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$100 for this old 1973 schwinn worth it?

2023.05.06 22:43 python_noob_001 $100 for this old 1973 schwinn worth it?

he has it listed for $99 on facebook
I have heard new schwinns are terrible but this bike is also 50 years old dude. I want to daily commute with it maybe 3 miles round trip each day. thoughts?
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2023.04.28 23:42 Marshal4975 DJI Avata For Sale
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2023.04.10 12:38 bbwa5z Brand New NNormal Trail Running Shoes: Kjerag and Tomir

From Kilian Jornet's new company. Both in US 9.5, never worn b/c 0.5 size too big for me.
I am still super excited about them and got new pairs 0.5 size down. Asking $125 for Kjerag ($195 retail) and $100 for Tomir ($165 retail), plus shipping if required. Will cover shipping if both pairs purchased.
Posted April 10, 2023; shipping from Ann Arbor, MI.
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2022.11.10 02:54 puppysearchbot Michigan

annarbor (sss)
annarbor (pet)
annarbor (pas)
battlecreek (sss)
battlecreek (pet)
battlecreek (pas)
centralmich (sss)
centralmich (pet)
centralmich (pas)
detroit (sss)
detroit (pet)
detroit (pas)
flint (sss)
flint (pet)
flint (pas)
grandrapids (sss)
grandrapids (pet)
grandrapids (pas)
holland (sss)
holland (pet)
holland (pas)
jxn (sss)
jxn (pet)
jxn (pas)
kalamazoo (sss)
kalamazoo (pet)
kalamazoo (pas)
lansing (sss)
lansing (pet)
lansing (pas)
monroemi (sss)
monroemi (pet)
monroemi (pas)
muskegon (sss)
muskegon (pet)
muskegon (pas)
nmi (sss)
nmi (pet)
nmi (pas)
porthuron (sss)
porthuron (pet)
porthuron (pas)
saginaw (sss)
saginaw (pet)
saginaw (pas)
swmi (sss)
swmi (pet)
swmi (pas)
thumb (sss)
thumb (pet)
thumb (pas)
up (sss)
up (pet)
up (pas)
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2022.08.21 15:45 bighouse4321 for sale: two couches good condition!

Hi! We are selling two couches. A 3-person couch ($125) and a matching 2-person loveseat ($75). Or best offer. Brown faux leather. Very clean! Non smoking and non-pet household. Some wear on the arm/head rests but otherwise comfortable and good condition
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2022.08.13 17:37 InsomniaConfessions Selling iPad 9th Gen., 10.2 inches, 64 GB, space gray, missing charger

Hi UM community,
(Side note, if this isn’t the place for this kind of post, let me know, and I’ll remove it.) UM grad student here! I’m currently selling an iPad 9th gen. and wanted to share the info here in case any students are interested. I’m offering the iPad for $180.00 cash or best offer.
I’m finished with both coursework and teaching, the areas of my life where this device helped the most, so I’d like to move on to a different computer. It’s in great shape, the main wear and tear being two small nicks by the power button. It’s also missing the charger (left at home in a different state). Thus, the price of $180 or your best offer.
If interested, please message me here on Reddit or contact me through the Craigslist posting for the iPad:
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2022.06.29 23:01 serial_messiah Need help with value of refurbished Miyata 210

hello! I am looking to buy a bike just to commute around town and came across this one on craigslist. I know nothing about bikes and would like help understand what a good price for this is. Thank you!
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2022.06.19 16:59 leggomylegoeggo Price check for 2015 Diamondback Trace XT ~$300USD

Been looking for a used hybrid but I can't find a ton of information about this model. Everyone's favorite BBB has it at ~$350, and the seller says it was $1200 originally. Just want to make sure I wouldn't be overpaying for a bad bike, assuming it's in good condition. Thanks!
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2022.02.21 02:11 VeganMinecraft $$ Craigslist Studies $$

