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2023.06.03 07:19 JunoReset Looking for an old creepypasta

In middle school I read a creepypasta about 2 sisters who lived with their grandparents. The house was near the woods, and they were lured in, I think by their dead mother or something. I remember it had a description of police carrying their "gray little bodies" out of the woods. I think it was on some sort of wiki but I don't remember the name and its driving me crazy
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2023.06.03 07:17 zhuquanzhong Explanation of Chinese internet terms when discussing the Ukrainian war and response to the previous posts

I saw a two posts today regarding Chinese internet discourse here:
Schizo rant warning: A non Chinese native speaker may have a hard time comprehending just how different Chinese internet language is different from most other internet societies. Due to the pervasive but precision-guided censorship, Chinese internet users at this point practically have a entire set of vocabulary and coded ways of speaking that are unlike anywhere where the internet is not censored. A side effect of this is that arguments on the Chinese internet are often very toxic and full of ad hominem. The entire phenomenon is known in Chinese as 抽象 meaning literally "abstract", but can be best understood as a blend of noncredible+4chan applied to everything.
One major characteristic of this is the use of various methods to circumvent censorship. For example, Mao Zedong is almost never referred to by name. Neutral people refer to him as 猫 "cat" or "neko" (Japanese word for cat) or 太祖 "grand ancestor" (a traditional title for founders of Chinese dynasties), supporters refer to him as 教员 "teacher", 伟人 "the great one" , or 他说是人民,人民说是他 "He says its the people, the people say its him" (referring to how Mao is supposed to support people power). Opponents refer to him as 佛 "buddha", 阿波罗 "Apollo" (sun god, referring to his cult of personality), 波尔布特的好老师 "Pol Pot's good teacher", 胶原 "collagen" (homophonous in Chinese to teacher, which his supporters use), or 腊肉 "salted meat" (referring to how he was embalmed).
China itself is also rarely ever referred to by name. Instead, it is usually replaced with other countries, such as Vietnam or US, and used in context so that that others will know you are talking about China. An example of this is one person posting "Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh blockaded the port of Haiphong to prevent starving peasants from leaving there villages and forcing them to starve to death", and another would respond "Does your Vietnam happen to have 5 stars on its flag?". Another example will be "Roosevelt is so evil that he allowed 30 million Americans to starve to death", and another would respond "Did this Roosevelt serve for 27 years? (Mao's term length)".
These are just two examples. There are many many more and are pervasive in China largely due to censorship. This is known as 解构, which means "to take apart" or "deconstruction", meaning that any argument can be taken apart and thrown back. Other common examples of this include 唉,资本 "Ugh, capital", implying that the other person blames eall problems on capitalism, which latter expanded to things such as "Ugh, America", "Ugh, Jews", or eventually "Ugh, Ugh", reaching two degrees of deconstruction.
During the Russo-Ukrainian war, personal insults for supporters of either side also became very common. Pro-Ukrainians often call pro-Russians 俄孝子 "filial son of Russia" or 鸟拉 "Replacing the first character in the Russian war cry Ura! written in Chinese as 乌拉 with a similar character meaning bird" or 黄俄 "Yellow Russians", later changed to 黄鹅 "yellow goose" because Russian and goose are homophonous in Chinese. Pro-Russians call pro-Ukrainians 乌贼 "Ukrainian bandit", which also means "squid". The word 殖人 "colonized man" is also thrown around, referring to how a person considers another from the opposing view as wanting to be colonized and subjected to domination. The phrases 1小时22分 "1 hour and 22 minutes" and 一战封神 "Became a GOAT with one battle" are also used to mock Pro-Russians due to them claiming near the war's beginning that Russia would will quickly with only one battle in 1 hour and 22 minutes. This type of attack is known as 合订本 "record book", meaning that Pro-Russians would often contradict themselves to defend Russia. The same thing also happens with Pro-Ukrainians when they become overly optimistic, for example suggesting that Ukraine could take back Bakhmut any day when they in fact couldn't.
A final cornerstone of the Chinese internet is the use of one word retorts. Common one word retorts include 赢 "win" (implying the other person is attempting to make a defeat seem as a win), 绷 "are you kidding me" (short form of 绷不住了, meaning the person just posted something retarded), 急 "Bro calm down" (implying the other person has gotten angry, unlike in English this is used as an insult), etc. Because these one word retorts are thrown around extremely frequently, they've become far more common than practically anything in English.
Censorship in China has created the unique situation that the entire Chinese internet has become 4chan-ized. Everyone insults everyone and everything is prone to being deconstructed. It's barely possible to have a serious argument in most places anymore. Anyway this is my schizo rant about how China is very noncredible.
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2023.06.03 07:17 DarshanSinghJi Beautiful singing of Bhagat Karbir's Saloks with Video of Punjabi scenery

