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2016.10.14 15:58 IamDrDre WW3- Be ready

In the event of WW3 and Nuclear warfare this subreddit is here for anyone to use and communicate. While there will be widespread panic remember to remain calm and find the nearest bunker. This sub will be up only in times of absolute diaster. I've created it because of the recent conflicts over Russia and The U.S while I don't see it developing into a world war I think this subreddit will one day become useful. Goodluck Traveler

2023.06.03 20:53 Modern_Magpie My nMom admitted to wanting to control everyone

I visited home recently. I was with my nMom my teenage niece and younger nephew. We went to a fast food place for lunch and my niece’s boyfriend joined us after we sat down. We were waiting on our food when he came, so he got into line and my niece joined to kept him company.
I was mid-conversation with my nMom and realized she was watching them and wringing her hands nervously, not paying attention to whatever it was I was saying (it wasn’t important or I’d remember). I stopped and asked her if she was okay.
She was upset because they didn’t look like they were in line. I looked at the two, clearly in line, and told her it looked like they were. I asked what made her think they weren’t. She said they weren’t standing where we had stood when we ordered so they’re not in line. I told her that if they weren’t, they were old enough to figure it out.
Now, this entire situation would have completely blown by me if it hadn’t been for what she said next. She has find my friends on both my sisters and their entire family and regularly checks on where they are and then calls if she’s not sure why they’re at [pick a location], which is frequently if not multiple times a day. So I probably would have found the above story just another funny story to tell my partner when I got home, but then she said…
“I just need to be able to control what everyone around me is doing. Life would be better if everyone was just doing what they were supposed to be doing.”
Needless to say, I had three reactions simultaneously. One was excitement - she finally said the thing out loud. Two was deeply unsettled. She genuinely sees nothing wrong with what she said and how she feels. Three was a resounding “No, shit…”
Anyway, she got mad at me because I said “they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be, even if they’re not in line, because it’s their choice to be there.”
This was obviously wrong and she went off on me about following directions, not wanting to be sitting waiting forever. She stopped scolding me when the two joined the table because - lo and behold - they had been standing in the right place to order.
I think I’m still amazed she admitted it and hears nothing wrong with what she said. Not only does she want to control everyone, but she thinks her way is the most correct way - THE ONLY WAY - and the world would be better for it. Genuinely terrifying.
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2023.06.03 20:51 hooskisafterthurs21 Crochet fix?

Does anyone have suggestions on where to get a crocheted item fixed? It’s a blanket with a whole in it. Thinking Turtle is probably not taking projects right now, so idk where to go and the things I have found online seem to just be selling crochet materials.
Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.03 20:50 Marvynwillames The Archtyrant by Orniris Terensi

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2023.06.03 20:50 CSA1864 PnH Umbilical Hose & Pallet Storage

PnH Umbilical Hose & Pallet Storage
I was working with Pumps N’ Hoses the other day and noticed you can put umbilical hoses in to the bale & pallet storage. Most all of the modded bale and pallet storage sheds also work.
The only caveat is the hose must be BRAND NEW from the store.
You can put them in & take them out as many times as you want.
However, once the hose goes on to one of the hose reels, you can still put them in to storage, the storage system recognizes it, but when the hose comes out there is no hose on the pallet anymore.
You can not load it on to a reel anymore. It’s completely gone. The only thing you can do is sell the empty umbilical hose pallet.
So after about 15 minutes of messing around with this; trying to see if I could figure out a way to make it come back, I came to the conclusion that once the hose goes on to the reel, the game file for the hose adds a damage/clogged/used value (something other than New) into the file for that particular hose.
Since pallets cannot have damage, the game doesn’t know how to handle this, so it spits out that specific pallet with no hose on it.
Where the hose goes, I have no clue.
The reason for bringing this up is because I want to know if I should I report this to Giants?
Technically, it is a pallet. Although, I am sure Giants didn’t intend for the pallet storage system to be able to accept the Pn’H umbilical hose pallets. But it does. And it halfway works.
The reason I question if I should report this to Giants is because they might patch this so storage sheds will never be able to accept umbilical hose pallets, whereas, if I were to throw this out to a modder, maybe they could make it work before Giants got their hands on it to say ‘No.’
I play on XBSX so I know a modder could definitely make it work. It halfway works now. It’s probably a pretty easy solution.
You definitely accumulate lot of those hoses if you use the hose system to spread slurry or digestate. So it would be nice to use a pallet storage to hold them.
As it stands now, it’s just half ass though. Halfway works, or, is halfway broken- whichever way you want to view it.
So…. Should I report it? Should I not? Thoughts?
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2023.06.03 20:50 Grumble_fish Please help identify a real-life business disaster

A couple years ago there was a reddit post about "What is the worst business decision you've ever seen?"
One commenter posted the following:
Super rich guy buys a nation-wide retail chain for his son that had graduated biz school and worked for him for a year. Son’s first major decision is to move the headquarters from Southern California to Northern California where his daddy’s corporate headquarters are. He gives everyone at headquarters 30 days notice to move or lose their job. Out of almost 300 employees, one moves. Over the next couple of months declares bankruptcy and Daddy’s money is all gone, thousands of people lose their jobs - not just the headquarters staff but - all the employees in all the stores. Bonus points to anyone who guesses the chain or Daddy.
I and several others recognized the story from somewhere, but nobody knew from where, exactly. Several of us asked the commenter for more info, but it never came.
I believe this was national news at some point but I am not certain. I am mostly interested in which business this was, not the owners. Does anyone here recognize the story?
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 20:49 MaenadsBloodlust Werewolf, RUN! [DISCORD Server] [Appalachian Horror meets Prohibition]

