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2023.06.03 06:47 k-ari just curious, how long do your investigations take?

TL;DR: how long will this take? dont want my car to be ugly for much longer due to unfortunate "coincidence"
the timeline:
so whats up, how long will this take to get my car in the shop?
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2023.06.03 06:43 0210eojl Please be more careful

I’d like to preface this post by saying that I usually use my bike to get around, and I know that ideally in a world with better bike infrastructure that bikers would not have to take a lot of the precautions that they do/should currently.
I was just driving my sibling home from work and as I was making a lane change, a bike with no front lights came up on that same side, I stopped as I didn’t see her and she swerved a bit to avoid me, but didn’t have to. After this, she stopped in front of me and yelled that when I see a bike I have to stop (which I did). The problem is that it was late at night on a poorly lit road, there was no way for me to see a bike that did not have any lights on it. Additionally, being late in a big city, it is even more important to take these precautions with the amount of drunk drivers (I was not one).
I know that most of the time when a biker gets into an accident most of the blame can be placed on the car, and I should have checked more thoroughly, but biking with no lights is just so crazily unsafe.
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2023.06.03 06:39 GGezgaming Is it normal to get roasted badly for your first driving lesson

Basically went for my first private driving lesson. First thing i told the uncle i am extremely new to car noob until cannot noob alr. Uncle straight drove me to a busy road and tell me to start driving. Got roasted for everything during the lesson. For eg, holding steering wheel too hard, switch the signal lever to the wrong side, accidentally braking too hard and braking while turning cos got pple walking. To make things worse, i could barely understand the uncle’s chinese, i only knw i wss being roasted the whole time for not knowing anything. Honestly not affected emotionally by it or anything but damm legit dint expect it.
TLDR: got roasted badly for my first driving lesson dk if it is normal for everyone
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2023.06.03 06:23 Hellmover Sleep Paralysis and Lucid Dream

So this is an experience I had around a week ago that has happened in the past but not to this degree or at least not as intense from what I can remember. Getting into the experience it began with me waking up from just falling asleep. I was finding it difficult to fall asleep on my side and I decided to sleep on my back which I believe is what caused it to be so intense but I'm not really sure. So waking up I immediately know I'm having a sleep paralysis episode. I have that feeling over my whole body that's hard to explain. Then seeing in front of my an abstract darkness not really a shadow but something was there but I paid no real mind to it. Immediately I started doing what I had done in any other episode and something that I had accidentally discovered during one of my past experiences here's where lucid dreaming begins.
I found that even though I can't move if I begin to try and move and somewhat really focus on my body moving like thinking about myself moving and doing my best to move my arm or a leg or even trying to roll out of the bed I will eventually feel myself starting to move. Now I can't do this every time it has to be a sleep paralysis episode that lasts long enough. Eventually, I will be able to get out of bed and actually be standing up. Now I really can't explain how this feels getting to this point except for the fact that it feels off. And in the process of actually getting to my feet and being able to fully move around if I lose focus or at all stop pushing myself on the initial process of getting out of bed, I will fade back and immediately be back in my bed in the same position and have to redo the whole process over again.
But once I manage to get to my feet and can see around my room and actually feel my body I know that I am inside of a lucid dream in which it recreates my house. I can walk around my house and actually leave my house and that's what I did in this experience which I will describe. So, making it to my feet I know I'm on a time limit leave my room quickly I already had in my mind what I was going to do usually when in this state I'm not really thinking straight but luckily I had this planned in case I ever found myself in another one of the lucid dreams. I made my way downstairs and the living room TV was on and that distracted me and I went and checked it and saw myself on it walking in darkness and after that, it switched to a movie that I had never seen before. I tried to remember something that it had said so when I woke up I would search it up and see if my dream had taken anything from reality. I could only remember that one of the actors looked like Morgan Freeman.
Now going back to what I had planned I rushed to the garage and grabbed the car keys. Which luckily I was able to find it easily unlike the last time I was in one of these. And running outside the car was right there and unlocking it I jumped inside and with a slight struggle I was able to start it up and drive off. I had driven before but not that far. But on trying to make a turn the steering wheel wouldn't move and my car went straight into the creek in front of my house. Though unlike in real life, the water in the dream was really shallow and I was able to drive up and out of the creek. Getting back onto the street I looked down it and everything looked how it was supposed to that was until I started to go full speed down the street and right before my eyes everything completely changed. The road stretched out and the houses all turned kind of the same it's hard to remember exactly what everything looked like.
Then I saw these people they were hiding behind things and peaking out at me almost like they were observing me. At this point, I had thought I had died and gone to some sort of place. To say I was terrified was an understatement. I had never gone this far from where I started. Then one of these people was crawling on the ground and before I could move the car I ran over him but there wasn't a thump. And for some strange and this part is what I'm talking about when I say I'm not thinking straight. I see this tree stump and think to crash into it and that's exactly what I do the whole front of the car crashes in on itself and I immediately think to myself how bad this was because now these people I keep seeing peering out at me are going to be able to get to me. I get out of the car and just as I get out I find myself right back in my bed still yet unable to move and moments after that I feel that release that you feel when you snap out of sleep paralysis and I know that I'm actually awake.
So, I hope I was able to describe this in a way that maybe someone else will be able to relate to it and maybe actually tell me what's going on. Also, I'm not really able to control anything during these lucid dreams I've tried but nothing really happens. But I would like to know what is actually going on and if anyone else has experienced it in the way that I do. And if there is a way that I would be able to control things during it that information would be helpful. And if you have any questions just ask.
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2023.06.03 06:18 ThackeryBinx1693 Some riding advice needed?

