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2023.06.07 00:11 ThrowRAkcina Was a break-up good decision?

Hi strangers, tonight I (28F) broke up 3yo relationship with my (28M) BF.
We have known each other since highschool, he was one of the guys I was sure I am not going to have a relationship with - he cheated on all of his previous GFs, sometimes with me - not something I am proud of. We used to end up together every time we got drunk. However, three years ago, after intensive FwB relationship for 2 months, we had some serious talks and decided to try being in an exclusive relationship. I had really hard time accepting he could be faithful to me, and told him in the start there is only one thing so important to me - him to be honest. During the relationship, we have had our ups and downs, went even on couples therapy and there has been progress in overcoming problems. Fastforward to tonight, we had serious talk because his behaviour bothered me - day before he went to lunch with his friends, around 20h I called him to see if he had any plans for dinner. He was still with his friends but said 21h would be okay. After some time he postponed to 22h, because they took just one more drink. I was so hungry at that time, and pissed so I ordered food for myself. He came to my place around 23h to give me something I left at his, and instead of driving home (one hour drive) and getting sleep for work tomorrow, he went back to drink more with his friends. When he came home he sent me a voice message which I listened to but it wasn’t marked as seen. In the morning he deleted the voice. Tonight when we were discussing what has happened the day before, and deciding what should be done in order to save relationship, I mentioned the voice message, and asked him what was it about. He told me just the first half but tottally omitted second part (where he was saying he picked up some random person that was hitchhiking in the middle of the night and drove her to her village nearby). That lie was the moment when I decided there is point being together and trying anymore. Prioritizing his friends over me that night put me already on the edge about the relationship, but this lie (I asked him five times if there was anything else in the voice, he looked me in the eyes and said no) was the last drop. Did I do the right thing, or overreact?
TLDR: My boyfriend ommited truth during our discussion about us, which made me decide to break up. Was it right decision?
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2023.06.07 00:10 JayRe76i What changes I would make to the class system.