Bhagat Kabir Ji's Gurpurab is seldom celebrated because his history is ambiguous. His heart touching poetry is inspiring and sobering. Some of his words:"My caste is laughed at by all but my caste is to be lauded if I worship the creator." Watching this video of my homeland Punjab's landscape and Architecture while listing to the singing made me homesick. Some of it was filmed near and in Jalandhar
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2023.06.03 07:17 notbenzz Uniform

hello may i ask po what is the name of the shop where we should order our uniforms near ust? - its in the paper given last Confirmation of Enrollment, i lost it po kasi
Thank You!!!
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2023.06.03 07:17 DueAsk9337 Pins-and-needles day after moderate drinking (23M)

23 M, 5"8, 180lbs, white
Hey reddit doctors, I'm a generally healthy 23 year old man. I exercise daily and try to eat mostly balanced meals. I graduated college last December, and while in college I had a history of regular binge drinking at parties.
Since then, I have seriously cut back on drinking. Last week however, I visited friends and drank a lot over a week period. I came back home, and yesterday I went out with a former friend -- last night I had 4 drinks.
This morning I did not wake up with a hangover, but my muscles were sore (I was a little dehydrated and tired). Now, I have pins and needles in my hands and they are a little numb. It's quite uncomfortable overall. It isn't wearing off and I don't know if this has happened to me before.
I've seen things about alcoholic-neurapothy and it's scaring me. Is that likely what this is? Is it a vitamin deficiency? Is there any steps I can take? I'm abstaining from all substances in the meantime.
(I occasionally use rec. drugs in social situations and used to smoke, I currently do not smoke).
(I am on lamictal for BPD, wixella for asthma, and Truvada for PrEP).
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2023.06.03 07:17 Rohittsaxena4321 Best Cleaning Services near me Nearby Sector 62 Numberdekho

- Looking for Nearest Professional Cleaning Services Full Home cleaning services at your Doorsteps Top-class nearby Cleaning services Best Prices Schedule as per your Availability
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2023.06.03 07:16 aquamanjosh Feeling blessed day 2/2 from unicorns.

Feeling blessed day 2/2 from unicorns.
Day 2 of 2 only accepting unicorns! Figuring out this app and having the luxury of being priority access at home has been huge for me since the update! I’ve got the old xbox so I just started hogwarts legacy.
Love playing xbox and casually accepting orders! Also u can shave 30-50 minutes off that time as I can avoid the ‘we recommend you head to the store as that will give you more time to shop’ or ‘ head to the store by X timeframe or this batch will be canceled due to inactivity’ my average is half time per items so I’ll ‘start shopping’ and leave maybe 10-20 minutes to go to the store 1 min away.
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2023.06.03 07:15 Baka69317 Easy Application & Registration Fssai Food License

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2023.06.03 07:15 healthyhair01 Dealing with Scalp Folliculitis? Watch immediately!

