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2023.06.03 19:25 LivingYogurtcloset18 Plot holes?

I’ve just finished suits for the first time and it’s my favourite show hands down. I don’t know much about the context of the writing after Mike and Rachel left but I felt like it didn’t effect the story line too much. For example, Harvey’s mother passing made Donna and Harvey’s wedding feel less irrational with the “life’s short” trope. Plus they also dodged a bullet on why Rachel wasn’t there. The only thing that felt forced was Daniel Hardman appearing again after the attorney-client privilege scenario.
Just wondering if anyone noticed any plot holes throughout the show?
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2023.06.03 19:24 Internal-Dig4904 regret going to hospital

I went to the hospital because I’m a huge hypochondriac and after a two day bender, the doctor was asking about my son and my son was fine and with his grandma the whole time but now I’m worried they are gonna take him away from me. What if they take him away for admitting yourself to the hospital for this I’m so scared and I regret going now..
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2023.06.03 19:24 Pristine_Industry_98 [FOR HIRE] VIRTUAL ASSISTANT for only 15$/hr

Hello! I'm Elaine and I am offering a service as a Virtual Assistant/Social Media Manager for only 15$/hr. You could also look at my portfolio attached! Thank you!
I also do some simple tasks just message me if you need help to anything! (one time task) Rest assured your tasks would be delivered on time! Here are the jobs I can do for you: - Prepare technical reports or any report for you or your company - Calendar Management - Social Media Management (can give proof of social media I manage) - Email Management - Edit IG/FB reels, tiktok videos - Do Graphic Designs (infographics, posters, product menu etc) - Budget reports, proposals etc. - Accountability Buddy (which can be negotiated) - Data entry jobs (organize files) - Script-writing for videos - Content Calendar Here is the link to my portfolio I am willing to give more samples just dm me! ^^ Payment via Paypal, Gcash, Wise
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2023.06.03 19:24 NivShakakhan Have I been driving around with an invalid license for the last 4 years?

This question is a couple layers so I'll try to keep it precise.
I recently realized that my MA driver's license is going to expire in a week. This was already strange to me because I got it issued in January of 2022 (renewal). I don't know why the expiration would be less than two years after it was issued.
I'm moving states in a couple weeks. This isn't completely relevant but it sucks that I need to renew my license when I'm going to need a new one from the state I'm moving to in a month. I'm also panicking that it won't come in time (I'm going to be driving). I hopped onto the MA RMV website to start the process. But when I do, I'm getting a message that I can't start the transaction because "You currently do not hold an active Massachusetts Identification Card."
I have no idea why I'm getting that message. I don't have any tickets. I also just purchased a car and would think that if I didn't have a valid driver's license, that would have been caught by the bank financing the loan, the RMV when it got registered, and/or my insurance company when I started a new policy.
Looking at my main profile on the RMV website, it has a Non-Renew un-paid excise tax from 2022. I also don't know what that could be for since I didn't own a car last year. It shows a start date of June 1st, 2023. It doesn't list the amount I owe for this. Back on my profile page, it shows a $50 balance due. Following that I get to a page saying "1W4535 - Reinstatement Fees" which was created in November of 2019. What? I'm just going to go ahead and pay the $50 the website says that I owe, but I have no idea what this all means. Have I been driving without a valid license for almost 4 years now? How have I not been informed of this between getting mail or by insurance? I've been on my girlfriend's insurance policy for the last two years since we have been sharing her car during that time.
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2023.06.03 19:24 Imzadi1971 Just curious…

When we put our 15 week old puppy Chance in his kennel when we go anywhere for a long time, we try putting a pee training pad in there for him. Unfortunately when e get back, we find he’s ripped it to shreds! Why would he do that?
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2023.06.03 19:24 ThighOfTheTiger Tips for loosely budgeting after being intense for 10+ years

I started doing detailed budgeting and expense tracking over 10 years ago in a spreadsheet. I allocate all my income at the beginning of the month, and then every receipt / expense gets deducted from its appropriate category. For places like Costco and Target where I often purchase things from 3 or 4 different categories, I split the receipt into those categories.
When I was in college and spending most of my income I felt this was a good use of time to live within my means. Now I'm saving ~50% of my income and I don't think being off by $100-200 each month would have a big impact. Right now I'm spending ~4 hours/month budgeting and tracking expenses (1 hour per week), and I'd like to cut that down to <1 hour.
Do you have any tips or methods for doing a looser budget, but still having a general idea of how much you're spending on each category?
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2023.06.03 19:24 eyeamabug My buddy Paul Thomas did this for the first time about a month ago