So this is strictly opinion based and not meant to be an ideal class system by any means. That said, there are a few areas where i would have liked some changes and maybe even some additional class options. So without further ado:
  1. Infantry Lance units. Three Houses has exactly three infantry Lance classes. There is Soldier, and there is Dimitri's two personal classes, High Lord and Great Lord. So let's change that. First of all I would suggest changing the existing Armored Knight and Fortress Knight classes to being Lance classes instead of Axe classes. This will make it harder for Gilbert and Dedue to class into these classes, but they still both have Warrior as well, and as far as I remember, Gilbert at least does have a Boon in Lances. In addition to this, it would also be nice to have some regular Lance units. I would call these Lancer and Halbadier respectively, and their stats would likely be similar to the Mercenary and Hero class, with a little less speed and more Dexterity. Halbadier would probably recieve Lancefaire and maybe Lance Crit +10 or something similar. For class masteries, I imagine Lancer might recieve Vantage and Halbadier could have a unique combat art, along with the Swordbreaker ability. The final addition I would make, and the reason for changing Armored units into Lance units, would be the addition of the Dragoon class, an Armored Lance master unit that also excels in Faith. I imagine Sylvain in particular would excel in this class, and it would be an interesting unit to see in combat. I would give this unit Lancefaire and Faith Tomefaire, as well as the skill Armsthrift from Three Hopes, which reduces the cost of using Combat Arts by one.
  2. New abilities. There's not a lot here, and what I do have for changes is mostly geared towards advanced classes. For starters, Hero. The class is infamously terrible, not only does it recieve Swordfaire and Vantage as it's skills, but it requires a C in Axe of all things to certify into it. This makes it one of the worst classes in the game. I would have Hero require a C in Authority instead, and instead of having it be a Sword Class only, I would swap out Swordfaire for an original skull I call Master of Arms. This skill would give the unit access to the Weapon Triangle and grant the unit that has weapon advantage +10 Avo while granting the unit with disadvantage -10 Avo. This would go both ways so players would have to be careful on how they place their units. In addition to this, Swordmaster, Warrior and Halbadier would each have Weaponbreaker abilities included in their class mastery, giving them a bit more utility, and a reason to class into them even if it is not a unit's final class. The same would go for Sniper, Grappler and Warlock. They would make up their own Weapon Triangle and recieve Fistbreaker, Tomebreaker and Bowbreaker respectively as part of their class mastery. I would also get rid of genderlock entirely for the grappler line. Also, I've been using some of these terms already, but I would combine Black Tomefaire and Dark Tomefaire, as well as Black Magic Uses x2 and Dark Magic Uses x2, into Reason Tomefaire and Reason Uses x2 respectively, and completely get rid of the male exclusive Dark Mage/Dark Bishop class line. Finally, I would have Gremory/Sage be available for both genders. The male Sage could reuse the now obsolete design from Dark Bishop. And I would also give the Heartseeker ability to Mortal Savant. Poison Strike would go to the Thief class and Lifetaker could be a mastery ability for Dragoon or some other class.
  3. Special classes. I would get rid of these altogether. Most of them are redundant (Valkyrie and Trickster especially) and offer little as far as actual utility goes. I would like to keep Duelist Blow and Uncanny Blow though, which I would give to Mercenary and Brawler respectively as their new class mastery abilities. War Monk/Cleric would be the only class I might keep, likely as a Axe and Faith class instead of a Brawling and Faith Class. The Trickster class I would change somewhat and have ot be a Sword/Bow/Faith Master class called Ranger. It would recieve Locktouch, Heal +10 and Stealth, so nothing particularly special, but it could be an excellent class to give the Lucky Seven skill to as a mastery ability.
  4. Mounted units. So here comes the big change. Now that we are through with the infantry classes, a few changes need to be made to the mounted units. First of all, Lance units are way overrepresented in mounted classes, with the only classes that don't require Lance being Wyvern Rider and Great Knight. Let's fix that. Traditionally, Cavaliers in Fire Emblem have been Sword or Lance units, so I would suggest equipping them with Swords instead of Lances. This change would also apply to Dark Knight and Holy Knight as well, and I would completely remove the Lance/Axe requirements from Bow Knight and Great Knight, in favor of giving Bow Knight access to Bowfaire and Great Knight to Master of Arms. I would also suggest giving both Pegasus Fliers and Wyvern Fliers access to both an intermediate and an advanced class. These would be called Pegasus/Wyvern Rider and Pegasus/Wyvern Knight respectively. I would then replace Wyvern Lord with Malig Knight, which would recieve Transmute as it's mastery ability, and Falcon Knight would recieve access to Faith Magic. While I would not open Pegasus classes up to male flier, I do have another solution that might work just as well. Introducing the Griffin RideKnight could offer an alternative to the female exclusive Pegasus Knight, and it would still work even if it weren't male exclusive. Allow me to explain. I would introduce a stable system, wherein players are able to raise mounts, Horses, Wyvern, Pegasi and Grifffins to be exact. In order to class into a mounted class, a unit would need a given support rank with their mount, C for intermediate classes, B for advanced classes, and A for master classes. Only female units would be able to raise Pegasi, but both could raise Griffins. A unit can have only one mount at a time, but would still be able to raise a second if so desired. In order to prohibit female units from mastering the same class twice. Any class progression made in Pegasus classes would also count towards Griffin classes, this way the player can choose which mount they want. Altogether, I feel like this is a solid solution to the Genderlock issue, and also gives an added level of difficulty when classing into a mounted class. These changes would however mean that the current Wyvern Lord and Falcon Knight classes, as they currently exist, would not be included in the game, and instead the strongest purely physical Flying units would be Wyvern/Pegasus/Griffin Knight, with Malig/Falcon/Seraph Knight being Hybrid classes.
If I missed anything or wasn't clear enough, feel free to ask questions or share your opinion! I welcome all forms of constructive criticism!
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2023.06.07 00:10 CrioUnknown Need help leaving my first job

Hi all, I’ve just graduated highschool and I’m going off to college soon. I’m looking to leave my current job, this is my first time doing so. Been here for two years and the ownership just changed, which is making me want to leave. I want to be respectful, and I’m not sure how to word it. I need some help on finding the right words to say, thanks all.
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2023.06.07 00:10 typ1ngsmith Noob asking for advice

Been working as a sys admin for a year now but haven't felt like I'm learning as much as I should, that is partly due to being a small part in a big team that has it all figured out and knows what they're doing but I want to stand out more, make myself Indispensable, become more knowledgeable and build some skills that my work place doesn't have the time to teach.
What are some courses/ skills I should be looking at to better myself in this space?
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2023.06.07 00:10 i_simply_me Lose time

So… hope this makes sense. You know the way everyone “loses time” occasionally, they’ll be walking somewhere and reach their destination and realise they have no recollection of small parts of their journey. When this happens to you, how do you know if it’s just the “normal” autopilot everyone has or if you’ve had a seizure?
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2023.06.07 00:10 Irishuser2022 Got date for first surgery…

4th July. Doing right hand first, recovery time? I work for myself, and its a fairly heavy lifting job. Thanks
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2023.06.07 00:09 rodfitzwell1904 Dad is in town… for how long?