🌕 18 + Community! 🌕 Horror + Cryptids 🌕 Appalachian Setting 🌕 Multi Paragraph / Novella Writing Level 🌕 POC and Gender non-conforming characters welcome!
The Virginia/Tennessee border. 1928.
On hot summer nights, Briar Ridge can't sleep - not that it ever does. The cover of night hides plumes of smoke. The quiet rumble of cars cruising down dirt roads can barely be heard over the din of the cicadas. Drunken laughter flies easy and warm across whispering corn fields.
That might be a sound for sore ears.
See, Prohibition is in full swing, and these moonshiners are risking life and limb to put dinner on the table for their families. When you live in a holler as sorry and wild as Briar Ridge, it's either the mines, the fields, or the 'shine. And most folks have chosen the 'shine. Sure, if there's an explosion you might loose a hand, but it's better than coughing up that awful dust in the belly of the earth. S&C Coal can go right to hell in the minds of most folk around here.
With their eyes on their stills, the people of Briar Ridge don't realize they're being watched from the treeline. Or they might'a just gotten used to it. When you grow up in these mountains, everything's watching you. Might be a cougar. Might be a black bear. Might be the swamp monster Farmer Obadiah was praying real hard over at church two Sundays ago. As long as you keep your gun handy and your buddies close, you'll be okay. At least, that's the logic most folks use so they can sleep at dawn.
But most folks ain't ever had to deal with werewolves before. And most folks don't realize their safety in the moonlight is long gone.
.·͙̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̩̩̥ ✩ ̩̩̥˚̩̥̩̩̩͙‧͙ .
Werewolf, RUN! is an adult-only horror roleplay server set in Prohibition-Era Appalachia. We are a tight-knit community with a love for all things cryptid, horror, and nerdy. Our required writing level is multi-paragraph to novella, and the server is loosely based on a card game named Werewolf. Some games similar to it that you may be more familiar with are Heads Up, Seven Up, or Mafia. If you've never played it before, it's quite easy! The premise is simply:
There are werewolves in the town of Briar Ridge, and it's up to the townspeople to catch them before the whole town is infected!
Once a real-time lunar cycle, Werewolf players (who are informed of their role as a werewolf entirely in secret) will tell admins who they wish to attack. The role of Werewolf, Doctor, and Seer are all assigned by dice rolls, and writers are encouraged to keep their role assignment secret!
But there's much more living in these woods than just werewolves! Cryptids are liable to randomly spawn in interactions, so do mind that you always keep a spare tire handy! You never know what's lurking just beyond the treeline!
.·͙̩̩͙˚̩̥̩̩̩̥ ✩ ̩̩̥˚̩̥̩̩̩͙‧͙ .
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2023.06.03 20:49 Open_Tip7106 Double swivel front seat Renault Master 2023

Double swivel front seat Renault Master 2023
Does anyone knows where I can find a double swivel front seat like this for a Renault Master 2023? I can only find these for the Renault Traffic unfortunately, but we would like to be able to switch the front seat as in this picture (left driver). Thank you in advance! ❤️
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2023.06.03 20:49 scarsellaj The Hater’s Guide to the 2022-23 Premier League Season: Final Matchday Edition

