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2023.06.05 02:52 pluce Landscaper did subpar job leveling yard, I want to fix

Landscaper brought in dirt and topsoil to help improve a bumpy bowl shaped yard (5000 square feet). Seed, Fertilizer and Hay thrown. However after 2 days of watering since the job was completed , I feel like it has settled and still has bumpy spots and not a great job. Pitch away from the house is good so that water runs off correctly. However certain parts of the middle and surrounding look bumpy. Like if you roll a soccer ball it might have a weird roll. I'm thinking of taking off the hay, and spreading the topsoil better to give a flatter look.
Does that sound like it'll screw up the seed that was planted and the planned grass?

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2023.06.05 02:51 hatsuneemikuu I’m a new hamster owner and would love some nice constructive criticism / suggestions on my set up

I’m aware the hamster should have 900+ square inches and the requirements have been updated from 450 square inches. However he stays busy, ive been adding new enrichment everyday, and I do not see signs of stress.
If you have a recommendation for a good hamster food let me know! I’ve only had him for about a week, and he is my first hamster. He is a (I’m estimating) 4 month old Syrian.
Cage Tour Video
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2023.06.05 02:50 ViralTiger A Day to Remember: Liu Wei travels to Beijing on June 4th, the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre, to ask members of the public 'Do you know what date it is today?'

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2023.06.05 02:48 Purplekidman How do I color individual squares

It only lets me color one or all but not multiple at a time. Is there a way to color multiple squares at the same time.
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2023.06.05 02:44 Nice-Reindeer1946 Questions from a noob

Good evening folks, I was thinking about buying a new pair of boots. Basically going to be my first pair, I had some as a little kid but that was ages ago. I was wondering if these boots would be good? They seem kind of expensive but from what I saw they are on the more affordable side of things if I want American made. My intention is to wear them as dailies and probably for some concerts/date nights. I do like to do a fair amount of trail walking/hiking but no idea if cowboy boots would work for that. Also do boots go on sale fairly often/should I be waiting for them to be on discount or just pull the trigger? Do they require any additional maintenance outside of clean em off when they get nasty? If you have any tips or information for a boot noob I would appreciate it very much! :)
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2023.06.05 02:44 True-Ad9101 There's no way Sneako doesn't wife this chick but is with the 304 felon -attractive -based -feminine -Won't poison your kids
The thing ladies don't get is that if they become like this chick they will literally have anything the want... like literally. This chick's a gem.
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2023.06.05 02:43 auberryy hamster wont stop chewing on his wooden cage and wooden platform leg

my hamster is currently 2 years old in a 888 square feet enclosure, hes got everything he needs, a ton of wooden chew toys and those dog treat ones, a big wheel for him to run in, plenty of bedding, a ton of hides. but my hamster keeps going to this one spot in the far back corner of his cage, there is a platform there so he chews on the leg and the corner of the cage. not sure why he is picking that out of all things to chew on, if anyone has some tips on how to get him to stop or things i need to add to the cage?
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2023.06.05 02:42 PrincessVictory1 Still finishing the bead embroidery and resinwork, but all yarn work is mostly complete!

Still finishing the bead embroidery and resinwork, but all yarn work is mostly complete!
Pattern Credits: Sweetheart Square by Draiguna 💜 Peppermint Butler does have a pattern that is mine 🌟
Current Time: 500 hours Weight: 4 1/2 lbs dress, 2 lbs hair For Fan Expo Denver's cosplay contest!
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2023.06.05 02:41 misunderstoodspiders Does this look like a polish chick

Does this look like a polish chick
I was also wondering if anyone could ID the black and white chick beside her
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2023.06.05 02:38 thugwaaffles Bail on a good guy because of his INSANE mother??

