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2023.06.05 01:12 GenericBobbie Actually Proabort - the question is ON YOU

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2023.06.05 01:11 Maleficent-Art4214 I feel like I dont fit to anybody and that I live in the wrong time.

It's hard to start this so hopefuly this wont turn out all over the place. I am a 22 y.o. guy from germany and ever since I can remember while beinng not exactly introverted but not totaly extroverted either I am was unable to be with people around my age and I really dont know why.
I want to connect with people but feel like everybody my age does is: travel the world, drink alcohol, take drugs, smoke whatever they can get, party every second night, go to (gym, concerts/ raves and bars) and talk about politics. All of those things I dislike, never do or cant connect with.
So what do I do?
I love to talk about life, Poetry and Philosophy. Having meaningful conversations in general is nice. I play Chess. I am a night owl type and love to stay awake up to like 4 am - 6 am. When I read its usualy some mangas or life advice/ improvement books. I play the same 4 video games since years and cant get tired of them. (they are multiplayer games with no actual end. I do play different single player games ofc.) I write storys just for fun and not to publish them nessesarly. I work as a salesman (I actually do enjoy anything that has to do with talking to customers and selling stuff). When I have the time I build computers. I do watch anime and some main stream tv shows and movies. I visit friends and family a lot (I just dont really connect with them in the things they spent their time with. But I really like them and their personalitys and see that they except me the way I am). I like to have a balance between calm and collected and funny/ weird and outgoing. List goes on but thats the main things.
And as a side note I do take care of my body and would not say I look very out of the ordinary.
I have tried to find people in multiple of my interests and either I encounter huge age gaps. The people I meet only do that one singular thing but cant really connect with anything else I do. The activity is just not very fit to make friends and connections with it. People dont like me as a person which is fine since you cant like everybody. The community around that activity is very unattractive to me. Or there is nothing going on in the area that I live in where I could go too to meet people.
Am I really that much of an unordinary guy that I cant find anybody that remotely shares my interests. Am I just borring or could it be something I am just unable to see and have to self reflect on? I get so frustrated with people around my age and how so many of them surpress their problems, live a destructive life and consume whatever aids this lifestyle. I cant associate with the current way things are in this time.
And in all of this, going out and meeting people didnt help me so far same as much as my desperate search online. All I really look for is just somebody in person that connects with atleast 2 or 3 things I really like so that we could have a nice personal chemistry build up and hang out.
So what should/ can I do?
Thank you very much for taking your time and reading trough all or atleast most of this. Please excuse my bad english and probably a good amount of typos.
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2023.06.05 01:11 mmdmf Am I being inappropriate to my female friends?

