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All about the transformational decade of the 60s! Relaunch date: November 7, 2022

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This subreddit is all about 60's and 70's muscle cars, and the redditors who love them.

2023.04.28 14:02 kschwi are the previous day's heardle decades answers posted online?

I'm curious about the answer to yesterdays 60s and 70s heardle.
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2023.02.07 15:35 WorldlyMycologist230 60s heardle

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2023.02.03 11:45 Song_Julien Get Ready to Jam to the Beat of the 60s in this Retro Music Game!

Hey there, music enthusiasts!
We're beyond excited to introduce our latest creation, "Heardle Decades 60s". As fans of the iconic Spotify game Heardle, we've crafted this game for those who can't get enough of the music from the 60s. With Heardle Decades 60s, you'll be transported back in time to enjoy the best hits of the era, challenge your friends, and climb the leaderboard.
Our aim is to keep enhancing the game with new content and features, so stay tuned! Check it out now at https://songtrivia2.io/play/heardle/60s and let us know what you think. We can't wait for you to experience the fun of Heardle Decades 60s for yourself!
Rock on!
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2023.01.16 13:55 kschwi 1960s & 70s decades heardle choices becoming more obscure. More categories needed?

I understand that some people may prefer Heardles that are a bit challenging, but it is not a challenge if you never heard the song before in your life. A lot of the 60s-80s Heardles seem UK centric as well.
I think you were on the right track by creating a Heardle for each decade. The 60s Heardle seems disproportionally focused on the early 60s. The 60s are such a diverse decade with so many genres that perhaps another Heardle is needed for this decade?
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2022.12.18 18:16 Brickie78 One-shotted Heardle 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s AND 50s today...

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2022.11.11 11:18 Shot_Lifeguard_3482 heardle 60s

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2022.11.03 17:32 Rich_Trifle5623 heardle 60s

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2022.07.23 14:54 dtbm51 Is it just me, or...

... are a lot of these song selections somewhat obscure? I consider myself fairly knowledgeable and exposed to most music genres and decades, admittedly, mostly 50s-90's, and I play all the different decade versions of Heardle including this one, and I have never run across more songs and artists across the board (mostly groups/bands) that I never heard of. And it's every day. Do these loaders search out the most remote songs? I don't mind being challenged, but I'd like it to be fun too.
Aside from Beadle, the 60's and 70's where I do the best, 80's-current I'm like one out of five. I worked around music throughout the 80s and 90s, and ran sound for an artist, so I know I'm fairly knowledgeable in those decades too, but it's really random stuff I've never heard. Just curious if others feel this way, or have I lost that much touch with the last 40 years of the top artists' music? 🤔
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2022.07.04 13:28 dtbm51 Heardle for the 60s-90s?

Looking for a Heardle that's for folks over 30. Suggestions?
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2022.05.05 07:36 lulushcaanteater Oldies Heardle?

Hi, just wondering if anyone knows of an oldies Heardle, - 60s-70s. I love Heardle but don’t know many of the songs.
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