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2023.06.07 00:25 bskupaka Anywhere to shoot in Nebraska?

I’ll be road-tripping through NE in a month for a work trip and will have some free time? Any good outdoor ranges between Denver and Omaha? Anywhere to night shoot?
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2023.06.07 00:23 polarr-star My ex told me something that scared me and denied it afterwords

on a random Friday night my ex texted me and asked me to go clubbing together. Because i missed him a lot i said yes. We eventually went back to my place and decided he would spent the night. I smoked some🍃to lighten the mood before we went to bed. We headed upstairs and i was good, almost falling asleep. Until he started to say some weird stuff. He said that he needed to test me, to know that i meant well with him even after he broke my heart. We talked for at least an hour, until something he said made me jump. I told him to not scare me. But the next thing he said made me even more scared… he said that we hadn’t talked for a while and we were just cuddling. To this day i don’t remember what he said to scare me and i don’t know if anything that happened after i smoked is even real. I asked him afterwords and he said he doesn’t remember anything. Maybe i was just really baked but still, it all feels so real even tho i don’t really remember.
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2023.06.07 00:22 cheddarbobbin Call it fate?

I bartend and I bartend sober now (yay!) Drug and alcohol use is rampant in this industry as many of you know. Usually I fucking love my job but people have just treating me sub human lately. Last night crescendoed when I was straight up verbally abused about everything from what a loser job it is to my appearance by some customers. No shit I used to drink so much. People really suck sometimes. Their banned from premises but easily top 3 worst nights of my tenure. Still sober, but there was a HUGE silver lining.
A regular of the establishment who we all love came in near close after the debacle. Real charasmatic huge hearted guy. He’s been missing for a month which is strange. He’s a 7 long islands and a few shots and still stone cold sober kind of drinker. Also a bartender. He offered to buy me a shot because he could tell I was mentally off and upset. Slipped in the “I really wish but I don’t imbibe any longer.” And fuck man, last night I really wanted a drink. He knows me as a heavy heavy drinker and his entire demeanor changed. He informed me he’s been sober for a month and came in for a sneaky relapse. Was already half of one drink in and I just felt like crap about it but I put those things aside for the job.
He asked me to dump the rest. We got to talking and our journeys with addiction are incredibly similar down to the crazy intestinal issues and daily bile vomiting. The nitty gritty embarrassing parts. It felt so nice to really talk about it all with someone in person who gets it. He planned on buying a bottle on the way home, we texted until he got home and went to bed to make sure he didn’t per his request. To be clear this is not a romantic story we bat for the same team if you catch my drift but I’m beyond excited to meet for coffee this week and share some restaurant idustry and recovery comradary. He said it felt like fate, I feel the same way the world works in some crazy ways.
IWNDWYT and to all the restaurant industry folks keep fighting the good fight it can be fucking hard but it’s worth it.
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2023.06.07 00:22 abbehardy Possible Genital Herpes Outbreak and a girl wants to have sex with me, how to proceed?

Question: I have a genital outbreak that may be herpes (that's what the doctor think) and today I went on a date which I thought was just going to be us talking but we had a very nice time, went back to mine and DID NOT HAVE SEX. I was very adamant about that I have a penis problem and I need some few days to look into it and get it sorted and figure out what’s going on. Things was getting very heated but I couldn't proceed to do anything let alone take off my clothes in good conscience because I know that I could not stop what would happen next.
This woman really wants to have sex with me and also get to know me and I want the same. Tomorrow I have to leave a blood sample at the hospital that covers all things sexually related and also a urine sample.
The doctors educated guess was herpes, but he wasn’t entirely sure and administered herpes antibiotics anyway.
I’m taking VALTREX 500mg 3 times a day and I've been taking that since Friday, today is Tuesday. Whatever rash I have have gone down 90% since Friday. It's almost not visible anymore.
She’s here in town now for maybe a week and a half more and I really want to explore sex with her. How should I go about this?
Just condoms? And no blowjobs or other things?
She’s a sweet and very nice girl and I don’t want her in any trouble.
I told her to wait with sex until this Friday (again today is Tuesday) and until then we can walk, talk have coffee and such things.
Also the doctor told me that the test results will be coming in 7–14 days so I won’t even know what's really going on with my penis until after she leaves the country unless I'm lucky to get the results quickly.
TLDR: If this is herpes, how to move forward? Will I ever have a chance to f*ck raw again? Do I have to tell all my one night stands? Like right before bringing a girl back to mine from the bar: hey just so you know before you go home with me a stranger you just met I want to let you know that I have herpes.
I just don't ever see how I will get laid again with full disclosure all the time with every single girl I meet.
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2023.06.07 00:22 85_Toronto_Blue_Jays Charles Street Terminal / Aud

The region and city should seriously consider the prospects of building a new arena on the current site of the Charles Street terminal. The current plan to build a non descriptive “community hub” in my opinion would be a waste of an amazing opportunity to do something big. A new arena could accomplish everything you’d want out of a community hub and also bring added economic boosts.
Given that an OHL home season is only under 50 games (including playoffs) that leaves over 300 days for all types of programming and events. A new arena could also draw concerts which would bring night life to the downtown core. The spin-off benefits would be a boost to the local economy. A new arena would also be a draw to host national or regional tournaments and bring those associated benefits as well. A developer may come along and build a 5 star hotel as well conveniently situated. All of this would be within walking distance of the LRT and new transit terminal.
All of this can be accomplished while achieving a “community hub” focused on key priorities identified. If designed and managed properly the site could also host a community space and community hub to focus on those initiatives.
Even something like Oktoberfest can be considered in the designs and the space could also be used as a festhall.
With a good architect the space can accomplish many things and not just be another arena. It can really bring another boost to downtown.
The current site of the aud can be sold off to developers to build housing and the proceeds can fund the new arena. These ideas have been described by an urban planner.
I think it’s a better idea than what is being thought of currently.
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2023.06.07 00:21 bearcat42 Thoughts on Imogen's interlude, Noumenon, and clues to the future of this story. [Book 1 discussion]

There’s a few passages I’d like to point out from Bastion that I think give us our clearest picture of where we’re headed in this story overall. I’m totally out on a limb here with some of this, the parts I’m pulling directly from Phil are the only parts I’m confident in, the rest is my interpretation, aka the rest is me flailing about amidst some very intriguing magic and an excess of free time.

