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2023.06.11 01:48 Justinsetchell Has anyone printed with ASA on their Ankermake?

I just bought some ASA filament to print some designs to go on the exterior of a car. So far I've only printed in PLA and PETG. I've had success printing in PLA, but my PETG print comes out, well, acceptable at best, at lot of stringing issues. How difficult is ASA to work with? Can anyone share their setting they used to print, or tips to calibrating the printer for it?
I'm printing in an enclosure with a recirculating fan and HEPA and active carbon filtration system and variable speed fan.
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2023.06.11 01:48 clegay15 Tales of Middle Earth Flavor Critique: Radagast the Brown

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan; I re-read the books typically once a year. I also adore the movies, and find all of Tolkien's legendarium absolutely awesome. Truly one of my favorite hobbies so I'd like to offer some critiques and excitement of flavor gems from Tales of Middle Earth. I won't do every card, but I'll comment on some individual cards and how WOTC did on it. I will comment on the cards abilities but only insofar as it impacts the flavor; i.e. what the card is doing not power level, etc.
To be clear: I understand there are sacrifices you need to make for the greater game, and sometimes those come first. For these articles: I am looking at each card in a vacuum, so if I seem harsh it's because I am using a single lens.
Next up: Radagast the Brown!
Flavor Preface
I've already written a bit about Radagast here, in the commander version of the character. To expand: Radagast was sent to Middle Earth along with Saruman and Gandalf. Unlike Saruman, Radagast did not want to come to Middle Earth but was dragged to Middle Earth by Saruman. Like Saruman: Radagast spent much of his time in one place, Rhosgobel (of which little is known). Radagast played a minor role in the War of the Ring and seems to have spent more time with the birds and beasts of the world than with humans.
There is debate as to whether the four other Wizards besides Gandalf 'succeeded' or 'betrayed' their mission. It is unquestionable that Gandalf succeeded, and it's unquestionable that Saruman failed. Radagast and the Blue Wizards are less clear. Tolkien hemmed and hawed as to whether Radagast failed, or simply chose a poor tactic to help the peoples of Middle Earth. Overall, it is clear to Gandalf at least that Radagast did not fall to evil.
The one time Radagast appears in the story is in Book II. Radagast is sent by Saruman to bring Gandalf to Isengard, which he does, before returning home. Before he leaves Gandalf asks Radagast to send out his birds and beast friends to search and communicate within the world for tidings. This alerts Gwaihir, the Lord of the Eagles, who eventually saves Gandalf. Had Radagast fallen to evil: this never would have happened.
I think Radagast is a true green character. I felt he was miscast as a Green-Blue character in his commander card and like this much better.
I think his ability is fine. It kinda matches the small role Radagast played in the story (using his friends to send messages and scout) and it encourages you to play many different kinds of creatures. So I think it's OK. Since so little is known about Radagast, it's hard to hit the flavor perfectly one way or the other.
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2023.06.11 01:48 lol778877 Dm wer auf deutsche influencer wixsen will

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2023.06.11 01:47 7bnp_4tzsr Jellybeanbrains Leaked Only*fans, Jellybean videos and photos on Reddit and Twitter

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2023.06.11 01:46 Reddituser6924069 anyone know her@?

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2023.06.11 01:43 BigTimeJayMan Should I play God of War: Ragnarok on PS4?

Since its release, I've been debating on whether or not I should get God of War: Ragnarok for my base PS4. I did plan on holding it off until I get the PS5, but now I'm wanting to get my hands on it. The only thing that concerns me is how hard it'll be on my almost decade-old console. And I'm already aware of how loud the fan can get. Would there be a way to optimize it to reduce it or has Sony released an update for this issue?
Should I get it on PS4 or wait to get it on PS5?
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2023.06.11 01:43 VeterinarianReal7270 Woodbabee OnlyFans

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2023.06.11 01:42 dnunn12 Went to Best Buy to see the demo, here’s my thoughts as a steam deck owner

TLDR; it ain’t perfect but I am excited to pick it up on Tuesday.
The screen is nice. I was able to read tiny text unlike my deck. The fan was extremely silent. The speakers were loud enough but seemed to take away from the vibration, which was too subtle to really notice in the first place. The buttons are big. They felt a bit plastic-y, like a cheap controller. The offset stick was slightly uncomfortable but I will get used to it. It’s not as comfy as the deck but better than the switch. It’s too light and I wish they added more battery to add more heft and well…more battery. I definitely prefer the size of the Rog and find the Deck too chunky to really consider portable. I only played Forza 4 which ran beautifully. Armor Crate wasn’t as smooth as the Deck’s UI but I’ll give it a pass since it’s only had a few updates.
Overall, I’m excited for it and seeing it in person solidified my decision to buy it and sell my deck. I know the software will only get better with time and the games run beautifully which is what matter most.
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2023.06.11 01:42 7bnp_4tzsr Jellybeanbrains Leaked Only*fans, Jellybean videos and photos on Reddit and Twitter

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2023.06.11 01:42 WooooshMe2825 A rant about Gudasaber vs Fate route shippers, a war of hypocrisy

Hi there, before you begin making fun of me for spending two hours of my life writing this essay, allow me to say that this is something that I wanted to get off of my chest for a very long time. And I’m doing it now, because I feel that the problem has become much more prominent in recent times.
Ever since the creation of FGO and the added concept of multiple variants of Artorias, the original readers/watchers of FSN and the players of FGO have came into conflict over, you guessed it, shipping. Which started an pointless internet flame war where both sides are too blindsighted in their hatred to properly reconcile as a community.

