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2023.06.09 09:41 Gattusso02 Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Time: 200 hrs +
100% Clear: 400 hrs +
Difficulty: 7.5/10
The Monster Hunter franchise returns with the previously Nintendo exclusive finally getting its release on PlayStation. Prepare for one long, grindy and fulfilling ride collecting monster crowns all over again. This guide will now include the massive Sunbreak DLC complete with new monsters and better end game gear to make your platinum or 100% completion more efficient.
Trophy Guide
Powerpyx Trophy Guide for Monster Hunter Rise
Powerpyx Trophy Guide for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Full credit to Powerpyx for the guides.
Wiki Guides
Credit to Game8 and Fextralife for the excellent wikis. Game8 has the more comprehensive guide complete with locations on where to farm certain items, along with equipment builds and other very useful information. Best to choose one of those builds as your base and swap out armors and skills along the way to find the build perfect for you. Fextralife has a more tabulated approach on the info that helps you get a quick glance on what you are looking for with lesser clicks but may have only concise information compared to Game8. For example, If you are looking for an item drop from a small monster, Fextralife will show you drop rates and which map to visit for your hunt. Game8 will give you a little more and show you the areas in the map where these small monsters are located.
If you're a beginner to the game or the series in general, the beginning sections and tutorials will naturally be quite overwhelming. Take things one step at a time, find a weapon that fits your play style best and enjoy the ride until you get a decent amount of monster hunts in to familiarize yourself with the game.
There will be tons of things to tweak and learn about on this game and no single article can give justice to the complexities of how to fully optimize your experience so additional research is recommended. Treat this article as a supplementary guide.
Efficiency Tips
Enjoy the story and progress through the main quest line as soon and as often as you can. The reason for this is as you progress through the story and your hunter rank increases, more equipment upgrades will be available to you along with the ability to upgrade the base defense of your gear further which unlocks incrementally as you increase in rank. The more defense you have means the more hits you can take and less healing items you consume which you can spend learning the monsters moves and hitting it.
Work on the 🏆 Beat-up Construction Kit as soon as possible and unlock all camp site locations on each map so you can fast travel conveniently closer to your target's location.
Materials List and Locations can be found here on Game8 to search for your gear and quest requirements. Browse it or simply drop the item you are looking for on the search bar.
Blights and Status Ailments Explained and their Cures is explained best in GadgetGabe's Top Voted answer from this GameFAQs forum. Use this wisely to cure yourself ASAP and stay at tip top shape for your fight. You can eventually customize your item load outs when hunting particular monsters.
Register an inventory and radial menu layout that is best for your hunt and tweak it accordingly if you are working on a solo hunt or are in a group. You can set up your action bar (the bar that uses the left and right d-pad) too.
Learn about monster elemental and ailment weaknesses, weak points and parts that you can sever to improve your success rate in a fight. E.g. Flash bombs work well on monsters in flight. Severing a Pukei-pukei's tail makes the monster incapable of it's wide poison gas attack.
Monster Elemental and Ailment Weaknesses and Immunities credit to Pro Game Guides. Monster Hunter Rise explains monster elemental weaknesses well but does not give too much of a description of what elements the monster utilizes against you. To learn that and build the right resistances, refer to the Fextralife MHR Wiki.
As you progress through your hunts, make sure to pick up any hunting helpers and golden/gilded spiribugs along the way. You will need 500 and 1000 respectively for the trophies 🏆 Hunting Helpers Plate and 🏆 Golden Spiribug Plate. If you want to farm Spiribugs exclusively, this video shows an excellent route while displaying some skills on speedy map traversal.
