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2023.06.03 06:08 capetonian86 37 [M4F] from South Africa (GMT+2), looking for a friend to inspire me

Hi there casual smooth nod
Oh how I wish I was "smooth".
I’m a dad of a 4-year-old boy who is my world. He keeps me busy and happy. But I would appreciate someone to talk to about other things. Someone who can relate to me, respect me, and have fun with me. Someone who can also share their opinions, interests, and goals with me. Someone who can be my friend, my buddy, and maybe my partner in crime...... Not really South Africa is not always like that.
I’m hoping for a genuine long term friendship with someone who is smart, nice, and able to hold a conversation. Someone who can make me laugh, challenge me, and motivate me. Someone who can be my co-pilot and let me be theirs.
I’m an engineer by trade and a football fan by hobby. I love Chelsea FC and I try to watch all their matches. I'm a sucker for a good boardgame and I love that you can play many of them electronically now. I also love animals and I have a lot of pets at home. I have two dogs that are awesome (you can't stop me from sharing their pictures), some fish to control the mozzies, some finches, and two albino crayfish that are hopefully still in my pond.
If you’re looking for someone who can chat with you and hang out with you, someone who can listen to you and joke with you, someone who can support you and be supported by you, then I’m your guy.
Drop me a line if you’re interested and let’s see if we have some chemistry.
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2023.06.03 06:06 fucjin Not feeling enough shame?

I love you, let's just start by getting that into of the way...(I'm currently not sober)...but I want to feel that way when I am completely sober, and I know I am going to have a hard time readying any of this advice once my buzz wears off
( trying to quit opiates and weed and booze the Nth time , 1mo old baby 4 other kids that have suffered from me being a selfish about my use.i have gone to rehab, I am trying to get therapy and I understand that being addicted this long off and on means that nothing really does anything to make me feel satisfied to not seek drugs. Terrible impulse control and luckiest person aliveI just died from a pressed pill about a week ago, not my first time EMTs have had to narcan me in the past 5 years...3 times. Please help I love NY children and my current girlfriend is truly a Saint and loves and will support me and has supported me, she is clean completely and without problem
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2023.06.03 06:06 SB_Adventure_Team Just venting about a little league Coach

A little backstory first. I’ve been coaching my son’s teams since tee ball. We have played certified Little Leagues, Rec, All Stars and Travel Ball over the years. There have been years where we have played 3 separate leagues (spring summer and fall). Last year we decided that we were not going to play his final little league season for this year, and we were originally going to put him in camps, clinics and 1:1 instruction since next year he will be going into high school ball. My son is a catcher and pretty damn good at it. He has always played well above the skill level of most of his teammates with the exception of the All Star and travel teams where the player set is more balanced. Well, the available camps and clinics that we were going to send him to are either booked up, or the travel time would get in the in the way of daily life. I was committed to not coaching unless it was just him and I working on his skill set. I had even let the leagues that we play in, and my players that I’ve had stick with me for years that I wouldn’t be returning to coach. Yeah it was a bit teary and I’m glad to hear that many of the kids have stuck together with their new teams, but it has been 10 years of nothing but baseball for us with limited time for our other hobbies. So with the clinics no longer being an option we decided to put him back in a summer league with the intention of baseball coming second, and this year we would focus more time on what we haven’t had much time for in the past years.