This post is mostly about what I’ve learned about Noumenon, I assumed Phil conjured this word up himself, but it’s from Kantian Philosophy, as I should have predicted at this point. It’s really hard for me to grok the concept, but this is the best I have.
Wikipedia (and, I assume, Kant) says Noumenon is an object that exists independently of human sense, the fundamental opposite of phenomenon. As I (surely poorly) understand this, it implies that there exists a version of any given thing that’s untouched by human minds/perception/measurements.
It’s observed in physics and explored in some other popular fantasy titles. Stormlight for example has a scene where two scientists/Ardents make a discovery about some flame Spren. When they write down a measurement, the Spren gain a measurable size, prior to that point in time, they’re fluctuating, they’ve got no length that can be defined in a single value.
They’re in a waveform of probability, an unmeasurable cloud of possible states. This has been observed in the behavior of electrons as well, this is a key aspect of quantum physics (I’m no expert, just a big fan of being baffled).
I think Phil is going a step deeper into similar concepts with Noumenon, a step into the ineffable nature of some high level philosophy.
I’m currently basing most of my theories off of the Imogen Interlude, that whole chapter is absolutely wild.
She’s in her mind-labyrinth at the beginning, she is wandering through these paths, the paths are folding and morphing, like a brain does to form new memories. Imogen even mentions the folds of a brain she observed. In this seemingly liminal space, she’s constructed a million tortures for herself, and a handful of powerfully painful locks meant to keep her there indefinitely (though crummy locks, as it turns out).
I am currently of the mind that she’s actually in the Pit at that point, it’s just a version of the Pit created by a cracked mind.
From her Interlude:
> Imogen’s heart beat faster as she focused on the stirring. Far away. Realm beyond realm. All the way to where it had once begun. > Bastion?
During Praximar's speech later in the book, he says:
> “Our Imperators inhabit the tenth layer of hell, and with dauntless courage now face the Pit itself. And though their battles take place in dimensions we cannot fathom, in realms we cannot understand, still, it is being waged, and we are closer to victory than we have ever been.”
While it seems that Imogen is just outside of the Pit when she awakens in Hell after breaking her locks, where she’s eating up all the Diamond mana, I think it’s a mislead. I think the place in her mind is the Pit. It’s something internal, something about the depths of our brains/minds, or it's dimensional, realm travel, far away from ‘standard’ perceptions of what I suppose could be called humans, or great souls, but also the non-great souls born native to Bastion. Perhaps something akin to the Perpendicularities found in Stormlight, Imperators may be or may have bridges to those other realms. The last ‘area’ that Imogen flies through before breaching back into Hell seems to be something we’d call familiar to Earth, which I can only assume is a mind space of Ettera.
I think Imogen created the Matryoshka worlds of locks and self torment due to her experience with Noumenon in this part of her liminal space that might be Ettera. Perhaps that’s the Pit? A full on reckoning of who she was on Ettera, before signing up to be a great soul in Hell.
She mentions atrocities, seems to be wandering those paths, haunted by almost real dead just behind her. She says, Friends and lovers, enemies and casual kills. All reduced, their spirits sucked away by the Noumenon as a cannibal might slurp marrow from a cracked bone. This is quite a murky turn of phrase, but I take it that she can’t properly access these individuals with Noumenon, she can only access their Noumenon version/shadow or something similar, an echo that contains only their physical experiences, extracted from their human lives. The Kantian Noumena of their skeletons, basically. Nothing of human perception/experience left in them. She even mentions how lonely she might be right after saying that.
I’m quite far out on that limb, yikes.
Once she’s out, back into Hell, she awakens resting upon a ‘Mycotal Mesa,’ Mycotal being an alt term for the kingdom Fungi. My experience with fungi is largely psychedelic, so it’s an easy jump to assume that before she awakens on that mushroom mountain, she’s connected herself to the mushroom somehow to initiate the mind labyrinth that’s enhanced by the existence of Noumenon mana in that liminal space. Or the mushroom is just the geography of the location on the far side of Hell, but that seems too regular to me.
I’m not sure, obviously, of much of this, but I am counting the choice of word for the top ranks mana as Chekhov’s Kantian Philosophy. This is our sneak peak into the future of these stories.
Do I think that’s the end point? Book 10 kind of thing? I don’t. I think whenever Scorio and friends reach the point of imperator, that we will prestige to some degree. It’ll be a very different world once Noumenon is explored more deeply. I for one am quite excited by all of this.

That covers my current understanding of Imogens interlude more or less, and my understanding of Noumenon. Now I’d like to point out a clue that I believe Phil has given us.
When Leonis and Lianshi are showing Scorio the old Academy, they stop and admire a mosaic. I’ve picked out some relevant passages here, they’re describing the positioning of the different ranks represented in the mosaic:
> “What’s that?” asked Scorio, staring at a huge mosaic that dominated one wall. It was greatly faded, pocked with fallen stones, but the art was still striking; a tree dominated the center, its trunk banded by different materials, with fiends and heroes gathered around it.
> “That’s the Path of Ascension,” said Leonis.
> Scorio’s gaze rose higher, to the branches of the tree which glittered even now with glass-like beauty. “Is that Diamond?” “Diamond,” confirmed Lianshi. “For the Crimson Earls. And the leaves—see those hundreds of grooves? They’re empty because Noumenon is too precious to waste on a mosaic like this. The final and most potent form of mana, found only at the Pit of hell itself.”
> “From Coal to Noumenon. Why is everyone up to Dread Blaze merely the roots?
> Lianshi’s tone turned wry. “Because supposedly it’s only once you ascend to Pyre Lord that your true journey begins. Everything before that is just preparation.” Scorio wheeled to stare at her. “Preparation? Even Dread Blaze?”
> She shrugged apologetically. “That’s when we Great Souls start developing our true powers. Shrouds, Ferulas, and such-like. We’ve not yet covered that material in class.”