When you are in town, there will be times when you will be prompted that a sale is ongoing from the two merchants. Always take action on this prompt and participate in the lottery that is only available during this sale to progress towards the 12 room decorations you need to win as part of the 🏆 Sturdy Padlock. If the grand prize of the lottery is a room decoration, you have to roll a Jackpot (different from a Bingo) to win it. Even if the grand prize is not a room decoration, you are given a required room decoration for winning 100 items in the lottery.
🏆 Extravagant Cashbox
Awarded for earning 1,000,000 Zenny. The fastest method to earn zenny is by participating in the 2 Star Low Rank Event Quest - Gotta Hoard Fast!. It can be done with a group in 1 minute and rewards you with a Golden Egg which you can sell to the merchant for 20,000z. Use whenever you are short on money. This is also the best quest to use if you want to trigger merchant sales quickly and roll on the lottery.
Using your silk bind/aerial moves to deliver mount damage (indicated by a blue cloud background on the damage inflicted) is a good tactic to learn and master. Arekkz Gaming's Monster Riding Tutorial video explains this well. You can also scout the area where you mount the monster and bump him into special areas on the map that will deal extra damage.
High Rank Quests
An Armorcharm and Powercharm will now be available to purchase from the two item merchants. These work as permanent stat increases as long as you have them in your Item Pouch. When you reach HR7, you will eventually be able to upgrade these charms into Armortalon and Powertalon. These stack and you may repurchase Armorcharm and Powercharm and hold all four items in your Item Pouch.
Decorations will unlock from the Smithy and the Melding Pot will unlock from the item merchants. This would be a good time to study the skills you have available in conjunction with your armor skills and start creating defensive/offensive load outs based on what you are up against.
For talisman crafting via the Melding Pot, craft out the desired skill you need and use accordingly. Once you have your talisman of choice, always roll with Melding - Wisp of Mystery and Melding - Rebirth (unlocks last on a higher HR). They will cost more materials to craft, but will also have better chances of a Rarity 7 Talisman with more skills and better decoration slots.
Prepare status resistances/immunities depending on the monsters you are up against and build up defense, elemental defense and even add elemental attack against them as well. Take note that elemental attack increases on skills only increases an existing element on weapons (or elemental ammo for bowguns) and can not create an element from a non-elemental weapon source.
For more on elemental damage and elemental resistances, see Fextralife's articles linked accordingly.
Armorskin and Demondrug and their corresponding Mega version are items consumed once and will last until you faint or complete the quest. Invest in them as soon as you have the zenny to afford them. You will need to farm Pale Extract from the monster Khezu or purchased as a rare find in the Argosy to craft the mega drugs. You may also choose to deploy the meowcenaries to fight a Khezu to increase your item farm.
Master Rank Quests and Sunbreak Content
With Sunbreak comes a whole new base map and two new locations to explore. Like the base game, there are a number of trophies that involve you interacting with the townsfolk and the goods and services they have to offer. Refer to this video guide for a checklist of what you need to be doing after every quest to cover the trophies 🏆 Snowy Cohoot Minipouch, 🏆 Secret Honey Jar, 🏆 Unbreakable Bag, 🏆 Solid Padlock, 🏆Polychrome Acorn and 🏆 Sojourn Necklace.
🏆 Solid Padlock requires another set of items you need to win in the lottery but take note that the Gargolda Statue only starts appearing after you take a picture of it. Take a daytime expedition for a photo of the creature. Gamer Guru's video shows you how to do it.
Refer to Game8's Eurekacorn article for more ways on farming Eurekacorns for your Polychrome Acorn trophy. Efficiency Tip: Target an expedition with a Herb Node in the Frost Islands together with a Khezu Node for both Eurekacorns and Pale Extracts.
For efficient map traversal, unlock the alternative camp sites on the two new Sunbreak areas along with the new buddy recon points. You will have to unlock 2 recon points per map, for a total of 12 for 🏆 Buddy Whistle. Darcblade has an excellent video guide to cover this.
Crown Hunting