There are few things as embarrassing as having a scalp problem and it being visible. Who knows how many people have written off Scalp Folliculitis as simple "Dandruff," and ignored it for years, or have suffered from it in silence? I've decided to create a YouTube video on this topic because so many people have written to me over the years about this issue, willing to try anything to get rid of it, but not knowing where to start. It might seem trivial, but I think that Scalp Folliculitis is something that we should all be aware of, for our own sake, as well as the sake of others who may also have this issue! I run a Hair Clinic named Nina Ross Hair Therapy where we treat all kinds of hair problems, including thinning hair and hair loss. We also offer Advanced Treatments like Mesotherapy, PRP, medical-grade nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle advice to help you achieve a healthy head of hair. You can get in touch with me at my website:
Processing video brh0vy3llq3b1...
If you'd like to speak with me about your situation: Book an evaluation (Atlanta):
Book an evaluation (Virtual):
State of art Products:
If you find this info helpful, feel free to share it with a friend or family member who might be struggling with hair loss. If you have any questions about the methods I mention in this video and how they can benefit you, feel free to comment below or DM me on IG u/ninarossatl!
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2023.06.03 07:15 ExtraWoodpecker8602 Half vent/half proud of what I’ve done

So, obvious throwaway account - cause I’m fairly certain my wife may stalk some of the reddits I subscribe to on my main account.
Some history to begin - M39 - I got read the riot act from the doctor late last year. Scales tipped in at 199kg - 438 pounds… I’m not wanting to ever condone the way we lived and behaved during the time before vaccinations, but covid isolation policies in Australia, newborn just before covid blew up and all the challenges of sleep deprivation combined with WFH in a very stressful job and the convenience of Uber eats made my weight skyrocket.
Anyway, doctor tore strips off me, I buried it, as I always do with these things. I’m male, it’s what we do.
I would take my child to activities on the weekends, important life skills that I feel are vital for children to learn given how dangerous things are now. Anyway, it was also a gym. So, I signed up and started. For context I did all this stuff 12 years or so ago, got down to a weight where I did obstacle racing with friends - running 20k a day and loving life. Met my wife when I was at my peak and my nights rapidly changed from worshipping at the iron church to worshipping the idiot box or playing computer games. Pissed at myself for that.
Anyway, I started at the gym, I got checked out, all those things in March, I’d lost 6kg - so down to 193kg - the joys of catching covid - apart from the side effects of it, its a great way to cut weight /sarcasm - but still a long way to go considering how far I need to go.
My trainer, was supportive. He said for the first week all he wanted me to do is show up, spend 5 minutes on the treadmill and go home. By the end of that week, I was doing 20-30 minutes - the briefest flicker of what I missed had come back to me. The second week, we got into food prep, and weights - foundational stuff to get me back into the groove - nothing heavy, nothing complex, just tighten the up the ligaments and make sure everything would handle what would come over the next couple of months. I threw myself into it each night, after the family were sorted out for the evening, I’d spend an hour to start off with in my church.
I then had to travel for work - it’s not uncommon, but put a distinct damper on what I wanted to do. I bought a blender, packed it in my stuff and went away for work for a couple of weeks. I ended up signing up to a gym where I was - I spent my days at work, my evenings with my team members and the late evenings/very early in the morning (till 12.30-1am) in the gym each night. My food prep stuff was changed to allow me to do it relatively low effort - a couple of smoothies, packed with fruit/vegetables and one with protein powder and coffee. I’d go back to my apartment at lunch, make the next one and come back to work - so there was more incidental walking than I expected, anyway, caught gym flu. Who’d have thought, my calorie intake was so low, plus my expenditure was higher than my body would take, I had managed to grind myself into the ground. I eased off slightly, ate more food - not necessarily better food, but I ate, needed to build up again. By the time I got back I had lost 2kg, I wasn’t happy, but anyway, loss is a loss.
Over the course of the next month or so, I lost another few kgs, like 4 or so, but i was living at home again. When I train, I can be a moody, emotional shit, I know this. I’m like a bear with a sore paw.
This is where the rant comes in - My wife, and her family - aren’t exactly the most supportive in this - some never had to exercise in their life, lucky people. I constantly had to hear about it, defend my position - no, I don’t want a beer, I don’t want lasagne and I should live a little.
My wife on the other hand, has struggled all her life, and apparently it’s easier to just use the credit card and buy McDonald’s, kfc, multiple times a week at dinner and for lunch at work - then leaves the bags, boxes, etc in clear sight - kitchen bench, coffee table in front of the couch, in the car. She’s had weight loss surgery and it helped, but apparently, it’s easier to tap a few buttons on the phone instead of defrost something she’s made and chucked in the freezer. One of the things I do, at least 3-4 times a week is go around the house and tidy up after her, throwing out empty packets chips, fast food bags. I can feel the support there eh? Nothing like having my willpower tested every few days.
I had it out with her a few weeks ago, told her I couldn’t afford this and apparently cause I don’t eat with them anymore and my food is so expensive, it’s my fault. To be clear, it’s not cheap, it’s certainly less expensive than Uber eats multiple times a weeks.
We didn’t talk for a few days and I went away for work again, so I could cool off. I got to do my meal prep in the apartment again and didn’t have to see any takeaway boxes for a few days. Just to be clear - I do not ask her to make my food, and I often make my child’s meals, but the limit of how I’m helped is her ordering shopping online or may be take something out of the oven.
Whilst this was all happening, I was frustrated as anything. Scales weren’t moving, for like 2 weeks, despite how much I was putting in. I got sick as well whilst I was away - so I was like the bear with a sore paw. But, I persisted, and as of this morning, in a single month of persistence, I managed to drop 7.7kg (a sliver under 17 pounds). A proverbial shit tonne of cardio, and workouts anywhere between 1.5 hours to 2.5 hours a night that helps me live in my life that I . And I had to buy all new clothes - I probably should have bought the size lower than I got cause these ones are baggy too - oh well, first world problem right there🤣
Anyway, my journey so far 199kg to 174.9kg (438 to 385) dropping 24.1kg (53 pounds) through highly regimented cico, being stubborn and working out now I I have that thirst for trying to get back to my best life.
It’s the start of another month for me - I count my progress on the 3rd of the month, wish me luck 😃😃
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2023.06.03 07:13 False-Positive847 I don’t know what I want

