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2023.05.28 09:26 EvolvedChimp_ Opens Snapchat text, starts typing, but then clears it?

TL;DR What is the purpose of her opening the chat, typing so I get a noti, but clears it with no response?
So, there's this girl, actually my my old best mates (no longer friends anymore) ex gf, from teenage years and we always have and still get along really well. We are snapchat friends and snap each other almost every day and open each other's snaps and stories instantly.
We are not juniors in our teens or 20s. She has a partner, and a child with him, but they don't live together and do their own thing for the most part. She is quite an emotionally fragile person at times, and when she snaps I'm always there to open and support her in a positive way, and she does the same. So the respect is definitely mutual.
On a couple occasions, I've responded with a LOL cute, I even said if the circumstances permitted I would want her to be the mother of my child and she laughed and said can you imagine the look on xxxx's face, my ex best friend.
When I do slip the occasional cute, or emotionally touching response, she opens it, I get the typing noti, but she sends nothing. I've noticed this pattern now on several occasions.
Ladies in particular, can you shed any light on this? I'm taking it as "Yes I understand, and acknowledge it, but both you and I know we can't do it, not yet possibly anyway"
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2023.05.28 09:26 Proletlariet Iroh II

Respect Iroh II

My grandfather would respect the Avatar's instinct. So will I.
History: Born to a prestigious line of firebenders as the grandson of Zuko and the son of Fire Lord Izumi, Iroh bore the name of the Dragon of the West who mentored Zuko in the days of the Hundred Years War. Iroh II proved himself a capable leader in military service much like his namesake, becoming the youngest general in United Forces history.
Iroh II became a valuable ally to Avatar Korra and a pivotal piece of the resistance against Equalist forces during their attempted coup of Republic City. Although he seldom took part in battle firsthand he was a capable fighter and a tactical leader.
Note: All feats come from S1E11 & S1E12 of The Legend of Korra and the Art of the Animated Series
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2023.05.28 09:26 Dry-Respond-6584 🙏🏼

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2023.05.28 09:26 Unknownreality7 Have you ever felt like a partner was hiding something from you? And how did you approach it?

I’m (27F) currently feeling this way with my boyfriend (29M). We are long distance. Long story short. We’ve known each other for about a year and a half but were broken up for a little bit. During the break, he had moved to another state for work. So, when he reached out to me about reconnecting (this was 2 months ago), he had already been at his new place for about 4 months.
Things aren’t adding up. I feel like he is lying about his job. The main reason why I feel like this: he frequently comes back to our home state to visit since his family is still here and, me. When he’s here, he has no problem calling me on the phone. But, when he goes back, it’s radio silence. He never calls me and whenever I ask, he always has 1 of 2 excuses, either he’s too busy or tired. He will also dodge my question sometimes about calling. I know him pretty well, he doesn’t have a thing where he hates talking on the phone, because he happily does it when he’s visiting home. He even told me one time how much he loves to FaceTime me because he gets to hear my voice and see my face. But, it’s like whenever he goes back, he never calls me despite me asking constantly. I have told him constantly how important it is for me to talk on the phone because it helps me feel more connected to him. And whenever I try to initiate myself, he doesn’t pick up. And it just makes me wonder what’s going on. And I’m not even sure what to do about it. Have any of you been in situations where you just couldn’t put your finger on a situation but you had a strong suspicion something wasn’t adding up? How did you go about talking about it to your partner?
Tldr: I feel like my bf is hiding something from me. We are long distance and he never calls me when he goes back and always has excuses for it and I don’t know how to approach it?
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2023.05.28 09:26 Stormlark83 Just started thinking about this as an option

