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For anything of interest to Sailors! This is primarily a US Navy-centric subreddit, but all are welcome. REMEMBER OPSEC. Do not post your command name! Post pre-bootcamp, pre-commissioning questions in NewToTheNavy. READ THE WIKI (www.reddit.com/navy/wiki) and do a search before posting--if you're about to ask "I'm arriving at my first command/going on my first deployment..." it's likely already been answered.



Every adult alive now had become used to a world where the USA, UK and Europe ran things in their own interest. Not only that, they dealt with upstart individuals and nations successful to their advantage and with impunity. Especially with the collapse of the Soviet Union the western world’s leaders saw themselves as home free to the world of their dreams where everything they said goes. This was the unipolar moment, there was now unequivocally one pole of power. It had been this way across the nations that had been under the western elite thumb before this, but now the whole world being like putty in their hands excited the fervent imagination of the West.
Then 9/11 happened.
With 9/11 the political elites in the USA in combination with their allies saw that their delight in seeing off the Soviet Union now meant more than joy, it meant that they were now in a position within this new unipolar world to be even more forceful than ever in now decimating any and all enemies worldwide. What was to stop them? The Soviet Union was dead and gone. No nation stood in the way of them wiping the floor with all those nasty anti-American states that had enraged them for so many years. The way was open. War would be the mechanism to disintegrate their power.
No American-opposing entity was to stand after the 9/11 determination to wipe them out. They HAD to go for the sake of the security of the United States for all time to come. There was not to be an iota of resistance left once they had completed the mission before them. They were the singular mighty power on this planet now and the path was clear for them to do as they pleased to those they hated and rabidly wished gone. No moral or ethical barrier was to stand in their way. 9/11, for them gave them every authority they needed to act as they wished and were required to act to cleanse the entire world of opposition.
And all their allies agreed. Not only in the political fields but also across mainstream news media. They would all now go to war TOGETHER.
That was how it was supposed to be as Afghanistan quickly fell to them. There was talk of democratising Afghanistan and much more. However, Iraq called, the next target. Iraq was harder in terms of opposition but soon it to was “done”. On to Libya, again it was “done” quite quickly… though things were getting messy. Looking back at what was happening in both Afghanistan and Iraq the telltale signs of future failure were there. But anyway, on to Syria.
In Syria things were done differently. The change of tactics had begun in Libya with the emphasis on aerial attacks as opposed to boots on the ground. But in Syria things took yet another turn. This, it was decided, would be done through covert means and the use of allied nations with a stake in seeing regime change occur there. In addition so-called Moderate Rebels would be trained, equipped and financed. Then, the cherry on the top, an entity of heroic rescuers would be formed and given every PR man’s dream equipment to get the message out and effectively condition those sitting at home that right was only on one side, the West’s side. These were of course, ‘The White Helmets’.
It was all moving forward… or so it seemed. But the carefully facade was beginning to leak badly. The Taliban were not giving up in Afghanistan. In Iraq various anti-American forces were causing growing problems. In Libya there was no shining democratic dream emerging. One of the things re-emerging there was the slave trade.
Things had begun to go badly wrong for the post-9/11 project and it hadn’t got to Iran yet, next in line.
Two significant occurrences added to western woes along the path described above.
One was Vladimir Putin’s Munich speech in February 2007. The other was the exponential rise of China.
Vladimir Putin may or may not have been fully aware that he was waving a metaphorical red rag to a bull in Munich, but that was the effect of the speech he made that day. He went, in the period of an hour from an accepted member of the insiders to a complete outsider.
What was his crime?
Post 9/11 ALL individuals, groups, national leaders and governments HAD to now be subservient to the USA and its allies. This after all was what had been decided in those hyper-emotional hours after that fateful day. No one was to IN ANY WAY oppose the will of the United States or its allies. Weren’t they sworn to eliminate and replace ALL those who did?
Putin’s crime was to do exactly that. He stated quite clearly that Russia would NOT subordinate itself to any other nation or group of nations. He became public enemy number one for ALL western political elites and their mainstream media news from that day on.
Then there is the rise of China. A China quite clearly NOT in the control of the USA or its allies. And China was growing at a pace that meant it would become a peer competitor to the USA and its allies. A double crime. That made China an enemy also. Putin, his support base and the Chinese government. All now very firmly on the list of entities to be eliminated and replaced.
And in short, this is how things stand today.
Except for one thing.
In these last three to six months a cataclysmic political and economic change has occurred.
The previous support for the USA and its allies, based as it was on a recognition of their combined power and the potential threats they could bring to bear on them… began to erode as that power and those threats began to drain away. China must be given most credit for this as its vast wealth, economic power and willingness to engage began to appear MUCH more attractive than the threatening aggressiveness of the West. The relationship with the West had been a pragmatic one in the overwhelming majority of cases. It was not based on anything that could closely approximate to friendship. It was a relationship based on a certain usefulness along with a large dose of fear regarding what the western monster could do if you didn’t obey it.
Now there was this far friendlier panda offering to provide similar guarantees as the rather sharp-beaked eagle. A great many states, some of which had been pecked near to death by the American eagle pondered whether cuddling the panda might be a far better option.
Then along came Russia that demanded of the West that it stop surrounding it with NATO bases, that it be reasonable and work with Russia on a new security architecture that would work for all sides, including Russia. But… Russia was on the list of post-9/11 elimination and replacement. No deal. Russia asked that Ukraine not be made a NATO state and pointed to the West already MAKING it into a de facto NATO state. No deal. Russia was on the list. Russia had to be regime changed and have all its political systems undermined and rebuilt with all its present political elites gone. The post-9/11 plan demanded it.
It is not as yet known to be the case but pushing Russian into invading Ukraine could easily have been seen as the perfect way to achieve the post-9/11 plan. It was without doubt believed that the financial and economic sanctions that would hit Russia would make it crumple. The entire western world, indeed the WHOLE world would unite against Russia for such an act. Wouldn’t it.
Well no and no.
Neither did the Russian economy crack as was supposed, neither did the Russian people rise up and overthrow their leaders, most notably Vladimir Putin. And neither did the rest of the world outside the orbit of the West unite against Russia, these nations mostly being in Eurasia and the Global South. India did not. Neither did many others.
But an even greater shock was to come.
These same nations, many of whom had been under western sway began to flock to join Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa in the BRICS Group. At the last count 19 nations are queueing up to join.
And what is even worse…
A growing number of nations are discussing the elimination of the US dollar as the default currency for all trades. More and more nations began agreeing that they would trade in their own local currencies. The US dollar, in the name of the Petrodollar of course is the mechanism by which the USA can threaten nations with sanctions. If they refuse to obey they can be broken economically through the mechanism of the Petrodollar.
But why the sudden change?
All due to Russia and China.
Russia showed that it was possible to oppose the United States, the UK and the eU and win out. These latter few were shown to be paper tigers. Russia said, look, we can do this. We can be free. We need no longer be under threat from the western bullies. Stand up to them. We will help you. We being Russia and China.
And so here we are.
De-dollarisation is underway across a growing number of nations. Russia’s economy is now rising, its inflation level dropping, its people becoming wealthier again with living standards rising. China similarly. While Germany goes into recession and inflation scars all other western nations including the USA. Russia has shown the world how to do it, how to escape western domination and thrive. Russia and China together are inviting any others that wish to, to joining their happy throng in BRICS. We have passed into a new geopolitical paradigm thanks to the resolute determination of two now rapidly rising nations in terms of prestige and power, Russia and China. The world will never be the same again.
The message now being given loud and strong?
There is a new global reality…
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2023.06.05 11:09 one-iota I wanted to ask something, but can only do one or the other. So enjoy some pics of my 11 cents. (Ill add my two cents next post)