Well now we’re here in a summer ball league. There have only been 5 practices in the past two weeks, the head coach has only been at one, and his assistant coach is clearly in over his head as he has never coached a team before. Can’t really fault this assistant as you can tell he is trying. The head coach is quick to call the shots through game changer but is always “busy” and can’t make it to a practice. I wasn’t at the first two practices. My son was though, and he said they were kind of bad. (Remember how I said baseball was coming second) the 4th practice was a lane rental facility. Practice was supposed to start at 6 that day. We showed up at 5 to get some BP in plus I wanted to get some swings in my self. And while his team showed up, the head coach didn’t and the assistant was 30 minutes late. I know the GM to the facility and called him (he was off that day) and explained the situation. His staff said one lane was reserved for 90 minutes. The GM let us keep the lane and said if we needed it longer it was fine by him. So here I am with a team and no coaches. Fine whatever, these kids are here to play and learn. I’m not going to keep them for it. I’ll hold the practice. Assistant coach finally shows up.LF while my son was gearing up so we could work with the pitchers and rotate out for BP. This is when I found out the head coach had only been to one practice. This started to piss me off. 5th practice was scheduled for yesterday. We had some pretty gnarly weather rolling in and there was no communication about practice being canceled. Well I made the call for us not to go. And like clockwork the skies opened up right at the time practice would have started. Practice was rescheduled for today. Head Coach sent out a message letting everyone know. Also yapping about other stuff that team needs to do. Well guess who isn’t at practice. Head Coach. The assistant is. He asks if I can work with pitchers again. Ok I’m here. He wants to work on fielding drills. Again, I can’t fault this guy for trying. But this practice I really got see is understanding of how to operate a team and his understanding of the game. It was pretty cringe. I had to step in and take over as he is loosing control of the team half way through practice. Not really knowing these kids other than my own and the few I worked with on pitching I was able to quickly put some drills together for the last half. I could tell the last half where we were running an infield field drill that my son was getting frustrated because he knew where the play was supposed to go and these kids were just not paying attention. On the way home all we can do is laugh about this situation we’re in. We’re both pretty frustrated. There is another practice on Sunday. Why a Sunday? I have no idea. First game is Monday though, and half the team has no idea what they’re doing, and not to mention there is no way that this team is ready for a game. From what I’ve seen there are three solid pitchers, a catcher with a possible back up, and maybe a couple good infielders. Even if this was my team and with my experience I wouldn’t be able to set a line up or have any idea of positions for these kids. None of this are the kids at fault for. If this head coach was going to volunteer for a team you would think they would show up. It is kind of a big responsibility to lead a team. These parents have signed their kids to learn and play. While this is a summer ball league to fill the void between spring and fall, and for kids who aren’t on one of the two all star teams to continue playing through the break, this is actually a fairly competitive league. It isn’t a rec league that you can just fuck off with to be able to tell people yeah a coach a team. Many of the coaches that are in this league are coaches in the two main little leagues here also. We do this for the love of the game and we love teaching these kids. This isn’t the case with this team. I’ve never even heard of this coach prior to this season.
I’m stuck on a deciding what to do here. I’ll gladly step up and take over this team but unfortunately I even can’t be there for 100% of games due to work situations. That’s an easy phone call to the league organizer. Also there is that part of me that wants to stick to the baseball comes second mentality that we went into this season with and just let this team fall apart. But then I am conflicted with these kids deserve better than this and I am more than capable to provide them with a great program. Whether they turn into a winning team or not they will finish the season with better skills than when they started.
Maybe this is partly because I’ve been coaching for so long ,have run solid programs, and have dedicated a good portion of our lives to this game that I have forgotten that in the end this is all volunteer, and this is just how it is with some teams. Part of me wants to jump right back in. The other part says not my problem. Those of you who have coached in the past or are currently coaching probably understand this predicament the best. You guys know how much time and effort goes into this game. I’ll gladly be around to help this team when able, but with a head coach that doesn’t show up it makes me feel like why even bother. Why bother putting my own kid through a season of struggle.
Sorry for the long winded rant.
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2023.06.03 06:06 EQBC Why Boxing?

This is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind when they think about it.
Here are some but not all best physical benefits of Boxing.
A killer cardio workout that burns some serious calories real fast, improves your hand-eye coordination, helps build shoulder boulders, improves Bone Mineral Density, increases the endurance & stamina, enhances cardiovascular health, tones & shapes the body, and improves total body strength. These are few to be mentioned. Anyone involved in boxing knows of its power – particularly among working-class kids – to improve health, education, community cohesion and to lower crime.
You hear it all the time: You need to do cardio to protect yourself from heart disease, burn calories, and lose or maintain your weight. There are not enough promoters of boxing as a sport in the modern world. It’s a stressed-out world out there and boxing training really helps you to decrease stress level. Also, you must exercise to improve body composition out of the sedative lifestyle of young people. Easter Queens boxing club is known for its Athletic Training and Conditioning.
Boding experts have pointed out some important benefits for kids as well in the age group of 5 year to 15 year. Boxing focuses on agility, speed, quickness, balance, and hand-eye coordination, Confidence Building, Health and Proper Fitness, Self-Defense, Good Eating Habits, Higher GPAs, Staying out of Trouble, Humility and Patience.
What do boxing coaches look for in a boxer?
It is difficult to find a good boxing coach that gets the best out of you in the ring through his training out of the ring. If we think about a good boxing coach, he must possess the ability to work with fighters that vary in style, size, age, and experience. They will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses, then plan a training strategy. A coach will train you to augment your strengths and develop, improve upon and eventually eradicate your weaknesses.