I’d like to draw attention to the roots mentioned and also point to this passage from Imogen’s attack on Bastion, while Scorio is trying to keep her talking:
> “You couldn’t understand.” Was that pity in her voice? “Once, but not now. But if there is to be change, it must take place at the root.”
I believe these passages are linked, and they give us a clue as to where change will come from in the long run. Something is wrong with the current state of things, the current approach to the Pit for example. A big change is coming to the powers that be in Hell, like The Herdsmen, and the change will come from those that are in the roots of that mosaic.
She could have been referring to Bastion as the roots though, I’d accept that as well. I’m confident that I’m wrong all over the place here, but I’m also dealing with a layoff from the design industry, so you all get the fruits of my vast and temporary expanse of free time…
I’d love to hear anyones thoughts on these ideas I’ve presented, dissenting or otherwise. I'm really good at missing very obvious concepts that disassemble all of this, I look forward to that if it happens.
Phil, if I’m even kind of close and you’d like me to shut up, plz send a dm with an emoji of your choice, and I’ll do just that, you’ve got preeminence here.
Phil, again, if I’m so far off you’ve found it funny or interesting, plz send a dm with a gif of your choice, I’ve got preeminence over wrongness and will accept it as tribute.

Relavent links:,ever%2Dshifting%20figures.
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2023.06.07 00:20 Revolutionary_Cup602 Very sleepy after going from 20mg to 40mg

I started on 40mg dose last week and I've been sleeping way too much, I sleep about 6 hours at night and wake up before dawn, then I sleep again for about 5 or 6 hours around midday, sometimes more. I've finally felt good enough to go for a run in the mornings (haven't exercised in months before) and I try to have caffeine and stay active but I keep napping so much as I get so sleepy.
Has anyone else had this? Does it get better? My mood has finally improved, 20mg really wasn't working but, apart from being asleep half the day, increasing to 40mg finally feels like it's 'working', I've been able to cook proper meals, do chores, go running, speak to people, etc
Thanks for any advice
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2023.06.07 00:20 LagdouRuins Met the weirdest girl ever (rant)

A few weeks ago, this girl hit me up on this dating app. She was very good looking, awesome conversationalist with a nice bit of sass (dig it) & incredibly sweet. I haven't been on a date in over 2 years because life has been difficult & I've been focusing on my happiness & self-improvement; wasn't seriously looking because I barely get any matches & when I do...I usually just get ghosted or rejected.
So a week of just flirty messages goes by & she is very forward and asks to hang out. I'm taken by surprise because I have low I let her know that I've put on a little bit of weight & haven't been super stable & whatnot, haven't seen anyone in over 2 years.. She gave me an incredibly sweet & thoughtful response --basically saying she doesn't mind a bit of fluff, she hasn't seen anyone in a year, etc.-- and still wanted to see me. At this point I'm like, I couldn't even get rid of this girl if I maybe this might be different? So she drives to see me & meets me at my apartment. Her vibe was so totally different. She had pigtails, super dolled up, & was very blunt and almost aggressive. She seemed kind of unsure about me & sized me up. She starts talking about how sketchy my apartment is, talks about how my car is junk ...& like...fair points & it's funny so whatever! I take her for a long ride & the conversation is really good. Then she starts talking about her ex-boyfriend from a year ago. She gets really into shit-talking him...saying he gained weight (which i thought she was cool with?) and she would pity fuck him and was disgusted by him. Said that she didn't approve of his finances & the house he bought was a small shack. She goes on to say that she broke up with him & the guy was so ridiculous that she thought he might hurt himself over it. I was just kind of shocked at that point but trying to play it cool; she asks about my ex & I gave her a little run down but said I dont really want to say much out of respect for them. She proceeds to talk about this guy she fucked on a cruise a few weeks ago, & then how she has been messing around with this 40 year old now because he has a big dick (all of which goes against what she said in messages?). I'm just there wtf is going on...this girl is fucking with me & clearly has no interest? The date goes on for like 6 hours & she makes even more red-flag how she hates men, she doesn't want a power imbalance in a relationship, she has to be the pretty one, etc... I'm here like having no idea what to think. I bring her back to her car, she initiates a hug (no way was i trying a kiss in a parking lot after all of that) and we say our goodbyes.
The next day, she hits me up with messages, saying that she really enjoyed herself & wants to go on another date. I'm like....uhhh...ok, thinking with the wrong part of my body & thinking "maybe she was just awkward or something". So we keep talking. I hint at getting a date going but she says that she's going alone to her I dont want to bother her. She starts not responding as quickly so I begin to kind of distance myself & never text back unless she replies. This sort of weird game of cat and mouse continued until last night...where I basically just came out and asked what she wanted from me. She said that she isn't really interested in me anymore. I dig into it a bit & she said that she doesn't like how my teeth are yellow (I have a lack of enamel since birth) & she had all of these other guys asking her out on dates & I didnt. She then says that she wants to be friends for which I reply...yea, there's no for now...if we are friends, we are friends and that is it. This seems to take her by surprise & she says that she said for now because that there's a lot of things that she likes about me but I'm a work in progress. Basically ended the conversation with a goodnight & made sure I was the last one to say it...because I dont plan on messaging this girl again.
Now I'm all kind of fucked up thinking about my teeth lol. I really have no idea what her intentions were with me....did she see "weakness" and decided that I would be fun to mess with but she didn't get the right reaction? She did talk a lot about having a psychology degree and messing with people. But yea...feels like a cruel joke given that my 1st date in over 2 years is to this...ummm...person?
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2023.06.07 00:19 Naive_Perspective400 San Jose or Valência