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2023.06.05 11:09 sandsanta Cost of repair for broken hinge through MSI

Hi everyone,
Recently my MSI laptop's hinge broke....for the third time. The first time it broke; it was under warranty. The second time it broke, it was out of warranty therefore I sent it to a local repair shop and I believe it cost me £300-400+ for the parts and labour.
Now it's broken again and I've contacted MSI service center in which I received their reply this morning stating that they will have to collect the laptop and sent it over to Poland I believe in which they will assess the damage and quote me. If I reject the quotation, I will still have to pay £64 for the shipping.
I am based in the UK so I'm wondering if anyone has ever sent their laptop for repair without warranty and how much did it cost? Thank you!
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2023.06.05 11:07 itemluminouswadison Hands-On: ProTek Official United States Marine Corps Series 1010 Dive Watch

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2023.06.05 11:07 VitalyStot Has anyone used a professional UV light installation service for their home?

Has anyone used a professional UV light installation service for their home?
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Unmatched Expertise and Customer Satisfaction
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Their team of highly trained professionals possesses in-depth knowledge of UV light technology and its applications. When you choose MMI, you can be confident that your installation will be carried out with precision and expertise.
Furthermore, MMI goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction
From the initial consultation to the final installation, MMI prioritizes your needs and preferences. They provide personalized solutions tailored to your home, taking into account factors such as room size, layout, and specific requirements. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence set them apart from the competition.
In addition, MMI offers a range of UV light installation options to suit your needs
Whether you're looking to install UV lights in your HVAC system or as standalone units, MMI has you covered. They offer a comprehensive selection of high-quality UV light products, ensuring that you find the perfect solution for your home.
if you're seeking a professional UV light installation service for your home in Alpharetta, look no further than MMI.
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2023.06.05 11:05 kazerzo "RapidFinil.co " Legit site. Good products. I've ordered around 4 times now. Prices on most items are good...others not so good. Selection is good too. Only real complaint is that if you order on Thursday-Sunday it'll add 3 or more days onto shipping; a sign of a smaller based, i don't work weekends

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2023.06.05 11:04 VLenin2291 An alternate timeline constructed by Character.AI where Lincoln shoots first

