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2019.11.25 15:06 storm_e_sky PressOnNails

I am a novice press-on nail designer and I design whatever comes to mind. Because most of us cannot afford the nail salon prices (or, can't afford the time) I've created a community where we can show-off our designs, our nails, and our ideas. If you find cute, pre-designed press-on nails, be sure to share them here! Let's ball on a budget :)

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A community for finding, wearing, buying, and loving press on nails. Self-promotion limited to sanctioned posts.

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A place to discuss just about everything in the world of indie books. *Not* a place for self-promotion.

2023.06.11 02:09 strange_reveries I AM DYING, MEESTER? by William S. Burroughs

Panama clung to our bodies—Probably cut—Anything made this dream—It has consumed the customers of fossil orgasm—Ran into my old friend Jones—So badly off, forgotten, coughing in 1920 movie—Vaudeville voices hustle sick dawn breath on bed service—Idiot Mambo spattered backwards—I nearly suffocated trying on the boy’s breath—That’s Panama—Nitrous flesh swept out by your voice and end of receiving set—Brain eating birds patrol the low frequency brain waves—Post card waiting forgotten civilians ‘and they are all on jelly fish, Meester—Panama photo town—Dead post card of junk.’ Sad hand down backward time track—Genital pawn ticket peeled his stale underwear—Brief boy on screen laughing my skivvies all the way down—Whispers of dark street in Puerto Assis—Meester smiles through the village wastrel—Orgasm siphoned back telegram: ‘Johnny pants down.’—(That stale summer dawn smell in the garage—Vines twisting through steel—Bare feet in dog’s excrement.) Panama clung to our bodies from Las Palmas to David on camphor sweet smells of cooking paregoric—Burned down the republic—The druggist no glot clom Fliday—Panama mirrors of 1910 under seal in any drug store—He threw in the towel, morning light on cold coffee— Junk kept nagging me: ‘Lushed in East St. Louis, I knew you’d come scraping bone—Once a junky always spongy and rotten—I knew your life—Junk sick four days there.’ Stale breakfast table—Little cat smile—Pain and death smell of his sickness in the room with me—Three souvenir shots of Panama city—Old friend came and stayed all day—Face eaten by ‘I need more’—I have noticed this in the New World—‘You come with me, Meester?’ And Joselito moved in at Las Playas during the essentials—Stuck in this place—Iridescent lagoons, swamp delta, gas flares—Bubbles of coal gas still be saying ‘A ver, Luckees!’ a hundred years from now—A rotting teak wood balcony propped up by Ecuador. ‘The brujo began crooning a special case—It was like going under ether into the eyes of a shrunken head—Numb, covered with layers of cotton—Don’t know if you got my last hints trying to break out of this numb dizziness with Chinese characters—All I want is out of here—Hurry up please—Took possession of me—How many plots have made a botanical expedition like this before they could take place?—Scenic railways—I am dying cross wine dizziness—I was saying over and over “shifted commissions where the awning flaps” Flashes in front of my eyes your voice and end of the line.’ That whining Panama clung to our bodies—I went into Chico’s Bar on mouldy pawn ticket, waiting in 1920 movie for a rum coke—Nitrous flesh under this honky tonk swept out by your voice: ‘Driving Nails In My Coffin’—Brain eating birds patrol ‘Your Cheating Heart’—Dead post card waiting a place forgotten—Light concussion of 1920 movie—Casual adolescent had undergone special G.I. processing—Evening on the boy’s flesh naked—Kept trying to touch in sleep—‘Old photographer trick wait for Johnny—Here goes Mexican cemetery.’ On the sea wall met a boy with red and white striped T shirt—P.G. town in the purple twilight—The boy peeled off his stale underwear scraping erection—Warm rain on the iron roof—Under the ceiling fan stood naked on bed service—Bodies touched electric film, contact sparks tingled—Fan whiffs of young hard on washing adolescent T shirt—The blood smells drowned voices and end of the line—That’s Panama—Sad movie drifting in islands of rubbish, black lagoons and fish people waiting a place forgotten—Fossil honky tonk swept out by a ceiling fan—Old photographer trick tuned them out. ‘I am dying, Meester?’ Flashes in front of my eyes naked and sullen—Rotten dawn wind in sleep—Death rot on Panama photo where the awning flaps.
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2023.06.11 02:09 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download

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In this video masterclass with Anita, she’ll take you through her proprietary process and powerful questions to ask for a stellar creative brief and reveal the 5 biggest takeaways when it comes to building (and writing for) a soul-aligned brand.
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2023.06.11 02:08 ThrowRA-9001 My partner 37f of twenty years joined a TST sex congregation and is destroying our family ( I’m 35m and we have two young boys). What do I do?

