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Welcome to Accidental Camouflage, try and blend in, or don't?

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A subreddit devoted to car modifications that are awesome. This subreddit is pretty simple, the title says it all.

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A subreddit dedicated for users to share and discuss things that drive them to the brink of anger. You'll find everything from daily frustations to serious issues in society that can elicit strong emotions. Whether it's a news article, a personal story, or just a pet peeve, this is the place to vent and connect with others who share your feeling of extreme anger about a topic.

2023.05.28 21:34 ForeverFrolicking My Ruger Super Single Six fires fine with the .22wmr cylinder, but light strikes with the LR. Any suggestions?

My Ruger Super Single Six fires fine with the .22wmr cylinder, but light strikes with the LR. Any suggestions?
Pretty much just what the title says. With the magnum cylinder, she fires all 6 rounds without a hiccup. Once I put in the LR cylinder, I start getting light strikes that don't stay consistent. Nothing seems out of order, and the ammunition works fine in other guns. I'm kinda stumped.
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2023.05.28 21:33 kazhioHD Tired of 5e, I NEED help finding an RPG for a homebrew setting

Soooo this ended up being longer than I expected, but ok here is the thing:
I've played 5e for a while now and it's been quite fun. I've dmed that system for 6 years more or less with different groups of friends. But it's been enough. 5e was my introduction to TRPGs and even though I enjoyed the hell out of the system (and still do), I could never take out the need for constant homebrewing and changing the system to suit the world/game that I was dming. I am tired of fighting against the system and trying to make it something that it isn't. Throughout these last years, I became quite a TRPGs fanatic and checked/collected different game rules and settings, but sadly I didn't manage to play them due to not finding players or the lack of interest from my party. This is not the first time I try to step out of 5e, but as everyone at the table wants to play it, I always fall back into it to avoid rpg abstinence.
Pls this can NOT happen again xd, I am done with fantasy superheroes, over-restrictive class guidelines, and prescribed vancian casting. I NEED something new that lets me be free of the 5e player expectations and rules.
After some time I am gonna restart dming from time to time in a cool shared setting that I and some friends started for a west marches/living world game. The premise of the setting is basically:
"mesh of our different real-world cultures/mythologies" + "fantasy races as product of evolution" + "an archipelago/continent with a large history of migrations" + "magic as a physical manifestation of individual or collective worldviews"
There is way way more to the setting, but explaining it would take quite a bit of space. But that is a good basic idea of it.
As I remain unwilling to use 5e, I need some new system to play the game and I thought of asking the community due to my lack of experience. We play online using Foundry and the thing is that, in the case of 5e, the overall system was too damn time-consuming for homebrew. Combat takes too long and doing all the homebrew items, NPCs, etc is quite some work to make it work smoothly with the system. And something to consider is that my prepping time is now very limited due to university.
So, after thinking more about it, I believe that these are the requirements I would need in the game: - A rules light or medium game system that is opt for homebrewing to lower the prep-time - It has good support in Foundry (I mean that one can play with no probl the system there) - It has some interesting combat and it doesn't bog down. It is fairly fast but still keeps a balance with some complexity. It being deadly can be a plus. - It is suitable for long-term play - It has a more free-form magic system. So again, no straight vancian casting.
This last thing is the biggest issue I have atm given that representing the magic of this world in the fiction depends a lot more on a character's backstory than just the actual rules of a class or magic school. The basic idea of how using magic works is that an individual can "attune" themselves with practice and study using a "magical mechanism in nature" (this would be described with fluff in the system) to a specific element(s) and so, learn how to control them and with experience, expand on their capabilities. Now what consists as an element depends on a culture's, school's, or an individual's interpretation/view. Because of how the flavor of the magic is built, it doesn't lend itself that well to an only spell slot type of system. We had been working around it with 5e, but it would be cool to now use a more suited ruleset for this.
As my players come from 5e, I've been checking some more 5e-dnd-player-friendly systems for the game like Index Cards RPG, Savage Worlds, Cypher, or overall OSR. But honestly, Idk how well these systems would translate to the world, which are their strengths in comparison to each other in practice, or if there could be any better-suited game systems. Also, my players are only familiar with dnd and though, they are open to using a new ruleset for the game, I know that it can not diverge too much from what they are used to (so no narrative-only or simulationist games). And this is important, cause oc I also want them to pass a damn good time with the game.
Still, even though they really like some good combat, from facing a BBEG to clashes of armies, they also love rp (we have a term which is "unnecessary roleplay" for the mandatory 2 hours rp we definitely don't need but require every session). And besides that, we also like the idea of traveling in the game instead of just basically teleporting, so keeping the pillars of DND would be important (exploration, social, and combat). This is why I've had my eyes on universal systems or OSRs, but again my inexperience with other systems maybe blinds me.
Anyway, sorry for the long post. If you read til here, then I thank you and I would appreciate any game suggestions or input!
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2023.05.28 21:33 Agreeable-Exercise23 Should I be concerned?

I believe that humans are allowed to be quirky without having a mental illness slapped on them but I've been having some concerns.
I used to have minor visual hallucinations as a child , I was fully aware they weren't real and they massively reduced as I got older.
It wasn't until the last 2 years ish that I now stated having auditory hallucinations and more visual hallucinations. There not bad or scary just stuff like people screaming my name or asking simple questions. Sometimes it would be a constant chatter in voices I don't recognise.
The thing is most of them time I know there not real and just ignore it. Usually because I can't see anyone in the room with me or I know the person the voice belongs to is somewhere else.
I don't have any other symptoms like paranoia. The voices aren't scary or violent they don't make me do stuff or negatively effect my thoughts. The most annoying thing about them is it makes it hard to listen ( I struggle to hear in general) and hold a convo when 3 other people are having one in your head.
The visual hallucinations are hard to remember but sometimes there stuff like someone running in front of the car ( I don't drive obviously and can't until I sort this problem out)
I'm 20 and I still haven't stopped having very violent realistic nightmares but other than that I can't find any other explanation.
I've been ignoring it since it started but it's kind of getting tedious now so.
Any advice opinions on this will be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.28 21:32 _BeastyBoi117_ Is it wrong to have 2 online dates at the same time?