I'm sure you get posts like this constantly. Please don't feel obligated to respond. I'm mostly getting my thoughts on paper so to speak. If you do read this and have advice though, that's great. I'd love to hear it.
So I've struggled with panic attacks and agoraphobia for many years. My doctor is well aware of these issues and I don't see there being any difficulties getting paperwork from her to back me up on that. I only leave my house once a month to pick up a prescription that can't be mailed. It's a rough way to live and my husband recently left me which is making everything worse.
Yesterday I had to drive to the pharmacy and decided to bring along a cat I've been babysitting for my stepdad. She's a very outgoing and confident cat but she wasn't particularly thrilled with the unexpected car ride. Thankfully it's only about two blocks from my house and I always use the drive thru. It got me thinking though... having her on the seat next to me made things easier. I'm sure I would qualify for a service dog, so I just started looking into it a few hours ago.
First of all, I've never had a dog of my own before, so that's something to keep in mind. I've been around plenty of animals, but due to my soon to be ex husband's allergies, we didn't have cats or dogs. I would say I'm very good with most pets as my anxiety kind of leads to an extreme focus on body language. I know a lot of people say that though and then you'll watch them go up and yank on a dog's tail. It's okay if you're skeptical when someone says they're good with animals. It makes me skeptical, too.
Secondly, I'm currently going through a lot of changes. There's a divorce, we'll be selling the house, and I'll be moving to a different state. Finances right now are abysmal, but we might have a lot of equity to work with soon. Nothing close to being able to afford an already trained $20,000 dog though. My plan would be to have a professional trainer work with me.
Since I'm still very much in the preliminary stages of considering a service dog, the only action I've taken so far is to email a highly rated dog training company in my area and ask if they offer assistance in choosing and training dogs for service work.
I'm concerned about whether or not I will feel more self conscious in public if people confront me about having an animal. That's why it's important to me that I have paperwork and a very well behaved dog. I don't think an ESA is right for me. Tasks I would like the dog to learn would be things that help stop a panic attack before it gets worse and possibly help distract me or act as a barrier to protect my personal space. I also tend to stare at my feet when walking in public and can bump into people or things. As for breed, I'm not overly picky, but I'd prefer a medium to large sized dog. Maybe a lab/retrieveshepherd mix? I'm not sure.
And that's all I have for now. I'm sure there are things I'm missing or haven't considered yet.
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2023.05.28 09:25 Either-Butterfly9273 MASSIVE GAMING CLUB HUGE GIVEAWAY (1BTC)

There are 7 days left before this event concludes, and even now the competition is very heated for that 1 BTC. Other players, though they can compete with the top players, are grinding in other parts of the event. It's a good thing that the event is not focused only on spenders but on all game players (House of Slots). I really like this event, so don't miss out and check it out.
Massive Gaming Club Twitter Page
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2023.05.28 09:25 RipBuzzBuzz What cranky out of these should I get/fits my island most?

Im having trouble picking because I really like them all. My current guys are Weber, Marina, Sly, O'Hare, Bob, Vivian, Dotty, and Marshal. I also dont have my final spot filled yet so if you have a suggestion tell me! Maybe get rid of Bob or Marshal because thats 3 very popular people.
Thank you!
View Poll
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2023.05.28 09:25 benjaminfaure Do Popcorn Kernels Go Bad?

Do Popcorn Kernels Go Bad?
Making homemade popcorn is a great way to enjoy a cozy night in or surprise your guests with a delicious snack. But how long can you store those kernels before they go bad? We'll dive into the shelf life of popcorn and explore what to do if you have unused kernels that are past their prime. By understanding when the kernels expire, we can all ensure fresh-tasting popcorn without any surprises on movie night.

Understanding the Shelf Life of Popcorn Kernels

Popcorn kernels can usually last up to a year when stored in a cool, dry place. They should not be exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures, as this could cause them to go bad earlier than expected. The shelf life of already popped popcorn is much shorter – only two weeks if stored properly in an air-tight container.

