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2023.06.07 02:06 Prestigious_Fee_2898 2023 Roscoe 8

Hey y’all, getting back into biking for the kids but I didn’t want a “dad” bike so I picked up a new Roscoe 8(maybe that is a dad bike nowadays). I haven’t ridden aggressively in 10+ years and that was lackluster bmx/dirt jumping. I’m 36yo, 6’1”, 230 and I don’t know if I can ride like I used to but is this thing going to take the beatings or should I turn it in after 30 days and go for a FS? I like the hard tail for riding on the paths with the kids but if I take a 3-4’ drop, am I going to break it? Would FS even help that?
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2023.06.07 02:05 themoorofvenice Meet the 9-year-old who picked up Teochew opera at age 3 by memorising everything

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2023.06.07 02:03 Stevedaveken SF/IDP Salary Cap League - Push all in, or be patient one more year?

SF/IDP Salary Cap League - Push all in, or be patient one more year?
I have plenty of salary cap cash in hand, and 4 1sts, 2 2nds, 3 3rds, and 3 4ths over the next two years - do I push all in and trade away those draft picks for aging stars or continue the process one more year?
Team has finished 1st, 6th, 3rd last 3 years.
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2023.06.07 02:01 AutoModerator June 07, 2023 Guided Introspection. Comment on this post.

Review the events of the day, and list any situations/events that impacted you. Pick the situation(s) that had the most impact on you and answer all of the questions below for each situation.
(Use a new comment for each new situation that you want to introspect upon.)

  1. What was the situation?
  2. How did I react to the situation? (eg. Didn't go to bed to sleep at 10PM. Stayed up on reddit instead)
  3. Why did I react this way? (eg. Poor self-control, addicted to reddit)
  4. What was the outcome? (eg. felt groggy and tired throughout the day)
  5. Is the situation positive or negative? (eg. negative)
  6. Do I want to change it? (eg. YES)
  7. How can I change it? (eg. Go to sleep on time)
  8. What substitute can be utilized? (eg. Use tech in the morning instead of at night before bed; replace reddit at night with reading a book)
  9. What are some ways of remembering when I am getting into this situation? (eg. Set phone alarm for sleep at 9:45PM. Turn off modem at 10PM)
Be honest. Be specific. Try to articulate why you felt that way.
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2023.06.07 01:57 pglggrg Incoming D1: what’s so stressful about dental school?

I’m wondering what people’s experiences have been for the first 2 years. Is the above schedule typical in terms of hours for each semester?
Of course, if you’re chasing the best grades possible, obviously you will be studying all day, everyday. I came in with a 3.98 GPA (best 2 years), so I know what it takes to get high grades, but I’m no longer interested in overachieving. 70% is a passing grade (which seems extremely high), and that’s what I want to achieve. Of course, I want to pick up the skills, hone them and be a good professional, but I’m simply not interested in memorizing everything.
I’d like to have time for myself everyday, workout 1.5/2hrs most days, and have some hobbies and stuff. Is this realistic?
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2023.06.07 01:56 Night_Runner Aaaand it's a refund. What a disappointment... O_o

I did not think the game would be so bad that I'd have to refund it - never did that for a game before, but wow. This is something else... (Also, this whole post is a rant. Sorry, just gotta get it off my chest. Feel free to sound off and/or tell me why I'm wrong.)
I grew up playing Diablo-1 and Diablo-2. Dumped a lot of time into Diablo-3 when that came out, too. I really, really hoped D-4 would be better after the FUBAR they committed with D-3. (Remember when your character was basically a Terminator, walking through the halls of heaven and destroying everything in its path with zero effort? Good times, great worldbuilding, very wow, much impressive.) But JFC, right from the start, D-4 seems to be the least demanding, most ridiculously casual game of the entire franchise.
This is a rant. Feel free to close it. :) If this helps at least one other person avoid purchasing the game, cool.
To start, the graphics were amazing. That first cut scene? Wow. Also, the character customization window was excellent. As for the rest...
  1. The sorceress starts the game with zero spells. Her only weapon is a stick that also doesn't cast spells. :) That's not a sorceress - that's an over-confident applicant to the mage school. (Compare and contrast D-2 at least giving you a rudimentary magic staff from the start.)
  2. No option to chat or even listen to the mysterious delirious stranger whose very presence kicked off a quest. Why? Just.... why? At least let me hang out and listen to his ravings. But nah, zero freedom.
  3. Can't loot any of the animals I killed. (Killing a goddamn bear with one shot was pretty funny.) Can't harvest their hide, or blood, or horns (that deer had so much potential), or souls, or teeth. Lame. Wasteful, even.
  4. Novice-level spells cost zero mana and can be fired non-stop. O_o That turns the dynamic into a plain old "point and click." There's zero tactics involved - and I made sure to play on the "experienced" difficulty level, not the newbie level. Remember how in D-2 you had to run around and conserve your mana while a bunch of mobs chased you? Yeah, so there's an infinite source of basic-level magic now, apparently.
  5. Speaking of running around: no stamina bar anymore, either. Every character is now a marathon runner, woot!
  6. Somewhere after Diablo-3, the world lost the belt technology. :) Shame, really: I guess they all wear suspenders and/or togas now. You can carry a ridiculous amount of gear in your inventory now, but gods help you if you decide to carry more than 4 potions on your person.
  7. The first big boss (X'Fer or some similar cliché fantasy name, all X's and apostrophes) got defeated just by clicking on him, holding down the button for a couple of minutes, and occasionally stepping aside. Smooooth. Compare and contrast with the horror that was the Butcher in D-1, or how ridiculously difficult it was to kill Blood Raven in D-2.
  8. Accidentally clicked on the non-obvious exit right after killing the boss. The game wouldn't let me to climb back inside the tower to pick up the loot. Why? Just... why? Skyrim came out 11.5 years ago, and even that gave you the freedom to backtrack, unless you specifically jumped off a ledge. Seems like the future gameplay will also be straight and one-sided like you're a one-dimensional character.
  9. Again, the cut scenes make for nice eye candy, but that's wayyyy too much cut-scene material for just the first 30 minutes or so of gameplay. (Compare and contrast: in the TV show Heroes, it took 9 episodes of build-up before they even showed the face of the villain Sylar. Here, we have the big bad monologuing at the very beginning.)
  10. Speaking of monologuing: the British accents in the intro cut scene (three looters and a scholar) were kind of amusing, though kind of cliché. But what was up with everrrryone in that village trrrying theirrrr best to do a strrrrronk Easterrrrn-Eurrropean accent? It felt so damn cringy, almost like watching "Orange is the New Black" again. Maybe my memory is failing me, but I don't recall such an overabundance of thick ethnic accents in any of the previous games. Characters had foreign names, yes, and each NPC's voice conveyed some aspect of their personality, but can you imagine the inhabitants of D-2's Lut Gholein doing super-thick Middle-Eastern accents just for the fun of it? JFC...
  11. The leveling is way, wayyyyyy too fast. Five levels just for clearing out a ridiculously easy boss and a few skeletons?.. I logged out in disgust and got my refund ASAP, but I wouldn't be surprised if I also scored 10 achievements along the way. ("Newwww achievement! Your character met their FitBit goal for the day by walking 50 steps!")

tl;dr - shoddy writing, poor gameplay design and worldbuilding, zero challenge or tactics involved, and the dev team probably had fewer RPG players than the dev team that created D-3. :(
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2023.06.07 01:56 Tremere1974 A Scale of Vengance 4

