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2023.06.05 01:22 Designer-Maximum6056 FNAF games best to worst (leave yours in the comments) (debate my list if u want)

#10 FNAF 4... FUCK FNAF 4 ALL MY HOMIES HATE FNAF 4. This game was so unfathomably shit it's unbelievable, the jumpscares were by far the scariest in the entire series but nothing else in this entire game was done well. The lore was all
over the place and is so bad that to this day no one knows what Scott was trying to do, the gameplay was generally terrible, and after night 3 was just boring. Overall I just can't fathom FNAF 4. WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87? NO ITS NOT BECAUSE THIS GAME IS A BIG BITCH #9 FNAF Security Breach. I don't hate this game. I hate the ending but considering the time constraint it's understandable and after seeing the RUIN trailer I'm hyped and I think that FNAF can bring it back around. The game isn't scary at all but it was never going to be considering the scale of it. I believe that as a horror game, it's flawed to its core but as a general game it's just buggy but generally fun. ok #8 FNAF World. I'm okay with FNAF World it's kinda fun and think that the fact that it's an RPG makes it better than FNAF Security Breach because it was never marketed as a mainline game or a horror game
#7 UCN. I enjoy UCN, it's not scary at all and is literally just gameplay with the only lore being that Gold Freddy has William in hell but that's all it was trying and needed to be. Overall I liked UCN and it's probably the funniest game and has the most replay value undoubtedly. Overall like a 7/10. Very good #6 Sister location. Sister Location is a genuinely great story with an amazing custom night even if the main game isn't replayable and those endings (scooping room AND MIKE REVEAL) were SO GOOD this game was amazing on first playthrough and I don't get why a lot of the fanbase has grown to dislike it. I watched uhyeahs vid but don't think his points were very good (except night four cuz that was shit) #5 FNAF 3. This was a great game. The only legitimate criticisms are that the jumpscare is bad and the gameplay sucks. And they are shit but literally everything else in the game is great. Think about it OG Springtrap's happiest day the OG end to fnaf amazing atmosphere and so much more were all here. W #4 FNAF 2. This is an incredible game that expanded the scope of the series so much. It introduced the purple guy, the withered animatronics, the puppet, and literally everything that made the original games so great and expanded on the first game beautifully gameplay wise making this one of the best #3 FNAF Help wanted I know some of you think this is blasphemy putting Help Wanted in anywhere but #1 but it's still top 3 and it's my list. Help wanted in vr was petrifying and it was the only game where I was actually scared by the jump scares, and I wasn't just scared I almost shit myself. So why not number 1? Because the exclusive content is mostly terrible, shit like the plush baby segment is what I'm talking about and the rest is just the other fnaf games. Plus the mobile and pc ports were god-awful. However, the original VR release and general scare factor of this game make it a god tier. #2 FNAF This game innovated the entire horror industry and was generally incredible. The game was also one of the scariest ever in the franchise only being beaten out by VR help wanted. The thing that makes it better than help wanted is the atmosphere and the fact that it was a pioneer in the industry. #1 FNAF pizza sim WAIT WAIT WAIT BEFORE YOU STAB ME AND HUNT ME IN THE STREETS I HAVE A REASON, the main complaint about this game is the shitty nights ruining it for them. However, the actual pizza sim part of the game makes up for it. BuT sHoUlD tHe PiZzA sIm PaRt EvEn CoUnT aS gAmEpLaY. READ THE TITLE OF THE GAME. The gameplay is serviceable but the real thing that makes this game for me is the lore. No bullshit with the entire ending to the story just laid out for you. Plus there was so much added to the lore in midnight motorist, fruity maze and the puppet minigame. On top of all of this the OST of this game was so fucking GOOD I unironically listen to that shit while working. And just to loop back to the ending, Henry's speech is the best ending to any FNAF game hands down, even better then happiest day and I would be genuinely content if it ended the franchise.
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2023.06.05 01:22 Smooth-Bug-3311 New pc builder/upgraded looking for guidance and help :)

So this is my for real pc and I’m looking forward to upgrading it and was wondering I could get a lil help from this subreddit. I’m not trying to spend thousands, but I can afford a little more than what is considered “standard or good”. Any advice is welcome I’d love to know what I need/should upgrade. Thanks again.
Windows 10
Processor: Intel(R) core(TM) i5-10400F CPU @ 2.90GHZ, 2904 mhz, 6 core(s) 12 logical processors
Motherboard: MSI b460M pro-vdh WIFI (mS-7c83)
RAM: 24gb @2.7 ghz ((one thing I acc “”upgraded””))
Display: 3840x2160 32bit colours
Graphics card gpu: Nvidia GTX 1660S
Drives: Wd blue SN550 NVMe PCIe mM.2 500gb
Thank you brothers and sisters of the internet on helping a fellow struggler❤️
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2023.06.05 01:22 unfortunatejoe2018 (bfb but annoying orange and ned join the show) bbaoanjts episode 1 “2 new contestants join the show!”

