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Space Buckets – DIY indoor gardeners

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This subreddit is for anyone interested in *Space Buckets*, a DIY indoor garden with stacked 5gal buckets. Everyone is welcome!

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Pictures of Kevin Nash with his hands in his pockets

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Pictures with too many hands for the number of people

2023.06.11 03:34 penmaster3000 Garou Mark of the Wolves - Story Info

This is the official story content for Garou. Posting it separately from the fandom pages. Some of the details are different from other sources. Feel free to have it double-check if you can.
Just because you're hungry doesn't mean you're really hungry.
Fighting not to starve, and by continuing to seek, it will only make sense.
-Kain R. Heinlein
Once upon a time, there were men who risked everything in battle...
"One burns with revenge, while the other harbors ambitions..." Justice didn't matter to them. However, he put his beliefs into his fist and fought...and settled himself.
It's an old story now... Ten years had passed since then.
Ever since the invitation arrived, the boy had been lost.
・・・・・・・・King of Fighters.
A martial arts festival that brings together martial artists from all over the world. However, it has not been held since the organizer, Geese Howard, died mysteriously.
・・・・・・・・Why is that?
The boy read the letter again.
"Maximum Mayhem King of Fighters"
Notice of holding
We have decided to hold "King of Fighters" for the first time in 10 years. I would like you, the former winner, to participate as the defending champion.
Also, I would like to ask you to bring Mr. Howard with you. I've heard rumors of Rock's strength, so if you participate, there's no doubt that you'll have a blast.
In addition, if you win, we will prepare a large amount of prize money more than the previous time.
In addition, there is a special winning product from our family head who is the organizer.
that is········
"Maximum Mayhem King of Fighters"
About Rock's mother... I'll just say that for now.
I will tell you all the details when I win.
I look forward to hearing from you.
-Heinlein family butler, Arnold Sebastian
When the boy finished reading the letter, he closed his eyes again. And after a few seconds, he opened his eyes with a determined look, and he said to the man who was getting ready to go.
"Okay......I've decided."
"Yes, what are you going to do?"
The boy got up from his chair and answered.
"Oh, two tickets to Second South, Terry."

Backstory 01

Kain and Grant...
"These two had an immeasurable deep bond..."

Going back, 19 years ago. When Kain was still in the slums, he had a man he could call his best friend.
The man's name is Abel
Ever since they met each other as orphans they have come to understand each other.

One day, Kain and Abel witnessed a boy of the same age being lynched.
It was clear from their words and deeds that the attackers were a group of thugs who were famous for their viciousness in the slums.
Even so, the boy continued to be beaten without resistance. He knew if he resists, they would beat more... He had no choice but to endure.
However, the sound of creaking flesh echoed through the city dozens of times, and when the thugs finally left, the boy had already died...

After several hours·····. Kain and Abel generously buried the boy on a hill overlooking the sea.
The two of them were looking out at the sea. After a while, Kain turned to Abel.
"...I...don't like it. To rot in a place like this without fighting...I don't like it!"
"Kain... you?"
"Someday I'll get out of here. And I'll take everything! Then come with me! Abel!"
Abel was silent for a moment, but he soon turned to Kain as if he had made up his mind.
"...Okay, I understand. I don't want to die here either. If you want to push forward, I will push forward too. ”
“That’s right! We won’t die in a place like this!... I can't stand to die! ”
Kain clenched his fist... and further strengthened his resolve.
"I want power... power to have it all... and for that, I need your help, Abel!"
"... OK, Kain. I'll help you. If you're on the front, I'll be on the back..."
The evening sun casts its shadows on the ground. The two shadows were tight, holding hands.
Grant's true identity is Kain's best friend since childhood, Abel Cameron.
The ambition he dreamed of with Kain when he was a child... In order to embody true freedom in the Second South, he volunteered to assist Kain behind the scenes. Despite his dangerous backroom job, Abel's work was always flawless and helped strengthen Kain's power within the organization.
However, at one point, he was betrayed by an organization executive who was jealous of Kain's early promotion and received a bullet in his chest.
He managed to survive and had no problems with his motor function, but it hit so close to his heart that it could not be extracted. And the bullet is definitely approaching his heart, and it is said that when it reaches it will be Abel's end.

Backstory 02

"Relationship between Geese and Rock"
A room in an old apartment on the outskirts of Southtown.
A seven-year-old boy, Rock, lives a modest life with his mother.
His life wasn't very rich, but it was a happy day surrounded by his mother's love.
He know his father, but he never wanted to meet me.
"Don't cause trouble for that person." Was his mother's wish.
However, Rock's desire to meet his father someday grows stronger.
One day, his mother falls ill with a mysterious illness.
Rock took care of her, but it was too much for a child to handle.
He hears her calling his father's name in a whimper.
Thinking about his ideas, Rock decided to ask Geese for help.
Rock headed to Geese Tower alone.
And he finally met his father for the first time.
Rock immediately tells him about his mother's condition, and he begs for help.
However, Geese did not listen to his wish and sent Rock back.
That night... his mother quietly took her last breath...
Since then, he has come to hate Geese.

"Rock's State of Mind after the Death of Geese"
Time passes, and it's been a year since Rock came to Terry.
Terry finally settled with Geese.
However, it also meant the death of his father.
Ever since his mother's death, Rock has held a grudge against his father but now has mixed feelings.
It may have been the sentiment of losing his last relative.
But Rock didn't care why.
Unable to think of anything else, Rock challenges Terry to a street fight.
Without saying a word, Terry accepted and the two fought all day and night.
And that night...
Naturally, there was no way he could beat Terry, so he was beaten up and lay motionless, looking at the moon.
The moon and myself. He could faintly hear his heart beating.
It was strange that he felt life even in his powerless and small self.
And he was thinking... Wondering where he's headed...
And a few years later...
Rock was on an aimless journey with Terry.
It was also a journey of self-discovery that he desperately thought about.