This first girl I met, let's call her "J", we have been talking to each other for the past 3 months. But out of all that time, we only met each other in-person 2 times. Both times we met up, we were eating at different restaurants and getting to know each other and it turns out we both have a lot in common, mostly with interest and hobbies. We both had a good time both times. However, the last time I met J in-person has almost been a month. She's always busy not only with work and college, but also church and studying the Bible on her own while for myself I'm already working since I finished college early at 19 ( I'm 23 now).
I'm not sure if she's this committed or if her church making her study this much, but I remember she told me almost everyday she has to call certain church members to study for about 20 minutes to an hour on the phone. On the 2nd time we met, she was already on the phone with someone from church when I picked her up and waited like 15 minutes before I could talk to her. Don't get me wrong, I am committed to my own church as a Stagehand Assistant, worship and youth leader; but I'm mainly committed on Sundays, Tuesdays for my young adult group, and certain week days depending the events we have at church.
I also told J that we can also study together and go to my church for my young adult group on Tuesdays whenever she's free and she's told me she interested. But lately, she's been canceling our meet ups alot, even the days that she suggested and tells me she needs to spend time with family or study on her own. She also let's me know what days she disables her Messenger and how many days she'll be offline.
I'm trying being as patient as can with her by reminding myself with 1 Corinthians 13, but i sometimes feel like I should just give up and move on. Last night, I got a new like from another girl. She's seems nice, but I haven't like her back yet. I'm not sure what to do here. Should I move on from J and go for the new girl or spend time with both of them and decide which one is right for me? P.s. This is my first online dating experience and only using Upward for online dating.
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2023.05.28 21:32 Individual-Night-554 Sharing here because I'm not really getting any useful input in r/marriage

Throw away because my husband uses reddit as well.
The title says it all. My husband (30m) and I (24f) have been married for 3 years. Before marriage, our sex life was amazing, but after about 3/4 the way through our first year of marriage it got to the point that I was always initiating sex and was turned down quite a bit. Fast forward to now, I'm 99% of the time still the one to initiate and still turned down at least 75% of the time and given reasons of "I'm tired" "I had a long day" etc.
Which is totally valid, no means no and I can respect that. But I'd say for the last year and a half I often times find hints that he is masturbating (shower head pointed at the wall in the shower, tissues, lotion) which if he is, ok that's fine. It's healthy. But it kind of hurts knowing that he'd rather tend to himself when I'm more than willing and eager to be an active participant.
We have had talks about how the lack of sex and him turning me down makes me feel. I've been open and honest in my feelings that it makes me feel unwanted/unattractive, and he always has reassured me that's not the case, but its still a nagging thought that is on my shoulders daily. I've even gone as far as to lose weight and get in shape thinking he maybe thought the 20lbs of "happy marriage weight" was off putting and now I'm the lightest i've been since high-school, having dropped 65lbs. I buy lingerie, sexy underwear, bras, I dress up just for him but it hasn't changed anything.
Outside of this, our marriage is damn near perfect. I just don't understand what the hang up is in the bedroom. I love him dearly and this isn't something I'd consider divorce over at all. It's just killing me inside to think that i married the love of my life, yet my sex life seems to be dying at 24. Is he bored of me already? I've considered couples counseling but I don't know how to breach the idea to him.
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2023.05.28 21:32 wheres-the-avocados told boss i couldn't come in today and they still put me on the schedule

hey! so when the schedule for this week came out a couple days ago, I was never supposed to work today. I checked yesterday, I still was never scheduled to come in today. so tell me why my coworker texts me saying I got added for today? my boss asked me yesterday if I could come in today and I'd said no because it would have been my sixth day working in a row so I wanted a break. very irritated. I shouldn't have to check the schedule app every second to make sure I don't have a surprise shift pop up.
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2023.05.28 21:32 Few_Mongoose_6867 Potential Dislocated/Broken Shoulder (will be taking to the vet just anxious)

Potential Dislocated/Broken Shoulder (will be taking to the vet just anxious)
Unfortunately we live in a small town where there’s one exotic vet who comes into town for two days of the week, this animal hospital is only open on weekdays & monday is a holiday, so I can’t call a vet till Tuesday (in two days) & probably won’t be able to see one for another couple days depending on availability. My two year old rat seems he fell sometime between afternoon-dinner time yesterday & his shoulder is very out of place. Genuinely looks dislocated- i will try to get better pictures later, he’s struggling to move because his shoulder is out of place & dragging, so he’s mainly sleeping on the floor of our “hospital” cage (small comfortable one level cage with comfortable items) What can I do for him to make him more comfortable while we wait for the vet & what should/could I expect from the vet?
(my worry is the dislocation can be so bad that this is it for him, idk what could be done for a tiny guy with an injury like this. also i believe he was trying to get from the second level of his cage to the bottom, which is like maybe a foot drop if that, but he’s chunky & has no agility & likes to climb the walls going down head first , so i feel like this is how it happened. either way im fucking torn up & feel enough shame so please dont be rude)
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2023.05.28 21:32 LewisDKennedy ATFL 2023 Test