It’s over…it’s finally over…now where am I gonna get my footy fix? “Watch the MLS?” I’d rather take up heavy drinking again. The World Cup, the Champions League, and the EPL did a number on my sanity this season. Anyone else feeling this way?
Manchester City: It looked like the monopoly was going to finally end again. City brought in a whole new squad with Haaland, Akanji, Alvarez, Sergio Gomez, and integrating academy players like Cole Palmer and Rico Lewis. The first half of the season you could see Pep’s children struggling to play with Haaland. But then…Kevin De Bruyne and Jack Grealish must’ve been juicing in the dressing room. The back half of the season saw Haaland explode with his 36 goals, the most of a single striker in a season. They not only victimized the leaders in Arsenal, they stormed the gates, ravaged the village and took the riches for themselves. AGAIN. Winning the FA Cup is routine by now. But the Champions League…That’s the main prize. Becoming the next English team to win a treble is a good add-on. Man United can punch air knowing they’re still miles behind the noisy neighbors who have now won six league titles under Pep. Better sort of these contracts for Gundogan, Laporte, and Mahrez though. Or don’t, because we know they can replace anyone with all that oil money.
Arsenal: You bottled the league title after over 264 days at the top do the league? What’re you, Tottenham??? This is shambolic squad management. Even with all those reinforcements in Trossard and Jorginho, they couldn’t keep up the pace. Not only do you lose out on the title, you went trophyless. The Cup showings were even worse than previous seasons. And you want to say it wasn’t a bottle job? My brother in Christ, you lost to Southampton. This was the best chance Arsenal has had at ending the league title drought but Arteta is still showing himself as diet Pep. Even if you do buy more exiled City players, more is still needed. Welcome back to the Champions League, I guess. It’s good having a young team like this. Do not fuck it up. Do not waste the young years of Odegaard and Saka.
Newcastle: That Saudi investment is working. The Magpies used their newfound riches to attract the likes of Isak and Botman knowing they were only a few steps away from Champions League nights. Then came the addition of Anthony Gordon because squad depth is paramount in a game like this. And they got it. For the first time since 2004, Newcastle is in Europe. Eddie Howe deserves a lot of praise for the work he has done. He’s unlocked Callum Wilson, Joelinton, Miguel Almiron and Allan Saint-Maximin. Kieran Trippier’s career has been revived. Even players like Big Bird Dan Burn have flourished. We all knew this was going to happen. Just not this soon. We now have to deal with TWO oil money clubs jockeying for the title. I can understand why haters think they’re screwed. Get your money up or get your funny up.
Manchester United: I’m going to give Erik Ten Hag a 7/10 for his first season in Manchester. He got Marcus Rashford scoring again. That was an achievement in itself. Casemiro turned out to be the best thing for United since Fergie. When he’s not getting red cards. Luke Shaw took big strides even at center back. A commendable top 4 finish and a League Cup plus the FA Cup final to round it out. They still lost some really foolish games and they had the Cristiano situation. David De Gea doesn’t look like his old self anymore either. The Glazers-to nobody’s surprise-have still not sold the club. The lack of depth signings continue. But they’re in good position for a nice run next season. Who knows, maybe the Qataris will buy the club. That’ll change things. You’ll just be like Manchester City, I’m just saying…
Liverpool: Well, well, well…Liverpool missed out on Champions League football. It was a trying season, I get it. Not having any reliable midfielders will do that. You brought in Arthur Melo because reasons. Henderson and Fabinho looked like shells of themselves. The departure of Sadio Mane rocked the team, and Darwin Nunez or Diogo Jota couldn’t fill the role. Injuries piled up and the trauma continued. Luis Diaz barely played this season because of them. Trent was cooked on defense all season long. Yet Liverpool still ground out a 5th place finish. Klopp’s not done in England yet. The future remains unclear as FSG continue pondering selling the team or giving Klopp more signings. Knowing how injured Van Djik and Konate have been, they might need it. Especially in midfield. They’re hurting bad in the middle of the park. At least you’re not Everton. Take solace in knowing Alexis Mac Allister is likely on his way to Anfield.
Brighton: Graham Potter leaving Brighton was the greatest thing to ever happen to this club. That and having the best scouting network in the whole league. Finding ballers in the South American youth ranks, the J-League and other random places formed a pesky unit of warriors. Karou Mitoma, Alexis Mac Allister, Facundo Enciso, Moises Caicedo, Pervis Estupinian, Evan Ferguson, Lewis Dunk, Jason Steele. These are the core of Roberto De Zerbi’s army of seagulls. Welcome to European football, boys. Just know you will have to start the next campaign without Mac Allister and likely Caicedo. They’ve attracted too much attention from bigger teams. Even City is sniffing around at Mitoma. I’m honestly impressed, Brighton. I’m also insanely jealous of your scouting network.
Aston Villa: Who knew Steven Gerrard was a fraudulent manager living off the success of a single Scottish title win? LITERALLY EVERYONE. Thus, Villa canned him for Unai Emery, and for the best. They went from relegation fodder to a berth in the Conference League. Ollie Watkins found his scoring touch again. Emi Buendia is now living up to the expectations (somewhat). Lucas Digne is back to Champions League-caliber. Philippe Coutinho is not even a core player anymore, just a good impact sub at this point. Villa might be punching a little above their weight but they’ve been defying expectations for a while now. With the godfather of European football at the helm, the sky is the limit. Welcome back to Europe, boys.
Tottenham: LOL Spurs always reigns supreme. I swear, it’s like rooting for the New York Mets: champagne expectations, perpetual disappointment. This season went from promising to utter dumpster fire in a matter of weeks. Antonio Conte got fed up with the players being shit again and got himself sacked promptly after that fiery press conference. Daniel Levy has never been under more pressure from fans and Harry Kane before. Spurs went from maybe squeaking out Europa League to missing out on Europe entirely. They wasted a 30-goal season from Harry Kane. Son was out of form all season. Richarlison scored 1 league goal all season. They had no defense and Lloris looks like Father Time got the best of him. Games were bottled, and through it all, they are now manager-less AGAIN. Is is time for Levy to step down? I don’t know, but he needs to do something about this team. It’s not even fun to complain about Spurs anymore. Now it’s just pure, unadulterated apathy.
Brentford: This is a fun team to watch. Thomas Frank is a magician with these players. Even with Ivan Toney going full Calvin Ridley mode, Brentford managed to win big matches when it mattered. Bryan Mbuemo played understudy to Toney most of the season but stepped up when they needed him. Rico Henry flourished at the back. Ben Mee transformed into a better player than he was at Burnley. David Raya is making a name for himself as clubs like Spurs eye him. Even Thomas Frank is getting considered for new roles. The Bees are buzzing. The West London newbies not only had a solid summer transfer window, they have finished top 10 in the second season of the big show. Now comes the hard part: next year. What do you do without Toney? Will you buy a new striker like Jonathan David? It remains to be seen, but in Frank’s Nordic vision we trust. He’s definitely got some crafty Danes or Norwegians waiting for a call.
Fulham: Speaking of West London clubs, I’m gonna buy these guys a round next time I see them. Congratulations, Fulham! You didn’t get relegated! Marco Silva didn’t even have to work miracles to do it. They played well at times, and obviously shit the bed in others. But you can’t say they didn’t fight every minute of every game. Aleksander Mitrovic finally learned how to score in the Prem. Willian returned to West London in full cry. Tim Ream made us Yanks proud as he held it down at the back. The X Factor: Joao Palhinha. You didn’t bend the knee willingly, boys. That shows character. Gotta say I’m proud. Now keep going, Tony Khan. You know they can aim just a tad higher.