How important is a boxing coach?
There is a famous saying about boxing “Behind every great boxer, there is a great boxing coach”.
Finding the right boxing trainer for you is essential to improve your boxing ability and to continuously develop as a boxer. In fact, trainers are so important, most professional fighters often have multiple coaches specializing in different expertise.
One more question can pop into your mind in this case, that is, do you need a boxing trainer?
Let me clear it for this sport, one cannot become a pro boxer by self-training with no trainers, You can’t. You must have a trainer to be able to do it right. You must also be able to spar unless you like to fight your imagination.
Something about trainers, what to consider while selecting a trainer. A great trainer must have a mental and emotional connection with the fighter, feeling what his fighter feels, and being able to see what the fighter is seeing. Trainers don’t give up on their boxers, and never let them feel unappreciated and incomplete. Remember one thing, a trainer who is in it for the quick buck is not a good trainer.
Same time you need a great boxing club to train yourself. You will never learn how to box without joining a boxing club/gym. A good, equipped boxing club is as much important as a good, experienced trainer, it can be even a friend who has experience from boxing trainings and fights, so he can correct you on your mistakes on boxing mitts, a lot of sparrings to learn how to react to a moving living target, but alone? No chance. If you want to be a recreational boxer, any gym that has a boxing program will do, but if you really want to devote yourself to the sport, you’ll have to find a good gym. Eastern Queen boxing club is one of the great places in the USA to join and get trained from experienced trainers to transform yourself into a professional boxer.
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2023.06.03 06:06 waitingo I want to ruin my fathers life and I don’t know how to do it.

Hello friends, So today I (19)f have come to a realization. I could easily make my father’s (42)m life a living hell if I could try. So a little back story. I am the eldest of my fathers 3 daughters. So when I was younger my father was terrible he physically abused me for years until one night he Sexually Assaulted me. At 11 years old my whole life was turned in a living hell, I was scared and the physical abuse never stopped until at 15 my father dropped me off at school screaming at me that I was worthless and if I couldn’t act right to not come back. and that is what I did. He continued with verbal abuse over text and call, telling me how worthless I was and how I am treating him terribly. Fast forward a few years at this point my parents had been well divorced for years. Although, we were still going through a custody battle with my sisters. To make a long story short, this court was in a town with maybe 200 people this being said things were kind of janky here. So the case is being held the bring a lawyer to talk to me about my parents and what has happened at this point I hadn’t told anyone I had been SA’d by my father. He asked me a few questions and didn’t write any of my answers down. the court hearing went on and I had confessed to my mother what my father had done years ago, due to the stress of the situation and the build ups of ptsd I had been having at the time. We went through a therapist and even spoke to a social worker about how I was SA’d all for this to be thrown in the thrash and told since my father was intoxicated and it was so long ago they couldn’t do anything. All the pain relived for nothing. I know this is all over the place but stay with me. Fast forward to our last hearing the court did not let me speak, the court did not hear any of my mother family but did hear my fathers. The court ruled that my father could keep my sisters and gave my mother supervised visits because my younger sister and father’s family that my mom manipulated me in to lying about the abuse I endured all of my childhood. While my younger sisters had also endured his abuse and his family had seen it. I haven’t seen my sisters in 2 years. I haven’t spoke to them either I have no clue what has happened to them. This being said, Nothing can be legally solved now every thing has been “resolved” via court. I want to take revenge, I have a throw away account I felt exposing him through could work. But I need legal an down right evil revenge on the man who took everything light in my life away who has made me a trainwreck. I have worked on my self mentally to finally feel relief from what happened and I have healed but I feel deep down I can’t full heal until he feels sadness like did, anger like i did. Thank you reddit friends in advance!
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2023.06.03 06:06 Mentaltam East Coast USA to TYO - J/F - May 31st 2024

My partner is about to finish her residency and applying to fellowship, so we figured we'd try and get one last trip in before fellowship as this is the last time she'll be able to take off for 2-3 weeks at a time for a while.
I have opened up so many cards to accrue points literally just for this purpose (it did help that we had that wedding last year so I wasn't spending anything I wasn't going to).
So this is the situation, I have 300k MR and 227k MB right now and will have 100K UR by the end of July.
I'm trying to get to get at least J to and from East Coast of the US to TYO.
I looked at ORD, NYC, and IAD for ANA and they all have just 1J/1F open at 9PM EST.