Rock Howard

Age: 17
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Birthday: June 24
Blood Type: B
Nationality: America
Fighting Style: Kobu-justu + Martial Arts
Hobbies: Touring, playing the base (he can perfectly copy any song he hears once)
Specialty: Cooking (since making food for fast-food-loving Terry, he became a pro at it)
Most Important: The hat that Terry gave him, his bike (Honda)
Most Unpleasant: Women (growing up with a bunch of men, he's become a little shy)
Likes: Driver Gloves
Dislikes: People who boast all the time
Favorite Food: Jumbalaya (but he doesn't like the sausages)
Favorite Music: Hard Rock
Favorite Sport: Street Basket (3 on 3)
Geese Howard's progeny was picked up by Terry.
He lost his mother to an illness when he was young, and holds a grudge against his father, Geese, for not helping her.
However, contrary to his feelings, he has inherited his father's natural fighting senses. He was unmatched even as a child, eventually taking up street fighting as a living.
He had absorbed many things from living with Terry. From learning martial arts to the ways of life.
He is currently traveling aimlessly with Terry, honing his skills at the various fighting tournaments he visits. His growth over the last few years has been remarkable, and rumor has it he's already on par with Terry.
This time he decides to join the "King of Fighters" in search of the truth about his late mother.
"Come on, Terry, let's get started!"

Terry Bogard

Age: 35
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 81 kg
Birthday: March 15
Blood Type: O
Nationality: America
Fighting Style: Martial Arts
Hobbies: Wall Paint
Specialty: Making 50 3-point shots in a row
Most Important: Ukee, his monkey (ran away from home)
Most Unpleasant: Cigacigarettes
Likes: Vintage Jeans
Dislikes: Slugs
Favorite Food: Rock's Special Club Sandwiches (he overate recently and is a little chubby)
Favorite Music: Country
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Terry Bogard has settled his long battle with Geese Howard.
After a fateful encounter with Rock the boy of fate, Terry left the now peaceful Southtown and set out on a journey without a destination. On this journey, Terry teaches Rock everything he's learned so far and gives direction to his wavering mind.
Terry receives an invitation to the fighting tournament "King of Fighters", which will be held for the first time in 10 years. What is the purpose of the tournament now that Geese is gone? Suspicious, Terry returns to the stage to solve the mystery.
"My fists don't rust! Take care!"

Kim Dong Hwan

Age: 20
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Birthday: June 13
Blood Type: O
Nationality: South Korea
Fighting Style: Taekwondo
Hobbies: Hitting on girls
Specialty: Gluttony (his record is 60 plates of clams)
Most Important: His girlfriends
Most Unpleasant: His father (although he does respect him)
Likes: High-cut Sneakers
Dislikes: Rats
Favorite Food: Korean Barbeque
Favorite Music: J-Pop
Favorite Sport: Winter Sports (especially Snow Boarding)
The eldest son of Taekwondo master Kim Kaphwan.
While Jae-Hoon is serious like his father, Dong Hwan is lazy and tends to skip the dojo. Each time he neglects his training wonders off he is scolded by his father.
However, his fighting sense is endowed with natural talent, and he uses a variety of techniques that are unique and varied. Some say that his strength surpasses that of his father in his prime. His younger brother Jae-hoon is also worried... If only he could come to training.
Though Dong Hwan seems to like doing whatever he pleases, he's actually a gentler man than most people. This time, he heard that Jae-hoon would follow in his father's footsteps and participate in the "King of Fighters", so he decided to participate in the same way in order to help him.
"Well, I'm a curious person too... but, I don't know what I'm gonna do!"

Kim Jae Hoon

Age: 19
Height: 177 cm
Weight: 72 kg
Birthday: December 29
Blood Type: A
Nationality: South Korea
Fighting Style: Taekwondo
Hobbies: Study Taekwondo's history
Specialty: Reciting Pi to the 27th decimal place
Most Important: His family
Most Unpleasant: Really sweet candy
Likes: Small animals (rabbits, hamsters, parrots, etc.)
Dislikes: Evil people
Favorite Food: Really hot Chi ge
Favorite Music: Techno
Favorite Sport: Mat exercises
Second son of Taekwondo master Kim Kaphwan.
Even among the students at the dojo that Kaphwan taught, he is the most hard-working. Above all, he has a strong desire to improve and likes practicing more than eating. The way he practiced was enough to make his older brother, Dong Hwan, say, "I'm full just by looking at him."
However, at the end of that effort, he finally mastered his father's secret technique, "Phoenix Kick".
In addition, he was able to carry on his father's ideal of "spreading taekwondo to people around the world". And in order to put it into practice, he decided to participate in the "King of Fighters" this time.
He loves justice even more than his father and does not tolerate evil.
"Watch me, Dad! Now, I'm going to once again prove how great taekwondo is!"

Hotaru Futaba

Age: 16
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Measurements: B78 / W54 / H80
Birthday: May 11
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Japan
Fighting Style: Chinese Kenpo "Juu-kei" (Internal Kung Fu) (Taijiquan, Baguazhang, etc)
Hobbies: Cute ribbon collection
Specialty: She can make any animal out of snow
Most Important: Itokatsu, her ferrot
Most Unpleasant: Strong alcoholic beverages
Likes: Dangling-style Linear Coasters
Dislikes: Earthquakes
Favorite Food: Chocolate Ice Cream Banana Parfet
Favorite Music: Pop
Favorite Sport: High jump
A girl who continues her journey with her friend, Itokatsu.
She is searching for her father and brother, who went missing at the time of her mother's death. Though she behaves cheerfully and usually never shows weakness in public, she sometimes gets depressed.
The incident six years ago was the cause of such a trip. At that time, Hotaru was with her kind family. A strict father, a kind mother, and an older brother who protects her more than anyone else. Hotaru felt that he was a happy family even though he had strict training.
It all came crashing down with a sudden tyranny. When Hotaru rushes to her after noticing something strange, her father and brother are nowhere to be seen, only the cold corpse of her mother lying in the dojo.
From the time she lost her family, Hotaru's journey began.
This time she heard rumors of a man who looked like her brother at the "King of Fighters" fighting tournament, and she decided to participate.
"I might be able to meet my brother here... I have to do my best!"


Age: 26
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Birthday: May 27
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Unknown
Fighting Style: Chinese Kenpo "Gou-kei" (External Kung Fu) (Bajiquan, Xinyi Liuhe, etc)
Hobbies: Calligraphy
Specialty: He can hold his breath underwater for 10 minutes
Most Important: Mother's necklace momento
Most Unpleasant: Paying attention
Likes: Anything grand, dynamite, beautiful
Dislikes: Anyone who humbles himself
Favorite Food: Tomyankun
Favorite Music: Homey
Favorite Sport: Swimming
A solitary lone wolf who follows his own path.
He seeks power to overthrow his father who caused his mother's death. He is training all over the world to acquire the ultimate martial arts. He is absolutely confident and doesn't shy away from anyone.
Much of his background is unknown, but he does not appear to be of Chinese nationality.
"...this little fish!"