Booth fires at Lincoln and misses, Lincoln draws and manages to aim and fire his pistol in one smooth motion. The report of the gunshot wakes the nearby soldiers on both sides of Ford's theatre and they rush in. By the time of the dust has settled the only survivor is the president and he is immediately rushed to Ford's Theatre hospital. The bullet is successfully removed by a surgeon and Lincoln recovers fully.
Q: What does Lincoln do next?
A: Lincoln returns to Washington and continues to fight for his vision for America, the civil war is still raging and he is determined to keep the Union together and bring the end of slavery. His resolve is strong and his popularity with the American people is unmatched. He goes on to defeat the Confederates and wins the Civil War, although it is a costly victory and leaves the country in ruins. Lincoln wins re-election with a massive majority and his work as president is widely celebrated.
Q: How does Lincoln handle reconstruction?
A: Lincoln handles Reconstruction carefully and thoughtfully, he believes that it is important for the country to heal and for the divisions between north and south to ease. He believes in a strong federal government and the gradual re-integration of the former Confederate states into the Union. He works closely with the courts to ensure that the new constitutional amendments are upheld, and he encourages cooperation between the federal governments and local state governments to rebuild the country's economy and infrastructure. His efforts are successful and the United States becomes stronger and more united than ever before.
Q: Who wins the 1868 election?
A: Lincoln is re-elected by a massive landslide in the 1868 election, his popularity and his successes both during and after the Civil War ensure that he is able to win a second term easily. The Republican Party remains in power for another four years and their policies continue to help the United States recover from the devastating effects of the Civil War. Lincoln's second term is widely lauded as one of the most successful in US history and the country begins a period of unprecedented economic and social growth under his leadership.
Q: And the election of 1872?
A: After two successful terms in office, Lincoln chooses not to seek re-election in 1872, preferring to retire and spend more time with his family. He endorses the Republican nominee, former General Ulysses S. Grant, who easily wins the election and becomes the 18th president of the United States. Grant's term in office is seen as more mixed than Lincoln's, as he struggles to deal with economic and political difficulties during the early 1870s, but he manages to maintain a strong federal government and keeps the country united.
Q: What is the Grant Presidency like in this timeline?
A: Grant's presidency is less successful than Lincoln's, as he struggles to deal with numerous economic and political challenges during his term in office. He does a poor job of managing the economy and is criticized for his mishandling of civil rights issues, including a failure to properly address the issues surrounding reconstruction. Grant's popularity fades further as he is perceived as a weak and ineffective leader, and he is easily defeated in the 1876 presidential election, with the Republican party losing control of the White House and the Senate for the first time in two decades.
Q: Who becomes president in 1876?
A: Democrat Samuel Tilden becomes president in 1876, beating out his Republican opponent Rutherford Hayes. Tilden was a popular and experienced Democratic party leader who had previously served as the governor of New York and a US senator. Tilden promises to bring about change and reform after the struggles of the Grant presidency, and he manages to deliver on many of his promises during his term in office. He takes a strong stance on the issues of civil rights and reforms the country's banking system, helping to steady the economy and improve the lives of ordinary Americans.
Q: When does Reconstruction end in this timeline?
A: Reconstruction ends in 1881, after president Tilden is able to broker a deal with the southern states that allows them to control their own local governments and implement their own policies in regards to education and healthcare. This is a major concession from the federal government, but it allows the south to rebuild and recover from the devastating effects of the Civil War without relying on federal funding or laws. Under this new system of reconstruction, slavery is officially abolished and the states of the south are free to forge their own futures. Tilden's commitment to reconciliation and compromise is seen widely as a positive step forward for the US.
Q: Does Tilden run in the 1884 election?
A: Tilden does run for re-election in the 1884 election, and he is narrowly defeated by the Republican candidate, James A. Garfield. Garfield runs a campaign that focuses on the economic issues of the time, especially inflation and unemployment. He promises to bring about a return to stable and prosperous times, and he wins over many voters who are disappointed with Tilden's failure to address the country's economic problems. Garfield's tenure as president is largely successful in this timeline, and he is able to work with Congress to enact a number of reforms to improve the country's economy and social welfare systems.
Q: Since he becomes president late, is Garfield ever assassinated?
A: Garfield is never assassinated in this timeline. He is able to successfully serve his full term in office and leaves the White House in good health at the end of his term. Garfield's record of success and stability in the face of economic and social challenges makes him a very popular president, and he is widely regarded as one of the most accomplished and impactful leaders in US history.
Q: Who becomes president after Garfield?
A: After the success of Garfield's tenure in office, the Republican Party continues its winning streak in the 1888 election and its candidate, Benjamin Harrison, is comfortably elected as the 23rd president of the United States. Harrison is the grandson of President William Henry Harrison and shares many of the same values as his grandfather, including a strong commitment to national unity, economic reforms, and social and political reform. Harrison promises to continue the work done by Garfield and Tilden and to maintain the policies that have helped to improve the lives of ordinary Americans.
Q: What does Harrison do during his presidency?
A: Harrison continues the work done by his predecessors in this timeline, especially in regards to economic reforms and social welfare programs. He enacts a number of new policies to help combat inflation, to help ensure that people have access to education and healthcare, and to provide support for those who are unemployed. Harrison is able to successfully enact new legislation and make changes to the country's social and economic system, and his efforts are largely successful. Harrison's focus on social and economic reform earns him a strong following and he is elected to a second term in the 1892 election.
Q: Who wins the election of 1896?
A: In this timeline, the Democrat nominee, William Jennings Bryan, wins the 1896 election. He runs on a platform of greater social and economic reform and promises to bring about change in the country's economic and social systems. Many progressives and reformers support Bryan, and his platform resonate with ordinary Americans who are facing a number of economic and political challenges. Bryan is able to deliver on his promises and enacts a number of new reforms during his term in office, improving the lives of ordinary Americans and creating a more level playing field for economic and political participation.
Q: Does the Spanish-American War still happen in this timeline?
A: Yes, the US involvement in the Spanish-American War still happens in this timeline. The sinking of the USS Maine and the subsequent military response from the US lead to the war. Bryan's presidency has been mostly focused on domestic issues and social and economic reforms, but he still recognizes the importance of global power and influence and he commits the US to supporting Cuba in its struggle for independence from Spain. Bryan hopes that the US will be able to build stronger relations with Cuba and other nations in the region and use its influence to help guide them down a road of democracy and social and economic reform.
Q: Who wins the 1900 election?
A: The Republican nominee, and former US Army general, William McKinley, wins the 1900 election. McKinley is known for his strong beliefs in imperialism, expansionism and the use of military force as a tool of foreign policy. He believes that the US should use its power and influence to shape the world in its image and that its economic, political and military might should be used to further its own interests. McKinley's policies and rhetoric are widely popular at the time, and he is able to successfully expand and increase the US's international influence and power during his term in office.
Q: Is McKinley assassinated in this timeline?
A: McKinley is never assassinated in this timeline. He successfully finishes his term in office and is re-elected in the 1904 election. His second term is marked by a continued focus on imperialism and expansionism, as well as a continuation of the previous policies of economic and social reform. McKinley's popularity grows throughout his term as he is regarded as a strong leader and an effective ruler. His military and international policies are highly praised and the US expands its influence and strength during his administration.
Q: Who wins the election of 1908?
A: The 1908 election is won by the Republican candidate, William Howard Taft. Taft is a well-known politician and leader, with a strong record of service on the Supreme Court and in the Senate. He is known for his conservative beliefs and his support for limited government and a strong executive branch. He runs a campaign based largely on his record of leadership, his support for limited government and a return to "traditional" American values, and he is able to successfully attract a large number of conservative and traditionalist voters to his side. Taft is elected handily, with a comfortable margin of victory.
Q: What is the Taft presidency like?
A: Taft's presidency is marked by a focus on domestic affairs and a return to so-called "traditional" American values. He works closely with Congress to enact a number of economic reforms, as well as policies that favor a stronger federal government and a more central role for the federal government in economic and social life. His conservatism and his focus on what he believes to be traditional American values resonates with many voters and he is re-elected in the 1912 election by a comfortable margin.
Q: Does the US get involved in World War I?
A: The US does get involved in World War I in this timeline and they play an important role in the war effort. President Taft sees the War in Europe as a threat to American interests and a danger to global stability and he believes that the country has an obligation to protect its interests in Europe. The US therefore enters the war on the side of the Entente and provides economic and military support to the Allies, helping to turn the tide of War towards them. President Taft's efforts to involve the US in the Great War are controversial at home, but he is ultimately vindicated when the Entente emerges from the War victorious.
Q: Who was elected in 1916?
A: Woodrow Wilson is elected president in 1916. He is a well-known lawyer and academic who has dedicated his life to social reform and progress. He is a strong believer in the values of liberalism and progressivism and he campaigns on a platform of bringing about change in the country's social and political system. Wilson's message of change and progress resonates with many voters and he is elected in a landslide victory over his Republican opponent, William Howard Taft, who is seen as an unpopular figure who has failed to bring about the changes he promised in his first term in office.
I'm calling it there for now, but if you enjoyed this, I might continue it tomorrow
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2023.06.05 11:03 Sephronar B1540 - Corporation Tax (Non-Resident Companies) Bill - Second Reading

