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General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2016.04.09 05:22 bQvle Tank Wars

Free browser game – hours of entertainment. Welcome to TankWars.IO one of the the most exhilarating and addictive browser game in the world of IO games / MMO games. Take command of your tank and annihilate the enemy before he annihilates you! Be prepared to battle players from all over the world. Use your power ups to your advantage. Be aware of the planes! Some might get you! Others will help you with drops! Welcome to the fight Commander!

2018.08.28 02:28 KurtisEckstein Author Kurt

A collection of short-stories by author Kurtis Eckstein. PLEASE NOTE that this is a vanity sub, all the content posted is copyrighted, and that posting is restricted to the author (anyone can comment). Website: See information about Facebook Groups below.

2023.03.30 13:26 burramburr 2 years+ or 2 months?

Hi guys, I’m new here and I need some help. I got sober July 1, 2020 and made it to December 27, 2022 before relapsing. I went on a spree for the month of January and into early February (2023) and was shocked (and honestly, kinda horrified) at how easily I slipped right back into the old ways. The sneaking, the lying, breath mints, sneaking them at work, lying and hiding the cans and bottles, the whole 9 yards. Sometime in early February, I had my last drink (again). When I started up again, I didn’t really have any intention on continuing- but I also didn’t really have the intention to stop… I’m sure some of you know what I mean. My question is: how long have I been sober? Is it now almost 3 years (minus a month and a half) or is it just 2 months sober? I know it’s all personal preference but for some reason the question itself is causing me a lot of stress and I am just looking for some personal opinions on what you would say for yourself. Sending so much love to all of you here! ❤️
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2023.03.30 13:26 ThrowRA_NeedHelp98 I (27M) feel like an option in my (25 F) girlfriends life.

I have been dating this girl for about 3.5 years now and I’m growing tired of feeling like an option. Whenever she is around me I want to value her time and show her around, take her on dates, and really spend as much time as I can with her. Whenever I visit her though (she still lives with her family), she only wants to do what they do and whenever I bring up any idea of us doing something she immediately shuts it down and usually threatens to break up saying not wanting to do stuff with her family is a massive deal breaker.
Also when I visit I have to be on my best behavior and can’t have a day where I’m just not feeling the best, emotionally or physically. I once told her my stomach hurt really bad and she made me feel terrible saying I was lying just to lay in the other room away from her family. I then proceeded to throw up for the better part of an hour. She’s very hypocritical too, she says I have to spend every minute with her family and can’t have any time to myself, but when she visits she takes naps and just constantly asks me to take her places, which I do.
I want to feel like I am a priority in her life and not just a guy she drags along to family events. I want her to plan something that aligns with my interests. I take her to local coffee shops, tea spots, boutiques, and other places because she loves it, but the feeling is never mutual or returned. She also loves to complain about how I act when I am visiting her, because she says I never seem truly happy, but I always just feel like her last thought.
How can I communicate this with her effectively without coming off as being harsh? Every time I usually try to explain my feelings she makes me feel inadequate.
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2023.03.30 13:25 Cnockaut-Is-Here This is sad, really…

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2023.03.30 13:25 PloppyTheSpaceship How much should I charge?

I've got the opportunity to do some freelance work (GIS work). This is all very new to me. I've got a full-time job so this would be a one-off project on evenings and weekends. The opportunity came to me from an old colleague.
In any case, how should I go about deciding how much to charge? I really have no idea here. Currently I don't quite know how long it will take to complete and I'm still trying to spec the project out.
Also, am I able to just do the work and take the money, or do I have to set up various things with the government/tax office or whatnot? To compound matters more, I'm living in Australia but the company is be doing this for are UK-based.
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2023.03.30 13:25 peppered_leopard Had a blow out on the motorway, paid for recovery (RAC) but couldn't get recovered because I had 3 other passengers

First time ever needing recovery so wasn't too sure how to go about it. I've got fully comp cover with Hastings but was told that wouldn't cover what I needed. Rang RAC and was transfered to Hastings to add breakdown cover to my insurance to make the call out cheaper. Ended up having to hang up after paying for breakdown cover so rang RAC back and unsurprisingly got through to a different person from the first call. This person told me I shouldn't have added breakdown cover because details won't be with RAC for a couple of days. I'm then given the option of being recovered at towed anywhere within 10 miles which I agreed to and paid the £160. During this phone call amongst a lot of personal info, location etc I was asked "how many passengers" I had, I reply 4, operator asks "4 adults?" yes 4 adults. Recovery van eventually turns up and says he can't take the car anywhere as he didn't have room for the 4 of us. He also couldn't take my car and myself as it would leave the 3 others stranded on the motorway. He showed me the message he received for the recovery and it had all of the information he needed except for the fact that there were 4 of us. So ultimately I paid for recovery and got told I couldn't be recovered. Do I have any chance of getting a refund for the call out?
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2023.03.30 13:25 c4s3j0n3s Proton LT for scotland in may

