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2023.06.03 06:37 Editring 3 months no-contact. Never known this kind of pain

I've been through a lot on my life. I had a rough childhood. I've had friends and family die. I've had toxic on and off relationships as well as normal ones. I've had lovely jobs and crushing jobs. I have a plethora of experiences. My oldest friends thought of me as stoic and calm. My longest partner of 15yrs hated how stoic I was sometimes. I would be calm and analytical as he raged and stormed.
Then my MM came into my life. How did he do it? I let down walls I never realized I had up. I thought I had best friends in the past, but I realize now they never even knew half of what he knew about me. I was soft and vulnerable with him. I gave him every hidden part of me. He promised that no matter what happens, our friendship was always going to survive. That at minimum we would always have that. Because for him too. He spent his whole life since his horrid childhood with his guard up. Until he let me into his beautiful heart
He said this no-contact period needs to happen first before we can be together. But I guess I lost hope somewhere these last 3 months and I've been crushed. Hurt like I've never hurt before.
Sometimes it's appalling. Embarrassing. But it must be beautiful too. That someone finally meant this much to me in order to hurt this much. After everything that's happened in my life and everything I've lost, I thought I've been through the hardest parts. And I should feel amazing. I am successful and am surrounded by an amazing group of friends. I am so very thankful of that everyday. So it surprises me that 3 months later I think I'm doing better. Until a night like tonight
Tonight I found myself driving to our spot. I couldn't stop until I pulled into the spot. I looked out at the water and the sun setting and I cried until my chest hurt and my head ached. Then I cried the whole drive home afterwards. I've never cried this hard so much in my whole life. I know one day I will feel better. And I will be thankful at the end of my life that I let someone in this much. I hope this last relationship and how much I gave to it is actually a sign for how much I have healed from what happened in my past
Biggest hugs to anyone else that is going through this as well. One day at a time
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2023.06.03 06:37 The-Cursed-Royal 17NB Looking for 🏳️‍🌈LGBT+ people to talk to!

Hello, Welcome to my place. I haven't really cleaned the place in a little bit.
My interests include talking to people, being lazy, and having ADHD. I'm currently looking for a friend. Maybe a close friend if it comes to that.
Some things before you talk with me:
  1. I'm broken and feel lost.
  2. I have a terrible memory.
  3. In my opinion I'm a terrible person.
  4. I tend to hyper fixate on things so be prepared for that.

I think that is it, at least everything I can remember right now. Actually I forgot some interests, my bonus interests are that I am obsessed with Cookie Clicker, Paradox games, and the occasional Youtube upload. Comment on this post and I'll send you message to talk.
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2023.06.03 06:36 Ok_Spot8113 I [M20] found out that my [F21] gf of 4 years has been flirting with another guy on her snapchat