No giveaway this time!
Here are some craigslist studies going on right now. I do not post “Chances to win” as I believe that EVERYONE should be paid for their time so I only post ones where they pay everyone that qualifies. I sincerely hope this is appreciated as it does take me a bit to compile and sift through dead and garbage links and surveys. As always, if something sounds fishy, don’t do it. I can’t vouch for ALL the links.
PRO TIP: For Research Studies in Your area that pay in cash (there are often quite a lot so too long and too time consuming to post everything from each state here. Would take me all day) go to your craigslist site and type in "research" or "survey" and look under community, gigs or jobs.
Most of these studies pertain to the U.S but there are probably a few that may take international participants if you ask.
FOR RESEARCHERS WHO COME ACROSS THIS POST: First, I hope you are able to deal with the amount of people contacting you. Unfortunately we have no control over bots or false responses.
Second, would you please list more information in your craigslist post? Most of the studies I come across are missing valuable information, such as when the study starts, when it ends, minimum age requirements, location requirements, how you will be contacted if you qualify, how your information is protected, etc. Your research studies often are associated with "higher education" universities so it makes no sense why these details would be left out. Please be thorough so people here know what they are getting into and think of it less to be a scam.
Third, I am on reddit A LOT so if you need a study taken down because of abuse, just let me know by either Pming me or chatting me.
$100 Paypal, Venmo Amazon Exercise Habits
$100 Paypal, Venmo, Amazon Restaurant Employees
$438 Amazon Psychological Research
$25 Paypal, Venmo, Amazon Child Food Allergy
$100 Visa/Amazon Lung Cancer
$30 Amazon Emotions and Daily Habits
$50 Amazon Health Care System
$15 Amazon Bev & Food Workers
$20 Paypal, Venmo, Amazon Business Education
$10 Amazon Rowing Machine – Chicago only
$281 Amazon Transportation Habits – Washington State only
$120 Amazon Health Wearables
$50 Amazon Treatment for Opioid Use
$120 Amazon Cigarette Smoking
$20 Amazon Looking for Employment
$25 Amazon 50+
$20 Amazon Attention and Memory
$20 Paypal, Amazon Beauty Products
$120 Paypal, Venmo, Visa Hispanics
$325 Paypal, Venmo, Visa Healthcare Professionals
$175 Visa Focus Group
$80 Paypal, Venmo, Visa Pregnant Moms
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2022.02.04 22:09 TalooshDaBoss Are these rtx 2070s, 2080, and 3080 legit?

I want to upgrade my desktops 2060 to something like a 2070 super, and while looking on craigslist I found some really wack listings. Just wondering if I should consider these at all because they are reaching too good to be true level deals, not sure how much scamming currently goes on in craigslist.
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2021.08.23 03:30 SoggyLog2321 This 1971 Bronco seems way too cheap

I was just browsing broncos on the internet, and came across this one.
Just based off what I've seen on Bring a Trailer, this seems way underpriced. (Heres a comparable half cab for 42k.)
Am I being dumb or is this actually a great deal?
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2021.06.25 04:06 Feisty_Insect_492 Looking for someone to take over my lease!

Looking for someone to take over my lease on the west side. 1 bedroom in a 2bed/1bath - $800/mo. 20 min walk to downtown/Kerrytown. 10 min drive to U of M central campus. Very close to West Park, Knights market, and Big City Small world. Let me know if you are interested or know anyone who might be looking :)

Here is my craigslist post:
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2021.06.22 03:15 neemix01 What is the best place to try and sell an e-rig?

Looking for the best place to sell a Mini Nail and Pyrology Cricket rig. Tons of accessories and all that. I have a Craigslist ad posted, but no hits there. Link below for full description.
Any help greatly appreciated.
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2021.06.17 18:39 Neskeness 4 Tickets to Laith Al-Saadi Trio presented by A2SF and The Ark

4 Tickets to Laith Al-Saadi Trio presented by A2SF and The Ark
Selling at face value - unfortunately I won’t be in town to enjoy the concert. The concert is Saturday June 26th at 4pm in Fuller Park.
I am willing to split the tickets into groups of two at $27.50 per ticket if you only want to buy two.
Electronically delivered upon paypal/venmo payment or printed out and pick up for cash. See link for contact.
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2021.06.17 18:37 Neskeness 4 Tickets to Laith Al-Saadi Trio presented by A2SF and The Ark

4 Tickets to Laith Al-Saadi Trio presented by A2SF and The Ark
Selling at face value - unfortunately I won’t be in town to enjoy the concert. The concert is Saturday June 26th at 4pm in Fuller Park.
I am willing to split the tickets into groups of two at $27.50 per ticket if you only want to buy two.
Electronically delivered upon paypal/venmo payment or printed out and pick up for cash. See link for contact.
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2021.05.07 03:59 reteps144 I need a bike for college!!