Common arguments made by both sides include, but not limited to:
-Calling each other self-inserts, despite that only part of each other’s group actually does self-inserting, while the other is just simply invested in different main characters.
-The existence of multiple versions of servants in lore, so that means everyone can get a version of Artoria that they like. Despite that Grand Order’s memory system is bullshit and incredibly inconsistent. But that’s a different post that I’ll make another day.
-The objectification of Artoria’s character, accusing the other side of treating Artoria as just a love interest that can only be with (insert protagonist of your choice). Which again, both sides clearly does feel entitled to who she should be with to some degree. If we didn’t do that, then we wouldn’t be having this flame war in the first place.

But, I’m not here to give you a history lesson. I’m here address the current problem. After the 2021 flame war over MuraCastoria, both sides have entered a cold war state. The arguments have been decreased and there’re now less reactions to either protagonist being shipped with whatever version of Artoria.
However, it’s clear that both sides are not happy with the results. So we all make various number of comments and posts clearly intended to offend the other party while passing it off as memes and shitposts, making a position so that anybody who reacted badly to them can just be dismissed as another dumb shipper that can’t take a joke. Again, I’d like to emphasize that both sides are guilty of this, I’m not pointing blame at one specific group. I think that everybody might know some of what I’m talking about, so I won’t be including any links as not to throw anyone under the bus.

I think that it’s important for all of us to slow down and consider what we’re all so worked up about over this situation. I’ll try to sum up the thought process and feelings of both sides.

On one hand, Shirou fans are clearly starved for content. It had been almost 2 decades since the original visual novel’s release, and there is no proper adaptation for Fate route or any new official content for the ship.
But above all else, they’re worried about the integrity of the character. They read Fate route and gotten invested in the relationship that the two of them had, they fell in love with both Shirou and Saber’s characters. But then a sequel comes along and tells you that it no longer matters, it’s a different version of the character now. It’s as if Fate route has now been retconned and now they’re punished for caring about the characters in the first place.

On the other hand, Ritsuka fans are either casual fans that don’t want to read a story longer than the fucking bible or they just simply prefer Ritsuka as a character more. They don’t want to hear about “Typeboomers” constantly judge them for what they like and are similarly starved for content since that Gudasaber is a ship looked down upon by most of the community.
And it’s fine! There shouldn’t be anything wrong with enjoying something that you like in the way that you like! As long as you’re not hurting anyone, you should be free to do so! Sure, even I admit that I disagree with their preferences, but I still believe that they should be free to like whatever they want.

So, what’s the point of me making this post? Frankly, even I am not sure. I’m not expecting everything to magically be solved after people read this rough essay I’ve put together in 2 hours. I realize that it’s practically impossible for both sides to come to a proper consensus, as there are things that we all disagree with on a fundamental level. There's no magical solution that can fix all of our problems. But one thing is for certain.
I’m sick and tired of the constant tension between the two groups. I want to reach out to anyone that might feel the same way, whichever ship you may prefer. I want this post to be a space for anyone passing by to let out their true emotions, their opinions, how they feel about the whole debacle. Whether if they are frustrated about it, whether if they were harmed by it, or even if they just don’t care and feel apathetic about the whole situation and think that I'm overreacting.
Vent and discuss your feelings, people. Leave a comment. Maybe if things went good enough, you can even come to a consensus here.
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2023.06.11 01:41 VeterinarianReal7270 Woodbabee OnlyFans

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2023.06.11 01:41 ConventionalChina Jellybeanbrains Only*fans Jelly Bean Brains Video Leaked Twitter

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2023.06.11 01:38 Turbulent_Can_2916 About the hate speech rules.

About the hate speech rules.
This is coming from a gay male when I say just because you may THINK it’s hateful, does not make it hate speech. People are simply expressing their opinions on these topics and being called bigots for not having an opinion that meets the exact status quo. It’s starting to seem more and more like this sub is opposed to free speech, and these rules being enforced think only certain opinions regarding these topics of discussion are valid. I was standing up for free speech in my last post and it was ultimately removed. Reason being because it was in “bad taste” which I took as “your view isn’t the same as ours so we don’t like it”. The Abolition Movement in the 1800’s was also considered hate speech fyi. Why? Because slave owners didn’t like what they had to say. James and Chelsea, this is coming from someone who has been a big fan from the beginning and always gets excited to listen to your podcasts. You silenced me, a gay man, because you didn’t agree with my opinion on a topic that affects me. With all do respect, I think this shit is getting out of hand. I would understand if something I said was harmful, but it wasn’t, you just didn’t like what I had to say. While I still love you two, I’m very disappointed that you thought I wasn’t valid enough to express my view on a subject that affects me, not you. Please stop enforcing these rules on people just because they have opposing viewpoints.
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2023.06.11 01:38 Born_Ad7045 Am I "fake trans" if I only really started to think about my gender/*really* want to become a girl after finding online transgender resources?

