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2023.06.07 01:37 w_ross03 beatstar's progress format bothers me...

hope you enjoy this rant
I hate how playing the game automatically forces you into unlocking boxes to fill the slots for a few reasons. the boxes that you unlock are not worth the time it takes to open them. you will wait for hours and hours for a box to open just to receive like 3 genre cards for a genre you dont even care about. maybe you get a good genre if you're lucky. but even if you are lucky you still need 30+ more of those cards to even unlock a song and you have to keep getting lucky over and over in hopes of getting a genre box (let alone a song you like within that genre) to even enjoy it.
the way to earn those boxes with the genre cards is by playing normally so you can fill up your box slots which you have ONLY THREE OF..... and you can't play at all if your slots are full. boxes can take 3-5 hours to open and your only option if you want to play a level is to spend money buying gems or watch a 30sec ad. the boxes should not take that much less time to earn than to open and free up a slot. you could earn a box in <10 minutes and then you're stuck waiting hours and hours for one box to open so that you have a free slot to earn a box which you will fill in <10mins again. it's a never ending loop of playing for 5 minutes and then waiting for 5 hours. it's horrible
the game requires way too much patience for those who can't spend money on it. it just bothers me because the gameplay is so good and they could really make the experience enjoyable without forcing the users into spending money just to play at all
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2023.06.07 01:36 Bot-alex Shell’s ‘green’ ad campaign banned in UK for being ‘likely to mislead’

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2023.06.07 01:36 MuLL3T80 How is everyone out there dealing with the fear of infidelity by their serious other?

I’m entering a new relationship. I think the world of her, but we need to do this first part of our relationship - at least the first few months - long distance.
She is so insanely attractive to me, talented, fun and sociable, it is all but guaranteed she will be hit on, lots and lots of times, while we are apart. And I don’t blame them, because I’d be trying too, if I met her for the first time. She’s amazing and I can’t believe I found her and got to this stage before anyone else did.
I’m searching for a way to put the anxiety in my mind at ease, and know that many of these feelings are coming from my own insecurities and issues with trust. I do trust her, but people make mistakes, and ultimately they will be offering her something I can’t while we are in separate countries, in terms of the fun of flirting, intimacy and sex.
Obviously, if she does anything, it’s on her, and her betrayal to deal with. But how can I console myself with the feelings of fear, and knowing I might never know if she did get involved with someone else? I’m wondering how others cope. I’m guessing millions have been through this.
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2023.06.07 01:36 MaryMaryMarbles Coworkers can make the worst job worth showing up for. What's the best coworker you've ever had and why?

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2023.06.07 01:36 Bepis_or_Conke Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Reliability

I’ve been car shopping and looking around at lots of hybrids and it seems the Elantra had the best value for cheapest. How is the reliability on those cars? It would be a 2023 of course. They have amazing warranties from what I have seen and I’ve heard very mixed reviews. Which makes me skeptical as I’m unsure it is a manufacturer problem or an owner problem (not following maintenance). Let me know your experiences.
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2023.06.07 01:36 --2021-- Dealing with the choosing between multiple imperfect decisions that aren't equally weighted loop

So I'm dealing with a situation where I need to temporarily store some glassware (jars).
We have a dusty environment, and our building has an ongoing roach problem which sometimes invades our apartment.
Ideally I'd find a straight sided bin with a tight lid and flat bottom to store all the glasses, I can't find that for some reason. All the bins I find are either without lids, or they taper so that the nest when stacked.
I started with stacking the jars on their sides in a bin, because it was too short to store them upright, but every time I move it the glasses hit each other and I felt it was slowly damaging them and making them more prone to breakage. Sure enough the bin tipped over and lightly hit something, and a couple glasses broke.
I found another bin that is tall enough to hold the glass jars upright, and somewhat straight sized (vertically straight, not tapered), though an irregular shape, because I guess it's aesthetic? And the bottom isn't perfectly flat. Because the bottom isn't flat the jars tip over.
I made a cardboard grid to put inside the box to keep the glasses from hitting each other, but the bin is slightly wider than the grid, so when tipped, everything slides, and the glasses at the edges tip over. I tried stuffing it with t-shirts but that didn't solve it.
I have different sized bins with similar problems. They're not flat bottomed, or they're tapered so the glasses on the sides keep tipping up against the side.
I have seen someone use a milk crate, which has flat sides and even bottom, but it's open, so dust and roaches can crawl in.
I thought of sticking one of those fabric folding cubes into a millk crate, but that still doesn't have a lid. Also the cube is too tall for the crate, so I can't stack the crates. I would need to stack 2-3 milk crates.
I wasted my free time today with my head spinning because I don't know what to do, and because I can't make a decision, everything else is piling up. I pretty much just had a panic attack a few min ago and shut down/passed out for a while.
I know people ship/deliver glass bottles all the time (beer bottles etc), my jars are a bit wider than that though. There has to be a way to do this.
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2023.06.07 01:36 JagVillBliFull I absolutely hate SUV/truck culture. It's a disgusting show of vanity that puts other road users at risk.