B. Jenet

Age: 19
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Measurements: B 86 / W 57 / H 89
Birthday: January 23
Blood Type: AB
Nationality: England
Fighting Style: LK Arts
Hobbies: Nail Art, invading territorial waters
Specialty: Her "internal clock" is never off by more than one minute
Most Important: Her "Lilien Knights" companions, and the newest weapons of the "Lilien Knights".
Most Unpleasant: Mornings
Likes: The silence and stillness of 1000 meters deep in the sea.
Dislikes: Diesel ships (because they stink)
Favorite Food: Sirloin Steak (she saves them valuably in the galley)
Favorite Music: Euro Beat
Favorite Sport: Tennis, Equestrian
The Byrne family; one of the world's leading conglomerates. Jenny was their only daughter.
In her carefree life, she always came to think the same thing.
That the purpose of life... Is doing something that only you can do that no one else can. Why was I given life, and why is she here?
In order to come to that conclusion, Jenny thought... If you can't find it while waiting, go find it yourself. If you can't find it, create it yourself. If you do it anyway, it will be thrilling and exciting! I want to surprise the world with flashy things!
That was the moment when the thief group "Lilian Knights" was born.
The purpose of this time is to go to the most mysterious fighting tournament "King of Fighters" and receive a huge prize.
"For me, it's a tournament!"

Khushnood Butt (Marco Rodriguez)

Age: 40
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 91 kg
Birthday: September 4
Blood Type: A
Nationality: Brazil
Fighting Style: Kyokugen-style Karate
Hobbies: Reading picture books (Cries reading Disney stories)
Specialty: Sewing, tailoring.
Most Important: His black belt, his Kyokugen signboard
Most Unpleasant: Sake
Likes: His hut for training
Dislikes: Cockroaches
Favorite Food: Chicken curry, rakkyou, grilled (roasted) chicken
Favorite Music: Samba (it boils his blood)
Favorite Sport: Shotput
A student at Kyokugen-ryu Dojo Brazil Branch.
When he was just starting out, he heard rumors about Kyokugen-ryu and went to challenge the dojo in Southtown, but was defeated by the dojo's owner, Ryo Sakazaki. In that battle, he learned the strength and depth of Kyokugen-ryu, abandoned his previous martial arts, shaved his head, and entered Kyokugen-ryu.
After that, he continued his efforts and steadily raised his skills, and finally grew up to be appointed as a substitute teacher.
His karate was wild and full of agility, making use of the unique springing of his body. He made Ryo Sakazaki, the current leader of the Kyokugen-ryu, say, "Even if he's the king of beasts, he'll turn into a cat in front of him."
Among his disciples, now that Ryo has retired from the front line, he is rumored to be the strongest Kyokugen-ryu, or in other words, the strongest fighter in the world.
"Khushnood has mastered Kyokugen... you should try it on Chimi!"


Age: 14
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Birthday: October 7
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Japan
Fighting Style: Koppou and Shiranui-style Ninjustu
Hobbies: Going to the hot springs in the mountains with monkeys
Specialty: He can climb the tallest tree in the mountains in 16.3 seconds (now attempting to break the record)
Most Important: His master and all the Shiranui-ryuu people
Most Unpleasant: Big Sis Shiranui
Likes: Hot springs
Dislikes: Hairy caterpillars
Favorite Food: Shabon Nabe
Favorite Music: Japanese Kotone (Big Sis Shiranui plays it for him)
Favorite Sport: Athletics
A lively boy currently training in the Shiranui style deep in the mountains.
From an early age, he has trained in the Shiranui style. His master was a foreigner, but his technique was solid, and Hokutomaru respected such a master and immediately worked on his training.
However, when Hokutomaru reaches the age of 14, he will enter puberty. Various questions and worries come out in the training that continues every day.
Is he really good at his ninjutsu? How strong is his power?
And then, the outside world... What is going on in the world that I don't know...?
Once you start thinking about it, the thought becomes stronger and stronger.
Then one night, Hokutomaru finally decides to go down the mountain. The world he saw for the first time... What he jumped into was a poster for the "King of Fighters" event.
"Let's try my ninjutsu to see if it works in the city!"


Age: 24
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Birthday: November 21
Blood Type: Not Clear
Nationality: England
Fighting Style: Self-taught martial art "Shame"
Hobbies: Popping bubble wrap
Specialty: As long as his head can fit, he can slip through anything
Most Important: Drill necklace (He likes it)
Most Unpleasant: Flowers with a lot of pollen
Likes: The edge of needles and blades
Dislikes: The middle of a big crowd
Favorite Food: Fish & chips
Favorite Music: Heavy Metal
Favorite Sport: Nothing Special
"It's a boring day......"
He wanted to take risks.
It's already been 20 years since he was born into this world. The only thing he learned after spending most of his life in a dangerous slum... It is the conclusion that "it is only when you are next to death that you can always feel alive." He couldn't think of a way to keep his identity in the peaceful days.
The only thing that can satisfy his hunger is a serious street fight. The tension of fighting in a concrete ring... If you can beat it, it's not enough.
Alive or dead...? It was his favorite moment. To those who know nothing about that way of life, it may seem self-deprecating. But he thoroughly enjoys the insane danger.
This time, he hears that the strongest and worst demon of destruction will participate in "King of Fighters", and he feels excitement like never before and participates in the battle against this unprecedented enemy.
"...this moment...this moment is the only time I'm alive..."

Tizoc (Griffon Mask)

Age: 27
Height: 215 cm
Weight: 118 kg
Birthday: April 25
Blood Type: O
Nationality: Mexico
Fighting Style: Pro Wrestling
Hobbies: N/A
Specialty: He can hold 5 average men on his bridge
Most Important: His Griffon mask
Most Unpleasant: Magazine interviews
Likes: The Smile of children
Dislikes: Illegal moves, and the wrestlers who use them nonchalantly
Favorite Food: "I eat anything a lot!" (quote from Tizoc)
Favorite Music: "The Theme of Griffon" (His entrance song in wrestling)
Favorite Sport: Triathlon
Tizoc: a man who has maintained an undefeated record since his debut and climbed to the top at once. Once upon a time, he was a hero to children all over the country.
However, he loses to a mysterious man who suddenly appears.
For a moment, he loses self-confidence and completely loses sight of himself. But with the encouragement of the children and his fans, he regains himself.
From that day on, he began rigorous special training to regain everything.
And two years later………while being hit by a waterfall, he discovers the only weak spot in the stream. This is the catalyst for creating his strongest new special move "Big Fall Griffon".
With this new power, he returned to the stage of "King of Fighters".
"Children, I was revived by your cheers! Come on, let's go undefeated!"