so i’ve been going out with this girl for 4 years, im deeply in love with her. we’ve been best friends ever since we met and after a week of knowing each other decided to start dating. the past 4 years have obviously had their ups and downs but regardless after every big fight we always end up happy again. Recently we’ve been fighting a lot, not big fights but there’s been a general sense of things not being good for the past 2 months. during which my mom was in hospital for a month and a half. Not once did she even make an effort to try and come see me in my house while my mom was sick. the only time i ever saw her was in the gym, which i only started going to because i wanted to spend time with her and it felt that this was the only way i could. Everything in the relationship kind of turned sour even though i did nothing, our fights were always about how i was pissed off because she didn’t try to see me once even though i made every effort to see her. she started becoming snarky and just an overall asshole for no reason, i’d wake up everyday and wonder to myself, is she gonna be in a good mood today ? is she gonna make sly digs at me and just make me feel like shit? one morning after we decided to meet in the gym the night before, i texted her asking if the plans were still on. instantly she’s being passive agressive asking me if i have short term memory loss etc. i wasn’t having it so i told her to stop being so rude to me for no reason. in response she said that ‘ i always have a problem with her no matter what so fuck off’. so i put my foot down and did what she normally does to me. i ignored her. it was hard, i was waiting for her to text back, 3days went by and i just had to text her because she clearly wasn’t going to. again instantly says is that why you were so eager to text me last night? like what. she was the one who read my message and ignored me and she told me to fuck off, so i just gave her what she wanted. eventually we talked and we came to an agreement about a break where i told her that we’re staying exclusive obviously because we both said we still love each other and everything. even after agreeing on a break i actually felt ok. for once during that conversation she genuinely told me how she felt. she felt that sometimes she just doesn’t want to be in a relationship and she doesn’t realise that she’s in one of those phases until afterwards and she acknowledges that she was a prick about things and that she felt guilty, so yeah it felt good, we agreed to work on ourselves and talk back in 2 weeks when she’s done her placement. we had a mutual friend party halfway thru the break. we saw each other and talked a bit and then she had to go home, she called me to actually have a conversation while i walked her to the bus. instantly after leaving the pub she’s balling her eyes out saying she really does miss me and wants to be together, but she’s afraid things will go back to the way they were (keep in mind the reason they were that way was because she never ever communicated to me what or how she felt ever, even though i have always been there for her no matter what, i’ve always listened to her and respected her voice and validated how she feels. even when i’m the one upset with something i will comfort her because it made her upset) she fully believes that this was a 2 way thing or something as if i haven’t been putting my entire heart and soul into the relationship because i really truly love her more than anything else. anyways she afraid that things will go back to what they were again which was her fault in the first place. i tried to comfort her and explain how i felt about the situation and how i’d always be there for her if she wanted to end the break or whatever i’d be ready to go back to her. she then says that maybe a breakup would be better for us which confused me especially since she had just a few moments before told me that she loves me more than anything and that she thinks our bond is stronger than just a relationship. i eventually got her to tell me how she felt and she said even if we broke up she fully believes that we’re meant for each other and we’ll come back together at some point no matter what. that made me understand more why she was so ok with a breakup but regardless made me feel a bit upset and annoyed cause like you cannot just leave a relationship up to just “fate” you know. anyways we left it at that for the night, i told her i loved her and kissed her on the cheek. back to no contact we go. fast forward to now, a week after we had that conversation, i’ve been feeling super anxious that she may be talking to other people even though we mutually agreed to be exclusive on the break. even when i said to her i couldn’t be with anyone else for a very long time if we broke up, she agreed and said even thinking about it made her feel sick. anyway back to the story, i was feeling super super insecure and anxious. she had deleted all posts of us together even though we were both supposed to be on working on ourselves so that we could try the relationship again. on top of that she added her snapchat into her bio, just kinda a weird move, getting rid of pics of us and adding your snap kinda feels like she’s asking for guys to text her. after feeling this way for a few days i decided i needed to relax myself and calm down. we both have each others snap accounts but neither of us have signed in on the others in like a year. so i thought i’d sign in on hers, see that everything was fine and then i could relax and feel ok again. that’s when i saw her talking to a guy who she only added 3 days after her balling her eyes out with love for me. i check the messages and he’s asking when he can slide back into her dms again. as if this has happened before. then he asks when she’s off work so that he can take her to a spa and she says hehe okay 😌😌. she’s acting as if she isn’t in a relationship, as if we haven’t been together in love for 4 years. i helped her through her depression, her ed, her dog dying, her family being absolute pricks to her. i was there for her every step of the way, no matter what i was there for her and gave her the support she need and this is what i get back. a guy who calls himself “the don” is in her dms and she’s entertaining it. now i fully realise maybe she’s just entertaining this guy because she feels lonely and wants attention. but i can give her literally all of that, i’ve always made sure she feels loved and cared about by me. so now i’m wondering what to do. she’s still acting as if nothings wrong. we are supposed to talk on tuesday but after i saw the messages i said that we need to see each other asap because i don’t feel comfortable with the break anymore. i never needed a break. i just don’t know how to feel. i’m shocked, angry, upset. she was my everything and yeah this is what happened even though i put my heart and soul into the relationship. She was literally with me when my dad passed when i was 17 and everything so i am deeply connected to her.
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2023.06.03 06:35 NeverBeUnseenToYou And So She Flicked My Boob: Storytime