Welcome to the fifth annual all time English Football League table post! Covering all four main divisions, over every single league season from the very first in 1888/89 right up until the present day, this is something I started work on to kill some free time and have kept running each year since. If you want to have a look at the previous four posts on this project you can find them here: 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
Part One - Points Table
In order to make this work as straightforwardly as possible, I devised a scaling system whereby all points won in League 2 (or old Division Four) remain as they are, any points won in League 1 (old Division Three) are multiplied by 1.3, any points won in the Championship (old Division Two) are multiplied by 1.7, and any points won in the Premier League (old Division One) are multiplied by 2. Any points won in the National League or lower have been ignored. As always the Points Per Season also makes a return, hich I've used to indicate how efficient teams have been at earning their points over their respective histories. The original 2019 post goes into a bit more detail about why I picked this rather imperfect methodology, but I'm satisfied that it does the job.
All league status is correct as to the end of the 2022-23 season (ie, Leeds, Leicester, and Southampton are listed as Championship, Burnley, Sheffield United, and Luton are Premier League etc). Also, wins from seasons in which a win was worth two points have all been given an extra point in order to bring them in line with three points for a win seasons.
Club Current Status Total Seasons PPS Points
1 Liverpool Premier League 119 131.9 15695
2 Manchester United Premier League 120 130.2 15618
3 Arsenal Premier League 119 124.6 14823
4 Manchester City Premier League 120 117.7 14127
5 Everton Premier League 124 113.9 14127
6 Aston Villa Premier League 124 112.0 13888
7 Sunderland Championship 122 108.5 13233
8 Newcastle United Premier League 119 110.2 13113
9 West Bromwich Albion Championship 124 105.0 13017
10 Nottingham Forest Premier League 120 107.7 12924
11 Blackburn Rovers Championship 124 104.0 12902
12 Chelsea Premier League 107 120.2 12866
13 Sheffield United Premier League 120 107.0 12844
14 Derby County League One 124 103.3 12807
15 Sheffield Wednesday League One (Play Offs) 120 104.4 12522
16 Tottenham Hotspur Premier League 112 111.4 12482
17 Bolton Wanderers League One 124 100.0 12403
18 Burnley Premier League 124 99.9 12388
19 Preston North End Championship 124 99.6 12353
20 Birmingham City Championship 120 100.9 12111
21 Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League 124 97.7 12111
22 Leicester City Premier League 118 102.5 12096
23 Middlesbrough Championship 113 104.8 11845
24 Stoke City Championship 114 99.9 11392
25 Leeds United Championship 96 114.7 11013
26 Blackpool League One 115 91.5 10523
27 West Ham United Premier League 97 106.3 10307
28 Bristol City Championship 101 101.9 10293
29 Huddersfield Town Championship 102 100.1 10215
30 Notts County League Two 120 83.6 10027
31 Barnsley League One (Play Offs) 114 87.5 9973
32 Fulham Premier League 105 95.0 9970
33 Southampton Championship 96 100.6 9656
34 Bury Defunct 116 82.7 9597
35 Grimsby Town League Two 112 83.8 9388
36 Portsmouth League One 96 96.8 9291
37 Norwich City Championship 97 94.9 9206
38 Queens Park Rangers Championship 96 95.5 9165
39 Charlton Athletic League One 95 95.7 9095
40 Cardiff City Championship 96 93.8 9007
41 Millwall Championship 96 93.5 8974
42 Oldham Athletic National League 104 86.0 8946
43 Hull City Championship 107 83.5 8934
44 Coventry City Championship 97 91.9 8913
45 Bradford City League Two 109 81.0 8830
46 Crystal Palace Premier League 107 80.7 8639
47 Watford Championship 96 89.7 8609
48 Luton Town Premier League 94 91.1 8559
49 Ipswich Town Championship 78 108.4 8459
50 Reading League One 96 87.9 8439
51 Brighton and Hove Albion Premier League 96 87.8 8431
52 Port Vale League One 107 78.1 8362
53 Plymouth Argyle Championship 96 86.9 8344
54 Brentford Premier League 96 86.8 8334
55 Lincoln City League One 110 73.4 8072
56 Leyton Orient League One 105 76.2 8006
57 Swindon Town League Two 96 81.6 7835
58 Chesterfield National League 100 77.4 7739
59 Bristol Rovers League One 95 80.0 7604
60 Walsall League Two 95 79.6 7558
61 Stockport County League Two 100 74.6 7457
62 Rotherham United Championship 91 81.6 7428
63 Swansea City Championship 96 77.3 7424
64 Northampton Town League One 96 74.9 7194
65 AFC Bournemouth Premier League 92 77.1 7094
66 Southend United National League 94 75.1 7062
67 Gillingham League Two 89 75.5 6723
68 Doncaster Rovers League Two 91 72.7 6612
69 Crewe Alexandra League Two 99 66.5 6583
70 Carlisle United League One 87 73.9 6427
71 Rochdale National League 95 64.4 6117
72 Tranmere Rovers League Two 92 66.1 6081
73 Exeter City League One 91 66.0 6009
74 Wrexham League Two 80 74.5 5956
75 Hartlepool United National League 91 63.0 5735
76 Mansfield Town League Two 80 70.6 5647
77 Shrewsbury Town League One 72 74.9 5391
78 Scunthorpe United National League North 72 71.9 5178
79 Darlington National League North 81 63.8 5166
80 Colchester United League Two 71 71.5 5075
81 Torquay United National League South 78 65.1 5074
82 York City National League 72 67.8 4883
83 Peterborough United League One 63 77.3 4870
84 Oxford United League One 57 80.8 4604
85 Halifax Town Defunct 69 63.5 4383
86 Bradford Park Avenue Northern Premier League 51 85.2 4345
87 Newport County League Two 71 54.9 3896
88 Wigan Athletic League One 45 85.6 3853
89 Chester City Defunct 66 54.2 3578
90 Accrington Stanley League Two 50 68.2 3410
91 Aldershot Defunct 52 64.5 3356
92 Southport National League North 50 65.7 3285
93 Cambridge United League One 44 70.8 3114
94 Barrow League Two 45 64.5 2903
95 Wimbledon Defunct 27 97.6 2635
96 Wycombe Wanderers League One 30 73.1 2192
97 Hereford United Defunct 31 59.6 1847
98 Workington Northern Premier League 26 60.7 1577
99 Milton Keynes Dons League Two 19 82.6 1569
100 Cheltenham Town League One 23 62.9 1447
101 New Brighton Defunct 22 61.9 1362
102 Gateshead Defunct 24 56.1 1347
103 Glossop North End North West Counties League Premier Division 17 72.9 1240
104 Barnet National League 21 56.8 1192
105 Yeovil Town National League South 16 67.6 1082
106 Gainsborough Trinity Northern Premier League 16 67.3 1076
107 Burton Albion League One 14 73.9 1034
108 Macclesfield Town Defunct 18 51.2 922
109 Morecambe League Two 16 56.1 897
110 Leeds City Defunct 10 84.4 844
111 Fleetwood Town League One 11 75.1 826
112 Stevenage League One 13 62.6 814
113 Crawley Town League Two 12 62.3 747
114 AFC Wimbledon League Two 12 59.0 708
115 Wigan Borough Defunct 10 68.7 687
116 Scarborough Defunct 12 57.3 687
117 Nelson North West Counties League Division One North 10 68.2 682