One of my biggest fears since I've (23 AMAB) started questioning some 3-4 months ago is that I've somehow "convinced" myself that I could be trans, conditioned myself to want to be a girl or something...and that short of waiting literal years in what feels like purgatory to me any step taken towards transition would be a literal disaster or something.
I say this because gender wasn't really something that I thought about too much. I certainly didn't dream about being a girl every day (and didn't dream at all at night), or have recurrent questioning episodes, or stole my mom/sister's clothes...let alone thought *I* was a girl.
I did fantasize about being a girl from time to time for sure, and was jealous of women's bodies in general. I kind of felt shafted that life had given me a penis instead of a vagina, and did have recurring crossdressing fantasies that I rarely indued (and forced fem stuff that I *never* indulged or mentionned). I was a bit sad that I'd never get to experience life as a girl or be a lesbian...but all that stuff was kind of in the background, never too distressing or frequent, so I always thought of it as either a kink, or normal curiosity. And while I wasn't a massive fan of my body (disliked my facial hair and always had this background feeling that my chest was wrong somehow), that's stuff I just dealt with and figured was a normal part of not liking your body (something which tbf I had made massive strides in by exercising). There was other small stuff (dislike for facial hair, hating/being unable to use urinals, hating being shirtless, wanting to be able to lactate, mostly female avatars in games, hating clothes shopping...) but nothing that can't be explained away as something else.In any case, my teens are mostly just one bluvoid in my mind, as I've been dealing with varying degrees of depression since I was like 13.
I didn't exactly hate being a man, and I guess I liked my physical strength and being able to not worry about my personal safety. I'm not exactly the manliest of man out there...but frankly I kinda despise the "bro"-y types and was always more of the quiet introverted type anyway. A nerd, for lack of a better term. I stayed in the shadows, did my own thing.
Had you asked me last year who I was last year what I identified as, I would have told you I was a cis man. Had you dug a little deeper I would probably just have told you I was secure in my masculinity. Mostly, explicit thoughts of me being a girl didn't really enter my conscious mind much.
But now I'm really not sure if that's true anymore. I moved out for college last September, and by the time the semester's end approached I got this urge to buy a dress...which I did, figuring that I lived alone and could do what I wanted. Getting that dress and trying it on awoke something in me, not quite sure what, and I started thinking about cross-dressing more, or becoming a femboy in private. A few weeks later I started wondering (for what reason I don't know) if I could be trans and found online resources such as this subreddit, the GDB, Nightlingbug's twitter thread,, and all the other usual stuff that gets passed around.
To put it bluntly, that's when it all went to sh*t.
I didn't resonate with everything I was reading, but I certainly did feel very seen by some of the stuff I was reading (exactly what I don't remember). I remember spending about 5-10 minutes with my head between my hands, feeling like suddenly I had "figured out what was wrong with me", like my life suddenly made sense somehow, and feeling the weight of it all come crashing down.It was fascinating really. I knew that trans people existed, but beyond the usual stuff thrown around by popular media and what can be seen in porn that was just about all I knew. When the topic came up the the family dinner table every so often, trans people were either painted as deeply broken that deserved nothing but pity, or as the usual "crossdressing old man with beard" cliché that my mom in particular seemed to adhere to.
But the idea that I could be trans, that I could be a woman if I wanted to seemed too powerful to ignore somehow. I saw what HRT could do to people, and I wanted it. I didn't want to stop thinking about it. I wasn't entirely sure if I *really* wanted to be a woman, but there was at least some part of me that wanted it, even if its exact motivations were unclear. I got obsessive. My depression worsened considerably, as did my anxiety. For a time my libido and appetite were almost non existent. When I started feeling suicidal I pumped the breaks and got medical help, which certainly helped a lot.
I would have originally told you I didn't have dysphoria. However, since then I've started to feel increasingly uncomfortable with various aspects of my body (facial/body hair, hairline, chest, feet, genitals). Having my body be seen makes me feel uncomfortable. I've gotten to the point of crying about not being a girl several times, and spent many a days feeling melancholy about not being a girl. I even prayed to wake up as one one evening, despite not being religious or anything...I just felt compelled to and figured it couldn't hurt. I keep feeling jealous when I see women outside, wanting their body, clothes, hair... I find myself dissociating more frequently too.
But to be honest, I didn't use to feel this way before. I have no idea what response I would have given you if you had asked me about the button test, or the reverse button test. I didn't feel any dysphoria, and even now it's hardly a constant thing. I didn't see myself as separate from other men, just not very masculine. Even my actual desire to be a woman fluctuates a bit, and while I would definitely press the button now and like the idea of being called she/her... I don't want people to treat me differently either, and I don't necessarily feel super feminine either. I like to imagine myself as a full woman in a decade and kinda feel dread at the idea of being a man forever, but also feel anxious/uncertain about boobs. I get worried that reading about all this has put ideas into my head that aren't really mine and that I've somehow made myself feel or want things that I don't really feel or want, that the "internet made me trans", for lack of a better term. That I only so desperately want to be a woman because I've painted myself an idealized, escapist version of what life as one would look like.
I've started experimenting a bit (earrings, nail polish, dressing fem in private, shaving my legs/arms/body) and loved all of it (kinda feel bad when I can't), but that's gender expression, not ID. I've started seeing a supportive therapist since March (altho I kinda feel fake and undeserving going by a fem name/pronouns in such a setting). I'm going to see an IRL support group in a few weeks, but one of my worries is that I'll see a bunch of people who have clearly suffered with this all their lives while I just toy around with the idea. I worry I'm not trans, but I also worry that these thoughts aren't mine...and that I'll either figure that out somewhere down the line (potentially with a lot of pain and/or embarrassment and needing to tell everyone i was wrong) and just have to find a way to live with myself and how empty it all seems. I don't know if I can do that.
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2023.06.11 01:38 clegay15 Tales of Middle Earth Flavor Critique: Sméagol, Helpful Guide