I ( male 25) am dating my girfriend (F 27 ) for about 5 years and my felame friendships has always being something that we hanos not manageg to fully agree upon.
For some context: i'm a pretty sensitive guy, I have always had a lot of female influence during my life, growing up I had always my mother, cousins, gandmother (and her sisters) and my aunts all around me and i have always found that interacting with females was a lot easyer because there was no pressure to act like a textbook male. I like cooking, sewing (more for repairs but I like) gossip, I have a preety good unsdertanding of clothes and colors, I like to take care of myself (a litle bit of skincare once a week) and in all honesty trying to explain that this stuff does not make me gay became very frustrating. Of course this has not stopped me from having a good relationship with men in general, I love my father (a pretty sensitive guy himself) and I actually gathered more male friends ( since I spend a year in the army and work in IT) that share a similar opinion about manhood and it is great not needing to poke on eachother for the smallest show of sensitivity, not felling the need to talk about soccer ( I'm from Brazil, and i find soccer pretty boring) or other "male" things. That being said, I have 2 very close female friends that I have known for 10 years now, A and B. I had a crush on A when I was 16 that went nowhere, and we acually really became friends at college years later when we bounded over doing simillar courses in college and or love for trekking but during this time I realized we were not meant for each other and saw that my crush as 16 was pretty stupid. And B has just being a great all around friend for all this years (honestly she is the best), but there was never any romantic tenson between us.
The problem started pretty much At the beginning of my relationship with my girlfiend GF in 2018 (first year of college). We satarted dating and the relationshipo became pretty serious pretty fast, she was just perfect and due to past trauma I had a real problem with physical contact, which GF was always absurdly patient and thoughfull about. I just knew ( and know) that that is the woman I want to spend my life with. Now to the actual problem. I was always very sincere, not in a mean way and I can tell white lies or lie to people that don't deserve the truth, but I kinda messed up in telling GF about my crush on A. At the time she did not react a lot, but as the relationship she showed signs of jealously and somethimes we actually fought over the subject. I unsderstand now that I did not needed to tell my GF about the crush, since it has not meant anything to me, and she actually did a lot to recognize and avoid her jealously. But recently he has had a falling out, and yesterday something happend that I actually got pretty anoyed at.
My GF spent the weekend at her mother's house, And in the saturday I had lunch with B and some friends, after the lunch my father asked me to go out with him to drink a coffe and when he listened that B was with me she asked her out too, after that he dropped us at my house where we proceeded to talk and have dinner (chicken sandwich so nothing fancy) and she left at about 10 pm. My GF knew that she was at my home, but didn't tough she was goint to spent so much time with me, actually I didn't tough either but we are very good friends and just kept talking and lost notion of time. After B went home I noticed GF kinda weird while exchanging messages, and she said that she did not like that I had ommitted the fact that B was going to spent so much time here, that I could've asked her and that was kinda disrespectfull of my part to do this. I tough it was weird because I know about her jealously of A, but B was never a problem, I know for a fact that GF is not jealous of her, the whole talk was about how disrespectfull I was in inving a female friend to our house and spending time with her nos considering how GF was going to feel about it, she also texted somethings about A tha she did not like and commented on other ocasions that she already told me I had being overstep normal relationship barriers that I should have know about.
So my question is, was I inappropriate? should I have been more careful knowing my girlfriend has this insecurities? And if yes how can I avoid it?
The post is pretty long already so if more information is needed I'll add as needed.

TLDR, girlfriend has problems with the way I handle my female friendships, blows up yesterday
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2023.06.05 01:11 anishyboy Miles was supposed to be bitten by the spider. (ATSV Spoilers)

In Spot's backstory. he explains how he brought a spider from Earth 42 to 1610, which escaped and bit our Miles. In the short flashback, he shows the spider next to 42 Miles, with the braids. it is unclear whether the spider was radioactive at this point or not, but if it was radioactive before then I think this suggests that Miguel was wrong about Miles and that he truly was supposed to be Earth 42's Spiderman.
If it was already radioactive, then it being near Miles suggest that he was destined to become spiderman. It sort of appears like the spider was going to bite Miles before it was brought to 1610. It is possible that the canon for Earth 42 had Miles actually being bit instead of Peter. That same spider technically found a Miles and bit it as it was "supposed to".
The movie is purposely unclear about these details (as expected) but I think this could suggest that Miguel was wrong about Miles and that he truly was supposed to be there.
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2023.06.05 01:11 acethecreatorOF My alternative parent theory

I have always felt the kids all had alternative parents. I knew they had an older person in their life who guided them in a way and gave them some perspective that wasn’t Ghallager living.
Carl - Luther: this one was the most obvious. Luther shaped Carl into a man the way Frank never did. He showed him discipline and that being a badass can be applied for good.
Lip - Youens: also pretty obvious. Youens was a worse alcoholic than Frank but he actually guided Lip directly with his education and opportunities but also indirectly by being an example lip could see with his own eyes of what he will be if he doesn’t stop drinking (unlike frank who lip never saw his fall from grace)
Fiona - Margo: Margo showed Fiona that there is a way out of the hood and that if she truly has entrepreneurial spirit she can be successful. Fiona had to work to get an audience and when she showed her strength by not selling for cheap, Margo respected her and pushed her in a right direction
Liam - LavaV: lavar and V were the only adult cultural connections to Liam. Through them he found an escape from the crackers
Debbie - Sandy and Ian - Ned:
This is where it gets weird because there was sexual activity that makes the dynamic less paternal but still these two adults gave the kids they were banging insite into a life they can live that’s not the south side. Idk these might be a stretch but lmk what you think
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2023.06.05 01:11 Wtj182 Can my tree be saved?

