessive accidents. I bought a food cooler bag to use as a wet bag, as it's easy wipe clean. I have stepped in pee far more times than I ever would have imagined. The tricks I've learnt for cleaning clothes while working at a nursery/daycare have come in SO HANDY, when his long-term laxatives mean he doesn't always understand when he's pooping.
Today he's had 3 successes. This is the best day we've had and I'm happy 😊 only 95 days until he starts school, so we've got time.
Timers, kitchen roll, antibacterial spray and pegs are my life. Thank goodness it's warmer weather.
That is all. Goodbye.
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2023.06.03 19:57 TexanLoneStar Looking for a career adjacent to my field of study. Planning to finish up my Associates in Science and then move on to a BS in Microbiology. Based on my back ground in the description what should I go for?

I am in Dallas, Texas to give a gauge of job types.
I currently work 2 jobs and it's hard. I want to to get a singular job in a career and resume going back to school. I never finished my Associates in Science and only have 3 courses left, which I would like to resume work on once I get a solid job.
My dream job would be getting a doctorates in environmental microbiology and going to foreign lands like the Amazon or Sahara on grants to take samples and analyze the soil or water or whatever have you.
Thinking on a smaller level that kind of means that I need to look for something in the environmental / ecological field within the DFW Metroplex.
My only related background in this sort of work is that I worked as a cowboy for around 4 years on and off. There was really a myriad of different tasks, and some of it involved field work (as far as a rancher could call it that). I also have completed some college-level science courses in which I worked with microscopic rock samples and microscopic organisms. Usually in my cover letter I include that first and foremost that I have prepared, set up, collected data, analyzed data, and written up reports as a form of experience.
I think something where I go out into the creeks or lakes or forests and collect samples would be cool. Even cooler if I worked in a lab or could analyze them. I've found some interesting jobs in that regard but most of them seems to require a BS in some sort of biology-related discipline.
The only thing I have been able to think of construction materials testing. I've applied for a few and while I'm open to the idea I may struggle with autism, so loud sounds can be quite hard on me mentally and because of that I'm a bit hesitant and looking into other fields... soil, water, wind, etc.
Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 19:54 Porcupine_Thief Advice for purging Matchbox cars

Hi all,
I have a large Rubbermaid bin (18 gallon I think) about half filled with Matchbox cars (maybe some Hot Wheels too) from my kids. If I had to guess they were all bought between ~2005-2013. All are opened and have been played with to varying degrees. Condition would vary but few would be what I would consider trashed. There might be 200-300 of them but I could be way off there.
I want to get rid of them but don’t know if it’s worth the time to go through them, take inventory, pictures, etc. Obviously no one here can answer those questions for me but given some of you are serious collectors, what would your advice be for me given what I’ve mentioned? Is the $ return on the time likely to be worth it or should I just give them to Goodwill or The Salvation Army?
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2023.06.03 19:54 Dreadnautilus The wrath of the Norn Emissaries [Crusade: Tyrannic War excerpt]

