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we are a cult of people who simp for peepaw afton 🤤 any hate towards our lord and savior peepaw afton will not receive mercy. note: satire sub

2023.06.05 11:27 FutrueTen made a drawing of William Afton/purple guy from his FNaF 2 appearance

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2023.06.05 10:17 Positive_Ad5482 I know that the animatronics are after michael in fnaf 1, but why are they after phone guy too?

So the animatronics im assuming are after michael afton in fnaf 1 because he looks like his dad, and they want to kill william for what he did to them. But why are they after phone guy? What did he do? They killed phone guy, so I'm assuming he did something?
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2023.06.05 08:40 ANDYBTZ13 teorie fnaf eu cred ca freddy te foloseste ca sa iei componentele celorlalti animatroni ca sa devina puternic si dupa sa invie William Afton

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2023.06.05 06:56 2SMART4Uvjr Made 2 fnaf drawings by myself,rate this 1-10 plsss

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2023.06.05 01:38 Wise-Inside1805 Asgore dreemurr vs william afton/springtrap (fnaf vs undertale)

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2023.06.05 01:14 redditisbestapp william afton lore

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2023.06.05 00:26 No_Translator556 My au timelines death

CharlotteTobias afton(B.V.)Mrs AftonMCI8?Elizabeth aftonJeremy Fitzgerald William aftonMichael afton
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2023.06.04 22:57 Madness_Combat_man What's your opinión on dreadbear's graves?

I honestly think it's meant to represent the MCI plus the three afton kids and maybe mrs.afton,but im not sure about that one and obviusly William.
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2023.06.04 19:14 mankeps Guys is purple guy (William Afton) really alive or not

What do you think??? Is he running fnaf security breach or not...............
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2023.06.04 11:50 EvanAfton195843 rating your past Afton kids if yall have Abby yall can add her if yall don't have abby yall can still join or if Abby and Elizabeth same person your au or if there not a Abby your au also tell me also tell me their ages your au also tell me cc name your au

rating your past Afton kids if yall have Abby yall can add her if yall don't have abby yall can still join or if Abby and Elizabeth same person your au or if there not a Abby your au also tell me also tell me their ages your au also tell me cc name your au

Michael age 18
Garrett age 10
Elizabeth age 8
Abby age 8 moths
yes i just made past Afton kids working making past William and Mary
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2023.06.04 11:36 Lost_Philosopher_635 So made William afton in Gacha club and need your opinions :) I’ve made micheal afton so far and if you haven’t seen him also go check him out. I plan to make the rest of the Afton Family

So made William afton in Gacha club and need your opinions :) I’ve made micheal afton so far and if you haven’t seen him also go check him out. I plan to make the rest of the Afton Family submitted by Lost_Philosopher_635 to GachaClub [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 11:17 NameRevolutionary802 Gerald the Goose

In the beginning, there was Gerald, a world-destroying goose who after death transferred his mind into the digital world and created a cult for himself. He discovered a kindred spirit in a demon chicken, and together they set their sights on destroying the multiverse.
But they were no match for the powerful beings who imprisoned them. Gerald bided his time until he could escape, teaming up with William Afton and Herobrine to fight off a darker and more powerful variant of himself. In the end, Gerald stole the dark version's soul and became the ruler of all.
But his reign would not last. Error 404 Sans and X Gaster opposed him, and Gerald was forced to travel beyond the multiverse. There, he faced powerful entities like Cthulu and Six the Cat Demon, absorbing their souls to become even more powerful.
Gerald broke through the fabric of reality to hop multiverses and devour other Gerald's, destroying everything in his path. But in the end, he faded from existence, defeated by his own hunger for power.
The demon chicken, still alive, resurrected Gerald, but weakened him and trapped him in a file called Desktop Goose. Herobrine set him free, and Gerald dimension-hopped to gain more power to battle his former ally, the chicken demon.
Their epic final battle lasted for centuries, and just as Gerald was about to destroy the chicken demon, an alternate version of himself absorbed the chicken's soul and escaped. This alternate version of Gerald had outlived every being in his own dimension and become the god of his universe, absorbing the souls of powerful beings like the Scarlet King and the resurrected Dark Gerald.
Together, they sought to take down the original Gerald. The battle was fierce and lasted the lifespan of multiple multiverses. Neither side could win, until the being known as X, the Omniverse God, intervened and imprisoned all of them in a cube.
William Afton had a plan, however. He was now with two copies of himself called Glitchtrap and the Mimic, and they freed Gerald from his prison. Together, they created an army to fight X, and the war lasted millennia.
But X tired of the war. He actually started trying, beating Gerald's entire army with ease. Gerald attempted to battle X but lost. In an act of respect for Gerald's power, X spared him and made him an omnipotent being like himself.
Now, Gerald was the omnipotent of destruction, tasked with destroying and corrupting multiverses by X himself. And so, Gerald continued his quest for power, never satisfied, always seeking new worlds to destroy.
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2023.06.04 09:19 Mother-Bed1055 Dibujos de FiveNights at freddys, shaggy como william afton.