Hello! Thanks for reading so far, and thanks again to u/MelasD for creating the universe the story is set in.
Previous Chapter
A Scale of Vengance, Chapter 4.
Nele Stood outside the wall of the fortress city, it’s weak King had sent the majority of his military to fight us, and had failed, much to her delight. Landing her forces had gone unopposed, with only the city remaining to be conquered. It had been left to her to recover the priceless Egg that was held within the city. The Void demanded it, she could feel it pressing her onwards, urging greater speed, more ruthlessness, etc.
Her [Inquisitor] skill made her someone whom secrets were fun things to rip out of people’s souls, and those who had defected from the city only thought that they had something to hide. But this latest person, she had a memory of something disturbing to her. As she delved into the defector’s mind, the screams of pain were nothing to her as she ruthlessly pulled the memory of a Palanquin followed by the Princess…on Foot! Like a damm commoner!
The King was still there, in the city, her “diplomats” had wounded him in their parley, the fool even tried to surrender the city. Of course I had asked for the Egg as a sign of trust that he intended to live up to his word. Not that I had planned on not enslaving or slaughtering who I pleased mind you once I got the Egg in hand, but the fool had blanched, and broke off talks, so my assassin/envoys had gotten a poisoned dagger into him before being killed themselves. Good on them. They were worth every penny we spent on them.
The defector’s mind broke as I poured the Void’s essence into it, but the details I had were adding up to a disturbing whole. One that would have me groveling for my life in front of the [Hero King] much as the defector had been minutes ago, and likely with similar results.
“I want this wall down, NOW!” Nele shouted at her Subordinate, her rage and sense of panic threatening to overwhelm her, while the Void itself as always pushed her onwards, urging speed, urging her to find the one thing that made her even try to capture the city instead of laying it to waste.
The hooded officer fired the spellauncher, a magical siege weapon designed to break things like the spell shielding the walls of the city. As it and others like it fired into the spell protecting the city, she could feel the rot as the Void blessed spell ate away at the sickening purity of the city’s defenses. However, It would not fail in the time it took her to eat her lunch, so she turned her back on the black streams of Void’s power eating into the blue dome surrounding the city, She smiled, imagining some poor priest’s eyes bleeding as he prayed to a God that would never answer. She liked that idea, even as the Void whispered as always of late “faster,faster!” into her soul.
On board the good ship Andromite, The Lady Benning touched the Black Egg, feeling its cool scales, and for a moment thought there was nothing to it. When she was suddenly wreathed in blackness like a tarp had fallen over not just her, but her senses she tried to pull back, but it was too late. Unconsciousness took her to a place that was unfamiliar to her, waking up in an odd cavern where she heard mumbles and roars. She looked up to see a striking though odd pair of dragons, each with two heads, all four of them looking at her. She reached for her sword, only to find herself unarmed. Slowly she returned to facing the Dragons, both hardly waist high, more like large wolves than beings who could level a city.
“Hello?” She said, and received aserries of roar-barks in return.
She levered herself up to a standing position, trying to get her feet under her. The two Dragons were communicating, it was clear before the one with scales made an outraged noise and stood between her and its companion, growling.
‘Um, Talio, is that you?” I said, and the Black Dragon flinched, causing the other Dragon to breathe flame in what had to be a belly laugh. If this dragon wasn’t Talio, it sure looked embarrassed about something as the other dragon continued to spew flame and mirth.
“Answer the question” I said,with an even voice, one that I had used for years with Talio as his tutor while laying my palm on its shoulder. The dragonette sighed, looking back at me and nodded in the affirmative.
“Well, that answers that, though not why you both have two heads each.” I said, pointing at Talio’s companion. I was unprepared for the amount of communication that passed between both dragonettes as four heads tried to talk/roar at the same time. I held up my hands to moderate between them.
“It’s complicated, but there’s no Void or anything eating at you?” That got a definite response, with both dragonettes nodding in the affirmative before starting to chat among themselves once again.
“That’s good news, I couldn’t feel anything of the Void when I touched your egg, or just now when I touched you, we just don’t know why it turned Black, it scared us.” This brought on another round of chatting with the Blue and Orange Dragonette walking forward and opening its maw towards a rock, and causing it to melt, then refreeze near instantly forming a puddle shaped rock covered in hoarfrost.
As I looked at the obviously cold and formerly melted rock, Talio’s tail tapped me on the shoulder, then nudged me aside before it focused and with a Roar, the Rock went back to its former shape before the Blue and Orange dragonette had melted it in the first place.
“You did that?” I asked, not seeing a lot of difference, but they were trying to show me something important, and as one of Talio's heads nodded, his foreclaw drew a Sun-dial’s face on the ground as the other head concentrated. I looked at it not getting what Talio was trying to say as the other dragonette was talking to it.
Talio drew an exaggerated picture of the sun in the dirt, which I recognized, then did a small roar while erasing the sun with it’s paw, then drawing it lower in the sky.
“You can move the Sun?” The other Dragonette thought this funny, and was trying to restrain itself while commenting in low growls and barks. Talio just pointed at the sundial and looked exasperated just as two more dragonettes popped in much like I must have earlier, one frantically berating Talio, but as Talio concentrated, rearing upright on his hand paws and placing his paws on me I recognized the dragonette “Carana!” I shouted as the world faded around me.
I awoke, back in the familiar hold of the Andromite, but things had vastly changed with shouts and violence around me as sailors and even some men were struggling, and shouting curses. But this time, when I reached for Reliant, he was there, the spirit within the blade thirsting for the unrighteous.
I let out a roar, wielding Reliant and Lady Kara stood beside me, one arm dripping blood while holding a short sword with the other.
“Drop your weapons! I don’t give a rats ass whose side you think you are on, drop them now!” This statement had the immediate effect I wished as the sailors had seen my handiwork before embarking, though conflict still raged on outside the room.
Kara panted “Mutiny, as I foresaw, too bad I didn’t foresee your disappearance.”
“Let’s get this mess in order, and hang the bitches who instigated this.” I growled.
The Black Dragonette had come up with a devious plan, one that the Temperature Dragonette had eagerly acquiesced to. “Since we have unlimited access to our powers, let me slow time down here, or even reverse it, so we can fully bond with our Guardian Spirits!” Talio had said, and try as he might, the Temperature Dragonette could find no flaws in this.
Even flexing his powers to this extent gained experience, and at first, there was little effect, but as they concentrated, Talio felt a connection with his Draconian self, feeding it energy until there was some resistance, then repeating it as they used their Time Distortion power. As Talio was practicing, he felt time like a wiggily serpent, hard to grasp onto and hold and it was during one of his introspective sessions with the Black Dragon that he and the Others were quite surprised by the addition of one Human into the mix.
The Temperature Dragon asked “Did you do this?” as we both looked down at a much larger than normal sized Lady Benning from my perspective.
“Not that I know of” I said before Cinder sniffed deeply of her
“She smells of our magic, so somehow, yes.” She answered the Temperature dragon.
“She’s Lady Benning, the Swordsmaster, and my tutor.” I said “I know her well, but don’t know why she’s here.” I said as the human stirred, starting to awake as she put a hand to her temples. When the Temperature dragon nudged her with a forepaw, Benning went for her sword rolling to her left, away from us, finding that her sword had not materialized with her. I backed off a couple of steps, still finding it odd to use 4 legged locomotion.
When all of us stood there for a second, each a bit scared as with her size she probably could do us some damage, but fortunately she could read the room, even one occupied by two dragonettes.
“Hello?” I understood her perfectly, thank goodness.
“Hello Lady Benning! It’s me Talio!”I said, forgetting that I was unable to speak common anymore.
Cinder flashed me the memory of not being able to talk to others, while also tinging it with annoyance. The Temperature Dragon however, stepped forwards, curious.
“This is what females of your species looks like?” He said openly gawking, as I stepped forwards, intercepting him from doing whatever he planned, when he sniffed me. “You were a mate to her?” he said, not sounding too innocent at all.
“What? Me? No!” I interjected. Probably louder than I should have.
“Our scent says otherwise, you like her, even if it’s unrequited.” Cinder said unhelpfully.
“And you’re now a female dragon, what a love story!” The Temperature dragonette barked, before laughing at my expense yet again.
“You are so going to get the Hiccups again!” I said growling, standing between Benning and the mirthful dragon both as defense, for my honor, and to avoid Benning from being hit by flame on accident.
“Um, Talio, is that you?” Benning said, and I looked back, unused to seeing the Swordsmaster being uncertain about anything. There were stories where women show their tender sides to a man they adored, protecting them and providing for them, but as a Royal, all I ever looked forward to was a Royal Marriage and being used as a political pawn and a Stud, and then raising kids that probably weren’t even mine. Needless to say, seeing that I had romantic feelings for a person that I was close to was unsettling, to say the least.
The moment was somewhat ruined by the Temperature Dragon, who once again had laughed themselves into hicups, and was laying on their back, kicking their paws into the air in assumed hilarity. So much for any prejudices of Dragons being majestic and serious creatures. I thought, rolling my eyes.
“Answer the Question!” She said, causing me thanks to years of instruction to assume a sitting position, back upright, and nodding in an exaggerated fashion while Cinder said to the Temperature Dragon “You ought to be ashamed!” and stuck her tongue out at him.
From then on, we chatted, or at least tried to. She trying to understand my gestures, and I while being able to read, nobody had sat down to teach the [Swordsmaster] how to. So it came down to drawing pictures, and demonstrating what I could do, being a one of a kind sort of dragon. I think I more or less got the point across, and even the Temperature Dragon was being helpful, when Carana and a White Dragonette appeared, presumably fulfilling her prophecy that she would indeed find a companion/meal in that specified time. What I was not prepared for was the immediate panic the now male dragonette got into.
The Fate Dragonette known as Carana on my world immediately started jumping up and down “Send her back, NOW!!” He roared the last.
I, knowing Carana’s powers immediately questioned Cinder.
Cinder whispered into my mind, as she took control of our body, which I complied, focusing on all that I knew of Benning, from her sense of humor, or how her breasts looked, or now as Cinder placed our paw on her heart, feeling her heart under my paw.
Benning disappeared similar to how Carana and the new dragonette had appeared. Cinder purred into my mind.
I sat stunned, while our world needed someone with the Victory Dragon’s powers, I was glad that I had not been tempted to pick..her. The Fate Dragonette was looking at me funny. “If you only knew how close you came to being thrown into the ocean right then. Don’t make me regret not going back there to avenge my city.” He said before greeting the Temperature Dragon.
I greeted the Victory Dragonette, a feisty female dragonette whose gold color made her dazzle, even in this dimly lit area. “Hello, I’m Talio.” I said, and the Dragonette bowed in return, a slow wave traveling down her neck which I recognized, though I hadn’t seen it before, the memory being one of Cinder’s.
“I’m Vera, the Victory Dragon, and I don’t think I like you much, Time Dragon Talio. She said, leaving me to wonder exactly what I said to set it off.
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2023.06.07 01:55 ShadowsNMirrors When Prosecutors Go bad