I have a red maple October glory, that was planted last year. I live on a slope and my neighbor over watered like crazy. And it flooded my yard, my tree was under water for most of last year. It started to show signs of drowning/root rot (I believe that's what's happening)
The only thing that has helped with the over watering neighbor has been sandbags all along my fence. I'll be putting a "garden box" around them and just burying them.
The leaves are a vibrant green, with the tips of them black, and crusty. This is happening on about 40% of the leaves.
Should I count this as tree #5 that this guy has killed or is it possible to save my mappe tree?
I can also post photos if needed.
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2023.06.05 01:11 spider999222 Head's up: June 12th protest of Reddit's API changes.

This subreddit will be joining in on the June 12th-14th protest of Reddit's API changes that will essentially kill all 3rd party Reddit apps.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.

What can you do as a user?

What can you do as a moderator?

Thank you for your patience in the matter,
-Mod Team
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2023.06.05 01:11 Ok_Interest_5997 Lauren Boebert, ladies and gentlemen.

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2023.06.05 01:11 Weekly_Tailor_3011 is there any mod that shows which item that causes dirty surroundings?

i often have hard time finding it, so highlighting it or zooming in on it would be really helpful when clicking on moodlet or something
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2023.06.05 01:10 Repulsive-Tour8456 25 [M4F] London/Anywhere - let's see where this takes us

I'm 25 and currently living in London, and I'm looking for someone who shares similar interests as me to see where it takes us! Of course, I am open-minded to explore and experience even more — so if you have some unique things or hobbies, I wanna know!
So a small bit about me... In my free time, whenever I get some between my work days or after work if I have energy, I do enjoy long and aimless walks around London — just dropping somewhere in Central London and walking in different directions. I do go to the gym regularly, as well as do some swimming, which helps me to keep myself occupied. I enjoy either going to the movies or catching up on my crime TV shows, and the list is endless. If it's a grim day, I do load up my computer from time to time and enjoy some games — action, RTS, adventure and simulation games are my go-to, probably too many to list all here. If there's a good comedy gig somewhere in London — you bet I will be there. I work full-time and it's shift work, so sometimes my schedule is all over the place, but it is still manageable and I have not had any issues before.
I'm 6'4, so I barely have any leg room on the plane, average build, white, short black hair and green eyes. I come with an accent, some have said it sounds American, others said it's Scandinavian — only one way to find out. I moved to London when I was 14, so it has been a while now.
Now the big question, is what I'm after. I hope for someone of similar age, whether you are a bit younger or older does not really matter. I live in London, and it is always nice to get to know someone from close to you, but it is not a dealbreaker if it's someone from abroad — I am not against a LDR if it ever leads to that, and I do enjoy travelling. Mostly, I'm just looking for someone to exchange interests with and see where that takes us!
I do have some pictures if you want to swap beforehand, just shoot me a message!
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2023.06.05 01:10 Oasis-theBand I have 2 weeks to get as skinny as possible

Okay. 14 years old. Dance show in 2 weeks. The rest of the girls in my group are very skinny, In fact I’m the second curviest. I’ll be wearing very unflattering costumes. My friends and I usually go to the gym Mondays and Wednesdays, but that won’t be enough. I don’t eat breakfast, and for the next two weeks I don’t plan on eating a lunch. And on the days of the gym, I’ll miss dinner so I will be “fasting” that day. Any other advice? I might start home workouts on days I’m not at the gym. I want to lose as much as possible.
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2023.06.05 01:10 SilentS24 Not sure if anyone else noticed but there's a yet to be released hg wfm kit, on hobbylinkjapan. It is the most expensive one so far. If you ask me, the only ms that would be that big would be that weird ms-shaped gundbit briefly showed as a sketch, THE GUNDNODE.