🏆 Mini Crown Plaque and 🏆 Gold Crown Plaque will most likely be the last trophies you will get in the game as these are very grindy to obtain. These entail slaying or capturing the smallest and largest versions of each monster, awarding you a gold crown on your Hunter's Notes. An alternative grouped view of all your crowns can be found in OPT -> Multiplayer -> Guild Cards -> View -> L1 for Hunting Log. Unlike MH World, Rise does not include a crown notification in the points reward section after a hunt. You will have to check your Hunter Notes manually. You do get a prompt of "Monster Size Updated" right after the kill or capture though as your best indicator of a possible crown.
Crown Hunting Tips and Drop Rates explained by Luke Albigés of TrueAchievements
Efficient Strategy
You will want to clear out all the crowns you can possibly obtain from the quests with the 100% chance or boosted crown rate quests. For everything else, learn how to crown snipe to save time and not waste too much time on normal sized targets. If your are sure that your target monster is not a crown size, abort your quest and start a new one. Take note that you need to capture/kill 10 monsters of each type for their respective monster scroll to progress on your 🏆 Sturdy Padlock so anything close to a perceived small or large crown would be worth the kill. The Sunbreak Expansion and Master Rank buffs up the crown monsters appearance rate to as high as 10% for large and 6% for minis. You are best saving the crown hunt for last as you have to tackle Anomaly Investigations for the Sunbreak 🏆 Bahari's Hand Wound Birdie, which entails you earning and spending 3000 Investigation Coins as rewards for these type of quests along with clearing out every single Master Rank quest for the 🏆 Record of Utmost Valor - Master and clearing out 1-4 star anomaly quests for the 🏆 Painting - Crimson Nightmare. There are a total of 7 1-star anomaly quests to unlock and 8 quests for 2-4 stars. There is a good chance that you will be earning majority of these crowns along your progression towards these three trophies with minimal crown cleanup.
Videos for Monster Measurements
As of this writing, there seems to be a lack of content on Large and Mini Gold Crowns for MH Rise. Below is video clips to give some clues on how these monster sizes will look when you encounter them. Monster sizes with 100% chance drop quests will be excluded from this segment.
Kiranico has an excellent large monster guide which also displays the recommended quest to participate in with corresponding crown percentages.
Anomaly Investigation quest monsters have fixed sizes and will never yield any crowns. The normal Anomaly Quests will share the same 6% small and 10% large crown chance as the MR quests.
Base Game Crowns
Anjanath Mini Gold Crown
Barioth Large Gold Crown
Barioth Mini Gold Crown
Barroth Mini Gold Crown
Chameleos Large Gold Crown
Chameleos Mini Gold Crown
Great Izuchi Large Gold Crown
Great Izuchi Mini Gold Crown
Ku-Lu-Yaku Large Gold Crown
Ku-Lu-Yaku Mini Gold Crown
Kushala Daora Mini Gold Crown
Lagombi Large Gold Crown
Rakna-Kadaki Large Gold Crown
Rathalos Mini Gold Crown
Royal Ludroth Large Gold Crown
Teostra Large Gold Crown
Teostra Mini Gold Crown
Sunbreak Crowns
There are only 16 additional monsters tied up to the crown trophies for Sunbreak which are the monsters that were available at the original release of the game. You will need these 16 monsters along with all the base game crowns for the 🏆 Miniature Crown Shield and 🏆 Gold Crown Shield to unlock. Refer to the Gold Crown Shield segment of Powerpyx's guide for the full list.
Astalos Large Gold Crown
Aurora Somnacanth Mini Gold Crown
Gore Magala Large Gold Crown
Malzeno Large Gold Crown
Pyre Rakna-Kadaki Large Gold Crown
Scorned Magnamalo Large Gold Crown
Miscellaneous Grind
🏆 Antique Bookmark
Achieved by collecting all 60 Relics scattered over the 5 available maps. Powerpyx's guide for all Relic Locations shows these well. There is a correction to the linked article however, as it is mentioned there that the Rampage Relics unlock after collecting all 10 other Relics per map but is incorrect (unsure what triggers rampage Relic availability but I had access to them at 5 star quest availability on Village and Hub quests). To track the relics you have collected already, go to OPT -> Info -> Hunter Notes -> Notebook.
Gaming with Abyss has good Monster Hunter trophy content and shows locations of each relic per map clearly on his videos.
Shrine Ruins
Frost Islands
Flooded Forest
Sandy Plains
Lava Caverns