Crystal Palace: Palace didn’t really do anything different this season. I say that because they pretty much finished where they always do. Comfortably mid-table again. I really thought Patrick Vieria was doing something at Selhurst Park, but then he was relived off his duties after a bad patch of form. So they decided to recycle the nostalgia and bring back Roy Hodgson…uh huh. Nothing really changes does it? Eberechi Eze turned into a special player. Zaha was Zaha, nothing new there. Jordan Ayew played solidly too. Michael Olise might be the standout player. He was really getting linked with a move to PSG to replace Messi?? I prefer not to speak.
Chelsea: Lol Spurs? No, LOL CHELSEA! We all knew the Todd Boehly takeover was gonna change things. We didn't expect a dip into total mediocrity. All while spending over 600 million quid on player signings. Thomas Tuchel was sacked....then Graham Potter got 8 months to make things worse...then they brought back Frank Lampard to see out the season because that's American forward thinking. Yea the viibes are horrendous at Stamford Bridge. Bringing in Enzo Fernandez, Chernobyl Traore in Mudryk, David Fofana, Wesley Fofana, Raheem Sterling, Kalidou Koulibaly and everyone else killed any team chemistry. Joao Felix was exiled from Atletico by Diego Simeone to basically do nothing in England for 6 months. Kai Havertz is STILL not a real striker. Auba brought back the No. 9 shirt curse. Christian Pulisic was fed up with it all and tried to force himself out to no avail. Mason Mount dropped off hard, but still has enough Englishness to warrant a move to United. The Blue Lions are dying in front of us. After years of poshness and self-absorption, they will not be playing European football next season. Thus, they brought in Mauricio Pochettino to fix things. Spurs fans everywhere are dying on the inside at their old gaffer taking the job...but it's the perfect fit for this Chelsea team. They'll be back, just wait.
Wolves: Wolves…wake up. What the hell are you doing? Why are muddling through these seasons lately? The vibes of the Nuno era are gone. New culture had to be created. Except it wasn’t. Bruno Lage was hired and did whatever it was he did. Which basically flirted with relegation. Julen Lupotegui came in after he was sacked by Sevilla and changed everything. It still wasn’t enough. The team was Ruben Neves saving their asses while Raul Jiminez continues to find himself after his head injury. Take solace in knowing Max Kilman is becoming a fantastic defender. Hwang Hee Chan looks more comfortable in England. But Wolves could be doing so much more. It’s a shame they’re gonna sell Neves. They were so close to shattering the glass season a few seasons ago. Oh how times change.
West Ham: This is the dark side of two consecutive seasons of deep European tournament runs. Your league form suffers. In West Ham’s case, it was injuries and inconsistent football. David Moyes is a decent manager but he can only take you so far. Just ask Everton fans about that. Sure you made the Conference League final but was it worth losing guys like Paqueta, Scamacca, and Antonio to the injury gods while selling Craig Dawson and sacrificing your league form? Declan Rice carried the Hammers at times. Only adding to his value as his big boy move is finally coming together. A bottom half finish is a few steps back but it’s not unexpected. It will be a big summer for the Hammers. It’s time to start planning for life after Rice. You can recover from it, but will Moyes be the guy to take you back to the top 10? You tell me.
Bournemouth: Scott Parker getting sacked in the fall saved the Cherries. Gary O’Neil had a vision for this team. They executed it well. Without his guidance, Bournemouth would surely be in the drop zone. In the first year back in the Prem, Bournemouth produced respectable results. Philipp Billing, Jefferson Lerma, and Dominic Solanke are some talented players but they have their limits. You'll be without Lerma next season since he's moving to Crystal Palace in the summer. Buying up all that European talent helped in the battle to stave off relegation, but where do you go from here? European places will be way too difficult reach with the level of parity we have now. Staying up next season will likely be the goal.
Nottingham Forest: 30 signings later, Forest avoided the drop. What else is there to say? The football was strictly average. Some players like Taiwo Ayonini lived to the hype, as did Morgan Gibbs-White. Keylor Navas was a great addition to keep the ball out of the net. Others like Jesse Lingard did not. The standout? Danilo from Palmerias, a strapping addition. Players like Ryan Yates, Brennan Johnson, and Joe Worrall proved they can hang in the big leagues. Steve Cooper is not getting sacked. But knowing how crazy the Greek overlords are, that could change on a dime. Whether you can take that next step to the top 10 I’m not sure of. Steve Cooper is strictly an average manager. A squad this big with this much high-end talent could use with a better voice. Your move, Forest.
Everton: Conglaturations, boys! You did the great escape…AGAIN. Remember last season how you said “never again?” What a load of horseshit. Everyone knew Everton would be lucky to survive given the state of the squad. When you rely on Abdoulaye Doucoure and Dwight McNeill as your main scoring threats, you know it was not going to be a good season. Try the board running fake stories about getting death threats from fans. Try fans confronting Yerry Mina in the parking lot after a tough loss to Southampton. Try sacking Frank Lampard and replacing him with Sean Dyche…actually that was a good decision. Farhad Moshiri is under serious pressure to turn things around. It doesn’t help Everton are about to get hit with FFP regulations even worse than City or Chelsea…is it worth building that new stadium if you’re playing in 2nd division? It’s not a matter of if Everton go down, it’s a matter of when Everton go down.
Leicester: Dude, what the fuck??? You’re supposed to breaking the Big 6 ceiling, not shattering your own reputation. We lauded Leicester for their recruitment and performances. But this is the fate of bundling all your eggs in the Champions League basket. Missing out on those revenues crippled the finances. Buying all those players came back to haunt them. Without Jamie Vardy leading the line, the team looked lost. Brendan Rodgers knew his time was up but was sacked unceremoniously. Dean Smith could not right the ship. After 7 seasons and three trophies later, the Foxes are back in the Championship. Such a shame. Open the flea market though. Maddison, Tielemans, Ndidi, and Barnes will all be lined up for moves to bigger clubs. Thanks for the memories, Leicester.
Leeds: Leeds are paying for the sins of Radriazzani. The guy he fumbled the bag in the worst possible ways. Forget about his off-pitch antics. This team was trying too hard to remake the Bielsa years. Fans never got behind Jesse Marsch’s American Revolution and he was kicked to curb after a shit run despite beating Liverpool. Javi Gracia took over and changed nothing. So to salvage the season, welcome back Big Sam!! loses 4-1 to Spurs on the final day oh dear lord. Even the relegation dodger himself could not fix a team that can’t connect. Jack Harrison took massive steps forward and is probably the first to go to replenish the coffers. Robin Koch will likely follow suit. Adams, McKennie, and Aaronson are definitely going to other clubs. They never got utilized correctly anyway. The vibes of the Bielsa era are gone. Every attempt to replace them didn’t work, especially if the fans weren’t willing to move on. Don’t make the same mistakes of 2004.
Southampton: The Saints go marching into the Championship. After 8 years of playing big club killer, Southampton is gone. I’m not sad about it. I hated playing against them because they’d always step up against London clubs. For a less bias take, it’s not something they could avoid. They didn’t have the talent or leadership to fix things. Ralph Hassenhuttl was largely uninspiring so it made sense when he got the boot. But Nathan Jones from Lutron Town?? That’s your solution?? That didn’t even last two full months. Ruben Selles as temp gaffer solved nothing. So now you go down without much of a fight. Thanks for giving up JWP, Armel Bella-Kotchap, and Romeo Lavia to bigger teams. You will not be missed by any teams from London.
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2023.06.03 20:48 backwardknight Where to get Halal chicken

