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People conforming to the letter, but not the spirit, of a request.

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A place for UK MUAs to share hauls, tips and everything and anything make-up related!

2023.06.03 06:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Shawna Newman – YouTube for Niche Sites (

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2023.06.03 06:24 Tiny-Ostrich1392 my 8 year old cat died recently

I got Iggy in 2014. The lady we got him from told us it was a girl, but after we took him to the vet, the vet told us it was a boy. I don’t remember his exact birth date, but it’s in mid August. Recently his urine had been smelling horrible. We didn’t think much of it. On Wednesday, May 31, 2023, Iggy passed away. I was the one to find him. We believe he had been gone for a few hours. My father cleaned him up, and said he found amber-colored orbs in the urine that he let out after he died. We don’t know how he died, and don’t want to pay for an autopsy. We are getting him cremated. I don’t know how to deal with the grief. He was my best friend, my family’s best friend. I don’t know how I’m going to live without him. He would always run down the stairs when I would get home. He knew when I would wake up and he would greet me in the kitchen when I would make breakfast. We are thinking about getting another cat, but I’m on edge. It will never be the same.
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2023.06.03 06:24 AssassinReza Chapter 1085 And A Connection to Doflamingo

Im or Imu. This character is undoubtedly 800 years old and from the void century. We've seen how devilish his/her attacks are. So what makes him/her immortal. We know in One Piece world Immortality is very rare. My personal take would be The Ope-Ope Fruit. Definitely someone from the void century, possibly a D holder, was forced to apply The Immortality Surgery on IMU and died.
Now remember Doffy said he knows the dark truth of the WG. He may know IMU and his immortality. As cunning and ruling as doffy, he wants to rule over Imu and the world to become the KING of kings. Thats why he forced law to do so.
Just my thoughts
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2023.06.03 06:24 derfpump88 Wife (32) and I (33) have been talking about a divorce for the last two years. We are great when we are apart, but filled with drama any other time. To top it all off, I’ve cheated and fallen in love with another woman.