Other Useful Information
Affinity vs Raw Damage is discussed well on this steamcommunity forum.
The difference between KO/Stun and Trip is explained will in this article. Note that KO and Stun status are the same (in game and articles call it one or the other so this can be confusing) but Trip status is different.
Critical Boost at level 1 raises damage dealt by critical hits by 5%. Your critical hits are already at a base amplified damage of 25% (not mentioned in-game). This could be deceiving due to the in-game skill definition.
Palamutes and Palicos you bring on the hunt increase your ease and efficiency and are best slotted with the best gear for your playstyle. Game8 has an excellent buddy guide that discusses end game builds.
Use the Basic behavior if you are running a melee focused buddy and Follow if you are using a ranged buddy. This is discussed thoroughly by CheaterMcCheat.
On solo hunts, don't let the common combo of 1 Palico and 1 Palamute mold you to run with that as there are several builds that utilize 2 Palicos or 2 Palamutes in one hunt. For example, you may want to use a double Palamute with C Jelly Travel Bag X weapon on the Best Equipment For Sunbreak (Ranged)segment. Accompanied with the Palamute Silkbinder, this build can provide excellent monster control.
Ordering Motley Mixes in the canteen nets you dango tickets as a reward. Claim it from the chef after some orders and use the tickets with hopping skewers on your harder hunts.
Latent Power skill is triggered by an internal timer upon monster encounter and attack animations and is explained here on Fextralife's wiki.
Auto-shoutouts are useful for your party and even yourself. You can program these auto shoutouts via OPT -> Multiplayer -> Chat Menu -> Triangle and click on the field under Text to program what you want to shout-out, choose the box under speech timing to choose the condition. These conditions aren't fixed and you have more to choose from. The most useful ones are the auto shoutouts for "When you set a trap" and "When a monster is limping" where the monster enters the blue icon state and is capturable if it is not an elder, apex or afflicted monster.
Weapon Specific Notes
Light Bowgun
Light Bowgun Basic Moves and Ammo Types credit to Phemeto
Pay attention to the color of your reticle. An orange reticle tells you that your ammo type is in its ideal range and will deal its intended damage. A yellow reticle means your shots will hit, but will be significantly weaker.
The Fanning Vault Silkbind skill is best used with your Wyvernblast special ammo. Press circle while you are directly under the monster to plant a bomb directly on it. You will be replacing this with the Switch Skill Fanning Maneuver for end game builds.
Ammo Details can be found by going to Items and Equipment (opt button) -> Equipment Info -> Ammo Details (square)
You will normally run out of your full magazine of your most desired ammo. To minimize returning to camp, bring the materials you need to craft that ammo and set it on your radial menu. Also, avoid bringing the ammo type you never use to keep your ammo menu as decluttered as possible for efficient ammo switching. It is encouraged to bind the ammo you use and their craft commands in your radial menu as well.
Recoil is the delay between firing shots (different from Reload delay). Lower recoil = Faster Attack Speed
Deviation is the drift of the bullets when you fire. If you have a weapon with deviation, it will travel center for a medium distance then swerve to the L or R depending on the strength of the deviation. Targeting "No deviation" is ideal.
Decorations can be crafted to reduce Reload, Recoil and Deviation.
Light Bowgun Weapon & Armor Skills
Bombardier skill does not work with any ammos, including sticky, cluster, or wyvernblast.
Normal/Rapid Up skill improves Normal Ammo damage by 5%/10%/20% and stacks with the skill
Rapid Fire Up which enhances rapid fire damage also by 5%/10%/20%
Great Sword
Recommended Switch Skills are Tackle, Rage Slash (RS), and Adamant Charged Slash (ACS). All three can tank monster attacks (no knockbacks) and negates roar effects. Tackle is the bread and butter during roars and quick monster attacks since its easy to trigger, You can use Adamant Charged Slash for positioning, and Rage Slash to land your last charged attack on your desired direction, which True Charged Slash Skill cant do.
How to Unlock:
Adamant Charged Slash - Unlocked by crafting/upgrading 8 different Greatswords, no duplicates. Replaces the Hunting Edge skill.
Rage Slash - Unlocked by completing the quest "Grasp the Greatsword" (HR5 Quest). Replaces the True Charged Slash skill.
Low Rank Entry GS - Crit Eye Build
Low Rank GS - Crit Draw Build - 80% Affinity on Overhead and Charged Slash
High Rank GS Build - 90% Affinity on Weakpoints + Focus 3
Several members of the PSTHPH team contributed to the making of this guide.
There is an ongoing issue with this article preventing further edits. Please check the comments for more.
submitted by Gattusso02 to PSTrophyHuntersPH [link] [comments]

