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Feeling frustrated with myself and my relationship

2023.06.03 06:43 babybillyselixir Feeling frustrated with myself and my relationship

We've been together 10+ years and there's been ups and downs but we were always able to work through it and become stronger in the process.
I know exactly what I need to do in this situation but I'm avoiding it and only prolonging my anguish to my own detriment. I know the things I need to work on for myself. I used to be in therapy but could no longer afford it. Which is why I'm here instead I guess.
Lately our intimate life hasn't been great. We've never had issues like this before. I'm more LL and he's HL, so I'm okay with him having his own time to do his thing. Some days of the week that's staying up late and just having a night to himself which I'm cool with as I can also do the same. But lately during sex, I noticed he's been frequently going soft, and/or wanting to put porn on in the background. I'm not inherently against this (the porn), but the combo of it has been making me feel shitty. So I've been feeling angry constantly.
He says he knows his limits and when to control himself when it comes to his porn consumption, that he can stop and take breaks whenever he feels he's going over the edge, but lately I'm wondering if the frequency is now nearing on an addiction. I know everyone is different with their libido so I didn't want to jump to addiction straight away as this was never an issue before. Even if he does lose his erection, he still makes sure I'm taken care of.
But when he's in the other room having his time, and I see that closed door, I feel bitter and start thinking negatively about him, imagining whatever he's doing in there and and dramatically thinking maybe this is the end of our relationship. That anger also makes me want to hurt him as retaliation for how our issues have hurt me in the past, which I realize I may have never gotten any kind of closure from. Maybe some of it is dormant anger from then I didn't realize was still there that's snow balling into the frustration now. I acknowledge this is petty and not a healthy emotional response.
He does spend time with me both emotionally and physically so I'm not being totally neglected or anything. I know if I speak up about this, he'll listen. When we're hanging out, I forget those feelings and remember why I still love him and then think those other feelings weren't that big of a deal. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a mole hill. I'm also depressed and have been struggling to get back onto my own hobbies and independent life so without those, I dwell and agonize more than I should. I know I just have to talk to him, but my upbringing has made me conflict averse and afraid of rocking the boat. So instead I shut down and distance myself. He always notices and asks if I'm ok, need space or if there's something I want to talk about and I stupidly reassure him that I'm fine, and then go and sulk. Why do I have to be like this?
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2023.06.03 06:43 h3artbreak_weather I can’t get the ACOTAR hype i’m sorry

So i’m like 60% through A Court of Mist and Fury rn and i’m dragging myself through it at this point. maybe this is more of a personal thing but SJM’s writing style is just not really for me. I like fantasy/dystopian/sci-fi and had high hopes for it. I read the first book and actually enjoyed it a lot, only because of the end part, the rest of it was a lot of world building. HOLY F I AM SO CLOSE TO DNF-ING THIS!
ACOMAF is like worshipped on booktok and people say it’s the best of the series. i’ve expressed my frustration and people say it’s the best of the series and keep reading cause it gets sooo good so i kept going. Rhys and Feyre have some very cute moments but like so much of the book is just forgettable. The plot picks up for a chapter or two and goes back to being painfully slow. I’m on chapter 40 rn so if it gets great near the end and i’m being too hasty i apologize
THE WRITING OMG it’s like she takes up three paragraphs describing a damn room! I do love vivid descriptions in books they’re necessary to really paint the scene but so much of it is just…not my taste. Two sentences and I get the idea. don’t say it’s because i’m a dumb American with no literacy my SAT and English professors say otherwise. my grammer may not be good in this because it’s a reddit post not an essay (i’m just bracing myself because the acotar fanbase is an army that will attack at any criticism).
I really want to just pick up another series at some point but people say the plot of the next book is a lot so maybe i should keep going? if you haven’t noticed i need plot i’m not a “no plot just vibes” kind of reader. please tell me i’m not alone or it gets better i love when it picks up but that only happens like every 30 chapters or maybe i am just too dumb to get it idk
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2023.06.03 06:43 WhiteWren010 I am so frustrated and upset and nobody seems to care.

. I spend a lot of time outside. I live in a rural area of Oklahoma, with lots of trees and wildlife. My special interest is everything that grows and lives outside. I love it all, the trees and the creek and all the animals, even the snakes. It's my sanctuary and it just makes me happy. Well, a couple of months ago the county started working on a main road near my property. As a result traffic has been re-routed down my road. The excess traffic was bad enough, but the construction vehicles caused so many potholes that they tore up the entire paved road and now it is a dirt road. With so much constant traffic there is a perpetual cloud and dirt and road pollution in the air over the road, the land across from me, and in my own yard. The flowering plants aren't blooming at all, and many of them are dying. The birds I used to watch out my window have gone elsewhere, I don't even blame them. I have only seen 1 deer in the last month. There are no more beavers, and their were a family of mink I would see on occasion, but they are gone too. I look over the underpass where a creek runs and there is a film of oil and dirt on the water and the gar fish I would see near the surface are gone. I see a turtle here and there. I haven't seen a single diamondback water snake. Even my barn cat is looking unwell. I don't have any friends but that was okay because I talked to every animal I would see. I know it seems childish, but I'm autistic and I would get so excited to see a new critter. This was my world. Now, every time I go outside I want to cry and I can almost feel the pain of the wild plants. I called my county commissioner, and he told me to be patient. It would only take 18months to get to my road. I think maybe I should call an environmental group. IDK. Right now I'm just very sad...😞😞😞
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2023.06.03 06:43 No_Establishment131 How To Get Through A Sleepless Day? I Have An Exam And Only Slept 2 Hours.