Does anyone know a place in La Jolla/nearby (close to a trolley stop preferably) where one can get halal meat and chicken? I've learned few recipes that I wanna try this weekend before finals week.
The nearest one I found so far is Balboa International market.
Thanks :)
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2023.06.03 20:48 Chombie_Mazing Dragons of Stormwreck Isle advice

(Hi! I'm new to the sub so if I broke any rules please let me know and I'll take this down. Also mobile disclaimer)
I'm running my first ever campaign (woohoo) while simultaneously playing D&D for the first time ever, so there's a lot I'm not super familiar with.
[Spoilers for Dragons of Stormwreck Isle]
The players were running through the Seagrow caves and doing quite a marvelous job of handling the encounters/talking to the NPC Myconids. My issue started when they got to the crystal cave. They agro the Fume Drakes as intended, but during the fight they mistakenly assumed that the nearby crystals were spawning/powering the Fume Drakes.
Here's where I might have messed up. I got scared that they would release the Fire Snake early. Now for some groups that might have been OK, but my players are as new as I am and were getting their butts kicked. So when the fighter runs up to the egg I had her roll perception and sort of implied that breaking the egg would be a bad idea (hoping to stop them from breaking it during combat) they took this as "Breaking the crystal will cause you all to die!" And so now they're scheming on how to get the crystal out without destroying it.
They actually went about this in a really smart way. They decided to leave the caves and ask around the cloister to see if anyone had tools for stonework. As luck would have it, the module specifically mentions that the Kolbold Tinkerer has mansonary tools. After a nearly crit success on a charisma check they now have the tools in their possession and are hoping to get back to the caves on our next session.
So here's where I need some advice. Do I let them carve the egg out and bring it intact with them, or should I have it break while they're trying to get it out? And if they do keep the egg, is it game breaking to let them keep it as a pet? All my players are still lvl 1. I know it would be easier to have them fight the Fire Snake, but their solution is so creative, and I really want to reward that behavior somehow.
TL;DR my players found a way to collect a Fire Snake egg, should I let them?
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2023.06.03 20:48 doppel How do attackers perceive the effects of Sanctuary?

I have had an encounter recently where a PC cleric used Sanctuary + Dodge to great effect to hold off some low int (6) attackers. In this specific instance, they kept focusing him while the rest of the party retreated, despite having the room to maneuver around the cleric.
However, I started wondering how the attacker perceives it when they fail the wisdom save, especially in the case where there are no other valid targets and the attack fails.
Does the attacker just mentally treat it like a miss or other negligent thing? Do they stop and think “something is protecting this guy” and adjust accordingly?
I played the low int attackers as too stupid to figure out what was happening, but for an intelligent attacker it might make a big difference to how they act after the first attack.
Example: Four smart attackers sneak around the frontline to take out the party wizard. The party cleric casts Sanctuary on him.
If the attackers “just” failed to hit the wizard, they would likely keep going, seeing him as the the #1 target on the “dangerous vs hard-to-kill” scale. However, if they become aware of the magic effect protecting the wizard, they’ll adjust their tactics and potential target.
TL;DR: How do you narrate and explain the effect of the wis save of Sanctuary?
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2023.06.03 20:47 Wwqed Simone Seol in the same league as Stacey Boehman

I might get flak for this, but IMO Simone is just as bad as Stacey is, or almost. She refuses to allow ANY dissent or disagreement on her work on any platform, and when she's called out on it she tells people to "work on their thoughts about her," just like Stacey does. She professes to be so open and loving, to be a "HOME" for coaches who need a soft place to land, but she openly uses pressure, anger, shame and judgment in all her work to strongarm people into doing what she wants. While I was in her $10,000 program, I personally told her about Stacey stealing my IP while I was coach in $2k for $2k and she essentially told me to get over it, then she kept hiring and promoting Stacey as this paragon of coaching excellence. It was incredibly hurtful and she has never once made anything like amends to me, nor to many other people who were damaged by similar behavior. (Perhaps she has to some, but...I don't know of any of them yet. So.)
And now she's distancing herself? Sorry, Simone, but you're painted with the same shit. Pretending you're some ethical paragon now is hypocrisy unless YOU put your money where YOUR mouth is. Do those of us you gaslighted get refunds? Just wondering...
Basically, she has awesome tools, severely damaged and damaging emotional intelligence, and zero accountability. Be very careful how you work with Simone, or you could be one of the many victims she's left in her wake.
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2023.06.03 20:45 Cholofroyo What term would a relationship like this get?

I would love to find a situation with a woman - where we can both work to the best of our ability. I seem to draw male subs, it would be a blast if she exuded dom energy and we could both be in control together - does this have a name? And what would such a union be called?
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2023.06.03 20:45 Suspicious-Eggplant6 is asking for a girls number without making conversation first creepy?

15m i was volunteering today and saw a girl that i thought was pretty. we were working most of the time and her parents were there so it was hard to talk to her. i definitely had my chances as we were alone sometimes but i just was too nervous to talk to her. i ended up asking her for her number but she said she left her phone in the car. i do remember her talking about leaving it in the car to her mom but if she was interested wouldn’t she just ask to put it in mine? i also did this at the park where i asked a girl for her number without talking to her first and i got the number but she hasn’t texted back. does this come off as creepy or is it just weird
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2023.06.03 20:43 esmerelda6969 I had four of the worst cycles of my life, started getting symptoms right from ovulation, and it was absolutely horrendous.

Then I just had two months where I had next to no symptoms other than physical, I’ve just had ovulation and I feel absolutely horrendous again, does anyone else have it like this? I don’t understand how I just had two normal cycles with barely any symptoms at all. Now day 10 in cycle and my skin, my body , my mind .. everything gone upside down again. I look and feel terrible
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2023.06.03 20:43 ElderberrySad7804 federal court or state court?

Can it be optional whether to file a lawsuit in state vs federal court? It is possible this will have to be a pro se action, one lawyer was very interested but decided his small firm did not have the resources to pursue and it's not big enough for the firms that handle related work.
To explain: EMTALA is a federal law that requires emergency rooms to screen and stabilize a patient before discharging or transferring. It includes a private right of action and I know it can be filed in federal court. Usually this comes up in connection with medical malpractice (not in this case) and I have found cases where an EMTALA was combined with med mal in federal courts AND in state courts.
It would be combined with a tort pertaining to abuse by medical staff and claims of intentional infliction of emotional distress. It would not be possible to prove that the situation resulted in physical injury (although due to the emotional injuries and trauma the patient waited for further treatment of his condition until he could change insurance policies and access a different network). He does have a medical PTSD diagnosis.
The EMTALA situation involved a stretch of many hours where the patient was in acute pain (due to a chronic condition that had exacerbated) and was admitted to the ER but hospital admin would not allow ER to provide any treatment and said they were talking to their lawyers before deciding what to do about him. No exams, no vitals, no pain medication, no ETA, left in limbo. They would not discharge or transfer him either. This went on for many hours before they admitted. (I have not found any other case involving such a situation).
From cases I have found, I have definitely run into some where the combined state tort (med mal in those cases) and federal EMTALA claims have been filed in federal court and others in state courts. Is there a general principle to consider in making the decision? Person is still looking for a lawyer but if they don't find one they will go ahead pro se.
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2023.06.03 20:42 sexylev Be careful when it comes to refunding lost packages!