Hey all, I'm a south american living in Europe (for 5 years now) and recently I started looking for a new job. I received 2 good job offers, one to Valência and another one to San Jose.
I already been to Valência (and other cities in Spain) and it is a fantastic place, amazing weather, beaches (not the best, but Ibiza is so close), excelent food (paella and sangria), nice culture, city center full of history and classic European style. It is a very beautiful city overall, public transportation works very well. Very safe also, we went walking to hotel 2am after a flamenco show, didn't feel any danger at all.
I also been to San Jose (for work) 4 times, and I actually don't know the city quite well (other than Santana Row). For turism I been to the area also, and I liked a lot Santa Cruz and Yosemite is my favorite park in the whole world, I really enjoy nature and trails, I know there is a lot around, so that counts a lot. Spain also have a lot of nature, but the nature in California is way more diverse. Spain is all the same type of trails desert dry.
In terms of purchasing power, since Valência is very cheap and San Jose is quite expensive, it would be the same in both jobs. I would receive way less in Valência (in gross terms), but a rent in a very good place is like 1.2k euros, while SJ I found something by the same quality/location around 3.6k usd... basically I would have the same purchasing power after taxes...
In terms of curriculum, I would say it is similar. Both companies are big companies and the Job Position it is also the same, BUT I believe that working in Silicon Valley it is a boost in my curriculum...
My wife really prefer US because of the language (she only speaks english), but she never been to SJ. I am really undecided right now.
Would like to hear people from the area, who are living SJ everyday, what do you think? What would you choose?
Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give all information and context
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2023.06.07 00:19 acecel Your face on earth is deformed by the gravity so our face would look different -maybe better- on another planet depending on its gravity

So if you think your earth face is not very good looking then maybe you are very good looking on Mars or Pluto (!) so from now on when someone make fun of your face simply answer :
(you) - I'm because I'm a very good marsfacer !
(guy) - What ?
(you) - That means my face is beautiful on Mars you stupid earthfacer ...
PS : I'm not an english native trying to create humor in english so as you have seen it's very bad.
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2023.06.07 00:18 DenverM31 32 [M4R] - Kansas City area

Hey everyone! I’ve got a work trip coming up next week in Kansas City, and I’ve never been there before. Does anyone here have any good recommendations on things to do?
I fly in early Monday, and I head back home on Wednesday night. I don’t have a ton of time there, but hopefully I can figure out something still. I should be in various work meetings during the day, so I’d probably only be able to do things in the afternoon or evening. Hopefully that doesn’t shrink the list too much.
So my interests are hiking, reading, rock climbing, and I play the switch from time to time. Im totally down to hit up any museums or attractions that are in and around the area.
Feel free to send me a message, and we can start chatting
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2023.06.07 00:18 Goobeeful My Road to #Croker300, a tale of love and loss.