(Maybe this info is useless, but I'm 18) So to cut it short, I'm a person who can't survive the day on 5-6 hours of sleep.
Thinking that today is a holiday, I decided to sleep late to study Georgian, but I forgot that I have an exam today (don't ask me why, i'm capable of forgetting nearly everything). I drank coffee before-hand and so now I had to wake up, thus I only slept for 2 hours. I feel awake right now, but I know this will bother me later. And I've never slept this late because I know my body can't stand it. I am generally a very distracted person and can create great problems during the day. So I'm afraid this will lead to something very bad.
Anyway, I need your advice. Thanks in advance 🙏
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2023.06.03 06:42 DuncanStudios2000 This is part 1 of Chapter 11 of my book Dragons of Fireborne...

Dragons of Fireborne is a book I have recently finished and I'm working on getting it published... So here's a snipit of the book, tell me what you think!!
-Warning, there is brief innuendo in the story!!
They were nearing the camp when a bell sounded. A group of Hunters fled out and stood guard at the entrance, out came a large burly man on a Death Eater. He rode up to them. He had a blade for a hand. It was Shack-RA. He trodded up to Draco and the others. "Well, if it isn't my Queen!" He said mockingly. "And what do I owe the pleasure?" Draco stepped forward. "We just simply need to pass through the valley to enter the Border city..." She told him. Shack-RA jumped to the ground. "Your kind is not welcome here!" He said. Dagon inched forward. "He's right..." He said quietly. "Listen to the plucky bastard! LEAVE!!" Shack-RA shouted. Dagon gained composure. "Don't call me plucky!" He said. "I don't even know what that means..." He said quietly. "Let us pass through and we'll give you some food and drink," Draco said. Shack-RA stalked around his beast. "We do not need your poison!" He said angrily. "We do not need your filth OR your wealth!!" Draco stepped forward. "Then just let us simply pass through," She said calmly. "Why don't you go around the valley?" Shack-RA asked. "It will take several days longer" Draco replied. "We need to get these supplies to White Willow..." Shack-RA looked surprised and stepped forward from his drake. "I didn't know you two were friends..." He said slyly. Draco stood straight. "We aren't, they just need our help..." She said calmly. "Give to those who ask and to those who take-" "Quiet Quim!" Shack-RA interrupted. He walked closer to her until he was right in her face. "You best leave now, because my pets get VERY hungry, and they haven't had breakfast yet..." He threatened. The two biggest Death Eaters stood on either side of him. They peered down at Draco and the others. "Your beasts do not scare me, boy," Draco said. "A little..." Dagon said quietly behind Keith. Shack-RA pointed his bladed arm at Draco. "YOU CALL ME BOOOYYY!!!!!????" He yelled. "YOU WILL SEE WHO TRULY IS MORE POWERFUL!!!" Draco stared down his blade calmly. "You do not scare me," She said quietly. Shack-RA took a few steps back. "I bring fear into the hearts of man!!" He shouted. "I am not a man..." Draco replied calmly. Shack-RA roared. "YOU MAY BE QUEEN BUT I AM GOD OF THIS VALLEY!!!!" He shouted louder. Draco narrowed her eyes sternly. "You are no God, you're a parasite..." She said. Shack-RA glared at her. "My Hunters will eat you alive!!" He said. Draco kept her composure. "You will kill no one today, or ever again," She told him. Shack-RA snarled. "Perhaps if I introduce you to my Eaters you'll beg for my mercy!" He threatened. Keith unsheathed his sword. "HOW DARE YOU THREATEN YOUR QUEEN!!" He shouted. Shack-RA looked at Keith. "It is not a threat, just an apprise..." He said. "My Eaters just eat people because they smell fear..." The Eaters took a step closer and stared at Draco. Draco looked back at them then returned her gaze at Shack-RA. "You do not scare me..." She said. Shack-RA chuckled. "Of course, I scare you, why else would my Eaters want your flesh?" He said.
Draco looked at him unhindered. "You-do-not-scare-me..." She said. "Then why bring your army?" He asked her. "To protect those I can not..." She replied Shack-RA scoffed. "Your army is pitiful and not with power!" He said. "You see my army?" "THAT'S an army!" Draco looked at the army. "Yes, I guess it is..." She said. Shack-RA looked back at her. "What power do you have that can stop them?" He asked. Draco gazed at them. "I have a power that's far stronger than any man..." She said. Shack-RA snorted. "You have no power here!" Draco looked at him. "Maybe... But he does..." She clapped her staff on the ground. A dark shadow loomed over her. Shack-RA looked up at the clouds but saw nothing. A low distant bellow sounded through the air. He looked at the camp as a large 20-foot dragon swooped down and blew a pillar of fire at the camp burning it to the ground. "Nothing is hotter than dragon fire," Draco said as Shack-RA looked in shock. The dragon pitched upwards back to the sky and turned back to the camp. The dragon blew another pillar of fire at it finishing it off. Shack-RA turned to Draco in anger. "SWINE!!!" He shouted. "You will now feel death!!" "I am not afraid..." Draco said calmly. Shack-RA chuckled. "If you are not afraid, then what are THEY doing here?" He said pointing to the Death Eaters. Draco shrugged. "I am not afraid of them..." "Perhaps it's your fear they smell..." She said. They were staring at him. "You can tell a lot about someone's biggest fear by what weapon they choose..." She continued. Shack-RA looked at the drakes. "You... Fear death..." Draco finished. He jumped back and attempted to run, but one of the drakes pushed him down with its snout. Shack-RA started crawling away, but the other drake grabbed his leg with its mouth and then bit down crushing his bones. Shack-RA howled in pain. He turned to look at them as the drakes stepped toward him He raised his hands and screamed. The first drake bit down around his upper body and lifted him up, and the other drake bit down on his lower half as he screamed. The drake pulled him in half he continued his blood-curdling scream, then the drake with his upper half crunched his body between its jaws and it fell silent. The drakes crunched on his corpse and ate him up. Dagon looked in disgust and gagged. Draco stared sternly, ensuring he was dead. The drakes lapped his blood up off the snowy rocks and then licked their mouth. The drakes turned to Draco and stepped forward. Draco stared at them sternly. The drakes sniffed her for a moment and growled. Draco stepped forward and unlatched the collars off their necks. The drakes sniffed the collars and looked at Draco. They bellowed and ran off. They stared as the drakes disappeared in the distance. Draco calmly turned toward the group and saw them staring. "What?" She asked. Keith stared at her. "You just released those beasts into the wild..." He said. Draco stepped forward. "Yes, yes I did..." She said. Keith was confused. "But why?" He asked. "Because they're better in the wild than with murderous Hunters..." She said.
-I hope you've enjoyed this short snipit of my book!
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2023.06.03 06:40 StrongAwareness1370 Hate myself