I need some help. We're up to a hiking trip in Scotland in may. That means there could be mild conditions around 12-15 °C or in worst case it could go down below 5 °C with rain and wind always be possible. I did some research for good hybrid jackets cause I have to carry my photo equipment as well as my other gear so I don't wanna take much more than I need with me. For hard rain I got a rain poncho. Under the jacket I'm going to use merino shirts or longsleves as base layer. I saw some videos and reviews about the proton lt and it looked like it's a good allrounder and can stand some cold temperatures well. So since it is not that easy to find Arcteryx jackets in stock here in Germany, I was happy to find one single peace in my size and ordered it. Diggin deeper in this reddit I found out that the proton lt seems to be a bit too warm for my use case if the temperatures go over 5 °C so im a bit afraid it was the wrong choice. I also ordered a Patagonia Nano Air light hybrid (new model) I like it, too. But with this I am concerned it's the opposite and can get too cold when the temperatures go down. Getting both is too expensive in my eyes.
So I hope some of you can give me some experience with the proton if I can use it for my purpose or its really the wrong choice, cause its more fore ice walking and other stuff in much colder environments.
Thangs in advance.
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2023.03.30 13:25 Specialist_Pin_9490 Do they rig this to get you to spend money?

Do they rig these packs to A. Not give you any of the players you like to collect, And B. To have the same players as your guarantees I.E. Spent 500k on panini black coins packs....i got a /10, /25, /250 and 2 500/s of KJ Hamler, And the same set up of Jacob Eason, But 1 Base Burrow and One 1 Burrow RPA, so i got more #d KJ Hamlers out of 500k coins than i got Base Burrow cards and it looks pretty fucking rigged to me
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2023.03.30 13:25 Help4Not0Found4 I'm done

I'm done trying to find help, support, or any sense of community in fb phallo fb groups. I haven't tried reddit for trans support, but it seems even less moderated than fb, and uncomfortably close to the very people that target us.
I'm done being ostracized, kicked out, banned, yelled at, told my experience isn't valid. I'm tired of feeling like I don't fit in anywhere. I've had 2 of 3 stages of phallo, but I still don't feel like I'm welcome in the gay community, plus I know I'm not in the young and attractive category, not by a long shot. I sure as fuck don't fit in with any of the trans communities, not in person, not online, and not for lack of trying. Over and over and over again I'm rejected or thrown out, and not just for trans groups, but for anything - school groups, friend groups, groups around hobbies or interests, even professionals like therapists and doctors all get sick of me eventually. I feel like I'm just not fit for human interaction. Therapists have tried to tell me it's not me, but I'm clearly the only common denominator in all of those situations. Even with other people who have experienced trauma, they don't seem to be able to relate, or they just don't care to.
Being where I am now in life, having missed so much of it because I wasn't comfortable with my body, having an actual relationship seems like it will never happen, and I'm increasingly seeing my inevitable reality of being alone. I barely even have friends, and only 1 of them ever talks to me, the few others only talk if I start the convo. No one checks in on me, no one asks if I'm ok. No one wants to spend any time with me.
So, I'm done. For the first time ever I looked up how to buy a gun. It's surprisingly easy even in a reliably blue state line mine. There's nothing in my background check that'd cause a denial or even a waiting period. I can even pretend I'm some pro-gun conservative to smooth the transaction. I had to get very good at pretending to just get through life and survive abuse.
I'm buying a gun, and I'm going for a long drive, out into the woods. There's very few people there. I always liked it in the forest, and a part of me will live there. They'll find my car, they'll find my apartment just as I left it, no note or anything to indicate soemthing's amiss, aside from a few amazon packages stacked on the table outside my door. I wonder how long it will take for anyone to even notice I'm gone? It's not like anyone talks to me regularly. Work would probably be the first to notice, but I still have time while I'm off recovering from my latest surgery, so even they wouldn't notice for a few days.
All I do is bring misery to anyone who meets me. Any "friendship" I touch eventually falls apart. No one listens or cares what happens to me. No one believes me about the things that happened, and they just cut off my last lifeline to support and community.
I don't even know why I'm posting this here. Maybe so someone knows what happened, straight from me rather than through word of mouth from others? Maybe on the off chance that the people who pushed me to this point, who are themselves in the trans community, will see the real affects of their actions, and stop playing as if they're the victims, while silencing my voice. Maybe I still hope someone actually, genuinely cares.
This will probably be deleted, so maybe only a few people will see it. Please remember me.
And please... try to be kinder to each other. We don't need all this infighting and taking sides. We have enough enemies and obstacles to fend off without turning on one another. Have more compassion for people coming from other experiences, especially before you excerise control and censorship to cut them off from resources. Hear people out, let them have their say, and genuinely listen when they talk about their experiences. Remember the human on the other side of the screen.
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2023.03.30 13:25 ShahriarGH1389 I just made my own brawl stars TV series

