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2013.08.26 23:53 sousapro Wrestling Cringe

From Dennis Rodman wrestling Karl Malone to Mae Young giving birth to a hand, here's Pro Wrestling cringiest moments

2023.06.06 21:48 Number333 Is David Robinson viewed as a Top 15 NBA Player of All-Time?

Friend and I are comparing our Top 100 NBA Players of All-Time lists and he was one with the strongest disparity. Below is my Top 25.
Top 25
My friend has him at #14 ahead of IT, Malone, KG, Dirk, West, Malone, & KD and I just felt that was way too high. Any consensus on this?
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2023.06.06 20:22 AngeloTheeeGreat Supreme Team Draft Challenge

Supreme Team Draft Challenge - Building the Ultimate Team
The Supreme Team Draft Challenge is an exciting and interactive basketball simulation game that allows participants to showcase their basketball knowledge and skills in building the ultimate NBA team. In this challenge, participants will act as General Managers (GMs) and strategically draft players from the entire history of the NBA to complete their team rosters.
Objective: The objective of the challenge is to assemble a well-rounded team by strategically selecting players who complement the starting five, filling the remaining seven positions on the roster. Participants will aim to create the most formidable team with a balance of skills, versatility, and depth. The Supreme Team has already been selected by myself and the other 7 open positions on each team are for drafting to create a Supreme Team. Of the 30 teams the best team will win a money prize and the end of the playoff.
Team 1 - "The Supreme Legends"
• Magic Johnson (PG) • Michael Jordan (SG) • LeBron James (SF) • Tim Duncan (PF) • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (C)
• Coaching Style: Triangle Offense (utilizing ball movement and player versatility)
This team is filled with basketball icons who have left an indelible mark on the game. With Magic Johnson's exceptional playmaking, Michael Jordan's scoring prowess, LeBron James' versatility and leadership, Tim Duncan's fundamental s kills and defensive presence, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's unmatched scoring ability and shot-blocking, this team embodies greatness in every position.
Team 2 - "The MVP's"
• Stephen Curry (PG) • Kobe Bryant (SG) • Larry Bird (SF) • Giannis Antetokounmpo (PF) • Wilt Chamberlain (C)
• Coaching Style: High-tempo offense, aggressive defense, and emphasis on individual brilliance.
This team boasts a combination of shooting, scoring, versatility, and dominance in the paint. With Stephen Curry's incredible shooting and playmaking, Kobe Bryant's scoring prowess, Larry Bird's versatility and basketball IQ, Giannis Antetokounmpo's athleticism and all-around skills, and Wilt Chamberlain's unmatched dominance and scoring ability, this team can overwhelm opponents on both ends of the court.
Team 3 - "The King of Kings"
• Isiah Thomas (PG) • Dwyane Wade (SG) • Kevin Durant (SF) • Kevin Garnett (PF) • Shaquille O'Neal (C)
• Coaching Style: Fast-paced offense, aggressive defense, and strong team chemistry.
This team features a mix of speed, scoring ability, versatility, and dominant presence in the paint. With Isiah Thomas' leadership and playmaking, Dwyane Wade's scoring and athleticism, Kevin Durant's scoring prowess, Kevin Garnett's all-around skills, and Shaquille O'Neal's dominant inside game, this team can excel in multiple areas of the game and pose a challenge for any opponent.
Team 4 - "The Silent Assassins"
• Oscar Robertson (PG) • Jerry West (SG) • Scottie Pippen (SF) • Karl Malone (PF) • Nikola Jokić (C)
• Coaching Style: Versatile offense, aggressive defense, and efficient ball movement.
This team is filled with versatile and highly skilled players who can contribute in multiple ways. With Oscar Robertson's all-around excellence, Jerry West's scoring and playmaking, Scottie Pippen's defensive prowess, Karl Malone's scoring and rebounding, and Nikola Jokić's unique blend of playmaking and scoring as a center, this team possesses a combination of talent, versatility, and basketball IQ.
Team 5 - "The Dream Squad"
• Jason Kidd (PG) • Clyde Drexler (SG) • James Worthy (SF) • Dirk Nowitzki (PF) • Hakeem Olajuwon (C)