So back in August my dad calls me tells me he got his job to transfer him to my city im like ok cool. We have never been close and barely communicate. So he asks if he could stay at my place and im like yeah i can help you get on your feet mind you he didnt tell me ahead of time he showed up and said i work here now. The agreement was 80 bucks a week he goes back home every weekend 2 hours away. Anyways its now june no word on what hes gonna do he still has no money saved up doesnt look like hes looking to move out. On top i was gone for two months and my fiance said he never gave her money except one time when she was going grocery shopping he gave her 20 bucks. Keep in mind she cooks for everyone cleans for everyone and even washes his clothes. Im lucky enough to not need his money but i feel like hes got too comfortable and has no goals, how do i go about having a conversation
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2023.06.07 00:09 YaboyRipTide I just left a job to become a bartender and broke my foot the week before. Now what?

As the title says, I recently was planning on moving to the beach to live with my sister this weekend and becoming a full-time bartender at a big touristy bar. Last Wednesday was my last day at work and everything was all hunky-dory until I broke my foot over the weekend. The doctor said he recommends surgery which would sideline me from any sort of "normal" walking for 5ish months including 2 months in a wheelchair. I'm currently getting a 2nd opinion to see if that really is the case as the doctor also mentioned I could go without surgery, let it heal, and just see what happens from there as there is a chance I can just go ahead and start walking with no issue again. Eventually, though, I will need surgery probably in the next 10 years.

Regardless, you can't bartend on 1 foot so that is pretty much done. I am 24 years old with a bachelor's and a master's degree and about 1300ish in the bank. I bought a car a few months ago with the help of my parents and that monthly payment is about $250. Outside of that, I have no debt to my name. I am thinking about a personal injury/negligence lawsuit as a result of my broken foot but that would be months down the line before it would get settled.

My options are either living at home with my parents until the fall when I "should" be healthy enough to work again, or moving to the beach and finding an easy retail job at a little shack. Rent at the beach would be $550ish whereas I probably wouldn't be charged rent if I went home. In terms of a virtual job, my previous industry was sports so it was all-in-person and it would be impossible to do it virtually. Moving over to the hospitality industry/bartending, obviously, that can't happen either. I would love to stay in one of those two so I don't really want a full-blown career change at this point in my life either.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do next?
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2023.06.07 00:09 betchwtfff I 18F am in a situationship with my coworker 45M and my mom 50F just found out through the grapevine.. I dont know how to go foward with this

Wow okay so let me start with some context, I live in a pretty small town where if you are out and about and socialable even just a little bit you get to know a lot of people. Ive also lived here my entire life so id consider myself somewhat rooted in this community. Im going to call him Josh, Josh has lived here off and on since he was a 18 so hes also pretty deeply rooted in the community. His mom is from the states and his dad is from here.
For example, while I was growing up (elementary school-middle school) there was a ice cream shop up from my house which one of his friends ran, he would be in there sometimes. I dont particuarly remember if he was ever in when me and my family would come in and get ice cream but im just going to say hes known me for a while, and definitly since I was a minor.
We never really had conversations until i was in highschool around 15-16yo and he worked in a jewlery and thing shop that me and my friends liked going in. From there we actually began knowing of eachothers existence but it was never in any way. Just having friendly conversation with a familiar face.
Then last summer i went away on a trip for a month and my job had to hire new people and he was hired as he was also a friend of my boss and her family so it was an easy quick fix to me being gone for a month. Once i got back from my trip i wasnt working any of the same shifts with him unless I was covering, so i didnt see him all too much and didnt really put too much effort into having conversation when we were working together.
Up until Jan 2023 we began working together more and so i began talking to him more and over the course of that month (im 18 and1/4 at the time) and we began hanging out outside of work but always just after work, never going out of our way to hang out on off days. We'd go to the beach after work and have a couple beers and just talk, for hours. I love the types of conversations we have, they range in topic and level of depth but we consistintly get the whole spectrum. Ive always felt a little bit awkward speaking, in the sense of not feeling like things come out right and always being misunderstood. But for some reason with him ive never felt more present and actually capable of talking, processing, and understanding all at once. He's healed things in me from previous relationships and ive done the same for him. I wasnt planning/plotting to sleep with him we never really talked about it and it was kinda a 'if it happens it happens' type of thing for me. Working with him I had a little crush on him but im not the type of person to do stuff with coworkers but after actually getting to know him, my little coworker crush developed into an actual crush.
One day me, him and our other coworker (26F) did our usual sunset beach beer hangout and we all felt hungry and josh offered to make us some food up at his place, and we agreed. I had a bottle of nice whiskey at my house so i dropped by and picked it up before heading up. we all ate and got a bit drunk, him and our other coworker more than myself since i had to drive 15-20 min to get home and she lived just down the street. She ended up deciding to leave around 11pm and i chose to stay and hang out longer, soon enough it was 3am and we both felt like it would be best if i dont drive home (i had drank more and was getting tired). He has a small one bedroom place and doesnt have room for a couch so he was going to sleep on the floor while i took his bed but i told him that i feel comfortable with him sleeping next to me. We ended up sleeping together and have been seeing eachother since then.
We've been keeping "us" pretty down low because I know that both of my parents (mom 50F and dad 57M) would have a pretty big issue with it. My mom was aware that i'd hang out with him after work/outside of work and that we were friends, I was just hiding that ive been sleeping with him. I'd hang out with him and his friends, be invited to BBQ's and camping out, they didnt know at first but as of more recent times they have been made aware of our dynamic and are completely supportive. Now majority of his friends that he sees on the weekly basis knows and the word has spread.
Im on a trip visiting family on the mainland and before i left i mentioned to him that ive been thinking of having our relationship be just platonic again. We've taken a break before (he expressed a need for it the first time) and now i felt like it would be best if we'd stop sleeping together as i felt like things were progrssing too fast and too many people were getting involved (aka i was getting overwhelmed and anxious on how this was all going to go/end). Ive been gone for a week and we havent been texting as much, he knows im with family and want space. And then I get a text from my mom saying she heard that josh has a 18 year old girlfriend and that she'd like some explaining. ive texted him and updated him, i want us to stay on the same page. I really dont want to tell my mom the full truth but I also dont want to lie, and i know he wont support me lying as well. Hes currently at work and will be there for the next 4-5 hours so im just playing the waiting game to see how he feels about the whole situation.
Should I tell the whole truth since shes already been told by someone in the community and just come clean even though my body is screaming run? I know that I should i just know that it would cause so much tension in the house and im already planning on moving to a different stare in november of this year and i dont want our last months to be full of fighting. not to mention the rest of my life this being held over my head. i just wish that i could do things and not have it be everyones business, especially since its not a serious relationship and we both knew it was never was going to be one.