Suburbanites seem to love pickup trucks and SUVs because they are "safer in collisions". This is probably the stupidest argument alongside "I need a truck because I have a yard".
My complaints with these large vehicles only applies to those who buy them because of their perceived safety and don't otherwise need a truck. There's nothing wrong with farmers, builders, or boaters driving around in big trucks.
Three people in a regular car were killed near me today when a pickup truck hit them head-on. The mass and high bumper of the pickup truck meant that there was no chance of survival for the three occupants of the sedan.
Yet people buy these massive SUVs and trucks in the name of "safety". While the SUVs/trucks may be safer for those inside the vehicle, they are deadly for everyone else. And, they may not even be safer for those inside it either!
The first problem with SUVs/trucks is the poor visibility. Kids, pedestrians, smaller cars, and other things are harder to see from the seating position of these vehicles. Adding cameras and sensors to the front is a poor way of fixing this issue.
SUVs /trucks also have worse handling compared to a similar sedan or wagon which means that an accident that could have been avoidable in a smaller car results in a collision.
The huge mass also means that SUVs/trucks take longer to stop.
The higher seating position of SUVs also changes the perception of speed. You are higher up so it is harder to perceive how fast you are moving, which leads to accidental speeding.
SUVs don't even have more cargo capacity compared to a wagon or van of the same size. I was able to fit an Ikea kitchen table in my Volvo sedan with the seats folded down, and my friend has no problem living with an even smaller Audi A3, even taking it on longer trips with plenty of luggage on board.
It's time to stop this SUV nonsense. We need to tax SUVs more heavily to make up for the damage they are doing to society (I haven't even mentioned the environmental problems).
Since pickup trucks are already registered as commercial vehicles in America, I think they need something like a CDL-lite license. Not quite a full CDL, but a simple written test that adds a pickup truck, RV or other large vehicle endorsement to a regular car license. The test would cover basics like the dangers of a higher seating position, perceptions of speed, pedestrian safety, and more.
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2023.06.07 01:35 Bepis_or_Conke Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Reliability

I’ve been car shopping and looking around at lots of hybrids and it seems the Elantra had the best value for cheapest. How is the reliability on those cars? It would be a 2023 of course. They have amazing warranties from what I have seen and I’ve heard very mixed reviews. Which makes me skeptical as I’m unsure it is a manufacturer problem or an owner problem (not following maintenance). Let me know your experiences.
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2023.06.07 01:35 Worldly_Eagle7918 Any advice or help

Hi all,
Me and my partner were victims of a hate crime attack a couple of weeks ago by neighbour. I’m disabled and not only that we are a same sex couple and the “neighbour” decided that he was going to use that and launched a vile attack on us. This is all because an ambulance blocked them from getting off the street while they were looking after me when I was quite unwell.
This was reported to the police but due to the lack of evidence it was a “he said they said” case they dropped the case and gave him a warning of leave them alone, they have put a marker on our address so if it does happen again they’ll attend straight away. The copper also advised us to look at a home security system or CCTV and a video doorbell. Now I can’t afford to pay for this off the bat, but I have received an email from sky about Sky Protect and the tech bundle of a video doorbell and indoor security camera. I wanted to know is there anything else like this out there? Is there anywhere that does more of a security system ie 2/3 CCTV cameras, alarm, video doorbell?
The whole incident has left me really shaken and I’m going to be honest it’s terrified me, we had to go out the other day and when we got back home this neighbour was outside I got out of the car and was trying to unlock my front door and I was visibly shaking and almost in tears because I was terrified that something was going to happen. He was stood at his van just shouting “liars” “lairs” “best not say anything otherwise the lairs will go to the police” obviously I had no evidence of this so even if I did they couldn’t do anything.
I do get quite poorly at times due to having a fair few health conditions so ambulances are inevitable for me and all this because I was unwell the crew needed to get the ambulance as close as they could and they blocked a private road for about 40 minutes. It was about a week after that I got home from hospital that he came storming out of his house just as my other half was getting me into the car to take me for an appointment that all this happened. Even worse it took the police nearly 24 hours to get out.
Sorry for the rambling but if anyone can suggest anything that is like sky protect or a company that will allow me to make monthly payments and fit the system once it’s all paid or a company who will allow me to pay it off monthly would be great. The only down side to the sky protect is the home insurance, we don’t really have anything that is worth getting insurance but if no one can suggest anything else then I’ll give them a go.
Again sorry for my rambling and thanks in advance :)
Edit: incase people didn’t realise we’re based in England.
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2023.06.07 01:35 AffectionateStep5001 Great Canadian Rebates Referral - Cashback for Shopping + Possible $3 Sign-up Bonus 🇨🇦 :)