118 Merthyr Town Southern League Premier Division South 10 58.6 586
119 Burton Swifts Defunct 9 57.6 518
120 Ashington Northern Premier League 8 64.6 517
121 Dagenham & Redbridge National League 9 56.0 504
122 Rotherham County Defunct 6 77.7 466
123 Durham City Wearside Football League Division Two 7 63.1 442
124 Darwen Defunct 8 51.6 413
125 Burton United Defunct 6 61.2 367
126 Forest Green Rovers League Two 6 60.3 362
127 Rushden & Diamonds Defunct 5 62.2 311
128 Aldershot Town National League 5 60.2 301
129 New Brighton Tower Defunct 3 95.0 285
130 Aberdare Athletic Defunct 6 46.5 279
131 Accrington Defunct 5 55.2 276
132 Kidderminster Harriers National League 5 55.0 275
133 Boston United National League North 5 53.6 268
134 Salford City League Two 4 66.5 266
135 Burton Wanderers Defunct 3 78.7 236
136 Loughborough Defunct 5 41.4 207
137 Maidstone United Defunct 3 55.3 166
138 Harrogate Town League Two 3 54.0 162
139 Stalybridge Celtic Northern Premier League Division One West 2 71.5 143
140 Rotherham Town Defunct 3 45.3 136
141 Sutton United League Two 2 67.0 134
142 Thames Defunct 2 50.0 100
143 Northwich Victoria North West Counties League Premier Division 2 34.5 69
144 Middlesbrough Ironopolis Defunct 1 47.0 47
145 Bootle Defunct 1 45.0 45​
2023 Observations
Part Two - Average Finishing Position of the Current 92
Last year I introduced a secondary ranking method, based on finishing positions rather than points won. Each club is assigned a number from 1 to 92 based on where they finish at the end of the season (1 to 20 for Premier League, 21 to 44 for Championship, etc). This is then done for every season of league football for each club and divided by the number of seasons they've spent in the Football League to give their average finishing position in the pyramid.
Unlike part 1 however, I've only included the current 92 Football League clubs. This is due to clubs such as the original Accrington only playing 5 Football League seasons in the late 1800s when there was only 1 division - meaning their average finishing position was higher than a lot of top tier mainstays.
So, here is the historical average finishing position of the 92 Football League clubs that will partake in the 2023/24 season:
Club Current Status Total Seasons Total Pos Average
1 Liverpool Premier League 119 943 7.9
2 Arsenal Premier League 119 1010 8.5
3 Everton Premier League 124 1218 9.8
4 Manchester United Premier League 120 1195 10.0
5 Tottenham Hotspur Premier League 112 1197 10.7
6 Aston Villa Premier League 124 1464 11.8
7 Chelsea Premier League 107 1381 12.9
8 Manchester City Premier League 120 1595 13.3
9 Newcastle United Premier League 119 1676 14.1
10 Sunderland Championship 122 2064 16.9
11 West Bromwich Albion Championship 124 2239 18.1
12 West Ham United Premier League 97 1790 18.5
13 Leeds United Championship 96 1869 19.5
14 Blackburn Rovers Championship 124 2487 20.1
15 Wolverhampton Wanderers Premier League 124 2543 20.5
16 Derby County League One 124 2618 21.1
17 Leicester City Premier League 118 2607 22.1
18 Middlesbrough Championship 113 2393 21.2
19 Sheffield Wednesday League One (Play Offs) 120 2662 22.2
20 Sheffield United Premier League 120 2677 22.3
21 Bolton Wanderers League One 124 2840 22.9
22 Nottingham Forest Premier League 120 2760 23.0
23 Birmingham City Championship 120 2808 23.4
24 Stoke City Championship 114 2686 23.6
25 Southampton Championship 96 2411 25.1
26 Burnley Premier League 124 3257 26.3
27 Ipswich Town Championship 78 2177 27.9
28 Preston North End Championship 124 3733 30.1
31 Fulham Premier League 105 3455 32.9
29 Portsmouth League One 96 3171 33.0
30 Charlton Athletic League One 95 3144 33.1
32 Crystal Palace Premier League 107 3552 33.2
33 Huddersfield Town Championship 102 3400 33.3
34 Norwich City Championship 97 3242 33.4
35 Coventry City Championship 97 3344 34.5
36 Blackpool League One 115 4193 36.5
37 Queens Park Rangers Championship 97 3547 36.6
38 Cardiff City Championship 96 3758 39.1
39 Luton Town Premier League 94 3819 40.6
40 Hull City Championship 107 4549 42.5
41 Barnsley League One (Play Offs) 114 4861 42.6
42 Watford Championship 96 4118 42.9
43 Millwall Championship 96 4222 44.0
44 Bristol City Championship 101 4496 44.5
45 Grimsby Town League Two 112 5065 45.2
46 Brighton and Hove Albion Premier League 96 4465 46.5
47 Swansea City Championship 96 4500 46.9
48 Lincoln City League One 110 5213 47.4
49 Wigan Athletic League One 45 2156 47.9
50 Reading League One 96 4609 48.0
51 Plymouth Argyle Championship 96 4736 49.3
52 Brentford Premier League 96 4872 50.8
53 Bradford City League Two 109 5589 51.3
54 Leyton Orient League One 105 5631 53.6
55 Oxford United League One 57 3053 53.6
56 Swindon Town League Two 96 5194 54.1
57 Port Vale League One 107 5795 54.2
58 Rotherham United Championship 91 4941 54.3
59 AFC Bournemouth Premier League 92 5016 54.5
60 Bristol Rovers League One 95 5287 55.7
61 Milton Keynes Dons League Two 19 1093 57.5
62 Tranmere Rovers League Two 92 5432 59.0
63 Stockport County League Two 100 5964 59.6
64 Fleetwood Town League One 11 661 60.1
65 Walsall League Two 95 5773 60.8
66 Doncaster Rovers League Two 91 5541 60.9
67 Shrewsbury Town League One 72 4382 60.9
68 Carlisle United League One 87 5346 61.4
69 Peterborough United League One 63 3939 62.5
70 Forest Green Rovers League Two 6 377 62.8
71 Gillingham League Two 89 5614 63.1
72 Burton Albion League One 14 885 63.2
73 Accrington Stanley League Two 50 3227 64.5
74 Crewe Alexandra League Two 99 6416 64.8
75 Northampton Town League One 96 6296 65.6
76 Wycombe Wanderers League One 30 1970 65.7
77 Colchester United League Two 71 4713 66.4
78 Cambridge United League One 44 2945 66.9
79 Newport County League Two 71 4803 67.6
80 Mansfield Town League Two 80 5431 67.9
81 Exeter City League One 91 6347 69.7
82 Barrow League Two 45 3160 70.2
83 AFC Wimbledon League Two 12 886 73.8
84 Wrexham League Two 80 5956 74.5
85 Cheltenham Town League One 23 1734 75.4
86 Stevenage League One 13 987 75.9
87 Crawley Town League Two 12 924 77.0
88 Salford City League Two 4 308 77.0
89 Sutton United League Two 2 158 79.0
90 Morecambe League Two 16 1292 80.8
91 Notts County League Two 120 10027 83.6
92 Harrogate Town League Two 3 259 86.3​
Given the length of this post I may start have to start seperating these two parts into two posts going forwards - please let me know if you think this might make it easier to digest.
I would like to thank the Football Club History Database once again, as it is what made the original 2019 post possible. Its been extremely helpful for this project, but its also really fun to use to read about obscure defunct clubs from the 1890s.
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2023.05.28 21:32 Responsible_Run_5511 Living with someone you don't love is terrible