I’d like to tell the story of my first lost package in hopes that some can learn from my mistakes. I had a buyer buy a pair of Bape jorts for remarkably cheap (they were flawed). It was $48 shipped for them. The buyer asked twice before buying and immediately after if I could ship the next day. He wanted these FAST. I shipped an hour after he bought with priority mail and then went on vacation.
About a week later I get a threatening message from him telling me that he can’t believe I messed up (keep in mind the item is completely in USPS’s hands). Because the package had been sitting on town over for a few days with no updates. At this point the package should’ve been long arrived as priority mail means 2-3 day delivery time. I tell him it is out of my control how USPS handles packages but that I will try everything in my power to get the item to him and if it isn’t found I will file an insurance claim on the package once it is allowed and refund him upon its approval.
I file 2 missing mail claims while receiving harassing messages from him every single morning. Like it was actually an inside joke between my girlfriend and I as every single morning I would wake up to “where is my package?” or “how could you do this you’re so irresponsible?” from him as I told him over and over that it is out of my control and I have to wait a certain number of days before usps will officially declare it lost and let me file an insurance claim. In these messages he ranges from threatening to understanding but it always loops back to “why don’t I have it?” Which I explained each and every day. Another week passes an I am able to file an insurance claim on the package. The insurance claim isn’t updated by usps after five days and I eventually just get tired of the harassing messages (it was genuinely starting to take a toll on my mental health dealing with aggression the moment I woke up every morning despite doing everything I could).
I ended up refunding him. THAT NIGHT the package starts moving again after over two weeks of radio silence (it almost felt too coincidental, like he worked for or knew someone at the post office). It delivers to him the next day after weeks of being in transit. He got his refund AND the item. Miraculously, USPS approved my insurance claim AFTER the item started moving again and I ended up getting the money for the item anyway. But I want to caution sellers to truly allow enough time for a lost item to be found by USPS before refunding a buyer, even if they’re pushy. EVERY package I’ve had that has been lost for extended periods of time has ended up delivered. Radio silence on tracking does not mean the item is lost for good! Reassure your buyers with anecdotes to calm their mind! You don’t want to be out an item and the money over something that is resolved with patience
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2023.06.03 20:42 tossaway365989 Not sure if I need advice or just vent, Divorce

TLDR: Wife (28) is done, I'm (27) done, but we have a 3mth daughter who is in the crossfire. Don't know what to do financially, mentally, physically. Wife left hours ago with our daughter but idk where or when she'll be back.
Hello, wasn't sure were to post this, relationships, divorce, etc, but I know I do need to talk about this.
My wife and I have been married for two years and in a relationship for just over ten. High school sweet hearts who have stayed by each other. We have had our ups and downs but I think last night was the end.
The problem that I have with our relationship is that I do everything. I work 40hrs a week w/ a hour commute one way, I manage the bills and finances, clean, cook, shop groceries, maintain our home, etc. This has been a reoccurring issue in our relationship that has never been fixed. If I bring it up my wife shuts down and doesn't talk to me. If she does talk it's only through text, never face to face. My wife takes care our 3mth old now, but before that she worked at a local bakery.
I don't argue that a stay at home mom is a full time job but it gets under my skin that she always has time for video games and reality tv but not to load dishes or run the dishwasher. This goes on for weeks on end until I can't take it which after an exchange of words she finally helps for a day or two.
Now to last night. I came home a little later after grocery shopping after work and found the house a mess. Clothing everywhere, dishes stacked, and my wife watching the Kardashians playing Zelda. I unloaded the groceries and asked what she wanted for dinner, she shrugged and said idk. This sent me over the top so I cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishes and started laundry. Meanwhile, my anger grew with each task I finished and she just stood and watched...so I left.
I took my car and just drove until I found a empty parking lot. I just sat in my car and screamed. I then contemplated leaving the city, the state, the country, and never looking back. I then thought about our daughter and how I couldn't leave her, so I cried and fell asleep in my car. I woke up hours later and my phone was dead. It was 3am and I worked up all my mental fortitude to drive home.
I slept in our spare bedroom and woke to my wife stomping around the house. She then texted me to tell me she was leaving and that I need to come say goodbye to my daughter. I spent about an hour loving her and crying before my wife left. She didn't say where but i assume her parents. I told her to make sure she tells our daughter that I love her. She told me I had my chance to do so and left.
Here I am sitting in our nursery covered in tears and snot trying to understand where to go from here. Divorce is on the table, our marriage has been sexless (2 or 3 time per year), but I also cant support two households especially with student loans starting. I just feel broken and like a failure.
I'll try to respond to comments or advice.
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2023.06.03 20:40 throwstuff165 The Case(on) for Wallace: Some musings on the potential fit of one of our theoretical PG options in the Draft.