I am willing to fly out of the west coast, I would just prefer east coast since if a flight gets delayed or canceled, there are at least more likely for me to make another flight rather than the west coast to get there. There's not that much wiggle room for the flying out date of 5/31/2024 but a good amount of wiggle room for the return date of mid to mid/late June .
What would be the safest strategy to approach this to get 2?
  1. I just book a J/F round trip ORD on ANA and just hope a when T-14 opens up on the same day?
  2. Try to just book the 2J/F on west coast on ANA? Unsure if this is viable since I only ran across this post for ANA award info a couple of days ago and haven't actually confirmed the 2 seat availability for myself (did not know you could set it to both Japan region and English at the same time). This just worries me a bit since if I transfer my points and I can't make this happen, I would've just lost all of it. Also, I have a question with this strategy, if 2 seats become available for NYC or ORD, how easy is it to change the ticket?
  3. Some other airline/award strategy that I'm unaware of. I considered JAL, but considering I have very little AA points left and none in Alaska Airlines, I didn't think this was the way to go.
Any advice or guidance is appreciated! If I left out anything necessary to facilitate effective evaluation of my situation, I do apologize.
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2023.06.03 06:06 dave3111 Government built houses

Government built houses
After WW2 in the UK, the government built a lot of houses as many were destroyed during the war. I don't know the details of who pays and how much etc but I assume that wasn't as important as just getting somewhere for people to live. I believe a lot were prefabricated too and using a government workforce.
Do you think we will get to a point where the Australian Government would use its own workforce (it has tradies in some government agencies, but could mass recruit onto standard government salaries from failing construction companies) to build houses/apartments. I think the answer is no, because it prefers outsourcing and throwing money at a company that says it can solve the problem, but there may be a point when it can't be given to a for-profit company. For example, government infrastructure being built may not profit from sale or use (ie road tolls) but through more economic activity, it can be profitable in the long term holistically, which a private company only involved in the construction cannot benefit from. A government lead taskforce could rezone, build to a quality standard and develop a new suburb wherever it wanted if it saw urgent need.
Some related graphs I thought were interesting, as we tend to think of Australia as a growing population so you can't compare 50 years ago to now.

Who is building houses
House price to Salary

How much is getting built
Regarding the 2nd graph if you are interested in why it was so high to start with
It may only be of historic curiosity, but it is interesting that house prices were even more expensive in the latter half of the 19th century. They then went on a multi-decade downtrend relative to earnings. This only bottomed out after World War I.
There are three important drivers of this: more houses, smaller houses, and rising incomes.
  • More houses: There was a more than doubling in the stock of housing in England, Wales and Scotland between 1851 and 1911. It rose from 3.8 million to 8.9 million houses – for reference, today it stands at more than 28 million.
  • Smaller houses: Houses built before 1850 were significantly larger than those built after. Prior to 1850, the average house in England and Wales had a plot size of 913 square metres but houses built in the next 50 years had an average plot size of only 268 square metres. This reflected both a shift in construction towards smaller types of housing (e.g. a shift away from detached houses towards terraces) and a downshift in the average size of houses within each category. For example, the average plot size for a pre-1850 terrace was 278 square metres but that fell to 147 square metres for those built between 1850 and 1899.
  • Higher incomes: While average house prices fell by 23% between 1845 and 1911 (-0.4% a year), due in part to the two factors above, earnings rose by 90% over the same period (+1.1% a year).