Let me start out by giving a some what quick summary of our marriage. My wife and I met while I was in college. She was my first “real” girlfriend. A year into our relationship I was honestly ready to end things. She was spoiled, grew up with everything handed to her, I saw she didn’t really have any future goals, was more of a Barbie doll, kind of ditzy, we didn’t really have much in common, and started to hear rumors she was cheating on me. We eventually broke up/took a break. She claimed she never cheated and I decided to take her word for it, as there was no concrete evidence. After two months of trying to patch things up, I realized I just wanted to be single. Well, right about that time she breaks the news she’s pregnant. She gives birth to a beautiful and healthy baby girl who is now 11. I moved in with her and her parents after the birth of our child and decided to try things out.
We dated for 6 years before we got married. I eventually proposed thinking I was doing the right thing. I had my doubts. About 4 months into being engaged, she had a violent fit towards me for throwing away some medicine by accident while I was cleaning. She attacked me with a coat hanger. It was crazy and I was ready to call things off. Like a dummy I didn’t. Her parents and my family begged us to still get married. I just received a job offer out of state that paid well, so we got married quickly so they could be under my benefits at work. We eloped without a formal wedding. The moment we did I regretted it. In my head I justified it, in that most Americans were miserable and that this was a normal feeling. That’s what I told myself at least. I guess I thought romance would follow.
Six months into our marriage and my wife put on a considerable amount of weight. After two years of marriage she had gained about 100 pounds. She was comfortable staying home while I worked and did stuff with our kid. She was still a great mom, just lazier. I got bored, and knew I didn’t love her. About a little more than year into our marriage I started sleeping around. I had never been a cheater before, but fantasized for years of being with other women. I was going out with friends when I got the chance and would just meet girls at bars, or through mutual friends at get together. It even got to the point I was able to balance both. I would be a dad at home and go out once a month to have fun. After a year and a half of cheating I stopped until I met my affair partner I have now.
Now fast forward to last January things had hit an all time low. My wife had been fired from her job after finally getting one (she worked for a year maybe). She was constantly getting jealous even though we’d spent most of our marriage apart. She attacked me in my sleep trying to unlock my phone, and this happened several times. Through all of this I stayed with a friend, and started going out again. I thought the attacks and jealousy were crazy, as I had stopped sleeping around. She had created a jealous story of me and my supervisor who is twice my age, of having an affair together. Well, I did eventually meet a girl who I’m now in love with. We started as just friends. She became someone I confided in. She was busy in dental school, and didn’t want to get involved with a miserable married guy, but a connection was there. After being friends and flirting for awhile we hooked up, and started seeing each other a lot. I can’t resist her. We keep trying to end it, but we can’t stop. Now we both have a crazy amount of love for each other. It’s honestly the first time in 33 years I’ve felt this way for anyone.
Now I’m in a situation where I want the divorce with my wife more than ever. I’ve wanted to flat out get divorced for the last two years. I understand I’m a cause for lots of my issues. I want to get divorced for me. I’ve told my affair partner that she shouldn’t wait for me. It breaks my heart, but I don’t want to be that guy that leaves his wife for another woman, and don’t want to waste the other woman’s time. I want to do this for my mental health, and to make sure my daughter still has a life with me. My wife is threatening to take her back to Ohio to a small town where we grew up. There is nothing there except our parents. We live near NYC now. She has once again been fired from her 3rd job up here. She says she wants the house (I paid 100% for), half of my savings, half of my retirement, child support and alimony.
With all this crazy stuff said (I know it’s a lot, I’m venting) I need to file for divorce. I’ve become a bad person with the cheating and lying. I guess for awhile I wanted my cake and to eat it too. I’ve been comfortable being miserable if that makes sense. I have my kid, I have my finances in order, a house, etc. But I’m just not happy. I guess unhappy people do unhappy things. I’ve been staying with my wife for my kids sake. As selfish as it is to leave her, I’m also being selfish by staying and wasting both of our times. She says she even wants to get divorced at times, but then gets upset and emotional when I try to have an adult talk about it. It seems like the idea of her getting all my money is the only way she gets happy through it all. I’m just lost. I’m unhappy with her. I made a poor choice years ago, still make poor choices, and I’m literally paying for it. I’ve fallen in love with another woman, and will lose her too if I don’t make decisions soon. She wants to wait, but not sure how long that will be. I’m still scared to file for divorce and lose my kid, my money and lots of other things. Has anyone else been in my situation or in a similar situation? If so, what did you do?
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2023.06.03 06:23 Hellmover Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dream