I'm living with my baby momma and trying to co-parent. Although I work 2 jobs and she is unemployed, I still have to be the one who makes sure the house is clean, our son is cared for properly, all while she scrolls on tiktok being unemployed just watching our kid. Dont get me wrong it's not easy watching a kid, but wow does she milk the sympathy, and does a shitty job at taking care of him. My home is supposed to be my sacred happy place, but everytime i forgive her and come home happy, she immediately shits on my mood. she only responds to me when im angry and im a person who tries to use words of reason before escalating. she only responds to anger and it makes for a very frustrating existence here in my own house. i just want whats best for my kid. im sad and i wish i had a rational baby mom.
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2023.05.28 21:32 LivinDeadSquirrel Xbox bug?

It seems most people in this subreddit don't like the game, which is fine I'm not here to discuss that. I just need help with a bug I may have encountered.
I don't think this spoils anything, and I'll try to be vague enough to not spoil the puzzle but I'll tag it spoilers anyways..
I'm playing on xbox and I keep getting stuck at the mirror puzzle in the Riddlemasters room. I turn the painting and go through the dialog but then I get stuck with my only action being to keep turning the painting. Anyone else encountered this? I've reloaded checkpoints and even rebooted the game and I still keep getting stuck.
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2023.05.28 21:32 saddestredhead He broke up with me

He broke up with me
Him from France and he was 22 me from Peru i’m the same age. He broke up with me yesterday because he said i made his life more complicated because of the distance and he deserves a “simple and grounded life” When he was the one to ask me to be his girlfriend in the first place and be after me for a long time, this is ridiculous…I’m really MAD
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2023.05.28 21:32 eggfacemcticklesnort I really want Bungie to rethink Boss encounters

The majority of every single raid and dungeon boss encounter in the history of D2 has been "do mechanics for a super long time, then do damage for a short window." The ratio of time spent doing mechanics and time doing damage shifts, but the structure has remained largely the same.
I would love to see Bungie do more unique boss encounters, like Aksis, Shuro Chi, Templar, or even Crota. Short window of mechanics followed by a longer window of damaging the boss while also doing mechanics. And no, I dont consider "move to a different plate" or "hide in room" to be interesting mechanics. Slamming Aksis in the back while also slamming a spot in the ground is interesting, moving around the room while charging the Aegis, killing Oracles, and blocking teleports for Templar is interesting. Finding the sword bearer, dropping crota to his knees while also needing to kill the Oversoul is interesting.
Instead of the constant "you have 4 tries to kill the boss, or its a wipe" in raids, or the constant "you need to do all this stuff to set up a damage phase, and then you just shoot the boss" in dungeons, it would be great to see some encounters where we just immediately go into damaging the boss but need to do mechanics during that to allow for better damage/preventing death. And the entire encounter is just constantly damaging that boss bit by bit, and there aren't really "phases" but just one fluid encounter.
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2023.05.28 21:31 imsailingimasailor [OC Fan Script] "Curb Your Enthusiasm" - Feeding the Meter

INT. FIRST RESTAURANT - DAY Larry is enjoying his meal when he realizes he's been here for over an hour. He looks at his watch, alarmed. LARRY I'd better feed the meter! EXT. STREET BY FIRST RESTAURANT - DAY Larry exits the restaurant and quickly puts money in the meter of a car that looks similar to his but isn't. He doesn't notice it's the wrong car and goes back inside. INT. FIRST RESTAURANT - DAY (the meal & conversation continue) EXT. STREET BY FIRST RESTAURANT - DAY Later, Larry exits the restaurant and finds a PARKING COP writing a ticket for his car. LARRY Hey, wait! I fed the meter! That one right over there! Larry points to the meter on the other car, which has plenty of time left. PARKING COP Sorry, sir. You put your money in the wrong meter. LARRY But, c'mon! They look so similar! Besides, I still paid the meter, so whoever owns that car got extra time, and I get a ticket? That's not right! The Parking Cop sighs, unyielding, and hands Larry the ticket anyway. Larry reluctantly takes it and reads the charge. LARRY (CONT'D) Expired parking meter—thirty-five dollars?! Unbelievable... INT. SECOND RESTAURANT - DAY Later, Larry is with his manager, JEFF, at another restaurant. He spots the same Parking Cop outside, writing tickets for cars on the street. LARRY Here's my chance. Watch this. EXT. SECOND RESTAURANT - DAY Larry approaches a car with an expired meter and feeds a quarter into it just before the Parking Cop can write the ticket. PARKING COP Hey, you can't feed other people's meters! LARRY Well, you sure didn't have a problem with it the other day when I accidentally fed someone else's meter! Remember? Frustrated, the Parking Cop tries moving to the next expired meter, but Larry dashes ahead and drops another quarter in it. PARKING COP It's illegal to feed other people's meters, sir! LARRY These are all my cars. Every single one on this block. The Parking Cop sighs, defeated, and writes Larry another ticket. He hands it to Larry and walks away. Larry reads the ticket: Illegal feeding of parking meters - $350.
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2023.05.28 21:31 Super_Bright How do I present as more feminine when I do not have a feminine body at all? (genderqueer)