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2023.06.03 19:24 Gr-owningup Requesting Log Review - Ret Paladin

Hoping someone could review my logs for Rashok but open to review of all of the listed fights in the logs. Just tried the CSAA build for the first time this run with a new guild.
Definitely lacking trinkets but seeing what I could change to improve in terms of rotation/playstyle.
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2023.06.03 19:24 princeofthethrowaway I am the reason that every relationship failed. (The Reality Pill 💊)

This realization is more towards romantic relationships but I wouldn't be surprised if it manifested into every other parts as well.
I (M23) have been dating nonstop since I was about 15 years old. My early relationships each spanned about a year on average, always ending with me finding that we weren't a good fit..Or so, that was what I'd tell myself because it was what made perfect sense at the time. To the point, I've been looking over my failed relationships in hindsight following a recent breakup of multiple years.. discovering a pattern that makes me extremely disappointed with myself.
Here's how relationships have gone for me: I meet a woman, excitement builds while getting to know her, I'm comfortable and an open book, some months go without issue by until..BOOM!.. trauma has entered the chat. No, not like an RKO out of nowhere because that would have been 100x easier to come back from.. more like a slow poison injected into the relationship the very moment things appear to be secure or longterm. I'd begin to notice myself closing off over the subsequent months, growing uncomfortable with the intensity of intimacy and vulnerability, nitpicking small things in my head and losing interest altogether.
I'm writing on here, because I've learned that I robbed my own self of happiness every single time. These women were happy souls, bringing spiritual healing from all of the emotional neglect I endured growing up. Evenings at the dinner table with their families giving me a feeling of presence that I never had with my own. No mom, no dad. Intimate talks and long walks to bumblefuck reminded me that I can still give and receive love, even if I didn't really know what it looked like. Their positivity was infectious, but unfortunately also overwhelming for me. I'd become so familiar with verbal abuse, emotional neglect and abandonment during my adolescence, that I'd ruin a good woman with random dissapearances, declining levels of communication and seemingly sudden breakups. I know, sounds like a horror movie.
I absolutely suck and I know this. I think about the negative impact of my actions on women as a whole, how what I've done (although not knowing or understanding what I was going through) looks no different than the asshole guys that waste a womans time and string her along on purpose. I hate destroying all of the good things in my life. They especially didn't deserve it and everyday I wish I could apologize sincerely to them. The only way I know to fix what I've done, is by becoming better that the guy that hurt those innocent women. After 8 years of back-to-back relationships, I'm finally taking a long time alone to invest in therapy, self development and explore a deeper understanding of trauma on young adults and children over a lifetime. I'm sure that my extreme independance has also put strain on my friendships and family ties: I don't share personal things often, I never ask for help, I've become a workaholic to combat the fear of the utter failure that my guardians used to tell me I would become in the future. It's bad out here. I only see this pattern continuing if I don't stop it right now..Also, don't I deserve to be happy too? Don't I deserve to love without interferance? That is what I'm aiming for and I want this post to act as my accountability letter. I WILL find help, I WILL put in the work and I WILL become a better, healthier man.
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2023.06.03 19:24 Flash4473 "mysterious" interview with headhunter and scary step-up opportunity in career