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2023.06.09 09:40 BadlyFavorite How to Fix NP-34954-5 Error Code on PS4

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2023.06.09 09:40 Due-Contract5301 Installation Failed

I tried installing photoshop and after effects but everytime I tried installing it this happened:
How do you fix this?
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2023.06.09 09:40 ConventionalChina How to Fix NP-34954-5 Error Code on PS4

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2023.06.09 09:40 ConventionalChina How to Fix NP-34954-5 Error Code on PS4

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2023.06.09 09:39 Ardeeny How does Email log search filters work?

Hi, this is follow up to my previous question about bounced/rejected mails reporting, but I wanted to the separate post.

I've come across the following issue in Email log search utility:
When you leave all fields empty one would assume that that means all the emails, send or received on all domains and all users right? (in the selected time of course).
Scenario 1: But that's not the case, when I try to look for a specific mail (the one which bounced) in Sender field with following string: @ xyzMYCOPMANY.domain I wont find the mail.
Scenario 2: And when I use Recipient: @ xyzCUSTOMER.domain I find it.
Scenario 3: all fields empty.. And i still dont see the bounced mail.

So I guess my question is.
How tf does ELS mail filtering works, because until this moment I thought I understand.

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2023.06.09 09:39 elisaz91 GERD experiences - need help!

Hi folks! My baby is 4mo and has been diagnosed with GERD. At birth she spent one month in the hospital because she vomited every single meal and wasn't growing - she's still very tiny, in the 3%. Medicine is helping a lot (esomeprazol) but we are still struggling and I wanted to ask GERD parents for advice on two issues: car rides and night sleeping.
-baby HATES car rides. She cries from the second she touches the car seat to the second she's out. We tried going on strolls on the car seat but nothing changes. She literally cries herself to vomit sometimes. I dread every single ride and i feel like crying myself LOL
-at night, when she wakes to eat (i nurse) she stays up for like an hour sometimes. She doesn't necessarily cry, but won't fall back asleep. I bounce her on a yoga ball and sometimes it helps, but not always. I am desperate as i don't sleep more than 5h a night and it's horrible.
It's being so hard. I am thankful i have another baby already which was super easy - if this would have been my first, i would be so traumatized. I have no idea how to make her stop crying most of the time. She only calms down in the carriesling, and mainly with me - dad keeps trying but she just cries like crazy. Definitely a high need baby, and I have no idea how to help her.
What's hard is that in theory reflux is being fixed (by medicine), and many of her issues might not be related to that (example: she is fine laying flat - she seems to hate only the car seat position).
If anyone went through something similar, i would highly appreciate tips!
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2023.06.09 09:39 Ok_Opportunity_8102 Connections Between Blade and Saga

If they wanted to make X stuff fit somehow (and whilst I absolutely wouldn't appreciate it in any way shape or form), I could imagine them very easily redoing X but completely erasing Elma, instead replacing her for KOS-MOS, which makes sense anyway given how her design themes are based on KOS-MOS. To make the alien stuff work, it could still make sense if KOS-MOS becomes aware of the war between Ganglion and Ghosts whilst falling through space to Earth. That way you could say that aliens were simply never present in Xenosaga but still exist within the Xenoblade universe.
Instead of having Elma arrive on Earth before the war to upgrade Earth's technology, have KOS-MOS take that position. Instead of Elma picking up super mechanic child genius Lin for no real reason, have Lin or her family be the ones to find KOS-MOS when she lands or crashes down onto Earth and fix her up, with Lin eventually becoming a stand in for Shion. And you could easily replace Elma for KOS-MOS as the pilot of the Ares based on the Ares' weaponry alone. It matches up so easily.
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2023.06.09 09:38 nagasravika_1991 41/52 The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini - great book

