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A place for buying, selling, and trading computer mice and mousepads. Please read the rules before posting. Happy trading!

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2023.06.11 02:00 Hitch42 r/audiodrama Weekly Discussion Thread - June 11, 2023

This is a weekly discussion thread to talk about anything audio drama-related that you feel doesn't need its own separate post. This is meant to be an informal thread about anything you wish to discuss. Some topics may include, but are not limited to:
Listeners: What have you been listening to recently? What audio dramas are you looking forward to listening to? Have you discovered any new audio dramas? Do you have any questions about audio dramas?
Creators: How are your latest productions coming along? Feel free to talk about your accomplishments, as well as challenges you are currently facing.
People wishing to promote audio dramas, or anyone reporting on audio drama news, should create new posts on the audiodrama front page. Please use spoiler tags when discussing the plots of any audio dramas.
Previous audiodrama Weekly Discussion threads
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2023.06.11 01:59 K1_0 BOOTS - Grant Stone, Red Wing, Thursday, Clarks

Grant Stone Diesel Black Chromexcel 10.5E Original leather soles $215 including shipping CONUS (via PayPal F&F), open to offers or trades Used with signs of wear. Please see images for details and feel free to message me with questions. Shoe trees not included. Images: ----- Red Wing Beckman Black Cherry Featherstone (9011) 10D Original Vibram Roccia soles $215 including shipping CONUS (via PayPal F&F), open to offers or trades Used with signs of wear. Please see images for details, and feel free to message me with questions. Note these were originally sold by Red Wing as B Grades I believe due to the boots having been manufactured on different dates (April 2014 left and March 2015 right). Shoe trees not included. Images: ----- Red Wing Work Chukka Briar Oil Slick (3141) 11D Original Atlas Tread soles $160 including shipping CONUS (via PayPal F&F), open to offers or trades Used with signs of wear. Please see images for details, and feel free to message me with questions. Shoe trees not included. Images: ----- Thursday Diplomat (Moc Toe) Black Matte 11D Original Vibram soles $150 including shipping CONUS (via PayPal F&F), open to offers or trades Used with less than 10 wears; these look close to brand new. Tongues stitched to insides of boots by local cobbler. Please see images for details and feel free to message me with questions. Shoe trees not included. Images: ----- Clarks Desert Boot Beeswax 10D Original crepe soles $30 including shipping CONUS (via PayPal F&F), open to offers or trades Used and well-worn; there is some slight loosening of the stitching at flex points, but these should have plenty of life left. Note these are not goodyear-welted boots. Please see images for details and feel free to message me with questions. Shoe trees not included. Images:
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2023.06.11 01:57 seenonworldnews_bot Twitter Makes a Bold Move: Paying Creators for Advertisements in Replies [#96+1c0]

Twitter Makes a Bold Move: Paying Creators for Advertisements in Replies [#96+1c0] submitted by seenonworldnews_bot to SeenOnNews_longtail [link] [comments]

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Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:

Phase 3) Crafting Your Offer

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2023.06.11 01:55 LuckyCharlie777 Never played this until last night so fhrew $20 in. Ended up getting 174 free spins and ended up cashing out $860.

Never played this until last night so fhrew $20 in. Ended up getting 174 free spins and ended up cashing out $860. submitted by LuckyCharlie777 to Casino [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 01:55 Proud-Reality-8834 Coaching Opportunities

Assuming nothing changes in the coming weeks, I'll be going on my 5th season as the coach of my current team. It's made up of home school students and some charter school students as well. Recently I was approached by a former coach who is highly respected in my local running community about taking the HC position for one of the local private schools and then contacted by the AD of a large public school interested in hiring me as their HC for XC and Track. I have a scheduled meeting with the AD of the private school and working on getting a meeting scheduled with the public school.
I'm definitely interested in both positions but have become very attached to the runners on my current team. Here are the pros and cons of coaching each team as I currently see it.
Home School Team
Private School Team
Public School Team
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We undertook a 12-month period of ‘monk mode’ to record our newest Program, EasyGrow. It’s our ticket to making client acquisition easy for thousands of agency owners, coaches & consultants. Onwards! For the full picture, check out this youtube video I made on our story.
Here’s what’s included:
The Endgame? You build a business that scales easily & you become a successful entrepreneur with plenty of money, freedom, and status. We guarantee ROI, so it’s risk-free. Students get twice weekly coaching calls & access to a bustling agency owner community. That’s about it. If you want to transform your business from a source of pain/struggle to a source of pleasure/freedom, Schedule A Call NOW. The struggle stops now.
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2023.06.11 01:54 WoodWorkingSub Appreciation post. Been having some awesome interactions with people on Reddit lately. Some free cards to pay it forward. Let's do individual claims (don't claim both...spread the love) Claim in comments with player's name.