So this is an experience I had around a week ago that has happened in the past but not to this degree or at least not as intense from what I can remember. Getting into the experience it began with me waking up from just falling asleep. I was finding it difficult to fall asleep on my side and I decided to sleep on my back which I believe is what caused it to be so intense but I'm not really sure. So waking up I immediately know I'm having a sleep paralysis episode. I have that feeling over my whole body that's hard to explain. Then seeing in front of my an abstract darkness not really a shadow but something was there but I paid no real mind to it. Immediately I started doing what I had done in any other episode and something that I had accidentally discovered during one of my past experiences here's where lucid dreaming begins.
I found that even though I can't move if I begin to try and move and somewhat really focus on my body moving like thinking about myself moving and doing my best to move my arm or a leg or even trying to roll out of the bed I will eventually feel myself starting to move. Now I can't do this every time it has to be a sleep paralysis episode that lasts long enough. Eventually, I will be able to get out of bed and actually be standing up. Now I really can't explain how this feels getting to this point except for the fact that it feels off. And in the process of actually getting to my feet and being able to fully move around if I lose focus or at all stop pushing myself on the initial process of getting out of bed, I will fade back and immediately be back in my bed in the same position and have to redo the whole process over again.
But once I manage to get to my feet and can see around my room and actually feel my body I know that I am inside of a lucid dream in which it recreates my house. I can walk around my house and actually leave my house and that's what I did in this experience which I will describe. So, making it to my feet I know I'm on a time limit leave my room quickly I already had in my mind what I was going to do usually when in this state I'm not really thinking straight but luckily I had this planned in case I ever found myself in another one of the lucid dreams. I made my way downstairs and the living room TV was on and that distracted me and I went and checked it and saw myself on it walking in darkness and after that, it switched to a movie that I had never seen before. I tried to remember something that it had said so when I woke up I would search it up and see if my dream had taken anything from reality. I could only remember that one of the actors looked like Morgan Freeman.
Now going back to what I had planned I rushed to the garage and grabbed the car keys. Which luckily I was able to find it easily unlike the last time I was in one of these. And running outside the car was right there and unlocking it I jumped inside and with a slight struggle I was able to start it up and drive off. I had driven before but not that far. But on trying to make a turn the steering wheel wouldn't move and my car went straight into the creek in front of my house. Though unlike in real life, the water in the dream was really shallow and I was able to drive up and out of the creek. Getting back onto the street I looked down it and everything looked how it was supposed to that was until I started to go full speed down the street and right before my eyes everything completely changed. The road stretched out and the houses all turned kind of the same it's hard to remember exactly what everything looked like.
Then I saw these people they were hiding behind things and peaking out at me almost like they were observing me. At this point, I had thought I had died and gone to some sort of place. To say I was terrified was an understatement. I had never gone this far from where I started. Then one of these people was crawling on the ground and before I could move the car I ran over him but there wasn't a thump. And for some strange and this part is what I'm talking about when I say I'm not thinking straight. I see this tree stump and think to crash into it and that's exactly what I do the whole front of the car crashes in on itself and I immediately think to myself how bad this was because now these people I keep seeing peering out at me are going to be able to get to me. I get out of the car and just as I get out I find myself right back in my bed still yet unable to move and moments after that I feel that release that you feel when you snap out of sleep paralysis and I know that I'm actually awake.
So, I hope I was able to describe this in a way that maybe someone else will be able to relate to it and maybe actually tell me what's going on. Also, I'm not really able to control anything during these lucid dreams I've tried but nothing really happens. But I would like to know what is actually going on and if anyone else has experienced it in the way that I do. And if there is a way that I would be able to control things during it that information would be helpful. And if you have any questions just ask.
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2023.06.03 06:23 CHIPS69st How important is album art to you?

How much emphasis do you place on your album/singles/mixtape art? Do you have an aesthetic you go for? Does the art direction change with each project?
I personally place great emphasis on the cover art because its apart of the whole package. The album art may not be music, but it still contributes to the music imo. I change the art direction with each album and how i categorize them. For example, My “6 series” of albums are based on Long Beach, CA scenery. My upcoming album’s art will be inspired by JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Another great point about nice art is that can be make or break. I know i would have NEVER listened to Stove God Cooks’ reasonable drought if it wasnt for Roc Marciano, because that art is FUGLY.
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2023.06.03 06:23 do_the_shoe_22 Dumb to use Chambers bands for choosing practice group?

How does joining a Band 1 group vs a Band 3 or 4 group practically affect one's career?
How much do Bands matter compared to personality fit or my interest in a group's subject matter?
Sincerely, SA deciding between several practice groups
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2023.06.03 06:23 pallaviyadav The ultra-modern South Indian films freeing In Theatres In April 2023

The ultra-modern South Indian films freeing In Theatres In April 2023
After looking at what Bollywood has planned for us for April 2023, we are truly excited to see what the opposite elements of India have in save for us!
With the flexibility that infiltrates the southern states, it is not a wonder to see how the industry is catering to all of our genres wishes this month.
permit’s check those south Indian films liberating in theatres in April 2023!

1. Thalaikavasamum 4 Nanbargalum – 6th April
The movie follows the story of four orphans who grow up together and do the entirety they can to earn cash. Chaos ensues when they fall into the circle of horrific crime.
Watch Thalaikavasamum four Nanbargalum on 6th April in theatres near you to recognise more!