So preview copies of the Leviathan boxset have been sent out now, and with that comes the new rulebook, which also contains within it a Crusade supplement that details the 4th Tyrannic War. I'll let someone else detail all the new stuff that's been added because its a massive book and I don't have the patience. But I'll post the story of the Norn Emissaries. You may have heard of it as the big new Tyranid monster mentioned in the Warhammer + lore video that was slain by Trajann Valoris in order to save Lord Solar Leontus. That brief account doesn't really get into how scary these guys actually are.
In the book itself there are three Norn Emissaries that are involved in the fighting, two of which are uninvolved in the assassination attempt on Leontus.
With the skies darkened, day and night had no meaning. The defenders fought on doggedly, yet their casualties mounted and the fortress they manned became ever more heavily damaged. All the while, the three Norn Emissaries stalked through the fighting with eerie alien grace, closing inexorably upon objectives only they knew. One of them struck on the eighth day of the siege, having compressed its mass into the seemingly impossible confines of a decommissioned turbolift shaft then crawled steadily upwards for untold hours. The towering monstrosity burst into the Erythrad Peak command sanctum, where it slaughtered hundreds of screaming strategos and command adepts and destroyed scrooes of irreplacable cogitator banks. The beast would have escaped to strike again elsewhere, had it not been for an unnamed Chapter serf who selflessy sealed the blood-drenched sanctum and trigged the plasmic denial charges, reducing the entire peak to a glassy crator.
The second Emissary - whose distinctive scars identified it to Imperial stratego sas the infamous Fiend of Hag Rift - surged from a Trygon tunnel to attack the White Templars' gene-seed vault. It was supported by swarms of lesser warrior organisms and a pair of Neurotyrants. In response, marching from the Chapter's Vaults of Repose came almost a score of White Templars Dreadnoughts who held back the Tyranids in an increasingly desperate and one-sided struggle. Almost all of the ancient warriors were slain - a dreadful loss for the Chapter - but their sacrifices bought time for Colonel Uveda of the Ortegan Grenadiers to launch a massive counter attack and drive the Tyranids back. When the vengeful Chapter Master Stavro arrived at the head of a White Templars strike force, the Fiend of Hag Rift was badly wounded and its swarm devestated. Yet the malevolent monster escaped to fight another day.
But the lion's share of the screentime is given to the one sent to assasinate Lord Solar Leontus.
For all the butchery and horror wrought by its fellows, it was the third of the Norn Emissaries that struck at the most crucial target. Scaling the snow-whipped peak of the tallest mountains in the Heights of Artorus, the creature lurked in wait amidst rock and ice for its prey to emege. Below lay the wide-open square of the Ascendorum, a great plaza wrought from a mountainous plateau, dotted with braziers, statuary, sheild generatorums and flak batteries. In better times, the White Templars had mustered on this open space to perform rituals and bestow honours beneath the starry vaults of Sanctum's skies. Now, Lord Solar Leontus was crossing the open plaza astride Konstantin with his entourage about him. The Norn Emissary knew its prey's psionic spoor. Its black eyes followed him. Its ropes of muscle and tendon tensed, and then it leapt out into thin air. The Norn Emissary dropped towards the plaza, sword-like talons extended, angling its huge mass to slam down directly atop Leontus. From below came screams as someone spotted the danger and many amongst Leontus' entourage raised weapons. The Lord himself looked up, registering his doom descending upon him too swiftly to be avoided.
Missiles streaked in and struck the Norn Emissary in the flank when it was scant feet above Leontus' head. The impacts blossomed into concussive fireballs. Their force hurled the huge Tyranid aside even as their shock waves unhorsed the Lord Solar and threw him and many of his companions flat upon the flagstones. The Norn Emissary bucked in the air, ichor gouting from its wounded flank, and turned its tumble into a cat-like landing with a grace nothing so huge should posses. It hissed as the gilded gunship that had fired upon it streaked overhead, then banked sharply with a flare of engines and came in for another pass. The craft's rear ramp whined open as it flew closer, and hulking warriors clad in ornate auramite armour dropped from it one after another to slam down in the plaza with enough force to crack stone. The gunship's weapons blazed again. This time the Emissary was ready. Leaping and swinging huge talons in a scything arc, it tore the cockpit from the gunship and sent it spiralling down the mountainside in flames.
The emissary wheeled and surged with serpentine speed towards Leontus, who was still staggering to his feet. Blood ran down his pale face from a bad scalp wound. Though he fumbled to draw his blade, the Norn Emissary's prey was in no condition to defend himself. The monster reared above him.
The newly arrived golden warriors moved with incredible speed and merciless focus. Those of the Lord Solar's retinue not swift enough to clear a path were smashed aside with bone-breaking force as Trajann Valrois and his Custodians raced to interpose themselves between Leontus and his would-be xenos assassin. The Norn Emissary was just paces from its victim when a hammering volley of bolt fire from the Custodian's guardians spears arrested its charge. The monster staggered then lunged with a shriek, snatching up the nearest Custodian and tearing one arm from his body before swinging him by the other and hurling him away.
Trajann Valoris stepped in and aimed a mighty stroke with the Watcher's Axe that shattered several of the Emissary's talons. The towering xeno-beast feinted back then sprang past Valoris and attempted to snatch up Leontus. The Lord Solar had, by now, recovered his wits, however, and hurled himself backward to escape the monster's grasp. Bodyguards and chanting priests pressed forward, raking the Norn Emissary with fire from lasguns, pistols, and a handful of plasma weapons. The monster swatted its attackers aside like insects and sent broken bodies tumbling across the plaza.
The next instant it reeled and screeched as several Custodians' blades hacked into its flesh. Eyes still fixed unerringly on the retreating Lord Solar, the Norn Emissary lashed about itself with blistering speed. A custodian was borne aloft and ripped bodily in two. Another was kicked so hard that his head cleared the plaza and vanished over the precipice before his blood-spurting body had even toppled. Yet another was stomped into the flagstones, even his toughened bone structure and auramite armour not enough to prevent his death. The golden wall between the Norn Emissary and its prey was thinning.
All the while Leontus defenders and the remaining Custodians were pouring fire into the colossal alien abomination. A scything blow of the Watcher's Axe slit the cable-like tendons of the beast's right ankle and set it limping. A plasma blast - either skullfully placed or incredibly lucky - melted the right side of the Emissary's face into a fused mass of cooked flesh. Bolt rounds fired by Custodians blasted chunks of chitin and showers of ichor from the creature's limbs and body.
Still the Norn Emissary fought on. Its whipping tail broke another Custodian's neck and sent his body cluttering away across the plaza. A final, desperate effort saw the beast hurl itself forward, jaws grasping to close upon Lord Solar Leontus like a trap slamming shut. Yet Valoris was there at the crucial moment, Watcher's Axe swinging in a meteoric arc to embed itself in the side of the Norn Emissary's skull and smash its head aside. The xenos monster crashed to the ground, crushing more than a score of Leontus' aides under its bulk, yet its last strike at the Lord Solar had been fended off by the Captain-General of the Emperor's own bodyguards. Valoris and his one surviving Custodian kept their weapons levelled at the monster as it twitched and heaved, but it did not try to rise again. Ichor flooded from its grievious wounds, steaming as it cooled and began to freeze upon the cracked flagstones of the plaza.
Lord Solar Leontus looked gravely around at the carnaged, then up at the stern-faced demigod who had interceded to save his life. Expression sombre, Leontus raised his hands and wordlessly offered the Captain-General of the Adeptus Custodes the sign of the Aquila. Valoris returned the gesture, and then calmly set about checking his wargear and reloading the Eagle's Scream. The life of the Lord Solar had been saved at terrible cost, and the defenders of Sanctum had received reinforcements, but there was still a world's worth of war to be waged.
Remember that one story about the Custodians fighting an entire Tyranid swarm that Custodes haters constantly rag about? Really, the Hive Mind should've sent one of these guys instead, because managing to kill four custodes and a gunship by yourself while the Custodians have Imperial Guard support is pretty impressive.
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2023.06.03 19:53 TyeDyeAmish [Thank You] Thank yous!!