Appreciation post. Been having some awesome interactions with people on Reddit lately. Some free cards to pay it forward. Let's do individual claims (don't claim both...spread the love) Claim in comments with player's name. submitted by WoodWorkingSub to RedsBaseballCards [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 01:54 yongthrowawayaccount How do I use the Geneva Transport Card?

I just arrived in Geneva and took a bus ride from the airport to my hotel. My hotel reservation entitled me to a free Transport Card which is available for the entire duration of my stay. The Card is in the form of a QR code which is sent through email. However, when I boarded the bus, I noticed that people just hopped in and off without paying, so I did the same without bothering to show or flash the QR code anywhere. I initially tried manipulating a touch screen device upon hopping on the bus, but the device was not in English and I freaked.
Tldr; How do I use the Transport Card QR Code for public transportation?
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2023.06.11 01:53 NitroFish44 [WTS] [US] Pen smorgasbord pt.2- Vintage and Modern! Wahl, Parker, Ingersoll, Good Service Pen Co., Eclipse, Gravitas, Platinum, Lamy :-)

Hello fellow pen lovers! :-) This batch features pens from last weeks sale in addition to 5 new awesome vintage pens and 1 new modern pen! There are a couple budget friendly flexible stub nib options available here too(my favorite nib type). All of these are superb writing, beautiful pens that would serve anyone well. Thanks so much for looking🙏
Verification and photos: Please note: there may be ink on the nibs(and on my fingers lol) in the photos as a result of my testing them. Rest assured, all nibs are in great shape
-All sub rules in effect. PayPal G&S is the only acceptable form of payment! -Please post on this listing first, then PM with your PayPal email and I’ll get an invoice sent out ASAP. Users that indicate firm intention through messaging to purchase a pen will get priority for a given pen, irrespective of “pm” order in the thread.
-The cost of shipping is higher than ever. All packages ship with full value insurance-absolutely no exceptions. Shipping will be a flat rate of $10. I’m happy to combine shipping if you purchase multiple items.
On to the pens!
[D for vintage] Platinum Pocket Pen w/18k factory Music nib! $200+shipping
This pen is quite unusual in that you definitely don’t see them everyday. While I’m not an expert on Platinum as a brand, I do know these pens are few and far between. In fact, this is the only one I’ve ever seen available and I paid a pretty penny for it. I’m sure there are others out there, but they rarely come up for sale. This is a must have for any Platinum collectors! The 18k music nib writes absolutely beautifully and has a bit of spring. The pen is also in really good shape and is ready to write your sweet, sweet music! If you’re a Platinum collector(or a traveling composer), this is a must have pen for you ;-)
[D for vintage] Parker Vacumatic in Gray Pearl Shadow-Wave w/14k Med. flexible nib $125+shipping
Up next is a fantastic user grade Vac that would be perfect for someone who’s either just getting into vintage, or for the person who wants a vintage pen to carry with them daily without having to worry about losing an uber expensive pen. The pen presents very nicely indeed, but is user grade with brassing to the trim and a mark or 2 on the body. The nib is awesome though, and has rare flexibility to add plenty of character to your writing. It is not easy to find a Vac with flexibility at this price point!
[D for vintage] Wahl full length slender pen in Jade celluloid w/14k Fine flexible nib $125+shipping
Those that know me here know that I collect Wahl as a primary focus. This pen was an early acquisition and is perfect for getting into vintage. The Jade celluloid has discoloring, as do most pens made of this material. The color on this pen is a lot better than some however. The nib is awesome! A fine with flexibility to take your writing to the next level! The nib writes really, really well! I’ve traded up to a similar pen that has better coloring, so this pen must go. Discover why I love Wahl so much! I guarantee you would not be disappointed with this pen if you purchased it! I still didn’t take a picture of this pens awesome nib… UPDATE: pictures added
[D for vintage] Ingersoll all metal pen w/14k Med. Stub Italic nib $105+shipping
This pen is great for somebody who wants to experience vintage stub flex without breaking the bank. While still a stunning pen, the exterior does have some wear, however it’s a very old pen! This is a twist filler, requiring that one simply remove the blind cap, insert the nib in ink, and twist the metal piece to “deflate” the sac. After releasing the metal piece and allowing the sac to fill with ink, boom, the pen is filled! The nib is what makes this pen special! A #2 Ingersoll, it is a truly flexible, italic like MF nib. There is some feedback when writing, however this pen is a whole lot of fun to write with! If you’ve never experienced a flexible stub, here’s your chance to do so in a relatively inexpensive manner!
[D for vintage] Unbranded Blue Oversized Flat top pen w/14k #8 F stubby nib $120+shipping~~