(bfb but annoying orange and ned join the show) bbaoanjts episode 1 “2 new contestants join the show!”
Pen starts running up to Eraser, but not before tripping over Rocky, and shows him a rectangle that he found. Eraser corrects Pen and says that the shape is a parallelogram and that he would know. Then Pen shows Eraser a pentagon, to his horror. Eraser tells Pen that pentagons are extremely scary. Then the pentagon rattles in Pen's hand, which then puts them in a state of terror. Pen calls Blocky to help them, and he uses Saw to cut the pentagon into a quadrilateral (trapezoid) and a triangle. Pen and Eraser are both relieved that the pentagon is penta-gone.
Foldy is talking to Tennis Ball, who says he is helping Golf Ball look for Leafy. Foldy sees Leafy off in the distance and tells him that she is there. Tennis Ball tries to tell Golf Ball, who is too busy concentrating until she sees Leafy. While walking up to her, Golf Ball knocks into Pin, who drops her blueberry seeds.
Then, the seeds land next to Coiny, who wants to know if Snowball can throw them into a way away pot. Snowball tries but accidentally breaks Cloudy's window. Firey tries, but he drops them. Firey gives the seeds to Taco, who gets the seeds into the pot. Firey and Coiny cheer, then Pin and Needle come over. Pin asks where her blueberry seeds are, as they grow fast when in a pot and are explosive. Suddenly, the blueberry seeds instantly grow, and Coiny and Firey sweat, but Pin leaves to keep looking.
Pin asks Ice Cube and Remote if they have seen her seeds. Remote instead shows her a fork, which Yellow Face takes and dumps in a pile. Donut notices the forks, confused as to why Yellow Face has so many forks. Gelatin then takes the forks from Yellow Face's pile and adds them to his Sierpinski Triangle with some help from Puffball. Bell swings on her rope, sending the forks flying.
Bubble is counting to ten in front of Ruby, Pencil, and Match until one of the forks knocked down flies over and pops her. She is revived by the Bubble Recovery Center. After being popped and revived again, Match and Pencil set out to find who's popping Bubble. They all pass by Book, who is playing a game on the ground with Cake and Pie. Pencil tells Book to help, but she declines. Pencil threatens to expel her from the alliance, but she points out that she's an alternate, to Pencil's dismay.
Book watches Cake and Pie play tic-tac-toe, and Cake wins. Cake apologizes to Pie for winning, which Pie is fine with. Pencil and the rest of FreeSmart's members walk over to Naily, to which Pencil asks if she popped Bubble. Naily says no, which Pencil thinks she's lying, and picks up Naily. Bomby is scared for Naily when suddenly a high-toned voice saying "STOOOOOOOOOOP," which is revealed to be Loser, who orders Pencil to put Naily down. Pencil and the others are excited and cheer for Loser. Loser tells Pencil to apologize to Naily, which she does. Grassy and Basketball discuss how great Loser is. Loser is walking down when Tree asks Loser to say hi to him, which he does. Tree then says that Loser is his hero.
Liy walks up to Tree and says that they need to get Teardrop to talk. Tree says it's not worth it, but Liy tells him her plan anyway: to have Tree wiggle Teardrop's vocal cords, while she holds her mouth open. Tree refuses, and Liy goes to Ice Cube and asks her if she is cool. Leafyanswers that question for Ice Cube, and then says that everyone is cool. Then, Liy and Ice Cube proceed to make Teardrop talk. Braceletycheers for Ice Cube, and Clock asks why she is cheering Teardrop's "abuse". Fanny tells Clock she hates him, and Clock asks her why she would hate him, as he is standing up for Teardrop. Fanny responds with the fact that "self–improvement only occurs when we acknowledge that our own behaviors are far from perfect, and, dare I say, worthy of hate." Bracelety says that Ice Cube isn't worthy of hate, and Fanny says she is; Bracelety says that Fanny is worthy of hate, to which she admits that she is true. Bracelety, surprised, says that what Fanny said was "very thought-provoking" and thanks Fanny for opening her eyes. Clock tries to tell Liy and Ice Cube to stop "abusing" Teardrop, and only Ice Cube stops. Clock is proud of her decision, but Liy isn't. As Ice Cube continues her "abuse" of Teardrop, Liy and Clock argue, and Bracelety continues to cheer Ice Cube on.
A fork stabs Teardrop, causing her to bite down onto Ice Cube's legs. Ice Cube shrieks in pain, with Fanny hating her and Bracelety still cheering on. Clock berates Teardrop for "chomping on poor innocent Ice Cube". Teardrop slaps Clock and Liy and runs off. Liy tries to have a truce with Clock, trying to shake his clock hands. Clock doesn't want anyone to touch his clock hands, so Liy shakes his leg. Ice Cube also becomes part of the truce. Fries, looking on, comments that Ice Cube "is good at negotiation after all", and Bracelety cheers Ice Cube on again. Fries tells "Ringy" (Bracelety) that he never said he was a fan of Ice Cube, and when asked, he belittles her, calling her a "mere follower", adding that followers "never win". Bracelety says she hates Fries, and so does Fanny.
Leafy shows up and says she loves everyone, but Fries tells Leafy to be quiet. She interprets this as Fries not wanting to be friends with her and turns to Nickel, Cloudy, Gaty, and 8-Ball and asks them to be friends; Nickel and Cloudy accept, but Gaty doesn't. When she asks Gaty why she says that she doesn't know much of Leafy. Leafy shocked, walks off, assuming Gaty chose to take things "the hard way". 8-Ball then asks Gaty her favorite number, and she replies with "three"; when she asks why 8-Ball says that he wanted to tell her that he doesn't have a favorite number (previously mentioned in "The Reveal"). Cloudy reveals that he has 37 favorite numbers, as he "collected them over the years".
Teardrop, enraged, sits down at the edge of a cliff. Eggy tries to comfort her with the fact that once, she never spoke. Teardrop flutters her arms in excitement, but Eggy dismisses it, stating that Teardrop wasn't curious. Lollipopasks her why she did that, and she tells her that she tried to get Teardrop interested in one of her life stories, but she wasn't interested. Lollipop tells Eggy about what happened earlier; she tried to sell Teardrop her fork repellent, but she didn't utter a word; she fluttered her arms in excitement instead. Pillow tells them, according to her research, that if one flutters their arms, they do not care. When Lollipop asks her if she and Eggy can get Teardrop's attention, Pillow tells them it may be impossible.
Barf Bag then tries to correct Pillow, stating that Teardrop did care, but she didn't say anything because she can't. Pillow calls Barf Bag's idea "ludicrous", and Lollipop tells her to make sure her "barf molecules" aren't spilling out and "intoxicating" her brain cells. Eggy reconsiders, telling her that Barf Bag's brain being infected with puke wasn't her fault, telling Lollipop not to be mean to her. Enraged, Barf Bag says that the three don't take her seriously, fluttering her arms; Pillow interprets that as Barf Bag not caring. Barf Bag asks Spongy if he takes her seriously, and he does. She is relieved that there is someone that takes her seriously. Meanwhile, Ruby says that Flower is beautiful.