When Prosecutors Go bad
When Prosecutors Go bad
RMRI, LLC. has a long history of working criminal defense cases, and we are pretty good at it. We always produces a favorable outcome for out clients, and where we really shine is in Jury trials. We have a pretty spotless record in Jury trials, and we work very complex cases, such as computer crimes. As you work criminal defense cases, you get to know the participants, the Judges, the prosecutors, and the defense attorneys. As you continue working in this field, you learn who you like to work with and who you don't, who is pleasant and who is nasty.
A good friend to RMRI, LLC., and a long-time friend to the administrator of RMRI, LLC. just got some really good news yesterday. He was convicted of a domestic violence charge that he did not commit. He just was not the type of person to do what he was charged with. His name is Paul Hoover and in 2004 his wife accused him of pulling his firearm on her and threatening her, and he was prosecuted by one of the nastiest prosecutors RMRI, LLC. has ever had the displeasure of working against. I know, I know, this is just me saying he was not guilty. Everybody says they are not guilty. Right? But below is the proof:
Paul Hoover Pardon
The Governor of a state does not just "willy-nilly" decide to pardon someone from a crime because his coffee creamer tasted extra good that day. It takes a lot of time, a lot of research, and a lot of people reviewing the case for the Governor of a state to pardon a person of a conviction. The reason for this pardon was that upon further review, the Governor and his legal staff determined that there was never sufficient cause to convict Paul Hoover of Domestic Assault and Unlawful Use of A Firearm to begin with.
The prosecutor in this case did not care if there was ANY cause much less probable cause to convict Paul Hoover. The prosecutor's name is Merrilee Crocket and she was the prosecutor in Columbia, Missouri. It is not this one incident that would make RMRI, LLC. advocate about how reckless she was with people's lives and how nasty of a person she is, with no regard for whether the people she prosecuted were actually guilty or not. RMRI, LLC. has been to court in cases with her many times, and we were on the winning side every time. We made her dismiss a case because we challenged the evidence in a court hearing for spoliation issues, of course though she did have the "FEDs" pick the case up, the defendant's name was Chad Mullen. We were on the winning side of a case where we proved that a young lady in college had no intent to get some illegal content over LimeWire, this young lady was found not guilty on all counts. Merrilee Crocket did not care if the evidence showed there was no intent to receive the files this nineteen-year-old college student did, Merrilee Crocket was trying to put her in jail for seven years and get her on the sex offender registry for the rest of her life. This young lady's name was Kristen Lamb. Here is a link if you want to read about this case. Kristen Lamb Trial Effectively, Merrilee Crocket was trying to completely ruin this young lady's life.
The reason that Merrilee Crocket like prosecuting these cases was because they were easy, all she has to do was play on the emotions of the Jury. I mean, everyone wants to convict a person that looks at child pornography whether they are guilty or not, right? Fortunately in the cases that RMRI, LLC. worked against Merrilee Crocket, RMRI, LLC. and the defense attorney "beat the bloomers off of her".
RMRI, LLC. was there to help a few people that would have fallen 'victim" to Merrilee Crocket's disregard for any sign of actual innocence in her prosecutions, but she did ruin a lot of people's lives. I wonder if a person can be proud of the sum total of their life is calculated by how many people's lives they have ruined. This is what we have to demand that our system do better, hire a higher quality of person that has this type of responsibility. This is a responsibility for people's lives, nothing else should be taken more seriously than this.
Effectively, what we saw here was a wrongful conviction of Paul Hoover, because the prosecutor did not care to look any further into the case. The prosecutor took an emotionally charged case and ran with it for a conviction to get a notch on her belt at the prosecutor's office, innocence be damned. This is why we are getting more and more wrongful convictions. This is why states are being sued for these wrongful convictions. Prosecutors don't care because they have a very broad form of immunity, they have Absolute Immunity Any kind of immunity for prosecutors, law enforcement, and Judges has ALWAYS been a bad idea. If the prosecutor is afraid to do their job because they can't have immunity to shield them from misdeeds, they were probably going to do something they should not have been doing to begin with, same goes for law enforcement officers and Judges. We as a society should demand more. Let's start demanding more, contact your legislature, your congress, demand better. An injustice against one, is an injustice against all.
And remember:
When you talk to your private investigator, ask some questions and write down his or her answers. Don't be afraid to ask questions, after all it is your money you are spending. At least ask these basic questions: (1) What is your full name, proper spelling please? (2) What is your full company name, proper spelling please? (3) How long have you been licensed in the state of Missouri? (4) Where is your office located? (5) Do you have a criminal record, if so do you have any felony convictions on your record? (6) Do you have any references?HOW TO HIRE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR IN MISSOURI
When you hire a private investigator make sure he or she is licensed in Missouri by going here: Missouri Private Investigator Licensing
Also check the license thoroughly. Look at the address on the license and run a Google Map Search on it here: Google Maps
After you have done these searches, look up your private investigator on CaseNet here: Missouri CaseNet
Run a simple Google Search on the company name, use parentheses, such as: "Derick's Dishwasher Repair" at Google.
If you see multiple felony CONVICTIONS for crimes of moral turpitude, a private investigator doing business out of a P.O. Box. or the person is licensed under a year coupled with these red flags, move on to the next private investigator on your list. Chances are you are going to get screwed out of money or pay for a very poor work product.
RMRI, LLC. Phone Number: (573) 234-4871
RMRI, LLC. Website:
RMRI, LLC. E-Mail: [email protected]
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2023.06.07 01:51 freshmaking33 Promos never work???