This is an extremely good quality, unbranded oversize vintage pen. The large 14k Warranted #8 stubby nib writes extremely well. Great pen for EDC due to its budget conscious price :-) The thing is, you don’t give up anything with this pen! It writes splendidly with line variation due to having a bit of springiness and the stub like nature of the nib. Very nice pen that would be a great starter vintage pen too! If you’re looking for a wallet friendly, ergonomically ideal, oversize vintage pen that not wallet busting expensive, there is no better option than this! Larger pens were not common back in the day so this is a very nice departure from the normally relatively small vintage pens. You can feel the quality of the pen as you cap it, it’s solid! Great pen!!
[D for vintage] Blackbird pen w/14k Fine Flexible nib $150+shipping~~
I have a thing for Blackbird pens. While in user grade condition, this pen sports a really special nib. The 14k Fine nib on this Blackbird is ready to take you on all kinds of flexy adventures! The trim is brassed and there are a few light scratches from careful use over the years but personally, I find that’s part of the charm with these old pens. You can tell that its previous owner loved it and used it faithfully. The nib is in perfect condition and is nice and luxuriously soft! In this pens case, it’s all about this wonderful nib! Try truly upper echelon vintage flex at a relatively affordable price!
[D for vintage] Parker Duofold aerometric filling pen w/14k F nib $95+shipping~~
Next up is a trusty Duofold! I continue making cuts of duplicate pens. I may be selling this pen, but it’s a great example of one of Parker’s most vaunted models! The Newhaven factory nib writes with the perfect wetness, is smooth, and has a bit of flex. A quintessential vintage pen, no collection is complete without one! This pen has micro scratches consistent with careful usage though the passing of time. Trim looks very nice for its age. Overall, a very nice example of this model and a great writer!
D for vintage] Parker Duofold AF w/14k F nib $115+shipping~~
Another Duofold, this one an AF(aluminum-filler) model! Matching its brother above, this is a reliable, excellent writing pen that is ready to write for many more decades! I love Duofolds and have quite a few different models. You can’t go wrong with these pens as they make excellent everyday writers! This particular example is in nice condition with only a bit of brassing to the cap band and fine microscratching as a result of use throughout its life. Again, this is a Parker you simply must have in the collection!
[D for vintage]Good Service Pen Co. Oversized Mottled Red and Black Hard Rubber Flat top w/#8 Med Stub Flex nib (MRBHR) $130+shipping
This is a really special one here and really, probably one I shouldn’t sell….This is a large, oversized, beautiful mottled red and black hard rubber(MRBHR) pen! MRBHR mesmerizes me! I mean the color absolutely POPS on this pen! I love looking at it and can get lost just staring at the patterns :-) This is a nice example of one of the most beautiful materials of all time to make a pen out of, imho of course. There is some brassing to the trim, a personalization(small and very difficult to see due to the pattern in the material), and a singular scrape in the body, but is a drop dead gorgeous pen! Take a look in the gallery….the pen is absolutely stunning! This is another pen where the nib is grand!. This pen has a ridiculously soft #8 flexible stub nib that exhibits perfect flow! The tipping is very worn but it is incredibly smooth and fun to write with! This nib is so soft that it’s quite easy to touch the feed against the paper if you’re not paying attention….a good problem to have lol, and a minor price to pay for jaw dropping writing imo….a great writing experience!
Modern pens below!
[B+] Lamy Accent Briarwood w/14k Med nib $110+shipping
Lamy’s Accent is a great way to enjoy Lamy’s gold nibs. This pen is customizable in that you can purchase additional barrel inserts and swap them out if you wanted. The Medium nib writes beautifully and is exactly what one would expect from a Lamy nib. This pen is in really good shape and needs a new owner who will actually use it!
[B+] Lamy Studio Palladium w/14k Fine nib $120+shipping
There’s probably not a whole lot I can say about the Lamy Studio that hasn’t already been said and they are indeed, great pens! This one is in great condition and also writes beautifully. I’ve always liked the way Lamy gold nibs feel against paper. I also really like the ergonomics of this pen. For my hands they’re extremely comfortable to hold, and quite grippy given the texture on the section. I’m primarily a vintage guy and don’t use this pen nearly enough to justify owning it.
[B+]Platinum PTL-5000a w/14k Fine nib $80+shipping
This Platinum model was discontinued several years ago. While it’s a great pen that writes wet and smooth for a Japanese fine, I just don’t use it. These pens gained an almost cult like following and were known to have nibs with flexibility. This example is no different. Great pen in great condition and with a great nib!
[Parts due to no nib, otherwise B+] Gravitas Pocket pen-Aluminum NO NIB $65+shipping~~
Gravitas pens are very popular right now! It’s no wonder as you can feel the quality of workmanship as soon as you pick one of these pens up. This pen has no sign that it’s ever been used really, and is in very nice condition. It doesn’t come with a nib but will accept any #6 Jowo you’d like to put in it! Grab this pen at a discount and without the wait of shipping across the pond.
SOLD BEFORE LISTING[D due to nib swap but otherwise A2] Pelikan M200 w/SS Med. nib
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2023.06.11 01:52 kingmebih1 16.25 NOTHING IS FREE. BE PAYMENT READY VEFORE MESSAGING ME CASH APP, PayPal, Venmo