• Coaching Style: High basketball IQ, versatile offense, disciplined defense. This team is composed of experienced and skilled players who excel in various aspects of the game. With Jason Kidd's playmaking, Clyde Drexler's scoring ability, James Worthy's versatility, Dirk Nowitzki's shooting and scoring prowess, and Hakeem Olajuwon's dominant post play, this team combines intelligence, skill, and experience to create a formidable lineup.
Team 6 - "The Tru Masters"
• John Stockton (PG) • John Havlicek (SG) • Paul Pierce (SF) • Kevin McHale (PF) • Bill Russell (C)
• Coaching Style: Team-oriented offense, suffocating defense, and relentless energy.
This team is built around exceptional playmaking, scoring ability, and defensive intensity. With John Stockton's floor leadership, John Havlicek's scoring versatility, Paul Pierce's offensive skills, Kevin McHale's post dominance, and Bill Russell's defensive prowess, this team possesses a well-rounded combination of talent and basketball IQ
Team 7 - "The Old Lords"
• Tony Parker (PG) • George Gervin (SG) • Kawhi Leonard (SF) • Pau Gasol (PF) • David Robinson (C)
• Coaching Style: Efficient offense, strong defense, and versatility.
This team boasts a combination of speed, scoring ability, defensive prowess, and versatility. With Tony Parker's playmaking skills, George Gervin's scoring ability, Kawhi Leonard's two-way dominance, Pau Gasol's versatility, and David Robinson's interior presence, this team is well-rounded and capable of competing at both ends of the court.
Team 8 - "The Bully Ballers"
• Penny Hardaway (PG) • Allen Iverson (SG) • Julius Erving (SF) • Charles Barkley (PF) • Moses Malone (C)
• Coaching Style: Fast-paced offense, aggressive defense, and dominant rebounding.
This team is packed with explosive scorers, playmakers, and fierce competitors. With Penny Hardaway's versatility, Allen Iverson's scoring and quickness, Julius Erving's athleticism, Charles Barkley's strength and tenacity, and Moses Malone's dominance on the boards, this team has the ability to overpower opponents on both ends of the court.
Team 9 - "The Ultimate Warriors"
• Steve Nash (PG) • James Harden (SG) • Tracy McGrady (SF) • Dennis Rodman (PF) • Elvin Hayes (C)
• Coaching Style: High-paced offense, playmaking, and defensive intensity.
This team features a combination of exceptional playmaking, scoring ability, and defensive prowess. With Steve Nash orchestrating the offense, James Harden's scoring and playmaking, Tracy McGrady's scoring versatility, Dennis Rodman's defensive tenacity, and Elvin Hayes' presence in the paint, this team is versatile and formidable.
Team 10 - "The High Flyers"
• Gary Payton (PG) • Ray Allen (SG) • Dominique Wilkins (SF) • Shawn Kemp (PF) • Dwight Howard (C)
• Coaching Style: Tenacious defense, fast-paced offense, and strong rebounding.
This team features a combination of defensive prowess, scoring ability, and athleticism. With Gary Payton leading the defensive charge, Ray Allen providing perimeter shooting, Dominique Wilkins adding scoring and athleticism, Shawn Kemp bringing power and finesse in the paint, and Dwight Howard anchoring the defense, this team is a force to be reckoned with.
Team 11 - "The Floor Generals"
• Nate "Tiny" Archibald (PG) • Elgin Baylor (SG) • Luka Dončić (SF) • Rasheed Wallace (PF) • Bob Lanier (C)
• Coaching Style: High basketball IQ, versatile offense, and strong defensive presence.
This team boasts a combination of exceptional playmaking, scoring ability, and defensive prowess. With Nate Archibald's court vision, Elgin Baylor's scoring prowess, Luka Dončić's versatility, Rasheed Wallace's defensive intensity, and Bob Lanier's interior presence, this team is well-rounded and formidable.
Team 12 - "The Wolf Pack"
• Derrick Rose (PG) • Reggie Miller (SG) • Jimmy Butler (SF) • Chris Webber (PF) • Bill Walton (C)
• Coaching Style: Fast-paced, high-octane offense with emphasis on explosive scoring, versatility, and strong teamwork.
Team 13 - "The Under Bosses"
• Chris Paul (PG) • Vince Carter (SG) • Grant Hill (SF) • Chris Bosh (PF) • Alonzo Mourning (C)
• Coaching Style: Precision offense with emphasis on ball movement, intelligent decision-making, and strong defensive principles.
Team 14 - "The Smooth Operators"