Promos never work???
The promo says some merchants excluded but apparently all merchants are excluded because I’ve tried like 10 already. How do I figure out which merchants are eligible?????
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2023.06.07 01:51 avabanana02 Fandango Elemental ticket Promo

Fandango Elemental ticket Promo
2 different codes. One is $5 off and one is buy one get one free. Can only use at fandango for Pixar’s Elemental movie!
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2023.06.07 01:51 MacMaizer Entitled Friend wants me to feel sorry for her after she cheated

Hey everyone! I hope this fits here, it'll be a longer one and I hope it fits here.
This happened a couple of years ago and it needs a bit of backstory because everything was really wild. Cast
Me, me obviously N., Entitled person R., Entitled person's ex K., Entitled person's brothers ex P., Entitled person's brother And EP, entitled person's parents M., Abusive Ex
I need to go back to 2008/9ish when my family moved from the home I grew up in into a smaller flat near to my grandparents. It was my last year of school and I was the new one. You can imagine how that was, I was bullied relentless but there was a small glimmer of hope. During the second half of the year a new girl was coming to my class and a couple of girls already knew her and seemed to hate her. So yes, I hope they would lay of their focus on me but on her so I had my peace.
Yeah that didn't happen. It got worse because she joined in the bullying of me. Used a compass from our math classes to constantly stab my right thigh since she was sitting next to me. For years I didn't have any feeling in my upper thigh because of that. I also was always 2nd or 3rd best in my class which was great for me because I wanted to move on and get a better education (which I have now but took me a longer route that it would have before). This is not taking place in the US btw. So, after she came in my grades plummeted and I didnt make top of my classes. She did. And I had to make other arrangements to get into university
Now we skip around 5 years.
One day I got a Facebook notification with N's friend request, I hate to say it even while she was bullying me she was kinda cute and had a crush on her for the first time when she was new and wasn't a total bitch.
We chatted a bit and she wanted to meet up, she completely forgot about everything she has put me through which. We talked a bit and she invited me home, if you all think we had sex, I'm sorry but no. Her boyfriend came later home we ate diner and that was that, we 3 somehow became really close friends and when I was really sick they were there for me and got me my medicine and brought me with them so I can sleep at their place. This became a habit, I stayed there over the weekends. It was completely surreal for me to be this thick with my school bully, she didn't really change as well. But we came to talk about stuff from her past and her abusive Ex. (Tl;Dr he was an actual psychopath, tried to beat me up several times, broke into her old flat hid in a cupboard with a knife and wanted to kill both of them, she talked him down and than he left as far as I know) We went gambling on multiple occasions, went to an old construction side trailer who was remodeled to be a bar. All in all great times!
Well until she finished school and went to university, her bf at that time helped her with a flat and she got 2 roommates. One of the roommates always picked her up and on the way to the flat had sex with her in his car, this went on for months until the third roommate told N's boyfriend R. R was devastated and texted me and K. We both drove to him and talked with him, played a bit videogames and it was fun. R. drove me home while K. went to her bf who was N's little brother P. who lived with them, can't remember why but he did.
So after I was home I texted N, that i wasn't cool with her cheating on R because he was a great guy and I'm really disappointed in her but I would be there for here if she needed to talk. (At this point I was just trying to be nice)
She blocked me and a week later R. drove to her and they got back together. Did I mention that this was not the first time she did it? Oh and also before all that K. knew about it since N. confided in her while they were having a couples night out and I was the only single so I wasn't there but from what they told me K did beat N a bit and they both got thrown out of the club they were in.
And now to the end and the actual titles thanks for sticking with me.
When R. and N. got back together they came to visit me, of course N. wasn't happy with me so my best friend then told me I was a worthless friend and scum for not being there for her and pity her since she had such a horrible time. R. was still in the car and did not speak to me ever again.
We got into a fight, which ended up me cussing her out of my life and dorm room. My neighbors heard everything and came out, I was the only non Russian guy on the floor so they were concerned of me being loud since I was the voice of reason on our floor most of the time.
My neighbors just said "Fuck that cunt, go to sleep and masturbate tomorrow is a new day"
I really tought it would be the end of it but no, it wasn't.
Her parents, who loved me, ignored me when we saw each other (lived in the same small city after I graduated and moved away) and N left R after 3 (!) Weeks of being back together. She went back to her abusive Ex. Thats right the psychopath who hid in her cupboard was back together with her but only for like a month. I know this because we had in my city a special Sunday late night sale night at the local mall (where I'm from usually the shops close at 8pm and are completely closed on Sundays and holidays).
There I was with a couple other friends (who were equally entitled and evil for a lack of a better word, which does not speak for me and my ability to find good friends for me) and we bumped into her and her parents and she did move on to ANOTHER guy entirely.
P. broke up with K. because N. manipulated P.
And last i heard was that she did try to go back to R.'s old friend group with the new guy but let's say the girls of the group burned a bra which seemed to be from her (I didn't really get that tbh) in front of her and all of them wanted to beat them senseless if they don't leave.
Last i heard from R is that he moved and was in a happy new relationship, he still ignored me after my many attempts to get in touch.
I was friends with K for like 2 more years but that also went into the extreme shitter and involved the other friend group. So if you want I'll give you another post, because this shit (after a couple of years) still bothers me and lingers on my mind.
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2023.06.07 01:51 Blink-182 I wanted to share my finds today from a local thrift store. I normally don’t find much, but today I went home happy!