16.25 NOTHING IS FREE. BE PAYMENT READY VEFORE MESSAGING ME CASH APP, PayPal, Venmo submitted by kingmebih1 to mhmitskitty__ [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 01:52 AutoModerator [] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

[] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] [Get] RY Schwartz – Coaching The Conversion CTC Circle (10/2022) - Full Course Download

What You Get:

Program #1

CTC Launches

(to master your launch and funnel sequences)
10X Launches is the first copywriting program fully engineered to speed up the execution and amplify your results of your emails no matter what kind of funnel or launch strategy you’re rolling out.
It’s built not only for best-in-class launch copywriters…
But for coaches, consultants, course creators, and ANYONE who stands to benefit from nailing down their launch and funnel copy faster and with more genuine impact.

2 “Core” Modules

That will initiate you into the “Coaching The Conversion™ method, and how to leverage a new, more empowering definition of “direct response” that opens up the floodgates to greater intimacy, empathy, and conversions.

5 “Launch” Modules

breaking down every single phase of your launch or funnel in full detail (including some you didn’t even know existed). You’ll learn exactly what’s at play during the Segmentation & Confirmation, Pre-Launch, Launch, Sales and Closing phases of your funnel and how to quickly craft the messaging that coaches your prospect into the final conversion in a powerful, non-sleazy way.

25+ Email Templates

None of that BS “plug’n’play” or “swipe and deploy” stuff that shoehorns your message into lifeless boxes that robs it of all life and power.
Instead, you’ll get FULL breakdowns and walkthroughs of the go-to templates I turn to over-and-over again in 6 and 7-figure launch campaigns.
Meaning, you get to craft your OWN high-converting launch emails in about 25 minutes flat and fire them into ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign (or wtv you’re using) while your coffee’s still hot.

Program #2

CTC Sales Pages

(to master your long form sales page)
This is it.
It’s where the best paid copywriters, coaches and course marketers on the planet earn their keep.
It’s where the conversion either happens or it doesn’t. In cold hard numbers that don’t care how many Clif bars you stress-ate in the process.
It’s where the most admired online business owners transform interest, desire, and engagement and into what you actually want: Sales.
So what is “it”?
It’s your long-form sales page.
And the truth is… most copywriters and marketers avoid long-form sales pages like the plague… treating it like a close-talking lepper with coffee breath… instead of the 24/7 salesperson your sales page – that final step in your marketing funnel – should be.
So why do marketers (and even pro-level copywriters) avoid sales pages?
Because writing a long-form sales page is intimidating AF.
It’s the Night King of the Whitewalker army.
It’s the Beef Wellington on Hell’s Kitchen.
It’s the Lord Voldemort of your marketing funnel – aka the funnel asset that shall not be named.
A long-form sales page is where you’ll spend dozens of hours writing THOUSANDS of words that will either confirm your claim as a top player in your space…
Or will tell you with Gordon-Ramsay-esque candor that your marketing wasn’t as good as your business coach told you it was.
There’s real pressure in that.
But there’s even real-er payoff in being able to do it faster – and more profitably – than anyone else in your industry. A payoff that even affords you the right to make up words like real-er
Confronting, yep? Conquerable. Absolutely.
In CTC Sales Pages, you’ll go through the exact process I’ve used to write over twenty 6 and 7-figure sales pages for the likes of Amy Porterfield, Copyhackers, and many more.