My first Raiders game in attendance was in Round 25, 2013 against the Warriors. Prior to this, based on the Raiders form at that point I had told my old man that I would just be happy if I got to see Jarrod Croker kick a conversion. What I got was his first ever career hat-trick, granted it had come after SJ and Vatuvei's hat-tricks so we lost 50-16, but his efforts had solidified a one-sided love affair that has taken up too much of my time than I would like to admit for the last 10 years.
One year later I was back seeing my boys in Auckland again and after last year was confident enough to claim that I was 100% going to see a Croker try, and I got a double by the man himself, albeit at the hands of another 50 point thrashing. In 2015 I was unable to go for a reason that alludes me, but I vowed after then to never miss a Raiders game in NZ again. In 2016 I made my old man drive us 5 hours down to New Plymouth so I could keep my promise to myself and was rewarded with another Croker try, putting him equal 3rd on the Raiders try scorer list and my first time ever seeing the Raiders win in person. However it was a season that ended in heartbreak for me as in the Preliminary Final against the Storm, Edrick Lee had forgotten how to play rugby league and Croker had dislocated his kneecap early on in the contest and was unable to kick the 2 conversions from tries that would have seen him become just the 4th player to reach 300 points in a season. 2017? Another Raiders win and another Croker try for my troubles, as well as the birth of the shortlived JarrodCroker subreddit.
2018 was not a good year, I had intensive-ish spinal fusion surgery which greatly limited my mobility for a while however I managed to haul myself out to see the Croker-less Raiders fail to win without the great man. One bright spot of the year was during my depression one of my good friends from on this website infact managed to hold Croker hostage and get him to record a nice little video for me, although my name was in fact not Stewart. However I appreciated the effort enough that I reached out to Croker via social media to thank him at least for the effort, as he had managed to lift my spirits in what were at the time some of my darkest days and got the most heartfelt and soul-warming response that has ever been sent in human history:
What a man.
2019 we got the win in Auckland for Soliola's 300th (Why would you play a 300th away from home?) as we powered our way to the Grand Final which we 100% won regardless of what the result said. stfu. I didn't know it at the time but as of time of writing is the last time the Raiders played in NZ.
As we know 2020 resulted in the games being played in Australia so no-go for me there. In early March 2021 I had my heart broken (not by Croker) which while it fucked me mentally for the rest of the year, I decided I was just going to throw what mental strength I had left back into supporting the boys all out. 2 weeks later a local cinema decided they were going to show the Raiders vs Warriors game live so I hauled myself out of my mental slumber just to see the Raiders throw away a 25-6 halftime lead to lose in the closing moments, and seeing that on a fucking cinema screen just hits you different.
2021 no games again, and Croker had been limited to 12 games due to his long-troublsome knee starting to giving out on him and I was beginning to lose hope of seeing my boy in lights again. Croker got stem-cell surgery later in the year to try and fix his knee in a bid to fend off medical retirement.
2022 resulted in a lone Croker appearance as upon his return from injury he put his body on the line to stop a late Bulldogs try and dislocated his shoulder, while he avoided surgery initally he put his body on the line yet again in a fearsome attempt to grab his TV remote and redislocated his shoulder, resulting in the need for surgery and reigniting fears of a forced medical retirement. My fears of never seeing Croker play again had reached their highest peak, despite him reaffirming he was going to fight on.
This year he fought off calls from Ricky Stuart early on to retire and wanted to prove he was still up to playing NRL. In Round 6 after a Panthers thrashing the group went to Stuart and pleaded for the return of Croker in the team. And return he did. Against the Broncos who were yet to lose a game Croker put in an all-time performance to lead the team to a hard fought and bloodshed 20-16 win and solidified his return to the top grade.
And just a few weeks later the Raiders would head back to Brisbane to face up against the Bulldogs in Magic Round.
And after 3 long hard years of waiting. I was there.
I had reached out to the absolute legends over at NRLPremiumPlus to see what they were gonna be up to, and lo and behold I was very graciously offered a seat with them for the Raiders game as I would have otherwise been by myself for the opening night. When Rapana scored on the opening set I knew we were gonna be in for a good night. But never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that in the 57th minute, for the first time in 6 years, I would see Jarrod Croker run in a try, proceeding to almost lose my voice in the 30 seconds afterwards. Seeing Croker play again, let alone score was something that at times I thought I would never have the oppurtunity to see again and it was the cherry on top of a perfect Magic Round, although it could be argued that the real memories were the friends I made along the way.
Returning home to Auckland, while significantly poorer I had booked a few tickets for the Raiders upcoming return to Auckland in July, hoping that Magic Round would not be the last time I would see Croker play ball but if it was, I think I would have been OK with it. I missed viewing 80% of Crokers 299th game against the Rabbitohs as I was out for the night but saw the boys hold on to the end and saw Sticky in the press conference saying he was going to rest Croker against the Tigers so that he would be able to run out for game 300 infront of a home crowd with his family and friends in attendance, a heart-warming gesture that shows how much Croker means to the club.
Going home I triple-checked my schedule to make sure I had nothing going on so that I could watch Croker's 300th without any distractions and for the first time in a while my weekend was clear. However the next morning I received a message which changed my life.
Aw shit.
As you are reading this I will be getting my affairs in order for a flash-trip across the tasman to head to Canberra for the first time in my life to see my heros 300th game in what will hopefully be a sell-out crowd for my first time at GIO Stadium, if you are around come say hi and more importantly if you know anyway of getting me in the same photo frame as Croker please let me know.
It's been a pleasure to hang around here for more than a few years and share my love of Croker with you all through the highs and the lows and I couldn't pick a favourite person who I have had the pleasure of interacting with since you are all amazing. (Except Aces, Aces is my favourite).
Much love and up the milk,
p.s Here's some Croker highlights Incredible try saver on RTS Moving to 3rd on the all-time points scored leaderboard Flexing his acrobatic abilities Croker's 100th NRL try Scoring the winning try/conversion in his 100th NRL game Winning the game in golden point Croker and Cotrics celebration after reaching the 2019 GF
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2023.06.07 00:18 Lynzer12 Are Mealybugs Finally Going to Kill My Jade? 😭

Are Mealybugs Finally Going to Kill My Jade? 😭
I got this (formerly) beautiful jade plant last April, and it thrived all of last spring and summer. It lives in an east-facing bay window and I water it about every three weeks.
Around November I started noticing some weird white stuff on my jade. I tried gently removing it with water, but it always came back. The plant seemed to be doing fine otherwise, so I didn’t pay much attention to it.
In late March I noticed the lower leaves were turning yellow and dropping off and that the weird white stuff was getting worse. I asked my husband to take a look and we figured out it with mealybugs. 😭 Since then, about every other week I’ve been attacking the mealybugs with q-tips dipped in rubbing alcohol. After that I give the whole plant a good spray down with neem oil. I also recently switched it from a ceramic to a terracotta pot for better drainage.
There are fewer mealybugs on the plant now and it has a lot of new growth, but it’s still losing leaves consistently. Is it time to give up on it, or is there something else I should try? I’m still a novice at keeping houseplants, so any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.07 00:18 Midknight1331 Out of the Abyss (online, paid $15/session) [Foundry vtt] Friday 1030pm est to 1:30 am est, weekly. 18+

Tyranny of Dragons (online, paid $15/session) [Foundry vtt] Sunday/ Monday 1030pm est to 1:30 am est, weekly. 18+
Hi everyone! I'm putting together two parties to begin running campaigns. Game 1 is Sunday night 1030pm to 130 am est and Game 2 is Monday night 1030pm to 130 am est
Number of Players: Currently looking for 5-6 players per group
System: Dnd 5e
Time: Game 1- 1030 pm to 130 am est Game 2 -1030 pm to 130 am est
How we will Play: -Foundry VTT on The Forge website for Maps, Music, Tokens and dndbeyond for Rolling Dice and Character sheets
-Discord for Voice in game and out of game communications -This means players will need to have a good mic and a place with limited outside noises. Camera is optional but I've always thought it adds to the fun. -Sessions Played every Sunday/ Monday at 1030 pm until 130 am est -Each Sessions will be approximately 3 hrs.
New players absolutely welcome!
This is a great campaign for those still learning the ropes of D&D 5e.
D&D has always been more than combat and dungeon diving to me, so role-play is really important. My dad used to say, "if you aren't making a fool of yourself, are you really having fun?"
PAID: $15 per game, payments made on website for security and peace of mind.
Contact me on discord at Midknight1331#4444
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2023.06.07 00:18 gravements Sex decreased since weight gain. Please advise