Pencil discusses with Match a new way to deal with their "enemies": Lightning. Lightning's ability was first tested on Spongy. While Pencil and Match celebrate, Bubble is worried that her alliance mates have changed slightly. Match then orders Lightning to zap Flower but is stopped by Bubble, who tells him to do what's right. Lightning declines Match's request, flying off. After that, Pencil demotes Bubble from member to "Bember". When Ruby asks her if she's still a member, Pencil says yes. Ruby screams in happiness.
Four and X arrive… and So Does Ned & Annoying Orange
Black Hole still complains about his smaller size. Liy sees Four and asks what it is. Pie suggests that she squish it, which she does, causing Four to scream. Saw tells Liy to stop because she doesn't know what it does. Four then says that he can do this, he grabs Pin and deforms her, shocking everyone. Coiny asks Four if he can bring her back but declines. Coiny then begs at Four to bring her back, fluttering his arms (Pillow sees this as "disrespect"). Fanny says that she hates living where there are no recovery centers, and Four teases them.
X then appears and also teases them. Surprised by X's appearance, Liy squishes X and says that he has a different texture than Four. Donut runs up to Four and asks him his purpose, calling him a murderer, but is screeched and is stunned. Taco also does but gets screeched. X tells him to stop, but he screeches at him.
Dora, however, can communicate with Four without being screeched and agrees to do something. When Book asked what he can do, Four attempts to screech, but Pillow throws herself at Four and disappears. Bell sighs in sadness, stating that Pin and Pillow are unrecoverable, but Four recovers them and Balloony from his hands. Ignoring Taco's pleads to leave, Four announces that they are going to play a game.
Ned & Orange Arrives
”AAAAHHH!!!- OOF!” ned screams and lands face first on the ground ned gets up and brushes off his shirt and says “well…” Ned then gasps “IM IN THE WORLD OF BFDI!” he screams happily. Then annoying orange appears and says “sup ned! ahahahhaha!!!!”
Liy says “what are these?” nickel says “idk it appears to be another ‘man’” then liy examines Ned. Liy says “forget him what the fluff is that thing?!” and points at orange. golfball says “idk it appears to be a… orange but his face looks so… creepy?”
Orange laughs and says “i’m not creepy im a orange! hahahahaha!!!!”
Fanny then says “I HATE ORANGES!”
Then orange says “hey! hey fanny! hey fanny hey!”
Fanny then says “WHAT IS IT?”
Orange then says “ZAP!”
Fanny then says “huh?” then screams as four zaps him.
Ned says “you can still play the game! but… can me and orange join?”
Four angrily stares then suddenly snaps into happiness and says “sure!” and snaps his fingers separating them onto separate teams
Ned Says “wow im on death pact? well i do wanna prevent death including my own!”
Pen says “yeah thats the spirit Ned!” then high fives Ned
Orange says “woohoo! im on team: freefood! haahhahahaa!!!!”
Bell then screams “SHUT UP ORANGE!!!!”
Orange then says “HEY! HEY BELL! HEY BELL HEY?”
Bell screams “WHAT? WHAT? WHAT IS IT?!”
Orange says “scissors”
Bell then says “huh?- AHHH!!!” as a pair of scissors cuts her string. bell then starts to cry, as she is no longer floating.
Foldy then says “not cool orange!” then says “are you ok? bell?”
Bell then sniffs and says “yeah im fine…”
Four points to X, positioned at the top of the 500-step platform, who is about to lose grip of his baskets, and the challenge is to get all of X's baskets to him; the last team to do so is up for elimination. Lightning clarifies that Four's explanation is the challenge, and Lollipop asks Four to get X off of the tall platform; Four doesn't react and screeches Lollipop.
Golf Ball plans to have Blocky and Robot Flowerclimb a tree because they have arms, TV relay the locations of the basket, and 8-Ball and Basketball weigh down the basket. Grassy asks her his purpose but is belittled, with Golf Ball assuming that he was an "overgrown section of the lawn that the gardener forgot to mow". When Blocky asks Tennis Ball his job, he is also managing the team; Blocky (off-screen) rips him to pieces. Meanwhile, Pen asks Black Hole to tell him the challenge, and after being informed, blows a basket to X. unfortunately due to neds bad luck, a cloud appears and zaps the basket making it fall and lands in team: bleh’s hands and they bring it to X. making team: bleh safe.
iance tries to jump to get to the basket, with no outlook. Fanny says that she hates jumping, and Pencil orders Lightning to zap her for "killing the vibe". Bubble tries to intervene but is stopped by Pencil, who reminds Bubble she is a "Bember". Bubble lets go of Lightning, who zaps Fanny; Bubble cries in shock, while Pencil and Matchlook at her, grinning evilly.
Over at The Losers!, Cake says that it is an honor to have Loser on his team; Firey says he loves Loser, fluttering his arms (Pillow sees this as Firey not caring). Pin tells her team to focus on getting the basket first, and Coiny and Clock are shocked, thinking that she doesn't like Loser. Firey, deeming her a "hater", throws Pin onto the basket's rotor, causing it to fall onto the team but Loser and Eggy. Loser carries the basket, freeing the team, but puts it over Eggy.
Cloudy tries, with limited success, to pull the basket, despite Leafy's words of encouragement. Balloony eventually gets tired of waiting and launches himself off Roboty's antenna and grabs the basket. He then releases his air to push the basket to X; Beep is then deemed safe. Meanwhile, with Foldy gone, Bellsays that there is no hope, as nobody can get up to the basket. Puffball angrily looks at Bell, and Marker asks her to turn around; Bell screams in fear. Yellow Face asks Puffball to get the basket, which she does, making Free Food safe.
With Tennis Ball dead, Golf Ball wants her team to get the basket as quickly as possible. As he reaches the top of the tree, Robot Flower knocks Blocky off the tree. He lands on Basketball, who is too bouncy, but successfully lands on Grassy, covering his fall; Golf Ball says that Grassy is indeed useful. After some thinking, she plans to use a trebuchet Tennis Ball built before he died to get the basket down, using 8-Ball and Basketball as weights to bring the basket down. Enraged that he did the climbing for nothing, Blocky breaks Golf Ball apart off-screen.
Meanwhile team: iance keeps trying to jump to reach the basket, but suddenly when team: death pact finally reaches and grabs a basket a gust of wind pulls the baskets away and it blows into team: iances hands and they bring it to X.
Four says “and team: iance wins! no mercy for team: death pact!”
Then team: death pact angrily stare at Ned for his misfortune.
X has gathered all of his baskets. He then decides to put four baskets, one on each of his sides. He then starts to spin quickly while screaming.
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2023.06.05 01:22 zylaniDel Wifi Troubleshooting Help Needed