Rating 5/5
This story spans the time period from 1975 to 2002 threading its way through Afghanistan and America. The story sees the country of Afghanistan peaceful in the early to late 1970s, struggling and haggling under the tyranny of Russia through 1980s and stifling under the overtake and rule of the Taliban. This is one of those countries where going back to a peaceful past is no longer possible. Even those who were acquainted with that period are running in short supply. May God help and provide for the still suffering. There is little that we as spectators know of these countries and the plight of such people unless books such as these - although fiction - are written and Khaled Hosseini is a crusader for their cause!!
This book has proved to be a challenge for finishing in one read. I remember vividly the number of times I gave it a pause, took a break, shaking my head either at the raw emotions it stirred up in me or at the gross unfairness of something which happened in the story. Very sincerely I wished and prayed for a silver lining to appear and for there to be a light at the end of the tunnel for the character Hassan and his family. He has been thoroughly wronged and no amount of guilt - without redemptive action - is going to be enough I felt. The text is easy - as a breeze - to read but the content - loaded with many emotional triggers - is not.
Thinking of countries like Afghanistan, I used to have the notion that its all incessant fighting and Taliban crackling like fire on dry grass which is the country. This book relates the woes of innocent victims to such harshness of treatment and how those who once lived a content and respectful life are reduced to begging and all kinds of deceitful modes of living. Low caste people are treated like scum and ruthlessly swatted.
Coming to the story. Amir and Hassan are tied to each other in a knot since childhood. Amir is the master's son and Hassan in their servant's son. The social distinctions apart, they are also separated by Amir's insecurities and his jealous desire to be the only loved child of his father. Then something really bad happens to Hassan when they are 10-ish and though Amir could have helped him, he doesn't. He runs away and pretends to not know anything. This guilt runs through his life like an invisible strings gnawing at his heart. At a future date, long after Hassan and Amir are separated, he learns something about their relationship and tries to set things right. Undo his past mistake and undo his guilt. Every page kept unwinding in an unpredictable way and I kept wishing and wishing that it would all end well. Well, given the circumstances. And at the end it does. So I reconcile! Very brilliant work. Hosseini painted a picture that overcomes language distinctions and strikes right at the humanitarian core of all. :)
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2023.06.09 09:36 obaa_1 No Bag problem

Recently, I started a run where I suddenly had nothing in my bag but one potion and five ultra balls even though I didnt change any of the settings. Ever since, I cant seem to change this issue. Does anyone know how to fix that?
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2023.06.09 09:36 BadlyFavorite How to Fix NP-34954-5 Error Code on PS4

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2023.06.09 09:35 anthophila__ hello, i recently changed my sons account to R

but for some reason it’s still 13+. we’ve been waiting for it to update for about 4 days now. can someone tell me how to fix it?? it says that it’s R in the account settings but it’s not showing R shows and movies.
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2023.06.09 09:35 Silver_Cup_6354 Transmission issue?

Sorry guys if this isn’t related to the group but I would appreciate any help you can offer.
2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Automatic CVT transmission 222,000kms
Engine running fine. No engine or transmission light visible.
No leaks anywhere or bad smells Oil, transmission fluid all levels in the car are fine and the fluid looks clean.
Car will shudder or change gears rough during the first three gear changes there is a bit of a clanking noise when breaking and when you put your foot slightly on the accelerator. Apart from this the car runs perfectly fine and recently serviced 4 months ago no issues found. It only started 4 days ago.
Taken to a transmission specialist who without even looking at it took it for a drive and based on the code provided jumped straight to the conclusion new gear box needed at a cost of $6,000-$7,000 but stated if the problem still wasn’t fixed after that to look at somewhere else for the problem. Based on this I think he’s unsure that replacing the gear box will solve the problem.
Can anyone point me into the direction of what may be causing this issue and if it is in fact a transmission problem.
Many thanks in advance!!
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2023.06.09 09:35 AL1294 L1800 print head not returning

Hi guys I recently tried cleaning my print head on my Dtf printer but now it won’t return to its original position. The page and ink light are blinking and I don’t know what to do. Any idea on how to fix this?
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2023.06.09 09:34 Fragrant_Potato_5013 Gmod light bug (pls help)

For the past month I have been haunted by an annoying bug. The essence of the bug is that when I turn on the flashlight in the game, the lighting in the game changes and becomes more pleasant. And when I turn it off, it returns to what it was. Is it possible how or what to fix?
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2023.06.09 09:33 Big-Context8872 I'm not sure if I should get a divorce