I have my own story. So
Main character is gus.with the family of Belle and sam. Sam is the top leader of gold arm gulch and after many failed plans his infuriated and now hates guns.all he does is play with bloons and went missing becuz of an imaginary friend and his sure he'll never be part of gold arm gulch.sam decides to hunt people down himself brutally murdering them for power(power cubes)so he can be stronger.(Sam is the villain)after a while we see Chester and Mandy.and.chester is tired of being a joke to everyone.he tells Mandy his story and Mandy says :not falling for your pranks again.and he realized he will always be a joke and now he is also on the hunt for power cubes.afyer murdering bibi and bull he sees Mandy trying to fight him calling him a monster.he laughs and smiles and tells Mandy:I'm not a joke anymore am I?before throwing a jawbreaker at her and actually riding her jaw in half.meanwhile Sam (secretly) kills Pam and Jessie. Moving on he tries to hunt down Shelly as she always was his target for murdering his father.he realizes this is the perfect chance.afyer doing so the epic battle ends with Shelly dying.but bells catches him asking WHAT HAVE YOU DONE.he says:Revenge.we cut to Amber's childhood.seeing her family being poised and drowned by Otis due to elemental wars.we cut to her training for hours.days.weeks.months.and YEARS. With the goal of beating Otis.afyer another of things that I wont say for now she fights Otis.the fight goes for hours and finally she realizes.with a little mixture of Otis gue and gasoline it would blow she tries shooting her glass of gasoline after 3 tries she runs out of gasoline.and she charges at Otis and pulling her SMALL BOT OF GASOLINE WICH IS AT THE BOTTOM OF HER TORACH AND SHE GETS IT IN OTISS PIPE.And then.she dies with Otis fulfilling her revenge.and dying peacfully.
Addition:Mortis frank and emz are at a wedding.wmzs wedding with poco.after they kiss.a noise comes says:bad idea.emz yells:WHO WAS THAT
As a buff man stands up:a luchador figure says:I said.revealing el primo the 3rd villain on the hunt for power cubes.emz says:why?primo says:bc it won't last too long. Poco yells:PRIMO.DONT DO IT GRANDSON. Primo yells:WHY.WHAT DID YOU DO FOR ME TO FIGHT FOR YOU.
As his mask gets wet with tears he yells:AMBER FOUGHT FOR ME.SHE SAVED ME.SHE WAS MY SISTER! poco says:I know but it's not worth it.what is the point
Primo yells.killing you don't deserve to be don't deserve to be alive AFTER DEATH.SHE DID.
Frank walks up and says:(growls) Mortise translates:his saying you want some of these come get some.
while he jumps on them.
After the battle frank and emz have died and mortise is strangled
Primo whispering:how does if have your family killed.for a reason that could've been avoided.
as mortise is crying he says:relatable.
As he swings his bats healing himself and slowing down primo running away as his crying with flashbacks of her daughter soulvia(a concept of an undead brawler I made).
Back on guss track we actually see that gus uncle is Byron and spooky is actually given life by him
As Sam and Byron hangout Sam says how could he make his traps give hp using his oil when ever he picks it up.with a bit of engineering.hearty recovery star power was made
As Sam and Belle look at Byron and gus play around with apookie Belle says I love you to Sam not knowing what a monster he has married
As we cut to Rosa spike Bea and sprout we see them having fun except spike.he seems happy but his not.his a powerful being and his friends are silly.he can't not smile that's why he has one emotion.we cut to the born of his looking at the brawler fight in feast and famine his just a regular old cactus but as volt fires two bullet at him.he starts to see.he looks at the world for the first time.he sees his "father"looking at him.he was happy colt could read his impressions so he gave him a smile as he was very happy.he saw a giant Bea sting him and making him bleed while a muscular dark skinned woman comes and brutally beats colt to death.its Rosa and Bea.thats why spike hates them.and today.he learns about power cubes and he says to not gonna kill he turns his back we transition to him covered in blodd as he walks away from the dead bodies of his "friEnds" and goes to the hunt for power cubes. AND THE 4TH VILLAIN WAS CREATED
After bunch of story and events he meets el primo. After a long fight el primo is looking at him while his covered in blood and he looks at Amber's picture while saying :amorous o nunca(now or never)
He JUMPS AND HE LANDS WITH THE MAXIMUM FORCE WITH HIS BACK JUST be pierced thru the hear by spikes life plant(his gagdet) and spike putting three spike bomb in his mouth.the episode ends with spike walking away and blood splattering everywhere
(Alot of things have happened with would take so long to write so I'll go ahead and tell the ending now).
Sam has killed Chester now and with 67 power cubes.he realizes her family hates him.afyer Belle tries to kill Sam with the sniper.sam survives and what he does is.tying his family on the ground and burning them.after walking away a rope gets put and starts choking Sam.its gus.with 6 hp of shield.he survived after spookie gave him shield making him escape.after the reveal of the plot twist Sam eventually dies...while gus whimpering a crying at her mother's body.the season ends with buster voice saying:Little kid?
If you read the whole thing I appreciate it very much
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2023.03.30 13:25 DeadFetusConsumer Future of blogs with AI & ChatGPT - my thoughts

