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A Rare Marriage: How to Grill Our Love

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2012.02.06 21:38 Morigain crystallography

Did I forget the hydrogens???

2012.02.02 21:27 Alaskan Klee Kai

Dedicated to the Alaskan Klee Kai dog breed developed in the 1970’s by Linda Spurlin as a companion size version of the Alaskan Husky. The Alaskan Klee Kai breed is currently recognized by the United Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Services. This is a place for owners, breeders, and enthusiasts of Alaskan Klee Kai to come together to share photos, give advice, post videos, ask questions, and more!

2023.03.30 06:50 ami_nil1987 Only on FrontFanz can you save money without FANZ tokens

You can only possibly save money on FrontFanz without exchanging any FANZ tokens. New members must reach a predetermined score threshold and pay an initiation fee equivalent to 5% of their entire token supply. Tokens can be used to incentivize users to take part in a network's activities. They deserve this recognition because of the profound effect their work has had on modern civilization. Everyone can benefit from hearing fresh ideas and knowledge. The job security for famous artists is higher than it is for most other professions. To advance in your FrontFanz career, you may require assistance from outside sources. The implications of this extend far beyond the present situation. Composers traditionally had little say over who might perform their works and how often. If the contractor had access to this funding, he or she may replace or update the existing furniture and fittings.

#FrontFanz #Btc #Crypto #Binance
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2023.03.30 06:11 zoffax Problems starting

Hi! So I have a 59 Ranger with the 2 speed auto transmission that I recently purchased. The problem I'm having is that i need to hold the gear selector perfectly over park in order for it to crank and start. If it's not held just right, turning the key does nothing. I'm not sure what all could be causing it. Maybe it's the ignition switch? Or maybe the connection from the gear selector and the ignition relay is giving out? I really hope it isn't the latter as I have no idea how to begin fixing that. I was hoping maybe I could get some insight from other people who may have dealt with similar issues. Thanks for reading.
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2023.03.30 05:37 DrozerX2 What should I do after a break up that’s is literally troubling me all day?

Hey everyone! I’ve already made a post about this, my ex girlfriend was really toxic, manipulative etc.. but I still can’t get over her, not because of that toxicity, but because how she was before she revealed her true colors. We talked etc.. She didn’t even loved me in the first place in the last week we were together. I’m honestly troubled, I can’t stop thinking about her even if I don’t want to. I though about blocking her everywhere, but she kinda still “cares” for me. Every time I do something regarding her it js ends up stuck in my mind and can’t get over it. What should I do in this situation?
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2023.03.30 05:29 AmandaDaily Why doesn’t Michelle talk about what she makes off everyone when she does the tournament battles?

Why doesn’t Michelle talk about what she makes off everyone when she does the tournament battles?
Michelle wants to talk about what everyone else makes during battles but she won’t talk about how much she makes off everyone who does her tournament!
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2023.03.30 05:27 KO-History psilocibios

Second time doing #psilocibios
How to take a moderate dosis alone?
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2023.03.30 05:01 AutoModerator [Share Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree

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Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche

Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with what will sell.You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.

  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
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Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:

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  • Use our Minimum Viable Offer strategy to start monetizing immediately (and have something to improve over time, rather than procrastinating until it’s perfect).
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In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.03.30 04:50 AutoModerator [Get] Justin Welsh – Idea Audience Proof Product -The Side Income Playbook!

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Section 7: What’s Next?
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2023.03.30 04:16 Safe_Diamond5014 Me and my friends wrote the data base for our college Moodle where professors can post materials for students to study. The students were given ID's to login. is this vulnerable to SQL injection? if yes how can we prevent it?

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2023.03.30 04:15 asdfjg1313 New data on my credit score that doesn’t make sense

I am in the process of finding lawyers and trying to file for bankruptcy. I went to do an online evaluation for a lawyer and I went on Credit Karma to see how much have. It’s really weird because I haven’t paid my credit cards and the last time I was on credit karma my score was really low but now it’s 24 points higher and it shows my debt is lower. It doesn’t make any sense because I haven’t paid anything towards it.’for a second I even thought I was on someone else account. I contacted Credit Karma and they told me to contact the credit bureau which I will do in the morning but I am so confused on what’s going on. Should I contact a lawyer right away so they can look into it and continue filing for bankruptcy? Does this mean I’m going to be taken to court for the debt I’ve owed from the creditors? I read that some debts can fall off after 7 years if not being paid, but it’s only been at the most 2 years for me.I am so anxious and nervous on why this happened and what will be the outcome I feel like screaming lol. Has anyone had this issue or something similar or any advice? Should I just contact a debt hardship relief program? Who do I contact about this? Please let me know. Thank you.
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2023.03.30 04:15 AffectionateVirus346 My eldest sisters were never really involved in my life, and now that I’m 18 they all of a sudden want to be in my life