2. Corona Papers– 6th April
A Priyadarshan film, Corona papers’ trailer itself became a riveting watch and i'm able to best believe how gripping the movie goes to be.
featuring Shane Nigam, Shine Tom Chacko, Sidhique, Jean Lal and Gayathrie Shankar, the Malayalam movie is set a extreme racket operating within the kingdom and the way the principle leads warfare to bust it and arrest the mastermind behind it.
it's far a promising crime thriller so one can launch on sixth April.

3. section 306 IPC – 6th April
This section below the Indian Penal Code criminalizes the abetment of suicide because of this if someone immediately or indirectly provoked some other individual to commit suicide, he would be punished if discovered responsible.
The movie is a court docket drama that has this very segment as its predominant premise. The tale offers with the suicide of an English creator and stars Renji Panicker, Rahul Madhav, Shanthi Krishna and Jayaraj Warrier in the important roles.

4. August 16 1947 – 7th April
Directed through N. S. Ponkumar, August sixteen 1947 is a brand new tale of the liberty struggle. Being completely fictional, the film deals with freedom in a completely distinct experience.
It stars Gautham Karthik, Revathy Sharma and Pugazh as lead characters.
It also pursues a romantic love story of a duo for whom freedom becomes intrinsic to being collectively.
The film may be having a theatrical launch on seventh April.

5. Ravanasura – 7th April
Starring Ravi Teja, Sushanth, Jayaram, Murali Sharma, Anu Emmanuel, and Megha Akash, Ravanasura is a Telugu psychological mystery film.
After the success of Waaltair Veerayya, the target market may be very enthusiastic about this film wherein Ravi Teja is visible as a crook attorney.
however, he isn't just a ordinary lawyer. With world-class action, this fast-paced film has all the checks that would preserve you glued on your seat.
it's miles one of the maximum awaited South Indian films releasing in theatres in April 2023.

6. Ramachari 2.0 – 7th April
This Kannada film freeing on seventh April stars Thej, Vijay Chendur, Chandana Raghavendra and Sparsha Rekha as the lead characters.
The film is set how a man cracks the code of his circle of relatives lineage and figures out the complete cycle.
It follows an uncommon plot and a new concept which makes ht movie all the greater interesting!

7. Kolaambi – 7th April
Kolaambi is a malyalam drama movie starring Nithya Menon and Renji Panicker.
Directed through T. k Rajeevkumar, the movie is ready to launch on seventh April.
The plot of the movie has no longer been disclosed yet, so test out the film in theatres on 7th April!

8. Veeram – 7th April
The Tamil movie industry is on a roll. This movie which is about to release on seventh April has all genres in one.
it will truely hold you entertained at some point of. It follows the tale of a young boy who does the whole lot he can with the intention to obtain his dreams.

9. Karungaapiyam -7th April
Karungaapiyam is a Tamil horror drama film starring Kajal Aggarwal, Regina Cassandra, Janani Iyer and Raiza Wilson in lead roles.
The plot of the film hasn’t been disclosed to the general public however it’s refreshing to look a brand new horror film in theatres.

10. Shaakuntalam – 14th April
I assume the South Indian film enterprise wins the opposition for the most appealing visuals.
Shaakuntalam is yet another hopeful duration drama starring Samantha Ruth Prabhu in the titular position.
The movie is an adaptation of the epic Shakuntala and is the most awaited South Indian movie of April 2023.

11. Ponniyin Selvan:element 2– 28 April
We saved the fine for the remaining! PS2 is subsequently coming returned.
the first part, launched in 2022 changed into such a success that the well-known director Mani Ratnam notion it would most effective be proper to launch the second one component without any delay.
The film is a continuation of the journey of the remarkable prince Aditya Chola to store his empire from doom.
The big name forged includes the identical ensemble forged from part 1- Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sobhita Dhulipala, Vikram and others. The film is going to release theatrically on 28th April.
Phew! April is gonna be jam-full of the first-rate South Indian entertainers! we hope those films deliver to the expectancies that we've got.
let us know which South Indian movie freeing in theatres in April 2023 you believe you studied and which one you favored the most!
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2023.06.03 06:23 Jellie_Beanies AITA for lying about not showing up to a hair appointment because my stylist messed up my hair?