Google knows. Microsoft knows. Apple knows.
They know about this complete shift in the digital universe. It's as big as the smartphone and advent of the internet.
Big tech knows.
What they also know is humans seek 1 thing above all: Connection and authenticity.
Is that review authentic? Is that video real? Is that a person, or a re-write bot? That's why savy ppl check Reddit for reviews and recommendations now.
Google will serve AUTHENTIC content.
No more will generic stock images and ghostwriters work. It needs you.
It needs your pictures, your review, your experiences, your identity.
Because the only way for Google to know that content is real, is if it's undeniably you.
Simple: you need to be it. Your metadata, your transparency, your face, your emotions, your essence.
Tie in every network possible (Soundcloud, Spotify, LinkedIn, etc). Google already knows they're yours - verify to them that it is.
This is why EEAT is so big now. Are you an expert? Do you have experience? Are you trustworthy? The only way for the bots to know that is by giving them as much information as you can.
This comes at the giant cost of privacy.
I've made my domain even more personal. My face shows up on each blog page. My about me is hyper-detailed. I am a human. I am flawed, these are my experiences with (x) product.
We're all sick of trash blogs. Heck, I used AI to give me a brownie recipes now because scrolling 5 obtuse blogs annoyed me. The brownies turned out excellent and AI took 5 seconds to generate it.
I'm going forwards and developing the site more with even more radical transparency than ever.
There's a reason why we type 'best budget thingwewanttobuy Reddit' on every search query - we want REAL answers from actual people, not garbage copy-paste spun websites that little the frontpages.
Serve that clear, personalised, transparent information to your readers. Include your identity. Unfortunately, this transparency is the only way I see forwards.
AI and bots don't have an identity. It can write as good or better than I can on a product review and Google knows that, but the AI never tested the product, took the pictures, shot the video, and published it, it's just extrapolating.
Google knows this and while the system will always try to be fooled, being real will be the best long-term strategy.
Virtual identities will be created. Real-fake AI people, experts, etc will begin popping up more and more. Just like bots in a video game. This will be done to fool the system that the writecreator is a human, not a bot.
But you have an advantage - you're actually human. You already have an established online presence and identity which big tech knows of. It's a highly valuable asset which you must use to your advantage sooner rather than later.
Anyways those are my thoughts and opinions. I'm far from an expert but that logically seems like the step forwards. Curious to know ur thoughts
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2023.03.30 13:25 Mental-Gas-996 I used medicine against my doctor’s orders and I’m happy I did