sorry if this is all over the place im currently an nervous mess. i have therapy before i head home and have to deal with this in the flesh. wish me luck xoxo
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2023.06.07 00:08 notanexpert_askapro I got (well-meaning) gaslighting on my way leaving the EO community

I called a priest to tell him that with as many disagreements as I have with the Catholic tradition, I have been able to find a way to read every piece of "dogma" in a way I just barely agree with, which is what the Roman tradition claims it's doing anyway even though my views and the majority positions aren't always lining up. It's a big tent. Vatican 1 is the hardest but it's less than 200 year old and we've scratched councils before at 200 yrs too. I told him I felt called to stay Catholic for my family most of all (my husband is Catholic) and that I was ready to just live my life following the Gospel as best I can and not worry about the schism or other details. I plan to go to the Eastern rites when possible mostly just because I have disagreements over infant communion. I like the Roman too.
Anyway he told me it was absolutely not his place to try to nudge me along to Orthodoxy because he doesn't know what God is doing, and the ultimately what Church I am at isn't what this is about. So that was nice to hear.
Then suddenly I don't know what happened but he was talking sternly about how I needed to pay close attention to Father Alexis Toth and pray to him, that Catholics are not part of the Temple of the Holy Spirit (something I never believed), implied that I would fall into prelest, something about me over rationalizing. He said God leads us in our own time and just take a step when I'm ready.
I totally got sucked into it and was in the most horrible emotional pain for about 2 days. I had a moment of clarity and called the priest back saying "hey not cool" but he told me I misunderstood because all he meant was to just take a step and not be anxious about anything and try to stop thinking.
I decided to turn it into a spiritual exercise and accept that even if I wouldn't ever be able to be part of the Church God loved me anyway and it ended up being a really very deeply healing moment for me.
I then realized the whole thing was craziness and snapped out of it.
He meant well, but....
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2023.06.07 00:08 sneaky4oe Our rat started sneezing lots of blood and scared us to death (not porphyrin, he's fine now)

Posting this so there's info about this case on the Internet because quick googling didn't help understand what it was and everyone are talking about porphyrin instead of blood. Maybe you guys have to add something.
We have 2 boys about 7-8 months old, and one of them is kinda obese, doesn't like when he's touched, and isn't as active as his brother. He also loves his food way too much, while his brother is hungry for attention and they will compete for food and attention respectively. Fatty is still active and explores the room and the balcony when left alone, so it's his character trait, we believe.
Today I decided to inspect fatty's body for belly and side tumors again - I do it occasionally since his brother got a neck tumor at the age of 2 months. After that, I gave him and his brother 2 halves of nuts each. They've eaten the first halves just fine, but on the second nut, the fatty started sneezing a lot of blood. Not porphyrin, but real dark liquid blood - we know the difference. He got it on our carpet, floor, room door and bathroom partially covered while we moved him away and tried to do something to stop it.
He had a little bits of blood for the next half an hour, but sneezing stopped relatively fast and he spent most of the time eating and cleaning himself.
Both me and wife didn't see anything like this in our lives, and got really scared for his life. She owned many rats for many years but never boys and never she saw something like that.
Surely, we brought him to the vet and after waiting for 3 hours, we got a suggestion that he may have gotten part of a nut in his nose because he was trying to eat faster not to allow his brother to take food from him. They obviously couldn't see inside his nose, but they've checked him as they could there and assumed it's nothing serious - just warned us that he may bleed for some time until his nose canals heal.
TLDR: greedy rat got a piece of nut into his nose?