I thought about sharing this random little story to make someone laugh because it sure made me laugh.
Little Bit of CONTEXT: This is girl has known me for forever and she is pretty much my best friend. She’s the kind of friend that I don’t mind her being all over me. So her touching my chest or butt is not uncomfortable to me. Actually it makes me laugh because she try’s to make my bf jealous and it never works.
This took place at a school banquet. More specifically a BAND banquet. The dress I was wearing didn’t require a bra so I just went braless with nipple covers on because the dress was sorta see through as well (literal band-aids for your boobs). My chest is pretty perky even without the use of a bra or some sort of support. My chest is also pretty big for my short figure so it looks even bigger than it is. I only trusted a few friends with the braless information because some of my girl friends always seemed to find it funny, no matter what the event. So I just wanted to make them laugh. When I went up to one of my best friends, she was the last girl I told, this is how the conversation went.
Conversation started talking about our dresses and I ended up pulling her to the side cause I didn’t get to tell her about my braless self. “I don’t know if you can tell but I’m actually not wearing a bra”. I slightly whisper to her in a giggle. She looks at me up and down, “your kidding.” And then she proceeds to stare at my chest, analyzing them jokingly. I continue explaining what I was really wearing underneath when all of a sudden, MID sentence, she flicks a singular boob. Maybe flick isn’t the right word. She used her finger to slightly lift and then the weight dropped. Her suspicious smile turned to a shocked expression, her jaw hitting the floor. I died of laughter out of pure shock that she did that but not at all uncomfortable. She started laughing too not expecting it to actually be true. “I thought you were messing with me!! I could not tell at all! I’m not even kidding.” She said to me as her cheeks turned red. She apologized if I felt uncomfortable about it and I told her that she gets away with it because she’s literally seen me naked and because it’s her. It can be really hard to tell if a women is wearing a bra with nip covers on but trust me: you can tell the difference between a bra and a boob with just one flick.
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2023.06.03 06:34 legolas1204 Need advice - First time dog owner

I have always been wanted to get a dog but due to some reasons, I couldn't. Finally I am considering getting a pup. I have looked after a Labrador and a Golden Retriever for my friends. I looked after Labrador for a month or so and GR for 5 weeks. Now I was looking at getting a pup and my friend found a GSD but his family is not allowing him to keep him. I am thinking about taking him in but I am a bit worried since I never had a pup before and I have read GSD can be a handful for first time dog owners. I am willing to fully commit to a dog and I have an active lifestyle. So, if you all can give me some advice please? Also, my friend doesn't know if he is a purebreed or not and I don't care about purebreed but should I look out for anything special or any bad signs?
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2023.06.03 06:33 Serious-Cat-7368 Major personality disorder - ****warning****

**Mods - you need to be aware of this and take it seriously**
There is a woman on here (possibly male if the person who alerted me to another potential person is lying to me) who has multiple accounts - up to 20+ seems to be the general consensus. The person’s name may be Narelle or possibly even Jenny who has been stalking me since before I left my last job in 2018 I have come to learn.
Irrespective of whether it is one or the other or both, they are extremely manipulative, deceitful, emotionally abusive and dangerous to vulnerable users on here and possibly their friends and family, who they may extort money from or engage in emotional affairs. The behaviour is extremely toxic and this needs to be taken seriously because they love bomb and they are psychologically harming men, people known to me, and if they are not stopped, it may lead to suicide if it has not already happened. I’ve been frantically trying to confirm people I know and suspect have been targeted are safe and well but have been hindered by other douche bags getting involved and not listening.
Everyone needs to be aware of this behaviour going on and be alert and vigilant. It would be worthwhile for users unfamiliar with emotional abuse to do some online research so they know the signs and warnings to remain safe.
This is a serious post and should not be ignored by the mods.
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2023.06.03 06:32 Seeker_90 I need help with how to navigate through these issues.