This is my first post so please forgive/educate me on any etiquette issues.
Apologize for the rant but I needed to get this of my chest.
About a month ago my wife joined the satanic temple and is a sex church under some guy named Thor. They don’t believe in magic but do ritualistic sex stuff like getting in the shower on a zoom call with 5 people as they watch you. I have plenty of audio recordings of her talking and doing other things with these people and she is straight face denying everything and calling me crazy. I’ve set up a couples counseling session and plan to bring the recording to the meeting. I now have enough to with out a doubt prove this shit but also have details on a lot of the “clients” she’s been taking for Thor. They sometimes use a voice changer but I’ve been able to reverse much of it. I’m damn near a sound engineer now. I’ve recently spoken with her again and went into detail about some of the events that I couldn’t possible know unless I know, and told her even through all this I would still try to make it work but you need to chose me and our family. She said “ knowing all this, how could you still want me?” I replied that she is my partner and the mother of my kids and we need to make it work for them. She got teary eyed then stop speaking. After she collected herself she told me she “worried I have a brain tumor”. That night she went back in the shower and got the group on a call explaining that I know a lot. They told her to call it a hoax and play tough now. The woman of the group was apparently outed by some dude a year before so they have an idea of how to deal with this situation. They call me “the husband” and some how know when I walk up to the bathroom door (I assume my wife gave them access to our ring devices). Since then, at least twice daily she contacts these people for video sex on the toilet… yeah that aspect is included as well, also using metal nail and face tools. I don’t think I need to elaborate further. She’s a SAHM and I work about 50-60 hours a week. I don’t know what to do. With out my boys I would be completely lost but they are my tether. I’m sad they are picking up on the situation. My youngest crawls to my side more just to be with me. My oldest(1st grader) hugs me and tells me he loves me whenever he sees me struggling. I couldn’t eat for 4 days and lost 25lbs over those 4 days. I’ve just recently regained an appetite Please give me some wisdom. I can’t even cry anymore. I’m already considering contacting a lawyer.
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2023.06.11 02:06 makorringa Creality touch screen acting super buggy?

Hey everyone, just got a few upgrades to my E3: new motherboard, Creality touch screen, sprite extruder and CR touch.
Not sure what the issue is here but I downloaded the right firmware and the touch screen is acting up all the time; I can't use the CR touch, 1/2 the time I press anything on the screen it returns me to home or gives me an error message in Chinese which I think translates to "auto level not available."
anyone else know any fix?
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2023.06.11 02:06 starryesque To promote myself to customer or be promoted to customer… that is the question

I’ve been so happy at work these past few weeks because my life was so full of exciting things even starbucks couldn’t ruin it. I’m excited for my upcoming transfer and leaving a DT store behind. But what really peaked my mood is finding out that I’m going to lose my insurance even after begging for more hours.
You know why?
Because it finally frees me from this place.
My coworker at my other job asked my why don’t I just quit starbucks and take up more shifts there, and since I wont have insurance anymore and my other job I make $2/hr more, it makes more sense to quit and make more money to be able to pay for my own insurance. I looked up the costs for the same plan and while it’s more expensive than $16 a check, the minimum wage in the city where my other two jobs are will go up to $19 an hour in July, and I’m a tipped employee so fuck this place. I’m staying until the day my insurance cuts off or I get promo’d to customer.
So everyday I come in smiling and happy because I hate starbucks so much I couldn’t care less if I get fired and it’s so liberating. I get to paint my nails again! And not having insurance tied to a job will be an amazing feeling. The benefits just aren’t worth the toll it takes on my body and the mind games and corporate drones in my ear all day and the abusive customers. I’m so excited yall!
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2023.06.11 02:04 Rando772 The Last Worker Review: underwhelming game, avoid