Did you experience anything like that?
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2023.06.07 00:08 shashaa11 How to manage uni and working without burning myself out?

So I’m about to do a two year HND in holistic therapies (reflexology, deep tissue massage etc) and it’s going to be 3 days a week but slightly long hours. One day of the week is starting at 9am and finishing at 7:30pm, the other day it starting at 9am and finishing 4pm and the other day is starting at 10am and finishing at 8pm. However I need to work in a spa part time for personal work experience and money (I’m qualified at a level 3). But I know it’s very physically demanding so I will get tired doing hours of massage each week both in UNI and my job. There is also going to be LOTS of homework including practical work too. I am iron deficient so I get tired really easy and I also have inattentive ADHD and insomnia that I have no idea how to control.
So my question is how could I manage going to school, working and doing all the crazy homework without burning myself out and quitting?
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2023.06.07 00:08 MetalHead794 Thinking about breaking the NC

So here the situation. Two months ago, I started dating this wonderful girl and we hit it off immediately. We were there for eachother, she contacted me first most often than not and she even invited me to a concert (whitch was supposed to happen last week).
The problems was that she had a difficult past and mental health issues because of this. Giving her a big anxiety problems on top of a low self-esteem. She had many bad dating experiences whitch all didn’t end well were she wasn’t treated right. And she was just getting out of one of those relationships.
Fastfoward mid-april, she came to my appartment for our date and she arrive with anxiety of the highest level. Full of fear that I would do what the other did to her, etc. After an hour, she finish by telling me that she think she is not ready to date for the moment. That I was one of the best guy she meeted and that I had nothing to do with it. She also wanted us to keep being friend. I told her that I understood but that it was hurting me too because I had feeling for her and it make me very emotional.
Fastfoward half a week later, I wrote to her to tell her that I wasn’t going to our friend group supper (whitch she organized) and to tell her that I wanted to keep my door open. But she didn’t wanted to keep her open and I had to argue (no without getting a little emotional) to no why. She finished to tell my that she wasn’t feeling it out of a sudden (whitch I learn was called the ICK and was certainly caused (in my opinion) by her been treated very badly all her life and her brain and body basically not knowing how to act to my affection and subconsciously rejecting me). I than said that I wasn’t interested in us being just friend like she wanted and that we should stop talking to eachother. After that, she just responded "have a good evening". I wished her happiness and she wished the same to me.
That was our last contact. I didn’t wished her happy birthday last month and didn’t like one single of her pictures either (we are on a communs kinky group were she often post pictures of herself). She like the attention and I know me not doing theses things affected her.
But after one month and a half, a part of myself want to try again with her and contact her again. She was one of the woman I had the best connection with and I feel as I should try one last time, but also feel that it’s still too soon. Thought?
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2023.06.07 00:08 SnugasarusWrex Hi antiwork. I need some help with my partners current employment situation

Hi everyone. Long time lurker. I’m having some difficulties with my partners work situation right now and I was just wondering if there’s anything I should do.
He’s really sick today, he tried to call in and they flat out told him no. For reference, I’ve seen him call out 3 times. Twice for covid. And once for one of my procedures. He’s constantly covering everyone and most weeks he works 6 days out of the week. He’s a crew trainer at Wendy’s which I know isn’t super great. But I was just curious if I should like report this to the corporate office? I’m not trying to be a Karen lol. But I feel like that’s a pretty big safety hazard considering he’s been vomiting and can barely stand up without pain.
I’m in Indiana if it matters. We are already planning to relocate to Michigan asap but that requires funding which requires a job lol. Thanks for all your help!
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2023.06.07 00:08 ByLightning 28F Possible sudden astigmatism caused by eye injury?