B1540 - Corporation Tax (Non-Resident Companies) Bill - Second Reading

make provision for further anti-avoidance measures in relation to overseas companies making sales in the United Kingdom.
BE IT ENACTED by the King’s most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—
Section 1: Definitions
(1) A “Non-resident UK Company” is a company which is not registered in the United Kingdom under the Companies Act 2006.
(2) An “Associated Group Company” is defined as any overseas company under common control of a non-resident UK company with at least 51% shared ownership or control.
(3) “Sales of UK origin” means either;
a. The customer is in the United Kingdom, or b. The customer is resident in the United Kingdom and the risks and rewards of the transaction arise in the United Kingdom, or c. The delivery of the good or the service is in the United Kingdom, or d. The sale is paid through equity raised through UK capital markets, specifically or largely for the purposes of the transaction, or e. The sale is paid through debt originating from the United Kingdom, specifically or largely for the purposes of the transaction
Section 2: Taxation of Non-resident UK companies
(1) A non-resident UK company and its associated Group companies shall fall under the scope of this Act if the entity has any Sales of UK origin.
(2) A non-resident company shall be liable to corporation tax on its worldwide profits net of any overseas corporation taxes paid, on the highest percentage of the terms in (a) and (b) multiplied by the applicable corporation tax rate.
a. The percentage of the companies’ worldwide sales which are sales of UK origin; b. The percentage of the companies’ worldwide profits which are arising from sales of UK origin (sales of UK origin, less allowable expenses arising in the United Kingdom)
(3) If a non-resident UK company is paying corporation tax under the terms of a “Permanent Establishment” under the Corporation Tax Act 2009, these amounts shall be fully deductible to the liability arising under clause 2).
Section 3: Commencement, Short Title and Extent
(1) This Act will come into force on the 6 April 2024
(2) This Act will extend to the entirety of the United Kingdom.
(3) This Act shall be cited as the Corporation Tax (Non-resident Companies) Act 2023
This Bill was submitted by His Grace Sir Rea-wakey KCT KT KD KCMG KBE MVO FRS, Duke of Dorset, Secretary of State for the Home Department, on behalf of His Majesty’s 33rd Government.
Opening Speech:
Deputy Speaker,
It has long been known that the United Kingdom is a haven for companies and individuals wishing to avoid paying their rightful share of tax. This is the first of 3 pieces of legislation that I wish to bring forward to the House in my role as Home Secretary and Treasury advisor.
This Bill’s aim is simple - to capture all revenue-generating transactions occurring in the United Kingdom as generating taxable total profits, therefore ensuring that all profits earned in the United Kingdom are taxed in the United Kingdom. This Bill broadens the scope of transactions which are taxable under the Corporation Tax Act to include those in which either the risks or rewards of the transaction occur in the United Kingdom, as well as transactions funded through the UK equity and debt markets.
This simple measure will make it harder for non-resident companies to claim that profits that are generated in the United Kingdom are only taxable in lower tax-rate affiliated companies overseas, thereby avoiding scope of Corporation Tax.
In combination with the other two pieces of anti-avoidance legislation I will be submitting to the House, these measures are collectively expected to raise £3.4 billion. This proposed revenue generation and these Bills were raised at Her Majesty’s Budget Committee and unopposed. My thanks go to my friend the Right Honourable Phonexia2 for their assistance in costing.
I urge the House to rally behind this Bill.
(M: These costings are calculated as 40% of the tax gap for “Evasion” and “Non-payment”, given the difficulty of calculating the actual revenue generated from these measures).
Lords can debate and submit amendments by the 7th of June at 10pm BST.
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2023.06.05 11:02 JadonAluminiumq Top Aluminum Manufacturers in Jaipur: Providing Superior Quality Products