So, got a moped and in the state I live in (QLD, Australia), it’s only 50cc on my car license. So my dilemma is 50km/h is as fast as I can go, which is fine to get to work as I work locally but as this is my only vehicle, and I want to visit family - I’m prohibited from using the highway so I’m going to take the backway which is fine cause I love those empty roads. My only thing is those back roads are 70km/h and I’m kind of insecure about holding up people behind me and road rage (kinda an epidemic these days). Should I just putter on and if they can over take me they’ll just do it or should I move To the side of the rod and let them pass, is that legal? I pay for my registration and license like everyone else…a newly licensed person without a vehicle that goes faster than 50km kinda don’t want to inconvenience everyone
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2023.06.03 06:09 DeNiro_Uber_Driver I’m lost..

My dog was tragically killed today, he was going to turn 3 tomorrow. He was struck by a car. I just found him on the side of the road. Why me? He was like my son, the nicest dog ever, not a hateful or angry bone in his body. Yet he died. Why must it be so unfair, I feel lost, no punishment either, the piece of shit who was speeding on a dirt road with a speed limit of 25. The piece of garbage couldn’t even stop to take him to a vet or even to tell me, Didint have the balls to ring my doorbell like a man and tell me. My minds racing all the time, and it doesn’t stop. I thinking about laying a spike strip trap and catching the next person speeding down this road, I feel like killing anyone I catch speeding, they are all disgusting. They must pay consequences for destroying my only love left in life.
I love you Asher, the only son I’ll have. I feel something great in me was lost. He was 3 years old man, he was just a puppy
Whenever I talk to people they offer condolences, and I just say I’m fine, getting better. I’m not, I feel like I’m getting worse. Bad thoughts just keep filling my head, that piece of shit needs to pay.
I just need someone to talk to. Someone to hear how I’m actually feeling. So if anything happens, Atleast someone knows how I actually felt…
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2023.06.03 06:08 JustBarbarian10 Anyone know any spots in NE Ohio where you can park a car and watch the sunset?

I’ve been trying to find an area (maybe a park) where you can bring your car, sit on the hood and watch the sunset
maybe movies got the best of me but it would be really nice if it’s a little clearing off the main road where you can park your car and watch the sun go down, but obviously there’s no search where such a thing comes up
possibly might just have to look myself as well, but any recommendations?
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2023.06.03 06:01 Hotwheelsracer667 Ask Anything About The Fan Game. Hot wheels Overdrive!

If You're Wondering. The game Will Contain Muscle Cars, Drift Cars, F1 Cars Fast Cars Off-Road Vehicles,And The Street Beasts Series. Send Me A Question And A Picture Of A Car And I'll See If It Can Be in The Game. Make A Roblox Model Of That Car Too
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2023.06.03 06:00 HourPirate5449 Saw my teacher seconds before they killed someone in a drunk driving accident.