I've been dealing with this issue for a couple weeks, and I'm out of ideas.
I moved into a new place, and my PC is having issues connecting to the internet over the wifi. No other devices (including laptop, phone, and gaming console) are having issues. But here's the weird part: it connects to the network, but internet packets don't make it through. I can load the local router configuration pages, and DNS works, but webpages won't load. Even more than that though, if I turn on the hotspot on my laptop to rebroadcast a connection to the same network, then I can connect to the internet.
I've tried resetting all network settings, multiple restarts, downloading a couple different versions of the drivers from the motherboard manufacturer, and got nowhere. Got any advice for me to figure out how to fix this?

I'm not sure which are the most relevant specs to include here, but I'll start with it's a Gigabyte B450M DS3H Wifi motherboard that came with an Intel Wireless-AC 9260 card trying to connect to a routeaccess point device provided by CenturyLink.
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2023.06.05 01:22 pepe612 Does anyone else feel like they pass better with no makeup and their hair tied back?

Everyone is always telling me I'll look better with my hair down and makeup done but I feel like a drag queen half the time I do that (no offence to drag queens). Maybe it's in my headd but there are logical reasons why it could be paradoxically easier to pass with less effort. Transphobes are generally on the lookout for a trans woman in makeup and a dress, Someone in sweatpants and hair in a bun isn't on anyone's radar as a possible transgender person. One other thing is that if I put in no effort and get clocked or look shit in pictures it doesn't hurt as much than if I was trying.
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2023.06.05 01:22 MY_NAME_IS_NANA Felt super left out and awkward at my (24F) close friend's bday party (24F)