AITA for lying about not showing up to a hair appointment because my stylist messed up my hair? submitted by Jellie_Beanies to AITAH [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 06:22 honestyorange What should I do?

Since birth, i have autogynephilia. It is evident cause' i remember as a child i used to fantasize being a woman, that kinda aroused me but those times i didn't know anything at all about sex. And maybe because of these fantasies, i was insecure about my masculinity. I never wanna be a girl, i am pretty happy being a man but i knew i have this secret feminine side that wants to be girlish. I don't know what to do cause' after i discovered pornography, this thing has become worse. Like i go on Grindr, talk to men but after jerking off i get disgusted and delete the app. I go on websites to chat with men but after ejaculation, everything changes i be like "what would the girl i love, think about this? What would my bro's think about this?", Even the feelings go away, the weird attraction to males that was there during masturbatiom goes away. I don't know, i even have shared nudes with some men. It's not really sissy, it's weird fantasy like I wanna be a submissive girl for a man, but for women i am always dominant masculine man. Im so confused about my identity. I don't really know what i want, i remember when i knew nothing about sex only knew stuff like kissing and body play, i have fantasized about being a girl and having a man body play with me that aroused but i didn't know masturbation that time. But most of the time, i fantasized doing with a woman but i have this side. Also, i have this guy added on Facebook, i used to chat with him but after ejaculation i deleted my Facebook account but i am having the urge to go back to him again, he's from different country. I don't know what to do. I really don't know what else to put here, but i am stuck in a cycle that brings shame, and disgust, and identity crisis. How do I find myself? How do I stop making everything sexual? How do I be human?
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2023.06.03 06:22 Fabulous-Pin-3874 Anxiety about not being prescribed

I have recently completed a consult with Candor (for mental health) and am just wondering if I’ve ruined my chances of being prescribed because I told them that my regular gp tried prescribing me a third type of antidepressant (which so far have not been good for me) and that she seemed against the idea of mc in general. Do the doctors and nurses there care about this and will it make it seem like I shouldn’t be prescribed it? Or am I just being anxious lol. Just wondering how difficult it is
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2023.06.03 06:22 ThrowRa_lif3advice Anyone know how to solve this?

Anyone know how to solve this?
I feel like my mind is brain farting rn
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2023.06.03 06:22 WinterRaise6938 AITA for telling my boyfriend to stop questioning me

I’m F(20) my partner is M(21) we have been together 4 years and living together for 2. I feel like he is questioning me excessively, not in an accusatory way but a inquisitive way. It’s getting so exhausting though and really straining our relationship. Last this happened was today, we are about to move to a smaller town an hour away he’s exited, I am feeling a little more sad about leaving our current location but I am also exited for the move. Well, this came up because we were talking about the food there, and how it will compare to what we have been used to. I said “I hope there are queer spaces” and he asked me “why”. I explained how as a bi woman I feel safer and can relate more to people in the LGBTQ community. This became a 30 min convo on how he doesn’t understand the need for queer spaces since people are more accepting now a days. We went back and forth for a while until I just told him to do more research because I’m obviously not making sense to him. This just made me so upset though. This is where I may be the asshole. I asked him to stop questioning things that have nothing to do with him. I’m fine to have a discussion but he’s always asking me to explain myself and my decision making. I’m fine to do it and I know he’s just making conversation but it gets so tiring. He said I should just tell him when a conversation is upsetting me and he’ll drop it. My issue is with the fact that he doesn’t believe my decisions are well thought out and I just don’t want have to be questioned constantly by my close partner. Am I over exaggerating??
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2023.06.03 06:21 DemonOfLight13 Fellow early release players, what are your initial thoughts so far?