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WILD MAN: Saint or Sinner Posted on May 2, 2021by Dana Rehn The Representation of Wild Folk During the German Renaissance The wild man was inspired in part by pagan hybrid woodland creatures like the satyr, however, much of the mythology of the wild man stems from barbarians of Europe.[i] For much of the Middle Ages, they were considered the antithesis of the civilised Christian society. They were cannibalistic, sexually deviant predators whose many characteristics were related to monstrous races as well as the insane. Despite the wild folk’s outsider status and the antithesis of Christian morality, the wild man and woman nevertheless became an icon of German nationalism. The image of the wild man and woman became a pervasive figure throughout the German Renaissance, depicted on a vast range of media from stained glass, woolen tapestry, playing cards (fig. 3), and ordinary household objects. The wild man and woman transitioned from a demonic brute beast to a romanticised image of the noble savage. They recall a simpler time in German history and became a part of the image of a united and strong German people. They also posed as an affront to the court culture of Rome and became associated with the virtues of the natural wilderness. Cleric, Johann Geiler von Kaysersberg, associated them with the image of the hairy saints who found redemption in the wilderness by categorising them as a type of wild man in Die Emeis.[ii] The German forests that the Wild Man was thought to reside were starting to be romanticised. Geographer, Johannes Rauw, praised the ancient forests that had long been demonised by Italians as a place of barbarians.[iii] From rapists of damsels, wild men were depicted with the virtues of the nuclear family in the Garden of Eden before ‘The Fall’ (Genesis 3). In this way, the wild man and woman became increasingly mythologised, merged with ancient Germans, ascetic saints as well as Adam and Eve. Although there were a growing number of romanticised images of the wild man and woman during the sixteenth century, negative representations persisted. Their depiction was not a simple shift from demonic woodland creature to the image of holy saints; many possessed both contradictory notions of sinner and sainthood. The multifaceted representation of wild folk reflected many of the contradictions of German Renaissance society. Man or Animal The reputation of the wild man stems from antiquity. Aristotle believed that people who lived outside the civilising influence of the urban city lacked the ability to reason.[iv] In this way, they were considered closer to animal than man, subjected to their impulses.[v] The wild man and woman were also believed to lack speech, used primitive tools such as the club, and lived away from civilisation.[vi] Even the food that the wild folk would eat – berries and uncooked food – was a mark of uncivilisation and thus associated them more with animals than man.[vii] Many were also thought to crawl on all fours, which is illustrated by the often bare knees of wild men and women.[viii] The wild man as well as the woman were characterised for their violence and unhinged rage. They both shared a love of combat and have even been depicted jousting against one another.[ix] It is not just appearance, but also behaviour that made someone bestial like peasants who were described with animal qualities. The wild man has also been associated with bears and mythology exists with bears who were able to transform into wild men.[x] Their unbridled sexuality was also more associated with animals. Wild men were thought to abduct pretty maidens, while the wild woman would transform herself into a beautiful woman and attempt to seduce men with her true ugliness only to be revealed during intercourse.[xi] In this way, they were also associated with other pagan and hairy woodland hybrid creatures from antiquity including satyrs and centaurs, who were also known for their immoral behaviour and insatiable sexual appetite.[xii] Albrecht Dürer combined classical mythology with German folklore in the engraving of the Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn (1516) (Fig. 1). The print recounts the mythology of the abduction of the goddess of fertility by Pluto (Hades), God of the underworld – the pagan equivalent to the Devil.[xiii] In place of the classical god is a wild man on the back of a unicorn. Although this wild man is not covered in think body hair, he has wild hair on top of his head and a large bushy beard. He is identified as a wild man by his riding of a unicorn where the wild man was believed to be the only creature strong enough to overpower it by force.[xiv] Unicorns were originally regarded as ferocious beasts who used their horn as a weapon.[xv] Tales and visual art from the fourteenth century tell of wild men who become tamed by love after abducting a woman.[xvi] Yet this print illustrates man’s sexuality was thought to reduce them to a brute beast. Fig 1. Albrecht Dürer, Abduction of Proserpine on a Unicorn, 1516, Etching, 30.8 x 21.3cm, The Institute, Chicago. During the Middle Ages, many people concluded that wild man and woman were degenerative humans. They became an irrational beast in the same way that the insane were believed to be a form of wild people. Medieval romances frequently described people who suffered a crisis and lost their mind and ran into the forest living as semi-human wild people.