Understanding the Shelf Life of Popcorn Kernels

Common Causes of Popcorn Kernel Going Bad

Popcorn kernels may go bad earlier than their expected shelf life due to several factors, including moisture and heat. Moisture can encourage mold growth on the kernels which will make them inedible. Heat can cause the popcorn to spoil faster by causing the kernels to dry out or break down too quickly. Additionally, if they are not stored properly, then they may be exposed to air and contaminants which can also lead to premature spoilage.

Tips to Prolong the Shelf Life of Popcorn Kernels

To keep your popcorn kernels fresh for as long as possible, it's important to store them in an airtight container. This will help protect them from moisture and other contaminants that can cause them to spoil. It is also important to store the kernels in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or any sources of heat. Additionally, be sure to inspect the popcorn before using it – if the kernels are discolored, musty-smelling, or have mold on them, then they should be discarded immediately.

Tips to Prolong the Shelf Life of Popcorn Kernels

What to Look for When Purchasing Popcorn Kernels?

When purchasing popcorn kernels, look for ones that are uniform in size and free from any signs of mold or discoloration. It's also important to check the expiration date – if it is expired, then the kernels should be discarded as they may not be safe to eat. Additionally, avoid purchasing pre-popped popcorn as this can go bad more quickly than kernels.

Benefits of Eating Freshly-Popped Popcorn

Eating freshly-popped popcorn is a much better option than eating pre-packaged, processed snacks. It's low in calories and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. Plus, it can be easily customized with your favorite seasonings to make a tasty snack that the whole family will enjoy. So stock up on popcorn kernels and pop away – just remember to store them properly so they stay fresh for as long as possible.

Benefits of Eating Freshly-Popped Popcorn

FAQ: Popcorn

Can popcorn seeds rot?

Discover the Best Way to Grow Pink Popcorn! Simply direct sow in late spring, but ensuring that the soil is warm enough is crucial. Protect your seeds from rot by treating them with fungicide.

Is it better to store popcorn kernels in the refrigerator?

Contrary to popular belief, refrigerators are not the ideal storage place for popcorn. The dry environment and excessively cold temperatures of your fridge can damage the moisture content of your kernels and even render them unpoppable. To avoid this, it's best to store your popcorn container in a dark and cool corner of your pantry. Keep your kernels fresh and ready to pop at any time with this simple tip.

What does moldy popcorn look like?

Did you know that microwave popcorn kernels have a short shelf life of just a few months? If you notice black or white spots on the kernels, it's best to avoid popping or eating them as they may be contaminated with mold. Stay safe and enjoy your popcorn without any worries.

Why is there black stuff on my popcorn?

Discover the truth about black specks in corn - they're just dark parts of the skin where the kernel connects to the cob. No need to worry.

How can you tell if unpopped popcorn is bad?

Detecting bad popcorn is easy with the right clues. Improperly sealed popcorn tends to get stale, affecting both taste and texture. You'll notice a reduced fluffiness and a softer, chewy texture rather than a satisfying crunch. Don't settle for subpar popcorn when you can have fresh and delicious snacks every time.

Conclusion: Do Popcorn Kernels Go Bad

Popcorn is a great snack to have on the go or when you're hosting movie night. But how long will those kernels last? Understanding the shelf life of popcorn can help you ensure fresh-tasting popcorn on movie night, without any unnecessary surprises. To make sure your kernels last as long as possible, store them in an airtight container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or sources of heat. Additionally, it's important to check the expiration date and discard any popcorn that appears discolored, musty-smelling, or has mold on it. Keep these tips in mind so you can enjoy freshly-popped popcorn every time.
#BenjaminFaure #BenjaminFaure #ChefBenjaminFaure
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2023.05.28 09:25 roselilanuage Quelqu'un pourrait il m'aider à le comprendre ?