TW: Sh mention, weight loss
I have adhd and I struggle a lot with concentration. I had to fight to get help because everyone kept saying I didn’t just because I was well behaved at school and had average grades. When I got to 9th grade I struggled a lot, with all the tests especially in math, my grades plummeted, I went from 4s and 5s to 2s and 3s. In the end, I had to have a bad breakdown that left a scar on my leg and a permanent memory of the gruesome day for them to finally give me help.
I got medicine, and I’m still in the testing period. I’ve gone through 3 different medicines, all of them took my appetite away and my weight went from 45kg to 42 kg. The medicine worked amazingly, but since it gave me 172 resting bpm I had to switch again to one that was for blood pressure but apparently also worked for adhd.
No, it didn’t. What it did was make me fall asleep randomly, sleep away 2 weeks of my life and since I was falling asleep in class I missed practically 2 weeks worth of education. But additionally, they had given me a second pill that was another version of the pills I had before (my favorites because they made me socialize and concentrate besides the hunger loss and racing heart) that lasted less time for me to study for future tests.
After 2 weeks of basically torture, I couldn’t take it anymore. I decided to take the energy pill additionally, and I have never felt such relief in my life. My hunger was balanced, I could socialize again, I didn’t fall asleep randomly anymore and I was happy. I had to take the initiative to do that, because no one else did. So when the other pills ran out and they didn’t give me a renewed prescription, I was stuck with the energy ones only, which messed up my appetite. For a week I barely ate at all, and when they finally renewed it and they checked my weight again they had the audacity to be mad at ME for taking away part of the balance and making me sink to underweight. So, they said that for 3 weeks, I couldn’t take the energy pills and to only use the sleepy ones so I could regain the weight.
You know what I did? I fucking took them anyway. I don’t care if it was dangerous, I refuse to lose 3 weeks of my life again. For 3 weeks I had to count every pill I had left and see if I could make them last, luckily I had more than enough. I didn’t take them during weekends because the energy would be suspicious to my parents, but I took them as I normally would so they’d last the whole school day, then not after school. It worked. I know what works for me. The balance both the medicines make together, made me able to eat normally, like I knew it would. I gained weight WITH the energy pills, but no one knows. They think I did it by using the sleepy ones, but no, I did it with both. And they’ll never know. I got permission to use them again now, but that doesn’t really matter. I’m happy I did what I did. Those 3 weeks I could’ve had of torture, I turned to fun; I made great memories with my friends, got 6s and 5s on projects and tests, and was happy.
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2023.03.30 13:24 Levy1909 As I woke up in the middle of the night, I saw my reflection in the mirror smile back at me, but my own face remained expressionless.

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2023.03.30 13:24 trapsouI Swollen knee - Not reactive arthritis?

I’m a 22 year old female and have had no previous conditions. I’ve been on anti inflammatory medication the past two weeks, though I have not been on any medication other than that.
I’ve had this swollen knee for almost three weeks. I was sent to the infection unit by my general physician when I went to the doctors 2,5 weeks ago with a swollen knee and a fever. They tried to empty the fluids but were unable to, took blood tests that came back negative for gout or septic arthritis… so they diagnosed me with reactive arthritis.
I was placed on one week’s naproxen (a painkiller / anti inflammatory drug) for seven days. My doctor called me after a week to check on me and I told her my pain had settled, the swelling had gone down slightly but it was still there and I still struggled with bending it and walking up/down the stairs.
She told me to take another week’s worth of naproxen, which I’ve done (finished this monday) but the swelling is still there?
My symptoms right now are mainly the swelling, the pain walking up and down the stairs / bending my knee… I couldn’t walk properly at one point and, though I can walk now, I feel like my knee wobbles when I do. I also have a cold.
I’m attaching pictures in the comments of my knee as of this morning. Is it really reactive arthritis or should I have it checked up on again?
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2023.03.30 13:24 mewknee What’s an acceptable response rate for OB/midwife?

When I found out I was pregnant, I was so excited to go to a birth center and see a midwife. The birth center has amazing Facebook and Google reviews. However, when I went for my first appointment & US, it was very clear they are understaffed but apologized for the chaos from that day. I guess that wasn’t the experience I was looking for because I’ve read other midwife experiences being unrushed and pleasant. Anyway, I chalked it up to it just being an isolated bad day for the practice.
However, I noticed it took 1.5 weeks for them to check up on me after I had my beta tests done. Thankfully I did check their portal for my results. But is midwife supposed to call and explain the results to you? Maybe I’m being unrealistic with my expectations?
There was an issue with having midwife fax over the right orders for my US and beta test. Both places told me the orders were missing a diagnosis and they couldn’t continue with the screening until the midwife sends over a revised order. This delayed my US by 5 days. For beta, I was turned down at Quest Lab and wouldn’t be let in until midwife’s office sent over the orders.
Then I had a second US on 3/21. But to date I haven’t heard anything from my midwife about my US report. The imaging center I went to said they couldn’t explain results to me and so they faxed it over to my midwife immediately. I even asked them to fax it again if possibly the midwife’s front office missed it.
I’m a bit anxious because I might need to change my provider if this response rate (or lack of attention) is unacceptable. I do want to make sure I’m not being too hard on overworked healthcare workers. So I’m seeking your experiences and opinions. Thank you !
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2023.03.30 13:24 dremspider Whoops.. I have two sets of tickets to the Anthem