I’ve always hated myself but this time I feel like there’s an actual reason for me to hate myself. I failed my dog so bad. I feel so sick thinking about how I didn’t know how sick he was but how obvious it was. I feel so sick about his final moments, and just his last several months in general
I’ve never wanted to hurt any animal, but I unintentially did, and to the one I loved the most. My whole perception of myself has been shattered, I feel like a selfish anxiety ridden monster. Everyone keeps saying it will get better, but it’s only getting worse, and I just can’t see how I can move on. I’ve ruined my whole life.
As a kid, I always predicted that I would end up depressed, I dont know why but that was always the prophecy I had, that I would end up unhappy. And it’s finally starting, and I didn’t think it would happen like this. Or maybe it’s always been there but it has taken over now
I feel like a wolf in sheeps clothing, how can I go on in life with a smile on my face when I failed an innocent creature. People are telling me I did nothing wrong, but I just can’t see how that is true. I think everyone is just telling me things to make me ‘feel better’ I can’t tell if anyone is being honest
I’ve barely eaten this past week, and spend most of my time just sleeping or spending time here on reddit. It’s been more than 2 months now since he’s been gone, but i’ve been particularly bad this past week or two
I just hate how it didn’t have to be this way, I did this. I was in my little bubble thinking things were always going to be the way they were, whilst my dogs illness was brewing until that horrible day. Everyone keeps telling me he was old and that it was to be expected, but I didn’t expect to lose him so soon. If I had only known I would have tried to make his last couple months the best ever. I was so delusional, I really thought he could live another couple years, now I look back at the latest pictures and videos and feel sick. He would most likely still be here with me if he had recieved medicine and treatments, but he had none of that, and he was such a strong boy.
and I can’t help but feel so angry and upset with my mum, because she was a big part of why I ended up overlooking his symptoms, but at the end of the day I only have myself to blame. I can try to point fingers, find reasons why I didn’t follow up with the vet, but none of them are good enough. I just don’t know what I was thinking. I should have known so much better than her, I should have just gone with my gut in the first place, I should have acted like an adult (like she would always tell me). I should have been his advocate, instead I lost sight of what was really important.
I miss him so much. I want to go back in time so bad, this feeling of not being able to change the past is so overwhelming and so frustrating. I constantly feel like ripping my hair out. I feel like I dont deserve anything, that’s why i’ve barely been eating
I dont know what I feel i’d get out of writing on here, but these emotions are just so strong.
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2023.06.03 06:40 vinsanity1603 2k monthly ETF Budget: CMC vs Pearler

Hi! Huge thanks to the people in this sub. I'm nearly done with my setup to start my FIRE journey. Just created both Pearler and CMC accounts (I'm gonna go with whichever will verify my identity first, would love to know your thoughts between the two as well).
The strategy I'm looking at right now is maybe a VAS/VGS 50/50 split for like a year or two. Then will try to add NDQ and VGE. Make it 40/40/10/10 perhaps.
Now, I have a situational question for both Pearler and CMC users to fully get a grasp on which is the better situation for me.
Suppose I save $2k per month for ETFs.

Lastly, feel free to drop any insights.
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2023.06.03 06:40 goptindia2 Prehab physiotherapy near me

Prehab physiotherapy near me — GOPT India is one of the best physiotherapists, Physiotherapy service provider, dry needling, neuro rehabilitation, weight management, cupping therapy, spinal care, a sports injury. Book your online consultation now to get rid of your pain.
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2023.06.03 06:39 slippylippies Fell off for 8 months, should I weigh myself yet?

Last year I lost 50 lbs but I fell off hard maybe around November 2022. I am emphasizing my health again I know I deserve to live a long healthy life but college and work had me reaching for coping mechanisms.
I now know its because I was over working myself doing full time work along with an 18 credit semesters and 16 credit semester in engineering and quitting adderall.
I was getting drunk nearly everyday, smoking pot everyday and eating anything I want. I feel like I gained at least 60 lbs during this period of time, but Im scared to know. All I know is nearly all my clothes don't fit anymore.
Is it worth it to weigh myself now that I am back to caring about myself, or should I pay attention to how my clothes feel and worry about weight later?
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2023.06.03 06:39 lunasthighs Did I Give People Bed Bugs?