I moved to a new city last fall and didn't know anyone. I'm pretty introverted and I have a really hard time making new friends, but I met a girl through a friend's acquaintance, and we quickly became really close friends. Or at least in my mind, she was one of my closest friends since I didn't really have any other friends in the city. She is super extraverted and grew up in this area, so she has a lot of other close friends, so I never really expected her to think of me as close as I thought of her.
For the past few months though we've been texting everyday and hanging out multiple times a week. Her roommates even mentioned that they see me come over more than anyone else. Also, on her birthday, she invited just me to come hang out with her instead of any of her other close friends. She's also been telling me for a while about how for her birthday she also wanted to take a small road trip to the beach with just a couple of her closest friends, including me, to just chill and relax for a day. I guess I'm just mentioning all of this to say that I was kind of glad that it seemed like she did think of me as a really close friend.
Well, she threw a birthday party this past Friday, and I was really looking forward to it. I've hung out with her and her friends before, and I always have a ton of fun with them and they are all really nice people. However, at this party, I just felt so awkward. A lot of her other really close friends came, including some from out of town that she hadn't seen in a while. I was excited to meet them because she always talks about them, but I barely even got an opportunity to speak to any of them at the party. From the start, she and all her other close friends were all grouped together, dancing, taking shots, and taking a bunch of pictures together. Every once in a while she would call out to other people to come join them, but she never called out to me. I know I very easily could've just joined in myself, but for some reason it felt like I would just be intruding. I was happy that she was having so much fun with her close friends, but I did feel a little hurt and left out, and I felt even more guilty about feeling this way because it felt selfish of me to want more attention from her to myself.
I did have fun at the party because I did get to talk to some people, but I overall just felt very left out and unwanted and ended up leaving early. I think I only had the chance to say maybe like 5 words to my friend the whole time because she was busy with her other friends. I thought I was just overthinking all of this and told myself it makes sense that she spent more time with her other friends since she doesn't get to see them nearly as often. However, the next day, I saw on her Instagram story that she did end up going to the beach without me, which really hurt me even more.
She hasn't spoken or texted to me since the party on Friday, and this is pretty much the longest time we've gone without speaking since we became friends. I did send her a cute dog post I saw on Instagram yesterday, which is the kind of thing we always send each other, but she hasn't even opened it. I know 2 days isn't long at all, but to me it's felt like an eternity, and as much as I want to reach out, I just feel too hurt and embarrassed that I feel hurt to say anything. Plus I don't even know what to really say. I feel weird confronting her about it because it seems like it's more of a personal issue with me than something she did, but I also feel weird about just not acknowledging it
Anyone have any advice? Am I just being overdramatic? Or should I try and say something to her?
TLDR: Felt super left out at close friend's bday party and got left out of other bday plans that she's been telling me about for the past few weeks. She's been ignoring me for the past couple days, and I don't really know what to do.
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2023.06.05 01:22 Strict-Page6153 Kitten must always be closer to me than Oreo. No exceptions. If he is right next to me, she climbs on top of him to get closer.

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2023.06.05 01:22 Poisonivy8844 P.S.A for people who think it’s fine to stand someone up

It’s unbelievable rude of you to think your time is more valuable than the person you are standing up. Have some fucking decency and just tell them that you changed your mind about meeting instead of just leaving that person alone at a restaurant where the waitress just gives them this knowing glance like it’s something they have seen a million times before. So please just be a decent human being and just say something before anymore time is wasted…I mean..shit…I’ve got Diablo 4 to grind on!!! Don’t waste my time! Sorry about the rant but sometimes it just feels cathartic to vent.
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2023.06.05 01:21 BoliPC I am beyond grateful for God's patience with us

I am thankful for God's patience.
The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance. 2 Peter 3:9
No matter how bad we may think the state of the world is, the thought of every non believer on the planet running out of time on making the choice to accept Christ, seems far worse to me, by far.
I understand some people have been wronged so badly or are in so much pain, that His return is all they pray for, justice and relief. I've forgiven those who wronged me, and I will pray you will show mercy and forgiveness them to, as God has done for us. I will pray your pain subsides, I don't claim to know your pain, but I will pray for relief for you.
Everyday we wake up, it is another day to ask God to put us in positions to share the Gospel of Christ to those ready and willing to hear it. What is more important than seeing that our fellow brothers and sisters are added to the Kingdom, and that they don't miss out on the greatest Gift God ever gave?
That is the Gift of Jesus Christ, fellowship with God Himself, to the very point of Him living within us and us living within Him. He extinguishes the darkness within us when we fully give ourselves over to Him, and He opens our eyes to reality. He explains what it is to love, and He shows us how. He sacrificed Himself on the cross for us, going through pain unimaginable, that He could have stopped at any time, but he persevered out of love, and to show us we have a God willing to humble Himself to levels unimaginable, including death for us all.
He didn't have to go through the pain you are going through now, but He did it anyway, feeling every ounce of pain you ever felt. Our God has more than sympathy, He has empathy. So why does He allow horrific things to happen?
All of our pain, He Himself has went through with us, so take solace in that He will be the Judge of your transgressors. He knows their hearts, and whom are truly repentant, and who are not. Know that He will ensure justice will be served. The truth is, I want everyone to be saved, so does He, but He won't force anyone. We can't make someone believe, let alone repent, we can merely speak the Truth to them, and express that we weren't worthy either, but that He died for us anyway, out of love. That it's all real, and that the ruler of the world (Satan) does everything he can to suppress the Truth.
I am grateful that God has patience, because we all have plenty of work to keep doing, with Him within, helping us. He already put in the work on the cross, a Gift none of us were worthy of, but yet He still works through us everyday fighting for His children.
Can we not help by forgiving others their transgressions against us, reciprocating their hate with love, and sharing the Gospel with those willing?
Not everyone wants to hear the Gospel, but remember, the Gospel is written on our hearts. Our actions alone will speak the Gospel to the eyes of those unwilling to listen.
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2023.06.05 01:21 CawfeePig What's the best way to share long videos with family in the cloud?