Not sure if anyone else noticed but there's a yet to be released hg wfm kit, on hobbylinkjapan. It is the most expensive one so far. If you ask me, the only ms that would be that big would be that weird ms-shaped gundbit briefly showed as a sketch, THE GUNDNODE. submitted by SilentS24 to Gunpla [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 01:10 AzureIsCool 31 [M4F] London/UK - Looking for the one that makes my heart skip a beat.

We could do a picnic at the park situation as our first date.
Hi there. If you are like me then you know the pain of trying to find the right one and dating apps just suck! So here I am searching for my forever person rather than being forever alone. Probably someone who can show me what life is like when both of us are vibing together and going out doing couple stuff. After going through a breakup a couple of years ago, I have been working on myself and trying to be a better version of me. I find that I am quite hard on myself and I struggle with BPD often (hopefully relatable mental health) so life can be difficult and lonely, having social anxiety and the struggles of second guessing my worth. I'm hoping this post can change that and introduce me to someone new who appreciates my existence and is seeking something long term. I mean what's the point of a relationship if you can't be confidently happy together.
So a bit about myself. I'm a 31 year old nerd from the south side of London. I have been working in a hospital for the past few years and love learning, though I haven't been using my science degree to good use. I have Sri Lankan roots so got a bit of culture installed in me, but also means I'm 5ft8 (hopefully that doesn't put you off). I got an ok fashion sense, doesn't help with the fact that I am a bit bigger than I was pre Covid. Been working on it but it is a slow progress, luckily I have been focused on improving my eating habits and working out as much as I can.
If I was to describe myself, easy going and positive come to mind. A positive outlook can change so much in life. I am more of an introvert, but loves going to the movies and explore places. I would say I'm pretty sociable and often carry a conversation but mainly a great listener.
I'm into a lot of things in general, I've got range! But as a humble comic/anime fan I been mainly appreciating my Disney+ and Crunchyroll subscriptions, can't stop loving Spy x Family and Bleach being back in HD after all these years. Favourite marvel character is Dr Doom. I can listen to people talk about Harry Potter all day and I never get bored watching the movies. As a huge Pokémon lover, I usually spend my time playing the Pokémon TCGO or the Pokémon video games (I went to the Pokémon Centre in ExCel recently and last year I snuck in to watch the Worlds). Always open to a new game if I can play with someone though, it's just more fun messing around together. On the topic of doing something together, I have always wanted to cook together as a couple, it's my favourite hobby since learning and make something cool I am proud of is just great.
There's quite a lot of stuff I could still talk about and would love to answer any questions you have. Maybe there was something that caught your eye, or you want to share how you can relate even if it's about your mental health, I enjoy hearing about people's experiences. I value both looks and personality equally but at the end of the day self care is most important. You don't have to be perfect but kind and honesty is an attractive quality. I do eventually want to hang out and maybe give you a hug. Showing affection physically is my love language. Prefer to chat on Discord or Whatsapp but I am fine with Reddit. Thanks for reading this wall of text and a great day.
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2023.06.05 01:10 catdog_XXII My abusive ex boyfriend is famous and it makes me angry

