Retrostation pc

looking for a bit of help finding a console...

2023.01.04 06:26 HJWalsh looking for a bit of help finding a console...

Hello everyone,
I'm looking for a console for a friend as a late Christmas gift. He's in the hospital (for the foreseeable future) and a laptop is a bit out of my price range.
Seeking one of those plug and play consoles with like a bajillion games. Thing is, I know his favorite game series, but I can't find any pre-built consoles with it on it.
The series is the Lunar Complete series for the old PS1.
The only one I've seen it on, after a week of looking, was the Retrostation PC Pro - and, much as I love my brotha from another motha I can't spend $600+
Trying to find one around $100 or so?
Anyone know of one?
I'm by no means skilled enough to build one from scratch.
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2022.06.14 18:53 CaciulaLuiDecebal Powerful console that is cheap and easy to configure.

Hello there, I am looking to buy a console which can run most systems just fine up until the early 2000s (N64+Saturn, but Gamecube and XBOX would be nice as well).
I saw some like the Retrostation PC, but it's a little over my budget, but performance-wise looks like what I am looking for.
Also, I saw some TV boxes, but they seem a little hard for me to configure, being a total noob in this respect. I am not looking to have some super tech which can run Netflix or movies, i am just on the retrogaming part.
As a wrap-up, I am looking for an plug & play and kinda affordable console (not more than ~200-200 euros), and of course pretty powerful.
PS: I would prefer a TV console, not a handheld one. I just like the feeling being in front of a TV.
PS2: I am in Europe, so I would avoid gadgets that ship from the US only (high shipping fees). Aliexpress or similar would be perfect (or EU stores).
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2022.03.18 13:07 raiden400 Atari 2600 Star Wars The Arcade Game gameplay on Retrostation PC

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2022.02.07 11:27 Mrktnhr looking for Retrostation PC image

I don't know if this is the right sub, but I could use your help :-)
I own a laptop where is wanna play retro games on. Is there an image / bundle that I can download en install on this laptop. Looking for something like the retrostation pc.
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2021.12.21 14:45 RedMaro Looking for advice - Setup OpenMediaVault on Proxmox, direct passthrough, filesystem

I have been gathering parts here and there for the last few months in order to build me a small homeserver.Now I started setting it up, and I i'm in the spot where I know just enough to feel how little I know, so I'm facing looots of questions.I'm fairly new to linux and a first-time poster too, let's hope i'm clear enough.

I plan to use it for the following:
- NAS:
backing up personal data from home network
stocking large archives for me to work on, but no need of having duplicates of them as I can get them back eventually
providing multimedia services like jellyfin/plex
I'd like to have access to these from my internal network of course, but also from the outside in a secure way
- Retrostation:
The machine will also serve as a living room retro gaming machine

The build goes like this:
- Mobo: Gigabyte B450i Aorus Pro (1xm2 slot, 4x sata slot, 1x pcie slot, 1x gb ethernet lan)
- CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 - 6cores 12 threads
- RAM: Non ECC 32gb
- GPU: GTX 970 gpu

As i have internal backups in separate drives already in my pc, and i don't need to keep the homeleab in service at all time and i don't plan to integrate redundancy. just some synching of specific data

The plan:
Barebone OS: Proxmox VE
NAS VM: OpenMediaVault
RestroStation VM: Windows 10
Ot her VMs/Containers : pfsense/opnsense, swag, nextcloud, jellyfin, duplicati

- 1x m2 ssd Crucial P2 1tb PVE root & ISOs, VMs
- 2x sata hdd Toshiba MG09 18tb Large non critical data
- 1x sata hdd WD Blue 4tb Personal Data Backup
- 1x sata hdd WD Blue 1tb Backup drive that clones the nvme drive

PVE questions:
Can having the OS on an m2 SSD and back it up to an HDD allow me to replace said SSD later on without issues ? Or is double SSD config in mirror raid the only way top ensure replacement when ssd wears out?
If the plan works so far, then while in PVE installer:
What systemfile for PVE root partition?
For now i'm on Ext4
Can I use ZFS on a single drive (that i'd back up then on hdd) and are there any advantages in doing so:
performance wise?
to detect corrupted bits before backing it up to hdd, and if so be able to restore previous backup ?

What size for the PVE partition:
Whole disk with default root and swap, whole disk with fixed root (32gb) and swap (0) or set a partition?
If i go whole disk, it'll create the partition it needs to run PVE and create an LVM out of the remaining space right?
Do I need SWAP considering the RAM and storage space it'll handle?
Any advantages in creating smaller partition in installer for root+swap+ISOs then create lvm with the rest of the disk for VMs ?
Should I consider creating an LVM-thin pool in regards to nvme wear? Can it mitigate it?

Once Proxmox installation done, set basic network config, install lshw and identify my drives in order to pass them through to the OMV VM, no partitioning of the HDDs whatsoever yet.
Then I create a new VM for OMV, and attach to it the 2x 18tb and the 1x 4tb HDDs, using 'qm set'command line with the disks IDs
Now I run OMV and do basic settings and updates
OMVV questions:
- On OMV creation, do I need to enable Qemu Agent under system tab?
- When researching how to manage storage on a virtualized NAS, I found both people creating the volumes on PVE and using those logical volumes in OMV, and others who advise direct hardware passthrough like I did and managing the drives straight from OMV.
Since I want to access the drives from my lan for backups, from wan in a secure way, and also from Windows 10 VM that'll be running next to OMV in PVE, is passthrough the best way to achieve this?
Ideally I want a way to keep the HDD content if I get rid of either proxmox or omv

- Let's say i go with direct passthrough :
In order to backup PVE-nvme drive to the 1tb HDD, should I also attach it to the NAS or juste manage it from PVE?
What plugins should I install ? OMV-Extras seems to be a must, do I need to switch to Proxmox kernel?
Is it necessary to run virtualized NAS? Or is it just to be able to handle ZFS?