I wanted to share my finds today from a local thrift store. I normally don’t find much, but today I went home happy!
They were all $2 CAD
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2023.06.07 01:51 proudly_iowa Olá, sou dos Estados Unidos e tenho perguntas. [Em inglês, desculpe]

Hello! I am from the US and my recent big life task that I set for myself was to learn Portuguese. I love to learn languages, and travel as much as I can and Brazil would be a country I would love to visit and potentially move to if all goes well. I am also a huge sports fan and the team that I have picked to support in the Brazilian system is Náutico, which is obviously in Recife, so if I ever went to Brazil, Recife is probably one of the places I would go.
The couple questions I have are
  1. In general, how safe is Recife compared to other Brazilian cities?
  2. I have heard some regions of Brazil use tu more and other regions use você more. What one would you say is more common in Recife.
  3. What are some slang words that would help me in conversation with people from Recife or just northern Brazil in general.
  4. We can end on a fun one. What is your favorite thing about living in Recife?
Thank you in advance for your answers!
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2023.06.07 01:50 TechnicalSir4788 15 years later. Something I've been working on for a bit.

It's been 15 years since he left them in the forest of Dean, 15 years since Harry and Hermione wiped their memories of him from their minds and relocated their tent elsewhere to prevent him from finding them.
A few months after Ron abandoned his role in the mission to find and destroy Voldemort's Horcruxes, Harry and Hermione went through with their secret engagement that began shortly before Bill and Fleur's wedding and married in a muggle church after confounding the priest.
15 years on, Harry hasn't had a nightmare relating to Voldy or his followers, the Death eaters. However his wife Hermione still bares the scars of her torture by Bellatrix Lestrange.
Still, life goes well for them.
Ron was minding his business, tending to customers at the Quidditch store, selling broomsticks and supplies, books on strategies and cleaning kits when a young girl walks into the shop, likely entranced by the firebolt mark 3 or the lightning bolt broomsticks that were released to the public just months ago.
The girl had bright green eyes, raven black, bushy hair that looked untamable.
This girl looks around in the shop for a good while before picking up a few items, before her mother walks in.
The brown, bushy haired woman sighs as she walks over to her daughter, "Emily, we've talked about this, we agreed to get you a broom when you turned 13 next month," she said as she grabbed her daughter's wrist.
The redheaded man at the counter walks over, "Hermione? Is that you?"
The woman looks at him, confused for a moment, "Yes, that's my name. Did I leave my nurse robes on?" Looking down, she didn't find a name tag on her blouse and looked back up to the man. "I'm sorry, do I know you?"
The man gently takes her hand, "You don't remember me? I'm Ron, Ron Weasley. We went to Hogwarts together with Harry Potter, I'm sure you know him?" He asked her hopefully.
Hermione shakes her head. "Of course I know him, he's my husband."
Ron's face fell slightly and sighed, "Oh.. I um, I see. Who's this?"
Hermione opens her mouth to answer but closes it and shakes her head,
"I'm sorry, I don't know you. I'm just taking my daughter here to get her school things. Have a good day, Mr. Weasley."
Walking out of the shop with her daughter's wrist in her hand, "Come on love, let's go find your father and James."
Ron sighs, shaking his head for a moment before returning to work.
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2023.06.07 01:49 Geniuskills What's your favourite collection within your collection? I personally can't choose! Here are a quick pick of my top 3 (I think lol)

What's your favourite collection within your collection? I personally can't choose! Here are a quick pick of my top 3 (I think lol) submitted by Geniuskills to CollectibleAvatars [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 01:47 BasicMe3 Season 1 FA Cup Final

Season 1 FA Cup Final
Do love me a good Merseyside Derby
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2023.06.07 01:45 Historical-Paper-239 been a while shince these crappy routes ive hit this

been a while shince these crappy routes ive hit this
185 stops 250ish locations and 332 packages... 1st hour was killer
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2023.06.07 01:45 bryanjameslentz Utah Child Custody

I have never posted on Reddit before so bare with me please. I am at a loss for what to do. A little bit of back story.
I live in Salt Lake County and have an 8 year old son. It is with someone whom I have never married. We tried to make it work but I just didn't love this woman, LOVE my son to pieces. When I told her this was t going to work we went to mediation and 8 got a lawyer (which I was told was great). Come to find out I am now missing on a lot of rights I could have had as a father and have the absolute bare minimum a father can have in the state of Utah. Which is horrible for me as I wish I could spend more time with my son, and he says the same thing everytime we have him. I have married, to the most wonderful woman, have a step daughter and a 1 year old daughter. Recently I went to the courts to try and get more time withy son, but unfortunately the view point of the state of Utah is, if it's not broken, don't fix it. Regardless of the desire of the child.
Anyways... We follow the state statute for child custody (30-3-35). There have been some recent adjustments to the statute and in so I was allowed to pick my summer vacation dates first. I am the non custodial parent, so in turn I get 2-2 week periods. One where we exchange days of the week, the other where I have a 2 week uninterrupted time. The dates I chose were June 12-26th and June 29th-July 13th(which is the uninterrupted portion).
We get along for the most part, but we have our moments. However she is not happy with the dates I chose for some reason. She claims that I MUST start my vacation on Fridays of my weekend (we alternate weekends). I have searched the statute and can't find anywhere, where this is stated or even implied. I responded that if she can provide proof that if it is in the statute I would change my dates to be in compliance. Her response was that that's just the way it's done, she has friends in a similar situation and that's the way they do it. I responded saying that just because others do it that way doesn't mean I am bound by their choices. I am following the state statute and that there is no mention of me (the noncustodial parent) to start it on my Fridays. I again replied that if she could show me in the statute, even case law, I would change but she just responded by belittling me and saying I am unreasonable.
Another part is that she was complaining of the short break inbetween my vacation times. Granted it is just a couple days it works better for the plans we have made for the summer. Again I don't see anything in the statute saying that there is a minimum or maximum time in between vacations. The only thing it says is that they MAY, be continuous.
I am representing myself because I can not afford an attorney. I tried calling her attorney to get clarification since she is refusing to provide any evidence of her claims and of course they didn't answer or respond. I will try again, but am not hopeful.
I feel that if I show up on the 12rh to pick up my son for or vacation time that she will refuse to let me take son. Being in the state of Utah, the police will show up for "keep the peace" but they will not enforce the parent time as that is up to interpretation, and many people have different stipulations to their parenting agreement, so I get that. But because she is the custodial parent whatever she says goes, unless I take her to court and I can't afford to take her over and over again.
Should I show up and hope she is reasonable. Or should I try and ask for a keep the peace officer to see if police presence persuades her. I don't want to intimidate, but I feel as though I am going to loose out on my summer time with my son.
Thank you for your patience. I will answer questions the best I can and I apologize for any typos.
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2023.06.07 01:43 Large-Masterpiece-74 PERFECT PLACEMENT

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2023.06.07 01:43 honestly_i_dont_even Should we move even if it means living paycheck to paycheck temporarily?