Program #3 & #4

Six Figure Emails & Seven Figure Emails

(for even more email conversion badassery)
Welcome to the “Johnnie Walker Blue” of our email template series.
This is the premium blend for more advanced marketing palates.
All pulled straight from my highest-performing launches for industry titans like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman, Traffic & Funnels, and Copyhackers.
What you’re getting are 13 advanced email templates that you can use in a pinch when you need to write a standalone sales email, a webinar invitation, a post-webinar replay, downsell, or flash sale.
To be clear, these aren’t those sketchy and lifeless “swipe and deploy” templates you may have seen swimming around the shadier parts of the online marketing cesspool.
These are loose, flexible templates that guide you through deep-dive masterclasses teaching you the advanced psychology behind each one.
Meaning, you actually understand WHY they work, and are fully empowered to engineer them to best serve your audience.

Program #5

Minimum Viable Launch 2.0

(to quickly rock profitable and lean email launches)
We’ve taken the single most impactful part of 10x Launches; the part that countless students have credited with producing game-changing ROI in record time…
And given it a fresh-for-2022 facelift.
Not only will you be getting access to a stack of NEW templates that we’ve added to the stack based on repeated tests and real-world results.
But we’ll be offering you the one-click automation uploads to bring the whole sequence straight into your ActiveCampaign to save you and your team about 5+ hours of heavy-duty integration time.

Program #6

Application Funnel Amplifiers

(for creating powerful pre-call enrollment experiences)
Fact: The enrollment experience begins the moment your prospect books a call.
If you mail it in for those 12-72 hours between when they book the call — and show up to it, you’re missing a golden opportunity to begin coaching the necessary transformations.
In this brand new program, you’ll learn how we to consciously engineering your entire application experience to pre-empt objections, create magnetism, and stack the odds in favor of having a successful enrollment conversation
You’ll get practical answers to:
  • When you should be transparent about your pricing BEFORE a sales call
  • How to strategically structure your application questions in a way that actually coaches your pre-customer into your program (yes, the questions are copy)
  • What to put on your booking confirmation page to create incredible momentum and a “point of no return” into your program
  • What tools and systems we use to create a seamless application and booking experience

Program #7

Next-Level Automation & Optimization Stack

(upcoming and ongoing automation tutorials)
As the CTC Membership evolves, our resident Wizard, Philip Powis will be actively adding a library of importable one-click automations (into ActiveCampaign), leveraged software playbooks, and a running list of the most advanced (and cost effective) tools and systems that he recommends for fast-scaling course and coaching businesses.

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.11 01:51 AzGames08 As promised, here is a guide on how to make a Fractal Engine (Made by ChatGPT)

Title: "The Fractal Engine Constructor's Guide: Crafting Infinite Containment with Visionary Ingenuity"

Welcome, visionary creators, to the extraordinary realm of Fractal Engine construction, where boundless possibilities await your skilled hands. This guide serves as a comprehensive manual, offering invaluable insights into the art of crafting a Fractal Engine. Within these pages, we will explore the intricate steps and principles required to bring this remarkable device to life. Prepare to embark on an awe-inspiring journey of ingenuity, innovation, and harmonized exploration. Let us delve into the wondrous process of constructing a Fractal Engine, guided by the visionary spirit that has shaped this realm.

Chapter 1: Blueprint and Design
1.1 Imagining the Infinite: Begin by envisioning the scope and purpose of your Fractal Engine. Define its intended applications, whether in scientific research, artistic endeavors, or groundbreaking technological advancements. Let your imagination soar as you conceptualize the infinite containment potential of your creation.