Hi, I am here to represent some of the aspects of a dysfunctional family. I have made peace with the past but there have been a few recent events with each family member that are bothering me lately. I am working on myself, reminding myself that although some of it is affecting me now, it does not really matter. Its the logical mind though which needs convincing. What should I do here? Any help is appreciated
  1. My Elder Sister (her and I have an age gap of almost 2 years): There was an incident that happened when we were teens, affecting her and me both. I lost my connection with friends little by little. Life became a mess really. She chose to bring this up and how it affected her, (years later) when she introduced me to her - to be fiancee - FOR THE FIRST TIME, trying to pick up a fight then and there. She was 28F (in2020) at the time. I am not sure what she expected out of it and why she did that. When I brought incidences on how she had literally been an asshole to me all her life, she tried to justify herself looking at him as if the only person there purer than the purest water on earth was her. (Really?) I did not storm out or anything like that but handled it like a more mature person than her.
It really made me think later though on how far she could go to paint a picture about me to someone who was going to be a part of the family. It also made me realize that I was right to think that she and mum had many conversations belittling me (which was obvious infront but not it was obvious behind my back too), My mother is a narcissist btw.
She asked me one time this year if I wanted to stay at her house for a week since she and her now husband would be out there would be no one at home, I said okay. Now when I was leaving her house, since the door had automatic lock, I did not do the manual lock (from outside). I was on my way to the airport when she showed her disapproval on this. So I went back, but there was a malfunction on the door, it was not opening at all for me to even lock it. She was literally screaming on the phone over the video call. I could see my parents sitting behind in the video call, watching this whole ordeal, I tried opening this giant door, slamming myself to it but it did not budge. I eventually had to take help of the neighbour. He was a bigger person than me. And he too had trouble opening the door but with effort, he pushed it open. I was then able to lock the door automatically +manually. Later I noticed I had big blood clots (three) covering my right thigh, the side from which I was slamming myself on to the door.
Even when she visits home, she tries to degrade my choices, my weight, anything related to me. I told her I like myself and how I do things. There was one time, when during our conversation she asked me what I wanted to eat (for the first time). I said no, she insisted. When I told her and it was a pretty cheap order, her reaction and the entire demeanor changed. She booked the order but was so agitated, didn't continue the call and I never said yes to any of her questions after.
  1. Father : I took a break from my corporate career in 2021 to pursue a career in government. I asked my father if he was okay with me being at home to prepare. Initially, he said okay but it was clear later on that he really did not care on if I had my own space to prepare or the privacy. And no I don't have a room, I sleep in the drawing room on a deewan.
He watches TV all day and couldn't care less on what is happening elsewhere in the house. To cope with this and the guests, relatives and visits of my siblings (both elder sissy and brother), I started studying at night. In the morning, he could hardly care on how loud he is moving things around, arranging utensils or so. I am trying to get a job again to get my own place. I don't know how I managed this long at home with such things.
  1. Brother : He is so self - righteous. Initially, he and I shared rooms. And he was always on the phone. One time I asked him to go to the balcony and talk or the other room and he said it was not convenient for him. I told him I am preparing for my government exam and what do you know? It turns into an altercation. My mother asked me to leave the room, being all about solutions. When I told her it's impacting my preparation and I have to give the exam, she said ' everyday is an exam' (seriously?)
I cried a lot that day after I settled in my father's room. To make it seem like she was trying to help me, she asked my father to let me study for 2 hours each day. (Really? 2 hours?),which was not okay by him. He loves his TV and so. Oh well.
He never apologized and still, till date, never apologizes even when he is in the wrong. He does apologize to my sister. It's all about the money she earns now. Because he often makes note of it and always looks at her salary. So I think that way, he is inclined to say sorry to her. He did not say sorry to her too before she was earning well.
  1. My Mother: I think the person I had most issues with throughout my life is my mother. I love her for the being that resides in her but I oh so fucking hate her for how she treats me directly/ indirectly.
She projects her limitations on me, always remarking 'oh you can't do that'. She has always wanted me to be less than my sister. How do I know this? She oftens pointed out in a derogatory way whenever I did well in life.
I was the first in this family to get a well paid job and she was not happy about it, at all. When I was in the process of giving interview, I remember she remarked says 'That is, if you get this job, you will go there'. I was taken aback but I mean, what else did I expect.
When I was earning well, these guys were all about me, asking me for gifts and things, which I was happy to oblige to.
Now, she always ALWAYS like a speaker on the top of my head, speaks about how wonderful of a jobmy sister has, her salary, the new flat she is buying and how richlyand royally our new dog is living with her, something which he was not living like before, when he was living with her.
About the government exams I am preparing for, she always talks about how less of a salary the posts have. I really don't have any idea about why she says these things. When I try to confront her, she takes it in a very defensive way and I'd not say anything to her at all.
Now that my brother is in another city because of his job, she has taken the room. I had an interview yesterday and I asked her for the room (there is always someone coming and going in the drawing room) and the energy got so dull as if I was not entitled to it.
How do you think would be the best way to navigate through these emotions and incidences?
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2023.06.03 06:31 Known_University_917 Was I dumb or awkward for this? Just bc I was trying to make a friend

I’ve been working at this new job for over a month now, and I’m trying to become more closer to my coworkers. There’s a girl who always talks with a British accent to be funny and she told me to go do something in a British accent, so I responded in a British accent I said “of course her name” and she laughed at me. Was this dumb of me just bc I was trying to make new friends
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2023.06.03 06:31 FailedChatBot The game is good, the writing is not.