So as the title reads , yes. For clarification I (18 F ) am the youngest of 6 sisters. I have three sisters from my moms side and three from my dads side. I grew up with the sisters whom I share a mother with, but I barely know/knew the sisters who have the same father as me. They barely came around me , did anything with me or spent time with me. Even when my parents were together, except one. Even then , she rarely ever did things with me except took me to the movies or out sometimes with my nephew (her son) who was one year younger then me.
Anyways , I just recently turned 18 and what really bothered me was how they all of a sudden wanted to play the big sister role and they had offered to take me out to dinner for my birthday. I I tried to put aside the resentment and hate in my heart and give them a chance because I thought maybe they actually wanted to build a relationship with me. They made a group chat with me on iMessage and asked me what type of restaurant I wanted to go to. I’m not really a eating out type of person so I don’t really know alot of restaurants.
They had sent me a bunch of really nice restaurants as suggestions since I didn’t know what to pick. I picked a restaurant from the list of options they sent me , as it was a Caribbean restaurant and I liked a lot of the things they had on the menu. One of my sisters came to pick me up and we all met up at the restaurant we were going to including my dad. We had gotten inside and one of my sisters were late but as soon as she arrived , she had brought someone else with her that none of us had even known. I thought it was weird to bring someone to a family outing that we didn’t know but I didn’t want to make it into a big deal so I just shook the thought.
I was really quiet most of the time unless they spoke to me because I didn’t really know them and I barely saw them so I was really nervous and shy. Only person I felt comfortable around was my dad. I guess he noticed how uncomfortable I was and asked me if I was okay I said yes. Eventually i excused myself to the bathroom and I came back. They all proceeded to ask me now that I was 18 did I want to come with them to the strip club. I playfully said no and shook my head. But like I said my dad could see how uncomfortable I was. I just think it’s a little odd to ask your freshly 18 year old little sister did she want to go to the strip club.
They just proceeded to talk to me about a bunch of things that made me feel as though they were trying to corrupt me. And at this point I honestly just wanted to go. They made it seem like they had been reaching out to me trying to have a relationship with me when none of them ever hit my phone. And lying and making themselves look good. It hurt me a lot and made me resent them more. Especially after the dinner. They told me if I needed anything or wanted to do something with them to text them and let them know.
But when I asked if one of them would be willing to take me out to drive none of them responded except one saying she couldn’t but she pays someone to teach her son and she could give me her contact information. I told my mom about how I felt to see if I was overreacting but she agreed with my viewpoint. At this point, I Don’t really care to have a relationship with any of my sisters from my dads side. And I don’t want to have contact with them. I’ve made the decision to cut them from my life and I’ve blocked their numbers. Life’s too short for me to keep people around who don’t really care for me and let me down.
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2023.03.30 04:13 OpheliaPineik I’m likely going to kill myself this summer.