Yesterday I(F20) went to an event by myself and left early. When I got to my car, I didn’t want to leave yet because it was such a beautiful day and the city I live in is gorgeous so I took a walk for 20 minutes. When I finally got into my car I stopped at a light and looked to my left as I enjoy looking around a the people in cars next to me. I saw one of my teachers smoking a cigarette and jamming/singing along to the music. She turned left and I went straight. Today my friend told me that this teacher killed someone in a drunk driving accident, it turned out to be the same road she turned down, mere seconds later from when I saw her. Too close for comfort.
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2023.06.03 05:54 Sokatich111 Who was in the car with Coach causing him to swerve all over the road?

Coach is a very experienced and successful drunk driver. He has driven drunk 1000s of times and only been caught on 6 occasions.
He knows the fundamentals of drunk driving - stay at the speed limit, make sure your lights are on, keep the windows closed and NEVER wander all over the lanes.
So what made Coach cross the lanes? It must have been Road Head. And as he is normally the sucker and not the sucked, it must be one of his staff under instruction from Coach.
Likely culprits?
Liz? Unlikely - seems to be more of a licker than a sucker and I doubt Coach is interested in a biological female.
Darby? Unlikely - given that you have to line Darby up against a known stationary object to see if he is moving, I doubt he has the energy or technique to satisfy Coach.
Zee - Unlikely- doubt he was in the car and doesn’t seem the “sucky sucky” type.
That leaves Luis - and the most likely suspect. Trimmed beard, flexible and totally infatuated with Coach, he is the obvious choice.
Coach normally likes his boys Asian or Hispanic but maybe Coach thinks Australia is in South America or Asia somewhere and, well, he was drunk. Any port in a storm.
When given the instruction to go Down Under little Luis saw it as an opportunity and grasped it with both lips.
He had no way of knowing his tongue would lead to Coach getting another DUI and the downfall of TPG.
He was just doing what he was told. Nobody knew he was so very good at it.
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2023.06.03 05:50 Aba0416 PHEV opinions

Hi all, looking at buying a car in the next 3 months. This will be our everyday car and the holiday car as well. Current budget is around 80k and don't want to wait around chargers all day during holidays.
I've been around town and have seen a few hybrid cars and wanted opinions.
  1. Octavia PHEV
  2. Kia Niro
  3. Mitsubishi eclipse
  4. Nissan Qashqai
  5. Second Hand lead and a separate petrol car.
I am yet to look at the Mazda options, space and comfort wise Octavia was the best.
With the way things are on road these days, I want the most comfortable and safe car possible in my budget around holidays.
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2023.06.03 05:45 Successful-Soup6537 Long Road Trip with Toddler

We are contemplating a 1,900 mile road trip (each way) with a 1.5 year old. I know there’s the “2 hour rule” for car seats with younger babies… do we need to be concerned about our little one in a car seat for too long?
We are thinking about 6-8 hours of driving a day (with breaks) for 4 days there and 4 days back (and 5 days in between at our destination).
Is this a terrible idea? Anyone do something similar?
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2023.06.03 05:40 Humbleronaldo Exercise addiction, how do I force myself to take a 2 to 3 days break for my own good?

Hey y’all, I’m a formerly obese guy who lost 90 lbs over the span of one year and it just happened since I started cycling, swimming and hiking more often. Instead of using the car I’ll take the chance to ride my bike. Started at 261 lbs doing small 3 mile loops and rides, progressively added miles and as of recently I’ve put in a massive 140 miles ride. I’m simply addicted to the bike, swimming, hiking… my happiness is directly dependent on wether or not I exercise. My depression literally vanished since I started exercising and getting outside, swimming in the lakes, hiking the trails, riding the roads…
I’m so grateful that I am capable of doing this. After years of depression and not liking the way I look I’ve achieved my peak physical fitness and emotional contentment. But I’m having a very hard time stopping for a few days to a week so I can recover. I’m feeling my muscles fatiguing and need some time off, additionally the calorie burn from leading an active lifestyle has allowed me to lose weight without doing much restriction in the food department.
Tldr: I’m scared of taking a break and eating more than I burn as I’ve gotten used to eating the amounts of food required to fuel my lifestyle. I’m also scared of taking a break because my happiness is directly dependent on wether or not I exercise.
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2023.06.03 05:39 yekiMikey 2 Transmissions in 12k Miles