Long story, but I made a mistake and ordered two set of tickets. I have two tickets to the Anthem near the back of the theater. The show is Sept. 21 in DC. I am willing to sell them for a small loss of $80 total just to recover some of my fees. Let me know if you are interested. After having seen his Netflix show I am pretty excited to see him.
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2023.03.30 13:24 SpRaY123123 [Store] Over 350 Knives & Gloves Karambit gamma doppler Phase 2 fn 0.03, Awp medusa ft 0.35, M9 marble fade fn 0.007, Butterfly damascus steel fn 0.06, M9 slaughter fn 0.03, M9 autotronic ft 0.32, Karambit black laminate ft 0.20, Bowie ruby 0.02 fn, Bayonet fade fn 0.03, Stiletto fade fn 0.007

[Store] Over 350 Knives & Gloves Karambit gamma doppler Phase 2 fn 0.03, Awp medusa ft 0.35, M9 marble fade fn 0.007, Butterfly damascus steel fn 0.06, M9 slaughter fn 0.03, M9 autotronic ft 0.32, Karambit black laminate ft 0.20, Bowie ruby 0.02 fn, Bayonet fade fn 0.03, Stiletto fade fn 0.007
Accepting csgo skins only.
Tradelink :
Profile :
Items B/O :
★ Karambit Gamma Doppler Phase 2 (Factory New) B/O 2120$
★ Awp Medusa (Field-Tested) B/O 2100$
★ Butterfly Vanilla B/O 1600$
★ M9 Marble Fade (Factory New) B/O 1280$
★ Butterfly Damascus Steel (Factory New) B/O 1120$ ★ M9 Vanilla B/O 1065$ ★ M9 Slaughter (Factory New) B/O 1040$
★ Moto Gloves Pow! (Minimal Wear) 960$
★ M9 Autotronic (Field-Tested) 950$
★ Karambit Black Laminate (Field-Tested) B/O 875$
★ Bowie Ruby (Factory New) B/O 860$ ★ Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls (Field-Tested) 650$
★ ST Flip Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) 640$ ★ Karambit Rust coat (Battle-Scarred) B/O 550$
★ M9 Blue Steel (Well-Worn) B/O 535$
★ Stiletto Doppler Phase 3 (Factory New) B/O 525$
★ Bayonet Doppler Phase 1 (Factory New) B/O 510$
★ ST M9 Scorched (Battle-Scarred) B/O 500$ ★ Flip Marble Fade (Factory New) B/O 492$ ★ Shadow Daggers Ruby (Factory New) B/O 488$
★ Paracord Crimson Web (Minimal Wear) 475$
★ Ak-47 Fire Serpent (Battle-Scarred) B/O 472$
★ M9 Urban Masked (Field-Tested) B/O 410$ ★ M9 Scorched (Field-Tested) B/O 405$
★ Skeleton Scorched (Minimal Wear) 333$ ★ Flip Autotronic (Field-Tested) B/O 330$ ★ Talon Urban Masked (Field-Tested) B/O 305$
★ Talon Boreal forest (Field-Tested) B/O 299$ ★ Flip Freehand (Field-Tested) B/O 242$
★ Stiletto Boreal Forest (Field-Tested) B/O 205$
★ Falchion Vanilla B/O 178$ ★ Gut Autotronic (Field-Tested) B/O 170$
★ Huntsman Black lamiante (Field-Tested) B/O 168$ ★ Ursus Blue Steel (Well-Worn) B/O 158$
★ Gut Vanilla B/O 150$
Have more items that are not listed here, check my inventory if u want and hit me up if you`re interested!
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2023.03.30 13:24 TermBusy1912 Boyfriend (26M), and girlfriend(22F), having issues about money