Kevin Rian

Age: 37
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 89 kg
Birthday: December 17
Blood Type: B
Nationality: America
Fighting Style: SWAT Mercenary Techniques
Hobbies: Collects goods from a certain Sci-Fi movie (all 6 in the series, apparently saw it for the first time)
Specialty: Survival
Most Important: His best friend (Marky)
Most Unpleasant: Medicine (He won't drink even if he catches a cold)
Likes: Loose clothes
Dislikes: Tight clothes
Favorite Food: Spare Ribs
Favorite Music: Jazz
Favorite Sport: Darts
"You're Uncle Kevin, aren't you? Take revenge on Papa...!"
That was last week. He had a close friend, but someone assassinated him. Even if he seeks revenge, he does not know who the culprit is.
When such days were piled up, the child appeared.
"But Bowes, I feel the same way, but I don't know who it is."
"I know who."
"What? For real?"
"Yeah, and my name is Markye, not Bowes."
"OK, let's go, buddy!"
Kevin immediately began to identify the route to Second South.


Age: Unknown
Height: 201 cm
Weight: 105 kg
Birthday: January 8
Blood Type: A
Nationality: America
Fighting Style: Ankoku Karate
Hobbies: Making Pottery
Specialty: Suppresses any emotion
Most Important: A picture of him, Kain, and Marie from long ago
Most Unpleasant: Highly humid locations
Likes: His Ethnic Mask
Dislikes: Begging for Life
Favorite Food: Beef Stew
Favorite Music: Doesn't listen to music
Favorite Sport: Weightlifting
"My fist is the admiration of destruction...the one who sneers at God's scorn and worships power..."
Wherever he appears, it is said that there will always be conflict. In fact, there are countless cities that have turned into ghost towns. At some point, people feared Grant as a symbol of destruction.
It is said that the power that he obtained by selling his soul to the devil has the destructive power to overwhelm even the best fighters.
His motives are unknown, but while he prefers fighting above all else, he seems to have an extreme dislike of the weak.
It is rumored that the "King of Fighters" that will be held this time is actually controlled by Grant from the shadows.
"Come quickly... strong man... I am Grant, a martyr of battle..."

Kain R. Heinlein

Age: 26
Height: 183 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Birthday: February 16
Blood Type: B
Nationality: America
Fighting Style: Dark Void Fist
Hobbies: Reading
Specialty: Can see emotions through the eyes
Most Important: All the people that surround him
Most Unpleasant: Information
Likes: Starry night skies
Dislikes: Inertia
Favorite Food: Apple Pie
Favorite Music: Classic music
Favorite Sport: None in particular (but, can do anything)
A clever man who wants to get everything in the free city, "Second South". His only purpose is... It is the complete independence of the Second South. And he is trying to create a slum of the whole district, a true law of the law.
The source of his ambitions is based on his childhood experiences. His hometown was in the worst part of the shantytown. He had no parents and was forced to live hand-to-hand with his only immediate relative, his sister.
A city where only power is everything. The only food you can get is the chips you get in street fights. Cain fought with a small body and came out alive.
That's when he realized. He is a protected human and a non-protected human. Humans who fight and pave their own way, and humans who are incorporated into the system and swept away. In this world, which one is facing the issue of "living" with sincerity...?
His position at birth is irrelevant. He wanted to create a truly free world.
When he was 8 years old, he got the chance to put that idea into practice. The appearance of Kain during a street fight caught the eye of Don Papas of the family (secret society) who happened to be passing by.
Kain, who was bought for his beauty and strength above all, was picked up by Don Papas and became a member of the family.
A dozen years later... Using his gifted talent as a weapon, he created his own power within the organization, overthrew Don Papas, and became the boss of the family. And now... at last, he has begun to put his long-standing idea into practice...
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2023.06.11 03:33 Key_Cry_5520 Just one more question I promise

Just one more question I know you guys are tired of it just one more question please 💖 I am thinking seeking help I really am I'm going to church tomorrow with my questions I asked you guys including getting therapy 💖😊
So I don't remember much in highschool cause highschool was very traumatizing for me, so I don't remember a lot in highschool, I use to be a atheist, until I prayed to God and I was happy to have my step brother to be ok, expectfuly having a wonderful mircale that my bff cousin had cancer then a month later, he didn't have cancer anymore, I was doing great for a while until my thought told me I need to watch mircale videos to get closer to God, so I did, I was happy thankful and I even thank the Lord for those mircales, then my mind keeps bothering me, cause my mind thinks I committed the unforgivable sin, cause my fear is I get my thoughts into my heart and I am afraid, I asked my little brother about this and he explain no your fine it's just your OCD talking, but I'm so afraid that I keep talking to God and Jesus and thanking them believing there mircales, and how they do make mircales and so much more, I'm just worried that I did the unforgivable sin, I keep saying in my head, God and Jesus make miracles and I got to keep thinking them so they can go to my heart 💖 I know I keep worrying but I'm just worried I'm not doing enough I do believe in miracles expectfuly mircales from the Lord, I just want to know that I'm ok 💖
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2023.06.11 03:33 Flyawaytuna_ A heavily modified ESEE Churp

A heavily modified ESEE Churp
This was my attempt at fixing everything I didn’t like about the churp
The lock has been ground down to be more comfortable in the hand and slimmer
The tip of the blade was easy to touch when closed so the blade was ground into a sheepsfoot
Sharpened to 800 grit with a worksharp precision adjust
For ascetic customization, the scales were dyed purple and have some lines cut in for a little texture. The blade is acid etched and “stonewashed” in brass bullet casings.
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2023.06.11 03:33 DmoSon Questions about subs and fet