My best friend and I talked about this last night and they mentioned things that I had forgotten, probably as a trauma response. I get so angry that he has found success when he deserves nothing. I was young at the time of dating him and didn’t know how much he harmed me at the time. To start, I was 14 when I met him online. He was a little older, I think 16. When he turned 18, he told me he wanted to move to the same state as me and go to school. At the time I didn’t think it could happen, but sure enough he got accepted into a school 10 minutes from my house. He moved from Los Angeles to Pennsylvania with his entire family, including his schizophrenic father. Over the course of the first two years he was here his father would go on tangents about mass murder in front of me. I was horrified and I think this was the point I realized I made a mistake. Before I knew it, my ex (we will call him R), was describing in graphic detail how he planned to murder his father. I remember one time in specific where we went for a walk at a lake and he said “I wonder how many dead people are in this lake. Bet no one will ever find them.” When I turned 18, I started to make friends my age, who naturally wanted to party and have a good time. This was when the first set of “rules” were put into place. I wasn’t allowed to go out without him and I would never be allowed to drink alcohol or smoke marijuana in my life. If I chose to do so, he would retaliate against me. I had not intended to drink prior to 21, but he quickly informed me I would NEVER be allowed to. I mentioned that I had planned a trip to Las Vegas for my 21st (at this point, it was very far away) and he told me I would not be going. I agreed and let him convince me that it was for my own good. When I turned 21, my best friend, G, had came from where they now lived to visit. G warned R ahead of time that he smokes marijuana for anxiety (legal in his state) and planned to bring me some to help me with mine. R lost it and told me if I participated I would be “punished”. I ended up trying it, which resulted in him screaming at me in a hotel lobby and threatening to turn me into the police. My friend immediately began worrying about my safety and told me I needed to leave. Naturally, I ignored it. Then it got really bad. I discovered he was talking to a girl behind my back and was actively making plans to meet up with her for sex. She messaged me to tell me it was happening and promised me she didn’t know he was in a relationship. When I brought it to him, he told me he could not show me their chat because his phone “factory reset” and erased it, but he never tried to arrange their meet up. I told him that I knew what he was doing and he shoved me for the first time. Naturally, I kept quite and never told anyone. Overtime it progressed, until eventually he thrown me to the floor in my parents house and stood over top of me as I tried to stop him from killing his dad. For a moment I thought “this is when he kills me”. He raised his hand to me and stopped before bringing it down on me. To this day I will never know if he would have if my parents weren’t there. Finally he admitted to me he thought he was a psychopath. I didn’t know what to say, so I just asked him if he even loved me, as psychopaths typically aren’t capable of love. He said “I don’t know. Probably not”. That was the point that I planned my exit. I started seeing him less, which must have triggered something in him. Our entire relationship I remained a virgin. We had agreed to wait until marriage, though I do not personally hold that sentiment, it was a conservative belief of his. He bought me a “plan B” pill and told me that I owed him my virginity for staying with me. He came to my house unannounced (he stood in bushes near my house until I got home and followed me inside) and told me that I would be giving it to him. I was scared and I let him abuse me. Right as he was intending to complete the action, I told him no and I was not allowing him to go through with it. I don’t remember anything else about that night, but my friend recalls me calling afterwards crying saying that he had attempted to force me and was unsuccessful. He stormed out of my house and I thought I would never see him again. This was around the time I made a new friend. My friend and I were hanging out when I got a call from R’s dad telling me that R went missing and it was my fault, so I needed to help find him. I left my friend and immediately went looking with my mom. While we were out searching, I got a call to my cell phone from my grandparents home phone. It was R. He told me that I needed to go there “right now”. The ominous tone and the fact he has explicitly told me how he would kill people horrified me. We rushed there to find him sobbing on the couch. I didn’t know what to do and to this day I can’t help but to think that he was going to kill my grandmother and couldn’t go through with it. Eventually, we got him to leave with his dad and I never saw him again. What followed was text messages depicting how he would beat his parents with bats, trying to guilt me into meeting up with him and having sex, and other things of that nature. The last time we talked before I blocked him, he told me that he quit his job and threw knives at the workers, calling the homosexual manager he had a derogatory name and walked out. Skip to now, he is a big name in the Prog metal scene. A lot of my friends know who he is and love him and his music. I have friends that worship him not knowing what he had done. He told them all I cheated on him and treated him poorly, and says this to a lot of people he meets. I suppressed so much of it for so long. I want to come clean to everyone, but I know it would destroy Rs reputation and potentially result in him coming after me to harm me. He stole close to $5,000 of music gear bought for mutual use that he was supposed to give me half of (I bought it all, but didn’t want to enforce it and get injured.) I still live in a degree of fear of him as he knows everything about my family still. I just needed to vent after someone told me he was working with a member of the band “Of mice and men” and asked me if I regretted ending the relationship. He is a horrible person and deserves nothing. I hate that everyone he meets thinks that I am the bad guy when he abused me over the course of most of my youth and I just needed to talk about it.
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2023.06.05 01:10 Ok-Neighborhood-1958 Teachers will sometimes joke around and stuff with kids