Since I don't necessarily need any redundant storage, every drive will provide it's full storage capacity.
I might just back up some config files, probably synching them from the 2x big HDDs to the 4tb one
What filesystem should I use for each ?
And same question as for PVE root, is there any advantage in using single HDD ZFS pool? Not backing these up anyway

Anyhow here's where I got for now.
Once I settle on the storage issues I'll have to think about containers (run in omv or in pve?) and networking (how to secure outside access on NAS with only 1 nic, vlans, pfsense/opensense, swag, nextcloud, jellyfin)

There's still lots to learn and i'm getting confused. Reading online ain't helping anymore with contradicting results, so i thought i'd ask. Any help, guides and suggestions are welcome !
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2021.08.08 20:20 dangerleo Old School Video Gaming

Old School Video Gaming
Retro gaming and old school gaming are coming lower back to existence. It would make a perfect lifestyles to do business from home and simply on occasion switch to gambling your favored video games. Why do proprietors of state-of-the-art technology need to play the sort of games that an elastic band may want to strength? The upward push of casual gaming is a part responsible. Video games consoles come and pass. Atari, Nintendo, Sega, Commodore, Microsoft, 3D0 and many others have taught us the real which means of what it's miles to be a gamer. Many did no longer ultimate, which changed into indicative of their hardware limitations and the term in which they had been birthed. Cutting-side turned into 4 pixels strung together to represent your on display screen persona. An orchestra of sound become a single rusty music streamed out from dusty timber panels and the ideal controller regarded greater like a paddle then a traditional game pad. Retro is out, Pacman is useless. Space Invaders is passe. From the ashes of a crumbling empire of the 80's got here Nintendo, Sony and then Microsoft. Which one is the herbal successor of the NES, the Atari or the PlayStation One ? It is a cliche, but it's also exquisite to comprehend how some distance we have come.
Online video game web sites now offer the choice of antique and new games which make it easier for the retro gamer to shop for retro console and laptop classics. These web sites also are beneficial to shop for accessories. Backlists have not constantly been so easily to be had.Even for Console proprietors, even though, the enjoy of of gambling Super Mario Bros. Within the era of the Gamecube should simplest be executed through looking down a NES and a well suited game cartridge. Console based totally retro-gaming became pretty tons the preserve of collectors or every body who hadn't got round to throwing their antique stuff away. The Wii's virtual console lets you revisit traditional video games like Fatal Fury while not having to dig out your vintage consoles from the loft.
Retro gaming is now the Videogaming industry that is the equivalent of the gradual food motion. Today we are faced with increasingly more complicated games that take even longer to play. While there is no denying the ever-evolving nature of the videogame enterprise, current day software releases are nevertheless reliant on gameplay concept provided by way of retro offerings from years long past by. You can now operate in the arguable region of console emulation. The modern-day technology of consoles use emulators to play their predecessor's backlists; and that emulation has helped Nintendo bounce back to fulfillment.Time also plays a big component in this that's why I now do business from home. Enjoy your gaming. Just suppose back at all the time spent on playing games, this may have been use to train for an online earnings. All vintage school video games can now be performed in your pc.
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2019.07.14 01:00 UrSanabi Screensize / Overscan complications (different border sizes in Pixel Desktop and Retropi's UI)

Screensize / Overscan complications (different border sizes in Pixel Desktop and Retropi's UI)
Hey there.
I've set up my raspi 3b+ with retrostation, installed the pixel desktop in it and kodi. so far so good.
Now i have the problem, that I have black borders. The Splashscreen, the Console and Desktop have very big ones (depends on resolution, from 1280*720 to 1920*1020 they got smaller, so they may be a fixed pixel sized frame) and the retropi and Kodi's interface have very little, which are easy to ignore. But on the Desktop, they really annoy.
(For better understanding, i've made a picture to visualize it, cause making a photo of a screen with black borders kinda.. sucks. Red is what the black borders are.)
I found the hint to go into the "/boot/config.txt"-file to either deactivate overscan or manually insert values for reducing/increasing borders.
But: When i deactivate the overscan, it crops the retropi's bottom (the buttons-explanation is cut in half) as well as the desktop; the taskbar isn't visible anymore, seems to got pushed out the monitor even further.
On the other hand, when i manually insert values for the borders, they both get it and so, when the desktop fits the retropi's/kodi's interface are out of the frame.
Does anyone knows that problem and have a workaround on that?
It would totally be enough to fit the desktop right. The console as well as the splash screen are not neccessary. But the desktop would be nice, without interfering retropi or kodi.
Has anyone encountered that problem and knows a workaround?
Thanks for the read, have a nice weekend!
PS: I have an little bit older panasonic TV, around the time the HD-trend came on. It doesn't have any setting for image size, just adjustment/zoom-stuff. I put it on '16:9'.
I have my normal PC on it often, didn't account any stuff like that till now.
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