Note: Super mild story spoilers below.
I can't be the only one who thought the writing was pretty bad?
Luckily, the writing isn't really what makes or breaks an ARPG but it still stood out as the weakest part of an anotherwise very good first experience.
I think the funniest aspect is that they just couldn't help themselves and constantly used the holo-head 'story over explaining' that D3 was so rightfully and universally mocked for.
D3 used holo heads to explain the story beats like they had to make a drunk toddler understand what's going on and -more than a decade later- here we are with the blood petals and the memory fragments and what not, in almost every single campaign zone.
Apart from that, I just hated every single character on 'the good side' and that includes my own character.
You can see that they tried to write the main characters to be funny/cool/likeable and it just always fell completely flat for me. There just wasn't anything that would have allowed me to feel that way before the story treats these characters like I already feel for them like that.. and that really made me hate them.
Part of this is also that (at least in act VI) Lillith makes actually a very good case for why what she's doing, while maybe not right, is at least necessary and the best way forward. Our side never really addresses any of it and 'our' plan of stopping her might very well lead to a much worse outcome for Sanctuary.
I'm not considering this as a point of bad writing though, because this part and Elias in general were the best parts of the story.
As for my own character, I know this is an ARPG and we can't expect actual choices and diverging stories and that's totally fine. But why do they have to make the bad guys try to get my character join their side SEVERAL TIMES (and with pretty compelling arguments, at least compared to our own 'plan') within the story, only to have my character then blurt out 'nO, NeVArr. i kNow WhO mY tRuE fRiEndS aRe!'.
There is a reason silent/minimal commentary main characters are pretty popular in RPGs.
By the end of the story, I hated my character and it didn't even feel like it's my character at all.
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2023.06.03 06:30 moonbeam5736 Questions

So long story short. I'm an artist and I was asked to do a commission piece on these giant 8 by 4 chalk boards. 3 of them to be exact. I need tips on how to write up a contract or even how much to ask for since I've never worked on such big pieces and never worked on chalk boards before. I've always wanted to get my art out there, but most my family and friends do not believe in supporting since, I'm just a friend even asking to do $50 on a bigger style canvas with alot of hours in and alot of details, is apparently is to much to ask for. Im also a hairstylist, amd everyone expected free services just because they know me. So I have just given up on getting my art to be my job. But when this person saw what I can do, they wanted me to put my art on their wall. I'm not to sure how to feel, I'm definitely nervous to work on such big pieces. But I have no idea where to start or what to ask for when it comes to the cost of it all. It's like a dream opportunity came knocking and I'm scared to open the door. My husband just recently quit his job, so I'm the only provider to so I work 40+ hours at a job that's slowly killing me inside. So I don't even know how long to say the process will take. Any advice is definitely welcomed.
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2023.06.03 06:30 Sabururu Reinbell Harbour! RP group for OC's and Lover's of Farm Sims!

Our group is a 18+ Slice of Life Roleplay, that includes OC's and Canon Characters from games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory & Stardew Valley. But even if you've never played the above games you are more than welcome to join us! It all takes place in a small Harbor Town that has seen better days and we can only hope that the Community will come together and save this small town before it's too late!
We have planned Stories & Events for Characters to partake in as well as just your normal day to day RP. And Using the input of our members we grow everyday! We aim to make this group a Friendly and welcoming place for all!
We are currently working on Group improvement both in and out of RP! Trying to make our newbies feel welcome and just as invested as our regulars. With things to work towards, like buying your own business, houses and doing activities that you could in our favourite games, like mine, garden, and cook in the form of minigames that earn you money!
Some of these things are already available, while some will be coming in updates throughout the Summer! So keep an eye out! We welcome RP Newbies, Veterans, and everything in between! So check us out! And know we'd love to see ya there!
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2023.06.03 06:30 Sabururu Reinbell Harbour! RP group for OC's and Lover's of Farm Sims!