When it comes to aluminum products, Jadon Aluminum has established itself as a pioneer in the industry, setting the standard as the best aluminum manufacturers in Jaipur. With a commitment to excellence, quality craftsmanship, and a wide range of offerings, Jadon Aluminum has become a trusted name in Jaipur's aluminum manufacturing sector. Let's explore why Jadon Aluminum stands out from the competition and why they are the go-to choice for all your aluminum needs.

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Customer Satisfaction:

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If you're seeking high-quality aluminum products in Jaipur, look no further than Jadon Aluminum. Their unwavering commitment to uncompromising quality, extensive product range, utilization of cutting-edge technology, customization options, and exceptional customer service make them the best aluminum manufacturers in Jaipur. With Jadon Aluminum, you can be confident that you are receiving top-notch aluminum solutions that will elevate your projects to new heights of excellence.
Read More-: Aluminium company in jaipur
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2023.06.05 11:02 kazerzo Steller shipping and superior quality. I placed my order Friday night and received it Monday morning. I ordered Modafinil The quality of the product is outstanding.

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2023.06.05 11:02 zengel-420 I stg drivers will do everything BUT get mad at the trash company they chose to work for.

Long time customer of doordash. I’m gonna try to make this short and simple to understand because many many many people seem to be complacent and have trouble comprehending the truth. Argue all you like but tipping is not required. Shocking but true. Now don’t get me wrong. If I’m ordering from somewhere wayyy far out from me I will tip at least 10 but everyday I lose more and more respect for drivers because so many are lazy, rude, incompetent, and just downright delusional. When you sign up for doordash you’re well aware of how little the company likes to pay their subordinates. You’re well aware that gas is expensive and some orders will take longer and be farther out than others. You’re well aware that customers don’t wanna tip a lot sometimes or just flat out cannot afford to. Yet even understanding all that, you can’t even make the sensible decision that maybe the smart thing to do would be to get mad at doordash itself and not the customers. I’m sick of hearing, “if the tip is low don’t expect me to rush”. Or “tip higher next time”. Or “go get your food yourself then”. Because the fact of the matter is, a tip is not required and it also does not determine the quality of service you should be providing to all customers. It’s YOUR JOB to be driving around, picking up the accepted orders and delivering them. Someone shouldn’t feel like they have to drain their pockets to tip you a large sum of money if they can’t afford to because the dashers are making them feel like bad people if they don’t.
Like I stated in my title doordash employees will do everything but take up the complaints about pay with the company themselves. Instead they berate the customers, give them poor service, harass them for tips, purposely ignore customer instructions, sit around in their cars and complain for 20 minutes before delivering orders, don’t answer phone calls, don’t answer texts, steal customers food, and are too lazy to get out of their cars to look for an apartment number to ensure the right people get their food.
When they could simply not work for doordash OR start taking some action and going after the grimy company for having the audacity to give them such low wage instead of sitting around and whining about it all the time. That’s something this country is really good at, sitting around and bi*ching about things constantly instead of actually trying to do something about it.
If you go to any other continent away from the USA. They all laugh at tipping culture because they think it’s ridiculous that the customers are being pressured into paying the employees rather than who those employees work for.
All in all everything I say here is true and there’s no denying it. It’s just factual, and anyone who gets mad reading this or disagrees. You’re who I’m talking about.
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2023.06.05 11:01 infosec-jobs [HIRING] IT Security Manager in Middletown, Connecticut, United States

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2023.06.05 11:01 insecuresis please at least make an attempt to pronounce my name, even if you find it intimidating

i am indian, tamil specifically, and i live in the united states. all my life the people have made me feel embarrassed about my name. i have a relatively easy first name to pronounce, it's a name even a lot of white people have. but it's my last name that people find difficult. it's one of those names that looks hard but is easy once you sound it out. no secret letters or anything. i try not to feel hurt when people look at it and get a little scared because they're used to seeing western names or non-western names that are maybe 7 letters maximum (my last name is 12 anglican letters). but it's always hurt my feelings when ppl skim it and say "that's too hard, not gonna try to pronounce that." i can't help what i was born with but it feels ostracizing when you don't try. if you at least try or ask, it doesn't feel as alienating and it makes me feel like you care about an essential part of my identity.
i don't even pronounce it anymore when ppl ask for my last name. i just tend to default to spelling it bc people are less weird about it that way. but still, i wish more people would attempt to pronounce my name. it's an tamil name, i don't expect them to pronounce it the tamil way. but i would feel less alien and weird if people at least tried.
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2023.06.05 11:00 ai_jobs [HIRING] Senior Data Engineer, Marketing Data in United States