I (m19) have been with my gf (f18) for a little over 2 years now & I’m not entirely sure what I want. We met in high school and we are both in college now (at the same local community college). She is amazing and I love her very much, our interests and views are nearly identical and she has been an immense positive force in my life. The thing is that I am constantly feeling a sort of apathy towards our relationship. It’s not that i don’t care about it, because i do very much. It’s just that i don’t mind not seeing her for weeks on end, I forget to respond to messages for days, I’m really unconcerned about if we’re going to be together forever (as she seems to think and constantly reiterates), and at the end of the day I wouldn’t feel to bad if we broke up. Of course i’m saying this from a position where I’m in a happy relationship (mine and her first by the way) and if we do end up breaking up who knows how i’ll feel when the time comes. Of course I would feel horrible, but part of me feels like it will be more of a relief, even though the relationship is no burden whatsoever. Honestly, I would describe it as perfect, we have had an argument maybe twice in the two years we’ve been together, and that’s why I am so confused and a little distressed as to why I feel the way I do. I’ve always been very independent and I’ve always wanted to travel around and meet new people which I don’t think i want to do in a relationship. I’m not saying i wanna just go and sleep around with people or do the whole hookup culture thing because I really have no interest in that whatsoever. I just kinda want to be on my own. She had some serious mental health and self-worth problems when we met and since then she has come leaps and bounds. She’s confident and happy and her life is better in general; the problem is that she says that it was me who helped her realize that. I believe her about that and she’s helped me to grow as a person as well. Again, this is why I’m just so lost as to how I feel. I know a breakup would destroy her and I feel guilty for thinking about it and even guiltier for feeling so indifferent to the whole thing. I do love her and i think that I will always love her no matter what because she has been an extraordinarily important part of my life, but when is the time to move on? I’m also afraid i’ll never find that kind of love again. Like I said she is my first gf and it’s been great. I see people getting together and breaking up all the time in messy and explosive ways. Maybe it’s because our relationship has been great and that so many others seem not to be, that i feel like I would be loosing that forever. Who knows, maybe we’ll break up and i’ll realize it was a mistake, then again maybe not. Reading over this I realize i am a big mass of conflicting emotions and now i’m gonna post it on reddit (what a loser hahaha). Anyways I’m not looking for answers here because I know I’m the only one who can figure out what needs to happen. I just needed to write it out and maybe hear what some people have to say.
TL;DR I don’t know if I should end things in a good relationship because I want to be on my own.
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2023.06.03 07:12 tfhaenodreirst AITC for being a pint-sized hypocrite?