J'ai rencontré un jeune homme de 22 ans en janvier, il m'a écrit tous les jours depuis et on a commencé à se fréquenter en mars. Il ne m'embrasse jamais en public, car il a peur d'être vu en ma compagnie avant qu'on soit officiel. Quand je lui demande pourquoi on ne sort pas ensemble, il me répond qu'il attend d'être vraiment sûre que je suis la bonne (comme si qu'officialiser valait un engagement de mariage…) à côté de ça il me parle qu'il aimerait avoir des enfants avec moi, quand on parle de notre "non-relation", il me fait comprendre qu'il veut vraiment qu'on construise quelque chose de sérieux ensemble. Il n'organise les dates "parce qu'il sort moins de moi" et que je connais plus les coins, mais moi je travaille et lui est au chômage actuellement. On n'a pas de vraies conversations, car il ne veut pas m'appeler (il vit avec d'autres personnes et ne veut pas que notre conversation s'entende), il désactive toutes les notifications sur son téléphone (mais passe son temps sur discorde et compagnie), et il répond environ toutes les 8h. Je me suis vraiment énervée ce mois ci, je lui ai dit qu'il était immature, qu'il ne m'aimait pas vraiment et qu'il me traitait comme un plan c. Certains soirs il m'a vraiment répondu, un autre il m'a dit "désolé je suis avec mes potes, on reprendra la conversation plus tard" (on ne l'a jamais reprise). Je me suis mise à arrêter de lui répondre tous les jours, il a continué à m'écrire tous les jours et m'a dit qu'il espérait que j'arrêterai de faire la tête. Ce que je comprends pas c'est que j'ai été claire sur le fait que mes besoins émotionnels n'étaient pas remplis, que j'avais besoin de plus de conversations, d'échange, d'investissement de sa part et que pour moi c'était absurde de me parler enfants ou mariage alors qu'il est incapable de m'embrasser dans la rue ou d'officialiser après 5 mois qu'on se connaît. Il continue à m'envoyer des messages tous les jours, il passe sa vie sur son jeu vidéo, je me demande vraiment ce qui se passe dans sa tête, s'il a conscience que je suis devenue froide, que j'ai arrêté de lui parler, que je le trouve nul. Et surtout pourquoi il persiste à m'écrire tous les jours alors qu'il ne m'aime pas? Je suis en colère, j'ai attendu un changement de comportement qui n'est pas venu et maintenant j'ai envie de tourner la page, je ne sais même s'il en a conscience. Quelqu'un peu m'expliquer ce qui se passe dans sa tête ?
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2023.05.28 09:24 No-Independent2880 So I'm ridiculously curious

I live in a very rural part of the US. I'm super interested in 2cb. I've done a bunch of mdma, mda and lsd. What are the similarities and differences? I'd love to hear your thoughts 😁
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2023.05.28 09:24 applay2 M4F I wanna help you choose what you wear today. Give me a few options and I'll choose. Any part of clothing, any age welcome

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2023.05.28 09:24 prawnmayo Abusive ex applying for more contact

He sends me many lengthy emails in which he makes me out to be a bad mother based on assumptions / trumping up minor issues (like when I have been late picking my child up from school on a handful of occasions).
He has had a chaotic time but suddenly has a baby with his girlfriend and a beautiful new house. He wants my child more so that he won't have to pay maintenance. He and his girlfriend have both harassed me and make dropoffs so unpleasant that now my boyfriend handles them.
I am terrified of this process and what he will do to slander me / harass me through it.
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2023.05.28 09:24 ComprehensiveLuck125 OpenSSL 1.1.1 - end of life 11th Sept 2023 + post quantum cryptography