I am a huge Lord of the Rings fan; I re-read the books typically once a year. I also adore the movies, and find all of Tolkien's legendarium absolutely awesome. Truly one of my favorite hobbies so I'd like to offer some critiques and excitement of flavor gems from Tales of Middle Earth. I won't do every card, but I'll comment on some individual cards and how WOTC did on it. I will comment on the cards abilities but only insofar as it impacts the flavor; i.e. what the card is doing not power level, etc.
To be clear: I understand there are sacrifices you need to make for the greater game, and sometimes those come first. For these articles: I am looking at each card in a vacuum, so if I seem harsh it's because I am using a single lens.
Next up: Sméagol, Helpful Guide!
Flavor Preface
One of Gollum's most defining traits is his tendency to talk to himself. This is probably at least partially due to being stuck in a dark cave by himself for five centuries, but also partially the Ring (through Gollum) talking to Sméagol; with Sméagol being the part of Gollum that's still himself. Frodo, using the Ring, managed to get Sméagol to come out some and Sméagol (in a temporary alliance/truce with Gollum) guided Frodo to Mordor. This is crucial: Frodo and Sam would not have made it to Mount Doom without Sméagol, and Sméagol does intend to help Frodo and Sam.
I like that they slightly move Sméagol off of mono-Black. He still wants the Ring, he still wants power: but he has a little corner of his mind that's his own. That Green side is what helps get Sméagol to be helpful.
Gollum is a tough character to adapt. I think they did a solid job here with Sméagol filtering through the lands of the enemy to guide you. It's clunky and imperfect, but I don't see a much better way to capture that flavor. I don't quite get the first ability (when a creature dies the Ring tempts you) but I assume it's only included for there to be a built in way to activate Smeagol's second ability which is fine.
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2023.06.11 01:37 grayjelly212 On Popularity and Criticism during Paramore's Best Year Yet

It feels like Paramore is at the top of their game right now. They went from barely filling the seats for one night at MSG 10 years ago to selling out two nights in a row. They got their third top 2 charting album and with it they're finally out of their contract. They're headlining festivals left and right and there was even some Grammy buzz for This Is Why. It's been a good year for Paramore and their fans.
A rise in popularity, however, comes with a rise in criticisms levied toward the band - especially toward Hayley. As the outspoken frontwoman and only member most people can name, Hayley is getting a brunt of the negative attention. Hayley "I don't wanna be that famous" Williams has come out of her shell and gone to new heights with her band by opening for Taylor Swift, something I'm sure boosted them a bit. Hayley has also been politically talkative in a way that she even criticized herself for - and that some members of the far right have latched onto.
Some criticism I can see the merit in. Despite their history, Hayley inviting Lil Uzi Vert on stage might not have been the best choice given the circumstances. I'm sorry for anyone hurt by this action. And musical criticisms are just opinions we all have our right to, so that's always well and good.
Other criticisms I can't abide. "Hayley is a hypocrite for being friends with Taylor Swift" is such a weakass argument I'm tired of seeing. As for her dismissal of far right "fans," I can't see that as a valid criticism either. Paramore shows are a safe space for people of all genders and colors. I'm very pleased with her telling people voting for a fascist not to bother with her and her band. Makes me feel safer at their shows.
So what's the point of this post? I guess what I want to say is that as a long-time fan of Paramore, I can sometimes find it hard to call out one of my favorite bands. I should be better about that even though all I really want to do is celebrate their successes. But I'm also aware that this subreddit has seen an influx of trolls/people being critical in bad faith. We need to find a balance between acknowledging what our faves can do better and ignoring the people who are trying to rile us up for no good reason. Let's enjoy the music, celebrate love and kindness, fight for justice and equity, and try to be better versions of ourselves every day. That's what Paramore is about, and we are Paramore.
If you read this whole thing, thank you! I love this band and this subreddit and some posts recently have had an icky vibe. Wanted to share my thoughts and would love to hear yours! 💜
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2023.06.11 01:37 DuncanStudios2000 So this is a part to a story I'm working on called A Tragedy