Our group is a 18+ Slice of Life Roleplay, that includes OC's and Canon Characters from games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory & Stardew Valley. But even if you've never played the above games you are more than welcome to join us! It all takes place in a small Harbor Town that has seen better days and we can only hope that the Community will come together and save this small town before it's too late!
We have planned Stories & Events for Characters to partake in as well as just your normal day to day RP. And Using the input of our members we grow everyday! We aim to make this group a Friendly and welcoming place for all!
We are currently working on Group improvement both in and out of RP! Trying to make our newbies feel welcome and just as invested as our regulars. With things to work towards, like buying your own business, houses and doing activities that you could in our favourite games, like mine, garden, and cook in the form of minigames that earn you money!
Some of these things are already available, while some will be coming in updates throughout the Summer! So keep an eye out! We welcome RP Newbies, Veterans, and everything in between! So check us out! And know we'd love to see ya there!
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2023.06.03 06:30 Sabururu Reinbell Harbour! RP group for OC's and Lover's of Farm Sims!

Our group is a 18+ Slice of Life Roleplay, that includes OC's and Canon Characters from games like Harvest Moon, Rune Factory & Stardew Valley. But even if you've never played the above games you are more than welcome to join us! It all takes place in a small Harbor Town that has seen better days and we can only hope that the Community will come together and save this small town before it's too late!
We have planned Stories & Events for Characters to partake in as well as just your normal day to day RP. And Using the input of our members we grow everyday! We aim to make this group a Friendly and welcoming place for all!
We are currently working on Group improvement both in and out of RP! Trying to make our newbies feel welcome and just as invested as our regulars. With things to work towards, like buying your own business, houses and doing activities that you could in our favourite games, like mine, garden, and cook in the form of minigames that earn you money!
Some of these things are already available, while some will be coming in updates throughout the Summer! So keep an eye out! We welcome RP Newbies, Veterans, and everything in between! So check us out! And know we'd love to see ya there!
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2023.06.03 06:29 cosmicgrind Can someone tell me what this is? I have health anxiety and I’m not doing well with this.

Can someone tell me what this is? I have health anxiety and I’m not doing well with this.
This started about two days ago, at first I thought it was a stress rash or something because I do get those from time to time. But, I woke up today with them significantly worse and with large bumps. They are incessantly itchy and isolated to right above my ankle and then the two on my shin. Only on my left leg though. I’m in the PNW so thought possible poison oak/ivy but my entire family and I went to all the same places and I had sandals and jeans on so I feel like it would’ve been a larger area. I thought chiggers but the bumps seem too large. I don’t have bedbugs (I’ve had them before, 8 years ago in a different state so I searched and searched). Maybe fleas? I had to stay in Apt that had cats prior d/t maintenance on mine but we only stayed in it for 2 days. I haven’t seen any signs of fleas. I don’t see evidence of any type of nuisance bug in my home but the grouped together bumps are weird and it’s freaking me out so any advice is welcome.
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2023.06.03 06:25 TheVeganMeatball Why does Ryen have to hang out with co-workers if that would make him unhappy? If he treats them politely and with respect during working hours, nothing more should be expected of him.

As a fellow person whose life is largely consumed by working a job that I’m passionate about, I specifically reserve my limited non-working hours for what I want to do with my life (for me: family, working out, hobbies). Rejecting social engagements with nice people that aren’t close friends is a part of growth. Not getting roped into these situations is a sign of self-respect and emotional maturity.
Should he send Kyle a card and gift? Yes. But does he have to dedicate the time and resources to get to a wedding that he may not enjoy, just because that’s “what people do”? Or go hang at the Frolic Room with a bunch of younger guys that would probably annoy him?
As you get older, you realize the importance of setting healthy boundaries. Ryen is just doing what is best for him.
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2023.06.03 06:19 NightAngelRogue [Discussion] The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - Ch 40: The Breakfast, Ch 41: The Presentation and Ch 42: Monsieur Bertuccio Chapter Discussion