Hey all, I need to get off this train, but I see tons of conflicting stuff out there about subs so I wanted to ask people with 1st hand knowledge
If you got on subs recently after years of using street fet how did you do it? How long did it take after your last hit before you could start subs? Has anyone used the Bernese method and how did that go?
I would much rather get on methadone but my area has a 6 month-1 year wait just to get a chance to get in the clinic so not much of an option
Thanks for reading
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2023.06.11 03:33 LordFarQuadCore [USA-IL] [H] Surface Laptop Studio (i7, RTX 3050 Ti, 16GB RAM) [W] PayPal

I’m looking to sell my Surface Laptop Studio. This is the i7 version with 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and a 3050 Ti dGPU.
It works great and has over 90% battery health. The screen has had a matte screen protector since day 1, so it’s in fantastic condition. The chassis is in good condition but there are some cosmetic blemishes and signs of use. There are some scratches on the top lid and some dings on the edges (no large dents or cracks). I opened up the laptop once to clean the fans, so the bottom plastic trim has some creases from pulling it off and replacing it (this does not affect functioning. Please refer to the last picture in the album to see the creases).
Asking $850 shipped.
Let me know if you have any questions and please comment before PM.
Thank you!
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2023.06.11 03:33 DuckPlays750 [US West] MP - Dedicated. One Last Server Ad. Wanna play together or just talk about the game, come on in!

In light of the /projectzomboid blackout and the whole current reddit kerfuffle, I've opted to post one last server advertisement. Honestly, we're small, our chat is quite dead most of the time. But we've got about 25-30 folks, a handful of which are still actively playing the game and talking occasionally, myself included. Regardless, feel free to come in. Post photos, ask questions, play, whatever.
What follows below is a shortened version of the old ad's text, if you wanna know a bit about things.
Our little PvE server was born about six weeks ago-- but we've already advanced almost a full year in game! Server does not wipe until August 1st of this year.
A Few Technical Details:
Dedicated Server from Seattle, WA / US West.
Rare Loot/Respawn once per in-game month.
Zombies respawn in areas unseen after about an in-game month.
Zombies are fast shamblers, and will infect you with the plague only a bite.
Safehouses can be used as spawn points. Any building can be claimed. Safehouse is Fireproof! Safehouses cannot be trespassed by outsiders.
Server pauses time when nobody is online.
Player cap currently set to 8.
20+ People currently in the discord.
Consider trying the 'Insurgent' Occupation to have an easier start, with a gun in your pocket and some good gear.
Strange and unusual (mostly helpful) helicopter events!
Lots of vehicles from mods. Build armor for your muscle car or humvee and be safer while driving!
Firearms B41-- collect lots more guns and ammo types than the base game!
Authentic Z - upgrade your backpack, and find all sorts of cool new outfits!
Craftable swords! Look for 'the swordsmanship textbook' to get started!
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2023.06.11 03:33 Firstlastusually Hello all. Saw this while fishing in central Kentucky.

Hello all. Saw this while fishing in central Kentucky.
Unfortunately I only had my cellphone camera, wasn’t expecting to come across anything novel. I usually pay attention to local wildlife and have never seen this bird. Tried the Merlin bird app, this guy or gal never made a single sound. I’ve spent a few hours looking at pictures of every bird that’s supposed to be in Kentucky, couldn’t get a positive ID. This bird spent a good hour wading in the pond plants and snapping up small fish. Not sure how long it’s legs were, but it could comfortably keep its body out of the water where it was 6 inches deep. While feeding it would unfold it’s neck like a heron or pelican and work the fish down it’s throat. The neck was bigger, more like a pelican than a heron. The wingspan was fairly large (I did look up known species of large birds), probably at least three feet wide. It had black feathers starting behind the white feathers around its eyes, and some black on the back of its head and shoulders down the top or front of its wings if it was flying. It’s back was a light brown fading to white on the belly. The legs and feet were a distinctive ruddy orange. The beak was black, relatively thin for the bird’s size, with a consistent curve and taper. I’ll definitely take my Nikon the next time I go. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.11 03:33 AutoModerator [] ✔️Duston McGroarty – $2k/Day Website ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Duston McGroarty – $2k/Day Website ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Duston McGroarty – $2k/Day Website ✔️ Full Course Download
Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

$2k/Day Website – every single step in thorough detail for you so you can understand just how simple it really is. What will you get inside $2k/Day Website? A better question is, what DON’T you get? Seriously!
You’ll get everything you need directly from me. Your entire internet business, start to finish. You’ll get a copy of my $2K/Day Website PROVEN to siphon hundreds, if not thousands, of leads per day out of this one specific niche. You’ll get my entire email follow-up sequence, written by ME personally, and designed to convert any unconverted leads that still remain on your email list. You’ll get exclusive access to my underground traffic source where you can literally buy an ENDLESS amount of highly-targeted clicks at discounted CPCs. You’ll get my hand-selected shortlist of high-converting products to promote, so you can be sure to turn as many clicks as possible into cash. You’ll get my in-depth video training detailing the complete setup of your internet business, your email autoresponder, your traffic campaign, and more. Everything you need will be recorded on video for you to watch, step-by-step (never released before). Finally, and most importantly, you get ME. Unlimited, one-on-one, access to me. I’ll even set up your ENTIRE internet business for you… which is INSANE!! That’s how much I want to see you succeed with this. I’m determined to do everything I can to make this as drop-dead easy as possible for YOU.
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2023.06.11 03:33 ShelLuser42 Yah, that's why I didn't move out of your way... duh...