While driving on a flat road, not towing, and not hauling, my transmission on my awd 4k tow package maverick went out at under 12k miles. It started missing and/or slamming into gears.
A ford dealer replaced the transmission and the new transmission was also bad from the factory. The maverick is now on its 3rd transmission in 12k miles.
I’ve never gone from loving a car to hating it so quickly.
Edit: I have the 4k tow package and have never towed near or over 4k lbs. I have also never been rough on the vehicle in any way.
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2023.06.03 05:32 MistyAvalon1234 Is this LC worth 35k?

Is this LC worth 35k?
Hello, I've wanted a land cruiser for a while as an off road capable family hauler (multiple kids). 4 years ago, I gave up on finding one at a reasonable price and opted for a 2008 Armada which now has 140k miles and is still in good condition. A family member is looking to sell their 100% stock 2014 Land Cruiser with 178k miles for $35,000. They are offering first dibs to me and I am wondering if it's a good deal. Pricing websites (KBB, NADA guides) have the value around $31-33k. The high mileage concerns me a bit, as I am wondering what the useful remaining life really is. I am mechanically inclined enough to make minor repairs (struts, motor mounts, wheel hub), but I would like to avoid it in general since it would be the daily family hauler and I tend to take my time with DIY work.
They are the original owner and say they DIY the maintenance. They generally baby the car: change with synthetic oil every 5k miles, premium fuel, replace tires well before necessary. There have been no repairs needed outside of regular maintenance of wear parts. Cosmetically, only a few scrapes and some road rash from mostly highway miles (they lived far from the city). It was a family hauler, but kids grew out of it about 3-4 yrs ago. Interior leather has no issues. Tires are in basically new condition. There was one low speed collision that led to minor rear bumper damage and the bumper was replaced by the dealership. It was not used for off roading ever; no off roading features were ever touched. The vehicle has been an Arizona car and if I bought it, it would remain an Arizona car -- so no rust. Biggest environmental issue is surviving the heat.
What would you pay for this vehicle? How long do you think it could last?
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2023.06.03 05:32 Redditbitch83 Just submitting this here also. Deathtomyheart (misty Trent) your days of begging are numbered. To much is coming out. Anyone who believes you now is just plain stupid!!

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2023.06.03 05:24 toyou123 [Real] (06/02/2023)

I had a bizarre dream (nightmare) two nights ago, and it's still stuck in my head.
I was driving on a familiar bridge in the capital city, when some jerk behind me in their car started to lay on their horn. I got out of my car to confront this road raging idiot...only to discover that it was my boss. Yup. The CEO of my company was sitting in the driver's seat of that car, and the strangest part is that he had this wide grin on his face. When I came up next to him, he rolls down the window and says, "Hey there, pal! I just wanted to make sure you weren't falling asleep behind the wheel! Keep solving those problems in the lab!" The next thing I knew, I woke up in a shocked state, checking over my bed, thinking that he was going to be right there, smiling at me with that stupid grin on his face. Man, even in my own damned dreams I can't escape work, it seems!
It's been a while since I wrote anything in this diary. This week and last were rough for me. I don't want to go into details, but it involved work and personal matters, naturally.
I think I've decided on where I'll be going vacationing to, but I need to do more research on the place I'm headed to first. It'd be foolish for me not to do my homework before heading to an unknown territory, even if people tell me it's a safe place. It's never a safe day on this planet.
I don't want to talk too much because I'm in a somewhat good mood tonight. I don't want to bring that vibe down with negative thoughts in this entry, so I'll end it here.
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2023.06.03 05:18 ndlacajunwiseguy 2020 (goldilocks) ridgeline with modifications

2020 (goldilocks) ridgeline with modifications
Wanted to post the 2020 ridgeline (goldilocks...I like the old style, but has the new transmission) version that I bought new before all the pandemic weirdness