About a week ago I started waking up every day with new bug bites. I immediately thought bed bugs (I tend to assume the worst lol) but everyone I talked to said “if they were bed bugs, you’d know.” I even went to the doctor about the bites because I have MRSA and almost every time I get an open wound, even a bug bites, I break out in MRSA bumps. I am outside often so I ended up convincing myself it was mosquito bites. Then I found a bed bug on my bed. The infestation in my room was pretty small and the majority of the bed bugs were in the room above me.
We had an exterminator come and do a heat treatment on Tuesday.
During the week I was getting bit (before I knew it was bed bugs) I was at my sisters house, my job, and a few other places. Now I can not stop worrying and wondering if I unknowingly carried them with me.
I am freaking out and feel terrible. I feel dumb for not listening to my gut. What are the chances the bugs hitched a ride on my clothes when I left the house and then spread to the locations I was at?
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2023.06.03 06:38 MaleficentBobcat9059 23M Looking for foreign romance [relationship]

Hello, I’ve always had a bit of a fixation. I love foreign women, women from places like North Africa, Japan, Russia, Australia. Not sure why, I just love hearing about different cultures and ways of life, and I have found myself nearly exclusively romantically attracted to foreign women. I’m an American myself. About me, I’m tall, very much an academic at heart. I’m in great shape, I walk about four kilometers a day, I have broad shoulders, and muscular thighs. I’m looking for something long term, leading to a deep connection and children. I am happy to work and help provide financially, and I love taking care of children, I have a 3 year old cousin I adore. I play pc games, I read a lot, mostly nonfiction, and I am obsessed with American football. I would describe myself as a rational, considerate, and compassionate person. What I would like from you is kindness, intelligence, and curiosity. I like different qualities in different people so I am very flexible in regards to the traits I admire. I would prefer you to be at least somewhat physically fit, I enjoy hiking and going to museums and do active things and would enjoy your company doing that. I’m happy to answer any questions if needed
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2023.06.03 06:37 theBuddhaofGaming The Ancient Bugs Were Trilobites and Their Civilization was Underwater

I've convinced myself that the ancient civilization were composed primarily of trilobites and the area that became Hollownest was initially underwater. Here's my logic and evidence:
  1. There's the obvious physical similarly between trilobites and the ancient bugs we see littered about. The ancient nailsmith, shade beast, green beast, and beast's den shrine thing are all segmented, have three body sections, and wide heads like a trilobite. Additionally, if the bug the temple of the black egg is made of is one, it looks a lot like a Ceratarges.
  2. There's more than a passing similarly between the soul totems and trilobites (excluding the pale king and pure vessel). The attuned version of the void idol also is mighty similar to a trilobite.
  3. A volvated trilobite looks a lot like an arcane egg.
  4. Geo looks a heck of a lot like fossilized trilobites.
  5. Their Civilization may have been underwater (se evidence below).
  1. I think the biggest piece of evidence is the walls of the ancient basin, the spirals bear a remarkable similarity to ammonites, a form of ancient mollusk.
  2. Along the same vein, as you ascend from the ancient basin to the higher areas (until about the lower areas of the waterways), the walls stop looking like ammonites and start looking more like generic shells. These could perhaps be Inoceramus. Though it's admittedly more of a stretch, it would follow a biostratographical similarly to their real-world fossil equivalents.
  3. Worshipping the void. The bugs tend to worship things that give them life. Moths to the Radiance, Mosskin to Uun, etc. Perhaps the void was the source of their life. It is somewhat reminiscent of the product of a, "black smoker," hydrothermal vent, which bottom dwelers are known to hang around for life. The Olenidae trilobytes are even thought to have had a symbiotic relationship with a sulfur eating bacteria that would've lived near one (further supporting the trylobyte hypothesis). These vents are often found in the, "abyssal zone," of the sea bed. An abyss filled with black stuff... We also know that higher beings can become angry if their worship is removed (looking at you Radiance). It's possible that the void lashing out at beings is a manifestation of this behavior.
That's all I've got atm. Tell me where I'm wrong, add evidence, change my mind, etc.
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2023.06.03 06:36 Operator-rocky1 Rough season for the Caps

Rough season for the Caps
Doing a rebuild with the Caps, and in November Ovi came to me saying he was not happy with the team’s performance, I chose the persuasion option and he responded I’ll step up to turn this thing around, even though he didn’t turn the season around for the team as we were near last all year, it wasn’t because of him, also iron man for the first time since 2017-18
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2023.06.03 06:36 sstellanicolee I was fired for standing up for myself

Update!!!::: I got fired. They paid me for this week but still owe from guaranteed hours that were agreed on. Advice on what to do? I feel as small claims court is in my future. Does anybody have an idea on how to go about this? In Southern California.
Text from DB: “It seems we have differences of opinion here. You feel you’ve been underpaid; we feel we’ve overpaid. In net, it probably cancels out. Either way, we’re likely both going to be unhappy with the outcome. We’ve paid you the last payment. We will not need your services going forward. Please return any keys you have. Thank you for your help with the kids and we wish you success in the future.”
Advice needed!
I’ve been working with my NF for almost 2 years now. Usually MB sends a Zelle over on Thursday’s but yet again there was no communication that she was out of town. MB and DB are divorced but live near each other. I am being told at 6:30 am day of of changes.
I had asked DB to send over the Zelle since MB was out of town but she said she could take care of it so I told him never mind. He has asked me multiple times of a breakdown and I have given it to him. Nothing has changed with hours and mileage per week. I’m so over having to do this. I’m not sure how to nicely say this because I’m tired of repeating myself. I work another full time job and constantly change my schedule for my job to accommodate them.
I also just found out last week that I have 2 weeks left with the family since they will be spending the next year in Europe. They still owe me GH from last summer when they left for 2 months (about $1600) and I’m not sure how to bring that up to them again.
Love this family to pieces but their communication is crap. I’m sad that they are leaving but more of a heads up would be nice.
How should I word these two messages about the breakdown and GH? Or should I just ignore DB message since MB said she will take care of it?
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2023.06.03 06:35 ebudd08 WIBTA for not bringing my kids’ kayaks to a July 4 celebration