[xvii] In Hartmann von Aue’s (c. 1160/70- c. 1210/20) Iwein, the protagonist who has broken a promise to his wife and is rejected, roams around in the forest until he is discovered by a lady who saves him from his insanity.[xviii] The wilderness in part created the state for wildness as it was away from civilisation and rationality.[xix] Like many monsters during the period, the wild man and woman were defined by their nudity. In this way, they were symbolically outside civilisation – both physically and behaviourally.[xx] Even those who have become temporary wild men through madness and fled into the forest shed their clothes and only returned to civilisation by again putting their garments back on. While in the forest they begin to grow hair all over their body to signify their move away from the human realm and into the animal one.[xxi] The wild man and woman encapsulated the fears of Europeans and what happens to one if they abandon civilisation.[xxii] The theme of civilising the wild man was popular during the Middle Ages. It was knowledge and acceptance of the one true faith that inevitably brought the wild man back to civilisation.[xxiii] In a thirteenth-century Bavarian epic poem, republished in the sixteenth-century German collection of stories, Das Heldenbuch mit synen figuren (‘The Book of Heroes’), recounts a wild woman called Raue Else (‘Rough Else’). The woman who was hairy all over and walked on all fours approached the knight, Wolfdietrich, who questioned if she was an animal. [xxiv] The wild woman demanded the love of the knight and upon his refusal turned him into a crazed wild man who crawled on all fours for half a year until God commanded her to disenchant him. In return, Wolfdietrich offered to marry the wild woman so long as she was baptised. She took him back to her kingdom at Troy and after bathing in the fountain of youth she was transformed into her former self, the beautiful princess, Sigeminne (‘Love’s victory’).[xxv] Wild Man as Noble Savage Although the wild man and woman were frequently represented in literature during the Middle Ages, they were rarely depicted in visual art until the fifteenth century.[xxvi] Therefore, their most ferocious reputation left little mark in visual culture. Instead, the wild man and woman were frequently represented in Renaissance art as the image of purity, with their family representing the virtues of parenthood and a companion or as a saint. Lynn Frier Kaufmann argues that the idea of chivalry and courtly love during the Middle Ages influenced the way wild men and women were depicted during the Renaissance.[xxvii] Larry Silver on the other hand interpreted their new role as cultural emblems brought by the rise in Germanic nationalism, which inspired the new translation of Tacitus’s Germania, describing wild people who only wore a cape of animal’s hide, as the first proud inhabitants of the Germanic lands (for example, fig. 2) .[xxviii] In this way, Tacitus’s Germania transformed the wild man into the romanticised version of the noble savage during the German Renaissance.[xxix] They lived a simple and virtuous life. They needed no written laws because they had good morals and rejected the habits of outsiders.[xxx] The nobility and urban elite began to romanticise the wild man for their strength and freedom from the rules of society.[xxxi] Conrad Celtis described a counterpart to early Germans in the Lapps. He described them as speechless but also that they had not been corrupted with luxury, fame, or wine. ‘Here no jurist twists the law, no doctor accumulates his blood money, and no tonsured man plagues the people’.[xxxii] Fig. 2. Nicolaes van Geelkerken after Clüver in Philipp Clüver, Germaniae antiquae libri tres, Leiden: Louis Elzevir, 1616, Engraving, London, The Wellcome Library. Source: On a playing card by Master ES printed in c. 1461, a wild woman is depicted with a unicorn (fig. 3). While wild men overpower the unicorn with their bold ferocity, it was the wild woman’s sexual purity that allowed her to get close to the unicorn. A tale of the unicorn captured only by pure virgin maidens arose during the Middle Ages. This led to the unicorn being represented as a sign of purity and thus underscores the image of the wild woman as epitome of the noble savage.[xxxiii] A sense of innocence accompanies their ignorance of the civilized world. Playing cards usually consisted of four suits with illustrations of plants, animals, and heraldic symbols. The wild woman with the unicorn is one of four cards surviving in the animal suit by Master ES.[xxxiv] Richard Bernheimer suggests that the images on the cards represent a hierarchy.[xxxv] Therefore, it places the wild man and woman in the realm of animals.[xxxvi] This is plausible since this wild woman represents the Queen of the Animals. However, her clasping grip of the unicorn who is dwarfed by the wild woman shows her dominate position in nature. Fig. 3. Master ES, Wild Woman and Unicorn (Queen of Animals from the Small Playing) c. 1461, Engraving on Playing Card, 10.5 x 7.3cm (Sheet); 9.8 x (Plate), New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art. The wild man also featured in more than 200 coat-of-arms across Europe, most of which were in German lands.[xxxvii] They were particularly popular during the second-half of the fifteenth century.