Personally, I'm absolutely loving this game. There's so much to do and it doesn't feel like I'm just blasting through the campaign
Having played the closed beta, it's so cool to see how the different parts of the world play into the actual gameplay and storyline
Hats off to the entire team that worked on this game!
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2023.06.03 06:21 KeikakuAccelerator How to write multi-pov fight scene in third-person limited?

Most of my text is in third-person limited, usually switching between 1-3 of characters. But there is a particular fight scene where two people are fighting in an arena and I want to capture their internal thoughts as well as those in the audience. What is the best way to do that?
I can see how to do it third-person omniscient but not sure how to do the head-hopping correctly in third-person limited. Is it better to just make a particular chapter on the fight-scene and have it in third-person omniscient or would it be too jarring?
Any good examples of fight scenes for reference would be very helpful.
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2023.06.03 06:21 KitchenAidK400 My co worker (50M) is harassing me (20F)

My boyfriend (M25) and I (F20) are both high school teachers. We work at the same school and share some of the same co workers. Since he’s been there longer than me, he knows most of the staff very well while I’m still getting myself established. Since we teach different subjects, we have different people we work closely with. I am a gym teacher and up until I started working with the special education department, there hasn’t been an issue. My issue isn’t with the kids at all, it’s one of their teachers. I have class with them for an hour every other day while their main teacher stays in her classroom for her planning period. Her co teacher is the one who brings them down to the gym and sits in the gym with me to help manage and assist them if need be. He’s an older guy, probably in his early 50’s. At the beginning of the year everything was fine. We’d have casual conversations, play with the kids, etc.
One day later on in the year, he saw my boyfriend and I getting into the car together at the end of the school day. He saw us give each other a hug and a kiss on the cheek as we did every day when we got into the car after work. I saw him look at us from his car parked in front of us but I didn’t think anything of it. The next day he wouldn’t talk to me much, he barely even helped out with the kids. He’d sit there on his phone scrolling through tiktok, while I was desperately trying to get one of the kids up off the bathroom floor that the kid decided would be the perfect place to catch a quick nap. I shrugged it off but as it continued throughout the year I started to get a bit winded from managing 15 kids with severe mental disabilities by myself. I initiated a conversation with him about a month ago to check in on him to see if everything was alright. Apparently him and his wife were going through a divorce which was slowly eating away at him and his mental health. I talked to him for a bit that day while the kids ran around and played. It seemed to help him get back into the groove of helping me with the kids. Everything was fine up until today.
He came into the gym first period when I was talking to my kids about their final exams and pulled me aside. I thought he was going to say something about their field trip they had going on today but what he said threw me off guard. He asked me if I’d be willing to do some work for him over the summer. I asked for the details and he told me that since his ex wife has been having men over at their house he’d like me to come over and lightly clean but mostly just talk with him and have a few drinks. He offered me $50 an hour for my time along with free alcohol. He knows I’m under 21 and thought including alcohol into the deal would make me accept the offer because I can’t legally get it myself. Since he asked me this in front of my class I didn’t know what to say. I ended up telling him that my boyfriend wouldn’t be comfortable with that and tried to end the conversation. He wouldn’t back down though, and after 5 minutes of him pressuring me and my kids getting antsy waiting to play their final game of dodge ball, I told him I’d talk to my boyfriend about it. Of course he wasn’t satisfied with that answer and came back at me with the classic “he doesn’t have to know” line. I told him I’d talk to him more about it next week when I have his students in class. Even though he still wasn’t satisfied with my answer that got him out of the gym so I could get my class started. Once I got them set up, I texted my boyfriend immediately to tell him what happened. To spare you the details, we came to the conclusion that if he said anything else about it, I’d contact admin.
After lunch I saw an email that they’d gotten back from their field trip. Not even 10 minutes after they got back, he was at the gym door knocking. One of my students let him in and he came up to me with a sticky note and handed it to me. It had his personal phone number on it. He told me to give him a call or send him a text over the weekend. Since I was busy directing my students and putting in final grades for the year I had nothing to say to him other than okay. He left and the students I had sitting to the side next to me completing late work were concerned. They saw the look on my face and immediately knew that he was bothering me. I didn’t tell them anything, but they knew. As soon as I got in the car this afternoon I immediately gave the sticky note to my boyfriend and completely broke down. He picked up his phone and almost called our boss but I stopped him. I don’t want to cause any problems, especially with one week of school left. I want to put the kids first and ensure I have an extra set of hands to help out with the disabled kids to make sure everyone is safe. I’m caught in a very tough situation and I don’t know what to do. Should I report him to admin or tough it out for the week?
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2023.06.03 06:21 mountainfanarknights Artists who do commissions how does the process go with a client?