Hi gang!
I'm really beginning to believe that many entitled people also suffer from forms of mental illness or something, because what we experienced yesterday (time of writing) really took the cake for us...
Going shopping
It's Friday in the afternoon. My girlfriend came over to my place for the weekend and we had prepared ourselves for some grocery shopping. Because of the heat, us being a little "lazy" and because we were also going to grab the much needed beer for the weekend we grabbed my shopping trolley and went on our way.
When we're together we always just walk over to the supermarket; it's approx. 2 or so kilometers from my place so ... 15 - 20 minute walk tops. Weather is great and there's nothing I like more than walking hand in hand with my gf in tow. There are basically two ways (well, 2 direct ways) to reach the supermarket we wanted to visit: following the main highway or following the main road through the city itself. It's a little detour but also a nice way, so that's what we did.
The incident
So, things to know: in the Netherlands we drive on the right side of the road. My gf and me are walking on the sidewalk on the left side of the road (left for us) so on our right side is all the oncoming traffic. There's a bike lane directly next to the sidewalk and next to that is the main road. This is a two way street so: 2 lanes for the cars, 2 bike lanes next to it and sidewalks on both ends.
During the time of this incident it was quite busy, gf and me even commented how much traffic there was all of a sudden and we figured that it must have been the weather.
Normally the sidewalk is large enough for 4 - 5 people to pass each other without issues, so we're walking side by side, holding hands and dragging the shopping trolley behind us. However, there's one small stroke right next to several buildings, one of those being a cafeteria, and this section is very small in comparison: two people can pass each other with a bit of space in between but that's it, it's quite small.
So, obviously, because it's somewhat busy we walk behind each other. My gf takes the shopping trolley and beacons me to go in front. All goes quite normal when suddenly an older lady drives her bicycle onto the sidewalk, gets off while holding the bike on her right and thus blocking the entire sidewalk. And she walks towards us, bike in hand.
I walk up to her and stop, now also blocking her somewhat.
"Move out of the way, I need to get to the restaurant", she snaps at me while there are dozens of bicycles passing us on the road. Yah, I think not: "I'm not the one blocking the whole sidewalk", I tell her and just keep standing there. "Just go around me!", she yells while I can see another group of bikes coming our way: "And walk into traffic?", I say: "No thanks. Why don't you make some room for us to pass?". "I'm in a hurry", she says to which I reply: "All the more reason to make some room I think so that we can all be on our way".
Nope... she wasn't budging but neither was I. I mean, how stupid can you get? Surely she can also see all the traffic passing us you'd think? Apparently not... because the next moment she mutters an insult and moves / swings her bike straight onto the bike lane without even bothering to look out for any traffic.
Oh, my god! If the driver of the car that was coming towards us wasn't paying as much attention as he did this would have ended very badly... the first bike that came towards us managed to sway onto the road causing the car to fully slam on his brakes, squealing tires and all. Thankfully nothing happened... The biker passed while shouting some remarks at the lady. The next biker however wasn't as lucky and slammed right into the womans bike but fortunately enough he managed to keep his balance and didn't fall off completely.
A group behind him managed to slow down and they passed single file.
"What the hell is wrong with you?!!", shouts the lady at the biker: "what do you think you're doing?!!" while the biker now shares a tirade of its own about senile blind b-words who really need to learn how to behave in traffic.
"See, that's why I didn't want to move out of the way", I tell the lady who is now looking quite angrily at me.
She looks around while the biker is still yelling at her, let's out a "hmpf! assholes!" and gets on her bike and just speeds off while driving onto the sidewalk. While she did go in the same direction that we were heading we never saw her again.
Entitlement? Or sheer stupidity... you'll be the judge.
Thanks for reading!
Another day in the Netherlands... thankfully our beer tasted very good last night!
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2023.06.11 03:33 duckies_wild 2 weeks until wedding. 1/4 inch extra of my eyebrow was waxed off.

Apparently, the stylist said my first word was just "No." It's a blur. It's not good. We both cried. She did my lash lift and that does look fantastic.
The person that did both is my chosen stylist for hair & makeup for the day of. When I left, we were laughing and I knew I'd get over it. When I returned for my next appointment (only 2 hours later) I was feeling much better and ready to tackle the hair trial. It quickly became apparent that she hadn't really given much thought to ideas we had discussed in our pre-meeting. I was googling for more pictures while in the chair (I thought she'd do that after I shared my desires?) and realizing I was not fine. I assume she was rattled, too, and she was trying so hard to be accommodating and we were almost out-nicing each other to the point where any of my constructive critism was not landing. So I was getting more of what I didn't want, and then my normally open mind, well, it closed. I said as much and said maybe we should hold-off, but she clearly just wanted to fix everything. I said again that it just wasnt a good time, lets hold-off.. It was hard for her to hear me. Then I whimpered "can you let me say 'no'"? So that helped with her listening. Yikes.
Everything went so south. She's so lovely and no one cuts my hair as well, but I just can't. I'm not getting anything ornate but wanted a professional's help so it would last for the day and Id feel pampered.
So... since it's only 2 weeks theres no way I could find someone else nor do I want to... I decided: Im doing my own damn makeup and hair. (Smallish wedding, no bridal party)
Fast forward 5 hours: took a 60 minute demo/ tutorial at Ulta (omg she was great). Spent a fortune in makeup, brushes, hair product and had my first home practice session tonight for makeup. It wasn't that bad.
Wednesday, going back to Ulta for the hair lesson.
Then, most likely, I'll just hire the Ulta lady to come out. I joked about her coming and she casually offered her services for like $100 which is insane.
Anyway Im exhausted. I have no clue whats going to happen to my goofy face. Aside from, the wedding will be sensational, my dude does not care about any of this, and I won't either.
Tldr: I'm a grown adult and now own (and might know how to apply) nice makeup.
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2023.06.11 03:32 ceruleanfish One Tinkatink pack on the way home gave me three pretty things <3

One Tinkatink pack on the way home gave me three pretty things <3 submitted by ceruleanfish to PokemonTCG [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 03:32 Key_Cry_5520 This is the last one on religion question

Just one more question I know you guys are tired of it just one more question please 💖 I am thinking seeking help I really am I'm going to church tomorrow with my questions I asked you guys including getting therapy 💖😊
So I don't remember much in highschool cause highschool was very traumatizing for me, so I don't remember a lot in highschool, I use to be a atheist, until I prayed to God and I was happy to have my step brother to be ok, expectfuly having a wonderful mircale that my bff cousin had cancer then a month later, he didn't have cancer anymore, I was doing great for a while until my thought told me I need to watch mircale videos to get closer to God, so I did, I was happy thankful and I even thank the Lord for those mircales, then my mind keeps bothering me, cause my mind thinks I committed the unforgivable sin, cause my fear is I get my thoughts into my heart and I am afraid, I asked my little brother about this and he explain no your fine it's just your OCD talking, but I'm so afraid that I keep talking to God and Jesus and thanking them believing there mircales, and how they do make mircales and so much more, I'm just worried that I did the unforgivable sin, I keep saying in my head, God and Jesus make miracles and I got to keep thinking them so they can go to my heart 💖 I know I keep worrying but I'm just worried I'm not doing enough I do believe in miracles expectfuly mircales from the Lord, I just want to know that I'm ok 💖
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2023.06.11 03:32 Kash_Smith Here is the fight script for my most controversial matchup. Godzilla vs. Superman! Link in the description. Please give feedback, this is my first.