Addie slumped onto her couch, mechanically flipping through channels until the news channel caught her attention. The weatherman droned on about the upcoming cold spells, but her mind was elsewhere. She winced in pain, knowing Colan was still furious with her. She couldn't help it, she was just a naturally temperamental person.
As she sat there lost in thoughts, her gaze landed on the drawer beside her. She knew what lay inside - it was her secret escape, the only thing that could dull the pain and numb her emotions. "One more time wouldn't hurt..." she tried to convince herself.
With trembling hands, she reached for the drawer and pulled it open, revealing a jumble of objects scattered inside. Amidst the clutter lay a small syringe- her only solace. The temptation to grab it was overwhelming, and Addie hesitated for a moment before succumbing to her addiction... She read the label (DMT) and knew it would work. With a sharp intake of breath, she made up her mind.
Addie took the syringe out of the drawer and examined it - her only source of relief. Her eyes locked onto the needle, and she knew it was the only way to escape the overpowering misery inside her. She placed the needle against her inner elbow, tightening the grip around it.
In a quick motion, she pushed the needle through her skin and into the cubital fossa, wincing slightly at the sting. The contents of the syringe flowed slowly into her bloodstream, the cold fluid running through her arm. It didn't take long for Addie to start feeling its effects as she laid back on the couch, letting the drug wash over her.
The syringe lay on the desk, a symbol of her pain and an escape from it. Addie felt a wave of tranquility wash over her as she closed her eyes, knowing that the drug would take her away from the troubles of her life, even if just for a little while.
As her brain started to wander, the ceiling above began to twist and undulate, the fan overhead convulsing and spinning rapidly. Addie felt her muscles relaxing, and she slowly closed her eyes, sinking deeper into the drug-induced escape.
Suddenly, she felt a free-fall sensation, tumbling uncontrollably through the air, only to land suspended on the ceiling somehow. Her surroundings took on an otherworldly appearance as she observed the fan, which had abruptly stopped spinning. The four lights attached to it flashed in a mesmerizing orange that pulsed to the beat of her heart.
Addie felt weightless, her thoughts merging with the patterns on the ceiling as the world around her slipped away. The room was alive with neon colors and shifting shapes that left her in awe, trapped in her own mind, and disconnected from the reality she knew.
She felt weightless, as if she were floating in space. Suddenly, she was falling, hurtling through the air towards the ground. She crashed through the roof of her house and landed on the couch.
As she got up, she felt disoriented and unsteady. The world around her seemed to shift and warp, and she stumbled outside. She saw a train track in the distance and walked towards it, the sound of a train growing louder and louder. Suddenly, it was upon her, and she was thrown into the air. She soared above the clouds, then plummeted back down to earth. The grass beneath her was smooth yet prickly, and she struggled to stand. As she did, the grass seemed to come alive, wrapping around her and dragging her down into the earth.
As she took her last breath, she saw the sun setting in the distance. Then, everything went black. She was alone in a void, with nothing but her thoughts for company. It felt endless, like a black hole. But she was at peace, finally free from the constraints of the world. She sat there, empty and alone, but it was what she had always wanted. No one to tell her what to do, no one to judge her. Just her and her thoughts, or lack thereof. As the void consumed her, she felt a sense of relief wash over her. She no longer existed, and that was okay. It was peaceful, and that was all that mattered.
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2023.06.11 01:37 Greatingsburg [Discussion] Bonus Book: The Vampire Lestat, Part 7, Ch 12 - End

Welcome back, fellow travelers on the Devil's Road! 🛣️
This week, like Lestat, we are early risers and have moved forward the check-in before everything goes dark on June 12th. No idea what I'm talking about? Check out this announcement.
What a journey! This book has not only covered great distances, but also centuries of time. I hope you enjoyed the ride, and I am curious to see what you think of this section in the comments!
Some admin from my side: Since Those Who Must Be Kept and The Mother and The Father are ridiculously long nicknames, I will refer to Akasha and Enkil as "OG vampires". Also, I'll continue to refer to everything related to mind powers as ESP.
Today's discussion covers Part 7, Ch 12 - End per the schedule. Want to see or write comments outside the weekly discussions? Check out the Marginalia. Beware the spoilers. 👀

Let’s raise the curtain one last time for our very own Lelio of the vampire world:

Chapter 12. After stealing the OG vampires from the Egyptian coven, Marius buys them fancy mummy cases and buries them in his backyard for the time being. This doesn't go unnoticed, and soon the Elder appears and demands that Marius bring them back. They butt heads, first figuratively and then literally. Marius makes the perfectly rational choice of squeezing his eyes back into his head with his thumbs. Their fight is broken up when Akasha unearths herself. She pins the Elder and then squashes him like a cockroach. As a finishing touch, she pours lamp oil over the goo and burns the remains. Then she ESPs Marius that he will always be safe with her if he becomes her new guardian. She also encourages him to drink from her so that his wounds will heal and they can leave Alexandria. Marius succumbs to her seductive powers.