Basically you drive this wal-mart scooter around, grabbing packages with your grabber stick, and put it in the right delivery chute. Add some stealth parts where you have to hide from enemies, and that is pretty much the entire game.
VR interactions, like picking up stuff with your hands, manipulating it, and putting it somewhere else, is exceedingly rare. This game was primarily designed for pancake play, with VR thrown on top of it, and it shows in the very limited VR interactivity available.
Stuff I liked:
-Some of the writing is pretty good. There are two characters in the game who bicker a lot, and their dialogue is hilarious when they argue with each other, very well done
-It is a long game by VR standards, will take you around 4 hours
-I like the cartoon style of the graphics; it shouldn't be too graphically demanding, so most people's rigs can probably handle it. The cartoon style looks great, and since it is cartoon, there is very little perceptible screen door effect on my headset
-It is an actual game, not a tech demo
-No major bugs that stops my progress completely
Stuff I didn't like:
-Very liberal political writing. I think only mostly twitter denizens will like the overall writing in this game. It is very in your face about its anti-capitalism politics. I much prefer games that allow the player to make their own decision, and not be constantly preached at what the developers think is right.
And it is not just anti-capitalism, it takes all the standard twitter crowd positions, and keep throwing those opinions at you. The liberal politics jokes are just cringey and groan worthy.
-The core gameplay isn't fun. The moving packages correctly to the right delivery chute is as boring as it sounds. The stealth parts are a bit better, but overall are frustrating. The stealth parts are very trial and error based, you just keep bashing your head at it until you memorize this specific enemy patrol. Budget Cuts did a way better job at stealth game, it was more dynamic, you could hide in more fun ways, etc.
In fact, the stealth part was so frustrating that I quit the game at chapter 4, about 3/4 of the way through the game. It was just too much mindless trial and error, it just wasn't fun.
-The gameplay isn't consistent/well explained. Like there are rules for how you should sort your packages; however the game doesn't seem to follow them consistently, especially in terms of the weight of the packages. Also, the rules of the games are very haphazardly thrown at you, with very little instructions. For example, I was totally stuck at one point because apparently there was an upgrade you had to use to advance, but the game did not tell me at all how to activate it, and I could only figure it out by looking at a video walkthrough.
-Gameplay doesn't seem to be the main focus of this game. It feels very much a "OK, we want to say this political message about this giant company, let's build a game around that idea". BAD choice. What they should have done was focus on a fun gameplay loop, and build a game around that. Gameplay is king, not political message.
-Very limited VR interactivity as described above. This honestly did not need to be a VR game at all, pancake is fine for what it wants to do. You can never get off the wal-mart scooter and walk around; all you do is press buttons to move your scooter.
-Most of the characters are boring, one dimensional, and serve primarily to endorse the political message of the game. I didn't like any of them, because they weren't designed to be interesting characters; they were designed to be mouthpiece for the game's political messages. I could care less about most of them
Overall thoughts:
I almost never abandon VR games once I play to around the middle of it. I really tried hard to like this game. But the gameplay was so boring, and I could care less about any of the characters. I mean, I just played Arktika.1, released in 2017, to completion. I am very ok with clunky, outdated VR gameplay, I forgive a lot because I love VR games. But The Last Worker is just not fun, I would highly recommend to avoid it.
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2023.06.11 02:04 Novella104 Biffles sweating over this one

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2023.06.11 02:04 yocumkj Guess what add-on I am using .