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2023.06.07 01:35 Moist-Ad-9151 Boyfriends Bo Boo……

I get to fit 5 adults and our luggage in my…..2022 Nissan Versa S for 4 hours. It was supposed to be four of us, but he asked if a mutual friend could come. I said yes if our other friend couldn’t make it up from Texas. He got excited and invited said person anyway and now there’s 5 of us……trunk space I’m actually not concerned with but that back middle seat is a joke lol
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2023.06.07 01:35 WatchYourSixOclock Hybrid to WFH

I was contemplating discussing with my manager the possibility of transitioning from working three days in the office to a fully remote setup, relying on a made-up excuse about my car dying and not wanting to invest in replacement. You think this could work without jeopardizing my position? any other alternative suggestions that could potentially work? The job is hybrid 3 days in but it's perfect for OE if I was fully remote, wanting to see if there is a way I could make it work before starting a search.
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2023.06.07 01:35 Bepis_or_Conke Hyundai Elantra Hybrid Reliability

I’ve been car shopping and looking around at lots of hybrids and it seems the Elantra had the best value for cheapest. How is the reliability on those cars? It would be a 2023 of course. They have amazing warranties from what I have seen and I’ve heard very mixed reviews. Which makes me skeptical as I’m unsure it is a manufacturer problem or an owner problem (not following maintenance). Let me know your experiences.
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2023.06.07 01:35 cagedsanimal Anyone near Tampa

I'm looking for someone to feminize me and put me in chasity I want to be your slave I am 18 years old and am willing to make a lifestyle out of this please dm me
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2023.06.07 01:35 Low_Basil9900 In my (36M) head. Is somone trying to sleep with my partner (36F)?