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2023.06.05 01:10 Desperate-Rip8610 [F4M] A Killer Falls For You! Part 2 [Yandere] [killer] [unwilling] [scary] [horror] [sadistic]

[F4M] A Killer Falls For You! Part 2 [Yandere] [killer] [unwilling] [scary] [horror] [sadistic]
Hello! this is a part 2 of my previous script. i recommend reading/covering that one first. as always i hope you enjoy this script. feel free to use it and monetize.
Tw// this script includes mentions of murder and suicide. Reader discretion is advised
Context: after kidnapping and unsuspecting guy from the bar you bring him home. While getting prepared to kill him you learn that he actually wants to die. But how can that be? You’ve never met someone like him before. You decide to keep him captive in your house for a while. It’s now been 3 weeks since you brought him home. You’ve become very attached and couldn’t possibly kill him now. But still you have an urge to kill. I wonder how long you can fight off your urges.
Oh good morning darling. Well good evening, technically.
Yeah you slept for quite a while today.
I mean come on now. You have all the time in the world to fix your sleep schedule!
Well to be fair you don’t know what time it is ever so I guess you’re excused.
Anyway I got some really exciting news!
(Sarcastic) ha ha ha very funny, no I’m not letting you go.
(Sigh) no I’m not going to kill you either.
Jeez what is up with you lately?
Well what I was trying to say is that… well our anniversary is coming up soon.
No silly it hasn’t already been a year; I mean a one month anniversary of when I brought you here!
What’s that?
Yeah it’s only been about a month. Why?

It’s felt like years?
Well you know what they say, darling.
Time flies when you’re having fun, and times slows way down when you’re trapped in a serial killers basement. (Laugh)
Hey uh are you ok?
It’s just a joke I didn’t mean to upset you.
You’re shaking a lot… come on its not that bad.
Listen the only reason its felt like an eternity is because you’ve been stuck down here with nothing to do.

I could’ve at least come down to check on you every day?
I’m sorry but I couldn’t. I was like super busy with the whole police investigation thing.
Did I never tell you? How inconsiderate of me. well I’ll tell you know
Well the police found out you went missing.
They checked the bar cameras and saw I was the last to leave with you.
Thank god the angle didn’t show me putting those pills in your drink or I would’ve been screwed (nervous laugh)
Well anyway after that they came down and brought me in for questioning.
I thought I was done for but luckily I have this super awesome lawyer who totally saved my ass.
He said something like ‘you haven’t found a body so why are you accusing her of murder? Maybe the missing person just ran away again’
God he’s so smart. I forget his name though… was it jimmy..? Or gene maybe? I don’t know, I don’t care.
Oh sorry for getting side tracked! Anyway I was busy with that so I couldn’t visit you all the time.
But luckily they have left me alone for now so I should be good.
Which means I get to spend even more time with you?
Isn’t that great?