[xxxviii] Interestingly, the wild man was illustrated beside coats-of-arms of popes and kings as their protector or guardian of the coat-of-arms despite the wild man’s history as a heretical being.[xxxix] Roundel prints of coat-of-arms were likely used as templates for goldsmiths or glassmakers who would fill in the family crest.[xl] It has also been suggested that these roundels were used by the middle class to emulate the coat-of-arms of the nobility. The templates were used as a substitute for commissioned coat-of-arms.[xli] In Wild Woman and Heraldic Shield, c. 1490 (fig. 4), a wild woman suckling her baby is reminiscent of the Madonna and child. This image reveals the redemption of women through childbirth for their responsibility for Original Sin (Genesis 3.16). She also serves as an emblem for fertility for the family whose shield she holds to ensure the family line. Fig. 4. Martin Schongauer, Wild Woman and Heraldic Shield, Colmar, c. 1490, Engraving, 7.7 diam. New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Return to the Garden of Eden The image of the noble savage in turn influenced the idyllic images of the wild family. Master bxg’s Wild Folk Family (c. 1475) parallel Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve who were portrayed in animal skins after ‘The Fall’ are akin to the hairiness of the wild family.[xlii] In Master bxg’s print stands the tree of knowledge, overlooked by an owl in the background, symbolising potential danger as owls served as a symbol for evil.[xliii] A rabbit bounds towards a forest in the top left. Rabbits were used as a symbol for fertility and has been depicted in images of Adam and Eve during ‘The Fall’ and thus can symbolise carnal knowledge. The wild woman’s long hair symbolises her fertility and thus her unbridled sexuality and parallels with the depiction of Eve in the Garden of Eden with long, loose flowing hair.[xliv] Although the representation of the wild family references Original Sin, they are still in a state of nature and innocence and their ignorance of God therefore cannot constitute sin.[xlv] However, it also provides a mirror of the tensions between good and evil within German Renaissance society – between temptation and godliness.[xlvi] The wild family not only recall Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, but also the image of the Holy Family who were often represented against the backdrop of the wilderness.[xlvii] In a comparative print in Hans Leonhart Schäufelein’s, Wild Man and Wild Woman originally printed in c.1520 (fig.5), the wild family are still hairy and naked, although they wear fig leaves to help preserve their modesty. The fig leaves allude to after ‘The Fall’ in the Garden of Eden once they have eaten from the tree of knowledge and realise their nakedness and feel shame. In this way, the sins of the past are not completely forgotten. However, the image lies in opposite to the unbridled sexuality of the earlier idea of the wild man and woman. One son attempts to place a leash around a domesticated dog, which further symbolises a new domesticity to the wild family.[xlviii] Despite its clear reference to Original Sin, it illustrates an idyllic family scene, away from the corrupting influences of ‘civilised life’.[xlix] Fig. 5. After Hans Schäufelein, Klag der wilden Holtzleüt, uber die ugetrewen Welt, verse by Hans Sachs, printed by Hans Guldenmundt, Augsburg, 1560 Coloured woodcut, 20.2 x 24.2cm (sheet), 20.2 x 15.2 cm (borderline) The British Museum, London. This image was later copied with an addition of a poem written by Hans Sachs in 1530. In the poem the wild folk lament against the corruption and evils of society such as the lust for wealth, flesh, and violence. The wild folk in Sachs’ verse have chosen to discard worldly pleasures to live the simple and pure life in nature. The verse ends with the wild folk declaring that they will be happy to return to civilisation once the world ‘see the light’.[l] This verse parallels the wild man with ascetic monks whose wildness is a temporary state and who seek redemption away from civilisation. Wild Man as Saints The tales of saints who found redemption in the wilderness by discarding worldly pleasures, growing hair on their body and then returning to civilization and shedding their hair once more became co-opted with the image of wild men and women during the Renaissance. Many stories of anchorites parallel with others, to the point that they can become indistinguishable.[li] Onuphrius is one of the better-known ascetic saints who lived during the fourth century. Paying penance, he lived in a cave for sixty years, as wild men and women were thought to do. His clothes wore away and he grew a thick coat of hair to protect his body against the elements (fig. 6).[lii] Saint John Chrysostom similarly went into the wilderness to pay penance and vowed to crawl on all fours until he found favour with God.[liii] Ascetic saints were similarly depicted with bare knees as wild men and women were also believed to crawl on all fours like an animal, wearing away the hair. In Leben der Heiligen (1499), where Saint John Chrysostom is depicted as covered in thick hair and crawling on all fours in the forest is described as an ‘abominable animal,’ despite being depicted with a halo around his head.[liv] Ascetic saints were therefore reduced to a beast just as the wild men and women had traditionally been as they are seen as degenerating into an animal who grow hair on their body and ate raw food.