A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with a .5cm abrasion in my right eye, so I was given antibiotics and told that it would heal in a few days and that that would likely be the end of it.
Now, two months later, I am still having extremely blurry/unfocused vision in that eye, so I scheduled a follow-up appointment and according to my ophthalmologist, the eye looks completely normal and fully recovered with no scarring, except that I now have astigmatism and myopia in that eye, which is what is apparently causing the blurriness. I last had a full eye exam in 2020 (I get one every 3 years) and like always I had 20/15 vision in both eyes. Now I suddenly have 20/15 in my left eye and 20/50 in my right (injured) eye, but my ophthalmologist said that the abrasion wasn't severe enough to cause that kind of issue and that my eye likely "has changed over time" since my last exam and I just didn't notice.
The difference in vision between the two eyes is so severe that it now makes me dizzy some days and sometimes text appears to be doubled and moving, so it seems very unlikely to me that I would just "not notice" such a big change, not even accounting for the apparently coincidental eye injury in that eye. My job actually requires me to close one eye and look with the other regularly, so I am always very aware of how well I can see and before the injury I had no issues. Now I can barely read without closing my right eye. Not that I want to doubt my ophthalmologist's expertise, but I'm curious if anyone thinks it's possible that this actually WAS caused by the injury and if there's a chance it will ever resolve? I was given a prescription for glasses to correct the vision difference but of course I'd love to recover the vision I had and figure out what happened/is happening. I am otherwise very healthy, I exercise regularly, I don't ever drink or smoke, and I don't ever knowingly rub my eyes.
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2023.06.07 00:08 higzy94 Ex partner wants to take son out of nursery part time.

So my ex wants to take my 4YO out of his nursery part time to take him to a private nursery closer to her house because “he needs to improve his socialisation”
There is a family law saying she needs my consent to take him out. Is it the same law if it’s part time?
Living in Scotland
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2023.06.07 00:08 Jimbenas Mileage Tax Deduction

Hey, I currently work a full time job, but I also do Doordash on the side to make extra money. I heard from a friend I can claim the miles I drive as a tax credit. I'm just wondering if that tax credit can go only towards the money taxed from my dashing or if it can be used as a tax credit towards taxes I pay for my other job.
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2023.06.07 00:07 lonelyfriend99 New here.. .About to hit six months! My story...

Hey everybody!
New to this subreddit, transplant from bipolar — I'm a recovering alcoholic and drug addict that also has Psychotic Bipolar Disorder and ADHD comorbidly. While I've been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 for a while now, I finally sought treatment for Alcohol and Cocaine Use Disorders, and I'm about to hit six months clean!
I partially wanted to make this post just to brag — I don't really have like, anybody in my life that's sober and/or neurodivergent to commiserate and celebrate with, so now that my social energy is returning, I'm coming back to Reddit to find some digital socialization. But, I also want to be here as a source of encouragement for those earlier in their journey. This was my first try quitting, and getting to this point has been absolute hell in some regards and at certain points. But, I'll say that on the other side and a half year later, life is so much sweeter.

It started in my very early adulthood. At least, started to get noticeable. I'd always been a moody kid, and I was in conflict with peers and family very often. I was a closeted gay kid, and in a conservative, religious, Midwest context, I absolutely did not fit in. But, one thing got me through: my intellect. Since childhood, I've been incredibly intelligent and eloquent. My first words were full sentences, and started at less than a year old, as my mother's story goes. I could read full books by first grade, and was composing novel creative writing by ten years old. I've been a poet all along, and my creativity and brains have gotten me very very far. Yes, Catholic school was hell, but I was valedictorian and eventually went to an Ivy League college.
We drank quite a bit in Catholic school. On weekends at football games and parties, most my classmates and I would partake from about age sixteen. It wasn't necessarily problematic at that point for my lack of regular access. I could only drink when I had it from someone else. But, from the very moment my lips touched any alcohol other than the Blood of Christ, my life was redirected. I was so obsessed with drinking, and would do it to the most extreme and most frequent as possible. It made me ecstatic, even to just think about.

Once I got to college, things got bad. I got a fake ID, started going to much larger and better-stocked social functions, and also had a much more progressive and diverse crowd to socialize with. By spring of my freshman year I was meeting the clinical conditions for Alcohol Use Disorder. Obviously most of it was in secret. At points, I was even fermenting my own grape juice in my closet to get drunk alone in my dorm room. I've also been a major nicotine fiend since about sixteen, and engaged in that constantly too.
The summer after that freshman year, I returned home to my family where I spent the break cashiering. I couldn't get a decent internship, and accepted an only part-time and unpaid one with a local nonprofit. I also continued to drink in excess, a considerable amount for the age and time of my life. Probably the equivalent of a pint a night. I was just eighteen, and my parents one night found me drunk and vaping. They took the vape from me and referred me to my primary care provider for a mental health assessment. At the time, they thought my primary issue was the underage nicotine addiction. That PA suggested I find a therapist, and prescribed me a moderate dose of Wellbutrin, thinking it'd help the vaping and "mild" depression.
And it worked! For a while. The remainder of the summer and following early fall went fine. I continued to drink, but less problematically and miserably. I returned to school that September and found a therapist and psychiatrist through my school's clinic. Eventually, the depression and over-drinking began to creep in again though, and I again found myself begging a prescriber for help. He dxd me with Major Depression, switched me to Zoloft (a mere 25mg), and sent me on my way. As I left, he gave a small warning... patients that have Bipolar Disorder sometimes have an averse reaction to antidepressants... if you start to feel manic, give us a call.