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2023.06.11 02:04 Medical_Cap638 Ps5, "something went wrong with the system software"

My ps5 controller stayed solid blue for about a good 30 seconds or so and then I looked at my ps5 console and it flashed blue for 1 or 2 minutes till it turned off it went black and nothing happened until I pressed the power button, didn't beep or flash, seconds after I pressed the ps button on my controller, it beeped but didn't turn on then I pressed the power button once again then it beeped and posted but it posted a screen I have never seen yet within the time of owning a ps5,"repairing console, please wait" the first and only time of seeing this screen, when my ps5 booted it seemed fine until I logged onto my account, it loaded significantly slower would say up to 20 seconds then saw a notification that said "something went wrong with the system software" and it was caused by a corrupted portion of my Netflix app which was a bit odd since I updated all my games and add ons including the system software to there latest but my Netflix update had a corrupted portion of the app so it caused my ps5 to do what I think was the Blod(blue light of death) but I'm still sat here wondering what i should do, delete Netflix and reinstall it or keep the Netflix that's on it already and have a high chance of seeing that repair screen again.
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2023.06.11 02:04 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Cody Bramlett – Supplement Millionaire Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.11 02:03 Party-Ad-1084 Feedback on physical preparedness

I'm planning to catch the next SWOE ship date (July 11) if all goes according to plan at my upcoming MEPS date. I took an IFT a few days ago and scored the following:
For some additional context I've also prepared in the following ways:
I feel close to ready, but I'm looking for a critical evaluation of where I'm at. The main thing I know I'm weak on is push-ups, so I'm going to be focusing on strength endurance for cals generally/push strength specifically, along with a lot of grass and gorilla work for the next 4 weeks. Would appreciate any feedback, especially from folks who have been through the pipeline, and especially on good strategies for upping cals numbers on a tight timeline. Thanks.
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2023.06.11 02:03 videokilledrodeostar A couple questions(?)

So I just finished Port Breeze and did my first raid battle and am going back thru and doing all of the sidequests, my main party currently is: Lvl 15 Enhancer *Dark (need to fully level him to get Bard advanced class), Lvl 27 Feather, Lvl 28 Agne, Lvl 26 Jasmine and my subs are Lvl 24 Mary and Lvl 28 Keehar. First question; I made sure everyone was a different element and tried for mostly Balance types with a Heal and Attacker, is it a good idea to balance out elements like that on a team? Or should I focus on only a few?
Also, now that I am going back thru the sidequests, there is a quest that requires Rare only teammates. Instead of slotting in my existing Rare's I decided I wanted to level some of my other characters that I like, I chose; Deliford, Nene, and Petra and my subs are Hazen and Vermeil. My second question is, is it worth grinding them up as well to take on the side quest (and just to have a larger variety of characters to choose from later on)? Are any of them particularly useful? I just went with what looked maybe slightly balanced and who my favorites were.
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2023.06.11 02:02 PurpleSolitudes Best Gaming Routers Available on Amazon

Best Gaming Routers Available on Amazon
Gaming routers are designed to provide a better online gaming experience by reducing lag and improving latency. If you are a serious online gamer, then a gaming router can be a worthwhile investment. It can help to improve your gaming experience and reduce lag, which can give you a competitive edge.

Benefits of Using a Gaming Router:

  • Reduced lag: Lag is the delay between when you press a button on your controller or keyboard and when the action is reflected on the screen. Gaming routers can help to reduce lag by optimizing your network and prioritizing gaming traffic.
  • Improved latency: Latency is the time it takes for data to travel from your computer to the game server. Gaming routers can help to improve latency by using a variety of techniques, such as reducing the distance between your computer and the game server.
  • Faster speeds: Gaming routers typically have faster processors and more memory than traditional routers, which allows them to handle more data at once. This can lead to faster download speeds and less lag during online gaming.
  • Better range: Gaming routers often have more powerful antennas than traditional routers, which can extend the range of your Wi-Fi network. This can be helpful if you have a large home or if you live in an area with a lot of interference.
Advanced security features: Gaming routers often have more advanced security features than traditional routers. This can help to protect your network from hackers and other online threats.

Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400

The Asus ROG Strix GS-AX5400 is a Wi-Fi 6 gaming router that offers a number of features designed to improve your online gaming experience.
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TP-Link AC4000 MU-MIMO Tri-Band WiFi Router (Archer A20)

The TP-Link Archer A20 is a tri-band Wi-Fi router that offers a number of features designed to improve your home network.
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Netgear Nighthawk Tri-Band Wi-Fi 6E Router (RAXE500)

RAXE500 performed very well in our tests. We were able to achieve speeds of up to 11,484 Mbps on the 6 GHz band, 4,804 Mbps on the 5 GHz band, and 1,201 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. This is more than enough speed for even the most demanding home networks.
Read More Below View on Amazon

TP-Link Archer AX50 (AX3000) Dual Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router

Archer AX50 performed very well in our tests. We were able to achieve speeds of up to 2400 Mbps on the 5 GHz band and up to 500 Mbps on the 2.4 GHz band. This is more than enough speed for even the most demanding home networks.
Read More Below View on Amazon
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2023.06.11 02:01 Astreon_ The games audio levels are genuinely pissing me off at this point

Im halfway through the game and something ive noticed even upon first starting the game is that every sound that isnt one of the characters speaking or attacking is incredibly low volume. I have to turn my tv up to 70 just to barely hear the non cutscene music in the game and ANY sound coming from the environment,otherwise the game is 100% silent if i dont touch my controller and press something. My audio setting for the game is on loud and no other option makes it any better. Is there ANY way to fix this or did the devs just do the worst job with audio in any video game ever made? Its really the only issue i have with the game but it sucks that i have to blow my tv speakers out just to hear litterally anything going on that isnt in combat
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2023.06.11 02:01 Mr_unProfessionalism How do I directly reply to a message on Instagram?

I am on android, a Galaxy s21 ultra for context.
I can see the message but if it long press it only let's me like. If I swipe to the side it just shows time. There's no where in the app that let's me change the settings yet my girlfriend can directly respond. What gives?
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2023.06.11 02:01 guy_man_dude_person Corpse Party has some of the best (and worst) parts of horror games

Corpse party is the first horror game I ever encountered and holds a special place in my heart. But despite how much I love CP it's got a few parts that I despise. I won't be talking much about the sequels because I haven't played them (and I've heard nothing good about them).
Best in atmosphere
CP absolutely nails it's atmosphere. Heavenly Host is such a bleak and hopeless location, and that hopelessness is amplified by all the notes left by other people who died there before you. I cant describe the area as another other than a hopeless hell.
Worst in annoying punishments
You can get punished for enjoying the atmosphere. Reading too many of these notes can net you a wrong end. I personally despise when games punish you for engaging with a core mechanic.
Best in terrifying endings
The wrong ends often encapsulate the best part of horror. What you cannot see. Many of them are only text and sound effects on a pitch black screen, forcing your imagination to fill in the blanks. And your mind can always make things far scarier than they are. The wrong end where you're buried alive gave me many a sleepless nights. I would always feel so bad for the characters too. The VAs did an amazing job.
Worst in making smart characters
The characters act brain dead way too often. The dumbest ones are Satoshi and Mayu. Mayu and her giga brain decided that she should stay with the ghosts of murdered children in a horrifying looking school. There's kindness and then there's stupidity. Satoshi is far worse in my opinion. Yuka (his sister) needs to use the bathroom but since they're in a haunted school nothing works. Instead of making her go in a corner while he looks away, this GENIUS decides to let her go in a separate room. For those who don't know, the school exists in a multiversal plane and the rooms change as you exit and enter. As a result his kid sister is sent off to a random location and possibly gets killed by another student trapped in HH. But the most foolish thing he does comes in the time loop ending (which seems to be the canon one according to the sequels).
In the time loop ending the cast escapes the school but are sent into a time loop which would force them to relive it over and over again. Satoshi is the only one who keeps his memories. So when his friends are getting ready to do the ritual does Satoshi:
A. Smack the paper to the floor and act like a maniac until they decide not to do the ritual
B. Warn his friends and if they ignore, leave the room and save yourself and your sister
C. Do the ritual with them to "save" them
He went with C. I understand that if everyone in horror was Einstein junior a lot would be avoided. But here just having a basic sense of self-preservation and common sense would avoid a lot.
Its pretty good 👍
CP isn't the pinnacle of horror despite me calling it the best in some parts, but I think that the game does an incredible job at what it gets right. It does stumble quite a bit in some areas. But despite the longest section being negative I have nothing but love for the first game. I can't say the same about the others though...
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2023.06.11 02:00 rmbns07 Polygel nail extensions

Hi everyone,
Any suggestions on nail artists in Omaha who do polygel nail extensions/fills?
Thanks! M
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2023.06.11 01:58 Reference-Effective What have I done?!