I think I should kill myself this summer. I was planning on doing it six years from now but I’m thinking about doing it this summer.
I hope there’s a quick method I can use.
I am fucked up in so many ways. I can’t talk right, I have been screamed at every morning for over a decade, I’ve been humiliated and I disappointed others. I have failed to achieve my goals, and it is not even worth it to try to accomplish them anymore. I fucked up so incredibly bad that it’s too late.
I am not old, I’m probably going to be in college soon. But I have been thinking about committing for 6 years.
I don’t interact with my friends anymore because it makes me sick to my stomach to be around them. They have their lives together and it evokes such an intense feeling of sadness with me that it makes me want to vomit. I hate myself so much more when I’m around them or anyone like them.
I hardly see a future for myself after this year. I may have to spend the rest of my life unsatisfied and one where everything that I love is forever out of reach.
I didn’t have a good reason to have suicidal ideation in the past, but I have a strong one now. And I’m ready to buy or do whatever to take my life as soon as possible. There are so many voices that I don’t want to hear anymore, which includes the ones in my head.
My self-criticism, monumental failures, and falling behind my peers in competency has made my overall life a depressing haze. I don’t feel like doing anything, and I am in a constant state of deep, numbing sadness. I have not felt truly happy in years.
I don’t want to look back on my life at any point in the future and think of the person I am now, not think about the unnecessary suffering I experienced.
I have gotten therapy, talked to a psychologist, and called hotlines. Nothing will change how badly I want to do this; I have spent too long curating and making my foundations for doing it as tough as possible. It has it the point that I don’t mind that I want to die so badly all of the time. I kind of like it.
I was thinking of writing a suicide note, but I don’t care to do that anymore. I do not respect my thought process anymore, so there is no point in sharing it with others. My thoughts and desires and ideas have been questioned and criticized enough to the point that I don’t care much for the way I think.
I don’t care about being a coward or being a bad person. In fact, if I am those things and more, I will add that to my reasons to die.
I decided to commit suicide this summer because I’ve realized the weight of experiencing another greatly unsatisfying six years, in which said years may be more unbearable due to poor post-secondary experiences, or if I do not progress in life how I hope to (which I most likely will not).
I wish I had a different family, a different body, a different life entirely. I wish I was better and I wish that I ALWAYS was exceptional enough to reach my goals throughout my life. But I am not, and it will follow me everywhere, from my home life to my social life to my work life.
I have no reason to live.
So, yes, I will be trying to die over the summer. The only setback is that I’m promised a job over the summer and I may not be able to commit suicide discreetly. I will hopefully use the money up for a highly effective method away from home and kill myself as everyone is starting a new chapter in their lives.
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2023.03.30 04:10 mghi21 How to overcome fear of aging?

I'm turning 25 next year and it's freaking me out. Most old friends and classmates around my age are getting married and having kids now. I feel like I'm stuck at 18, still trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. I can't get over the feeling that I'm missing out on some of the most prime years of my life. I fear that I have missed the opportunity to actually make something of my life and I can't get over it. People will tell me that I'm still young and that I have a lot of time, but what about when I don't? What about when I still fail to do anything significant with my life?
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2023.03.30 04:07 Vadim-Hicks_9850 There are several ways to earn money online, and some of the most popular methods include:

Freelancing: You can offer your skills and services to clients around the world through various freelance platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc. Freelancing opportunities include writing, graphic design, programming, social media management, and more.
Online surveys: Companies pay people to complete online surveys and provide feedback on their products or services. Sites like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Vindale Research offer paid surveys.
Affiliate marketing: This involves promoting products or services and earning a commission for every sale made through your unique referral link. Amazon Associates and Clickbank are popular affiliate networks.
Online tutoring: If you have expertise in a particular subject, you can offer tutoring services online through sites like Chegg, TutorMe, and Skooli.
Content creation: You can create content on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram and earn money through advertising revenue, sponsorships, and product placements.
Online marketplaces: You can sell products online through marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.
Virtual assistant: Many businesses and entrepreneurs require virtual assistants to help with administrative tasks like scheduling, email management, and social media management. You can offer these services through platforms like Upwork and Freelancer.
These are just a few examples of how you can earn money online. The key is to find something that aligns with your skills, interests, and strengths, and to stay committed and consistent in your efforts.
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2023.03.30 04:04 SnooAdvice9411 hyperx pulse fire haste wireless gaming mouse

so i bought the hyperx pulse fire haste wireless gaming mouse and i cant seem to figure out how to connect it to wireless
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2023.03.30 03:23 Wise_Librarian4479 I need help finding someone.

Hello, a friend left me a goodbye (suicide) message an hour ago on WhatsApp. I haven't been able to communicate with her, neither have her relatives, no one has heard from her since this morning. I need help to be able to locate her. I don't know if anyone knows how I can locate her using a phone number or something, since she hasn't turned off her cell phone yet. I seriously need to know what's right at least
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2023.03.30 03:21 StepwiseUndrape574 Latest GTA 6 Rumors Allege Vice City Return But Its Release Date Is Another Question