Hey all! I posted something similar in adulting but figured I'd try my luck here. I'll put a TLDR at the end and try to clean up the format from my last post.
My girlfriend (mid 20's) and I (late 20's) live in California and we've been struggling recently. We live with her family in a multigenerational home because we're completely out priced in the area where studio apartments start at $2500 a month not including utilities, pet fees, any associated miscellaneous fees. We just can't afford to live here anymore, even with dual income at $100k/year combined.
High gas costs, high food costs, high car insurance costs, private sector utility costs, pet fees for rentals, requirement for internet due to remote work, etc. means we'd be spending around $3200 a month just to have a roof over our head in a 300sqft space, and that's over half of our take-home pay - and from there we get drained just because everything else ends up nickel and diming us to death. If we wanted a 1 bdrm, we wouldn't be approved, and the housing market is so competitive that once something is listed, it usually gets rented out within the day.
We were debating moving back to my home state, where renting an entire 3 bedroom house would be half the cost of a studio here, and I can afford it on my own single income. We could maybe even buy a house in the future if all goes well, but we could never own a house here unless we won the lottery. If we move, I can retain my job but she can't retain hers due to license differences in California vs. Pennsylvania so she'll be out of work temporarily until she either finds someone to make an exception or a different field of work. She wants to move and is adamant on it, but I just feel like something doesn't sit well with me.
I moved a ton by myself over the years across the entire United States, but I was single. I now feel a responsibility to ensuring we don't make a mistake. I'm worried if we move, she could get homesick, or worst case, depressed. I'm worried it could take her months to find a replacement job, and I don't want her to feel guilty for me carrying the household financially but I definitely won't be able to put any money back in the interim. I have a savings of $15,000 that I'd use towards the move, but because I'm keeping my job and she'd be out of hers, I don't know if it's even fair to ask her to chip in what little money she does have towards anything. I also know she could never contribute as much as me in the move because she doesn't have much of a savings. I don't think it'll cost more than $4,000 to get us a place + setup + minimal furnishing to get started, and I don't mind losing that money to the move either.
I really need some insight and advice on how we should approach this. When I moved before, I cannonballed myself and didn't care if I went broke, but I can't let that happen in this case. I just feel responsible for her emotions in this case to ensure we can have an actual household together, versus being miserable where we currently are.
Has anyone moved across the country with their SO? How'd it work out for you? Is it okay to live paycheck to paycheck temporarily if it means having a better life overall?
TL;DR: We want to move and can't afford to stay in California. I have a savings, she doesn't, and I'm worried about being financially responsible for two people instead of just myself. Any advice?
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2023.06.07 01:43 lone_wolf819 Manufacturer’s Cup Pick Advice

Manufacturer’s Cup Pick Advice
Hey! So, I still haven’t picked a brand for the cup. I didn’t want the OP like Nissan or Toyota, so I tried some laps with other GT3 cars at Interlagos and it went down to 4: McLaren, Jaguar, Hyundai and Porsche. I’ve tried only the gr3 cars, I don’t know anything about the group 4 ones, so if you know some stuff about them I’d like to know, thanks. Among these 4 tho I’m pretty sure Porsche is the faster car. I have no experience at all with the other 3 cars and that could be the reason why I go 6/7 tens faster with Porsche. But since I wanted to try new things I picked them too. I like the 650s a lot, it’s so stable but I think lacks a lot in terms of traction speed. Hyundai Genesis seems pretty good despite being maybe too chunky and with a bit of understeer. F Type it’s fine but maybe isn’t that good around slow speed corners. That’s what I learned, at least. But please, if you’ve been racing with these cars please tell me more. I’m A S and even tho I just want to have fun I don’t wanna be 1s slower than the rest of the grid, but at the same time I’d love to try a new car.
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2023.06.07 01:42 Fabulous-Letter-5649 Engineer retires, and is replaced with a Human. (Pt 4)

Pt 1 If you haven't read it.

Pt 2 If you haven't read it.

Pt 3 If you haven't read it.

Hope you enjoy Pt 4 and happy reading!