Chapter 13. Drinking Akasha's blood is absolute ecstasy for Marius. It also gives him memories of Akasha.
(Note: I would like to inform everyone that we are now in a flashback of a flashback of a flashback)
He experiences epic vampire battles, vampires behaving like gods and demanding human sacrifices brought by human slaves from all over the world. Babylon. Assyria. Forgotten cities (Note: Atlantis?). Marius disapproves because of his western ideals. He sees these epic vampires (dark gods) imprisoning the OG vampires so they can feed on them. Eventually they refuse human blood, but their strength continues to grow. Enough time passes that no one remembers that they are actually imprisoned. They are freed, but their appearance has become that of statues.
Vampires, or "The Drinkers of the Blood", are still worshipped as gods. The sacrifices were thought to be evil people and the vampires their good gods. But then times changed and Egypt was conquered and those ideals changed.
(Note: This is the end of the flashback3)
Marius is restored. He dreams of rescuing/restoring/un-traumatizing the OG vampires (insert "I can fix them" meme here) and imagines all the great things they will do together.
They go to Antioch, but for over a century nothing changes except the color of their skin. Marius falls madly in love with a Greek courtesan named Pandora. He turns her into a vampire and she feeds on Akasha. They live together for 200 years. Under Christianity, vampires become devils. So much so that some vampires even believe it (eherm Children of Darkness). Marius hopes that humanity will evolve into an age of enlightenment without gods and goddesses, thus devaluing vampires. In the eighteen hundred years that Marius has lived, he has found no true purpose.

Chapter 14. Lestat is now aware that Marius could wipe them all out just like that, since he is responsible for the OG vampires. He also thinks about rousing them. Marius assures him that he has no intention of killing them or himself, that he is content to experience humanity. According to him, this is only possible because he has lived a full life, and he urges Lestat to do the same, to go away and live a life (in New Orleans) before returning to him. He also reveals that he regrets turning Armand into a vampire in his youth, even going so far as to see Armand's foolish behavior as punishment.
Some general Marius approved rules to living your vampire life:
They contemplate something ominous could happen if Akasha were to become loose. Marius floats the idea in the room that Lestat could drink Akasha’s blood, it would make him stronger, heal existing wounds, but not wounds made after the “injection”. They decide that they’ll humbly ask Akasha to let Lestat drink from her blood.
Before that, however, is a lot of vampire lore exposition Marius gives Lestat by the by:
  1. Ghosts exist!
  2. Immortals that don’t drink blood and can walk in daylight exist. One of them is Ramses the Damned. They are dangerous. Marius and Pandora have a difference of opinion if these things were at any point vampires.
  3. When vampires are burnt, Marius suspects they come back in another form. Possibly they are reborn as humans. Pandora claims she’s been one of the burnt vampires.
Marius promises they’ll meet again after Lestat has lived his lifetime. He also tells him he will move to another place to keep the OG vampires safe. He makes Lestat swear to tell no one about their existence or anything he’s told him. He vaguely threatens Lestat if he breaks his promise (but not really).
Lestat feels oppressed by the secrecy required of vampires and floats the idea in the room telling the world about vampires. Marius strongly rejects this, calling it madness, because vampires are solitary creatures who like privacy.
“We are evil things finally,” says the vampire who pages before stated there is no such thing as good or evil.
They embrace and part ways.
Lestat silently ponders how he would behave in a thousand years, and if he was a statue by then, too. Before he loses consciousness, he hears a woman’s laugh and sees a woman’s neck bending.

Chapter 15. Lestat has a great idea. He sneaks into the OG vampires’ chamber and plays Nicki’s violin FOR THE FIRST TIME, WHILE SINGING. Akasha (understandably) lets out a head-exploding shriek and crushes the violin in front of Lestat. Then she lets Lestat drink from her, and this somehow turns into a makeout session. This is interrupted by a jealous Enkil who grabs Lestat and is about to stomp him to death, only to be saved by Marius ESPing to Enkil that he would take Akasha away from him if he kills Lestat. Then Marius ESPs to Lestat to go (good advice), which Lestat does.

Chapter 16. Lestat apologizes for what he has done, but Marius doesn't buy it. Lestat is convinced that Enkil is the worst thing that has ever happened to Akasha, and he wants him gone. When Marius scolds Lestat for his uninhibited thoughts, Lestat begins to cry. He wants Marius to let Akasha go, but Marius instead urges Lestat to leave the island for the night and not return until just before dawn, and to stop thinking about Akasha. After the hunt, Lestat does just that, imagining him and Akasha in a palace in Germany.
When he comes back, Marius tells him to leave for good, so that Enkil can quiet down. Marius' final advice is that he’ll find him when the time is right and that he can always ESP Marius (Note: Mother hen Marius confirmed).

Chapter 17. We are in New Orleans! Enchanted by the beautiful scenery, Lestat reflects on ancient truths and ancient magic, revolution and invention, and the nostalgic feeling of childhood.