I (f 20) have been with my partner (m 20) for a year. Around the 4-6 month mark is when i gained around 40 lbs out of nowhere. He started to have sex with me significantly less since the weight gain has happened.
I feel bad cause we havent had sex in months and im not sure what to do. Everytime i bring it up he tells me theres nothing to talk about or it will come back one day. Please advise on what to do or how to approach him.
Im considering on renting an airbnb for a night since we both live across the city and each other’s house dont have good privacy. Im not sure if that would solve anything.
Please let me know…
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2023.06.07 00:18 JustSomeDude7242069 Best Stargazing Laser?

Hello. First time ever using Reddit and on mobile to boot. Apologies in advance for bad writing and formatting.
Not long ago, I got to go to Arches National Park, Utah for the first time and words cannot properly describe just how awesome it was. One of the days I was there, my family did a night tour to see the stars like never before (and my goodness, again it was awe inspiring). While I’ve been an avid enjoyer of space and space news, I’m kind of a noob stargazer. While we were out stargazing that night, we bumped into a more experienced guy who happened to have a laser pointer! This has opened my eyes; and now I really want one!
So, now I’ve been doing some research. I have recently learned that a 5mW green laser pointer would be ideal. Even under those conditions, the laser pointer is still not a toy and should be treated as such. I have no plans to use it near animals (wild or otherwise), pop balloons, or point at aircraft (I have no desires to cause wrecks or go to jail). My research even gave me a neat tip of circling stars instead of pointing at them just in case of potential aircraft. The one thing I can’t seem to find in my research is a good brand to use! I’ve tried going on Amazon; but all I can seem to find there are lasers that are way too bright/dangerous. I tried the good ole’ fashion just google it. That has been filled with mostly advertisements and overpowered lasers (though that is where I also found the majority of my information detailed above.)
So, I figured I would reach out to a community that shares a passion for stargazing! If anyone has any suggestions of laser pointers I could use, I would be most grateful! If anyone has any other tips and tricks that I missed during my googling, I’d also appreciate it! Thank you for taking the time to read my request whether you had a suggestion or not! Have a great day/night and may all your nights be clear!
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2023.06.07 00:17 thenuttyhazlenut My (35M) gut tells me not to trust her (30F)

We've been together for over a year. And she's great.
But there are little behaviors that trigger my gut feeling telling me she's being dishonest and possibly cheating. I've been feeling this for a long time throughout our relationship. There have also been some questionable behaviors by her, but I don't want to get into that --it's behaviors that can be argued for on both sides, nothing super terrible.
The gut feeling is so strong and keeps on coming back. I don't know, it's super minor inconsistencies in her behavior.
- It's how straight after work she will go to our bed and be on her phone. Usually browsing social feed, but she seems to shutdown an app or conversation when I approach her when she's on her phone.
- It's her getting rides from work, claiming it's a female co-worker, but she gets the co-worker to drop her off like a block or two away from home, which makes it so I can't actually confirm who's dropping her off. (even though I know a female coworker drops her off often). She claims she does this to save the co-worker time.
- It's past instances where a co-worker would flirt with her, I would tell her to set boundaries, and she wouldn't. Until about the 3rd or 4th time of me asking her to.
- It's how she moves away from me while in bed when watching a movie. Like we'll be touching, sometimes she initiates the cuddling a bit, then she'll move away limb by limb. When I spoon her at night, she will shrug me off eventually too.
- It's how she puts more effort in looking good for work, some days it seems she puts significantly more effort. Then when it comes time for sex, she doesn't try for me. She has all this lingerie in her dresser, yet I never see it.
Stuff like that. On the other hand, we live together, she tells me she loves me each day, I met her parents recently, plans stuff in the future, she posts me on her social, we have sex (but I usually initiate it) etc.
Yet I can't shake this gut feeling off. Thoughts? How should I deal with this feeling?
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2023.06.07 00:17 Oprost This is it. My last letter to you.

In the last 4 years, I've said a million words, I've sent hundreds of thousands of texts, I've tried everything I could possibly try to communicate and grow as a couple. I've tried to calmly and carefully explain my grievances, to get you to understand how your abusive behaviour made me feel. Nothing worked, because it wasn't a matter of communication like I had foolishly believed for so many years, you just never cared for anyone but yourself. And now I've written dozens, and dozens of letters. Letters you will never see or read, yet even if you ever did I know the result would be the same as if you hadn't.
I'm feeling inspired to let go and take the next step to heal and move on. You've inflicted a massive amount of damage on my mental health, and I'm definitely going to need a lot of time to fully heal from it all. But I think it's time I stop wasting my words on you. You've had enough power over me for too long.
This is it. I'm accepting that I can only lament your cruelty by screaming into the void that is this sub for so long before I have to stop in order to continue moving forward again. You were a shitty person, and nothing I can write, say or do will change how you treated me. I know the temporary solace I've found in writing out my feelings has provided some peace, and comfort. As has reading the stories and words of others on here going through similar pain and heartbreak, realizing I'm not alone as I read the battles others are bravely fighting through. I know that as long I keep relying on this temporary solace I've found here I won't ever begin to move forward, because moving forward might be difficult or painful compared to the relatively safe sanctuary I've found here, leaving this oasis to venture out into the harsh desert might not be a pleasant decision yet it has to be done.
I've finally found my own place, and I'm set to start work soon. Things are difficult but they're not as difficult as living with you was. I don't need to worry about getting yelled at for simply existing or for being unfortunate enough to be in the same room as you. I don't need to apologize for both your transgressions and mine. I don't need to accept that I'm a second class human being. There's a lot of work to be done and the struggle isn't going to end anytime soon. There's a light at the end of this tunnel though, one that wasn't there when I was with you and so I have hope for a happier, better future.
Someone else wrote this in their letter a while ago, and I found it fitting to end mine in the same way.
Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!
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2023.06.07 00:17 TheTimePolice710 I (33m) recently broke it off with my (42f) girlfriend of 3 years, and need some perspective