Hey everyone,
I'm kind of new to being genderqueer so I wanted some advice on this. I was assigned male at birth but probably started doubting that as my gender identity at around 14. This was when I first became aware of the term transgender and I thought I was trans immediately and for a while I looked into how I could become a girl. However, after a lot of thinking, I decided ultimately I probably was not trans. I liked being male but I also really wanted to be female too but not so much that I was willing to transition.
Fast forward to now. I'm a male presenting dude who publicly takes he/him pronouns but secretly I feel very incomplete. I crave to express my femininity, but I do not have a very feminine body. I've got a beard, short hair, very broad shoulders and a gut I'm really trying to get rid of but am struggling. I've also got a lot of outwardly facing masculine hobbies, I love football and I play games in my spare time, I understand that these things are not inherently "guy things" but still, I also have a lot of very masculine friends too.
I'm not the biggest fan of the term "femboy" just because of how a lot of people assign a very strong sexual connotation to that but it's not far off how I feel. I regularly wear panties and women's socks just as a mini expression of my femininity, but in all honesty when I'm on my own I'd love to just wear exclusively womens clothes. I live with my parents and they are very much against anything like this so I feel like this is something I cannot express but I intend to move out in the next few months, when I do I intend to spend all of the time I spend alone in the house wearing womens clothing. I intend to sleep in nightgowns or womens pyjamas and sit around the house in dresses or skirts. I really cant wait. The issue is, I know I don't look good in these clothes and when I leave the house I know I'll be switching back to a t-shirt and jeans, which is deeply unsatisfying to me. I'm not asking to be go out in summer frocks with long nails and high heels, just something a bit more me.
I feel like I spent most of my life up until now seeing these masculine parts of my character and feminine parts of my character as at odds with each other, but I've more recently realised that they're both me. They both add up to make the person I am. I still want to be a dude shouting his mouth off at the football, but I'd like to be able to subtly express a bit of femininity while doing it which I'd love to know any suggestions of how I can do that and feel more comfortable. While at home, it's not issue but out and about I need that help. Thank you all!
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2023.05.28 21:31 yomommatoosexy Too many people underestimate the mousepad(s) they use. Forget PCs, this is the most important component!

I don't care if you have a 4090 13900K - if you picked up a couple of lesser density composite (LDC) mousepads you made a crucial mistake. Not only will you not be able to use the full power of your parts, but your enjoyment will plummet. It's time buildapc put our foot down on this. We need to tell people to go plastic or aluminum. Forget LDC totally. It's terrible - rough, ugly inconsistent. And viewing angles!
Rubber was king for the longest time and still has many benefits, but it's falling out of favor for immersive games or watching TV/movies/YouTube, especially games with plenty of dark moments like RDR2. If you enjoy looking at a grey screen and seeing an ugly ass mousepad, enjoy. I said goodbye to that years ago.
Plastic has caught up, and the best plastic mousepads match aluminum in construction quality. Realistically, viewing angles only matter for a small subset of people. If you're part of the 99% sitting directly in front of your mousepad, there is no problem with plastic compared to aluminum. New plastic mousepads have eliminated the old LDC.
I encourage you to research and invest. Just off the top of my head, a subolong Aluminum Metal Mouse Pad Gaming Mouse Pad Aluminum Mouse Pad-black can be secured for a few bucks nowadays if you wait for a good sale. A mousepad like this means you can see details in the shadows in a pitch black Deep Rock Galactic cave, or when flying at night in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
RGB: this is where the fun begins. They cost as much as a rx570, but it's endgame. If you're in a dark cave or room in a game, you can see the details. Your torch matters and is your only hope for getting through the area. There is no ugly ass mouse pad in front of you. If you're into horror games, RGB will make you feel like you're not scared. You'll actually be able to enjoy using a mouse. /s lmfao
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2023.05.28 21:31 worriedbill Random thought I had about Faust

None of you will believe me but I actually thought of this before Asuka was revealed.
Basically the idea was to change his "what's this?" Move so instead if randomly generating an item upon use , Faust would have a "hand" of items that would display above his tension meter.
Closest to the center of the screen, and slightly larger than the others, would show the item that Faust is queued to throw next, and the behind that one would be three smaller slots to show the next three items that Faust would be queued to throw. Whenever Faust would throw an item a new item would be added, chosen at random.
This still utilizes Fausts randomness but allows both the faust player and his opponent to play around what he has available. It also let's Faust use his item spam super knowing exactly what is coming.
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2023.05.28 21:31 Difficult_Cold_6647 Looking for a compact general purpose (+light gaming) laptop under 2000 USD

Hi, I'm looking to buy a new laptop for grad school and would prioritise the following factors in the order mentioned below:-
1) High processing power - for applications such as machine learning (training), signal processing, mathematical modelling. I am still not sure of the softwares that I might use (and the associated workload) but I would like to have a future proof option (within my budget). 2) Good portability - lightweight and easy to carry, small screen size is okay (13/14 inch). I would be taking it to classes and labs, so being compact would be really helpful. 3) Gaming - I would not be doing it very frequently or intensely but would really love to have a machine that could run all the latest games at decent frame rates. 4) Nice display - I don't have much idea about the current standards but I would prefer something that has good clarity and brightness and less glare. 5) Battery - Expect at least 5-6 hours of continuous use (at medium loads)
Budget - Upto 2000USD
There seem to be so many options these days, it gets so confusing. Would really appreciate if some of the experienced folks out there could help me out in making a good decision. Thanks
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2023.05.28 21:31 init4ever Need Help with University decisions