Hello , I come from a privileged background and of-course still spend money wisely. My boyfriend on the other hand has some responsibilities. We both are students. I need advice on how to deal with money disparity in a relationship as I end up feeling horrible in such situations.
My boyfriend was supposed to get a full time in April but he chose another internship of his keener interest to a more expensive city and that had pissed me off as I was waiting for the money issues to get solved.
We split our groceries to what we eat but that was something he never liked and it started pinching me as well as I was dependent on my parents. He is into gym so he eats more to gain and I on the other hand am always trying to lose weight.
I was honestly waiting for him to get a full time , I don’t even know if it’s going to be a LDR as that is something I personally know doesn’t suit me and I’m always going to be pissed that even after having a good job and life he threw everything for an internship of his choose ( worse part they aren’t allowing him to convert full time and he is paying so much more for other expenses in the new city so he kind of is guilty but doesn’t admit )
Now we are planning to go for a trip, we are having a lot of fights. It is very difficult to get cheap trips to go to the beach in summer months. He doesn’t understand and I am not able to get anything round trip lower than 180 euros I feel like horrible. It’s my bday the next month and I told him I don’t want a gift , don’t pay for me but try to come for a trip, he is even troubling to spend 500 euros just for himself.
I’m honestly pissed as if he planned his career better we would atleast not have fights on this.
I come from a pampered house, sacrificing on gifts abd staying at even a basic place but he still doesn’t budge
I have been telling since months about this trip and we haven’t gone to one since 6 months +
Idk what to do. We do have a lot of fights on money Should I be patient and wait for him to get a full time ( uncertainty if we even stay in same city as he will go where the money takes him- but I believe he will try his best to stay in the same city or should I just breakup )
The worse part is that it is much easier for him to get a job as he has experience but he is so ambitious that he is adamant he wants this particular job. I still don’t have a full time job. I even said we will shit together but he can’t even say which city as he is super flexible
I don’t want my prime years fighting on long distance as already with the internship we have had many fights.
It’s very far fetched with all his student debt and elder sisters wedding on his head ( she is treated more like a baby even though she is 6 years elder ) when he will get a car so that we can meet often and when I will be the priority
We had discussions that we will get married one day but honestly do guys who want to marry behave like this?
I do love him but these things are bothering me Please tell me if I’m unreasonable I just need suggestions
Thank you
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2023.03.30 13:24 ryanjkontos AirTag stuck inside train seat

Hey everyone,
Some of you might have already seen my post on Sydney the other day, but my AirTag tracker thing fell out of my bag and into a gap in the seats on an A set. It was one of the end seats so it's fallen inside the seat and I couldn't reach it (or even see it tbh). I think the seat would have to be lifted up somehow to reach it. I was tracking the train with the tag today and it happened to be nearby when I was on my way home so I got back on it and tried again but I still couldn't get to it.
I could definitely just let it go but the fact that I can see it on my phone and know exactly where it is makes me irrationally determined to get it back somehow lol.
I reached out to trainsinfo on twitter and they basically told me to contact lost and found, which I did but they're of course not going to just find it. My hope is that at some point maybe they lift up the seats to clean them during maintain dance and will find it then? Does anyone happen to know if that happens, or generally what I should do?
Completely willing to be told that I should just get over it lmao
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2023.03.30 13:23 dragons_scorn New Campaign Writers Block, Help?

Hey everyone, so I started a new campaign and we recently had our session zero. The results opened the way for a few firsts for me so I'm not sure where to take this campaign in terms of story. Here is what we decided:
-magitech type world but it's divided by income disparity. Like you will find more advance technology among the rich and in the capitols. First time I've run a game in such a world
-the players want a mix of adventure and dungeon crawling
-the characters all seem to be Chaotic and the party as a whole seems to lean to neutral (fear for me, for I do). The campaign starts at lvl 3
-the world is one where a disaster withing living memory (of humans) tore down society but introduced a new weave that allowed for artificial. The people of the world are divided on this new weave, some embrace it while some don't. The players start in a kingdom that embraces it, but is nearing war with the neighboring kingdom that didn't.
That's the basics. Two PCs of the 5 seem to have backgrounds that can affect the plot. The druid wants to find harmony between the two viewpoints and their background had them encounter a god that imparted a secret. The Sorc chose the criminal spy background and has an "evil organization" we haven't worked out yet but is a plot avenue.
There is a lot of potential here but I'm stuck on seeing it. I've thought about letting it come out naturally but don't know what to even throw at them session 1 in order to get it rolling. I don't expect or want anyone to write my campaign but if anyone has ideas or something I would appreciate it
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2023.03.30 13:23 DarkenEnigma Which one should I take? I've been losing as Duelist for 7 games in a row now and I don't wanna mess it up again.