Hi, I (33m) recently (~2mo) broke it off with my (42f) girlfriend of 3 years. It's been really tough to move on. I thought we would get married, have a kid (she has full custody of 2) and be happy together for the rest of our lives.
I've been doing ok mentally for the most part, but I've had maybe 7 anxiety attacks since (not just fleeting moments, but debilitating episodes). Previous to this I've had maybe 3-4 in my life.
I think the problem lies here: We had been having some issues, life is hard, circumstances put more pressure on both of us. Working, had just moved into her 'fixer-upper', fixing up the falling-apart house, new schools for the kids, new boy scouts, new band, kids reconnecting w friends, etc. We still made time for dates and each other, but we didn't have the time or energy for each other that we used to have prior to the move. She had to travel more for work, I had endless work at the house, and it was never enough for her or the kids. Id finish a big project, not get told thank you or good job, but rather 'ok so when can we get x fixed now'.
For context, they had lived in this house before. She bought the house from her grandparents before they passed. I met her when she was still living there, had dinner there, stayed there, etc for months before she moved. She found a good job, and moved for it. For that time we did long-distance and visited as much as we could. I helped her move, visited more and more until I moved in with her officially summer of last year. It had been going good. We decide to move back to our homestate to be able to see our family and friends more often, and have a little help with the kids sometimes from family. We decide to move into the house she owns and fix it up over a year or 2, then stay if we're happy with it or sell and upgrade.
I understand that her and the kids had gotten used to a more 'posh' lifestyle, but when it wasn't finished in 2 months, they just started regressing. I knew and was prepared for what it would be like until the work was finished. They knew it would be a long haul to be finished. I put up with it. It eventually it got to be too much for her, and she blew up on me, and somewhat internally.
We tried for a couple weeks to get through this but she wanted me to go stay with my parents for a 2-week break. I could tell she was breaking down so I gave her her space. We had a family vacation planned during this time, which i didn't raise a fuss about because she wanted a break. I just love her and wanted her to be ok. After the 2 weeks she contacts me, and for about 4 more weeks we meet up and try to talk through everything. There was SO MUCH that she had been holding back. I would always make it a point to check in with her on this level but it turns out she had been lying about her feelings for some time. She had just been 'trying to make it work' (life, work, kids, living situation) because she 'wanted me' but she would hide her real feelings about things and say otherwise, until she blew up.
I still hold on at this point because Im in love with her and she continues to reassure me that she loves me. We're working through it, its getting better. I think I'm about to get to move back in. She has a bad day about it, can't respond to me (in-person) and says goodbye. I ask for a hug, she denies. She then asks me to have dinner with her and the kids to which I reply "you won't even give me a hug? Do you really mean that?" She replies that she's sorry.
That night she puts an offer on a house a state over. She didn't tell me about this at all. We had been in contact most every day at this point. This was a Tuesday. Ffw to Thursday night. I call to check in on her, because I'm worried about her. We talk. Things go ok. She invites me to go to a concert that we had bought tickets to like 6months prior. I decide this might be a good way to patch things up. Its a 9hour drive to the concert. We leave Friday morning. About 1.5hrs into the drive she tells me that she closed on a house that morning. I'm stunned. I'm so emotionally drained at this point that I don't want to fight about it. I just say "ok". She asks if I want to drive 30min out of the way to go see it. I say no, it doesn't matter, she already closed, its a long drive already. She shows me pictures. I'm just trying to take the information in and not react immediately, but I'm in absolute shock that she just bought a fucking house without even mentioning it to me. Its not like we're rich and can just buy houses lol this is a big fucking deal. I just marinate on it through the weekend, try to feel things out with her and myself. We do reconnect on the trip, but I just couldn't shake this feeling of 'wtf she just bought a house'.
On the drive back I tell her as much. She tries to convince me its a good thing. I'm just like, you didn't even mention it to me. This is a big deal. How can you tell me this is for my own good? How can you not have a conversation about one of the biggest decisions you can make? She didn't really even want to talk about it, which is crazy to me. She says that she had to do it to live. I tell her I need some time to think about all this.
I take a couple more days at my folks, and it just makes me more and more irritated that she fucking bought a house a state over. Like, after all this work we'd been doing together. So, I decided that I just can't be with somebody who would make that kind of a decision without talking to me about it. Thats not what a partner does.
So, here we are. I feel like I made the right decision, but it still fucking sucks. I lost the person I'd been in love with for 3 years. She's since said she's sorry, and has tried to reconnect, but I just can't. It hurts so much that she'd kept herself from me, and then for her to make such a big decision, without even talking to me about it, after we had been working on us just broke me. I'm still a bit in shock about it I guess.
Well if you made it this far, do you think i made the right decision? Would you have stayed? I need some validation or a fresh outside perspective.
And then, what are some things I can do to work on myself? I feel like I've been neglecting myself somewhat to take care of her and the kids. I dropped my work to take care of the kids, her, and the house full-time. I've been applying for jobs now, gotten a few interviews, but nothing good yet. I start a call-center job Monday at 17/hr but am not really happy with it. I'm over-qualified but the job market here is tough and I need to make some money. Living with my parents sucks at 33 after not having lived with them since my early 20s.
I need some new hobbies. I feel like a loser just playing videogames, surfing reddit, and watching podcasts in my free time. I enjoy playing music/singing/writing and have been doing more of that, but it seems I have spurts of creativity and easily fall into self-deprecation afterwards. I just feel like such a loser right now, its hard to stay positive when I feel like I've lost the most important part of my life which was (I thought) my family.
Thanks for reading. Any and all help is appreciated. I can surely use it
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2023.06.07 00:16 Imaginary_Recipe6459 Weird, foggy dream about a dark room full of dying orchids