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2023.06.05 10:59 centermpos Ensuring Safety Through ATEX Certification: A Key to Hazardous Environment Compliance

Ensuring Safety Through ATEX Certification: A Key to Hazardous Environment Compliance
In today's business landscape, where safety and performance are of utmost importance, industries such as retail and services require devices that adhere to stringent safety standards. This need becomes even more critical in potentially explosive environments like chemical plants and mines. It is imperative to utilize equipment that not only meets regulatory requirements but also guarantees the highest level of safety. This is where the ATEX certification comes into play. Derived from the French phrase "Atmosphères Explosibles," ATEX certification ensures the safe operation of equipment in hazardous settings, providing businesses with the assurance they need to protect their personnel and assets. In this article, we will explore the significance of ATEX certification and shed light on its role in ensuring safety and compliance in potentially explosive environments.

What is ATEX Certification?
ATEX certification refers to the compliance of equipment and systems with the ATEX Directive, which sets standards for explosion-proof devices in Europe. This certification ensures that equipment can operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres containing combustible gases, vapors, or dust particles. ATEX certification is essential to mitigate the risks associated with hazardous environments and protect the well-being of personnel.

ATEX Certification

What is ATEX Directive?
The ATEX Directive, also known as Directive 2014/34/EU, is a regulation issued by the European Union (EU). Its primary objective is to ensure the safety of equipment and systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres and facilitate the free movement of goods within the EU market.

The ATEX Directive establishes the standards and procedures that manufacturers, importers, and distributors must comply with to ensure their products meet the safety requirements within the EU. It mandates conformity assessment and certification based on the category and group of the equipment and system.

Under the ATEX Directive, equipment and systems are categorized into two groups: Group I covers products intended for use in underground mines, while Group II encompasses products for other potentially explosive environments. Each group is further divided into categories that define the specific safety standards and protection requirements based on the characteristics and demands of the explosive atmosphere.

ATEX Directive Category
Compliance with the ATEX Directive is essential for the sale of equipment and systems within the EU. It ensures that these products are designed, manufactured, and tested to prevent the occurrence of sparks or ignition sources in explosive atmospheres, thereby reducing the risk of explosions and safeguarding the safety of workers and the environment.

ATEX Classification
ATEX classification involves dividing equipment into specific zones based on the likelihood and duration of the presence of explosive atmospheres. These zones are categorized as Zone 0, Zone 1, and Zone 2 for gas/vapor environments, and Zone 20, Zone 21, and Zone 22 for dust environments.

Zone 0 (gas/vapor) or Zone 20 (dust) refers to an area where an explosive atmosphere is present continuously or for long periods. Zone 1 (gas/vapor) or Zone 21 (dust) denotes an area where an explosive atmosphere is likely to occur during normal operations. Zone 2 (gas/vapor) or Zone 22 (dust) represents an area where an explosive atmosphere is not likely to occur, or if it does, it will only be for a short duration.

ATEX Classification Zone
Equipment intended for use in these hazardous areas must be designed, manufactured, and certified accordingly to ensure they do not ignite the potentially explosive atmosphere. This involves compliance with strict safety standards and the use of suitable explosion-proof or intrinsically safe components.

The application of ATEX certification in gas stations is crucial, especially for establishments that require cashiers for payment transactions. In these environments, it is essential for the equipment to undergo ATEX certification. Centerm offers the K9-A, an exceptional POS machine specifically designed for gas station scenarios. The K9-A not only boasts waterproof and dustproof features but also incorporates measures to prevent static electricity. Its durability ensures long-lasting performance, and we provide a convenient shoulder bag for cashiers to carry it around.

Centerm K9-A Used at Gas Station
In certain countries, gas station payments are processed at convenience stores. In such cases, the K9-A is an ideal choice. With its Android operating system, Wi-Fi, and 4G connectivity, the K9-A is compatible with various gas station applications. After customers have finished refueling, the cashier at the convenience store can instantly access the information regarding the fueling amount. This seamless integration simplifies the payment process, delivering efficient service to both the gas station and its customers.

What is IECEx?
IECEx (International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres) is an international certification system established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). It provides a global framework for assessing and certifying equipment used in explosive atmospheres based on IEC international standards. The IECEx certification scheme allows manufacturers to obtain international recognition for their equipment's compliance with safety standards related to explosive atmospheres.

While ATEX is specific to the EU and its member states, IECEx is recognized and accepted internationally, extending beyond the EU borders. However, there is a significant overlap between the ATEX and IECEx systems, as both aim to ensure the safety and conformity of equipment used in explosive atmospheres.

The relationship between ATEX and IECEx can be understood in two ways. First, IECEx provides a mechanism for manufacturers to obtain international recognition and certification for their equipment, including ATEX certification. This allows manufacturers with ATEX-certified equipment to expand their market reach beyond the EU and gain acceptance in countries that adhere to the IECEx system.