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2023.03.30 13:23 DancinLance6 Disappointed in my journey

Feeling down in the dumps
Thank you in advance, if you read all of my post!
I have been working out for about 2.5 months and been eating much healthier and being way more active than usual. I lost about 9-10lbs going from 236 to 226ish.
I had a walking pad treadmill that I would go on and run on at least once a day and I felt my stamina improve immensely, my chest open up and breathing feeling real good again. Then unfortunately the treadmill is broke and not repairable now. Coming off the treadmill I felt exhausted and tired as it's quite intense cardio.
I also have a stationary exercise bike that I started using a few days ago. I don't feel the same as I do after a workout as I'm not exhausted from stamina/breathing but it's more my legs that feel exhausted and like jelly from the workout though I hold onto the bars and really try to get into it like a spin class, slow down and then go fast again etc. Is a bike just as good for weight loss as running? I wish my treadmill did not break down but I can't afford to get a new one and hope exercising daily on the bike would help. I'm not a big runner outside more on the treadmill
I feel like I'm doing good, I'm making the right changes and I can tell in my face and older clothes are fitting but I feel that since my treadmill broke down last week maybe my weight loss cycle will halt and my metabolism won't burn as much as it will on a bike. Then I come on and review this sub and compare myself to others like why have I not lost 15 or 20lbs in the time ive been working out etc.
Is there any supplements etc that will help with fat loss or providing me more energy? Around about 4-5pm I start feeling tired, I usually wake up at 6am and workout by 11am latest. I tried a thermogenic fat burner but noticed no difference. I also saw some YouTube video about men needing testosterone to lose was a ad for testosterone pills linked to breaking down fat etc.
Sorry if this post had a lot going on, I just feel like I will never get there and wish results were faster than they have been.
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2023.03.30 13:23 BookerTea3 Chat GPT ''Write me a story in the style of CS Lewis, about how Susan reacted after The Last Battle and what happened to her next, after she discovered her siblings had died in the train crash. Especially as she had thought that the adventures in Narnia had just been a childhood game.''

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Susan who, along with her siblings, had stumbled upon a magical land called Narnia. They had fought battles, defeated evil, and crowned kings and queens. But then, one day, they were summoned back to their own world.
Years had passed, and Susan had grown up. She had left her childhood games behind and become a practical, sensible woman. But then, she received a letter from an old friend, telling her that Narnia was in trouble once again.
Susan hesitated. She had almost forgotten about Narnia, and the idea of returning to a world of talking animals and magical creatures seemed ridiculous. But something inside her stirred, a faint memory of the joy and wonder she had experienced in that other world.
Finally, she made up her mind to go back to Narnia. She gathered her courage and stepped into the wardrobe, hoping against hope that the magic was still there.
But she was too late. Narnia was gone, destroyed by the great fire that had consumed everything. The only traces left were a few charred remains and the memories of the creatures who had once lived there.
Susan was heartbroken. She had lost not only a magical world but also her siblings, who had died in a train crash. She felt as if her entire childhood had been a lie, a game that she had played but that had never been real.
For a long time, Susan couldn't bear to think about Narnia. She buried herself in her studies and her work, trying to forget the pain of losing her family and her childhood dreams.
But then, one day, something happened that changed everything. Susan was walking home from work when she heard a faint sound, like the rustling of leaves. She turned around and saw a figure standing in the shadows.
It was Aslan, the great lion who had been the ruler of Narnia. He looked at Susan with his wise, kind eyes and said, "My dear child, do not despair. Your siblings are with me now, and they are at peace. But your journey is not yet over. There is still much for you to do in this world."
Susan was startled. She had never believed in talking animals, much less in a lion who spoke with the voice of thunder. But there was something in Aslan's gaze that made her believe.
She followed him into a clearing, where she saw a group of children playing. They were laughing and running, carefree and happy. Susan recognized them as children who had lost their parents, or who had been abandoned or neglected. They were the forgotten ones, the ones who needed love and care.
Aslan spoke again. "These children need you, Susan. They need your compassion, your kindness, and your wisdom. You have much to offer them, and they have much to teach you."
And so, Susan began a new journey. She became a foster mother, opening her heart and her home to children who had no one else. She listened to their stories, comforted their fears, and helped them find joy and hope in a world that could be cruel and harsh.
Years passed, and Susan grew old. But she never forgot the lessons she had learned in Narnia, or the love she had shared with the children who had come into her life. When she died, she knew that she had lived a life of meaning and purpose, and that she had made a difference in the world.
And as she closed her eyes for the last time, she heard a faint whisper, like the rustling of leaves. It was Aslan, saying, "Well done, my child. Well done."
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