u/queen_4_tsunami - Thanks for the heartfelt card & hanks for being my IRL bestie!! You’re amazing!!
u/feistyblizzard - That sounds fun. I love things like that that bring the community together.
u/ninajyang - I’m glad you enjoyed the trip. I LOVE the postcard.
u/captivatingapple - I have to say days off futures past is my favorite X-men movie. I just like the mentorship & next generation idea a lot!
u/dianapenpal - What a quote about NYC. Steinbeck really hates New York.
u/korewrites x2- thank you for teaching me central Florida geography!
u/rennbrig - thanks for the card!
u/heymorganm - thanks for the art!
u/gizmodos - Thanks for the card. I also love the postmark on the card - your local PO is using an animal (that looks like a raccoon postmark titled protect endangered species.
u/lxaxs - I’m not a fan of guiness cause I don’t like dark beers. BUT I used to drink Irish car bombs!!
u/-random_ness- x2 - I’m reading your card. It’s presently 4AM here as I write this. I already failed the self care checklist - I feel like sleep is important for self care hahahaha but love the card with penguin & moose stickers. Two of my favorite animals!
u/missnettiemoore - Thanks for the Michigan card. I love the mitten. I’ve been to Grand Rapids. I had friends out there! We also went to holland. Cool little tourist town. Their snow removal method is even cooler.
u/scoobysquads - thanks for the book recommendation!
u/56thorns - I LOVE the card of the falls with all the colored lights. I remember that from when I was there!
u/useyourruler - See above comment :) thank you!
u/rosiealeo - This baby postcard is extremely unique!!
u/littlemermaidxx - Happy pride!
u/welshfancy - thanks for the card & new artist recommendations.
u/melhen16 x2 - thanks for the cards. Always love the quotes you pick.
u/peonynote - That sounds like a fun trip! You’re lucky that where you live you can take the metro into DC. last time I went there I drove to Maryland & took the metro into the city. It was great. I visited Arlington when I was out there too. Very moving.
u/mrsquasi - I’m not a huge fan of the ingredients in the recipe you sent. But it looks like an interesting idea. Thanks for sharing :) love the avo stickers btw
u/thecaledonianrose - happy pride to you as well! Thanks for all the stickers!!!!!
u/jackarchisms - the card you made for me is incredible. It seriously gave me chills. I’m not used to hearing such nice things about myself. Seriously thank you so much.
u/tigerlady13 x2 - thank you so much for the cards. I’m jealous that you went to Hawaii. I’d LOVE to get there some day & im sure I will. Just don’t know when. Nothing exciting here this week except all this happy mail that I’m currently opening at 4am lol
Mystery sender - thanks for the card with the dog looking at all the tennis balls. Made me laugh!
u/smileyfangs - I love the card & thanks for telling me about your area of Canada. You have one heck of an amazing summer planned. I love FOB as well!! I haven’t been to Toronto in 8 years. I hope you have a blast. You said you’re coming to PA? Near me or?! I know we get a ton of headliners at Hershey park.
u/hexagonalrainbow - first off happy pride. thank you so much for the card. That’s not something you see in this area a lot. My area is very close minded. It’s sad af.
u/rhapsodytravelr - cool flower card. I never heard of arfajs until getting this card!
u/riverfaerie918 - Yes I do love star wars. A dream of mine is to just watch all Star Wars movies in order non stop for a few days. It’ll probably never happen unless I’m sick or something. But a dream is a dream!
u/lehmongeloh - thank you for the beautiful card. Happy pride to you. Side note - I haven’t sent mail to your state yet but I’d love to. Would you be ok if I sent you a card back?
u/figs1997 - thanks for the Raleigh card. Yet another city I wanna visit some day!
u/hayhayhues - Thanks for the penguin card!!!
u/dianapenpal - thanks for giving me a new place to explore in NYC!
u/kindconcept - cool card & glad you’re back to carding! Thank you!!!
u/ridethatbridge x2 - thanks for the stickers & cards. I never give blood through the ARC. I use my local hospital system so that’s cool to see that they use snoopy. Wish my place had fancier stickers like that!!
u/jane_q - That was an AMAZING story. Loved reading it. I hope you’re still healing from your health issues. Also loved the card of course. I’m glad you’re someone who likes to curse cause alot of people in this world are still uncomfortable doing so.
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2023.06.03 19:52 DIYForMoreMoney Any new creative solutions for keeping the car from turning off?