A few years ago, my wife and I bought our two oldest sons (now 12 and 7) kayaks for Christmas. Nothing fancy, just some cheap lifetime brand little canoes. We’ve had a ton of fun with them, but with life now, we’re quite busy and can’t get out on the water near as much as we used to, so we really look forward to our very few lake days during the summer.
To give some background on the issue at hand, my FIL’s birthday is on July 4, so we all get together (including SIL and her family which includes several younger kids, ranging ages 5-10) at a nearby lake and have a swim/bbq/party. We brought the kayaks the first year we had them, the cousins asked if they could try them, so my kids allowed them to borrow one, and they basically took it out the rest of the afternoon, stranding one of my kids without their kayak.
Last year, we dropped several hints to SIL leading up to the party (oh, this store has a great deal on kayaks!) but the response was “Why would we buy them if we can just use yours? We only would use them once a year. Etc” Last year, the same exact thing happened as the first, but after about an hour on the lake, I yelled to the cousins to bring the kayak back so my son could use it again. BIL and SIL were quiet the rest of the party, clearly annoyed with me, but didn’t say anything else.
My question: WIBTA if I just straight up did not bring the kayaks with us this year? I’m sure all the kids would be disappointed, including my own, but I’m just kind of preemptively annoyed.
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2023.06.03 06:35 solotravelwer7 Replying to a Mcdonalds Enthusiast u/Wooden_Collar_6650

>All of you look the same on paper. All pictures either are just low effort or just different pictures from same place/event with no personality whatsoever.
Get your eyesight checked. And Yup We don't judge your Personality from your pictures alone. We are not that Judgemental to jump on conclusions.
>cmon nobody wants to see your man boobs
If I say the opposite, that is, tell a woman not to show her boobs then I'll be labelled as insecure, incel and what not but you openly bodyshamed guys.
>Yes i get it effort should be made from both sides but atleast give up krne se pehle try toh karo and if it is a dry conversation, just leave???
The problem will be solved if you stop using " Try Karo" matlb Guys tum Try karte raho. Give up bhi mat karo, Try karte raho. Aur agar thak-haarke give up karoge toh shame krne ke liye aise log hai hi reddit pe.
>If Having abs is your choice, then having mcdonald’s is ours
Most Women don't want a Dad Bod on dating apps. And having abs on a Guy is visually appealing and most of us workout to attain abs. It also keeps one healthy. Mcd Fries demerits got a long list. Checkout Flying Beast's video of Mcd Fries when you stop binge eating.
>Most of you dress the same too. Mid clothes like shirt pants to hide your misogyny and incel behaviour.
What do you want? If it's summers Shirt/Tees and Jeans/Pant is the combo for 99% of Guys. Also you'll boil down if I point out girls clothing so you should not poke guys for it too.
> If you have so much problem with makeup, then don’t wear it?? Let other people wear it atleast.
Well Wearing makeup is one thing and changing your whole complexion is another. If it enhances your beauty (I doubt if you got in first place) then it's fine and I can vouch on behalf of men that nobody objects but if you change yourself completely on Tinder and IRL you're Different then it's on you. You think Male population is against Lipsticks? Stfu!
>Your joke’s aren’t funny. The sexual innuendo’s on every prompt gives gives us cringe and no laughs.
Well are your Jokes funny? Because we can see How entertaining Female comedians are in general and how much Girls ask Guys to be Funny but vice versa just wants to laugh and got no contribution . So sorry if some Guys didn't met your expectations.
> i think you should be the one worrying about being 5’2, not us lol.
Here you pretty much showed How height only Applicable to Guys which means in this Universe, there are some certain things which are applicable to Girls too, Like Height, Abs, Funny, Rich. Oh! Sorry these are just applicable to Guys so for WomenHood? Damn nothing. Even asking for Loyalty will trigger you so what to ask lol. What to expect from a Woman tell me?
> All i ask is - develop your personalities, guys. Work on your brain.
Same to you. Please work on your Brain for now. I bet you got no personality because you borrowed yours from an american teen drama.
> And stop with the mid profiles.
Most guys didn't got much to show? Do you want to see me pose in front of Statue of Liberty with DSLR and a Lambo? No! Eat Fries!
> Stop making a incel bald guy on the internet your whole personality.
As usual borrowed personality from somebody you watched on screen. That bald guy is Misogynist, not incel. Just correcting you bcoz someone needs to asap.
>Stop with the constant need for sharing your thoughts and unwanted beliefs on poor girls (and the whole reddit audience)who literally don’t give a flying fuck about you or your bullshit opinions.
Well we give a Fuck. Why you girls wrote whole ass paragraphs and at the end you're like "We don't give a Fuck"? What's this constant need to contradict yourself. You probably hate us or don't like us but you care B1tch. Stop acting Bad Bitch. Chandni chowk se hai tu!
>I know I'm being quite extreme, but some of you needs to touch some grass…actually a whole forest
You're not extreme. You're extremely low intellect narcissist who just wants Guys to improve but lost your shit when somebody probably told you about not to eat at Mcd.
Men accepts you even if you're slightly beautiful because of your genes . You literally sometimes do nothing. If we start asking for girls to be certain height, you'll realize that no matter what you do, you can't change it but for some reason you're constantly getting mocked for it too. You can change your weight but see how much depressed you get if someone mocks you for it.
Also this is my take on your Lighthearted post, you said you might delete it so all I can say is " Hurry Up"
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2023.06.03 06:34 sailawaysweetstargal I feel so defeated…