Things got very bad very fast. I was already experiencing sleeping problems, and the insomnia that was exacerbated was intense. I was going days and days without sleeping — my record was five nights in a row of only microsleeps of 5 minutes or less throughout the days. I went literally crazy, clinically manic and increasingly psychotic. Eventually, I lost lucidity and became fully delusional. I thought the government was chasing me, that everything was a simulation, that I was on the run. I went to Urgent Care and explained my situation to the nurse. She dismissed me, calling it mere anxiety and sending me home to "go meditate."
Out into the night I went. It was a cold Thanksgiving night, the streets empty, everybody home with their families. I was alone at school, unable to afford a fight home for the holiday. I received a message from beyond, and embarked upon my mission. In the streets, I was running around and screaming, searching for clues wherever I could find them. The world seemed a puzzle to me, and it was my job to solve it. Eventually, I encountered campus police. They detained me and took me to campus Urgent Care, who eventually ambulanced me to the local psychiatric ER, who the next day admitted me to the local psychiatric hospital, where I spent a week.
The issue is, I was incredible at masking. The staff had little idea my internal thoughts and processes; I considered it a part of my mission to remain silent about the simulation. And, I was stoned when they picked me up. They observed me for a week, and discharged me without a diagnosis. School put me on an involuntary leave and I went home to start winter break early. Back there during my first follow up with a new local doctor, I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, obviously having reacted to the SSRI. While the hospital insisted the episode was cannabis induced, I'm fairly certain that was for liability purposes, that hospital attached to the same campus clinic that misdiagnosed me in the first place.

The following years were hell. I spent months severely overmedicated, at one point gaining ninety pounds in just three months. I continued to sustain episodes, albeit more mild, being forevermore on a heavy antipsychotic routine. I lost most all my friends. COVID happened. I got into debt. I continued to drink more and more. I picked up cocaine. I sent my life into a spiral, all in secret. Because, upon my return to school, they had me on probation. If I was known to be drinking or using, they would put me back on leave. But, I hate the Midwest and couldn't go back, so I couldn't seek treatment.
I lived a secret alcoholic and cokehead for years. I got myself into severe debt from spending and gambling, I continued to get and lose jobs, and struggled to even get to class. But, on the surface, I was doing fine. In fact, pretty good — I even graduated Cum Laude. But, I hated my life. I was a mess and knew that my life was unsustainable. So at the end of my last semester Fall 2022 (I took one semester off during COVID for non-health reasons), I made the decision to seek treatment. I finished my last exam, packed up my dorm with one carry-on packed for rehab. My parents drove from Midwest to New England to pick me up, bring me home, and drop me at the hospital, where I spent a week.
I will be honest: the last six months have been hell at times. Of course the chemical withdrawal from years of drinking a fifth-a-day and snorting a gram-a-day are going to leave you exhausted. I spent months doing absolutely nothing. I slept and cried all day and stayed up ruminating all night. I continued to try adjusting my meds, another new doctor having taken me off any stimulant ADHD treatment (another diagnosis I picked up along the way) and leaving me debilitated. I couldn't get out of bed. I couldn't think. I couldn't write.

But... I think things are finally turning around. I tried AA but I didn't like it very much. My local chapter in the rural Midwest is, obviously, not a very friendly crowd to this flamboyant homosexual cokehead, so I didn't stay. But, I did keep one principle — a higher power. Mine is astrology. With the support of a finally-tolerable med routine and the commitment to something larger than myself, I'm finally starting to get over the initial sobriety hump, and it feels amazing.
I wake up every morning and feel truly grateful for once. I'm not hungover, I'm not throwing up and shitting my pants while I rush late to work or class. I'm getting up with the sunrise, before my alarm, and writing poetry again and slowly chipping away at my debt and repairing things with my parents and... staying sober. Next week I hit six months.
To anyone who wants to or has just started this journey, I'm holding space for you. Being neurodivergent is incredibly difficult at times. But, it can also be incredibly rewarding. You are worthy of good health, and I hope you're able to find and keep the support you deserve.