I am going to college next year, and campus is big enough that I need a bike.
I don't think I want a bike with the drop handles (The U-looking ones) so I haven't been looking at bikes with those.
I have looked around locally and found some bikes, but I'm not sure how to tell what is something I want, or if any are good deals. This list I have already checked is my size
If someone could tell me what I should be looking for in a bike that can last 4 years of college and feel comfortable, but also doesn't break the bank.
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2021.03.24 18:03 Tonyper First Bicycle for commuting

Hi All,
I'm moving to Kalamazoo this summer and for the first time my commute will be within cycling range. I've dreamt about getting rid of my car and living somewhere accessable for years so I'm pretty excited.
I haven't ridden a bicycle in a while but my commute would be across town, about 4.5 miles, fairly flat. I'm anticipating some lame roads Google says 25 min by bike but I'd like it to be closer to 15-20 min.
I like the idea of a gravel bike, quick but wider road tires, no suspension, with fenders and a rear rack but I'm not sure how much I'm willing to spend on a bicycle yet.
So far I've been looking at used bikes online but the Priority 600 does make my mouth water. I also intend to visit some of the bike shops in KZ too.
In the meantime, I'm checking this bike out today and wondering your thoughts on it: $250, clean, vintage schwinn continental 10 speed.
I'm 6'1", 185, and pretty average fitness I think. I'm decent with some tools but experienced with bicycles
Thanks in advance for the response.
Edit: I'd like to commute as much as possible. Ideally full time.
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2021.03.22 19:53 s1nglespeeder Purchase advice

I’m looking at jumping into the Wrangler club with the purchase of this TJ. I’d appreciate any insight and particular areas I should focus on inspecting (I’m aware of the rust issues these vehicles suffer from).
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2021.02.19 18:30 gtfocarol_ Two Subleases for Zaragon West (Great Off-Campus Housing for UMich)

Yes haha I'm posting this to Reddit since me and my roommate are facing an extremely difficult financial situation and need to move out of our apartment ASAP.
Subleasing a 2-bed room in a 2 bedroom unit at Zaragon West, move in ASAP and move out will be July 2021. I have two leases available since it is a split bedroom; one is $740 before utilities (price is negotiable and I will be paying utilities) and the other is $710 before utilities (price and utility coverage negotiable). There are two other girls in the unit and a really really cute cat.
Location: Right downtown, < 5 minute walk to the diag, < 5 minute walk to the Union, right by State St. Really great location if you're looking to stay on Central Campus, or looking to live in the city with all its restaurants and bars within walking distance.
Amenities: Laundry is included in the unit, trash room is right down the hall, two high-speed wifis, there is a 24/7 gym downstairs, and there is a parking garage available (parking spot not included). The building and management are also very Covid safe.
This place is very cozy and city-like, and I'm sad to leave but if you're an undergraduate or even a graduate student trying to find housing quickly, this is a great option! Here is a Craigslist link with pictures attached from Z West's website, but if you want an actual tour of my unit please DM me or respond to the Craigslist posting!
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2020.12.08 00:46 crazyeyeslizzie In Need of Housing?

I'm still for a (female/nb) roommate in a 2 bedroom 1 bath duplex on the west side. $500/month + utilities. I've previously had grad and undergrad roommates here. Check the link for more details:
DM me if you're interested!
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2020.11.30 04:38 crazyeyeslizzie ISO Roommate in 2 Bedroom Duplex in OWS

Check out my ad here. Feel free to email or DM me if you're interested!
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2020.11.10 15:51 jwrice5 Advice on used road bike bike

Hi all! I’m new to distance riding and road bikes, and am also starting to train for a half Ironman. I currently have a fixie that I ride around the neighborhood with the family, but want something that will leave me the ability to run the last leg!
Anyways, I’m looking at two bikes from the mid 80s: Trek 400 ( and Schwinn Tempo (
I really appreciate any advice you all can share. Thanks!
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