I recently heard someone leaving the car in neutral and wonder if anyone has tried it. I mean if we chock all 4 wheels, then it works right?
Seems like a good idea as long as you're on a mostly level ground.
Could work out if you're camping and want to sleep in the car with AC running the whole night.
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2023.06.03 19:48 daq421 New shoes for the 9310

New shoes for the 9310
So.. I picked up some aftermarket wheels for the spare DeeRC 9310 we've got. They are taller and narrower then stock wheel. The result? Well.. she turns turtle on pavement pretty easy (that live rear axle doesn't help) but in the dirt it's a little monster. Lots more grip. The second picture is the 9500e with the same stock wheels the 9310 comes with, for comparison.
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2023.06.03 19:46 Secure_Fig_8410 Just don't want to be alone right now...

Lately it has been nothing but upheaval. I'm being evicted, I don't have the money for a new apartment if I can even get anyone to answer me while looking for one, I've been sick the last 4 days so even if I wanted to, I couldn't pack without making it worse... I have nowhere to put what I HAVE packed which makes me have issues with continuing to pack because executive dysfunction BS... I have a couple friends who said they'd help or I could stay with them for a bit until I find a place, but haven't heard a word about either since then... then I got invited to go hang out with one of them today, when I really, REALLY just want to be around people and out of the house, only for someone else to say no, because not enough room... I've always been left out, the fifth wheel, the one people will say they'll help (in the few times I do ask for help) then go back on it... I'm tired and scared and wish I didn't have to be at home today. I want to be anywhere but here....
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2023.06.03 19:45 _BornGenius It has been (about) a year since I started the hobby. Here's what I did.

It has been (about) a year since I started the hobby. Here's what I did.
My grandpa paints figurines as a hobby and showed me Warhammer quite a while back. I received the dark imperium box and since I was a kid with no interest of painting them I let my grandpa do it. Most of the nurgle side is done with only a plague marine and a blight hauler, while the space marines are still mostly unpainted at his house. Last year I decided to dive back into this universe and after a bit of research (an ungodly amount of lore and painting videos) I decided that I wanted to truly start. My first purchase was a box of neceon warriors and a technomancer. I then discovered kill team and tried that out as well as Warcry. I am very proud of everything I have done up to this point in the hobby.
I just wanted to share my path in this hobby. Most of the neceons and space marines come from the Imperium magazine Sry for the bad lighting and quality. Cc appreciated.
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2023.06.03 19:45 AndyDzzz 2002 camry has been acting weird, shifting harder than normal and revs were bouncing, wondering if this sound has anything to do with it. Also heard sound coming from front driver side wheel area when in idle

2002 camry has been acting weird, shifting harder than normal and revs were bouncing, wondering if this sound has anything to do with it. Also heard sound coming from front driver side wheel area when in idle submitted by AndyDzzz to MechanicAdvice [link] [comments]