* for context - local EU state job offering
I think I had the weirdest interview in a while, a headhunter contacted me via linkedin chat to discuss the position he has for me after reading my profile and offered 1 hour teams meeting slot..asked what is the position and JD, he replied its about network security position dealing with firewalls, proxy and other security solutions, standard JD also with mentions of some basic windows and linux knowledge (have zero as I never dealt with that endpoint part of the network, hell not even switches), I asked couple questions as fulltime/contract, remote/onsite, offered pay, name of the company etc..as none of these were stated. he replied with another set of questions about my certifications and repeated my last questions to me in a manner which looked like low-effort ai automated answer. Had weird vibes at that point and didn't feel like this passive-aggressive style deserves a reply, but after a while I decided Im gonna go with the slot cause I was sacked recently and Im looking for a job, also worst case just "for science" and curiosity of what would come out of this fully expecting something not worth my time. Despite the tone set, I was professional whole time in the chat conversation just to train my emotional intelligence and wanted to experience rest of it for the same reason.
So we met online next day and he was professional, welcoming and generally nice, hes from agency focusing on specific hires for their exclusive client, told me I will not find what he is offering online as client wants narrow selection, told me that here he hopes we can exchange our questions. I generally don't like asymmetry in the conversation about job offers but still managed to keep being professional and see where it will go, letting him have his "manipulation" moment. He was trying to explain to me the reason why he was keeping the whole thing shrouded, We talked a bit about my experience (he still didn't see my cv, nor asked for it wtf, went just by scuffed version from my linkedin profile..) I could tell he studied me and my responses closely, when I again asked about the company name he told me that knowing it doesn't carry any weight atm, that I would either be like never heard of it or fall on my ass cause it is super quality, that this company level is up there even fixing what other companies did lackluster. He wanted to hear what I want from my job in the future and explained to me that it is network security solutioning from a to z with accent on close business collaboration onsite with clients.
I was 50/50 at that point cause I appreciate wfh and remote as 4 last years I got beaten to it until stopped complaining. But I am thinking that maybe going out there might be key impact on my stalling mental health state, but fucking hell am I afraid of being the last person in tech problem without any more senior people above me, with years of delegated boring half projects without full context in terms of solution (you know, living isolated on my firewall corporate island and not being able to see beyond).. He liked me very much, also explained why and on which nuances in particular conversation moments, and that he could see me succeed in interview as being good part of team, but I have no formal certs, only 7 year quite ok checkpoint knowledge and now I decided to do NSE4 just by some basic study and dumps but no heavy production complex experience..just to have more interview exposure (market is shit last months..i see ton of cloud and cybersec but nothing from my domain). Anyway he told me that I need to wow the interviewee with my knowledge and drive since no certs.
..that ofc could go 2 ways as you never know what they ask. I didn't do checkpoint products in all its broadness, but in some moments got into quite depths and knowledge nuggets, but mostly I don't feel super confident that I am full blown expert. All I know is that any task I had I managed to methodically figure out with enough time without pressure and thats what I am used to.
The name of the company is NTT and I did not hear about it lol, but I am impressed with some of financial info and employee numbers. He told me that any of my concerns about team atmosphere or latest technology and benefits are pointless - all should be beyond my expectations, but they require good talent.
He told me that I should take some time to figure out if this opportunity is what I want in terms of my future direction - so no wfh mostly and business oriented mind in providing security solutions to client while being the guy who others ask how to do things while I am owning the solution. - I have respect of such and even fear, so not sure if this is something to expose myself to as my mental health suffered some big blows from various losses in personal and professional life past 2 years in case it will be overwhelming beyond me managing the stress and reality of it.
Lastly he gave me "homework" to start rewriting my resume in a way where how I can transition my knowledge into business oriented way to serve customer needs..still not sure what that means fully..(he even disregarded me sending him my current cv version when I realized he never asked for it and when I offered to send it..that definitely never happened to me in any job offering)
any thoughts?
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2023.06.03 19:24 Prestigious-Chef3338 My autoimmune conditions make me drink more, and drinking more makes my autoimmune conditions worse

I've had psoriasis since I was like 11. I got it under control around the age of 21. Then at 23 I developed PsA. Got that under control with humira. At 25 I found out I had AGA and PCOS which I've been taking spironolactone/minoxidil for, but my hair is continuing to thin. The hair thinning is extremely hard on me because I feel like I'm losing part of my identity. So I started drinking more to not focus on it. Well now I have psoriasis all over my scalp for the first time in years and my hair is falling even more.
I find it so difficult to take care of myself with all of these co-morbid things. I don't even know how to get out of the hole I was involuntarily put in. Everything feels like a vicious cycle.
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2023.06.03 19:24 JarePur28489 Milf?Help?Advice?