Hello advisors, I (36M) can't tell if I'm writing this to vent or just write it out so I understand my feelings or what but your advice would be appreciated.
It's such a non issue in a lot of ways but it's just bugged the hell out of me.
Its gonna be a long one, so Lets get to it. I've been with my partner for 8 years. My partner (36F) loves to party, and is a very driven person. We have 2 (2yr ang 7yr) kids together who are wonderful but both have ADHD plus possibly ASD for one (just like us) and both are completely full on, wont sleep, and I have no energy for anything except my job, which is very demanding and taking a hit at the moment because of the life stage we're at as a family. So whenever I'm not working I feel immense guilt and like I'm falling behind - and because I work in sales, I know I am because I have the numbers to prove it.
My partner works part time, but has also gotten involved with the school our eldest goes to with the aim to help my eldest bond with other children by building up a community of parents. They have possible ASD and have a hard time socially. My partner has done some wonderful stuff for the school and built a community of parents who are like minded and done some awesome events, one of which was a panto which raised loads for the school and it really has built up some awesome community vibes.
At the after party for this show she was at one of the parents house till very early in the morning. Some months before, following a bout of depression/identity crisis bought on by an illness from the wife, she came out as poly to her husband and he seems fine with it. She also wants to do drugs and live love laugh. Cut back to the after party. After many drinks and possibly some other recreationals, the husband casually mentioned to my (bi) partner that he'd be fine if his wife and my partner got it on (Possibly did a threesome?!). I know it's mad I can't remember if he said the second thing, but this was about 6 months ago, and I have some issues with my memory/I don't trust my memory because of my ADHD and/or dyslexia.
My partner told me this next morning. In my mind this is good because she isn't trying to keep things from me and I value her honesty (of which she practically incapable of lying). But when I noted that this was fairly scummy, she just brushed it off, said it was a passing drunken comment, and said that I wasn't really oftern in these positions to get into these conversations because I don't socialise*. Which is true. But it's not by choice. This all pissed me off in various ways, but I got over it because I believed her - and specifically I beleived she wouldn't do anything even if it got to be a serious propensition. I know she loves our family and it would kill her if it broke up.
*Context - we used to go out and party pretty hard together as friends for years, and I very much miss it and partying with her - but it's next to impossible to do that with 2 kids and a support network that gets leant on very hard so I can travel for work and be away for days at a time. My partner encourages me to try to socialise and do hobbies but I just don't feel able to. Admittedly I think I could if I kicked my crushing Internet addiction which is exacerbated by my ADHD and fills me with self loathing, but thats a different story).
So yeah. Here's the part that I have to admit I fucked up. I checked her messages. I shouldn't have, but I did. I trust her, but in my formative adult years (18-23) I was in a fairly abusive relationship where my ex (along with the classical abuse stuff of making me cut ties with friends, love bombing etc) would control me by accusing me of eyeing up other women or being lecherous whenever we walked by groups of women or even watched a movie with a sex scene (she even once repetitively slapped me accross the face because she thought i'd been watching porn based off my browsing history because it had gaps and there was a scantily clad woman in a google image search). This has made me so utterly sexually repressed it has effected me to this day and I have a very hard time being sexually authentic or honest unless I'm absolutely in the moment. And in the end she cheated on me both emotionally and physically with a friend (and possibly with another person who i wasnt friends with it recently came out). This has...given me some issues with trust. I trust my partner, but It's almost a compulsion to check messages whenever I see her phone unattended. I don't even want to, I just automatically do it. This has gotten 10 times worse since I've figured out I can preview unread messages without making them look like they've been read.
What did I find? The wife has messaged my partner saying "hey, this is a bit weird but I have some mushrooms, you wanna try them with me?"** . I cant read any more because otherwise it will mark it as read and the wife will see it as read.
This has fucked with my head and completely changed how I view the earlier part of this story. So what if she wants to try drugs and experience things. Is she trying to lay the ground work to get in my partners pants? Had she earmarked my partner to her husband, and he was just putting the feelers out?
**Context my partner has done a fair amount of drugs, so I wouldn't be surprised if this came up in conversation and my partner said she'd get involved if the opportunitycame up.
I feel stressed by this. I can't bring it up with her because I'd have to tell her I've read her messages which I don't even want to be doing. It could also be all in my head - it was a throw away comment, and they just all are friends and it's all above board.
This also isnt helped by the fact that we are not having much sex because of the kids. We want to, but we''re either all together as a family (which is awesome and i love it, but like i say, They. Dont. Sleep.) Or were apart and doing separate things.
I just don't know what to do. I wish I'd never read the message.
TL;DR is somone trying to get into bed with my partner? Do I talk to her or am I fixating on something that isn't a problem?
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2023.06.07 01:35 ilvukausadisngl Wealthsimple/Wealth Simple: Free Stock up to $3000 Use Code: PGVORW

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2023.06.07 01:35 DraftyBubble156 Need players for my new campaign

I need some consistent players for my new campaign The Forgotten Realms and for this campaign I am willing to take up to 6 players and I already have 1 so the slots are limited and it is first come first serve. I am an experienced dm with over 5 years of experience. We will play 4 times a week starting on 6/8/23 and play at 11. EST until we want to stop. We will also play on Monday, Wednesday Friday and Sunday. If you are interested please make a character and reply to this post. You character should be level 1 I don’t care what you do I have the experience to run a whole game 100% on the fly so don’t be scared of railroading and I open to all types of players for beginners to experienced players all you need to know is the basics. I hope to see you there
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2023.06.07 01:35 PhysicalLeg2 Make me in Gacha and I’ll make an oc for you (Dont batter my looks 💀)

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2023.06.07 01:35 Purple-Yogurt7162 I have a newer undeveloped modded Isle of siptah server up and looking for more players

As stated the map is Isle of Siptah, I created it about a week ago and right now it is me and another friend. So it's a fresh world. Its pve on the weekdays. Pvp on weekends from 8am-11pm. Looking for more players to join. New players are welcome. I'll include a mod list, the game will auto download them nothing major though, mainly just quality of life mods or to make the game look better. The server name is OceanCity. Have a discord aswell . Here is the modlist. Search for OceanCity right now there isn't a password.
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2023.06.07 01:35 saladass-chan For sale trying to make space im also willing to trade