Idk why I wrote all this... Kinda manicky today, actually. Anyways, if you've made it this far, thanks for hearing my story. I hope it can be helpful or comforting in any way. If anyone has questions I'm happy to try and answer.
For anyone curious, my current med routine:

Thanks again for hearing my story. I wish you all well ~~
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2023.06.07 00:07 SKGamingReturn CS2 Release Notes 6/6/23

Release Notes for 6/6/2023
[ MAPS ]
[ SUB-TICK ] - Sub-tick movement is now more precise and less "floaty" (per player-feedback). - Releasing movement keys now correctly convey their sub-tick timing. - The top player of a triple-stack can now shoot. - Fine-tuned weapon aim punch recovery to be latency-independent during sub-tick recovery on the client. - Fine-tuned view punch camera shake effect during shooting to be both latency-independent and synchronized with all other sub-tick shooting effects on the client.
[ VOLUMETRIC SMOKE ] - Improved lighting/rendering when smoke overlaps multiple distinctly lit regions. - HE grenade effect times on smoke has been reduced. - Shotguns now create larger holes in smoke volumes.
[ ANIMATION ] - Adjustments to the viewmodel 'inspect' to remove animation popping. - Several viewmodel and blending animation fixes. - Improved traversal animation. - Jumping into the air and running off a ledge is now differentiated to allow for separate character motion.
[ SOUND ] - Player's own footstep sounds are now predicted on the client for a latency-independent experience.
[ RENDERING ] - Improved performance and responsiveness in windowed and full-screen windowed modes. Fixed several bugs and rendering artifacts.
[ INPUT ] - Fixed bug that would cause input to become permanently broken when multiple commands were bound to one key. Multi-binds are back, except for jump-throw binds (which are now a skillful part of CS). - Commands bound to mouse wheels will now be reliably executed. - Fixed bug that would cause input to execute incorrectly after taking over a bot in practice mode. - Inspecting weapons is now predicted on the client for a more responsive experience.
[ VAC ]
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2023.06.07 00:07 Calm-Personality-783 I'm so done. 26m 28f US.

I 26m have been together with 28f for the majority of 2.5 years. Our 3 year comes up at the end of the summer, and I dont want to live like this anymore. . She has a 7 year old son whom I have known for 2 years. Sons' dad is a good man, we co parent pretty well and he tries to make it to any of sons' games as much as possible. He comes down and stays with us on game weekends, which I had a huge problem with but eventually gave up fighting. I learned early on that she was still undergoing a divorce, which I was okay with because it was my understanding that the process had been started. 6 months into the relationship I learned that nothing has been started at all. We have been through alot and I really love the woman, but when is enough enough? I have been what feels like pestering her to start the process now, for the past 2 years. Throughout this time I was given promise after promise that she would start the process, which was also met with excuse after excuse. I have set at least 10 realistic deadlines, and as of two months ago I broke up with her, which gave her the motivation or fire under her to print out a separation agreement and have him sign it. She continues to make excuse after excuse about submitting the paperwork, even with a signatures. most recent is that sons' dad refuses to take time off work to get the agreement properly notarized. Life is getting sticky, and harder and harder to break apart from if we were to split. To add to the frustration, I am FULLY supporting her and her son(she took her job for granted 6 months ago) and do not have the finances to do so. She has no car, no job, and views me as a domestic partner even though nothing is submitted divorce wise. I took her advice on month 3 about not paying the full amount on credit card bills and have racked up 25,000 dollars in unsecured debt. Too include but not limited to 5 grand worth of furniture, and tons of miscellaneous dinners for 4 when all of us spent time together for the son. (I did not want sons dad to always pay for 4 if he was making the effort to be in his sons life like he does, and I wanted so desperstely to make everyone happy) I cannot afford to support her, or buy dinner for 4 or even 3 or 2 at all. I make over 4000 a month and have roughly 600 dollars through the month for food and fuel to get to work. Each minimum payment I make on a card is charged right back the following weeks to buy food and fuel. I'm tired of the excuses, I'm tired of the financial frustration. I made less when I started this relationship, and had well over 7000 in savings and now cannot make it to payday without over drafting my account. Oh and one last thing. I am US military, and have PREACHED that I could lose my career for circumstances like these. I love her alot, and when I tried to leave 3 months ago the pain I saw in her eyes destroyed me. When is enough enough?
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2023.06.07 00:07 MrSingh1996 Anyone here work for a Amazon Delivery company in town?

I’ve done Flex on the side for months but now need to find a new full time job. Is it worth it? Is the moneu decent. I drive quite a bit so that shouldn’t be a issue
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2023.06.07 00:06 DBKing555 If I’m hired as a full-time employee, can I downgrade to part-time after like 1-2 weeks of working?

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