*Flick* "Aligning descent profile for re-entry." I had made all the final preparations
*Flick* "Prepare for comms black out in 10" William began the countdown.
"5- when you get back I absolutely *have* to show you this really old movie, interstellar, its a classic" Will interjected.
"4-Oh my stars we're about to enter the atmosphere of Ix-5 at 7km/s and all you can think about is showing me some old movie when we get back?!"
"3- Fine."
The plasma had begun to lick around the edges of the heat shield and up onto the windows.
The comms began to make a static hissing sound.
"Just breathe." Will muttered to himself.
The whole shuttle began to shake violently.
"PASSING MAX-Q" Will had to shout to be heard over all the rattling.
Just like that, it began to quiet down, the fiery inferno of re-entry plasma died down and we began our coast down to find a suitable landing spot. Comms had also returned.
*Click* "I'd just like to let everyone know that we made it through re-entry just fine." Will had radioed back to the ship.
The sound of faint cheers from bridge could be heard.
"Engaging cloaking device" *Flick*
A loud hum could be heard as the cloaking device not only prevented us from being seen by eyes, but also seen by any radar, sonar, or other means of detection spun to life.
"So where should we land?"
"Oh just a few more kilometers to shore, then I'll just find a nice, secluded spot and we'll spend the next couple of days getting to know the locals!" I responded gleefully, as this was my first time with a civilization that didn't just learn how to farm.
After carefully gliding down we landed in a patch of grass-like vegetation. Will pointed out all the leaves were all black, to which I responded by telling him that the vegetation had to adapt to capture more of the light spectrum than the vegetation on Earth, because of the dimmer, red dwarf this planet orbited.
We had set up the basics, communications equipment, synthesizers, and a variety of other scientific tools.
"Hey, remember when you said you wanted to see an example of human food! Because I do!" Will exclaimed giddily.
After plugging in a drive and pressing a few buttons, the machine whirred to action, printing out a most unusual dish.
"So keep in mind this is just one dish out of... out of well I don't really know how many different kinds of dishes we have, all you need to know is that it's a very large number... But here's too hoping you enjoy it!"
What came out were this white, almost sphere like but more so a squat raindrop shaped... things. Will called them "Dumplings", and they smelled delicious, though he had dipped them in this brown liquid he called "Soy Sauce" that I really did not care for as far as smell goes.
I carefully picked one of these dumplings and bit into it.
"Oh my" I said, albeit muffled by the food.
"It's good isn't it! I told you!" Will grinned.
"That's quite the... texture. I don't really know how to process this. It's so soft and yet firm. Nutrient packs are so much easier, they don't make a mess and they're just so efficient, I mean, you could probably play around with the recipe, make them tastier. Right?"
"You just don't get it do you." Will said, shaking his head.
"Oh well, more for me." He grabbed at my half eaten dumpling.
"Hey! That's mine!"
"So you DO like it then!"
"No, just, ugh, leave me and my dumpling alone, I've already had my Nutrient Pack for the day I'm going to hibernate now."
Will rolled his eyes at my response.
"Fine." He said in that same begrudging manner as before.
I walked on over to the hibernation chamber, a circular area just big enough for me with a warm, gentle breeze flowing over. As I was going inside I heard Will behind me closing up the door after bringing everything inside.
"Wait... you were going to tell me about.... sleep..." I muttered out.
"Oh yes so hold one, could you just fully wake up for a little bit so I can explain, so your species, and for that matter every other alien species I've met, sleeps one hemisphere or one part of their brain at a time, but humans sleep the whole brain all at once."
"What's that like?" I replied, still in the grip of hibernation.
"So for starters we are like, FULLY unconscious the whole time, we can be woken up but we have a very, VERY limited understanding of what's going on around us. We also go limp so we don't move around accidentally, we still do. It's not perfect but it works enough to where I can say, "yeah we go limp"."
"But aren't you... what happens... if... someone ambushes you at night?"
"In all likelihood unless we happen to be right next to a weapon or something good enough, we die."
"Oh my. How... how did this not drive your species extinct?"
"I'm left wondering that same question too Tomō."
This might be the first time I've heard about a human ever being truly defenseless. Will had disappeared off into another room to change, returning in only a pair of shorts. Which left me examining his exposed torso. Human skin is wrapped quite tightly around the internal structure, and there seems to be very little, if any, loose skin, it also seemed to only be composed of one layer, most others I've meet without loose skin have special layers that can break off. Perhaps humans might be less sturdy than I had come to expect. No no that can't possibly be true I thought to myself, or as much as I could with half a brain working.
The morning was punctured by this infernal clattering from Will's bed, his arm swung up and smashed down on a small table next to him, causing the sound to stop.
"What was that?! Did someone find us?!"
"No... it was just my [Yawns] Alarm, we need to be startled to wake up and that [Will yawned again] was the startling noise."
Will climbed out of bed, shuffled over to another table (Those humans have a lot of tables) grabbed a fresh change of clothes and made his way over to the bathroom to change.
That's when I heard it, a loud SHHHHH sound from the bathroom, I made my way over to the locked door and shouted:
I shuffled back over to my hibernation chamber, pulling the divider closed I took in a bath of UV sterilizing light and changed out of yesterday's uniform, and into todays, which on scout missions is always a set of cloths made to imitate the look of whatever cloths are common on whatever world we're scouting. In this case it was a brown turtleneck sweater, some black pants, 6 pairs of gloves as the basic orbital scan of their unencrypted communications revealed they obsess over cleanliness, often sporting multiple pairs of gloves for specific tasks, kept in separate pockets, land lastly, a sort of shawl like piece of fabric, apparently used to protect yourself from the midday dust and wind storms.
The disguise of our more... alien features was provided by some makeup, changing our skin to a sort of pale grey. We also made use of some printed prosthetic noses, wigs, and ears, which made our faces impossible to distinguish from the local inhabitants.
Once I had finished applying all my disguises, I exited my chamber and walked over to where Will was, standing by the synthesizer watching it print up a breakfast.
Will, who hadn't even donned the appropriate clothing at this point (he was wearing a simple outfit of black shorts and a grey t-shirt), was oddly enough, sopping wet. His hair had turned a jet black color due to its saturation of water, releasing its store down his face and his neck, resulting in the back of his shirt, and the front collar turning a visibly darker shade and sticking to his body, at this point I also noticed that his skin was covered in beads of moisture glinting in the sun.
"Why are you so wet?" I asked him.
"It has to do with a shower, I get myself under this sort of, simulated rainfall, only the temperature is nice and hot, and use soap, not the same kind you use to clean your hands, but the function is still the same, I then put some stuff in my hair which gets rid of oily build up, the water rinses everything off, but by the end I'm soaking wet, I will need to dry off properly though before I put on all the disguises."
As he grabbed his tray with his hands, still damp from the shower, and the skin around his fingers was all shriveled up.
"Your fingers look like mine now! See!" I asked, moving right up next to him to better show him my fingers.
"It just increases the surface area so I can grip things better underwater, only happens if they get wet."
"Why wouldn't they be like that all the time?"
"Once again I'm left wondering that question myself."
"So what's on the menu for "break-fast"?" I asked
"Well for starters, it's just one word, breakfast, and secondly, I'm having two slices of buttered toast, an egg, and a black tea. Standard human breakfast, though Coffee is more popular."
"Black tea...?" I had heard of Coffee before and its danger to other species, and was hoping that this tea drink lacked any of this substance known as Caffeine.
"Yeah just a little caffeine to wake me up."
"CAFFEINE?! That's... that's a.... that's a Class IV chemical weapon! They banned that centuries ago! How?! What?! Oh my... Oh my..." I began to hyperventilate.
"Relax! There's only what... 50 milligrams in a cup."
"FIFTY?! FIFTY!?! ONLY FIFTY?!? THAT'S TEN TIMES THE DEADLY DOSE! WHAT ARE YOUR THINKING!" I shrieked, though deep down I did take note of how that was less than that of Coffee.
"Shhh, you'll risk us getting caught, calm down, don't worry I'll have the cup disposed of properly, I've done this every day and so far, no one's gotten hurt." Will said in his standard, nonchalant attitude that has become so typical of him, a tone which did not seem anywhere near appropriate for the situation.
"SO FAR?!" I was not heeding his instructions to calm down, it's typically very hard to do so when faced with something that could lead to a violent death.
"Look, look, it's totally harmless for us humans, besides, the Federation strictly manages our recreational use of substances highly dangerous to other species, such as but not limited too: Caffeine, Capsaicin, and Cocoa. I make one wrong move and my ass is sent to jail."
I was shocked, frozen with shock, at least I wasn't screaming but I felt like I couldn't move a muscle. Capsaicin was last used by the Rx'lac to murder billions, Cocoa I hadn't heard of before so it must have been something unique to Earth, but it terrified me still. In my frozen state I waited for the cup he drank from to be destroyed, and at this moment I began to regain my motor functions.
After rigorously drying himself off with a towel and this awfully loud machine he pointed at his hair, Will began to
"Now, could you help me apply the makeup?"
Human hands, while much sturdier than what most of us use, in the case of Captain Reloxyn, she has 6 tentacles which can vary their diameter, and in the case of Zorxians like myself, we have the two hands attached to their respective arm much like a human, but the geometry of the fingers themselves are different, each finger is made up of 3 fluid filled sacs, attached one after another in segments, each sack is attached to the previous with a variety of muscles, which gives each joint the ability to make movements with a full 120 degree range of motion, in any direction. While this makes them far more fragile, due to the lack of skeletal structure, this makes us quite dextrous.
But yet, I noticed that Will's right hand, arm, and ankle were already painted, which puzzled me, if he could paint his right side, then why couldn't he paint his left?
"Do you really need my help? You did just fine painting the right side of your body."
"Tomō, do you really know so little about humans?"