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2023.06.07 01:35 Due-Acanthisitta1459 Arthritis Stiffness & Pain

Hello everyone. I’ve been into fountain pens for about three years. I live near DC and plan to attend the pen show later this summer. I’ve been happily using my “beginner” pens and looking to buy a nicer pen or two. Writing with them has been so good for my mental health during and post-pandemic lockdowns.
I’ve had mildly stiff fingers and knuckles for a few years. Nothing painful but occasionally ache-y. My mother has rheumatoid arthritis. All of a sudden, maybe 3-4 months, the stiffness in my fingers is making it difficult to hold onto anything and my hands/wrists/fingers are more often sore and starting to be more painful and swell for longer periods. I’m not able to make fist every day let alone not drop my phone several times a day..
Anyways, I’ve no idea what I need to consider with writing and pens. I have medium/small hands. My writing is shifting from a stationary hand with moving fingers to now moving my entire arm/hand to write while the pen kinda rests between my fingers. How do others with hand pain manage? Can you manage? Are there exercises I can do? Should I be looking at biggegirthier pen bodies?
The largest pen I have is the Eco and Safari. The Lamy grip section is helpful, I think. I’ve been leaning toward a 2000 but I’m beginning to think it might be too small with my jacked up hands.
Advice or thoughts?
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2023.06.07 01:34 clegay15 Tales of Middle Earth Flavor Critique: Witch-king of Angmar

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan; I re-read the books typically once a year. I also adore the movies, and find all of Tolkien's legendarium absolutely awesome. Truly one of my favorite hobbies so I'd like to offer some critiques and excitement of flavor gems from Tales of Middle Earth. I won't do every card, but I'll comment on some individual cards and how WOTC did on it. I will comment on the cards abilities but only insofar as it impacts the flavor; i.e. what the card is doing not power level, etc.
To be clear: I understand there are sacrifices you need to make for the greater game, and sometimes those come first. For these articles: I am looking at each card in a vacuum, so if I seem harsh it's because I am using a single lens.
Next up: Witch-king of Angmar!
Flavor Preface
We never learn who, exactly, Sauron gave his rings to. We know that seven rings were given to the Dwarves and nine to Men, but which kings/lords is left a mystery. The only known receivers are: King Durin III, Lord of Khazad-dûm received the Ring of Thror (supposedly given to him by Celebrimbor himself, and not Sauron) and one of the Nine was given to a man who became the Witch king of Angmar. In the middle of the Third Age he went North and founded a kingdom called Angmar.
In Angmar the Witch-King gathered power to himself while the Northern kingdom first splintered into three kingdoms (Rhudar, Cardolan and Arethain) making them vulnerable to him. He swiftly destroyed Rhudar and over time managed to destroy Cardolan as well. The last kingdom, Arethain, called to the Elves for help and armies from Elrond and Lindon came to their assistance and successfully repelled the Witch King's attack.
Later the Witch King attacked the last remaining remnant of Arnor and destroyed that kingdom. In response Gondor sent an army which, along with armies from Lindon and Rivendell, routed the Witch King and ended the Kingdom of Angmar for good and all. During the last battle a mighty Elven lord Glorfindel prophesied that "not by the hands of Men will he fall" (wink wink) foreseeing Eowyn's defeat of him at the Pelennor Fields.
The Witch-king then became Sauron's deadliest servant and even challenged Gandalf during the siege of Gondor. The two did not come to blows, but it is unclear whether Gandalf could have defeated him.
He's black, entirely corrupted by his ring and entirely under the thrall of Sauron: he is a slave to his will.
Creature Type
Wraith and Noble are good: if there was a way I'd have loved to have seen "Warlock" and "Minion" as well. All of the Nazgul are minions to Sauron: their wills replaced with their masters. Warlock to reference the fact that he is an evil sorcerer as well.
I really like this card it's flavorful and powerful. I might have suggested making him a 'wraith lord' since he is the leader of the Nazgul, or perhaps a lord of Orcs to suggest him as a leader of Angmar. I am not entirely sure where they are showing him, but the flavor of him being hard to kill (discard to save him) is good and killing anything that attacks you (to reference that Merry's blade perished after striking him) are good. I might have also given him death touch or allow him to give stun counters to creatures to reference the Black Breath.
Overall an excellent job.
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