Dibujos de FiveNights at freddys, shaggy como william afton.
Alfredo dibujos ✏️ 🖌️
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2023.06.04 07:00 Zipperable "I always wondered what was in those empty heads there... in the back room." FNAF Movie Theory

Hi everyone. Here today I present you with a theory of mine that I came up with about a week ago and I wanted to share with the community to get your thoughts on it.
This one is in regards to the FNAF movie teaser, and is about the single most spectacular thing from it which is the Freddy head with the spinning saws in it. What is it? What's it's significance? That's what I aim to solve with this theory here today.
Before I start I wanted to say that I came up with this theory while watching MatPat's analysis of the teaser. This theory is my own, but it was inspired and thought up while watching his analysis and listening to his theories about the teaser. Now to get into it.
I think that when most people saw this Freddy head torture device along with the torture chair that the night guard gets strapped down to, people were not sure what to make of it. First off this theory is going to relate to the phone calls from the phone guy in FNAF 1. It's very reasonable to believe that the person getting strapped to the chair in the trailer is not "Mike", but is the second security guard we see in the trailer. The one we see screaming as the camera which is supposedly some animatronic threat closing in on him. This is because, while we do see Mike also end up in the chair somehow as from the shot where he's pulling back from the device, we know that the other security guard also gets himself into the same situation because on the couple of shots where we see the metal restrainers hold down his wrist and his chest, we can see that the outfit the man is wearing is a lot more formal that Mike's fit from the trailer, and it identically matches the one of the security guard at the end of the trailer. Perhaps once whatever is making him scream in the teaser catches him there and brings him to the torture device.
Now why would the animatronics be doing that? I wanted to bring up something that most people in the community already know, but deserves some explanation, which are the red eyes of the animatronics. Now, in various points of the lore when an animatronic has red eyes it means that they are being controlled by someone, namely William Afton (The Silver Eyes book, Security Breach). I believe that what might be happening in the trailer is that at that point that security guard has some stake against William Afton or is put in some position where William either needs to get rid of him or has him no longer useful. Therefore, what he does is he sends one of the animatronics after him to capture him and take him to the torture chair where his face will be shredded.
Now, that leads me to the main part of this post of what all of this means to the story. First let's go back to FNAF 1 and recall some things to the table. As we know in FNAF 1 the phone guy tells you that once you get caught by the animatronics they'll force you into one of the spare suits and you die. At the time of hearing that years ago in that game it's a very creepy thing, but now in modern FNAF it's a concept that is left in the past and never talked about anymore. FNAF 1 is the only game where when you lose the animatronics "stuff you in a suit" as supposed to just killing you. Every other animatronic in all the other games just attack you. FNAF 2 the Toys lash out at you because they think you're a criminal. FNAF 3 Springtrap just kills you because he's Springtrap. The Funtimes are essentially made to kill. But the concept of being stuffed is never brought up again. What happens when you get stuffed? Why does being stuffed cause your eyeballs and teeth to pop out of the mask? If you think about that last question it doesn't really make total sense. How would pressure from an animatronic pushing you're head into a suit cause your eyes and teeth to pop out of your face. It's a scary concept, but doesn't make total sense. What if the animatronics bring you to the back room and when you get "stuffed" into a suit, and they put the Freddy head on you, it's actually this torture device from the movie teaser? What if the saws inside the Freddy head that spice up it's victim's face is what actually causes your eyeballs and teeth to conceptually "pop" out the front of the mask? That's what I think we are seeing in the movie teaser. We are seeing what actually happens when the animatronics catch you. And of course the animatronics are filled with rage being the hostile souls of children, but it's such a specific action for them to stuff you into a Freddy suit when they catch you. Again like I said FNAF 1 is the only game where that concept is mentioned and they do that. That's why in order for them to do this William Afton is controlling them and makes them bring the victim to the torture device to have their face sliced off. Why would he do this? It's because William is collecting remnant. We've seen him make use of killer robots before in the series with Sister Location, so why not with these animatronics too? Before I wrap this part up I want to clear up that the animatronics are of course possessed and angry. They will definitely be looking around for Mike in the movie wanting to lash out at him with their rageful spirits, but in order to do this oddly specific action in putting whoever they catch into their torture device AKA "getting stuffed in a Freddy suit" then William Afton would have to be influencing them and making them do that.
Finally, the last part and maybe the most interesting part of my theory is this. Who is that second security guard? Who is the guy we see get strapped down to the torture chair? Well, what if this man is the one and only Phone Guy from FNAF 1? My reason for believing this is as follows. Judging by the movie teaser we know that he get's himself into the chair sooner or later as I described above. Whether he dies or doesn't is unclear, but I'm going to explain why I think he will. As we know the Phone Guy in FNAF 1 is the one who tells you what happens when you get stuff inside a Freddy suit. Later on in the game in the night 4 phone call he dies as his shift that night hadn't gone well. However, listen to what he says before he's about to die - "I always wondered what was in those empty heads... back there..." When FNAF 1 first came out people could see this line as a throw away scary line meaning that he's pondering there being human heads or corpses inside the empty heads and costumes in the back. But what if that's not the case? What if the on the brink of death the Phone Guy is actually strapped down to the torture chair we see in the teaser making his final voice recording as he's looking into what REALLY inside the empty Freddy heads? It's not some human head corpse or other haunted figure. It's a torture device made by William Afton for collecting remnant! What if William Afton had sent the animatronics to the Phone Guy that night after Phone Guy had been getting a little too curious and aware of what had been going on, and found out about the little incite and information he was sneaking into his voice memos for future employers; giving them tips about things he shouldn't have even known? Phone Guy was too smart for the job and was becoming very aware, so William Afton had to get rid of him. So when Phone Guy was killed, he was killed by this William Afton made torture device for collecting remnant after the William sent animatronics captured him, and so he also found out what was really inside the empty Freddy Fazbear heads on the night he died.
If you made it this far thank you for reading my theory! I hope you enjoyed reading and you like my ideas on what the Freddy saw head thing from the movie teaser could be and the identity of the second security guard also from the movie teaser. Let me know your thoughts about it in the replies, and add onto this theory if you have any more information to add that I might have missed and you want to make this theory even bigger!
Thanks again for reading!
- Joseph
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2023.06.04 06:41 BendyFNAFTattletail Soup store meme with Willy A. (Inspo by u/ThatHigashikataMan (will delete if they want me to)