Hello all, so i really am looking for some advice here. Me and my bf have been together for about a year and a half. We have been pretty happy until his mother started asserting herself into our relationship. His mother and him were pretty severely abused and stalked by her ex husband, my bfs father for years. They had to flee their city because of it. Anyways, my bf is in therapy and has been for a while. I have never noticed issues from him at all and he deals with his past pretty well. Except his mother.. there have been a few incidents from her since we’ve been together and I think I’ve reached my breaking point. Here are a few:
1.) She compared my bf to his father and started screaming at him the past of their abuse to upset him. I walked in on him trying to hurt himself because of it…
2.) While out with my friends and my bf she called us frantically to come chase down a suspicious man at 10 at night and has done this multiple times before.
3.) She has extreme ups and downs emotionally and will call my bf and threaten to hurt herself literally out of the blue.
4.) She will tell me about the abuse they suffered in grave details over and over..
5.) She unfortunately pays for a chunk of our rent and we pay the difference since we’re both full time students (agreement made a year before she started showing her true colors) and when she has an episode she’ll tell my bf she’s cutting us off because we’re toxic then say she never said that and have a mental breakdown. She did this once before and just recently did again last week and now i’m tired of it.
6.) She’ll play mind games with my bf when she gets lonely (she has no friends and cut off most of their family)
It’s sad because we used to be close.. I am going to college 800 miles away from home and she really became a confidant for me when I really needed it. After a year her personality just flipped on me out of nowhere. I’ve talked to my bf about it and he’s talked to her and set boundaries but he doesn’t work and she funds his life while he’s going to school. Aside from his mom paying a chunk of our rent, really for him (he was working at one point) she has no connection to me. I’ve begged him to get a job so we can pay our own rent and actually set boundaries with her and he just won’t do it. I’m just thinking he’s too immature for a relationship right now and he needs to square away the relationship with his mom before he’d have a real chance at a relationship. I love my bf but the thought of marrying into this family scares tf out of me. I’ve never been in a relationship where family has even been involved enough to become a problem. Thoughts?
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2023.06.05 02:36 Jack__Fearow Tips to make the beard look a little better while maintaining length as much as possible.

Tips to make the beard look a little better while maintaining length as much as possible.
I usually wash, towel dry damp, use either oil or bitter and brush through with a boar bristle brush (if you know of any good roller style ones, let me know), then blow dry low heat/cold while brushing through. Looking to get a haircut and trim but maintain density/length as much as possible. I do have a square chin. I have weak stache and upper cheek game, but stache will always get a trim once and a while.
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2023.06.05 02:34 bob__abounds Medical Grow Outside?

I enclosed my vegetable garden with a 7' tall welded wire fence to keep deer out. As a medical card holder, do you think it would be legal to put my five plants in there next to my tomatoes and peppers? It's about 700 square feet, has a door also made out of the fencing and some boards, out of obvious public view, you wouldnt be able to identify the plants without being in my yard, and I can easily lock it with a padlock. Right now has about 50 tomato and pepper plants in containers. I read the law on the subject and seems like it'd be legal but if someone really wanted in, they'd only need a ladder or some good wire cutters. What do you all think, Reddit?
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2023.06.05 02:32 sarag77 Feeling like therapy is just not working for me

I’ve been seeing a therapist for over a year now and I feel like I’ve made no progress with my mental health and like I’m back at square one. I’ve never been diagnosed with anything but I’ve struggled with anxiety and episodes of depression since I was probably 17 (I’m 23 now). I finally decided to see a therapist after talking with my doctor about how bad my symptoms were. I honestly don’t know anything about therapy styles but I found my therapist online and it said she specialized in anxiety, depression, trauma, burn-out, low self esteem, etc. so I figured I would try it out.
I think her style was internal family systems therapy which was ok at first but now in the last few months she’s transitioning into EMDR and I feel like she’s experimenting on me with it & doesn’t have much experience with that. I feel embarrassment & guilt because I’ve wasted a whole year and so much money on therapy that my parents have helped me out with, but my mental health is just the same as it’s always been. I feel like most of my therapy sessions are her talking to me instead of me talking about myself.
Should I look for a new therapist or should I go back to my doctor and maybe consider medication or something? I’m also just so anxious about starting medication and I’m feeling so stuck. I just want to feel better but I don’t know if therapy will even help me anymore at this point.
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2023.06.05 02:24 bootswiththeefur A good Jeep mechanic?

I’m looking for a reliable mechanic that is familiar with Jeeps. Somewhere in the Milwaukee / Tosa / Brookfield area
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2023.06.05 02:22 codingstudent7 Summer intern at a BB: can I wear a red tie with white dots to my firm wide orientation?

It’s literally my only tie. Somebody told me once that it portrays authority but I am only an intern. It’s not bright red or dark red, it’s pretty in between and has like tiny white/blue squares on it. I’m wearing a dark blue (almost grey) suit if that matters. Dress code is business formal and there will be MDs present
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2023.06.05 02:21 Shonakshi When will they put me on the schedule?

like the title says, i just started working at chick fil a finished all of my orientation last thursday. they posted the schedule friday night but i’m not on it all week so i wanted to know when they’ll start putting me on it? thanks!
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2023.06.05 02:20 yeetyeetno Square weapon with words on it?

I was messing around in the lobby and noticed that there is someone that takes weapons when you throw it down, so I did that for awhile until they asked for a square weapon with words on it I have no idea what it could be and was hoping someone here would know it. Im in c3 just need to do the dungeons if that helps
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2023.06.05 02:20 the_crimsom_peasant I think my partner [43M] is just not that into me [30F].