Hi, I am a grade 12 Ontario Student who plans to either study CS, SoftEng or Business and I need help making a decision. Here are my options that I am considering
Laurier: BBA and laurier CS(BCS) double degree (co-op):
Pros: This program would give me the my Business Admin degree and my CS degree which is great as I am interested in both fields. I also get guaranteed coop as I'm a double degree student and although the coop is primarily just business jobs it would still be good as I am interested in business. Also overall decent Uni experience. I have friends going here.
Cons: I am not to happy with being at laurier as the campus is not the best from what I've heard and they don't have a good CS reputation so i am concerned if that would make it hard for me to pursue a cs job if I do want to go down that field. Idk if I would enjoy laurier either because I didn't really like waterloo that much.
Guelph: computing degree in CS (co-op) or SoftEng(co-op):
Pros: I get coop if I attend guelph in which ever program I choose (either cs or softEng) and from what I've heard its not too hard to make the requirements to stay in coop. I have friends going to guelph and Ive heard that people have a great time there.
cons: Im not sure how good guelph is regarding cs jobs and softeng jobs. I also would not get to do business at guelph so if i wanted to pursue business I would need to get a mba or other degree later.
Queens: computing degree in CS:
pros: I really loved queens campus, they have a excellent uni experience and I have friends going here. Queens also has a good reputation with there school and they have a good networking/alumni status.
cons: This school has Quip instead of Co-op which is a year long internship program, I am unsure if this is alot worse then coop as far as cs jobs go. I would also have to compete for these internship positions. Queens also doesn't allow me to do anything in business if i did want to do that.
Uottawa: SoftEng degree (coop) or CS degree (not guaranteed coop)
pros: UOttawa has a good reputation regarding stem jobs in both cs and softeng. I would not have to compete for softeng coop but I would have to keep up a high average for Uottawa Coop. Good school overall. I can possibly pursue a minor or something with business.
cons: I dont get the best uni experience at this school. I have no friends going to this school either. I am unsure of how much I would actually enjoy it here.
Schools I ruled out: ryerson cs, UTM cs, western Cs, McMaster Business 1.
I would really appricate any input on this from students at these schools or anyone who has information about what they think I should do. Thank you so much
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2023.05.28 21:31 Tattooedracer Controlling fil is no longer allowed to see the children.

I (28 female) and my boyfriend (32 male) are expecting our first child together in October. I have a daughter I have full custody of from a previous relationship and my boyfriend and his family have been wonderful with inviting me and my daughter into the family or so I thought. I come from an abusive house hold, physical abuse and LOTS of emotional abuse. I've been on my own since 18 and never looked back, if something didnt get done by someone else I took care of it because I had to.
My boyfriend on the other hand has always been very close with his family (only child from an Italian family never really had to figure out life it was taken care of) and invited me to meet them and since I'm a single mother they met my daughter as well.
Everything seemed fine until little things started happening, his dad telling him what to do with my boyfriend's home (he bought his parents home) telling him to do this or not do this.. I told my boyfriend he is grown and should be able to take care of things and make decisions himself. My boyfriend agrees and says he ignores his dad and let's him get it out of his head because it's "just the way he is".. 🙄
Now, his family (his mother's side) is who we spend time with, on multiple occasions though his outspoken aunt has said and done some not great things. One being insult my religious beliefs as a Catholic. I'm not a perfect person by any means but I don't see the point in berating my views and values. The next was when we announced our pregnancy this said aunt looked absolutely disgusted at us. No words. No smile. Just disgust. That was it for me I was done with her, to insult my God and then our unborn child was enough. So I didn't invite her to my daughters birthday and cut off contact.
This started a spiral, bfs dad called him over to come pick up my daughter (which they always ask to watch I work from home so generally I don't let her go anywhere without me or bf) and "sat him down" saying he needed to fix this, and how hurt his aunt was not being invited. My bf said are you serious? Aunt has insulted my gf on multiple occasions and was disgusted about our unborn baby and aunt is hurt?! What about gf? So, my bfs parents proceeded to tell him that they didn't want to see me or my daughter anymore (no worries there didn't want to see them again either) but then said they didn't think they wanted to see HIM anymore either. WHAT?! I. LOST. IT. I've always told my bfs it's his family and he gets to deal with them how he sees fit but I am fiercely protective of my children and my bf.
I let his dad have it, I told him that my bf was a grown man with a family to take care of and a daughter on the way. That my bf isn't a child to be "sat down" to "fix things" when the aunt was the one who started all of this to begin with. And how dare he say such horrible things to my bf.
(Back story I was on bed rest for 2-3 months during pregnancy because I was so sick. Even though I never told bf to stay home from family or dinners with everyone or seeing his parents tbh, I didn't care.)
This started a fight obviously, telling me how I try to control his son, to hate his family, and that I should leave his son and let him find someone nice who appreciates how wonderful their son is.
Oh I lost my mind, I told him he was a terrible father and husband for taking out his anger on his family and for not letting others talk (he would stop his wife from talking when he didn't want her to) and for being abusive and controlling. (This isn't the first instance and again my bf said it's "just how he is") I told bfs dad neither him or his wife will see their grandchild or my daughter ever and I'm sticking to my guns here. My bf understands that if they can't be good to me and him they don't deserve to see their grandchildren. His mom didn't really do anything so that I'm not too worried about. I told bf if he didn't set boundaries and understand that his dad trying to control everything, telling my bf what to do and taking his anger out on others is abusive. He needs to tell him off because if everyone keeps trying to interfere in our relationship I don't know how we will continue.
His dad has reached out to apologize to my bf (me too and I told him to leave me alone) and said he was crying and so hurt by everything said and how bad he feels. My bf told me that he does this, hell be mean then the next day say he's sorry and feel so terrible. I get people make mistakes but it's a continuous thing with this family, that they are older and have to respect no one but everyone has to respect them. And I just won't do it.
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2023.05.28 21:30 ItzAlphaWolf [Discussion] Furry Worries - Week 327