Okay, so apparently there was a concert going on near our house. And that was mildly annoying but then what was worse was that people started shooting firework so every few seconds there was a loud sound in my ears! But loud sounds don’t belong in Penny ears.
I didn’t get up and try to attack the noise; I just kept laying in bed with Mommy and shaking, which made her sad. So she scritched me and tried to comfort me, but then it occurred to her — why was I being so scared of the loud noises when I hurt Mommy’s ears with my loud barks every day?
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2023.06.03 07:12 Hakan_Flores How would a human transported to a completely foreign, new world find out foods they can eat as safely as possible?

This is a theretical question, but I'm writing a story and I really like to include as much scentific realism as I can. I also find theorizing about such things interesting and it tends to lead me down rabbit holes.
I should mention that there are no doctors who know how to deal with humans as they've never seen you before. You have no tools either. The world you've been brought to is not nearly as technologically advanced as ours. I guess it'd be similar to being thrown in a jungle with no survival skills or knowledge on what you can eat?
There's also the possibility that the creatures there are so fundamentally different from you that you can't rely on them to determine what you can or can't eat, at least at first.
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2023.06.03 07:12 CharmingTie6188 Possible Injured Fledgling

I live in a high-rise apartment building downtown Toronto. It rained quite heavily today and when I ran out to the store earlier, I noticed a fledgling pigeon on a grate at the side door of my building. It was there when I returned and I just checked now and it's still there. It isn't running away from me when I'm near it, I do not see a nest anywhere, and a few of it's feathers seem to be poking out at an odd angle. I have a cat carrier, should I take it up to my apartment until tomorrow when I can get it to vet or rescue hopefully?
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2023.06.03 07:11 bigmac_fries_coke Arcade rhythm games? Maybe?

After being into PC rhythm games for a while, I've decided to make strides towards arcade gaming. Looking to play stuff like IIDX, pop'n, DDR, etc... the whole bemani shebang. Are there any good places near Davis/Sac besides the R1 in Roseville?
I don't have high hopes when it comes to any viable arcades. But I'd like to exhaust my options before caving in and just buying a controller and playing on a sim -- the community aspect of being in arcade is kinda appealing to me.
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2023.06.03 07:10 mewww06 Looking for an apartment mate

Hi guys, am looking for (a) roomie(s)!!! Found a cute new apartment in Novena and it's a 2 year lease 🫶
Available from 27 July 2023!
1px - $1.75k master bedroom with toilet (no shower) 2px - $1.95k master bedroom with toilet (no shower)
*exclude utilities
📍Novena • 5 min walk to Novena MRT • <30 mins from SMU/Lassalle/NAFA with bus and MRT • 5-10 mins walk from NTUC fairprice, Don Don Don Ki, Cold Storage • 5-10 mins walk to Royal Square Novena mall • Walking distance to Goldhill Plaza Mall and United Square Shopping Mall • surrounded by cafes and restaurants • surrounded by multiple bus stops • cooking allowed • not staying with landlord • no agent fee
Do dm me for more details!! Am an international student!!
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2023.06.03 07:10 AffectionateBand6866 Just Followed Today By A Creep

So I went to the mall this Saturday like I usually do to get my nails done and go shopping. Walking around the store, I noticed a man staring at me but I paid him no mind. I’m blonde so I get a lot of stares anyway. However, he proceeded to follow me around the store, passing behind me multiple times way too close so he could touch me. I left the store and he followed me to my bus stop where he just kept staring at me. I took a photo of him because at this point I was so scared I was shaking. Fortunately he didn’t get on my bus, but he watched me from outside as the bus left. I’m still shaken by this event. What can I do to make sure this doesn’t happen again? Cover my hair and keep my head down? Can I contact police? Please any advice would be great, I don’t feel safe here anymore.
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2023.06.03 07:10 TheExplodingMushroom Feeling like I’m not good at anything and people have no reason to keep me around