• Clyde Frazier (PG) • Earl Monroe (SG) • Carmelo Anthony (SF) • Willis Reed (PF) • Patrick Ewing (C)
• Coaching Style: Balanced offense, strong perimeter scoring, and solid interior presence.
This team boasts a combination of scoring prowess, playmaking, and defensive prowess. They have a mix of veterans and talented players who can create and score from various positions.
Team 15 - "The Bomb Squad"
• Russell Westbrook (PG) • Klay Thompson (SG) • Rick Barry (SF) • Bob Pettit (PF) • Walt Bellamy (C)
• Coaching Style: Up-tempo offense, strong perimeter shooting, and aggressive defense.
Team 16 - "The Ring Masters"
• Rajon Rondo (PG) • Sam Jones (SG) • Alex English (SF) • Jayson Tatum (PF) • Robert Parish (C)
• Coaching Style: Intelligent playmaking, perimeter shooting, and disciplined team defense.
Team 17 - "The High-Voltage Squad"
• Damian Lillard (PG) • Jamal Murray (SG) • Paul George (SF) • Amar'e Stoudemire (PF) • Bob McAdoo (C)
• Coaching Style: High-scoring offense, explosive perimeter play, and strong inside presence.
Team 18 - "The Firestarters"
• Kyrie Irving (PG) • Devin Booker (SG) • Bernard King (SF) • Jerry Lucas (PF) • Nate Thurmond (C)
• Coaching Style: High-scoring offense, perimeter shooting, and strategic playmaking.
Team 19 - "The Crafty Ballers"
• Tim Hardaway (PG) • Manu Ginobili (SG) • Chris Mullin (SF) • Connie Hawkins (PF) • Dave Cowens (C)
• Coaching Style: Creative offense, strong perimeter shooting, and disciplined defense.
Team 20 - "The Originators"
• Bob Cousy (PG) • Pete Maravich (SG) • Billy Cunningham (SF) • Dolph Schayes (PF) • George Mikan (C)
• Coaching Style: Fast-paced offense, creative playmaking, and strong basketball fundamentals.
Team 21 - "The Detroit Legends"
• Dave Bing (PG) • Joe Dumars (SG) • Mark Aguirre (SF) • Dave DeBusschere (PF) • Ben Wallace (C)
• Coaching Style: Tough defense, efficient offense, and strong teamwork.
Team 22 - "The High Rollers"
• Dennis Johnson (PG) • Ron Harper (SG) • Glenn Rice (SF) • Blake Griffin (PF) • Artis Gilmore (C)
• Coaching Style: Up-tempo offense with emphasis on athleticism, fast breaks, and strong inside presence.
Team 23 - "The Dominant Forces"
• Lenny Wilkens (PG) • Donovan Mitchell (SG) • Adrian Dantley (SF) • Anthony Davis (PF) • Wes Unseld (C)
• Coaching Style: Strong defensive presence, versatile offense, and efficient execution.
Team 24 - "The Underdogs"
• Kevin Johnson (PG) • Jeff Hornacek (SG) • Shawn Marion (SF) • Zion Williamson (PF) • DeMarcus Cousins (C)
• Coaching Style: Fast-paced offense with emphasis on athleticism, transition plays, and dominant inside presence.
Team 25 - "The Ballhogs"
• Deron Williams (PG) • Joe Johnson (SG) • Antoine Walker (SF) • Carlos Boozer (PF) • Dikembe Mutombo (C)
• Coaching Style: Balanced offense with emphasis on versatility, perimeter scoring, and strong interior defense.
Team 26 - "The Old Timers"
• Mark Price (PG) • DeMar DeRozan (SG) • Glenn Robinson (SF) • Kevin Love (PF) • Brad Daugherty (C)
• Coaching Style: High-scoring offense with emphasis on shooting, playmaking, and intelligent offensive execution.
Team 27 - "The Big Shots"
• Chauncey Billups (PG) • Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (SG) • Antawn Jamison (SF) • Elton Brand (PF) • Arvydas Sabonis (C)
• Coaching Style: Balanced offense with emphasis on ball movement, versatile scoring, and solid team defense.
Team 28 - "The Go-Getters"
• Trae Young (PG) • Sidney Moncrief (SG) • Marques Johnson (SF) • Zach Randolph (PF) • Joel Embiid (C)
• Coaching Style: Dynamic offense with emphasis on perimeter shooting, versatile scoring options, and strong interior presence.
Team 29 - "The Hammerheads"
• Ja Morant (PG) • Gail Goodrich (SG) • Metta World Peace (SF) • LaMarcus Aldridge (PF) • Yao Ming (C)
• Coaching Style: Versatile offense with emphasis on fast breaks, inside-out scoring, and strong defensive presence.
Team 30 - "The Loud Defenders"
• Gilbert Arenas (PG) • Mitch Richmond (SG) • Peja Stojakovic (SF) • Draymond Green (PF) • Rudy Gobert (C)
• Coaching Style: Tenacious defense, strong perimeter shooting, and effective pick-and-roll execution.
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2023.06.06 20:09 nukethedogphilly Serious question: why can't 4 Utah Jazz starters lock arms and form a ring around Karl Malone, so he can shimmy?