I’m approaching 4 years at my current job (recruiter - staffing agency) and for 3 years, it has been a great company to work for. It felt like family. I even got my mom a job at my company and she liked it. Everything was going well, until 2023.
Since January, my company hasn’t been doing well financially and my boss (let’s call him S) was obviously worried. He had a very hands off approach before, but he started to micromanage and scrutinize everything we did.
I hit a rut where I hadn’t made a placement in months (nothing I did. It was a very weird time with massive layoffs/recession, along with my clients and candidates being difficult to work with) and I became a target for him and my direct manager A. I was made to believe that I was a weak link, that they wanted to get rid of me, that I was useless and worthless. He would “punish” me and he ended up taking away a valuable member of my team that I was managing.
I am a sensitive person so I took it really hard. S also started to be really mean to my mom too. It was a nightmare. I started getting panic attacks, I’d sob during meetings (mic and camera off thankfully), it started affecting my physical health and as someone with an autoimmune disease, it really hit hard.
It came to a head after being screamed at and then dealing with a horrible candidate on the phone (cursed me out and I dang near begged the person to let me submit them). I finally started applying elsewhere. No luck as of yet. Eventually I made two placements and it let up a little, but damage done. I stopped being my bubbly and sweet self, electing to stare into my camera lens during meetings and being blunt and straightforward with answers to protect myself. S and A started recognize that something was up. I had two conversations separately with me and I did let them in on how I was feeling. I even learned that it’s not just me and that many colleagues are struggling too. I was kept so isolated from the rest of the group that I believed I was the only problem.
They know I’m unhappy, yet I’m still feeling so alone and stressed. I want to do well. I want them to like me again and to leave me be. I’m trying so hard to make it work, but it feels like everything I do is wrong and scrutinized. I feel trapped.
S eventually laid my mom off claiming “no work”. It sent me off the deep end. I know that my mom and I are two separate people and I shouldn’t be so upset when she is doing fine, but I am angry. Beyond angry. We have been treated like shit and he kicks her to the curb when he has found ways to keep his staff without laying them off. Is she not valuable to you? Did you even want her when you hired her?
I hate S and I hate A. I used to love my job and to help people find work, but I’m starting to hate it too. I want to go back to when things were good and when I was treated like a valuable asset and not a burden. I want to find another job, but I love what my company offers (remote work, great pay, and a fantastic work/life balance for me) and it scares me to leave. Such a weird conundrum. But I’m just so fed up. I couldn’t stop crying all day and I just stupidly checked my work emails and saw an email from S that sounded curt and scary.
I’m sorry for venting. This felt like the right place (delete if not allowed). I just want something better or something good to happen. I just wish things is this industry were easier. Is anyone else struggling? Thanks for reading if you made it this far.
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2023.06.03 06:33 AshAndy83 I love trying to piece this puzzle of a show together! Read on for clues and a new theory.