1: 2 inch traxda lift. This is really the sweet spot, going over really runs up the price and 2 inches puts it on par with the taco/rangecolorado that run next to you
2: firestone destination at2 265/60-18 . No rub on full lock forward/reverse. Reason for getting was white lettering and the reviews were very positive on highway manners and wet performance. Wet performance is big for me since I am driving in the wet a good majority of the time.
2A: Tires plus lift is roughly 2 1/2 inches up. Wife: why did you make it so high? its hard to get into!
me: muahahah
3: under body protection of mostly no low design front skid, front diff and catalytic protection (mostly to slow down/prevent someone going after my cat...its a thing in my area)
3a: front skid plate NEEDS replacement m6 bolts on the front that are automotive grade class 10.9. The stock bolts are meant to hold a tin shield and they will loosen and cause a bunch of creaking/groaning. If you attempt to tighten..they just break.
4: fog lights are diode dynamics SLF white, the 780 lumens is a great match and does not over power the main headlights. They are actually very useful in our dark and rainy nights here in Louisiana!
5: Brush guard, I think this was CarID...but not even sure you can buy anymore. It was roughly $350 at the time. Downside is the top tabs running under the hood...I had to take a stainless pad to them and really scour them and put on real black paint that could stand up to the rain. The stock coating rusted very quickly.
6: AEM drop in air filter. Clean/wash it every 3 great.
7: CarID for the dash cover, I keep my vehicles for a long time and most end up with cracked dashes so wanted to prevent that on this ridgeline. Plus I could geek out and put my gamer handle embroided on roll eyes... me dont care.
8: Steering wheel cover off amazon for $20, keeps the steering wheel in great shape and the aftermarket is really decent.
9: Full size spare on the back. This takes some need a m8 140 to 160mm in length. I got the 160mm in length from England and its just a tad too long. I used rubber spacers on the stock insert. The stock tire holder requires a new hole, I screwed in my bolt...put some paint on the top and put the tire on with the stock holder. It showed me where the bolt hit the stock holder and voila...drilled my hole there. Its pretty much right on the 2mm off the edge if you need to guess. I put the bolt in and put a rubber spacer (again 160mm is a tad long, 150mm would be perfect) and just used a ratchet to screw it in. Is the view out of the back window great? No, but it beats the tire just lying in the back. I would love the tire to be side mounted on the bed behind the driver...but I don't know how to fabri-coble such a beast.
10: threw the engine cover away...I like to hear the engine.
11: Yes....I put a honda Trailsport badge on it. Its the version of the 2020 ridgeline that is really trail rated, but never made. haha...true unicorn
12: Put ceramic tint on the front windows. Its a bit less then the stock rear so nobody questions it and its a good look imho. I had it done professionally and it looks stock and has held up for 3 years with zero problems...and it really does block out the UV. They were also the same shop that installed the traxda lift, it was unique for them since they do a LOT of custom lifts...but never a ridgeline.

What I like:
1:Payload is great, I've really pushed it a few times with 1700lbs...but it handled it like a champ every time.
2:Towing is fine, small trailer for my daughters band, a few boats, etc. I do need to install a brake controller on the off chance it hits 4k lbs or more.
3:Ride is great...way better than most every truck I've driven
4:Handling is vastly better in the corners, I can really whip this thing into a tight turn and not end up plowing or bouncing like mad....this is NOT something you want to do on a taco/rangecolorado.
5:More height on the sidewalls makes a real difference in handling pot holes...ride is not as jarring. We don't have great roads here in Louisiana.
6:I use the in bed speakers waaay more than I ever thought I would.
7:Love the transmission
8:making people regret not getting a ridgeline after they borrow my truck for the weekend
9: its pretty damn unique in town, I mean ridgeline is already pretty much "wheres waldo?" in a sea of ford/chevy/dodge/toyota...but this puts it into the unicorn status
10: oh yeah..cabin space is awesome!
11: trunk really keeps the cabin clean...just toss it in the trunk!
What you need to accept:
1: acceleration takes a hit with more weight and bigger tires
2: gas mileage goes down. stock height/tires it was easy to get 25-29mpg, now its around 21. I drive like a monkey in town...17
3: Head unit is slooow. It doesn't crash/freeze...but it is slow. Basically android auto is your friend.
4: getting it aligned takes more than your usual shop. They have to work with lifted trucks...your normal shop has no clue on how to get this aligned. I took it to 2 shops, multiple times..fails. I then looked around for an alignment shop that knew wtf to do with modified trucks and it finally was done right.
5: eco mode in town is takes so much off the acceleration that to turn into traffic is: ok..barely going..push more pedal...hmm still not moving...more pedal...damn they are right there! mash it to the floor!