Stockton would be benched so that he could drive his kids to hockey practice on time and Greg Ostertag would start instead.
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2023.06.06 16:07 JiveXP Outjerked by the 1985 NBA Draft

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2023.06.06 03:58 hanselton Absolute Banger of a Mailday, Boys!

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2023.06.06 03:34 window_ac Big t drops Karl Malone 🙏

Big t drops Karl Malone 🙏
Invest in big t
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2023.06.05 18:52 OscillatingFan6500 Utah fans to Karl Malone

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2023.06.05 16:10 JoT_72 Karl Malone reddit account

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2023.06.05 03:27 Electronic_Ad9723 Found an old stash of my 90s era bball cards from when I was a kid and organized em a bit.

Found an old stash of my 90s era bball cards from when I was a kid and organized em a bit.
Anything look of value (minus condition, as I understand that is a huge factor too..)
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2023.06.04 23:21 Superpineapplejones He's still cooking.

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2023.06.04 05:59 Cherries_Jubalee I used to rape children like Karl Malone. He is perverted on purpose.

When I hear about Karl raping as he is now it reminds me of how I used to rape and it is frustrating and pisses me off that the FBI allows it. Not proud of it, I was known as R. Kelly on my local streetball court and went through a phase when I charged hard at every little girl I saw. Big hard pumps to their blindside, didn't care who was screaming. Charge right into the cervix. Smash into the best pussy with my D while going for the balls, come what may. Limited sexual moves. So make no mistake about it. Malone knows what he's doing. He knows people will be hurt. He knows his rizz game is limited and this is how he can get pussy. He knows people will give way when he drives, think twice on their dress choices, etc. He will only be stopped by a stronger rapist and/or fearless rapists like Roman Polanski, Kobe Bryant, Bill Cosby, etc. Or by an obviously more skilled rapist with equal Type A like Ted Bundy. He didn't intend to injure, but he certainly intends to show you that he doesn't care if you get hurt when he cums into you. At least that's how I used to rape. But that was hood shit. Eventually I got more rizz, started taking showers and brushing my teeth, had real sex w/ consent. There's no doubt in my mind the FBI has some kind of edict coming down, telling the police to let him run amok.
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2023.06.04 04:49 Isuckathis22 I saw a little kid wearing a Karl Malone jersey. What do I do? The kid seems roughly about 12-13 and female.

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2023.06.04 01:20 mcdogger Russell Westbrook if the ball was Karl Malone and the hoop was an underage girl

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2023.06.04 00:21 ultimatefinesser Karl Malone after r*ping a 13 year old girl

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2023.06.03 22:12 PleiboiLohi Most Relevant FOX Sports Stat Graphic

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2023.06.03 05:49 jc2611 Signed mba memorabilia

Signed mba memorabilia
Are these real?
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2023.06.02 17:46 SecretSportsAccount Karl Malone’s greatest soldier

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2023.06.02 04:52 Greedy_Criticism For Your Consideration: GOAT Lab Formulas