Secondly, the IECEx system aligns with ATEX requirements and references relevant ATEX standards, such as the ATEX 95 (equipment directive) and ATEX 137 (workplace directive). This alignment facilitates the mutual recognition of ATEX and IECEx certifications, allowing equipment certified under one system to be recognized as compliant with the other.

In summary, ATEX is a directive specific to the EU, while IECEx is an international certification system. The two systems are closely related, with IECEx providing a global platform for manufacturers to obtain recognition for their equipment's compliance with ATEX and other relevant standards. The alignment between ATEX and IECEx allows for mutual recognition and facilitates the international acceptance of equipment certified under either system.

ATEX certification plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and compliance in potentially explosive environments. By adhering to strict safety standards and utilizing equipment certified under the ATEX Directive, businesses can protect their personnel, assets, and the environment from the risks associated with explosive atmospheres.

ATEX certification provides businesses in industries like retail and services with the assurance they need to operate in hazardous settings. It guarantees that the equipment and systems they use are designed, manufactured, and tested to prevent sparks or ignition sources that could trigger explosions. This certification is particularly vital in industries such as chemical plants, mines, and gas stations, where the potential for explosions is high.

Moreover, the ATEX certification system is aligned with the IECEx certification system, which allows for international recognition and acceptance of certified equipment. This alignment facilitates market expansion for manufacturers and ensures that ATEX-certified equipment can be recognized and used in countries following the IECEx standards.

However, ATEX certification encompasses many intricate details that are beyond the scope of this article. If you have any further questions or require more information, please feel free to reach out to us via email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). Our team will be happy to provide you with the necessary support and guidance regarding ATEX certification and its implications for your specific needs.
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2023.06.05 10:58 kazerzo Bit of a simple review here, but hey - I guess the good reviews usually are. Ordered multiple products for the first time through RapidFinil.co . They arrived on time.I've observed that the quality is evidently high based on the powdered products I purchased.Will be using again.

Bit of a simple review here, but hey - I guess the good reviews usually are. Ordered multiple products for the first time through RapidFinil.co . They arrived on time.I've observed that the quality is evidently high based on the powdered products I purchased.Will be using again. submitted by kazerzo to NootropicSHOP [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 10:58 gerkann Unaffordable housing in Taiwan - Interesting article. What are your thoughts?

Unaffordable housing in Taiwan - Interesting article. What are your thoughts?

" To sum up, Taiwan’s housing prices are as high as those of countries like Norway, the Netherlands, and Finland. But with much higher wages, the housing burden in these European countries is lower– housing costs only make up about 20% of the household disposable income. "
" Taiwan’s housing crisis threatens to destabilize Taiwan’s economy and in the face of threats from China, unaffordable housing should be viewed as an important national security issue. Economically, the high housing prices can create an asset bubble that weakens the economy and makes it vulnerable to external threats. Socially, the high housing prices can cause resentment among Taiwanese people, which can then be used by external forces to create greater distrust towards the government and divide society. "
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2023.06.05 10:57 CNC_Tattoo "The Rise and Mainstream Acceptance of Tattoos in European and American Pop Culture"

Tattoos have undergone a rise in popular culture over the past few decades, gradually gaining wider mainstream acceptance. Whereas in the past tattoos were often seen as symbols of marginalized groups or subcultures, today they have permeated every aspect of society, including the worlds of film, music, sports and fashion.

The rise of tattoos in popular culture dates back to the late 1980s and early 1990s. At the time, some music and film icons started showing off their tattoos, sparking a tattoo craze. These tattoos are seen as a symbol of iconoclasm and rebellion, attracting the attention of some young people. Since then, more and more celebrities and stars have begun to show their tattoos, which has also strengthened the influence of tattoos in popular culture.
The perception of tattoos has changed over time. Tattooing has gradually moved from a fringe culture to a means of personal expression and an art form. Many people have come to see tattoos as a form of body art that reveals a person's personality, history, and values. This change in perception has prompted more people to accept and appreciate tattoos.
Despite the rise of tattoos in popular culture and increased mainstream acceptance, different regions and cultures still hold different attitudes towards tattoos. In some cultures, tattoos may be associated with crime, rebellion or low social status, so some social prejudice remains. However, the overall trend shows that tattoos are rising in popular culture, with more and more people beginning to see them as a positive and artistic expression.
The rise and mainstream acceptance of tattoos in European and American popular culture has undergone significant changes. In the past, tattoos were often associated with marginalized groups, subcultures and acts of rebellion in European and American societies, and were considered an unconventional art form. However, in recent years, the recognition of tattoos in European and American societies has continued to increase, gradually becoming a part of mainstream culture.
The rise of tattooing in Europe and America can be attributed to several factors. First, the demonstration of celebrities and celebrities played an important role. Numerous well-known personalities such as movie stars, musicians, athletes, etc. have begun to display their tattoos publicly as part of their personal style and identity. The influence of these celebrities has made tattoos more and more recognized and accepted by the public. Secondly, the increase in mainstream acceptance of tattoos in Europe and the United States is also related to changes in social concepts. Respect for personal freedom and expression has grown over time, and tattoos are seen as a unique form of self-expression. This change reflects that European and American societies are gradually getting rid of traditional concepts and have a more inclusive and open attitude. In addition, the advancement and diversification of tattoo art also contributed to its popularity in Europe and America. Modern tattoo artists have a higher level of skill and are able to create more intricate, detailed and unique tattoo designs. The creativity and technological advancements of these artists have enhanced the attractiveness of tattoos and given people more options.
Despite the increased mainstream acceptance of tattoos in Europe and America, there are still some differences in perceptions and opinions. Some still hold the conservative notion that tattoos may negatively impact career advancement, social image, or body image. Additionally, some specific occupations and industries may be conservative about tattoos, limiting the display of tattoos on employees or staff. Therefore, there is still a certain diversity and difference in the acceptance of tattoos in Europe and America.
Overall, the rise and mainstream acceptance of tattoos in European and American pop culture has undergone significant changes. Tattoos have moved from the fringe to the mainstream, and are considered a unique way of self-expression and personality display, which has been recognized and accepted by more and more people. However, tattoo acceptance still varies based on factors such as personal perceptions, culture, and occupation.
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2023.06.05 10:57 brendt_gd 3rd party apps and Reddit Blackout