Hey furries, u/The-Woop hasn't made one of these in a little bit. I've always liked these posts so I thought that I'd help him out again by taking over until he gets back.
Users have sometimes stated that it is difficult to express their sorrows or misfortunes on this sub because they do not want to feel burdensome or unwelcome in what is normally a very happy-go-lucky environment. And so, this thread is to encourage furs to open up with their issues, not only on here but on the sub as a whole. If grief has been on your mind or something has been bothering you as of late, big or small, please leave a comment for myself and others to see if we can be of any help, or at least lend a sympathetic ear.
Alternatively, if you feel pretty nice about yourself today, don't be afraid to browse any existing comments and see if you can make somebody's day a little better. Maybe you have experience with what that person might be dealing with. Or perhaps you just want to let them know that they have a person to talk to. However, there are the principles that should be considered:
1:If you are responding to a comment do your best to be as thorough and insightful as possible. Do not just comment and forget about the other person afterward. While little pick-me-ups can help, do your best to be there for the other person. Encourage discussion and do not be afraid to have more in depth conversations. The comment section is always fine, but if either of you feel that you must talk in a more private setting, do not be afraid to use something such as PM, or a different instant messaging service.
2: I am aware that unfortunately, misfortune does not have a curfew. This thread is not in any way meant to contain negative emotion on the sub, but is meant to be a convenient place for others to open up and find somebody to talk to. If you experience strife at any other time during the week, do not feel like you must wait until Saturday to state it. Please feel free to make your own post.
3:This thread is not meant to replace professional help. If you feel that you could have depression or any other similar psychological condition, you are still invited to post, but it is highly recommended that you seek a form of professional help as well as look into the resources below.
4: Suffering is not a competition. Do not feel like your issues are too slight, or insignificant to post. You are invited to express your problems no matter their scale. Your sadness is just as valid as any others.
5:If you are not looking for advice and would just like to receive emotional support or simply get something off of your chest, you are more than welcome to state so. After all, a shoulder to lean can be a great remedy.
Last but certainly not least, here are a list of resources that anyone can contact. Please do not hesitate to use them if you feel the need. It is better to call and it not be worth it, than to not call and forgo the help you deserve.
International Suicide Prevention Hotlines
National Suicide Prevention Hotline (USA): 1800 273 8255
Distress Centre (Canada): 416 408 4357
UK The Samaritans or 08457 90 90 90
Samaritans (Ireland): 1850 60 90 90
Lifeline (Australia): 13 11 14
Lifeline (New Zealand): 0800 543 354
Greece KLIMAKA Center for Suicide Prevention or 101
Japan TELL Tokyo Lifeline in English/Japanese or 03-5774-099
Spain Teléfono de la Esperanza or 902500002 2
Chile Teléfono de la Esperanza or (00 56 42) 22 12 00
Germany Telefonseelsorge or 0800 111 0 111 (or 222)
Brazil CVV or 141 France S.O.S Amitié International Association for Suicide Prevention
More numbers - hotlines.html
Trans Lifeline
Trans Lifeline -
UK Support -
LGBT Resources
The Trevor Project 24 hour hotline - 866-488-7386
Website -
Twitter - u/
Addiction Resources
Alcoholic Anonymous -
Narcotics Anonymous - National
Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders Association's toll-free hotline (Mon–Fri, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST) - 1-800-931-2237
Crisis Chat
In the United States Chat anonymously with an Active Listener:
Self Harm
Alternatives for Stopping Self Abuse or 1–800-DONT-CUT (366–8288)
Rape and Sexual Abuse
Rape Abuse & Incest National Network or 800-656-HOPE (4673)
Finding a Professional
Unfortunatly, while there seems to be no globe wide way to find food banks for those in need of food, Google Maps should give a good starting point to find your local ones.
And as always, if anyone has any ideas on how this thread could be improved upon or if the concept is in any way flawed, please do not hesitate to send u/The-Woop a PM.
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2023.05.28 21:30 Spartan1088 The toxic +15 happened and I must say... wow.

It finally happened. I thought it was a meme up until this point. Had a tank and DPS cursing me out for just plainly doing my job- calling me a loser, saying i'll never heal a 20, and laughing at my dps (as a healer). I told the warrior it wasn't a 20 and if he has time to type then he has time to shut up and do 20k more damage. He didn't like that.
The world can be a weird and disconnected place. I can't imagine what others go through that don't take it as a joke.
Stay strong out there.
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2023.05.28 21:30 Katlevv I need some serious and detailed advice as I don’t have close friends 💔

we’ve been seeing each other since February. initially, we thought we will only enjoy each other’s company while i am in his state but we talk daily, go on dates, sleep together, cuddle, watch movies and so on… it’s too much of an involvement for hooking up and i know that i messed up by continuing with this terms, but mistake is already made. i am 23, he is 37 so i get the difficulty of this situation but we understand each other. even if something comes up, we always talk it out.
i have to leave his state in September and come back in December for a month, leave for Spring and finally move to his state next Summer. (i will move here even if we break up).
he doesn’t say what i want to hear. he has ptsd and a failed relationship as he always says that he doesn’t want to rush anymore and declare someone is his soulmate without getting to know the person. but how much longer i should wait? he wants me to stay here in fall and said even if i go back and come back in December, he will wait for me. then why isn’t he making this official? he said he wants kids and family and i am not sure what his plan is as he is already 37.
he had to leave the country for work and i joked that this a farewell and he didn’t take it good. anytime when i say i won’t stay at his place, i can tell he wants the opposite so it’s super confusing.
i believe that when a guy wants you,you’ll know. but i also believe that sometimes guys no matter the age or experience can be stupid and don’t take action and sometimes it can work out if you fight for it. i can admit that i have feelings and just the thought of leaving him forever makes me feel heartbroken.
i don’t know how to have that conversation and i really need some good advice on how should i effectively articulate my thoughts. i want to say bye but at the same time i would rather have him even if it’s until august..
i would take any advice on how i should act or what type of conversation i should initiate to find out whether he sees me in his future or not.
thanks in advance and i would really appreciate any insight 😓
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