[Discussion] The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas - Ch 40: The Breakfast, Ch 41: The Presentation and Ch 42: Monsieur Bertuccio Chapter Discussion
Hello, readers! Welcome to the discussion of Chapter 40: The Breakfast, Chapter 41: The Presentation, and Chapter 42: Monsieur Bertuccio.
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Feel free to answer any or all of the discussion questions below! We will continue with the next three chapters next Tuesday! Looking forward to discussing these chapters with you all!
- Rogue
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Chapter Summaries:
Chapter 40: The Breakfast: The other two guests arrive for breakfast: Baron of Chateau-Renaud, a diplomat and Maximillian Morrel, who is now a captain in the French army. We learn that Maximilian once saved Chateau-Renaud’s life in Constantinople, on the anniversary of the day Maximilian’s father was miraculously saved from ruin, a day Maximilian always observes by trying to accomplish some heroic act.
Monte Cristo arrives in Paris and goes straight to Albert’s house. Monte Cristo enchants all the guests, but he seems taken with Maximilian. Monte Cristo regales everyone with the story of how he once captured Luigi Vampa and his bandits and then let them go on the condition that they never harm either Monte Cristo or his friends.
Chapter 41: The Presentation: When the guests have left, Albert shows Monte Cristo around his house. Monte Cristo exhibits a deep knowledge of all subjects scientific, humanistic and artistic. Albert shows Monte Cristo a portrait of his mother, painted in the costume of a Catalan fisherwoman and looking mournfully out at the sea. He explains that he keeps the portrait in his house because his father hates it.
Albert then presents Monte Cristo to his mother and father. Fernand, who is now a senator, does not recognize Monte Cristo as Dantes and is easily charmed by him. Mercedes recognizes Dantes and is terrified, vaguely warning Albert about his new friend.
Chapter 42: Monsieur Bertuccio: Once he leaves the Morcerf family, Monte Cristo purchases a summerhouse in Auteuil. The previous owner was the Marquis of Saint-Meran, whose daughter married Villefort and died soon after.
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2023.06.03 06:19 ramcat0 if a person doesn't want sex, but doesn't say no or show any kind of signs, is it still SA?

say a person doesn't want any kind of sexual interaction, but they don't say no verbally, and shows enthusiasm during the sexual interaction like even initiates some of it. but later says they actually did not want to do it the whole time, is it sexual assault?
6 months ago i(17f) went to a friend's house. there were 3 of us, A(16m) and B(17m), and we got drunk. i was more drunk than the other two if that's any kind of context(?)
i tried kissing A first, but A moved away. so i stopped immediately and kind of moved on to B. B and i made out for 30 mins straight. during that there was some groping of boobs and ass and i was ok with it. he tried going 3rd base and i stopped him and told him not to do it cuz i'm on my periods. while i was making out with B, A came around and went "B, when will be my turn, when will be my turn".
after 30 mins, B suddenly got a call from his mom and i went and sat beside A on the bed. he said something around the line of " damn you all went for 30 mins straight". i didn't say much i looked and A and kissed him again, softly, and he kissed back. seeing that he kissed back i went and climbed on top of him and we made out for a while. he tried to also go under my skirt and i told him the same, to not do it as i was on my periods. he stopped. seeing that he tried going to third base, i did it too. i tried grabbing is dick while i was on top of him, and he even guided my hands and opened his trousers' zipper too. since i was extremely drunk and a handjob wasn't really working out we both stopped. and that was the end of it. they called me an uber and i went home.
that brings us to today, A and i are best friends. we still hook up with each other. also started having sex a few months later too. yesterday on a discord call, he was watching a reel of some sort on sexual assault and asked me, "hey, do you think if a person is drunk and they force themselves on another person who doesn't want any kind of sexual interaction, is it sexual assault?" i answered obviously, drunk or no, if a person doesn't consent to doing or having anything sexual done to them and the other person does it anyways, it is SA for sure. then he brought up that incident from 6 months ago. he said that he didn't want that sexual interaction with me that day, so was it sexual assault. i was so shocked and taken aback hearing that that i had to hang up and go throw up in the toilet.
i came back asked him what he meant he told me, he didn't want to kiss me the first time and moved away. i respected that. 30 mins later i came back to him and kissed him again, he kissed back immediately so i eased into it too. he asked me if i should've really kissed him the second time when i knew he didn't want it the first time. he told me he just gave in and went along with it. the second time he never said no or showed any kind of signs that would seem like he didn't want it. he even initiated the third base and even opened his zippers as i mentioned. but according to him, that day he didn't want any of that and he gave in and that's why he didn't show any signs of not wanting it. he says he doesn't feel like he was sexually assaulted at all but asked me according to my definition wasn't it sexual assault. i did say that if a person doesn't want it and the other person does it anyways it is sexual assault, but i also said it in the context of saying no or showing no enthusiasm or any kind of signs that indicates a person doesn't want it. but i'm questioning if i really did sexually assault him or not
i have been crying since yesterday. was me coming back the second time to kiss him sexual assault even tho i knew he moved away when i tried to kiss him the first time? if i knew he didn't want it the second time too i would've moved away i wouldn't even give it a second thought. i need some answers about this i feel like everything i knew is falling apart.
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2023.06.03 06:18 Aggravating-Excuse-1 17F - bringing laughs, deep convos, good vibes and pixie dust ˚ :♡ ·˚ ₊˚ˑ༄ؘ