I had a really brief dream last night that wasn't really vivid but still left an impression on me.
The dream started with me stumbling blind in the dark. My mouth was full of fresh flower petals but at that moment, I didn't know what kind of flowers. As I keep making my way, the room lights up a little (but it's still dim), and I realize that the entire room is full of orchids, and they are all dead and withering. I keep looking around and I just see the once-beautiful flowers now brown and sad-looking. I try to spit the orchid petals that were in my mouth, and that is where this dream basically ends.
It's definitely one of the more bizarre dreams I've had, and it's kind of bothering me why I might have had this dream. The only connection I can make is that my mom loves orchids, and that's about it.
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2023.06.07 00:16 SentenceSevere6244 I (35 F) am fighting with my husband (43 M) over my best friends husband.

To provide some background, I am a 35 yr. old female. I met and married my husband about a year and a half ago. I have had a best friend (female) of 5 years. Her and I are about as close as you can get for women. We are like sisters. We have been there for each other through so many ups and downs and have been a tremendous support for each other. We have never even had a fight and are so close that I used to be at her house 3 nights a week for years hanging out and letting our kids play together (we have sons that are the same age and are also best friends) and used to live a few blocks from each other. Now for the issue, about a year into our friendship her husband and her were going through a major rough patch. I was single at the time and while we were friends we were not super close like we are now. One night we were at a BBQ hanging out with a group of friends and they got into a huge fight in front of everyone. He then left and she could not get ahold of him. About an hour later I left and went home. about 15 min after I got home, there was a knock on my door. I opened the door and it was my friends husband. He asked if he could come in and talk (I could tell he had been drinking). I let him in and he proceeded to hit on me and say he’s attracted to me. I immediately shut him down, told him how stupid he was being and that his wife was an amazing person who loves him like crazy and that he needed to go home to her. I gave him some water and told him he needed to leave and that he should definitely go home. The very next day I reached out to my friend and met up with her told her everything. It was incredibly hard and I felt like I was going to lose my friendship with her. She cried and so did I. I told her I was there for her, but figured she would soon distance herself from me. Thankfully that was not the case! She struggled and her and her husband did some serious healing and work on their relationship. Throughout that period my friend did not hold it against me and instead it formed an incredible bond between us because she knew she could absolutely trust me no matter what. Fast forward years later I met my husband. In the very beginning of our relationship he asked how my friend and I became so close because a friendship like ours is rare and I told him that story. He seemed a little shocked and said it was really weird that we are still friends after something like that, but mostly let it go and didn't say anything. Fast forward a year later and we got married. Throughout that period I continued to hang out with my friend and her husband, many times just the 3 of us. There were even times, I would crash on their couch and let our kids have a sleepover. He never communicated any issues about what I was doing. Well since we got married he has increasingly expressed a sense of uncomfort with me being around my friend’s husband. I was never alone with him, my friend was always with us and mostly I was just hanging out with my friend but obviously her husband was around. To be fair to my husband, I still don't trust my friends husband and do not think he is the most faithful husband to her, but feel like that is an issue that is between them. To be with my husband I moved an hour and a half away from my friend. We now only get to see each other once every few weekends. Recently my husband has now asked me to create a boundary between her husband and myself. I agreed to this along with some specific things to help make him more comfortable with the situation. For example: No getting drunk around him, no staying the night at their house when I visit, no being super friendly with him, no hugs, and also communicate to my friend that I am staying in a hotel instead of her house to set a boundary for my marriage and respect my husband. I have agreed to all these things and have done them all (of course we had some fights to get to this place, but I felt like these were reasonable requests overall) He said he will now be able to let it go and trust me (I have never lied to him about this situation and have been nothing but honest with him). Well the other night I went and spent some time with my friend. After dinner, she wanted to go back to her house and have a glass of wine. I of course said yes because I knew that I was abiding by all my husbands requests. I stayed one hour and had one glass of wine. I then called my husband on my way to the hotel and he started screaming at me saying I was choosing my friends husband over him and why can't I just stay away from him and that I was being disrespectful to him for doing that. I told him that I did nothing wrong and that I have done everything he has asked of me and I find it unfair that I cannot ever be at my friends house just because her husband is there. I said this is where I draw the line and I now want him to trust me to be faithful to him and to be a good respectful wife to him.
TL;DR; So am I wrong for refusing to give him my word that I will never be alone with my friend and her husband? I feel like doing that would destroy my friendship with my best friend and would build resentment for my husband for making me do something I am not ok with.
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2023.06.07 00:15 DenverM31 32 [M4R] - Kansas City area

Hey everyone! I’ve got a work trip coming up next week in Kansas City, and I’ve never been there before. Does anyone here have any good recommendations on things to do?
I fly in early Monday, and I head back home on Wednesday night. I don’t have a ton of time there, but hopefully I can figure out something still. I should be in various work meetings during the day, so I’d probably only be able to do things in the afternoon or evening. Hopefully that doesn’t shrink the list too much.
So my interests are hiking, reading, rock climbing, and I play the switch from time to time. Im totally down to hit up any museums or attractions that are in and around the area.
Feel free to send me a message, and we can start chatting
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