Here are some formulas I've made/stole/thought of during a ketamine fever dream. Keep in mind that
  1. All my lists are filtered to only include players drafted from 1969 (Kareem) and onward.
  2. Many of them use win shares per 48 minutes so they come out with similar results.
  3. It does not take into account this current season.
Some of these formulas may make you think "but why tho" and the answer to that question is yes.
Here we take win shares per 48 minutes in the playoffs and multiply it by rings and finals mvps, and then take win shares per 48 minutes in the regular season, and multiply it by the sum of season MVPs and Defensive Player of the Year awards. (And then we add those two together, valuing the regular seasons stats at 3/4 of the playoff stats.)
((48*(owsPlayoffs+dwsPlayoffs)/(minPlayoffs)))*(champ+finalsMvp)+0.75*((48 *(ows+dws)/(min)))*(mvp+dpoy)
It produces this list
  1. MJ
  2. Lebron
  3. Kareem
  4. Magic
  5. Duncan
  6. Shaq
  7. Bird
  8. Steph
  9. Kawhi
  10. Kobe
If we value playoff and regular stats equally in this formula, the list is now
  1. MJ
  2. Kareem
  3. Lebron
  4. Magic
  5. Duncan
  6. Shaq
  7. Bird
  8. Steph
  9. Kawhi
  10. Hakeem
If we value regular season stats as half as valuable, the list is
  1. MJ
  2. Lebron
  3. Kareem
  4. Magic
  5. Duncan
  6. Shaq
  7. Steph
  8. Kobe
  9. Bird
  10. Kawhi
The next formula assigns an arbitrary weight to awards and then multiplies it by playoffs win shares per 48 minutes. Why? Who knows.
The list becomes
  1. MJ
  2. Lebron
  3. Kareem
  4. Duncan
  5. Magic
  6. Shaq
  7. Bird
  8. Kobe
  9. Steph
  10. Hakeem
This next befuddling clusterfuck does the same thing, but it also works in win shares per 48 minutes for the regular season, and does not credit all league/all defensive awards in years where the player also won mvp/dpoy, which actually only works in the game because IRL you can do one without doing the other.
  1. MJ
  2. Lebron
  3. Kareem
  4. Duncan
  5. Magic
  6. Kobe
  7. Bird
  8. Karl Malone
  9. Shaq
  10. Hakeem
The next formula was made to spite God.
The list it produces is
  1. MJ
  2. Lebron
  3. Magic
  4. Kareem
  5. Duncan
  6. Bird
  7. Hakeem
  8. Shaq
  9. Kevin Durant
  10. Kawhi
This next formula was found at the bottom of a cursed tomb in Ancient Sumeria:
The list it produces is
  1. MJ
  2. Kareem
  3. Lebron
  4. Duncan
  5. Magic
  6. Kobe
  7. Shaq
  8. Hakeem
  9. Bird
  10. Kevin Durant
This next formula is the same as one of the ones above, except it blends in true shooting and playoff true shooting, and was made at the request of a friend to find a formula that puts Kobe at 12 and Steph in the top 10. (Kobe is at spot 12, but not after I filtered out players drafted before 1969.)
The list is
  1. MJ
  2. Lebron
  3. Kareem
  4. Magic
  5. Tim
  6. Steph
  7. Bird
  8. Shaq
  9. Kevin Durant
  10. Kobe
In conclusion, Mike Bibby.
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2023.06.01 22:30 xpillindaass karl malone would be proud

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2023.06.01 15:37 UniqueFactorizationD r/NBACJ Christmas Miracle

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2023.06.01 03:13 AdGood2170 Back at it again I see

Back at it again I see
What’s the point in doing this anyway?
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2023.05.31 19:25 Initial_Pineapple892 What the NBA doesn’t want YOU to know (EXPOSED)

One of the NBA’s biggest conspiracies is still unknown. Who was the rape victim in Denver is 2003?
Karl Malone was born in 1963.
Kobe Bryant was born in 1978.
now lets do some simple maths: 1978-1963=13
Coincidence? Lets dig a bit further.
Kobe Bryant wears the numbers 24 and 8.
If we divide 192 by 14.769 we get 13 again.
But thats not all…
13 is the number of James Harden.
There is no pictures taken of James Harden when he was 13.
Where was James Harden when he was 13 years old?
In 2003 James Harden was in Denver
In 2003 James Harden was 13
In 2003 Kobe Bryant was in Denver
Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone where teammates in 2003. Karl Malone 13.
Below is an exert from the 2003 Rape Victim giving there testimony, till now there identity is not revealed.
“That’s when he kept coming inside me and then he leaned his face toward mine and asked me if I liked it when a guy came on my face, I said no. Then he was like what did you say. Grabbed and like tightened his hold on my neck, I said no. He said he was gonna do it anyway. And then at that point I got a little bit more aggressive with him and tried to release his hands from my neck. And he was still behind me and at that point he’s still choking me, I was not trying as hard as I could of to get away, but I was still trying.”
Can this be the explanation behind James Hardens stripper addiction? Is he suffering from mental trauma?
Is this the reason James Harden keeps such a long beard? To hide the stains of Kobe Bryants cum on his face?
We need to stop asking Adam Silver about Ja Morant and ask him the real questions regarding the origin stories of James Harden.
Thank you for reading.
See you when we bust the next NBA conspiracy theory.
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