Hello, I think I know what the right thing to do is, but as a any sane person, I shall ask the internet :) tl;dr My husband and I have been together for 6 years in total and have been married for 2 years. I am 26, he is 28. let's dive right into it - honestly, I have fallen out of love with him for a while, but have been to scared to do anything about it. The beginning of the relationship was, as I thought, quite beautiful, I was madly in love. But he has shown signs of controlling behaviour since the start - I was his first serious relationship, but he was not mine. He has shown a lot of attitude towards me not being a virgin, a smoker and overweight. I will get into that later.
We met when I lived in a foreign country and got together when I was really depressed and lonely. I did not see it at the time. We were nicely dating and after about 4 months we moved in together. Quick - I know, but the circumstances lead to this. I think I should add some good points about him, because, like I said, I was really in love with him. Our point of views on a lot of things were aligned and it seemed like our goals in life aligned too.
He was always supportive when I had my low moments and would always hold me when I would be crumbling. I remember, I used to say - I am sorry, I'm a bit broken. He would answer - don't worry, I will fix you. (a red flag in retrospect). He is also good at home - does not conform to the "standard" ideals of marriage - woman cooking and cleaning, which I really appreciate. He is also very handy at home, built our fence and terrace with no training, so that's also nice. My family (aunts mostly) love him, so I guess he knows how to put a nice appearance, however, my mom and sister are not so fond of him.
Now a bit about our marriage - since we started dating my weight has always been an issue - honestly I always had issues with it, but I feel like during our relationship I developed an eating disorder. I cannot say, that he caused me to develop it, but he has not been exactly kind about it. Only recently he started watching curvy girls on instagram and telling me I'm a goddess and that he is sorry that he did not see it earlier. He also basically admitted that only now, after 6 years of a relationship, he fell in love with me. So I feel like I've been lied to and lead on for so long and even got married with a person that did not love me.
Other things he abused me about:
Don't get me wrong - I know I am not without faults - I yell a lot, I am messy and quite selfish, but I don't think I don't deserve effort and love. The next part is going to be rough and triggering for some people, so stop here if you want and please let me know what you think.
The triggering part here:
About a year ago, my husband discovered wife-sharing and decided he wants to try it. Partially to spice up our life. I initially said no and kept saying no. The biggest problem for me was that he wanted me to meet guys on tinder and take photos/videos of me having sex with them, because it turns him on. I did it once at first, got a short video for him. It always made me feel icky, but I still did it. I texted some more guys and then stopped because it felt just awful. He was not happy, but he was ok to stop. After a few months he kept mentioning it and I agreed to do it again. And I actually got quite into it - my sex life with my husband was boring and I indulged in his fantasy. I actually went to meet a guy and fully had sex with him and took a picture afterwards for my husband so that he would be more included. Right when I left the guy's home, I wanted to call my husband and tell him all about it. Little did I know, he got very upset and mad at me and told me, that a little part of him hoped, that I wouldn't do it. Long story short, I got really upset because this was his idea, almost broke up with him then and there but after a little while he apologised.
We stopped this for a while and went to a New Year's party, where he got drunk and told about our sex life to anyone who would listen, without me hearing, complete strangers to him - some friends to me. Unfortunately I found out about this from my sister a couple of weeks later. When I confronted him about it, he managed to turn it around on me, that I shouldn't care what people think about me. Unfortunately - I do.
Later on he kept nagging me about more guys, I kept saying no. I would like to emphasise, that I said no many times. He can be very persuasive mind you and eventually wore me down saying, that it won't affect his feelings again. I'm sure you can all tell by now, that was not true. I slept with some more guys and actually started to enjoy myself, but since he wanted videos or pictures, I didn't, he was always unhappy and made me feel bad about it. His latest idea was that he would arrange it all and invite a guy to our home. and he did. He watched a little and of course, like he said, kinda stopped loving me.
That same week (yesterday) I went back to the town where my studies are and we had a big fight over messages. He said, if I want to meet anyone here, then I would have to take pictures or videos for him and I said no, I would rather not meet anyone. But let me remind you, that I already started enjoying it. He said, well, I kinda got my fill already, I think we should stop. I was willing to stop, but just wanted to point out the hypocrisy of stopping when he didn't want it and he got upset about me pushing back. It triggered something in me and I told him we should separate or get a divorce. He said, that I want to separate only to fuck around. I said ok, if you think so - divorce then. He said fine by me.
After this very long monologue - I hope I don't get too much criticism, but I do expect some. What do you think - if he tries to stay together - should I stay?
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2023.06.09 09:31 Automatic-Mind-2229 Please dare me to change my life

I know how to change my life. I want to, desperately.
I have been trying to for like 3 years now.
Please dare to change/fix/improve my life.
Please, community.
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2023.06.09 09:31 friesandfood How much would it cost to fix this. Located in gta, ontario

How much would it cost to fix this. Located in gta, ontario
I was driving tonight and suddenly had the driver’s front wheel go. At first I thought it might’ve been a flat tire but on further inspection it looks like the wheel itself is tilted inward? Im thinking it might be either the control arm, ball joint and/or axle. Its a 2003 accord so it’s an old beauty… very old.
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