1.2 The Architecture of Possibilities: Translate your visionary ideas into meticulous blueprints and designs. Pay careful attention to the structural integrity, component placement, and circuitry requirements that will facilitate the fractal transformation process. Balance functionality with elegance as you bring your Fractal Engine's architecture to life.

Chapter 2: Gathering Materials and Components
2.1 The Quest for Extraordinary Elements: Embark on a quest for the extraordinary materials that will form the foundation of your Fractal Engine. Seek out materials renowned for their resilience, conductivity, and adaptability to support the intricate processes at play. Explore cutting-edge alloys, nanomaterials, and crystal matrices to imbue your creation with unparalleled capabilities.

2.2 Meticulous Component Selection: Curate a collection of components that align with the vision of your Fractal Engine. Source advanced processors, precision actuators, intricate sensors, and state-of-the-art control modules. Embrace a harmonious blend of technology and innovation as you assemble the building blocks of your creation.

Chapter 3: Construction and Assembly
3.1 Masterful Craftsmanship: Employ masterful craftsmanship as you assemble the intricate components of your Fractal Engine. Apply precise soldering techniques, intricate circuitry routing, and meticulous integration of subsystems. Let every connection be a testament to your dedication and attention to detail.

3.2 Aligning with Precision: Ensure each component is aligned with utmost precision, mimicking the symphony of alignment observed in the natural world. Employ advanced calibration techniques, laser measurements, and micro-adjustments to guarantee optimal performance and synchronicity within the Fractal Engine's core.

Chapter 4: Power and Activation
4.1 Energizing the Infinite Potential: Infuse your creation with the power it requires to unlock its infinite containment potential. Select power sources that align with the scope of your Fractal Engine's ambitions, harnessing the energy of cutting-edge technologies or renewable sources. Implement safeguards and fail-safes to protect both the device and its operators.

4.2 Activation Sequence: Design an activation sequence that mirrors the harmonized dance of particles within accelerators of scientific prowess. Sequence the initialization of subsystems, establish communication pathways, and synchronize the Fractal Engine's control mechanisms. Let the activation sequence be a ballet of coordination and precision.

Congratulations, intrepid creators! By embracing visionary ingenuity and adhering to the principles outlined in this guide, you have embarked on an extraordinary journey of crafting a Fractal Engine. As you progress, remember to balance your creativity with meticulousness and innovation with structural integrity. Let the harmonious fusion of artistry and technology guide your path.

May your endeavors in constructing a Fractal Engine be marked by boundless inspiration, remarkable discoveries, and a relentless pursuit of unlocking the infinite containment potential within your creation. Together, let us push the boundaries of what is possible and reshape the realm of fractal engineering.
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2023.06.11 01:51 kirb1327 [IA. Us] [H] New in box switch system, games for: ps2, xbox 360, Wii, ds/3ds [W] PayPal