Here’s a collection of clues from S2 ep1-6 to help support a new theory.
((Heads up! I had to split posts several times since the first was way too long for me do so.))
But first! Let’s cover some groundwork from S1, which led to my analyses of S2.
Based on the cave drawings, we learn the place could be an entirely different world. By nature, cave drawings are meant to communicate the history and origins of a civilization, and by trope, they’re further meant to explain the source of the major conflict the characters are facing in the present. Here’s looking at GOT’s White Walker origin story and Raised By Wolves’s Sol and Serpent as both shows used the same device. In From, we see its Natives travel by river to a place where they encountered an ancient evil—the symbol Jade sees is drawn, as well as a giant red entity. It’s safe to assume they are one in the same. The symbol may be the creature’s mechanism to invoke change as we see white stick figure drawings transform into red stick figures, which highly allude to the monsters who torment the town. A monster did confirm they were made that way. The lighthouse Boyd and Sara see implies the strange land is by water which supports the cave drawing. In general, the lighthouse’s purpose is to aid in navigation to either stay away, danger beware and to come this way—all pertaining to the paradox of the town. Lastly, the painting of an Adam and Eve-esque couple with a creature terrifyingly towering over them strongly supports the different world concept—that’s where they’re From.
So here’s my theory—there are TWO forces at work on the town. An advanced civilization operates the town as a fear farm (think Maze Runner) in order to defeat the ancient evil who thrives off fear (think Pennywise creature) which plagues the real world “outside” of the town. The monsters, being a product of their creator, have a simple duty to satiate their creator’s need to feed on fear, whereas the civilization takes advantage of this—Like a cage with a snare trap function, the town is designed to psychologically house people (think Wandavision) to keep them alive and comfortable “for the most part” (electricity, running water, food) in order to continue harvesting their fear by trapping people in with monsters and manipulating them like Boyd, ultimately producing a hero serum—the “worm” blood, which killed the Smiley monster. “They” need to continue this cycle to keep eradicating monsters in the real world and to keep the ancient evil at bay from attacking their own society. Now since From is also a sci fi show, we can make things extra by adding a time element. The world may not even be alien. It could take place so, so far into the future, Earth is no longer what it is. In order to retrieve “stock,” “They” must resort to the past by plucking people from different timelines to accommodate the ancient evil’s cyclical appetite by starting fresh with a new batch of people. The glass bottles hanging from the tree also support this due to the collection of random years. We can go even crazier and say the ancient evil is a consequence of a causal loop where the future event created the past event which in turn creates the future event—I know, mindfuck —which is why this society uses and sacrifices people from humanity’s past in order to justify the agenda as it’s for the common good of humanity—or what’s left of it.
This is why the title is intentionally ambiguous, besides matching the ambiguity of the show, but because from does reference so many things regarding the plot. Also, the beginning credits song hints at the people’s fate being sealed and in general, there is no future to see because humanity's future is way too bleak: “Whatever will be, will be. The future’s not ours to see. Que sera sera.” What a paradox since this song sounds so carefree.
Now let’s look back at a few S1 tea. We know the MCs all experienced major life changes, both good and bad, before getting trapped: Kenny and Tian-Chen managing the dad’s dementia, Kristi was about to enter medical school, Boyd has Parkinson’s, the Matthews lost their baby, Jade just sold his software company, etc. For the most part, they’re all holding onto heavy emotions.
As if the trap “They” created only catches certain people based on their emotional standing in order to produce more favorable fear outputs. So in a sense, the people are chosen.
In episode Book 74, when Father Kahtri found Sara, she said, “Because... they told me things, things they couldn't know (“They” chose her, of course they know about her.) They told me those two cars were coming and to stand out near the edge of town and I would see. (“They” planned to do this). They said it happened before, that two cars came on the same day and everyone died. (Implies it’s a cycle). They said it was because of the people in the cars, (Jim the mechanical engineer and Jade the software developer were chosen) but if... if I did what they said, that we'd be safe, we'd get to go home.”
For as long as Victor has been there, he’s NEVER seen two cars arrive at the same time, let alone have an accident—an important detail—perhaps the element needed to spark the next chain of events, which also prompted “Them” to manipulate Sara to carry out murder plots—the youngest and most vulnerable of them all. It’s like a formula must be followed.
In an exchange between Jim and Tabitha about the same bracelet she found from her past (psychological trigger either to drive behavior or cause more emotional stress), Tabitha said, “I was so afraid I ruined it, but then, when I gave it to you, you said, "Accidents--"
Jim: "Accidents are the best part." Yes. Why? Ah, because it makes it one of a kind. (Call back to their accident with Jade. Adding Jim and Jade together at the same time adds a unique element to the cycle).
With all that being said, there’s too much sleeping and dreaming clues to ignore, which is why I’m hoping it’s more metaphoric like what transpired in Wandavision and not a Matrix or 1899 simulation since that would take away so many supernatural elements—like I want those sick kids to be actual ghosts haunting Tabitha on a land actually inhabited by things we always thought were myth. But then again, I can see “Them” copy the real world of monsters into this simulation in order to get the best results. Contradictory, there are also many Is this real? This is real. references which does imply everything the characters are experiencing is in fact directly happening to them. Agh! The paradox kills me!
Whew! Now that that’s covered, let’s unpack what we’ve seen in S2 so far that supports my reasoning rant above. Here’s the most important details in order, along with brief scene captions for clarity.
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2023.06.03 06:31 CandyFortress932 "bye Jenesa" and all the extra info husband has spent the last two weeks telling me how (he believes) I am not 'a wife' so he should not have to act like 'my husband.'
Everything I've done, is wrong in his eyes. I don't keep house well enough, according to him, and would it hurt to hit the gym?
((I am depressed. I've just been informed my mom is going to die. Her teeth have rotten out of her head, she refuses medical treatment, and this is... a lot for me, to accept my once SAHM is a meth addict, even though I've had my suspicions))
Long story, short: I thought my husband was telling me, something like, "hey hon', you're not yourself and my manager mode is coming out because we have a family to think of."
So when he asked me to clean his room (we sleep in separate rooms), I was super annoyed but fine with it.
We have a puppy, who is a chewer-upper, which is why "we" needed me to play catch up before pup ate mail or clothes or whatever fell on the ground...
I HATE HER.. and I have made an effort to not hate anyone, but I hate the shitzu out of this human.
She's married, but wrote this letter to my husband (and I want y'alls opinions, plz):
"Brandon" the card read.
"B-don, Thank you for all the laughs. (Our business) was not the same without you. Keep being you and being the light in everyone's life. <3 Janesa"
[[My spouse has NEVER even kept a birthday card, so why the... why in the world would he keep this shit with his work clothes and in my line of sight.]]
I called him at work, and he proceeded to freak out at me for three hours before suggesting I divorce him and start becoming financially independent.
Can you all just spell it out to me?
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2023.06.03 06:30 CoolTransDude1078 My friend is going to be getting a tattoo, I want to know if they'll be safe.

My friend and I are both minors. He's a year younger than me. At a pride event earlier this year, he met some people who are a bit older than us (adults or nearly adults) and they have tattoo equipment. My friend is talking about getting a tattoo from them (they have offered to do this) and I just want to know if there's any risk. Of course, there's the risk that at proper tattoo places you can't get a tattoo as a minor (in my country, that is) and there's a risk that the people may not know how to do it properly, and if they do then my friend may not take care of their tattoo properly and it could get infected. I'm absolutely fine with them getting a tattoo, I think it's dope, I just want to make sure they're okay.
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2023.06.03 06:30 LordCoale The Mercy of Humans" Part 32 - Rivers of Light