I would like to ask what is the plan for OpenSSL 3.x support. OpenSSL 1.1.1 will stop receiving updates on 11th Sept 2023. It is a time to build pfSense(+) against OpenSSL 3.1 I think. Especially that OpenSSL will support post-quantum cryptography which is really important to everyone (it is not another buzzword but coming reality to our production systems and I am sure will be part of official regulations!) So I would like to ask pfSense Team about plans for support of quantum resistant ciphers and related/new hashing algorithms. Cryptography is essential part of pfSense(+) and significant changes will come within 6-8 months I believe. According to OpenSSL roadmap (https://www.openssl.org/roadmap.html) we may expect post-quantum ciphers implementation around early 2024 (only in 3.x branch). Having in mind that NIST should announce their recommendation for quantum resistant ciphers in 2024 (CRYSTALS-Kyber?): - could you announce official post-quantum crypto plan/roadmap for pfSense(+)? - could you confirm whether you will go OpenSSL 3.x route or will try to look for other SSL libs such as LibreSSL or WolfSSL. I have my own opinion on the subject, but would like to see yours :) Many thanks and greetings to the Team. I am sure pfSense(+) will stay on top :) Cheers
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2023.05.28 09:24 y0kapi The Recognitions and Gravity's Rainbow

I picked up The Recognitions the other day, continuing somewhere around the middle of the book. Without spoiling too much, there is a scene with a lot of characters and lot of dialogue. I made the following notes:
Pavlov - Goering - Sloth - Duino Elegies - Sodium amytal - Castration
All these topics is mentioned in an 80-page section in The Recognitions. Maybe this is common knowledge by now, but I just found it funny to see how this was integrated into GR.
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2023.05.28 09:24 Terraria_Fan_I_Guess Ever since Pizza Tower became my hyperfixation, I've been doodling a lot about a self insert mod I wanna made called "Fast Food Fortress". Here's some rank doodles for that.

Ever since Pizza Tower became my hyperfixation, I've been doodling a lot about a self insert mod I wanna made called submitted by Terraria_Fan_I_Guess to PizzaTower [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 09:24 Sir-Bartholomew-97 The new perseverance rune is utterly broken

Am I salty? 100 percent, this rune counters my entire champion, I’ve mained vi ever since i first got this game, she relies heavily on her burst damage combo which consists of knockups from her first ability and ultimate.
I used to be able to build high damage and reliably be able to take out a squishie if i found one isolated and landed a fully charged first ability on them followed up by the full combo with ult. But now every squishie runs the perseverance run making them all feel closer to bruisers than squishies. Not to mention every adc runs sheildbow first item now so they are basically impossible for me to kill now even if i have a gold lead.
16 to 30 magic resist is just too much it makes me wish i could turn off the knockup on my abilities so that i can actually do damage again.
The werst part is that you cant even tell what secondary runes the enemy is using in game, only the keystone rune is displayed. So essentially you have no idea whether or not this guy is gonna magically get 30 armour and magic until u go onto him do no damage and die.
Bottom line is the stats this rune gives are just way too nutty its almost comparable to the bonus armour you get from aftershock and thats on a 20 second cooldown. The only good thing about the addition of this rune is that now players have stopped spamming bone plating in lane.
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2023.05.28 09:24 wankerdoo Henry Kissinger Is a Disgusting War Criminal. And the Rot Goes Deeper Than Him. It’s Henry Kissinger’s 100th birthday today. The fact that this monster is celebrated instead of in jail tells you that he’s part of a much bigger problem — and that problem is America’s global empire.

Henry Kissinger Is a Disgusting War Criminal. And the Rot Goes Deeper Than Him. It’s Henry Kissinger’s 100th birthday today. The fact that this monster is celebrated instead of in jail tells you that he’s part of a much bigger problem — and that problem is America’s global empire. submitted by wankerdoo to WayOfTheBern [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 09:23 Haunting-Slide-0 New Build wont post.

Hey everyone I need some help. I just finished a new build and i'm getting the VGA led on my mobo and it doesn't post. This is a brand new build so I just need something to get to the bios to even start. I have tried checking all the connections, seating everything again, checking ram slots, etc. I even tried to QFlash the mobo to the most recent update which successfully completed I believe. The only thing I have seen that may or may not be an issue is the ver. of the Ram, but I'm not sure that even matters. I bought my wife the same components for her set up so I assume I'll be having this same issue with that build. Since I have those extra parts I tried using that GPU as well since its the same thing, and it yielded the same result. I also tried to boot from integrated graphics and it still didn't post.
Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus Z790 Elite AX rev. 1.1
CPU: i7 13700K
GPU: ASUS Tuf 4070ti OC
Ram: Corsair Vengeance cmk64gx5m2b5600c40 ver.3.43.01
1000W Corsair gold PSU
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2023.05.28 09:23 NotMyMainAccount_25 Question for fans who are still awake (Eastern Logger Time)