I met this beautiful woman when I was 16 and she was 24 we met at a job we both this was back in 2015 when we met used to work we got along very well due to we had to work together. The job was a lot of people all ages from 16 to whatever so incase anyone ask here where I live 16yr is the age you can work. So we together every day I started to get to know her a bit more and same her with me I was attracted to her she was gorgeous.I was attracted to older woman senses I maybe 9-10 so I always thought of fucking her or just being in a relationship in general till maybe a few a few weeks in I found her FB and IG I wanted to ask her for her number was to much of chicken to ask but after convincing myself I asked and gave it. We started talking a lot more at first it was me saying Good-morning or goodnight but all of the sudden it’s her now and she than vegans to to tell send me hearts or kiss emojis so I would go and everything was going good when I accidentally sent the emoji face this one (🥵) and replied with the same and the wink face with kisses I was surprised and after that we sent emoji like which was pretty sexual an just talked on the or work alot. Now we skip fast forward 6 months so technically now its 2016 I already had her number and everything and at this point we had this thing where she would joke about me always flirting with her and what not but I only did it cause she would give me this look it wasn’t a normal look she would bite on her bottom lip most of the time an being her eyebrow up with a smile. So me a 16yr kind knew what she was up for well not at least what I was thinking was to fuck luckily she was to. So I talked to we once leaving work and was a bit nervous to ask and was second guessing a lot I almost blew it but I somehow got the balls to ask and tell her how I felt. I explained to her I was into her not like a friend type of way more of a well I wanna fuck I just told her there was no point at all sugar coding it she was quite at first but than told me she was flattered and we went back to her place mind you it’s likes 11pm. We get there she tells me I have to sneak in the light the back window cause of her 3 kids so I do. I go in through and automatically she’s on me we making out taking are clothes off and she just grabs on to my dick hard it hurtes a bit not gonna lie an slips it in her. And she just starts riding me the whole 8 minutes she looked me dead in the eyes that same look biting on her bottom lip and her eyebrow up with a small smile. I kid you not I just nutted after those 8 minutes she eventually told me that when she texted me 66 that I was she wanted me the second go around was a bit longer an i lasted more this time.
If you want to hear about the second time let me know but I do miss her we fucked for almost 7 years she just 31 and I’m 23 but we stopped fucking this early year cause she said she need to get some things situated but never spoke to me again. Now she’s engaged and wants nothing to do with me and i don’t know what to do or how to even react I feel like I was used. But I am going to keep trying like in the messages it’s just hard I have so many videos and pictures of her like how can I continue after something like this?
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2023.06.03 19:24 deltarunech2outyet Don't know if anyone else has this happening but sometimes the files for HL2 and the episodes tend to disappear. I assume that's due to inactivity or something like that but I'm not entirely sure.

Don't know if anyone else has this happening but sometimes the files for HL2 and the episodes tend to disappear. I assume that's due to inactivity or something like that but I'm not entirely sure. submitted by deltarunech2outyet to HalfLife [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 19:24 tommyt7479 Motion sensor not keeping light switch on.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong or what to change. I've setup 3 motion sensors in our back room. They turn on but after the 2min they go off and stays off even when motion sensors still pick up motion. If there no motion after 2 min I want it to turn off. If there is motion I want to stay on. Would appreciate some guidance.
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2023.06.03 19:24 watifurdadpulledout Can the FED really lower rates this recession?

I know the Fed has loaded its chamber with 5.25% of interest rate hike and maybe 50bps more are coming over the next couple months. But the Core Inflation rate is still at 5.25%. The last CPI came in at 4.9% and is not going down to 2% anytime soon. If anything summer might be the time for a spike in the CPI. Amount of jobs added has beat expectations this month from est. of 190k to 339k. These are the numbers even after the banks are causing a credit crunch. All of these things force me to see only one thing in the future - Stagflation. Fed will not be able to lower rates anytime soon and any bond holders waiting for a rate cut will be waiting a loooong time. The only alternative I see during stagflation is real commodities like gold, oil and agriculture futures.
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2023.06.03 19:24 Ellianiel French mother and daughter going to NY for the first time, some questions !

Hello! My daughter and I are going to spend two weeks in NYC in August. If you could give us some advices, it would be nice !
1- Is it safe for my daughter (24) to go alone to have a drink at night ? (Our hotel is close to Time Square)
2- We like to eat healthy, can you recommand us a good restaurant ? ( Not too expensive 😏)
3- I like taking pictures of a lot of things, is it considered rude to ask people if I can take a picture of them ?
Ty for your time (and sorry for my english not very good)
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2023.06.03 19:24 marco_marchi03 Nautilus no longer automatically updates new icons/folders when created/updated

Hello everyone and sorry for the inconvenience, but I urgently need technical support from you because I'm afraid I made a big mess with my Linux operating system (Ubuntu 23.04)...
It all started when, for performance reasons, I decided to enable ZSwap by performing the following steps (the procedure taken from the official Ubuntu forum)
  1. sudo nano /etc/default/grub
  1. sudo su