I'm digitizing a bunch of old home movie VHS tapes from the 90s, and most of them are about a hour and a half long. I pay for iCloud+, which gives me 2TB of storage, but regardless, there is no storage limit to an Apple shared album. The only limitation as far as I can tell is the videos can't be any longer than 15 minutes, so I'm having to break all these up into parts which is a huge drag.
Is there a better way to share these videos, in their entirety, with my family? We all have Apple products, and it's so easy to just go to the Photos app and look at the shared album, especially for my Mom who isn't very tech saavy (also it's free) but this 15 minute limitation is a huge drag.
Note: I am putting each of these videos on an external hard-drive before loading them to iCloud.
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2023.06.05 01:21 Actual_Ad1434 Stolen Cat Converter. :(((

My catalytic converter got stolen from my truck, which is shitty. I am just looking for opinions I guess on whether or not I should report it to my leasing office/ask them to comp the parking fee I pay monthly for a few months. Before moving in they boasted about the lot being patrolled by security and provided me with a number to the security guard. I get home from work late and in the two months I have lived here, I have seen one patrol take place. Which just seems like a low number to me. I understand that the security guard isn't going to sit there all night long but I would have expected to see them patrolling more than just once. And there is a stolen/abandoned vehicle that has just been sitting in the lot for over a month. It just seems like they aren't holding up their side of the bargain. Surprise, surprise. Lol. Pretty sure they'll just say sorry that happened to you but it's not our responsibility. Has anyone ever asked their leasing office something similar and had good results? 😆🤐🙃
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2023.06.05 01:21 BifurcatedBlook Please Read

Hey, thanks for joining the sub. Here are the rules if you're planning on staying for longer than a minute.
Rule 1: Post Relevant News To Hastings. This means nothing outside of the Hastings area or irrelavent to Hastings may be posted.
Rule 2: No NSFW Content Is To Be Posted. This is not one of those subreddits.
Rule 3: listen to the mods This one SHOULD be self-explanatory
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2023.06.05 01:21 IZY53 Advice on building a bad guy arch druid

Doing a one shot.
Bad guy is a drow arch druid.
I don't want to rely too much on spells rather druid feats and abilities Keep the focus on the players rather than me.
Fight will be vs 4 level 7 characters.
Thinking lower half a spider.
Top half wild shapes.
Legendary resistance.
Some lair actions.
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2023.06.05 01:21 StarLightTraveller I am in the catholic church, but I am considering orthodoxy

To briefly explain: I converted to Christianity this year, but christianity without a denomination.
But I decided that I wanted to be part of a church. And well, There are protestant, catholic and orthodox churches, so which one I should be part of? Then I tried searching. I searched about arguments for each positio, and visited a protestant church and a catholic church(I couldn't go to an orthodox church, since where I live there are none).
Based on some bible verses, the arguments for catholicism and orthodoxy were already convincing me more than protestantism.
A priest then explained about where the papacy comes from, and he quoted Jesus Christ giving the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven to Peter, and Jesus changing Simon's name to Peter(which means rock), and saying that "upon this rock I will build my Church."
Well, if the name Peter means Rock, that means that when Jesus says " You are now PeteRock, and upon this rock I will build my Church", He is basically saying " you are now Peter, which means rock, and upon PeteRock I will build my Church. Which then, along with other Bible verses, give the basis for apostolic sucession of Peter and apostolic tradition.
And well, I knew the priest was not lying when he said that Peter means rock, not only because I searched on on other sources what Peter means, but also because my name is actually what we call "Peter" here in Brazil, my name is Pedro, and Pedro is the translation of the name Peter, and here in Brazil Pedro actually means rock. Saint Peter is called São Pedro here. So that convinced me to stay in the catholic church.
But Apparently, learning a bit about the history of the Church, I learned that the roman side tried to change an infallible council.The council was decided as infallible, but then the roman church authorities just changed what was decided on an infallible council? That doesn't make sense. If the council is infallible, how could...
So, basically, I still am part of the catholic church, but I have doubts if catholicism is even right. There is a good argument in favor of catholicism( the argument of Jesus saying that peter is the rock), but the fact that catholics changed an infallible council is also a good argument against catholicism
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2023.06.05 01:21 Revolutionary-Link83 increase in anxiety 4 weeks in

i’ve been taking lexapro for a month now and the first week was hard but the second and third were much better and so much less anxious but week 4 brought back the anxiety and i feel shortness of breath throughout my days. idk what to do😭
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2023.06.05 01:21 Sunsetbrooks 6 years ago my PCP sternly referred me to Psychiatry for my diagnosis. Now my Psych is telling me I must see a PCP for these symptoms. Idk what to do

I haven't told any medical professional about my symptoms classified as fibromyalgia since I was originally diagnosed with it and immediately regretted ever trying to seek help. I know it's a common story so I won't elaborate much further, but I discontinued all medical care until years later when I was left with a lengthy ER record of concussions, hematomas, abnormal EEG, all from supposed psudeoseizures. I decided to try again at improving my health since I was clearly going down a dangerous road. I was very lucky to find a private practice psychiatrist who also had studied nuerology and we worked out a payment plan, eventually I got better insurance to cover 100% of the cost. I have now been on benzo anti-convulsant treatment for multiple years on a consistent stable dosage with no return of seizure activity, so my psychiatrist ruled out psuedoseizure and revised my diagnosis to seizure disorder. I was diagnosed with "acute PTSD" or "complex PTSD" according to record, but, my psych tells me I have "among the most severe cases of PTSD" he has seen in his career. He tells me often I am doing well considering my past, but, has been encouraging me to work through my medical trauma. In doing so I ended up revealing a lot of the symptoms I had stopped ever telling anybody about, and how my treatment from previous PCPs made me hesitant to ever speak on it again, also how the PCP referred me to Psychiatry for all of this in the first place. He agrees the symptoms of PTSD likely exacerbate the various other symptoms, but those symptoms themselves are also lowering my quality of life and worsening my PTSD. I am essentially getting treatment for one illness and not the other, which is making my established treatment in psychotherapy less effective. He is really insistent I find a PCP and seek help for these symptoms, and I do understand why, he's a great doctor and I know he only wants to see my overall health improve. But I went all these years under the very much medically reinforced idea that fibro and related disorders were either non treatable or only treatable through Psychiatry, and now my Psychiatrist who has been treating me long term is referring me back into the same system that referred me here, I am sorry but my head is spinning. This makes no sense. What do I even tell the PCP? That my psychiatrist referred me here for fibro symptoms? I feel like they would just laugh in my face again like they did all those years ago. Being a 26 year old woman doesn't help things at all. I'm just the poster child of the people they hate treating. I really do not know what to do and it's tempting to just keep living with the symptoms and letting them worsen when it seems like there is nothing I can do about it anyways and seeking help will only result in ridicule and embarrassment.
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2023.06.05 01:21 ben91I I caught pizza hut stealing my tips.