Hey are you still awake?
You were just spacing out? Ok that’s fine
Well it’s a little rude but.. Never mind
Anyway back to the anniversary.
I had this idea for what I wanted to do but I’m actually super excited about it.
So ive decided that I’m just going to do it now.
You see, darling, I’ve become really attached to you.
You honestly make my life more fun and I don’t want to lose you.
So I want to make sure that everyone knows that you’re mine.
And so I’ve decided that I’m going to… mark you.
What do I mean?
Well I’ve decide to make sure that everyone knows that you belong to me, I’ll carve my name into your arm.
(Pulls out knife)
(laugh) Don’t scream darling. You know that won’t do you any good.
Don’t worry it won’t hurt you… too much, you’ll be fine.
(Sadistic tone)
You know ever since the day I met you I wanted to know what your insides look like.
But of course I couldn’t do that without killing you so this is the next best thing.
You’re gonna look so pretty with my name carved into you~
I’d give you a gag, or something to bite down on to ease the pain but…
I want to hear you scream.
You know that I love it when you scream~
God this going to be amazing.
(Normal voice)
But considering how absent I’ve been these last few days…
And how good you have been behaving; I’ll let you decide where I carve my name.
Aww you’re so cute when you beg!
I’m sorry darling but it has to be done. I can’t just not do it. I’ve been looking forward to this all day
And I can’t have other girls taking you away from me, can I?
This way everybody knows that you will belong to me. And me alone.

So have you decided where I put it?
Your arm? Ok if you’re sure.
(knife noise again)
Hey! Hold still! If you keep moving I’ll mess it up.
I don’t want to hit and artery.
(Knife noises)
Almost done. Don’t worry.
Oh my god it looks perfect!
(giggle) today is the best day ever!
Yep now (custom name) will be carved into your arm forever.
God I’m just so… happy!
It turned out so well.
And you did such a good job of staying still.
Mmm… all that blood on your arm. Its looks so pretty.
I bet it would taste great…
No! Control yourself (insert name)!
Here, ill wipe it off with some tissue.
There we go. All better.
Honestly I can’t get over how nice you look now!
You’re now officially mine. Isn’t that wonderful.
You’re arm is now… wait… what?
Are those… cuts on your wrists?
Why would you... oh sorry I forgot about your whole situation and i…
Listen. Don’t do stupid stuff like that ok?
I don’t care if you hurt yourself before you got here but now that you’re here I can’t have you doing that.
If I were to lose you well… I don’t know what I would do.
I don’t want to think about that right now.
Hey are you crying?
Hey don’t cry it’s ok... I’m… I’m here.
There, let it all out. Shhh… shhh.. you’re gonna be ok
If you ever need to talk about stuff just know that I’m here. Ok?
I’ll keep you safe here. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.

Hey how about you think about this instead?
If you didn’t stay come with me that night than I probably would’ve taken more people by now (nervous laugh)
So in a way, just you being here is saving people.
What did you say?
I saved you? I did?
That night at the bar was meant to be your final day?
Well then I guess we saved each other, huh?
I’m glad you’re here with me darling.
I love you. And I’m not ever gonna let you go. Not for a moment.

Hmmm. That arm is still bleeding pretty badly.
Here’s what I’ll do, I’ll quickly run upstairs and grab so bandages so it doesn’t get infected.
I’ll be right back ok?
(Giggle) don’t go anywhere~
(Door closing)
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2023.06.05 01:10 IcyWave7450 The idea that every gem in Steven Universe is a solar powered robot doesn't work and contradicts the show

My problem with Rebecca Sugar revealing this in an interview is that the actual show is not written in a way that makes the gems seem like A.I. It does not come across like this was her intention and this statement comes across as her changing her mind years into the story to attempt to make the stuff the Diamonds did seem less morally screwed up(although, even if they are all A.I, that doesn't really change much since they're sapient in the same way as humans) - No dialogue mentions the Gems "souls" being code - If the diamonds are just evil computer programmers who made an army of A.Is, there wouldn't be zero mentions of a source code and zero dialogue from the diamonds about writing them - Shattering wouldn't be necessary, the diamonds could just delete them. - The gems wouldn't have magical powers if they were 100 percent machine - The gems wouldn't be able to telepathically manipulate the environment around them if they were machines - The gems wouldn't be able to procreate with humans if they were pure machines
Edit: I know that this is a kids show but since it's socially acceptable for fully grown adults to be so offended by The Little Mermaid that they made dozens of videos about it being "woke", I'd say that this is a lot less embarrassing by comparison
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2023.06.05 01:10 SteveGoldenG Feral cat keeps getting hurt everyday at the same spot