Title. 23M in medical school and I’m starting to feel like I have nothing to offer people to make me worth keeping around. I used to be very academic all the way up to university and I felt valued by friends because I could help them academically and they made it very clear that they appreciate me for that. But now I’m sitting in the middle of the road in terms of grades and knowledge, and people now look at me like I’m nothing special.
It’s the same for everything else I do. I gym but I’m nowhere near as fit or ripped as my gym friends because I don’t have the time to go as much as they do. They get heaped with compliments while I just try to hide the fact that I even gym because I have nothing to show for it. I’m in a relationship but I feel like a garbage bf and I’m also not happy in it in general even after trying to enjoy it. I play video games but I can never frag out like my other friends even if I try. All of my close friends feel like they’re drifting away because of their own lives and I feel like I don’t have anyone really close to confide in, which is what I value the most.
Even when my extended friend group hangs out, which is usually something I coordinate, i just feel like they don’t want me there. Over the past year I’ve been actively asked to hang out once. Every other time I’ve been the one to initiate, organise people, book the restaurant etc etc. Meanwhile I see them hanging out with others just fine.
I just don’t see any value in myself tbh. That’s the tldr.
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2023.06.03 07:10 International-Bag14 Venting.

I have yet another exam for my PTSD (MST) claim that was deferred. I'm so fucking tired of having to think about it let alone talk about it again. I see a psychiatrist weekly. I'm just so tired of having to relive something I don't want to remember happening to me and it seems like the VA could give two shits less about how doing multiple exams effects the veteran with these types of claims. I'm exhausted and just tired of fighting an seemingly never ending uphill battle that just leaves me far past distraught. Trust me I get that they want to be through because people do abuse the system, but everything I will say and have said multiple times is in my records on numerous occasions. I'm just fucking exhausted and I don't know how to get that across. I don't want to keep talking about it in depth to people I don't fucking know. I don't remember everything to begin with. I remember waking up in a room that wasn't mine with people I don't remember completely naked after just two beers. I reported it to my at the time sgt he swept it under the rug and threatened me. I got tested for pregnancy and stds I got treated for stds I went to behavioral health. I don't go outside other than work and I call off often I get my items delivered to me I don't sleep I don't trust people I hate nearly everything I have one friend and I don't make it a point to converse with her. Nothing in my "story" ever changes leave me the fuck alone Im so fucking tired of reliving it.
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2023.06.03 07:09 Present-Shoe-8074 Stuck In Thailand: The Never-Ending Story Part 2