Epilogue: Interview with the Vampire. Chapter 1. Lestat concludes his backstory by calling it The Early Education and Adventures of the Vampire Lestat. Now we get some addendum to what happened in “Interview with the Vampire”:
Lestat never saw Marius or Gabrielle again. He acknowledges some (some?) mistakes he made, but calls it all a direct result of his fatal love he has for Louis (who is btw a carbon copy of Nicki). They lived together for almost 70 years, which is groundbreaking (apparently not counting Marius' and Pandora's 200 years). Turning Claudia so young was a bad decision, but she would have died if he hadn't turned her (same goes for Louis) ... is Lestat's reasoning. Also, all the people he killed were bad people. Also, also, Louis begged him ALL THE TIME not to leave.
Some backhanded compliments he gives Louis are:
After almost getting killed two times by Claudia, he doesn't turn to Marius for fear of condemnation, Gabrielle was AWOL. Left is Armand.
He tells Armand what happened, but Armand is already well aware of Louis and dresses up a weakened Lestat and uses him in his plot to get rid of Claudia. The previous vampires from the theater are all gone. When he asks about Louis, Armand tells him that he is also dead. Then Armand emotionally explodes, blaming Lestat for destroying the coven and driving them to perform in a theater. Finally he throws Lestat off the tower, breaking every bone in his body on impact.

Chapter 2. After two years, Lestat is strong enough to board a ship back to Louisiana. He draws a parallel to Gabrielle being locked in a tower. He reads a lot and sometimes meets other vampires, but he is too weak to do anything. Eventually, Armand visits him and tells him that Louis is not really dead. At this point, they are both very salty about each other, and they continue to bicker like unhappy neighbors for some time. Armand promises to give him some of his blood if Lestat promises to love him, but Lestat has only contempt for Armand. (Note: This feels very similar to the song Gives You Hell).
Finally, he decides to go into the earth. He dreams of Marius as a photographer. Of his new building of twentieth century impressionists. He shows the OG vampires a movie. Akasha speaks to him to come to her, but Lestat is too weak.

Dionysus in San Francisco - 1985. Chapter 1. Despite secrecy over the rock band, vampires leave messages on Lestat’s answering machine, calling him an outcast and daring him to come out. He feels lonely. The band is about to perform in San Francisco. He fears Marius’ wrath. MMarius speaks to him in his dream, accusing him of risking his revenge and acting impulsively. Then a sudden transmission says, “Danger. Danger to us all.”
Louis visits him. They embrace and make up (Note: Yes, Louis has read the book). He tries to dissuade him from the concert, but Lestat’s mind is made up. He doesn’t fear vampires that need to use telephones to communicate threats. Also, he wants to be Lelio again.
Louis tells him about bars that function as vampire connections, where vampires meet to exchange gossip. All the young vampires imitate the characters in his memoirs. New Orleans has no active vampire connection because it is Armand's territory and he has killed all the young ones. However, Armand has been missing for some time.
Also, the rules for vampires are now stricter. No evidence of killing is allowed. And their existence must remain a secret. Louis agrees to come with him to the concert... but not in those clothes, a fashion-conscious Lestat chides.

Chapter 2. Everyone is super stoked for the concert, outside video screens and speakers have been mounted for the fans that didn’t get tickets. Lestat gushes over Louis' makeover. The concert itself is utter madness and euphoria. And Lestat sweats blood again. He draws parallels to past groups and people (the Keltoi, the Romans, …) and notices real vampires in the crowd.
When the concert is over and they are walking to their car, they are attacked by vampires with scythes. Before they can do anything, the attacking vampires burst into flames. They are pulled into the car by none other than Gabrielle! Lestat believes that Marius is behind the explosions. A chase with a van ensues, and Lestat finally understands the gravity of the situation. They are hit by the van and the car explodes. The vampires narrowly escape death. Other attack vampires appear with scythes, but they combust yet again before they can strike. Lestat wants to fight them like a fool, but Louis and Gabrielle stop him.
Gabrielle repeats that they are all in danger.

Chapter 3. The vampires are back at the house and speculate who could be behind the combustions. Gabrielle doesn’t believe Marius would do this, since it feels like an alien and savage force. Lestat is just stoked to have his favorite vampire fledglings back and tattempts to reassure them that he was in control the whole time. Gabrielle calls Lestat an imp.
Just before bedtime, Lestat muses on the strange transmissions. He tries to ESP Marius and receives a broken signal from Marius telling him exactly what the transmissions had told him: They were all in danger. We learn that Marius is buried in ice and that Akasha has seen and heard his music through the television that Marius set up. Akasha caused the combustions.
Lestat feels a cold hand reach out and caress his face before he loses consciousness.

That's it, folks, the curtains are closed on The Vampire Lestat. 🏁
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2023.06.11 01:34 CountessOfAbbingdon [F4A][F4Anyone Playing M][Multiple Prompts.] ; Adventuresses, Superheroes, Westeros, Monsters, & More!