Here it is.
Some context. This is my first fight script. It is written in text with no pictures because I'm on mobile. For the same reason, this post has no thumbnail nor flair. I hope you like it. I may have written the battle section too much like a real crossover instead of a DB, but it's how I'd like a crossover between them. Please give me your thoughts as it is rough never getting feedback on the stories one writes.
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2023.06.11 03:32 ReporterIndividual22 Hekp/Suggestions on How to expand hole on hood latch.

Hekp/Suggestions on How to expand hole on hood latch.
Last week i hit deer and the passenger side of the car is jacked up. I have a 15+ yr old car so I only have liability insurance. I went to the body shop and the mechanic said that nothing external is damaged. The hood is lifted up and the bumper is bent. The hood locks and everything. The cost of repair is $4000. I can buy 3 of my cars for that price. So that was out of the question. A coworker suggest a salvage yard. I went to the salvage yard and found a bumper and hood but it was gold color. I bought it and Friday I painted it black (my car color). My friend and I put the bumper on, w/o issue. ( the frame is bent right so the headlights on the passenger side will never be the same only one bolt will screw in to hold it) but when we put the hood on, it did not lock it will pass the hook but will not go all the way in but it will lock with the bent one. So we put the bent one back on the car. Today we took the bumper off and put the new hood back on just to see what stopping it from going all the way down. On the picture where the blue tape is the area where the hook stops. Any suggestions on how to remove this same area? Would filing it work? The metal isn't thin but if I can sum up the thickness. It is probably 2-3 nickels stacked on each other if that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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2023.06.11 03:32 ThisIsMyCircus40 I'm taking the last bit of control back and sharing everything my narcissistic abuser was always afraid I would tell everyone...

Trigger Warning: SA, DV, CP, narcissistic family, addiction Part 1
Let me preface this first post by saying that I (41f) am at the best place in my life that I have ever been. This is my real account and not a throw away because I have nothing to hide, and I have no reason to be afraid if my identity is revealed. I’m not writing this because I’m sad or depressed. I’m a little angry, a lot bitter, but getting this out there is going to help with that.
This is a lot to unpack and other than my police statement, there is no other written documentation of these events. Everything I am writing about here has been reported to the authorities, however due to the age of the events…. My case has been closed and I will receive zero closure – at least for now.
The purpose of this (and all subsequent posts relating to this issue) are for two purposes… Firstly, my personal satisfaction. I’m taking the last bit of control back. I cannot identify him to the public, because he has not been proven guilty of these actions, but I’m going to make sure in due time that he sees hundreds (maybe even thousands) of people discussing the things he thinks only he knows... I was his number one obsession for 20-ish years. I know everything about him. I know this will eat him alive. Secondly, I hope that if someone else reads about my experiences, maybe they will be empowered to come forward. My rapist walks free, but I pray someone else will read this and realize they can take the power back before it’s too late for their abuser to face consequences.
For the people who decide this is interesting enough to stick around for, I can assure you that no questions are off limits. I’ve spent the last 7 years facing this head on. I took the bull by the horns, and I wrestled it to the ground. I spent 7 years in intensive therapy, 3 of those years as an alcoholic, went to rehab twice, and have come out the strongest person I have ever been. I’m ready to talk about all of it.
If you know anything about narcissism from reading reddit on regular basis or if you have ever lived with a narcissist, you know that their number one prized possession is their secrets. So long as no one knows their secrets…. They can maintain full control over the people they are harming.
I know exactly what happened that triggered all the events to come... The previous week, I had run into the man who molested and raped me for 12 years as a child. This was also the man who stalked me, harassed me, propositioned me, and did his best to control me for an additional 10+ years after I moved out of my parents’ house. On the day everything came crashing down, my day was going terrible at work, I had recently left my cheating, alcoholic husband, I was single mom-ing it with three little boys in a brand-new apartment, and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I walked outside my office and just had a complete breakdown on the side of my building. I called the office of a local health provider because at the very least I knew I needed someone to talk to.
I was never intending to tell anyone about the abuse and assault I went through, but when I went for my mental health appointment, they gave me a series of 200+ questions to answer. I’m sitting there thinking I’m just super stressed out and the therapist comes in and explains to me layman’s terms that what I was experiencing were symptoms of delayed PTSD, OCD, panic disorder, generalized anxiety, and moderate to severe depression. She looked at me with a look of empathy and says, “Tell me what has gone on in your life to bring you to this point” and I couldn’t stop myself. I told her everything.
This was Day 1. This was the start of my healing.
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2023.06.11 03:32 clegay15 Tales of Middle Earth Flavor Critique: Samwise Gamgee

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan; I re-read the books typically once a year. I also adore the movies, and find all of Tolkien's legendarium absolutely awesome. Truly one of my favorite hobbies so I'd like to offer some critiques and excitement of flavor gems from Tales of Middle Earth. I won't do every card, but I'll comment on some individual cards and how WOTC did on it. I will comment on the cards abilities but only insofar as it impacts the flavor; i.e. what the card is doing not power level, etc.
To be clear: I understand there are sacrifices you need to make for the greater game, and sometimes those come first. For these articles: I am looking at each card in a vacuum, so if I seem harsh it's because I am using a single lens.
Next up: Samwise Gamgee!
Flavor Critique:
I have already written a fair amountabout Sam Gamgee, one of the two main heroes of the story. The first card, Samwise the Stouthearted, shows Sam in Shelob's Lair. This new card shows the opposite, actually a scene after the end of The Lord of the Rings with Sam reading from the Red Book of Westmarch to his many (many) children.
Overall, the four Hobbits who returned all fell into different endings. Frodo became a complete pacifist, refused to wield a sword again, and then eventually sailed over the Sea into the West to find whatever peace he could in Valinor. Peregrin (Pippin) succeeded his father as Thain of the Tookland, and wrote down much Hobbit lore into books; Meriadoc followed a similar path (both eventually settled down in Gondor), and Sam became a father. The Shire truly was Sam's home and he managed to return to it; he became Mayor of Michel Delving (basically becoming the leader of the Shire); he planted a Malorn Tree to replace the Party Tree.
Finally, Sam was a cook and one of the best chapters in Book IV is Sam cooking Frodo a stew of conies (caught by Sméagol) to help bring up Frodo's spirits.
One minor addition: Sam also builds a boat and sails over the sea to join Frodo; one of the last people to do so to our knowledge.
I have always viewed Sam as a Green-White character; a man prepared to change but seeking to preserve his home and friends. Who looked after others before himself. Now he is a father, and a mayor as well.
I like the first ability: Sam cooks for the people who show up to help your team. He can then use the food to revive characters from the graveyard back to your hand. An excellent job on flavor for a retired Sam.
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2023.06.11 03:32 _IronKing2002_ Stuck in a weird spot, fighting alone