I though we were past this why is it still happening.
Tbf. I only have the customers claim that they tipped 3 dollars.
Context I took a pizza hut corporate order no tip as a gamble less than 1 mile and a chance at a cash tip nope customer actually asked if I got there tips I told them there was no tip I didn't ask for a picture of their digital receipt so I can't pursue it but man it has me heated
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2023.06.05 01:21 Aggravating_One_5008 this little guy has become sadly mediocre

this little guy has become sadly mediocre
there are ways to do cool little things with him but let's be honest, he sucks
with such a weak defense he should be able to move slightly faster or be able to hit further than el primo
if you miss your jump a few pixels too many you're dead you're finished
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2023.06.05 01:21 Potential_Entry271 Problems with Jordan Peterson

Before my post is removed: Please read through all of it and understand that I am responding to this sub's invitation for opposing viewpoints. The rules invite dissent.
I haven't met Jordan, so I am not speaking to who he is personally, i.e. if he's a pleasant person or not. If you want references for my points I'm happy to provide them in the comments.
Please consider these -
Problem 1: Evolutionary theory
Jordan is a strong proponent of evolutionary theory. It shows through in most of the interviews and discussion that I've seen him in. It's a foundational thread for a heavy portion of his pyschological analyses, and it's a big red flag.
'Clean your room and get your act together.' Why does he say that? So they can find meaning for their lives? His notion of adopting responsibility to find meaning is incompatible with evolutionary theory. If all living things have come about by abiogenesis, then have developed by evolution, meaning cannot be attributed to an organism's lifecycle. Meaning implies intent. In the context of evolutionary theory, because no one would have created themselves, no one can attribute meaning to their lives. Life would have started without meaning and would end without meaning. Parents cannot attribute meaning to their children's lives in this context either because they did not create their means for procreation. Jordan's melding of meaning with evolutionary theory causes a fundamental paradox. It doesn't seem that he intends to do this, but he holds a convoluted viewpoint that ties him closer to the likes of Stalin and Mao than some would like to admit.
Problem 2: Judeo-Christian values
The people over at the Daily Wire sound-off regularly about the need for a return to 'Judeo-Christian' values. Jordan is a proponent as well. The implication of the term "Judeo-Christian" is that Judaism and Christianity have common values. This simplification causes much to be obfuscated.
Judaism holds that Jesus is not the Messiah. The Babylonian Talmud (Orthodox Judaism) states that Jesus' punishment for opposing the Rabbis is to boil in feces (or semen depending on translation). It also states that Jesus' mother was a prostitute, and that he was an idol worshipper. With additional problems such as Metzitzah b'peh (Orthodox Judaism) and Toledat Yeshu, there is a significant rift between Judaism and Jesus' teachings. Of course, the same can be said about Catholicism, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc., but the point remains.
Problem 3: Occult influence
Jordan consistently shows that esoteric teachings influence his patterns of thought. People who have studied the occult usually end up going one of two ways with it:
  1. They hold the true meanings of the esoteric concepts close to the chest.
  2. They reject the esoteric concepts due to their subversiveness.
Strong evidence exists that leads me to believe that Jordan is in the 1st category. Don't underestimate the power over perception that occult teachings have. People who don't understand the teachings and don't percieve the symbolism are considered "profane."
Problem 4: Right and left
Jordan (as with many other influential people) consistently frames his discussions in the left-right thought-prison. Framing discussions this way continues to obfuscate what's really happening in each context.
The world is not governed by the 'left' or the 'right.'
There are more problems but that short list should work for now.
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2023.06.05 01:21 Uncle_Junk Are streamers who cancel and write off shows any different than other companies who are writing off products and services after they didn't perform well or to expectation?

I get being upset when a show you like is getting yanked. That sucks. I get that it screws actors, writers, producers, etc... out of future earnings and royalties. That sucks for them. But as far as normal business practices go is this much different than Acme Co destroying a million widgets that didn't sell and writing off the loss?
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2023.06.05 01:20 TheBadassBaboon The new Need for Speed Mobile

The new Need for Speed Mobile
A new mobile Need for Speed title is floating around in the Chinese app stores, you can grab and play it, all you need to do is to find the APK file, and have a WeChat or QQ account. Beware, it does not have an English language yet. It's still in the beta stages and most likely will be widely available to everyone this year.
A couple of good friends data-mined the game over on nfsmods Discord already and I thought I'd share the information here for you all to enjoy. Credits go to Red Fire for extracting the assets.