If you had a gun to your head and had to decide a fuck, marry and kill, who would you choose and why?
The options that are given to you are a reluctant and family oriented Kyle Dubas, a steadfast, brash and arrogant Brendan Shanahan, and last but not least a crazed, Injury wishing but deep down aloof and good hearted Marc Crawford.
If you pick correctly, you are rewarded with seven silver kisses. These apply to your team best season, and each kiss is retained each turn and adds two dexterity to your point total. There are no wrong or right answers.
So in conclusion, do you like Slay the Spire? I am relatively new to it but enjoying it a hell of a lot, my Highest ascension level is 4, with the green poison shiv character. I hope you are having a good night.
I hate living where I am! But I'm waving money to move somewhere else. Where is somewhere else, any ideas?
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2023.05.28 09:23 Kitchen-Pop7308 This one hurt.. call me crazy for dropping this much on an 11 legger but this by all means should have hit.. smart only got less than 2 assists TWICE this entire season/post season combined and g Williams.. a pro baller couldn't get a single fg or hit 2 free throws.. gtfo

This one hurt.. call me crazy for dropping this much on an 11 legger but this by all means should have hit.. smart only got less than 2 assists TWICE this entire season/post season combined and g Williams.. a pro baller couldn't get a single fg or hit 2 free throws.. gtfo submitted by Kitchen-Pop7308 to sportsbetting [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 09:23 filipinapearl I was bullied in High School by some of my Teachers