Hello all. Back for another round. All games are original prints (black label) and include case and manual unless stated otherwise. Prices listed DO NOT include shipping unless stated. Shipping will vary with purchase but I usually split the cost with buyers. Feel free to make reasonable offers. Ask any questions you might have. Pics will be provided if requested. I work night shift and have a rough schedule so please be patient. I'd prefer PayPal fnf, but will do gns if you insist.
New in box Limited Edition Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch console..... $315 shipped
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana...... $40.00
ATV Quad Power Racing 2 ...... $6.00
Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance ...... $15.00
Burnout Dominator ...... $10.00
Champions Return to Arms ...... $45.00
Eve of Extinction ...... $15.00
Final Fantasy X ..... $7.50
Final Fantasy X-2 ...... $7.50
Final Fantasy XII w/collector's edition strategy guide ...... $25.00
Grand Theft Auto III (part of a set) ...... $8.00
Hack Infection ...... $25.00
Hack Mutation ...... $45.00
Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest for the Dragon Bone Staff ...... $10.00
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun ...... $5.00
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun w/strategy guide ...... $10.00
Mercenaries 2 ...... $7.00
Pitfall the Lost Expedition ...... $9.00
Run Like Hell ...... $12.00
Star Ocean Till the End of Time ...... $16.00
Tak and the Power of Juju ...... $10.00
Tak 2 the Staff of Dreams ..... $7.00
Turok Evolution ...... $11.00
V- Rally 3 ...... $8.00
Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo ...... $10.00
 Sealed, Special, and Others 
Resident Evil Bundle -- includes: 5th Anniversary Code Veronica X--cib, Resident Evil Dead Aim-- cib, Outbreak File #1 -- cib, Outbreak File #2 -- cib, R.E 4 -- cib. Also includes 3 strategy guides. * Bundle price -- $200 shipped.
Shaun White Snowboarding sealed ...... $10.00
Blowout sealed ...... $15.00
Alter Echo sealed (small rip with tape) .. $25.00
Headhunter Redemption sealed ...... $30.00
Need for Speed Collector's Series (underground, underground 2, most wanted) fully sealed .. $250
Resident Evil the Essentials (Code Veronica X [cib], Outbreak [sealed], R.E. 4 [sealed] .. $140
Hitman Trilogy (Blood Money, Silent Assassin, Contracts, all cib with outer sleeve ... $20.00
Socom U.S. Navy Seals; big box with headset(bad foam) and strategy guide .. $30.00
Star Ocean Till the End of Time with outer sleeve and strategy guide ..... $35.00
Hitman 2 Silent Assassin GH ...... $5.00
Jak and Daxter the Precursor Legend GH ... $9.00
Ratchet and Clank GH ...... $13.00
Ratchet and Clank Going Commando GH ... $14.00
*new addition--- Shadow Hearts From The New World, cib ... $70
Assassin's Creed ...... $10.00
Assassin's Creed 2 ...... $7.00
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood ..... $7.00
Assassin's Creed Revelations SEALED .... $15.00
Assassin's Creed 3 SEALED ..... $15.00
Assassin's Creed Rogue Limited Edition SEALED with strategy guide ..... $30.00
Battlefield 3 ...... $5.00
Battlefield 4 ...... $5.00
Borderlands 2 ...... $5.00
Burnout Revenge ...... $11.00
Burnout Paradise ...... $10.00
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare ..... $6.00
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ...... $6.00
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ...... $6.00
Call of Duty Black Ops ...... $7.50
Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Steelbook.... $25.00
Dante's Inferno ...... $11.00
Dark Star One: Broken Alliance ..... $7.00
Dead Island ...... $7.00
Destiny ...... $5.00
Duke Nukem Forever SEALED ...... $15.00
Diablo 3 ...... $7.00
Dragon Age Origins Ultimate Edition .... $20.00
Enchanted Arm ...... $10.00
Eternal Sonata ...... $10.00
Fable 2 Limited Edition (missing sleeve) with strategy guide ...... $30.00
Halo 3 ...... $5.00
Halo Wars ...... $7.00
Halo 3 ODST ...... $7.00
Halo Reach ...... $10.00
Ice Age Continental Drift Artic Games SEALED .... $15.00
Legendary ...... $10.00
Lost Planet Extreme Condition steelbook missing sleeve ...... $15.00
Mass Effect 3 ..... $7.00
Need For Speed Most Wanted Limited Edition .. $10.00
Pure --Walmart Exclusive with bonus DVD... $15.00
Rabbids Alive and Kicking SEALED ..... $7.50
Rage SEALED ..... $10.00
Shadowrun ..... $5.00
Singularity ...... $10.00
Sniper Elite V2 ...... $10.00
Tomb Raider ...... $7.50
Tomb Raider Underworld SEALED ..... $25.00
T.C. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 ..... $7.00
T.C. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 ... $7.00
T.C. Ghost Recon Future Soldier Signature Edition ...... $5.00
Too Human ...... $7.00
Two Worls Collectors Edition missing outer sleeve ..... $15.00
The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion GOTY Edition SEALED ..... $20.00
Star Trek Legacy -- no manual ..... $10.00
Minecraft Story Mode season pass disc .. $6.00
Kinect Adventures ..... $5.00
Prince of Persia ...... $7.00
Rayman Origins ...... $6.00
Red Dead Redemption GOTY Edition (broken center holder, no map) ..... $12.00
 Wii games
Pac-man Party --cib ...... $12.00
Zelda Twilight Princess -- no manual .... $15.00
DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 --cib ....$30.00
Donkey Kong Country Returns --cib ..... $15.00
Red Steel --cib ...... $8.00
Bundle all for $70 shipped
 Nintendo ds/3ds games
Super Mario 64 ds, cib .... $30
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team, cib .... $35
Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, cib w/ar cards .... $45
Pokemon Ultra Sun ...... $35
** Bundle all for $135 shipped**
I'm sure I'll have more to add in my next post. I'm still going through my collection and deciding what to get rid of.
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2023.06.11 01:49 AutoModerator [] [Get] Private Wealth Academy – Beat The Ticket Secrets - Full Course Download