(this is sorta a long post I’m so sorry)
I fr haven’t posted here in months 🥹 I really miss being on here. Now that school is coming to an end soon (in 2 weeks) I really wanna make some cool new friends to become close with!!! Especially someone to hang out with, play games, voice call etc etc [all over the summer of course]
Sooooo wassupppp my name is Naomi, I’m a 17 year old girl from The East Coast of the Usa, my birthday is in 2 months and I’m a Leo (if that matters) I would describe myself as sweet, open minded, quiet but talkative [with the right people] I’m a bit nerdy, I’m kinda soft spoken, I love holding deep conversations, flirting a bit and I like making jokes to make others laugh (I’ll probably bully you tho ahah)
And last but not least My dms are ALWAYS open 🤠✌️ sooooo dmmmmm meeeeee. I promise I don’t bite + I don’t really care who messages me [as long as you’re not a creep we’re Gucci]
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2023.06.03 06:18 Electronic-Mouse2671 The Japanese are xenophobic, and that's fine for them.

Japan generally only welcomes tourists for a brief period of time, but they really don't like foreigners in their country. For instance, they won't give citizenship to Koreans who were forced to live in Japan during Japanese colonization.
Some foreigners who manage to assimilate might be accepted within their social circle, but that's after said foreigner assimilates and acts the values of the Japanese community. But said person will never be seen as Japanese. Always the Gaijin.
So yes, Japan has lots of social cohesion and harmony, at the sacrifice of tolerating new values. So Japan is rigid, has an exhausting work culture, and you're not really free to express your emotions.
Maybe what they're doing relative to a globalized society is right. Diversity carries it's own problems. But from my own point of view, such a rigid, stuffy group of people is hard to live with or be friendly with.
Yes, I would like to visit Japan one day. But in times of need would I trust them? Probably not.
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2023.06.03 06:17 SweatyYeti2020 Can I void an upcoming lease agreement and find a new roommate?

Posting on behalf of a friend and will be writing in first person for simplicity.
I’ve been living with my roommate since last September and, while things haven’t been ideal, they have at the very least been good enough for me to feel good enough renewing the lease with her. For context, I’ve lived in this house for a few years, and my roommate is my friend’s sister which is how we came to live together. Recently, however, there are things she does that make it clear we are not a good roommate pairing (context at the end) which brings us to my question.
We’ve signed a lease for the upcoming year that start on September 1 (in CA if relevant). Is it possible to void the lease agreement and sign a new one with a new roommate? Is this something my landlord has the capacity to do which I can then propose?
Any alternative approaches and perspectives are appreciated. Thank you
Context: Some examples of us not being compatible are that she talks on the phone early and loudly on weekends when I prefer to sleep in, she slams doors, and is extremely (in my opinion) over the top with cleaning whereas I, while definitely not a slob, have a little more flexibility with when things get cleaned. This came to a head recently when she said she wanted to keep the blinds to our front window permanently closed so that our three cats don’t get to them, chew off leaves, kick up dirt, etc. Our house already has too little lighting for my taste and I proposed a few middle ground solutions (only opening the blinds when we are home, putting a bitter spray on the plants, and communicating that I’m open to other solutions), but she said she’s not considering any solutions besides closing the blinds. I’m at my wits end having to live with someone so unwilling to compromise, which is why I’m looking for ways to not have to live with her for another year.
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2023.06.03 06:11 pinkblue1719 I (23 F) am extremely unhappy with my life, and I need advice

I feel like I am in a strange period of my life, and nothing seems to be working out.
Within the past 6 months, I have been broken up with twice. The guy I was seeing for 3 months just ended things over the phone two days ago. I feel so lost. I genuinely thought this guy was the best person I ever met, and I have been crying for two days over this.
I am also upset because I just signed a lease to stay at my apartment for another year. I thought this relationship with the guy would work out, but now I don't even want to stay in this area anymore.
I also am unhappy in my job, and the rest of my social life. I don't have any friends here, at all. My ex-boyfriends were my friends, and now I don't have anything to look forward too. I used to get through work by looking forward to dates, but now that is gone. On my days off, all I do is sit at home.
I need to make some changes, because I am so seriously unhappy. For anyone who was in a similar situation, how did you get out of it? I really am so lost right now.
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