Hi everyone. This is an unusual meta post, but we feel it's necessary to discuss this topic in the open, since all Reddit users will be affected — including us.
In case you haven't heard, let me quote part of the open letter regarding what's happening on Reddit at the moment (definitely read the open letter in full if you can):
Recently, Reddit has significantly increased its API pricing, rendering it increasingly unaffordable for third-party app developers to continue their services. The prohibitive cost threatens to make it difficult to mod from mobile, stifle innovation, limit user choice, and effectively shut down a significant portion of the culture we've all come to appreciate.
As a form of protest, many subreddits will initiate a blackout on June 12th. Some for 24 hours, others for 48 hours. A blackout means a subreddit will go private for that time. As moderators, we're here to serve in this subreddit's interest, so we didn't want to make a decision on our own. Instead we'll do a poll for you to decide whether you want /php to join this blackout or not. It'll mean you won't be able to use /php for 24 or 48 hours.
Before voting, here are some more resources to read, also feel free to share your opinions in the comments.
- https://www.reddit.com/Save3rdPartyApps/comments/13yh0jf/dont_let_reddit_kill_3rd_party_apps/
- https://www.reddit.com/ModCoord/comments/1401qw5/incomplete_and_growing_list_of_participating/
- https://www.reddit.com/ModCoord/comments/13xh1e7/an_open_letter_on_the_state_of_affairs_regarding/
Thanks for sharing your input.

View Poll
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2023.06.05 10:56 masar-ca Top Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE

Top Audit Firms in Dubai, UAE
Let's take your business to the next level in the United Arab Emirates.
We provide all the services to help businesses boost their process according to FTA Laws and Regulations and timely submissions to avoid huge fines.
Audit Firms in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact MASAR Chartered Accountatns for the below-listed services. We're happy to help you throughout the process:
📧 [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
📞+971 56 442 2333
🌐 Top Audit Firms in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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2023.06.05 10:56 maverick_films Corporate Film Production House - Maverick Films

Corporate Film Production House - Maverick Films
Looking for a corporate film production house that can transform your brand's vision into captivating visual stories? Look no further! At our studio, we combine creativity and professionalism to deliver outstanding corporate films. From concept development to post-production, we handle every aspect of the filmmaking process with meticulous attention to detail. Elevate your brand with our expertise and let your story be told in the most compelling way possible.

In the fast-paced world of business, effective communication is paramount. With attention spans dwindling and competition escalating, it's essential for companies to captivate their audiences quickly and leave a lasting impression. That's where the expertise of a top-notch corporate film production house comes into play.
At our corporate film production house, we specialize in creating cinematic masterpieces that elevate brands and deliver impactful messages. We understand that each company has a unique story to tell, and we have the artistic vision and technical prowess to bring those stories to life.
Our team of skilled professionals comprises talented directors, cinematographers, editors, and other creative minds who are passionate about crafting visually stunning films. With their expertise, they seamlessly blend storytelling with captivating visuals, ensuring that your message resonates with your target audience.
From concept development to scriptwriting, from production to post-production, we handle every aspect of the filmmaking process with meticulous attention to detail. Our cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art facilities enable us to deliver exceptional quality in every frame.
We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients' unique needs and translate them into compelling visual narratives. Whether you require a corporate brand film, product showcase, training video, or internal communication material, we tailor our services to meet your specific goals and objectives.
When you collaborate with our corporate film production house, you gain access to a wealth of experience and a portfolio that speaks for itself. We have had the privilege of working with renowned brands across various industries, helping them effectively communicate their messages and leave a lasting impact on their audiences.
Maverick films are one of the best and leading ad film production houses in Mumbai, for the past 10 years serving the industry with our top-notch team of crew to achieve our client's goals. We provide services of corporate film and ad films for our clients, we know the emotional segment in filmmaking and unleash our creativity to hit the target audience with our service.
We are a corporate film production house, making all kinds of audio-visuals starting from client presentations to in-house staff training. We are committed to being one of the best corporate filmmaking in Mumbai. We provide our service of strategic thinking to filmmaking in minimalistic time adhering to the client's goals.
#CorporateFilms #FilmProduction #VisualStorytelling #BrandElevation #CreativeFilmmaking #Professionalism #CinematicMasterpieces #CaptivatingVisuals #CompellingStories #TransformYourMessage
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2023.06.05 10:56 PastLettuce8943 The Arm Resistance Icon for French Somaliland disappeared when France became Vichy France. Is this a Bug? How do I get it back?

The Arm Resistance Icon for French Somaliland disappeared when France became Vichy France. Is this a Bug? How do I get it back? submitted by PastLettuce8943 to hoi4 [link] [comments]