Yeah, so we crashed in the hills in Kamala, and I felt the stone road guard scrape against my leg and arm as we drove next to it and next thing I Remember I was on the floor. I opened my eyes as my friend is kickstarting the moped and people gather round, saying ring Ambulance. My friend said hop back on as I hoped up and got on the back bleeding out. We drove to the nearest pharmacy. They treated my wounds and wrapped me back up for 1400 baht.
My friend didn’t wanna drive anymore so even though I was injured I drove back home. After I passed out in my bed as we got back and got Rks passport and emergency cash he told us to get for him.
I woke up and looked up and everyone from the community we stayed at was at the hanging in the door looking in after hearing about my injuries. I could barely move as I took the pills the pharmacist gave me for pain and passed back out.
I woke up after something told me to get up I thought about Rk. I went on Snapchat and saw his character moving closer to the house. I called him he said the police is dropping him home to get his passport and they want to see me with my passport.
I got up immediately as I realised I gave my passport for deposit in Patong for the moped. I got changed not even considering my injuries and wrapped my leg and arm as I ran for the ped. I drove to Patong. It took me 2 hours to find the moped company. I found it eventually. I called home protested that the police have Rk and my friend from home gave the money to my sister who was gonna transfer it but was gonna have to be the next day.
I told Rk he said come they just wanna talk. I went there with my passport and they took it away and said I have to pay 100000 baht to the rental company and 40000 to the driver we crashed into. And Rk had to pay 40000 for court fees and we had 1 day to pay the 40000 to the guy we crashed into.
Rk got released and stupid us to go party with the Thai lady stacy the one we crashed with. We got fucked and went bayhill celebrating rks release. Nothing too wild. No crashes since we learned to get cabs in Thailand. ( funnily I write this from bayhill.)
We got home as reality hit us and this would be our last night out for a while. We went home ringing everyone we knew trying to get money for the company’s. We didn’t know how long this would take.
We went to the police station to pay the guy we crashed into and for anyone that don’t believe this is a true story I have evidence of everything.
I’ll fast forward time 1 week we payed off the rental company. After we was penniless we had learned our lesson the hard way and we aren’t rich we had 3k English spending me and Rk and my other friend had 1k we were far from well off.
Once we paid off the company we walked past a few times after seeing they had 2 new cars and the other one we crashed was in repair. We realised we had been fully extorted for everything we had as they smiled and waved. I had no money at all at this point and my leg was infected I was treating it day by day as I walked round with a crutch.
Now we were trying to get home but no one had enough but my other friend,(who crashed)his mum was booking him a ticket. We went to extend our visa. I didn’t have enough money so I couldn’t extend my visa, I barely paid off the company, I needed help from friends. They got there visas done and my other friend only got a 3 day extension due to being Russian. He had to leave and we wanted to give him a good send off as it set into mine and rks brain that’d we’d be stuck here.
The last day my friend was here we went partying again for the first time since the night after the crash which was about 2+ weeks ago.
(Forgot to mention Stacy snitch to police on me about the whole crash we learned in them 2 weeks and Rk had her at the house for 2 weeks near enough and she hated me and didn’t try help me even though I couldn’t walk. We came to the decision she needed to leave.)
We went out like we usually did and partied and went bayhill after I was on xannax and barely rember anything but next thing I’m in a bush and Rk and my friend were speaking to 2 girls who said come back to there hotel. They told me and bring me I went back in bayhill to get me a girl. They left me after this without telling me properly and I went back to see them gone. I had a English sim and no credit or data. I sat outside bayhill as everyone was coming out asking if my friend had been seen. A girl told me to get on the back of her ped randomly and I had no other choice lol. She took me back hers we hugged you could say lol. I woke up she took me for food and dropped me back to my friends and she demanded I gave her what she spent on me. I just was shocked thinking she done it out of good heart. I gave her 1000 baht.
I met Rk after he dropped my other friend at the airport. It set in we have to move place Tommorow and we didn’t know where we were going. We got wasted and got cab back to our place with a girl who was rks.
I woke up to the air bnb owner telling us to get out. I packed my stuff as fast as I could. We got all our stuff together and got cab to Patong. We found a small hotel off bangala road called Acca. This would be the start to our new beginnings and a downgrade you could say from our last place.
Acca was a weird hotel, my visa had run out so I had to make excuses to why I couldn’t show my passport everywhere. I forgot the first couple days at Acca but we were struggling for money bad and calling home near enough everyday. There were few days we would have enough money to enjoy ourselves. And the days we didn’t we had to tell the hotel we were waiting for money.
Acca so many memories there, we had made a few friends there so we knew most things by this point (Thais and tourists). The famous person we met the night we crashed had a YouTube channel. So people who watched his videos had seen us on there and were coming up to us asking questions. We planned on doing YouTube but nothing for us goes to plan.
I still couldn’t go out in the day because my leg couldn’t go near the sun. I was trapped inside all day and Rk would go out and meet up with the friends he met there. We got messages from friends in london I had when I was 15. They were coming to patong for a holiday and wanted to meet up.
They came and booked our hotel (different room) and we all stayed together our room slowly turned into a mess as we would get ready and go out everyday and get xannyed, drink beer and smoke weed.
We thought they were gonna be help but it made it worse they loved xannax and had money so A lot of problems would arise.
Fast forward time, Stacy was stalking Rk and I forgot to mention, Stacy was a pro Muay Thai fighter who was the champion of a popular Thai island and when she was mentioned to any local girls they would be scared knowing what she could do.
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2023.06.03 07:09 HeftyWinner1192 Help