Hello! I thought I'd lay out a smorgasbord of ideas. Hopefully some of them pique your fancy! I'm also open to other ones, of course.
[PS: asterisks indicate what I'm particularly interested in at the moment.]
  • *** Urban Fantasy - This can involve vampires, werewolves, fairies, witches, warlocks, and more. I like telling stories about a hidden world and how one might get sucked into it. I'm more than happy to do something with two supernatural beings; or with one of us playing a human who may not have previously known about the truth just beneath the surface of the everyday world.
  • *** Tomb Raider - I've been roleplaying as Lara for a VERY long time. She's my favorite character - ever. <33 There's many, many adventures that our darling tomb raider can go on. We can do something with her opposite an OC -- maybe a spy or a handsome socialite? I'm also super into crossing over my main girl, Lara Croft, into the MCU. She fits in a shockingly well there. I really enjoyed 'The Batman,' and I think she'd work opposite that version of Bruce, too. However, I definitely prefer the MCU over DC stuff. Anyone who shows interest in this will be bumped to the front of the line, haha. Click for further details and ideas.
  • *** Superheroes - I love superheroes! But I love villains more, haha. If we're doing something original, I think it'd be fun if we did something with a hero/villain who interact with one another in their everyday lives not knowing that their acquaintance is the person trying to kill them with a freeze ray at night. However, I have a preference for playing in established universes with canon characters -- particularly the MCU.
  • Three's More Fun - Let's tell a story about a poly relationship. Not cuckolding - an actual triad. MMF would be preferred. Feel free to mix this idea with any of the other prompts in here.
  • The End of the World - "Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice." Isn't that how the old poem goes? I love to explore post-apocalyptic scenarios. I have a slight preference for something ala 'Fallout,' but I've always done fun scenarios involving zombies. One thing I'd really love to do is an outbreak scenario that begins just before shit hits the fan. I think the best zombie stories are always the ones that have emotional core. I want to follow this couple from the start of the disaster into the dangerous new world that emerges after.
  • A Real Bodice Ripper - Give me tall, handsome strangers with scandalous secrets. Breathless ladies cinched up in their corsets. The romance and the glamour all on the backdrop of dreary London. Something lurking in the shadows - stalking the elegant upper class. Or perhaps there's no hidden monsters at all. Perhaps we can craft a story about an arranged marriage or forbidden love. Think along the lines of "Crimson Peak" or "Penny Dreadful."
  • A Song of Ice and Fire - "House of the Dragon" has me back on my Westerosi bullshit. I'm totally down to figure out stories in this universe!


  • Polite
  • Creative.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Able to write in 3rd person.
  • Available on Discord.
  • Over the age of 21.
Also, please do not reach out to me via Reddit Chat. I don't read them. To DM me, click here! I only check DM's. Please make the subject line your current favorite song, just so I know you've read this post from top to bottom. Also, if you cannot DM me, it's because your account is too new or there's some other issue on your end. My DM's are very much open. Thanks! 💖
Lara hated these functions.
No. 'Hate' wasn't the right word. She loathed them. This one in particular was a charity gala with the profits going to build a new childrens' ward in Surrey Parkside Hospital -- the very hospital she herself had been born in. That helped make the event a tad more palatable; but not enough to make it feel like anything other than a chore.
The estate of the Earl of Brixton was filled with socialites and nobility from all over Europe. They had all put on their best finery and their well-practiced courtesies. They made navigating these things look so effortless ... And, in a way, Lara was jealous of them for that. This had never come easy to her. Even now, she found herself wishing she had dirt under her nails rather than a French manicure.
At least she knew how to look the part. For all her perceived faults, no one could deny that the young woman cleaned up beautifully when she cared to put in the effort. Her petite figure was wrapped in a one-of-a-kind, crimson-colored dress designed for her by one of Paris's trendiest fashion houses. The bustline was particularly dramatic -- showing off more cleavage than most noblewomen would ever dare to. The back was also open, though the fabric had been draped across it in the semblance of a capelet -- making her seem more like a goddess of old rather than a modern Countess. She had overheard several women whispering about her choice to wear something so revealing; but she couldn't bring herself to care all that much.
"You're conflating the Maya with the Aztecs," she drolled in that elocution-trained accent as she finished what was her third glass of champagne thus far. A portly, older man had been bending her ear for the past twenty minutes attempting to impress her with tales of his private collection. Having claimed to be an expert on South American indigenous peoples, the correction made his face turn almost as red as her dress. He opened his mouth to say something; but before he had the chance, she gave a little shake of her now-empty glass.
"I need a refill. Pardon me, Sir." Before he had a chance to object, she made a hasty retreat from him. Along the way, she dropped the crystal flute onto the tray of a passing waiter and collected another. While her small stature did little to hold her back in the field -- if anything, it was an advantage -- but when it came to alcohol, it left her as something of a lightweight. She made a mental note to slow down; or else she risked the very real possibility of her already sharp tongue slicing a few more socialites to ribbons. That would truly defeat the purpose of her showing up to these things to preserve her reputation. Or, at least, preserve it as much as she could. Between herself and her late father, the name Croft had carried a dubious notoriety for quite some time. Some admired her for her ambition, intelligence, and bravery in the field. Others saw it as uncouth, at best -- destructive, at worst.
Lara took a moment to survey the room, noting how the majority of guests were preoccupied with the band that had begun to play a waltz. Perfect. She took the opportunity to sneak out of the ballroom and through the winding corridors of the estate. Before long, she found the door that led out to the rose garden. It was a chilly, damp English night; but she couldn't find herself to mind. If anything, it exhilarated her.
And it also kept the others from wandering out this way.
She tilted her head back to peer up at the full moon and stars above. She sipped her drink and took in the night air. She had needed this breather. She hadn't realized just how tightly coiled her muscles had become until she was away from the oppressive stuffiness of the party.
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