I just took my girl to the tennis courts for a bit of a run and hopefully file her nails down. On our way home I noticed her two front paws are torn and almost bleeding. What have I done? What do I do? I feel awful that she is hurt because of my bad judgment.
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2023.06.11 01:58 Solid_Instance5244 Is it just me but I’m really concerned about naz and her future

I feel as though a lot of people might disagree with this, but I’ve been extremely concerned with naz behavior for awhile now, and It’s not for the fact that she wants a piercing or acrylic nails but it’s about her getting influenced way to easily, well of course I don’t think it’s appropriate for a 12 year old too get a piercing but I honestly think its because she sees other kids on the internet doing it. (kids with irresponsible parents). and another thing is Sabre is right about her growing up to fast and how naz is allowed a lot more privileges that Sabre got when she was her age, but it’s also not even that naz acts way less appropriate than any of the Norris nuts do even right now, I feel like if Sabre even mentioned a piercing at 12 the parents would go into a state of shock or something, I know she’s the youngest and all and might look up too people older than her but at the same time she needs too acknowledge that fact that she’s only 12 years old and doesn’t have to do everything her idols do. My point is that I hope that this is just a phase, because if Naz is this easily influenced by something someone else is doing who knows what that could lead to in real life, I’ve had ex-friends try to get me to do something I didn’t want to do, but I recognized what they were doing and left that situation, I’m afraid if something similar happend too naz she wouldn’t be able to recognize it like I did and it scares me.
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2023.06.11 01:57 Ahx28 I drive a 2010 Nissan Altima and while I was on the high way it’s stopped accelerating

I was cruising at 60mph and suddenly the car starting to slow down and I couldn’t accelerate. The check engine light also turned on during this too. I had barely enough to get to my family’s house but while driving after the initial fail if I ever pressed to hard on the accelerator the car would physically start bumping. Any ideas?
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2023.06.11 01:53 PuzzleheadedEase5858 [USA-FL] [H] 1TB SteamDeck HUGE Bundle [W] Local Cash

Timestamps: https://imgur.com/a/6FWWWyI
I am selling my 1TB NVME SSD SteamDeck bundle in fantastic working condition in Jacksonville FL.
This is a HUGE bundle and includes the following:
-SteamDeck with 1TB SkHynix BC711 2230 NVME SSD installed in it
-Original black SteamDeck back with triggers
-Original Charger
-Original Carrying case
-Original packaging
-Screen protector installed on it
-A,B,X,Y button stickers that make it easy to know which buttons to press while emulating different consoles
-JSAUX comfort grip installed on the left and right side
-JSAUX carbon fiber touchpad protectors
-JSAUX Clear purple SteamDeck back with custom back triggers installed
-JSAUX mod-case including protective case with a stand, front travel cover and mount to hold an external power bank attached to it
-2 more protective cases for it with texted back for enhanced grip and stands on them
-3 pairs of textured thumb stick grips
-2 32gb SanDisk Ultra micro sd cards that I used for dual booting
-A massive travel carrying case for it that has foam inserts. You can store your SteamDeck, controller, charger and anything else you want to all at the same time
I will also either put Steam OS back on it or Dual Boot it for you with all of the necessary drivers!
This SteamDeck comes from a smoke free, adult only house and has zero issues!
Let me know if you have any questions!
$700 OBO
I wanting to sell this locally in Jacksonville FL
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2023.06.11 01:53 gingerenchantress234 Anyone else experience this (possible glitch)

Just played the curators cut, was on track for the best ending. Everyone is on the boat, we get to the point where everyone has jumped except Kate and Mark. All QTE and aim/hit were made. However, Mark has ended up getting his face pushed into the axe, replayed three times, same thing keeps happening. After some reading into wtf could be happening, Kate is supposed to have her crystal when she’s hitting DuMet, and Mark is supposed to have the tool we made and the pepper spray. These items are not popping up to be used, even tried just pressing the d pad where items were located, with no luck. Sucks because the ending was so close, I’m just curious if this exact thing has happened to anyone else here?
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