I might update with 2 more parts after this post.
I was bullied by my teachers in high school and still years later, I find it hard to have will power. If any of my friends see this, they will probably know that it’s me who wrote this. Even though this is from my side, I will still admit any faults I had made in the past.
I don’t blame them for my failures in life but my hate for them is eating me up even if more than a decade had passed. Hate is a strong word, I know, but after so much things that had happened, I never felt so humiliated and harassed in life like what they did to me — and to my friends. I never wanted to have hate in me any,ore and I want to be free.
This all happened in High School. My small group of friends who I am still in contact with know this story and how hateful I am to the characters to be mentioned.
I transferred school in my sophomore year. For the next two years, I thrived for academic excellence by devoting most of my after school hours to academic clubs that prepares us for contests, etc.
Everything was totally fine and drama free until we got to our senior year. With a new set of teachers, we were feeling how things would go. We had another drama/issue that happened that year. It’s related but not significant in this story.
You see, ROTC was about to be brought back into the curriculum again in those year and because of that, our High School implemented the start of the CAT program.
I joined the CAT and it was another activity that I can pursue after school. I see the good in joining the program to instill discipline and of-course rather than doing anything else, I find it as a way to also exercise because of the training.
At first, most of my friends in the inner circle was in the program. They (CAT seniors) know that I participate in academic trainings and they were very lenient to let me still join those and just catch up with them after math club.
Side note: some people think negatively of CAT/ROTC trainings as a threat to youth (in general) because of the h*zing stories. I understand them and for me also, I wouldn’t support any kind of abuse. Anyway, none of those happened during our CAT.
Unbeknownst to us chill and YOLO seniors, a group of faculty staff were against the return of the CAT program. They would express their distaste for such programs to us students and even to me, since I also interact with some of my teachers because of Math Club.
So the drama involving me started when we had our first general assembly after we became officers.
A few of us finished the whole program and graduated as officers, which meant we would lead the entire senior year students to drills and exercises.
I was assigned to a lower platoon and we didn’t have to do a lot. I had no issue with it.
All was fine until a guy from another class came in late for the GA.
He had an athletic build so I supposed he would fit in the higher class platoon but he was a little snobbish at that time to a lot of my co-officers. Since he was minutes late, which was intentional on his part, (our directions back then was to have a short break after the last class of the day to eat and then proceed to the gym for the GA). He was about 10-15 minutes late if I remember so it would suffice to have the same number for him to do pumpings. (Like squats then stand up). In my mind, it wouldn’t be an issue since he was an athlete, right? No. He would try to annoy the hell out of me. Like who is this guy? He slouched and was not doing it right. Yes, I felt disrespected and also he was disrespecting his platoon mates who arrived on time and was kind and respectful to one another as we did exercises. You would know they were trying their best. We’re talking about guys who were less athletic compared to him but was doing their best in their 5-10 reps of exercise. But this guy was on a whole other level. I cut him when he was slouching or loudly complaining and asked him to repeat the exercise so he could do at-least a few times correct.
I was a bit of an AHole for telling him that he might do it nonstop but I was just waiting for him to do a proper five or less since he had been slouching. He came through after so much tantrums and after that since we were in the lower ranks, we spent time in our platoon getting to know some of the seniors from other classes and share a bit of what we learned in the program as officers. Chill platoon.
I guess it was the next day or the other day that another thing happened.
We had our last class for the morning and were about to go have our lunch when our in a science Physics teacher slammed our home room door open and screamed “SINO NAGPAHIRAP SA ESTUDYANTE KO?!” Ha ha. The “athletic” guy who came late in the GA pointed at me (this was in front of my whole homeroom class in our room plus a whole lot of seniors in the hallway). “YUNG MATABA NA YUN, MAAM” (Yes, I was and still am overweight).
It might have been a funny story but I was singled out and a little bit harassed by that faculty staff who was the homeroom teacher of that guy. I kind of forgot how it was let go and resolved at that time but I wasn’t fully able to have it across that teacher that he was late and disrespectful.
From my understanding, there were other seniors from her homeroom class. (Those kids I referred to as less athletic who were giving their best in doing reps) And when they were asked, they didn’t say anything bad about the drills in our platoon. So I wasn’t reprimanded or anything but was just given a fair warning. I just asked if the guy can be removed from my platoon because it would be awkward plus I don’t want to deal with him again.
I didn’t know what it was before but compared to today, it can be called out as fat shaming and humiliation from what they did.
I guess he was moved to the higher class where they had to do a lot of exercises since he was quite athletic. I never crossed paths with the guy even though our home rooms are two doors from each other. In my mind, he caused a huge part in this. (To be continued…)
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2023.05.28 09:23 thisdreamwontdie Thinking about getting the WH-CH720N. Advice?

I settled on the 720N for the following reasons. If any of them are objectively untrue, I'll research again. Important parts bolded, everything else is just some details. Experiences and thoughts welcomed. Thanks in advance.
  1. Comfortable. How do these feel/sound with glasses on? How about small earrings?
  2. No cabin pressure with ANC on.
  3. ANC is decent, not overwhelmingly vacuum-style powerful. I feel suspicious when it's too quiet. I just want to tune out cafeteria/commute chatter. Bus and airplane engines don't actually bother me that much, but cutting that down a little would be nice.
  4. ANC does not make humming/buzzing sounds, even if a sudden loud sound plays. I don't mind if someone yells next to me and I can make out what they're saying. What I do mind is if the headphones crackle in response as they try to react to the noise.
  5. Ambient mode accurately reflects loudness. I had the JLab Air Executive ANC earbuds for a while. I couldn't set my chopsticks down without wincing. Putting sinks in the dish sounded like a firework going off in my ear. And I was being gentle! With my earbuds out, it was a mild clink/tap noise that didn't bother my friend's very small, very reactive, very easily terrified dog.
  6. Decent balanced sound. All details welcome. If you used the EQ, please share your settings.
  7. Battery life (ANC on preferred).
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