Apologies for the pun in the title, but the fruit was hanging too low to pass up. And apologies as well to the folks here that think the word “trade” is an affront to their Spurs fandom, but until the draft gets here in a few more weeks, there’s going to continue to be discussion around making a move for another first-round pick, presumably to address the long-term-PG-shaped hole in the roster right now.
Based on a few polls that have popped up on this sub lately, it seems like most people here (including u/paxusromanus811, whose opinions as a draft evaluator and Spurs fan are some that I greatly respect) like Anthony Black the best of our presumed options, but everyone seems to recognize that it might be hard to find a trade partner in his projected range. Amen Thompson is a fun pipe dream, but I’m incredibly wary of the fact that he and his twin were overagers in the mess that is OTE, and I don’t know if I’m a believer in his shot ever being fixed, either. Then you’ve got Kobe Bufkin, who’s been a bit of a late riser as a jack-of-all-trades sophomore but isn’t quite as polished as a defender or playmaker.
I like all three of those guys quite a bit, and if the Spurs end up with any of them on the 22nd I’ll be very pleased. But I wanted to take a little time to focus on Cason Wallace, because I think if you told me we had our pick between any of the guard prospects in the first round outside of Scoot, I’d want him. That’s not to say I’d bet on him being the “best” player of the four in 10 years (though I don’t think that’s impossible), but I think he fits in the best with what the San Antonio identity is going to be now and in the future. I think the advantages that the other guys have over him are of less consequence to the Spurs than vice versa.
The Spurs have a lot of player development to focus on this year. Wemby is going to command a lot of usage for obvious reasons. Sochan’s second season is going to be big as far as his potential progression as a shooter and playmaker while also likely getting some run as an actual point forward / lead ball handler. Branham probably isn’t suited to be a PG, and running him in that position too much carries a risk of hampering his growth as the smooth scoring SG he’s meant to be.
Enter Cason Wallace, who could bring some really valuable versatility. He spent the first half of the season with Kentucky as a movement C&S guy, then took over as the starting PG in a very ball-dominant role after Sahvir Wheeler went down. He had success in both roles, and combined with his overall high level of understanding of the game, he’d be the perfect complement for the roster now and in the future - he can be a high-level kickout option and floor spacer for possessions where we want Victor or Jeremy or Vassell to mostly run the show, but he can also competently run the offense as the lead at any given time as well.
Wallace shot 34.6% from 3-point range this season, which is good but not amazing. That number needs a little context, though. In the fifteen games before January 10, he shot 41.9% from 3 on 4.9 attempts/game. I’m using that as the boundary point because he started to suffer back spasms on that date and pretty much just played through them for the rest of the season, where he shot 24.5% on 3.3 attempts/game. Back injuries are, generally speaking, the toughest injuries to shoot through - those muscles are involved in so much of your body movement that it’s basically impossible to maintain the same mechanics, and Wallace’s form is visibly more rigid and square in the second half of the season. His natural form is very smooth and free-flowing, but there were some games post-spasms that he was barely even getting off the ground. That Jan 10 date is also, interestingly, when he took over lead guard responsibilities, so as you can see from his 3PA/game, his catch-and-shoot opportunities went way down. Still, his 3P% ended within 1% of Bufkin’s for the full season on higher volume, so I’m comfortable calling him the most projectable spot-up shooter of the popular Spurs options.
Really, the bottom line here is that we already have Sochan, who may never be much of a shooter, and Wemby, whose shot I think will develop but isn’t guaranteed to turn into something that other teams have to gameplan for in a significant way. Without Chip Engelland still in the fold, I’d be a little concerned about adding another guy to our long-term core that needs a lot of work in that area.
Other notes:
Kentucky’s adjusted offensive rating with Wheeler as the starting point guard was 109.3. After Wallace took over, that number jumped to 115.7 - top 20 in the country over that period - in what was easily the tougher half of their schedule. Much has been made about concerns over whether Wallace can truly be a lead guard, but the kid can run an offense. He put up more AST/game than Black and Bufkin on a significantly better AST/TOV ratio (over 2 to 1). Here’s the stat I don’t think is getting nearly enough attention, though: of the 86 two-pointers Wallace made this year, only 9 were assisted (9.5%). By comparison, 28.9% of Black’s and 25.4% of Bufkin’s were assisted. Marks under 10% for that stat are generally very, very good indicators that we’re looking at a skilled primary creator. It’s also probably worth noting that Black’s numbers at the rim were considerably worse than Wallace’s despite his size and the fact that he had twice as many dunks.
Other notes:
This is Wallace’s calling card as far as being the skill that gives him such a high floor as a pick, and yet I still think it’s being a little underrated comparatively. Black has 3 inches of height and 15lbs on him, and is seen as a guy who’ll be able to comfortably defend 1-3 and maybe even 4s at the next level. But Wallace actually has the longer wingspan of the two (6’85” vs 6’75”) and I think he’s the more polished defender as far as fundamentals and disruptiveness. He’s deceptively strong, too. I think he’s equally capable of guarding up to 3s as well and even some small ball 4s in the vein of Andrew Wiggins or our very own Keldon Johnson - those sorts of lineups are still steadily gaining popularity. The fact that Black averaged effectively the same amount of blocks as Wallace and Bufkin despite his advantages in height and bounce is either a slightly worrying sign for Black or a big credit to the other two. Either way, the guy we’re theoretically drafting here gets to play alongside Sochan and Wemby, so even if Black does have a slight switchability advantage, I’m not convinced it’ll be all that impactful in the long run. Give me that small extra bit of refinement any day.
Wallace has some detractors for being a bit of a “safe” guard that doesn’t get too creative with his passing and playmaking, or at least he hasn’t yet. And look, some of the things Anthony Black pulls off make my jaw drop the same as everyone else’s does. But we’re Spurs fans - we saw the Beautiful Game in real time. For the most part, that wasn’t a system that relied on crazy passes but on the right passes, and on guys making smart movements to be in the right place at the right time. Even as one of the worst teams in the league last year, the Spurs were still top 3 in the NBA in assists/game and bottom 5 in TOs/game - this isn’t a system that is in desperate need of a guard to shake things up.
Wallace excels at those things, and he just comes off as a Spurs-y player in a lot of other ways too. He hustles like a madman - you couldn’t watch a Kentucky game without seeing him dive on the floor for a loose ball and running like hell to get back in transition - and is more than willing to play whatever role he has to to help his team win. And while he certainly gets fired up after some big plays, he’s a guy that mostly just goes about his business on the court. I can’t remember a time where I saw him do anything that could possibly be construed as taunting.
The Kentucky Guard Effect is something that can’t be ignored at this point, either. He isn’t the same style of player as a Tyrese Maxey or SGA, but when you go back and look at the scouting reports for those guys compared to Wallace’s, you see a lot of similarities - questions over whether they can really be a lead guard or if they have talents outside of the singular role they played as Wildcats. I’m not saying Wallace can be the next SGA, but I think a Maxey-like breakout is well within the realm of possibility. He accelerates well on drives, and even though he struggled to create significant separation at times, he’s such a good finisher that all he needs is a half step - he hardly ever got blocked. Kentucky’s spacing was supremely terrible last year, too, so Wallace should really benefit from the extra room on an NBA court. I actually think his passing creativity has also become a little underrated at this point simply by virtue of being compared to Black - he showed off some impressive reads on lobs in particular, and if he’s going to spend his career throwing alley-oops to Wembanyama he doesn’t need to get especially fancy anyway.
All in all, what you have in Wallace is someone who’s going to bottom out as a high-level role player and who could very, very easily have more to his game than that. We got to see him play two different roles as a Wildcat, which should give him plenty of priceless versatility immediately when coming into a rebuilding team with a lot of high-ceiling players to develop. But Calipari’s system never allowed him to play both roles at once, and if the Spurs are truly going to commit to this positionless basketball ideology (which they’ll have the personnel to do), that flexibility could fit in perfectly. I’m not saying Anthony Black can’t eventually develop a shot, and he’s such a smart cutter and strong finisher off the pass that he has some value off-ball already too. I just think Cason offers more to this team in that potential role right now as far as what it could mean for continued player development, and that there’s more than enough upside still there that we wouldn’t be limiting ourselves.
So, yeah, there's some draft crush propaganda for y'all today.
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2023.06.03 20:39 Sensitive_Mud9003 I feel used