  • The map is based on NFS Heat, with some modifications, here is the actual explorable map:
  • A second map texture was also found, this is presumably the "beta" version of the map as it's more similar to Heat's, the file name strangely translates to "Most Wanted":
  • NFS Heat's map for reference:
  • It's called NFS Zeal? maybe? could be a placeholder:
  • Here is the "beta" HUD UI:

  • Final HUD UI:
  • For some reason NFS MW 12 and Rivals map pictures are in this game's files, could more maps come to this game in the future? something like other Tencent titles (PUBG):
  • Of course, the main car Razer is here (it's also on the game's icon):
  • Some more beta images, in the current version cars don't have license plates, these pictures do:
  • Some renders of the game (not actual gameplay):
  • The assets and art style of Unbound are also here:
  • Even more Heat assets, and the re-skinned garage:
And lastly, here are some more closing remarks about the game:
  • It's an open-world title, the first open-world NFS on mobile!
  • This game is developed by a Tencent company, TiMi Studio Group
  • You can adjust the game's graphic settings unlike No Limits, other settings are also fairly customizable
  • The loot box and reward aspects of other Tencent games like PUBG are present here in their entirety, thankfully it's not as aggressive as No limits
  • There is no "fuel" system, no ads, race as much as you want, as long as you want
  • The game is running on Unreal Engine, presumably version 4.27
  • Races are online, against other players
  • Player characters are very customizable, like other Tencent games
  • The handling is far better than No Limits, you no longer need to drift every nanosecond, also races actually can last longer than a minute
  • Drifting has a slight learning curve, it's satisfying for what it is, if you learn it, it will come in handy during races with tight corners
  • Checkpoints and points of interest markers are taken straight out of Payback and Unbound
  • It does have a story mode, not sure about the storyline, it's all Chinese
  • There are day and night time races, doesn't seem to have a timecycle system (yet)
  • The game borrows a lot of assets from Payback, Heat, and Unbound
  • The art style feels like a mix of Heat and Unbound, gameplay effects from Unbound aren't present, only some can be seen during reward and dealership screens
  • Cars have some inaccuracies, like wrong rim sizes, etc...
  • The music selection is okay and fits the game
  • Car customization and roster are limited at the moment but has potential
  • Overall feels like a dumbed-down version of Heat/Unbound with different controls and physics
What do you think about this game? Do you think it was a good idea to have Tencent develop a Need for Speed title? Do you see yourself playing this?
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2023.06.05 01:20 _swnt_ [D] Zero-Knowledge Proofs with Language Models to prove Existence of Non-Explicitly-Programmable Properties of Input?

The title is a bit complex, so bear with me as I explain my thoughts and idea.
My main idea is, that with Zk-proofs and LMs it should be possible to solve the following problem:
Imagine that Alice has created the greatest poem of all times. This means, that anybody who reads the poem agrees, that it's the greatest poem without any hesitation. (It's just an example, okay? 😅) She wants to prove the world, that she has written such a poem, but she doesn't want to let the whole world know it. However, she wants to convincingly prove to the world, that her poem is indeed the greatest of all time! This means, that she cannot simply have the public select a few "trustees" which will hear her poem and then report whether they approve or not. After all some in the public may argue, that these trustees are just not enough to convince the entire public. How might Alice achieve a greatness proof without trusting others or asking for others trust?
To approach this question, I'd like to state two important aspects.
  1. LMs. Language models (especially LLMs) have recently demonstrated, that we can use computers to automatically do text based tasks which were previously inconceivable. We can ask LLMs to judge, whether a poem is the greatest poem of all times or or. We cannot explicitly write such a program, but we managed to train LMs to solve this task. Note, that the execution of a LM answering this question is deterministic (given an initial PRNG seed).
  2. Zero-Knowledge Proofs. These proofs allow a prover P to prove, that a fact X is true to a verifier V, without the verifier learning anything except that X is true. Sounds impossible, right? Oh, was I struck when I learned, that this is possible for all kinds of facts X! With stuff like zk-SNARKS, today, it's possible, to efficiently prove, that a program was executed correctly resulting in a specific output Y without the verifier needing to reexecute said program. This means, that I could write a super complex (but short) program and have it run for 10100 steps before it halts and produces '42' - and you could verify from my receipt in a very short amount of time, that I ran the program correctly and that the output is indeed '42'.
While ZK proofs are great for proving many stuff, they suffer from the fact, that you can only prove things, which you can encode as programs. It's easy to write a program which computes a maximum - so that you can prove, that your value is the maximum. But it's impossible to write a program, which returns true, only when the input is the greatest poem of all times....
That's when LMs come in. LMs are essentially also just programs. We could actually encode the LM and all of it's weights and the execution of ingesting an input and producing an output into a zero-knowledge proof process. That means, that we could use LMs to prove things like that Alice has the greatest poem of all times! Assuming, the LM is public and the public agrees to trust the output of the LM (after all it has read more than any individual human on the planet), then we could create a ZK circuit encoding the LM computation and Alice could prove, that the LM indeed outputs, that her poem is the greatest of all time (for an appropriate question prompt), without her revealing it!
This was a mouthful! But what I find fascinating here, is that we can Trustlessly zk-prove non-trivial things which we "intuitively" know, but cannot explain as a Computer program. (Hence, the Non-Explicitly-Programmable Properties in the title).
What do you think of this? Did I maybe miss something here? Is there some caveats? Or what do you think couls be nice use cases for this?
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