First- Previous
The planetary alarms sounded again, waking me up from a deep sleep as dawn approached. It was likely warning of another solar assault on our planet. I thought myself lucky that Op'olat and his brothers had rescued us from the cave system before it flooded.
But now I wondered if that was really such a good thing. The mountain would have easily protected us from the massive radiation storm heading towards us now. The solid stone construction of the ancient town hall would provide some protection, but will it be enough?
“Reilla!” I could hear the fear in Ael’la’s voice. The woman had been helpful since we were rescued. Even with her infant, she had taken on the care of all the orphaned children, giving them hope and comfort. But she was full of fear, even if the little ones never noticed.
“Reilla? What is happening now? Why are the sirens going off again?”
“I know as much you, but it must be another radiation storm. Get the children into the basement. Get them settled in. Sing them songs. Keep them calm and quiet.”
“If you say so.”
“I do.”
While she got the little ones into the shelter, I went searching for D’rylla. If anyone would know what is happening, it would be our grumpy little radio operator. She knew more than anyone about everything.
The alarms cut off abruptly before I found her.
“D’rylla? What is happening?”
“Oh, there’s just too much. There is a huge solar storm heading towards us with a radiation count high enough to kill anything caught on the surface. But the humans placed their fleet between the us and the sun. Their shields took the brunt of it.”
The tiny woman ran outside, surely an insane thing to do with a radiation storm hitting the planet.
“What are you doing? Get back in here!” I raced after her to stop her from committing suicide.
“No, you don’t understand. The humans stopped it. They said the energized particles are causing rivers of light in the sky and the humans say it is safe to go watch.”
The humans have proven themselves to be competent. If they say it is safe, then I believe them. So it was with only a little trepidation that I stepped outside.
The predawn sky was filled with magic. I had heard of auroras at the poles, but never this far south. It was glorious to behold. In the sky, I could see the rivers of red, purple, green, and gold light running from the far north to the equator and further out, and in space I could see bubbles of light with colors dancing wildly across the spectrum.
“It’s beautiful,” I whispered in awe.
“That must be the human’s ships,” D’rylla whispered back. “There’s at least three hundred or more.”
“If they can protect the planet from the radiation storms, then maybe our planet will survive.”
I found myself believing in the possibility. I am bitterly aware of how little the Confederation had done to help juxtaposed with what the humans had done out of their innate kindness. There is no way we can ever repay them for the gift of life, the survival of our people. And to simply say thanks seemed inadequate.
I’d spoken to one of the human search and rescue teams during a meal. Yrsa Hellström told me that just our simple survival was not good enough. She wanted our people to thrive and if we did so, then that was thanks enough for her. The concept was alien to me. In Confederation society, such acts incur debts that last generations.
“Oh! I forgot about Ael’la and the children.”
“I need to get back inside to the radios. I will tell her it is safe to come out. You stay here and enjoy the show.”
I don’t know how long I stood there, gazing at the brightening skies. Even as the sun peaked over the horizon, I could still see the rivers of light. I was so engrossed with the spectacle I did not realize I was no longer alone until I heard someone speak my name.
“Good morning, Reilla.” I recognized Op'olat’s voice right away. He’d spent quite a bit of his free time with me. I did not know if he was wanting friendship or something more. And if he wanted something more, I did not know how I felt about that just yet. So many people had lost their mates in the past weeks. I was not one of them, but I had lost the one I’d planned on marrying in the first few days. I’d not had much time to think of Hav’ed lately. I’d only had time to survive until our rescue. And after that, I’d been busy here, helping those less fortunate.
“Good morning, Op'olat.” His name meant ‘generous laughter’ in the old tongue. He lived up to the name. He was both generous and funny, even amongst all of this. He never missed the opportunity to make others laugh and was an endless source of humorous stories. The children adored him. Even the most withdrawn came out of their shells around him.
“The human Ejvar Sivarsson informed me that a Confederation naval force dropped out of hyperspace and threatened their cargo fleet, thinking to force them to leave.”
I shook my head in disgust. “The Confederation could not be bothered to send help, but they could send ships to chase off those that did come to help. Typical Confederation shit. When are the humans leaving?”
“They are not leaving. Apparently, an even larger human naval force had been waiting in hyperspace. Ejvar called them wolfhounds guarding the flock. Whatever that means.”
“Probably something like huuda guarding the atu.” I’d not seen any huuda since the storms hit. The domesticated guard beasts protect the atu flocks from predators. With atu wool being the main source of soft um’idar cloth and our main textile trade product, protecting them was important.
“Hmm. Makes sense,” he replied absently. “But the Confederation fleet thought better of it and left. When the humans detected the radiation storm, they moved all their ships to block it. They had no idea if it would work, but they put themselves in harm's way for us. It was fun to watch, though.”
“It would not have been so if it didn’t work.”
“Lek told me they were ‘in for a penny, in for a pound.’ Humans have a lot of sayings that I do not quite understand. But I looked that one up on their datanet. It means that humans should finish what they started, even though it may be difficult or expensive.”
“Their help has been truly both.”
“I wanted to tell you that the last time I went out foraging, I found some canned ippa fruit and ground multda. I saved a bit for you,” he told me.
Ippa fruit is an expensive delicacy. One that I rarely could afford when fresh. Canned was not as good, but still a rare and delicious treat. Ground multda when steeped in hot water made a wonderful savory drink that is mildly addictive. I’d not had any in weeks. It was just another in a long line of small things he’d done for me. But he did not pry, did not press me.
“Here.” He handed me a pack loaded with the foods. “There’s also some f’lad bread and rivi sweet beans you can share with the children. The should make them happy. I’d give it to them myself, but I’m going out on another mission soon. We got word of some survivors holed up in an abandoned copper mine in the Wyst’adt mountains. They have been drinking contaminated water and have some really sick kids. I should be back by dinner. I’ll see you then.”
“Thank you. I will see you when you get back, I guess.” I did not know what else to say as I watched him head to the human rescue ship.
Less than a minute later, the ship lifted off, heading south. Watching him leave left me with a hollow feeling. I knew enough about trauma to know that it caused people to feel vulnerable and confused. I knew I would eventually have to figure out how I feel about him.
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