He confessed to me last Monday and I've been waiting for his next action regarding our relationship since; of whether he was going to officially ask me out or not.
We're not officially dating, but we sure do fucking act like it. I feel used because he does and says romantic things and yet, he still couldn't figure out what he wanted to do next.
He keeps giving me mixed signals, and he knows that. He told me he wanted us to be together, but also told me that he somewhat "regretted" confessing. Bitch, respectfully, what?
I finally had enough and asked him through Messenger where he stood at the moment. He told me the same things, that he was still thinking.
I asked him about when he could make his decision. He told me it was either on or before our graduation day (2 weeks from now) and bitch...
He apologized and said that he was "considering a lot of factors" and acknowledging that he is indeed giving me mixed signals.
I am not one to rush or to manipulate someone into making a decision that favored me. I just... find it incredibly disappointing how we already treat each other like we're already a thing -- and yet he can't make that official leap? Like...?
I really don't get it. If you're not sure, then why the hell do you cling onto me like you are? It really sucks. I really feel like a fool. I feel so fucking dumb.
If these negative feelings of mine keep up, I might not even wait for his decision (and I have told him this, he said he understood). I wished him the best in making his decision, and reminded him to make a choice that he does want.
Our friends say he's just paralyzed by decision-making -- overthinking every single thing. But goddamn it, I already told him that I was here if he wanted to talk it through (as I would also be part of the relationship, hello?). I received no response on that matter.
I know he wants me, and I really want him too. It's just those... "factors" or whatever is keeping him hesitating. Logically, I shouldn't continue pursuing this anymore. It just seems pathetic -- I shouldn't have to wait for what would be 3 DAMN WEEKS for a yes or a no. However, I still want some outside perspective. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.03 20:39 ellieisherenow I Watched Matt Walsh’s Movie, What Was the Point?

My journey started yesterday, with the movie being released on Twitter. I thought it was a good time to finally see what all the fuss was about, and to take a good critical look at something multiple people both in my life and online have shoved on me.
The movie fell apart. Many of the movie’s claims are wrong (John Money didn’t invent the terms Matt said he did), misleading (Alfred Kinsey’s Table 34 didn’t come from Kinsey himself, rather they’re from an interview with a single pedophile, and the film makes no claim as to what this information is actually used for or concludes) or missing great amounts of context (Lupron was sued for fraud, not malpractice, and Lupron is a ‘chemical castration agent’ in a specific use scenario, it is a multi-use drug).
The interviewees were not prepared to have a debate, they were prepared for an interview. Furthermore, when Matt gets an answer to his famous question, he fails to recognize that it’s a platitude given to him by a man who’s office he stepped into and refused to listen to, cutting his enthusiastic explanation out of the documentary to where its overlayed and unintelligible. Matt has one professional interviewee who agrees with him, and she talks of a shadow operation to scrub information about John Money and Alfred Kinsey from the public consciousness.
There’s other issues. A woman makes a claim that research into the topic is suppressed and the film just wants you to take that at face value, the film in its entirety is a nonargument for the conclusion anyways. Matt does no legwork to justify his own conclusion. Its one big argument from absurdity and argument from disgust that, quite frankly, shit itself onto my phone screen. It is up its own ass about unproven conspiracy theories, more concerned with being salacious than factual or in any way unbiased, and is a failure of a documentary.
So I ask. What is the point? The whole film relies on the viewer to be a blank slate, someone with no prior knowledge and someone who won’t question the film’s claims. The people being swayed by this film are uncritical and the people sharing it have other, most likely more credible arguments for the film’s premise. It is a gateway drug for unintellectual conversation about a topic that, on both sides, concerns itself with intellectualism. Who does this benefit?
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2023.06.03 20:39 AkselTranquilo I’m so tired of relationships

This is not an edgy incel post lol
I (19 INFJm) just come out of a short relationship right after almost dating a girl I was in love with. I’m a very loving, sexual, and affectionate person who’s always romanticized relationships and sex and always wanted a girlfriend more than anything. It’s been like that since I was like 9
Anyways, now it all seems so unappealing. Now normally, I’d attribute this to resentment, repressed anger or sadness, trauma, or something else. But I just feel tired and sad when I think about relationships.
I’m jealous of people who regularly have sex with lots of people (something I’m incapable of, cause I don’t want to. But I’m still weirdly jealous), I’m jealous of people in relationships, and I feel deep self hatred if it’s anyone my age.
I feel these things a lot in general, but the difference is that now, I don’t even want a relationship. I feel jealous and self hatred but every time I hear about relationships I just think “that does not sound worth it” or “that seems so stressful”
I normally have the desire to talk to women in hope of something more, flirting, and falling in love, but right now I really don’t want to.
I should also say that I’m a virgin, I’m autistic, I’ve had two long distance relationships, and I’ve had a lot of hard years. And at this point the whole sex/romance world, just seems so stressful and tiring. I don’t like most of the women where I live, but I can’t really move to another country.
So that whole world seems so pointless and tiring.
Has anyone experienced this and what advice can you give?
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