Sum up:
I am totally that crescent wrench guy....I don't do anything that well, but can toss myself into most situations and make it work. This is my perfect truck in that it can do pretty much anything I ask it and my daughters are learning to drive on this as it has most of the modern safety features.
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2023.06.03 05:16 trpittman Do you “supervise” pax who want to use your trunk or load their belongings for them? Relevant story

Uberx doesn’t have space requirements afaik. I went to go pick up someone at a rehab who came out like 4 minutes late, walked up to the car and said “he wants you to back up and pop the trunk.” Then walked back to the two men she was with before I could respond. I have been off heroin for 5 years this August so I am not judging, but the track marks on her arm were very visible and did not help my gut feeling about backing into a sketchy spot. If you’re not scared to shoot all that dope then you’re not scared of getting hit by a car loading your belongings from the sidewalk on a relatively dead road. I genuinely didn’t have trunk space that day and would rather follow my gut then not come home to my family, so I just drove off. They had by far the lowest payout I anticipated that day anyway, being race day in Indianapolis. One of those men started sprinting and screaming and cursing at me, would hate to know what he would have done if he caught up to me. Curious to hear what other drivers would have done and how they handle similar situations. If anyone wants to guilt trip me for this I will care when Uber bothers to background check pax, I am close to being done with Ubering anyway.
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2023.06.03 05:11 ugly_stoner knuckle dragger

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2023.06.03 05:08 Paraboloid69 TIFU by assuming I was the one being pulled over by a cop

Obligatory it was a couple years ago, but I was pulled over by a cop in a small Nebraska town natorious for pulling people over for any percieved offense (and targeting local college students to catch them walking or driving drunk).
It was around 10pm, and I was driving down the main road through the town when I saw two cops parked in gas station lots on the left. I came to a stop behind a pickup truck at a light, and as I did so a cop pulled out behind me. I got super paranoid, but I was sober and usually dont do more than 5 over, so idk why they would have had cause to stop me for.
The light finally turned green, and as soon as it did the cop turned on their flashing lights. I freaked out and began looking for a place to pull over.
The road I was on had one lane going each way and a shared turning lane in the middle. After the stoplight I was at, there was no sholder, road, driveway, or parking lot to my right. To the left was the gas station. I put on my left blinker and got in the turning lane. The cop continued past me to my right after the truck I was behind and pulled them over. Right as I breathed my sigh of relief the second cop pulled out of the gas station, got in the lane behind me, and turned on his lights.
I pulled into the gas station, and sat there confused and panicking. When the cop came up to my window, he said that he pulled me over since I failed to pull off to the right or slow down to get out of the way of a cop car with its lights on.
I was dumbfounded, and told him I thought I was being pulled over. He left and came back with a warning for failing to yield. I said thank you, and that was the end of it.
I've been wondering ever since, would an actual ticket for that have stood up in court? Did he just miss the part where the cop turned on his lights right behind me in a one lane road without a sholder? Or was it a tag team operation to try to see if I was inebriated? Or just a weird flex? Entrapment even?
TL;DR A cop turned their lights on behind me at a stoplight. I assumed they were after me, and pulled over to the left in a gas station (nowhere to park on the right. Turns out the cop was after someone else, but another cop pulled me over and gave me a warning for failing to properly yield.
Edit: Spelling and formatting (sorry, mobile)
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2023.06.03 04:57 piratepride420 Question

I’m in the same boat, I can’t get enough of what shenanigans a special needs 21 y/o and his narcissistic constantly lying 60 y/o friend are up to and I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Is it like a car crash where you can’t look away? Is it hate watching because he’s such a selfish asshole himself? Feel bad for the kid because he needs help and TikTok is extremely bad for what road it’s leading him down. What makes y’all so Interested?
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