Only for an oversight (I suppose fatal at this point) I forget to write everything attached to the assignments of values to zswap, basically I wrote like this: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash zswap.enabled = 1 zswap.zpool = z3fold zswap.compressor = lz4"
naively believing that I have done everything without errors I go to reboot and enter grub secure mode. later realizing the syntax error, from secure mode I go to edit grub again, this time correcting the space between the equals, restart the boot and enter the session normally.
while I was using the PC normally, in particular, I was using the Ubuntu file manager: Nautilus, I notice that the icons / folders no longer update automatically as they did before, which is solved if I press F5 or Ctrl + R.
1) I tried to remove ZSwap from grub and from /etc/default/grub and from /etc/initramfs-tools/ modules but the problem persists
2) I tried to edit sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf adding fs.inotify.max_user_watches=1000000 and reloading the file with sudo sysctl -p but the problem persists
3) I'm sure it was the first implementation of ZSwap that caused this problem as I repeated the steps on a virtual machine it gives me the same problem
4) using other file managers like: Nemo, Caja, Dolphin the problem doesn't arise, so I think it's an exclusively Nautilus problem (?)
Do you have any idea how to fix this problem, i don't want to re-install ubuntu again...
Thank you all :)!
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2023.06.03 19:24 JackIngoffff Favorite lyrics?

This may or may not have been discussed before, but oh well. I'd say mine are definitely "Know where to go, don't trip, have no time for that pussy shit" or "I'm gonna take it around for a bit, and I don't care if you give a shiiiit".
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2023.06.03 19:24 Mythic-Rare Music and Arts in the area?

My wife and I have been seriously considering a move to the area, gotten tired of life in the city (Portland/Seattle) and are enchanted with the valley and the people we have met here. I'm a musician and my wife is an artist, and though quite a lot of our work has moved online since covid we still love getting out and being with fellow artists. We haven't been able to spend enough time during the weekends and so haven't been able to get a good idea of things in the area, and are just curious about people's experiences. Obviously Joshua Tree and 29 Palms are very small, but I've lived in small towns (mostly Arcata, CA) and know how a special place can have at times a strangely wonderful arts scene than one would expect given the population size. Thanks for any info/opinions!
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2023.06.03 19:24 lluuccaass00 30M Looking for a longterm Snap bro

Hey all, I'm a Brazilian dude bored af. I've always been shy so don't really have much friends.
I'm str8, nerdy, love playing games (that's what I do most of my free time), movies, series, cooking. I'm already graduated and work a lot.
Looking for a bro to be silly, talk on a everyday basis about anything, maybe play together, snap each other. Just boys being boys.
PM me some details about yourself, maybe we can chat on snap?
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2023.06.03 19:23 RobotWizard315 Ace Attorney Fans, Present Your Culprit Challenges for Headcanon Analysis!

Hello, wonderful Ace Attorney community,
I humbly come before you today with an exciting proposal that's sure to ignite our collective imagination. I'm reaching out to each and every one of you for a thrilling adventure into headcanon analyses, where we'll explore alternative culprit theories for various Ace Attorney games (excluding The Great Ace Attorney series [more specifically last case of Chronicles and entirety of Resolve] on my end, but you're also free to engage in a hypothetical discussion with others in this post aside from me if you so desire). But here's the catch: I can't do it without your help!
Here's how it works: I invite you to suggest culprits from the games that intrigue you the most. Simply share the character's name and the case they're involved in, and challenge me (or others) to construct a plausible headcanon take that might just clear them of their alleged crimes. Think of it as a collaborative detective journey, where we combine our brilliant minds to unlock new perspectives!
In order to preserve the suspense for those who haven't experienced certain games yet, please remember to kindly mark your comments with spoilers. Our aim is to create a welcoming and engaging environment, where every fan can participate and share their thoughts.
So, my incredible fellow fans, are you ready to embark on this captivating discussion? Let's come together as a community, present your chosen culprits, and prepare to uncover plausible alternate truths using evidence, logic, and our collective brilliance. Join me in unraveling the enigmatic mysteries of Ace Attorney, one theory at a time!
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2023.06.03 19:23 AnteaterBasic336 I tried the Immortal King Run for the first time

It wasn't forced, but I couldn't resist
shout out to u/gothamchess
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