"You know you're the first human I've met!"
"Humans tend to have what's called a dominant hand, what it means is that there's one hand I am really good at using, and another that I'm not so great at using, I *could* train myself to use both hands equally well, but I never really had a need, and even when it would've come in handy, there's always been someone else who can help me. Like you!"
"Aww, thanks!" I responded.
"In my case, my dominant hand is my left one, fairly uncommon. Only about 10% of people are like that, the rest are right handed, and a very small number are born with both hands being of equal capability."
"But you really should get on it with the whole training your right hand. There won't always be someone to help you."
"And yet there always has." Will responded jokingly.
"We ready?" I asked.
"Just have to get some things ready, hold on, if this society is so obsessed with cleanliness, how come they don't wear face masks? I doubt they've gotten to a point where they've already eradicated all diseases. That should take them at least another century."
"Oh, this is the really cool thing about this planet! So basically, airborne diseases never evolved! They just... don't exist here!"
"Absolutely fascinating." Will responded.
"Everything we need is now in the bag." He pointed to the black bag slung over his shoulder made from the local flora.
"And we should be ready to go!" Will enthusiastically marched over to the shuttle door, opening it at saying;
"After you!" With a look of pride on his face, odd, if anyone should be proud, it should be me, after all, this mission is already off to a good start considering he's a rookie.
The red light of Ix bathed the planet in this warm glow, Ix was rare for a red-dwarf system, as most habitable planets are tidally locked, but we marched through the woods, noting observations of the local ecosystem that we stopped periodically to jot down in our notepad.
About halfway through the forest Will stopped suddenly, turning back to face me.
"You forgot to tell me what bridge came up with for our secret identities? Oh stars, saying it like that makes me feel like some kind of super-spy!"
"Oh yes, I must have gotten distracted..." I reached for my communicator.
"Okay, so we're two hikers, you named Po'ol and I named Gra'aul, and we just finished up a nice long hike and so we're off back to Hl'Ix, population 12.8 million, and about a 2 hour train ride. Oh by the way, I have to share the language file hold on... yup that should do it! Congratulations you are now fluent in Ix!"
A requirement of working for any Federation job was the implantation of a language chip which allowed the user to become fluent in all 608 languages and, what they called "Significant Dialects" spoken in the Federation, though for people working on exploration vessels like me and Will, we had access to a file sharing system so we could download new languages for the planets we visited after the central computer processed them.
"Thanks!" Will responded from a meter or so ahead of me.
We continued our march down to the road, where we walked parallel to it as cars zipped by. Eventually the forest we had landed in cleared way for farmland, which after about 5 kilometers or so more walking, started to turn to houses with expansive yards, which gradually became smaller and smaller as we neared the center of town.
"You getting tired yet?" Will asked me, we had decided it was best for him to walk behind me, so we could make sure we stayed together.
"Yeah, but just a bit longer until we make it into... whatever the name of this town is."
We continued to make our way into the town, named Urup and with a population of about 3 thousand. When we got there it was almost devoid of any activity, and the wind had started to pick up, which carried in dust. Thankfully we anticipated this, having donned contact lenses to keep debris out of our eyes, and using the shawl to cover up our mouth and nose. At this point will stopped to pull out a small, and very thin, weather sheet, which he released into the wind. This device would record the weather conditions as it gets carried by the wind. Just after doing this, he turned to me and said,
"Weather at time of release: Temperature: 10 degrees Celsius. Wind speed: 56 Kph, rising. Feels like: 5.2 Degrees Celsius, falling. It wasn't able to get a good reading on dust concentration because it's rising too fast so that should tell you everything you need to know."
The wind nearly blew Will's shawl off, but he grabbed it just in time, and me, being too focused on Will, had let my own shawl blow away in the wind, and while Will had tried to reach for it, the wind carried it away far too quickly for him to get it in time, only missing his fingers by a handful of centimeters. I quickly covered my mouth with my sweater, though this did leave part of my midsection exposed to the elements, a suboptimal position to be in during a dust storm of this magnitude.
"Dammit! Almost had the blasted thing!" Will shouted, the rush of the wind was beginning to drown out our voices.
He put his hand in one of the many pockets on his pants, that's something everyone can appreciate about Ix fashion, anything below 10 pockets is simply unacceptable. Anyways, Will pulled out a small pair of scissors, and quickly removed his shawl.
"What are you doing you can't remove your shawl in these conditions!" I shouted back at him.
"I'll be quick, don't worry!" Will responded as he cut his cloth in two.
"Here!" He said handing me the now removed half of his shawl, and quickly covering his face with the remaining half.
We continued on, though this time much slower than before, as we didn't want to loose our balance and be toppled by the wind. Never before had I ever had to deal with wind this intense, no wonder they assigned the human.
"Squat down! Boundary layer winds should be slower!" He shouted to me while bending down to waddle his way across the street to the hotel.
Squatting down only provided minimal relief, as I suppose one would have to crawl to truly take advantage of this effect. Slowly but surely we made our way across the road, over to the hotel. Opening the first set of doors we were met with a powerful blast of air, which prevented any dust from getting in. Only until after the doors had closed, and our clothes were sufficiently purged of any particulates that had somehow lodged their way into the remarkably dense fabrics. Eventually though, the blast died down, and the second doors opened automatically.
The doors opened to reveal an interior with a largely brown, beige, and black color pattern. The whole lobby was lit with a quite warm color tone, with the lightbulbs occasionally flickering and all the windows had been sealed off behind steel plates. Eventually Will turned his head to face a desk spanning quite a large distance, located just in front of a large board with all the room numbers located next to a light.
We could vaguely hear someone talking to another person, emanating from behind a door marked "Employees Only", Will glanced at me, pulling my attention to his gloves, which he began to swap out for a new pair. I quickly followed suit. Eventually, just moments after I finished putting on a new pair of gloves, one of the people from behind the door exited.
"Why on Ix would there ever be customers walking in during the middle of the storm! We issued the alert 2 hours ago!" The woman said to the man who stayed in the room as the door closed behind her.
Turning around to face the two of us, and walking over to the main part of the check in desk, she began to speak to us.
"Hi my name us Za'ul!" She said, showing us her name tag.
"Now what can I do for the two of you! Must've been miserable trapped out there in the storm!"
Will began to approach the desk, seeing this I decided to sit down and catch my breath, the 10 kilometer walk had exhausted me, it was remarkable to see Will barley fazed by it.
"Hi my name is Po'ol and this is my hiking buddy Gra'aul, we just finished up the most beautiful of hikes through that nearby forest, so we're on our way back to Hl'ix! I was wondering if you could get us a room please and thank you ma'am." He said in a sort of folksy manner, not too dissimilar from the way Za'ul spoke.
"Alright you want one bed or two?" She responded.
"-Two please." He said, almost cutting Za'ul off.
"All right! You want first floor or second floor?"
"Oh second floor would be lovely."
"Well here's your key and have a lovely stay!"
Will walked over to me.
"Got us a key for room 203, here's your key" Will had switched from his folksy mannerisms to a soft whisper, but I just let the key hit me, I was far to tired to catch it.
"Well I see our hike took quite a bit out of you, so just come up when your ready, I got the bags don't worry."
I nodded my head in silent agreement, I was exhausted, but I knew I should probably go upstairs to the room with him.
"Hold on.." I said, slowly lifting myself up onto my feet and carefully making my way over to the elevator.
Standing in the cramped elevator I noticed Will suddenly had this terrible and persistent oder.
"You okay?" I asked him
"Yeah... why do you ask?"
"It's just... you smell kind of... bad."
"Oh!" He chuckled with that same old chuckle I had heard a million times before.
"Yeah, uh, I'm sure after I explained to you what a shower was you were probably perplexed as to why we don't do the standard UV bath, but basically humans smell bad after a long day, or after a long enough, or intense enough period of physical exertion. Showering gets rid of the smell. I did notice the Ix had only a single layer of skin, and hopefully this means they too have the scent issues that humans have, and thus also make use of showering."
"I see. Can you take another shower when we get to the hotel?"
"Tomō! That's... don't say that to other humans okay, you can be direct with me like that but... a lot of other humans will not take that kindly. Just letting you know that."
The elevator had made its way up to the second floor.
"Let's see, 203... 203... here it is!"
Will unlocked the door and opened it.
"Oh thank the stars they have actual beds and it wasn't just a translational error!" He cried out in relief.
Will ran over to the bathroom.
"And they have showers too! Just Wonderful! Don't worry a shower should adequately clean you too."
"Oh I brought my own portable UV sterilizer, I'll be fine."
"You just relax down I'll take care of the report back to bridge."
I made my way over to the beds and just collapsed into it. Hibernating while laying down was not ideal, but at this point I'd do anything not to be on my feet anymore. Eventually I decided that I didn't care for lying face down, and instead rolled over to face Will, just to make sure he didn't botch the report.
Eventually once he finished his report, he walked over to the rooms corners and placed the sound barriers, which would cancel out our voices making sure nobody heard us. Which he, well, I was supposed to do first thing upon entering, though I was far to tired, and Will must've only just noticed. You know, when he first got here he really just annoyed me to no end, but now, he's really settled in and has gotten really into the hang of things, and sure, he's weird, but you know what, he's a human, he's not weird, just... different.

I think I'm going to leave it off here, I know I promised some action but this is just where the story lead me, and it was already getting long. Part 5 will be out tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed reading!
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