Hello everyone. This post is going to be a bit long, because I have a lot on my mind and on my heart. I feel so burdened that I decided to come here hoping that someone would notice and perhaps relate to my issues.
I am 24 years-old, never had a relationship, never had a girlfriend. I grew up as a rather socially awkward kid as my parents always taught me to be with them and stay inside the house for the most part. I did go out, but near my place I did not have too many children to play with and those I played with were not really long-term friends to me. I always was kind of shy, whenever I'm comfortable around someone I talk without any issue, but when I'm not comfortable it's bad; like really bad. I shiver a lot, my voice trembles, my body is shaking with fear. Well, this used to happen a lot. Now, it is not this bad, but I still get awkward to a much greater extent than I would want to. Since I didn't have many friends in middle school and high school, I missed out a lot of experiences others my age went through. I was creative, used to create stories to fill out my life that was lacking social interaction, so I became very... Shy. I wouldn't really go out, I made some friends online but those connections never lasted. I also have to say, for many years I was very fat and that affected my life a lot too. What also messed me up is what my mother said about me: that I am a person that can't speak normally with others, I don't and can't have any friends because I can't talk like any other teenager, that nobody likes me because I have tantrums. Sometimes, she made my life really hard and those tantrums were happening because I was so frustrated with the fights and screams. She always reminded me that in many ways I am a failure. And I felt really weak, I had very few friends and she enjoyed that I stayed at home for the most part. Then, whenever she would get angry, she would tell me how I can't communicate with anyone.
I went to college then, and things kind of got better. Kind of. I was still very shy. I had a hard time making friends and talking to others in general. When my mates from the dorm would have some fun I would stay in my room and watch movies or anything else. I was like "you know, if I want to go out I'll go out. If I wanna stay inside, I stay inside". Of course it was more comfortable for me to stay inside. And I tried. Everytime I tried to get out. Met some people, got friendly with them, I was confident that I found someone to hang out with. Every single time I would get that it's better for me not to come. And I tried to be as nice, friendly, and funny to be around as possible. With my limited social experience I really tried to change. Years of failure, years of hearing "no" messed me up. Recently, I met a friend who has a very social life. He's had girlfriends, he has people to hang out with. None of the people around him want to hang out with me. Now, I stopped trying. It's been a year but I grew tired of trying to connect with SOMEONE and getting nothing. I am bitter, sad, depressed, I literally feel like I am going to be alone no matter what. Even as I write this I cry. Me, a boy, a man that is not supposed to cry, really cries. I have watched others have fun, I was overjoyed for them every time; but I always felt bad too. I felt sad to go home while others were having fun. I've had lots of tantrums since last year because I got to a point in my life when I need to socialize and evolve, but I feel at a loss. I feel tired, I almost finished my MA studies, but barely. I always cared about school and university, but I wasn't that dedicated to it. I had good grades without reading too much or caring too much. I just feel tired after years of effort, years of hearing that I'm not good no matter what. This bitterness often got out on others and I felt terrible about it because I never meant to hurt anyone in any way. I want to start over but I have no idea what to do. I have to find a job, of course. This summer I want to play fotball as much as possible, to learn with a team. But I have no one to hang out with and learn with. I have three friends, one whose friends don't want me around, one who hangs out with his fiance for the most part, and my father. I feel lonely, sad, angry.
What should I do? I don't feel like doing anything extreme, but I feel really really bad. I am sick of going home even for a visit since my mom would once again remind me how much of a failure I am. I feel like my anxiety is at an all time high. I don't sleep, I barely eat and I feel hopeless.
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2023.06.03 07:09 Every-Opportunity564 Help me understand the range of Shaw carpet quality?

I had someone stop by from Costco today to do a measure and help me “design” my space. He literally showed up with two carpet samples, answered none of my questions, and was out the door in 5 minutes. Excellent.
On Shaw’s website, everything except the super patterned stuff looks nearly identical to me. There also aren’t a lot of filtering options.
Are there any good resources for understanding more about the lines of carpet Shaw offers? Or even details about what is healthier or more durable? We originally wanted wool because our household is pretty sensitive to non-natural things, but wool is expensive and Shaw (which is the only brand through the Costco program) doesn’t offer it. I am not sure if everything else is going to be equally chemically or not, but anything info would be helpful.
Alternatively, if you’ve installed Shaw carpet, are there any particular carpet names you can remember that might be good combination of both soft and durable?
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