Hey guys! There is a feral cat that comes once a day in our house yard and we feed him. He is a male cat so at this time of the year he's looking for ladies most of the time. A few days ago his left eye/ side cheek was swollen big time. Since the cat isn't that social and the most you can do is feed him and pet him for a few seconds( imagine that it took me 3 months to be able to feed him) I couldn't take him to the vet so I went to the vet and showed him a few photos of the swollen cheek and got antibiotics. I give him half a pill of amoxi-tab per day and the swollen cheek is much better now. The problem is that the first day there was a swollen cheek and a really small wound. The second day at the same spot there was a bigger, the 4th day there is a big circle-like part of his cheek with no fur kind of bloody and a bigger wound. Are other stray cats hurting the dude at the same spot every day? Is it something that actually happens? Are antibiotics gonna help his new wounds get better? I find it really weird that every day he has a new worse wound sth this very right cheek that he has swollen the first day. Thanks in advance
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2023.06.05 01:10 lady_sings_the_blues A few days ago I had a job offer rescinded after verbally accepting it, due to headcount changes

Luckily I did not resign when I got the offer. However…now I have trust issues. Next time I get a job offer, should I wait until the first day of the next job to put in my resignation? I’m half joking but half serious too.
Thoughts? In this economy, I don’t think it’s wise to take risks. You’d be job searching without being able to say you’re currently employed. If you had proof of the offer, and an email showing you resigned when the offer was made, and the company can confirm you resigned and quit 2 weeks later, would that help?
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2023.06.05 01:10 Briebird44 3 days of diarrhea in young adult cat otherwise acting totally fine

Hello all! Just a forward that I worked as a vet assistant for 2 years so I have a little more knowledge on how vets treat these cases but I’m about 4 days away from my next paycheck if this is going to require a vet visit. I have a year and half old domestic shorthair neutered male cat, about 10 pounds, who has been experiencing diarrhea for about 2-3 days. NO VOMITING. No bloody stools. Was ADR day one but yesterday and today acting normally. He’s strictly indoors, vaccinated, no change in his diet, and no new or stressful situations. I have NO idea what he possibly could of ingested that would cause this, as I have no houseplants. My best guess is he might of got a lick of some pizza grease from an empty box? Day one he ate his breakfast (1.5oz wet food) but he was definitely ADR by the afternoon, didn’t want to eat his dinner which is kibble (1/4 cup) with water added because that’s how he likes it. (So he’s usually intaking quite a bit of hydration) Second day (yesterday) he was acting normally but only ate a few bites of his wet food. He refused his dry food initially and later in the night I gave him probably a 1/16th of a cup of kibble and he ate all that. This morning he ate about HALF his normal wet food. Today I was able to purchase a tub of Probios probiotics, as I know this is a common probiotic vets at my previous workplace had given owners to help with loose stools. I also found a “soupy” limited ingredient wet food that has pumpkin to give him some added fiber. For his dinner I mixed the probios according to the instructions with the new wet food and he ATE IT ALL. Yay!
Mowgli has nice pink gums and CRT is less than 2 seconds. He does not flinch or cry out in pain when I palpate his abdomen. He appears well hydrated as a “skin tent” test shows immediate return to normal. He’s otherwise playing hard with his cat siblings, being a sweet cuddling biscuit maker, and basically being normal other than the diarrhea.
Should I continue the probios and wet food diet for another 2 days and see if his diarrhea improves? Is there anything else I should be doing in the meantime? I’m not sure if he will eat a bland food diet which is why I’m trying to stick with a limited ingredient wet food but if someone thinks that necessary I’ll go thaw some chicken breast! Thank you!
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