It seems like we have been hearing rumors about Grand Theft Auto 6 since the beginning of time, though in reality, it has only been almost that long. If you were hoping for some clarity with a release finally being around the bend, well, brace yourself—we could be in for several more years of rumors, not just weeks or even months.
Naturally, the folks at Rockstar Games are not offering up any juicy tidbits about the inevitable release. So everything we know, or think we know, has come by way of leaks and rumors. To that end, multiple leakers are reporting that GTA 6 might not come out until 2024 or even sometime 2025. As things stand right now, YouTuber Tom Henderson says the next version of GTA is very early in development.
Henderson notes that, historically, he has not been associated with GTA leaks (he's been more plugged into the Battlefield scene), but the information he shared in a YouTube video is based on what he has heard from multiple sources. He is not the only one that is hearing GTA 6 is still several years away from being released, either.
GTA 6 Tweet
Given the success of GTA Online, it seems Rockstar Games might not be in a rush to push out another major release. At the same time, it's said the developer is focusing "very heavily on employee well being," which in part means avoiding the crunch that precedes a game's release. However, there is at least one other factor at play as well.
It's said GTA 6 will launch on PC and the latest generation game consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S). By taking its time in releasing GTA 6, Rockstar Games will have a much wider audience of compatible console owners to drum up sales. And while not mentioned, the same could be true in the PC space, as hopefully discrete GPUs will be plentiful again by the the time GTA 6 arrives.
As for the setting, Henderson says GTA 6 will in fact mark a return to Vice City. Rockstar Games may opt to add more locations to the map over time (post launch), but it looks like a modern take on Vice City is headed to the GTA universe.
Given how much we had playing Grand Theft Auto V when it came to PC several years ago (and still holds up today), we're excited to see what GTA 6 brings to the table, even if it means waiting another 3-4 years.
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2023.03.30 03:15 sr73f9ayxg How to edit a caption on TikTok after you’ve already posted

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2023.03.30 03:10 Odd-Independence-384 Bmw e92 timing chain

Looking at buying a BMW e92 2008. I know the timing chains are infamous on these.
After how many miles should it be done?
Is it possible to do that job yourself or should I bring it to a garage for that? (I have acess to a good range of tools and an engine lift)
If so, how much would a garage typically request for that job? I know its big and involves removing the engine.
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2023.03.30 03:01 AutoModerator [Get] UpViral – Viral Hacking Masterclass

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MODULE 1 Introduction You get a solid introduction to the concept of viral marketing, why it works, and how you can leverage it to build your business. Regardless of the market or niche that you’re in! MODULE 2 Psychology Hacks and Strategies Learn and master the psychology of why people share things online, and how you can leverage that to pay off for your business! MODULE 3 Campaign Hacks and Strategies Learn about the types of campaigns that are proven to work. We’ll also cover the various types of promotional campaigns, including contests and giveaways, and determining which will work best for you. You’ll also learn the mechanics of elements like landing and share pages that will ensure your campaigns will succeed! MODULE 4 Follow-up Hacks and Strategies You’ll learn how to ensure your campaigns’ success with winning, powerful email follow-up sequences. Also learn the crucial elements needed to ensure that will keep your follow-up sequences and campaigns as successful as possible. MODULE 5 Traffic Hacks and Strategies We’ll cover the most innovative ways to generate that initial surge of traffic needed to get your viral campaigns to truly take off. No rehashed, old-school traffic generation stuff. You’ll learn only new, cutting-edge traffic generation strategies that you can apply to launch successful campaigns as well as to your existing sites! MODULE 6 Optimization Strategies We cover how to continuously test and improve your campaigns to achieve better success rates, and earn higher profits. Optimization and testing is absolutely crucial to achieving the maximum success possible. We’ll discuss why it’s critically important that you do it consistently, and why not doing so can cost you! Note: This module alone will return your investment in this course many times over – guaranteed! MODULE 7 Case Studies We’re going to take an in-depth look at several case studies of successful viral marketing campaigns and the strategies behind them. You will be able to apply what you learn from them to improve and ensure success in your own campaigns.
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2023.03.30 02:55 AutoModerator [Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0

[Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0
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[Get] Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0
Trade With Sid – Mentorship Program 3.0 is an ultimate course for anyone who wants to learn how to trade and become a successful trader. You will learn from Siddhant Goswami, the CEO of Trade With Sid, who will teach you everything from beginner to professional level information to get you started on the right path to becoming a consistently profitable trader.
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2023.03.30 02:54 frybreadaddict how come i’m scared of shifting back?

so like the fear of shifting back from my dr been going on for quite a while now, like i’ve been told many times how it feels shifting back but that fear haven’t gone away yet
and honestly i don’t know what to do, i just wonder if any of y’all have any answers or such
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