I was wondering how the interactions happen? Do you try to do small talk and stuff, or is it straight to the point? Like if a new client dms you, asks about comms, then if you accept they send their commission info, you start making the request, you show progress, and then until finished and u get ur money? How does it work?
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2023.06.03 06:21 DavidTenebris A main series Monster Hunter game on the RE engine is gonna be amazing.

Playing MHR and I'm still very much impressed how well it runs. It just makes me hyped for MH6 eventually dropping. Like imagine Monster Hunter World but on the RE engine. A real monster hunter game I can sink a lot of hours into and experience great performance. I can't wait.
At the meantime, I'll be looking forward to Dragon's Dogma 2 on this amazing engine.
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2023.06.03 06:21 ALEXMARTINOSVICTIM CEO Andrew Imbesi of Boge Group, is simply ripping people off.

ANDREW IMBESI is CEO of Boge Group, which promises to get you over $100,000 in 0% financing for your business. I paid $500 toward $9000 as a success fee, which I am familiar with. The first thing my Boge counselor Oscar did was refer me to their 'outside' partners to raise my credit score.... to the tune of $5000.
I very unhappily told Andrew that I was already paying his company $9,000. He agreed the $5,000 was too much, and referred me to the In-House credit assistant....who wanted to charge me $2,500 for the same credit repair. I was really insulted. My personal credit scores were 620, 670, and 680.
Over the next several weeks, I went back and forth with them, and in the interim, my personal coach Oscar unsubscribed himself as my coach without and discourse, nor reason.
Problems. Contract.