So my partner and I have been together for almost 3 years. Our relationship started off very rocky, I was head over heels for him and I think that’s what made it possible for us to actually date, he wasn’t so interested in being serious at first but then he said he wanted us to get together.
Fast forward to now and I’m at one of my lowest points (even lower than when I lost my home and my job during COVID). We live together and are both generally comfortable but it just seems that life is not enough lately. Our relationship lacks intimacy, as in, we have none. He was always quite dry but I always hoped that as our relationship developed he’d open up; he didn’t.
To be fair to him he went through something very traumatic about a year ago when he lost his mom, and I know it must be really hard on him, but he refuses to talk about it (at least with me) even though he’s opened up when we are around close friends, and is not actively seeking professional help. Although I understand everyone grieves differently it’s really worrisome that he has the inability to have these conversations with me but can easily do so with other people.
We argue constantly, and although we talk about our issues as they come (mainly me bringing it up) it just seems that no matter how much he promises he’ll make an effort, things usually end up going back to square one after a few weeks. We rarely have meaningful conversations, when we do talk is about trivial things and when I try to converse with him, he tends to focus his attention on something else, almost as if what I’m saying is not relevant to him. I don’t feel heard, or cared for.
Our relationship is very mediocre. We’ve never gone on a trip together nor do we have mutual hobbies. In 3 years he hasn’t said I love you, which is a big deal to me, he only says I care for you, which has made me slowly fall out of love for him. It’s all very bland.
What throws me off is that now and then he’ll talk about buying a home together, or having kids etc, and even would go through bouts of being very nice and loving to me for a few days only to end up fighting about something menial and going back to his usual self. He’s not disrespectful, aggressive or rude to me at all, in fact our relationship is akin to a 30 year old estranged marriage where we do things mostly out of habit instead of out of love.
Oh and the cherry on top, we’ve only had sex once this year. Maybe a handful of times the year before. He won’t even touch me like that. It used to be amazing at the beginning but it started fading away once we started dating. I’ve talked to him about how important it is to me but he shies away from the conversation never to talk about it again. At this point I’m hoping he’s cheating on me cause if he isn’t then the only conclusion I can come to is that he’s just not attracted to me.
I’ve been starting to feel like he’s stringing me along because he doesn’t want to be alone, or maybe because it really helps our financial position (we split home expenses). I really don’t think I can do this much longer, I’m starting to become a bitter, unhappy person.
Sometimes I think that maybe I only feel this way because my expectations are too high (my ex’s ,despite the fact it didn’t work out between us, were absolutely phenomenal to me) but then I realize I’m just gaslighting myself and rationalizing things in order to not confront the whole truth. My partner probably just doesn’t like me like that.
How do I deal with all this so that it doesn’t have too much of an impact on my self esteem. How do I prepare myself to deal with what seems to be an imminent breakup. Am I over thinking things too much? Anyone else in my shoes? How did you handle it?
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2023.06.05 02:18 cfrshaggy Featured story on The Atlantic.

Saw this story on Apple News, and it really brings some some ring facts front and center.
An off-street parking spot, plus the room necessary to maneuver in and out of it, requires more than 300 square feet—about two-thirds the size of a typical new studio apartment.
More square footage is dedicated to parking each car than to housing each person.
The country builds more three-car garages than one-bedroom apartments.
Lots of good take aways from the article, so read at your leisure.
(link is to The Atlantic’s article instead of the Apple News story to be device agnostic)
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2023.06.05 02:17 DinoDracko Freezeman Scenario is just the worst.

Now that I replayed Battle Network 2, as much as I liked the game, I realized how much of a DRAG the Freezeman Scenario is. Layered fetch quests and many other BS. Please tell me someone actually got fired over this. (I'm gonna explain/rant about this as if legacy collection isn't a thing yet)

While my rant feels a bit unwarranted, this is honestly how I felt playing through the Freezeman Arc. The GateKeys are an absolute godsend here, otherwise it would make this arc UNBEARABLE.
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2023.06.05 02:16 Crooked_Cock Brave protestor stands in the path of a Chinese tank during the Tiannamen Square massacre (April 15, 1989)

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2023.06.05 02:15 king-redstar Underappreciated Sly Details: A Starry Eyed Encounter