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2023.06.04 06:40 BradTheFnafGamer Is there a lore reason for Gus Fring becoming William Afton in this scene?

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2023.06.04 06:21 Dry_Mix5141 What happened to Ballora?

This is just kind of a spitball idea and someone has probably done it before, but I like it and the pieces fall into place. With the release of all the new trailers for the Ruin DLC and Help Wanted 2, the Ballora jumpscare at the end of HW2 stood out to me. This may be a little controversial, but Game Theory's idea that Ms. Afton is the one controlling the company now trying to revive everyone seems to fall into place. We know time and time again that when a soul possesses a suit, certain aspects may change. (Example: Baby's eyes changing color from blue to green after being possessed by Elizabeth Afton, who infamously has green eyes.) The Ballora jumpscare as we know in Sister Location has purple eyes under the eyelids she constantly has closed, with the purple being near identical to William Afton's color as he is shown throughout the series. The color is shown many times linked to Afton and his family, spawning the, "Ballora is Ms. Afton," idea. With the jumpscare shown in Help Wanted 2, her eyes seem to be blue. I personally feel nobody related to this series is stupid enough or inconsistent enough with such a thorough and specific series of events in a video game for the eyes to just change with no meaning. Supposedly, Ballora went into Ennard after Sister Location, but what if she didn't? What if she got out somehow? We've seen dead people and the fact that other people work in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals location. What are the odds that Ballora, possessed by Ms. Afton, had her soul/remnant, tied to another body just as shown many times throughout the series. I agree with Matpat's theory in this case and this case only. Ballora's blue eyes show to me the opposite of what happened with Baby. Blue eyes to green eyes, purple eyes to blue eyes. We're shown that Funtime Freddy and Funtime Foxy have somewhat normal eyes, with Freddy's being blue. Freddy is a machine made by Afton, without a soul in him. His code is specifically to capture and lure children. Blue eyes equals a default machine. Please leave criticisms in the comments, I will read them and learn. Thank you.
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2023.06.04 06:07 ThatHigashikataMan THERE'S MORE SOUP

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2023.06.04 05:37 DarkPonyAssassin Was William Afton ever a math teacher?

I was reading Fazbear Frights book 8. In the story, "What We Found," the person in the springlock suit is named, "Mr. Atkin." Atkin was Hudson's former math teacher, and, since I believe that this is an allusion to William Afton, does that mean at some point he was a math teacher? Idk when it could've happened. But if Atkin was a highschool math teacher in the story, and Atkin is an allusion to Afton, would that explain part of the reason Afton was able to cover up his crime?
Correct me if there are flaws, please. I'm sure I missed something, somewhere.
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2023.06.04 05:24 Nominekki William Afton fanart I did. I just like this version of him okay?

William Afton fanart I did. I just like this version of him okay?
Just a drawing I did of William Afton from BlueyCapsules. I really enjoyed drawing this really, especially after reading over the comic in less then a day ._. Also I love drawing characters with an insane expression, its fun.
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2023.06.04 05:22 CapitalComplaint7924 this about help wanted 2

ok quick theory, so if we think mrs. afton is the ceo of fazbear entertainment currently, what if this new game is being told a little from her side, since no one really fits who we play as. like shes the one who really helped on this game, also why the elevator isnt exactly perfect either, bc its from memory, also might be why why its a ballora jumpscare, and maybe why the eye color changed too, bc mrs afton wanted to change it bc purple has had to big of an impact on the company, and so i feel like its gonna be a huge lore dumb, since it might be based on like files and stuff that william had.
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2023.06.04 05:22 mirrorballbby Is there a minecraft video missing from the most recent series?

The one where he has the William Afton account and is using it on a laptop beside him? I might be just high but I can’t find it lol
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