Apr 8, 2023, 3:25 PM cthomas1, oland, kimlandrum, BogeGroup.
Hello Andrew and Boge Group,
1. I'm unable to find Carole or Kim on Voxer. Step 1: Download Voxer and Send us a Message! This will be our main point of communication and how we will connect with one another throughout the duration of the program. Through this "Walkie-Talkie" App, we will be able to:
You will want to send a message to one of our Funding Supervisors below, that way we can create your 1-on-1 groupchat.
2. I was hoping to connect with another funding coach, because I know Oscar is dealing with his father's passing; and when I informed him that this link goes directly to your Online Youtube ad Andrew, and please send the link to the actual trainings, I never got the correct link from him. 📷 The above link goes directly to Andrews Youtube Ad. 3. I also can't find the coaches on Discord.📷 4. I still haven't located the training videos. 5. So, over a month into the contract, I still don't have:1. a. Personalized Action Plan.2. The only referral Partner I spoke with of your wanted to charge me $5000 to remove the late payments, and your contract mentions nothing about the extra-outside charge. Even your in-house guy wanted to charge me $2000. 3. a. Where are the training videos? b. I have no CPI sheet, and my coach Oscar literally stated that your Credit Polishing includes removing late payments. It was after this Voxer comm that Andrew told me the credit polishing does not include removing late payments. This is a deceitful business practice. c. I'm already LLC'd. d. Where is my Student Journey Map?4. I can't find anybody from Boge on Discord.5. My "Guaranteed" 1-on-1 Accountability & Support is non-existent. I've asked Oscar to send me the direct link to the videos more than once, but I still don't have that info; Oscar only replies when I Vox him first. The last I heard from him was on April 1st, an entire week ago. He hasn't responded to my voxers since.Andrew and Oscar have contradicted each other contractually regarding the credit polishing, which is a contract breach; and you even have credit repair in-house! For $9,000, I expect a much higher caliber of service and performance. You deceived me. Please do not scam me. Alex Martino scammed my family out of $40,000 working capital last year, which is why I am seeking funding. You can read all about what he did in my book. I have a social media campaign to accompany this book, that is launching very soon. Please don't make me take to social media with reviews regarding BogeGroup's non-performance of the contract. I'm very friendly and understanding, however, this is how I respond to being scammed going forward. You already have a very shaky scam detector score. I already sent a letter to the 3 bureaus and the CFPB, demanding the late payments be removed.
This is what I will accept to resolve the many problems that I have elucidated above. 1. As confirmed by Oscar that your Credit Polishing includes removing late payments, you will take this over in-house.2. You send working links to your training videos.3. You assign Carole Thomas as my Coach, and we zoom to create my Personalized Action Plan, and assist me with Discord.4. You cease sending these ridiculous daily emails....we're already under contract! I look forward to your response no later than Monday, 5pm, PST. Yours Truly, Rima
I received a call from Andrew the next day, and he said his service was really nothing more than referring his clients to his outside connection (who charge a fortune), and really nothing more than that. He added that he had already closed my contract and refunded my $500. Shameful. Don't do business with people whose ads are splashing all over the internet. Andrew's ads will stop running shortly.
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2023.06.03 06:21 Agile_Low88 I literally feel dead and empty inside

Hey guys, I just wanted to talk about how I’m feeling lately, and wanted to know if this is normal.
So basically, I was diagnosed with depression in January (bad grades, unsupportive family environment etc). I used to smoke weed once or twice a week, but by February, I started smoking up everyday (sometimes twice a day). I flew back to my hometown in May, and because I’m living with my parents now, I barely smoke up.
I feel so empty inside now. I feel completely disconnected from my surroundings. Sometimes I have these floating feelings of being completely detached from myself.
I also have a really tough time keeping in touch with people. I barely talk to my college friends and I barely meet anyone in my hometown. I’m alone most of the times and I do everything alone. Sometimes, I love the loneliness and sometimes I feel terrible about it. I’m a good looking guy, but I haven’t dated anybody, because my insecurities make me feel like I’m a nobody.
When I look at other people my age, I find them very balanced, but I think I’m really messed up. My mind doesn’t work normally, I make up people in my head, and spend most of my time thinking about these people and I talk to myself most of the times. I think about committing suicide very often, but I know I’m too scared to ever do it.
I don’t feel sad anymore, I don’t feel happy. I don’t have sexual feeling towards anybody at this point, I just feel dead and empty. I feel like my body does all these activities and I’m just standing outside of it. I don’t know what to do anymore.
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2023.06.03 06:20 B_More_Whitty Shao Kahn Realm Stealer Helmet:

Hey guys, I’m new the the game and whole loot system that has been implemented. I want to know how to unlock this helmet. It says through ko-op ladders, but I don’t have ps plus. Is this something I can do myself and is there anyway to guarantee it? Any help is very much appreciated!
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2023.06.03 06:20 mrcattheman17 This might seem like a stupid question for some of you but how did big boss’s actions have such an effect on the world as a whole leading to a state of constant war in mgs 4

I understand how zero’s actions caused the world to shape into the way it was in mgs 4. But when talking about big boss who is treated with the same importance as zero as they both had different interpretations of the bosses will but both were too extreme. This caused the world to get fucked up near the end of the story. I don’t understand how Big Boss’s actions besides Zanzibar land had nearly the same effect as zero’s in shaping the world and creating the war economy. All of big bosses actions seemed much more small scale and inconsequential like making private militias and creating an army for soldiers who were done wrong by their country. someone please explain this to me if it’s alright?
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