Underappreciated Sly Details: A Starry Eyed Encounter
People seemed to like the last one of these I did, so I decided to do a few more. These will be longer, since there are more details to look at than in the prologue.
I'm skipping over "The Black Chateau," since even though there are some interesting details in there (like Dimitri's preference for serpent and peacock iconography, or how the nightclub was apparently built with TARDIS technology) there isn't really too much of substance. I will say that on subsequent playthroughs, it seems more likely that Neyla didn't want to be seen helping the Cooper Gang by Dimitri to avoid having her cover blown. On the other hand, Episode 2 has some interesting environmental storytelling.
Cobra Iconography
So, we all know that Rajan's apparent "Ancestral Palace" was never actually in his family, because his backstory explicitly tells us that he was a hustler on the streets of Kolkata (Calcutta) as a boy. After making contacts in the criminal underworld and amassing his fortune, he bought this property and made his public appearance. The first thing that jumped out to me was the persistent cobra iconography. Aside from the tapestries in the guest rooms, it's in places that would have been troublesome or impractical for Rajan to remove them where guests would be less likely to notice them. For instance, the statue along the wall of the palace and the sculptures against the blocked-off mountain cave. At first, I wondered if this was indicative of the palace formerly belonging to some previously unseen snake-people, but now I'm not so sure.
The Turret
The presence of feral snakes aside, another feature of this palace that Rajan neglected to remove was the old turret; a turret that wouldn't be workable by people without arms. While it isn't impossible for the turret to be one of Rajan's installments, it was shown that the lever to unlock it was rusted shut and unused for some time, requiring significant effort even with Murray's incredible strength to force it open. I doubt Rajan has been living here long enough for a new installment to be rusted over so thoroughly, and it was described as a "pre-war" turret. Ultimately, my new headcanon is that this was the ancestral palace of a family of Cobras that employed other people (preferably ones with arms and legs) to operate their weapons.
Tiger Iconography and Neyla
On Rajan's additions to the palace, he seems to have mostly added elements that would prove his status to any would-be observers. For example, the drawbridge's columns are shaped like tiger's paws, and the outside frame of the palace doors is a relief sculpture of a tiger's jaws. On top of that, Rajan's likeness is shown in framed paintings and the statue in the palace square, both holding the drugs that earned Rajan his wealth. Unlike the cobra statue on the wall and the sculptures against the mountain, guests would be around these elements quite frequently. And of course, the golden statue of a tiger in the visage of a six -armed goddess (potentially Kali, representing Rajan's power, Lakshmi, representing Rajan's wealth, or perhaps Durga, who has an association with tigers). An interesting detail is that the statue bears a certain resemblance to Neyla who, as we know, was originally intended to be Rajan's daughter. Of particular note; the gems on the statue's and Neyla's headdresses are in very similar positions (at least in the artwork of the statue, the in-game model has it a bit higher on the headdress), and the stripes on the cheeks are very similar, not to mention the general face shape. Perhaps before the canon details changed, Neyla was whom the statue was based on. Or, it could have been a "gift" to her from her father while conveniently showing off Rajan's power and status.
The Vault Room
So, not something especially important, but it becomes a little bit more relevant in the next episode. Rajan during "A Starry Eyed Encounter" seems to treat his employees and guards pretty well. They seem to be treated with respect, and are given accommodations throughout the palace (the buildings outside of the main palace, excluding the elephant enclosure, are probably where the guards live). Evidence of this treatment can be seen in the vault room, where the Rhino Guards are patrolling, and we can see that they have access to a pool, televisions, and even a jukebox. These guys have it made, which makes Rajan's attitude shift in "The Predator Awakes" all the more apparent.
The Boardroom
The game doesn't really spell out exactly what this boardroom is used for, only that it's above Rajan's vault room. I think the implication for first-time players is that this is the room where Rajan meets with his Spice distributors, however we can infer that this is specifically meant to be a meeting room for the Klaww Gang members based on how there are five chairs around a large table with a globe hologram in the center. I imagine that most of the Klaww Gang members have similar rooms in their respective bases that we just don't see, in case they receive visits from the other members like Rajan does here. Off course, the Contessa may have some difficulty sitting in these chairs due to her spider-butt, but I digress. The interesting part that I only realized during this latest run, is that this could have been some stealth-foreshadowing that the Klaww Gang doesn't actually have only five members, but *six.* Of course, the meeting table has five chairs seated around it, but we also need to consider the massive throne in the background that Rajan would take every opportunity to sit in (a throne framed by the fire imagery that Rajan likes so much). On top of that, the viewing devices on either side of the table have six screens each: one for each Klaww Gang member to report on their progress in each respective location, and can be seen by anyone in the room.
Or it could all just be a coincidence.
It's honestly a lot of fun looking into these details with a more discerning eye. For as much as we all like these games, we tend to just play through them without giving much thought as to why the devs might have put a specific thing in a specific area. Over the last few years I've been taking time to go back through the games I love to appreciate the level design, even when it isn't explicitly pointed out to us, and I'm glad to say the Sly series hasn't disappointed. Next up: "The Predator Awakes."
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