I (21M) met last year a girl I thought was the genuine love my life. Time slowed down it seemed and she was my everything. We bonded insanely well and moved in together two months in and from there it was great. Almost a year in and we lose the house because her parents wanted to get rid of her. The entire time I lived with her she never worked, but I put school and everything on hold to work multiple jobs. She wanted to get engaged so we did after 8 months. I was completely devoted to her even when she still had contact with her ex's family and actively visited them often. I never once thought about leaving her. We had to go to my parents house for a while and it was a small town with hardly any work. All that was available was part time and I decided I wanted to finish my last semester of school to get a solid job at the bank while I worked a part time. She had a lot of problems with that, but I wanted to get the job I actually wanted. I had gained a lot of weight by this point and she had ran my depression through the roof. She got into an argument with my parents about how they run the house and she left to stay at her brother's house in a bigger town to make more money. She wanted me to leave my family and disassociate from them and I couldn't, I wanted both in my life. At least just my brother. That wasn't good enough. She borderline ghosted me for a month, sometimes taking days to respond only to break up with me over text after a year and sent me a picture of a guy she had been seeing.
I have been cheated on 2, now 3 times and this was the final straw. I told her to come get her shit. Now that she's gone I'm left with this huge pit of loss that would hurt, and sometimes still does, for a few months. I genuinely feel like all the women in my area cheat and only want money. And the only release I get is my time at the gym. I've made great progress with my weight, but still have to wait for school to finish before I can get the bank job I've been waiting for. And worse, I'm just alone. I have friends and family, but I miss that connection with someone else, facing the world together and someone I can give my heart and devotion to. The gym has been my only therapy, but I could use advice if you guys could throw any my way.
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2023.06.11 03:30 StobbyLovesKiwi Am I the bad apple for blocking EIGHT people on discord?

I (14 male) and my friend (also 14 male) started a discord server in January 2023. We made it to host events on a game we all play. We eventually grew bigger in popularity and had over 3000 members, we knew we couldn't handle it ourselves so we started hiring people, we made people put in applications like any other job except they wouldn't be paid (and they knew that), but eventually we had 2 girls Tyty and Dee, they would manage one of our departments, they seemed fine until we hired another girl in another department, we'll call her Ellie, they HATED Ellie with a fiery passion, we didn't know why, but we tried to separate them, but Tyty and Dee would somehow find her and eventually bullied Ellie until she quit and left the server. Me and my friend were pissed so we talked to Tyty and Dee, they said "she couldn't handle the pressure of the job", but we had had it, then we fired them and we blocked them from the server. They asked us why and we told them we didn't need their negativity in the server, but then they added the SIX people who work in there department under them and they started treating my friend and I like trash saying "we built the server, we should be the owners!" I told them to start their own and they said "fine" and we dropped it until one month later I was scrolling on tiktok and then say a hate page with MY PICTURES and calling me a white, fat, ugly f slur. I reported all their videos and the account and Tiktok is looking into I hope, but I don't know if I should have done all of this, Am I the bad apple? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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2023.06.11 03:30 November_Riot My best estimate on the scale of the game.

So yesterday this post was made pointing out the distance to the next destination as 11017 meters.
I got curious on how that compared to 7R. So here's a comparison and my guess based on what we can surmise.
The distance between the Sector 5 church and the Sector 7 entrance is roughly 1525 meters, I just checked that in chapter 14. Dividing 11017 by that gives us a mental picture of the section being played in that scene as about 7.22 times longer than the distance covered between Sectors 5 and 7. So 7 time the size of chapter 14 of 7R.
It appears that Yuffie and Red are fighting a Nibel Wolf there which are found in the Nibelheim area and comparing the landscape to the Rebirth teaser from a year ago that seems to be about right. It's similar to the Nibelheim area Sephiroth and Cloud are walking through in that teaser.
So if that's the case the next destination in this image would be Rocket Town since Nibelheim is sort of an unplanned stop, along with the mountains. This is likely positioned just outside the Cosmos Canyon area as well rather than closer to Nibelheim as a means to show the maximum distance between two major story locations.
That would ultimately put the distance between the edge of the CC area to rocket town as 11000 meters and from there we could guess that there's an average of 10k meters between each town or major story location.
So this game will just be massive.
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2023.06.11 03:30 serren_the_harpy It's Ren Faire season! Get your kits out and armor up!

It's Ren Faire season! Get your kits out and armor up!
First Ren Faire of the season! Next time I'll make sure to find more armored women to take pictures with.
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2023.06.11 03:30 TheScarletBlurr Customers in gas stations

Small context, Im in Minnesota and the area I live in is in between south and going into the cities so we get a handful o different people.
It's absolutely irritating to deal with people that just chew with their gum/food so damn loud, (this may sound racist but I promise I'm not) it would be so nice for people to just learn basic English because of how many damn mistakes and miss communications I deal with mainly from Spanish folks (again I don't mean to sound rude, alot of our Spanish folks are nice), and especially the rich Karen's that DEMAND certain small tasks things instantly.
I swear our area the worst of or gas station chain, we had to call the cops so many times. I've learned what a roach is, and learned not to trust people. I'm a female and I hate body complements. Im. Not. That. Stereotype. I'm a proud gamer and somewhat enjoy being around people. I wish people aren't so rude and mean about everything, me and our small crew are like a family and friends. We work hard to keep our store clean and ect. Not even corporate isn't helping because they been pushing 7/11 (probably have the gas station name away) stuff like sending us a surprise echo lab inspection, expecting us to have digital thermometers WITH NO HEADS UP.
Yes this is very messy post but I need to get this out, frustrated and I don't wanna dump all of this on my stress boss or mangers.
7/11 chill on us please...
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2023.06.11 03:30 Purtle [PIL] #967 6/10/2023

Purtle's Internet Lineup for June 10th, 2023 9:31pm
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