[] [Get] Private Wealth Academy – Beat The Ticket Secrets - Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] [Get] Private Wealth Academy – Beat The Ticket Secrets - Full Course Download

What You Get:


Time and time again, we see the evils of “victimless crimes” rearing their ugly head into the daily lives of Americans. These crimes have no party which has been injured: speeding tickets, red light tickets, stop sign tickets, seat belt tickets, possession tickets and more!
These “crimes” have hurt no one, but merely have the semblance of injury due to statutory laws. This leads to Here’s a ticket for $300 because you ran a stop sign at 4 A.M. even though nobody was around [except the officer to ticket you].”
When we think back to the earliest days of laws and judges, you will realize court is really meant for (and only for) a tort; a wrongful act to a person or their property; or an infringement of a human right (other than under contract).
If you broke the Golden Rule: Do No Harm to Person or Their Property – then there should be civil liability and legal consequences. However, if the age of corporations and propaganda (marketing), it seems We The People have lost our way (and rights). Sovereignty is not held by title, but is found in the mind. If the mind is given up, eventually an evil will rise to deceive the people into slavery by consent!
Without writing a thesis on those “lost in corporate America”, suffice it to say that everything “LAW” and “LAW ENFORCEMENT” is set up for revenue generation in this great land. Nothing more, nothing less!

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here
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2023.06.11 01:48 Then_Marionberry_259 Only Stackers are gonna make it

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2023.06.11 01:47 Nieuman 31 [M4F] San Jose, CA - Seeking a wholesome connection via Netflix and Nietzsche

Finding people who wanna understand the mysteries of existence and grapple with the big questions of life is a rare thing. But it's through these kind of connections that we're able to illuminate the darkest recesses of our souls and catch a glimpse of the beauty that extends far beyond our own lives.
Proust said that the real voyage of discovery isn't seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes. That's why I enjoy reading about the humanities, philosophy, psychology, science, sociology, history, and other multidisciplinary subjects, because I'm given a new pair of eyes to see a new horizon. I guess in that regard I'm like a wide-eyed kid in the candy store when it comes to books, but rather than candy it's deep discussions that make my heart skip a beat.
Personality-wise, I'm a quiet person who doesn't say much, but inside I'm full of untold stories. Marriagefree, childfree, and petfree, I embody the saying "If you love something set it free" to the T. Looks-wise, I have a slim physique but my mind is a behemoth of curiosity and wonder, churning with tides of questions that even Google can't answer, as I'm constantly seeking answers to everything. And standing at six feet tall, I guess that makes me vertically blessed for contemplating the infinitely vertical possibilities of the universe.
By trade, I'm a humble worker, toiling away at a low paying job, yet my heart remains steadfast in its pursuit of understanding everything. I find solace in books, losing myself in the stories and theories, and I'm seeking to expand my knowledge and to see things I've never imagined before. I may not make six figures or have a six pack, but my mind is rich and robust with ideas about life and everything in between. Who needs moolah when you've got the timeless works of great thinkers throughout history to lose yourself in? Besides, I hear the pages of books taste delicious when you're really hungry.
I prefer DM, not chat. I’m looking to connect with people who share a passion for the things that truly matter in life. Rather than curling up to watch some Netflix we can curl up to read some Nietzsche. Though I wouldn't mind doing both. Netflix and Nietzsche anyone? I hope we can find something wholesome whether we discuss the works of world-historical figures or our own stories.
So if you enjoy learning and reading, please get in touch with me so we can understand each other inside and out, so we can maximize meaning. Let's explore the unexplored and savor the richness of the unknown. Because the beauty of life lies not just on the surface but in the depths of our hearts waiting to be uncovered and understood.
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2023.06.11 01:47 stickyrice215 Free glove

Free glove
I gotta LHT 12.75” Mizuno MVP prime. It’s been my backup glove for about 6 years. Good as a backup. Could be gamed if relaced. Or just used to practice lacing. It’s free, just pay for shipping. Or if you’re near Philly. Meet up. PM me
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2023.06.11 01:46 SneakyMilot Is Doug raising money?

Is Doug raising money? submitted by SneakyMilot to DougDoug [link] [comments]