[lv] In this way, the figure of the hairy monstrosity was able to find redemption, at least in part, cast as the model of repentance. Fig. 6. Anonymous, Saint Onuphrius, c. 1480-1500, woodcut, 14.6 x 11.4cm, New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. During the German Renaissance, Saint Mary Magdalene, who was regarded for her beauty,[lvi] was frequently represented covered in hair like a wild woman. Her hairy image found wide devotion through the southern Germanic region.[lvii] In a tale originating in the tenth century, Mary was set adrift by non-believers and by divine guidance found her way to the south of France where she preached and converted the locals. She lived in a cave in Saint-Baume, Provence, paying penance for her former sinful life.[lviii] The name Magdalene means manens rea or ‘remaining in guilt’.[lix] She grew hair all over her body in the same way as a wild woman. In her cave she remained silent and when a hermit approached her, she had trouble speaking after being secluded for so long, not unlike the wild man and woman.[lx] Every hour, angels would ascent her to the heavens where she would gain nourishment as she was so remote that there was no food or water.[lxi] Mary’s ascension into the heavens as a hairy wild woman was a theme in German Renaissance prints and is illustrated in a print by Hans Baldung Grien (c.1484-1545) in c.1512 (fig. 7 ).[lxii] Her ascent represents her body’s transcendence from both worldly pleasures and the wilderness. Fig. 7. Hans Baldung Grien, St Mary Magdalen, c.1512, Woodcut, Sheet: 13 × 8.7 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. The image and identity of Mary Magdalene during the Renaissance is believed to be conflated with the story of Saint Mary of Egypt who lived in the fifth century. Mary has long been thought to be a prostitute. She travelled to Jerusalem where she became aware of her sins when she could not enter a Church as she was held back by a spiritual ‘force’. She saw the image of the Virgin Mary staring back at her and realised why she could not enter. Mary of Egypt, the antithesis to the Virgin prayed to her for forgiveness and renounced her life of sin.[lxiii] Mary went to live alone in the desert to repent for forty-seven years.[lxiv] The desert was a place to be tested against sins, for punishment, but also for contemplation and redemption.[lxv] Both Mary of Egypt and Mary Magdalene have both similarly been depicted covered by hair that represents their place outside of civilization and discarding worldly possessions. It was also used to provide modesty to discern from their previous occupation of the flesh.[lxvi] As seen in the print by Lucas Cranach the Elder, The Ecstasy of St. Mary of Egypt (1506) (fig. 8) who was thought to levitate in prayer,[lxvii] is similar to the composition of prints of Mary Magdalene being accented by angels. The naked saints signified the return to nature before ‘The Fall’ in the Garden of Eden.[lxviii] Despite this earlier legend, Mary Magdalene was not depicted in art as covered in hair until the mid-fifteenth century but was rather naked with her long hair covering her modesty. The image of the hairy Mary Magdalene was therefore believed to originate in fifteenth-century Germany.[lxix] The detail of the hairy Mary Magdalene was also not included in the popular thirteenth century The Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine (c.1230-1298) that combined the tales of Magdalene. Her nudity was implied as the hermit who visited her passed her a garment to wear.[lxx] The hair covering Mary of Egypt was also a later addition to the story and also does not appear in The Golden Legend.[lxxi] She similarly does not seem to appear in art until the fifteenth-sixteenth centuries.[lxxii] The same can be said of other saints who turn into a wild man, at least temporarily such as Saint John Chrysostom.[lxxiii] This suggests ascetic saints who grew hair over their body was a contemporary idea that arose at the same time that the wild man and woman were popular in Renaissance prints. However, as Bartra notes, the idea of the hairy ascetic saint derived from Ancient Egypt when long haired hermits sought solitude in the desert.[lxxiv] Fig. 8. Lucas Cranach the Elder, The Ecstasy of St. Mary of Egypt, 1506 Woodcut, 24.4 × 14.2 cm, The Met, New York, Wild Man in Reformation Propaganda The image of the wild man was also co-opted into the Protestant Reformation in Germany and has been used by both Protestants and Catholics in contradictory ways. The engraving of The Pope as a Wild Man was created by Melchior Lorck (c.1526/7-1583) in 1545. This wild man with characteristic thick body hair with bare knees is a hybrid with long rat-like tail. Perched on top of his head is the three-tiered crown of the pope, but the last tier is a tower of excrement. Beneath his crown are ass ears, which represent folly and dishonesty. The ass’s ears allude to the myth of Apollo who made Midas grow the ears of a donkey to tag him for his dishonesty.[lxxv] On his back appears to be a bat with stretched out wings, which is a symbol for the Devil.[lxxvi] The wild man carries his characteristic wooden club, but this one has three cross branches at the end to represent the papal cross. He holds onto the papal key that is shattered at the end, which is a sign that the temporal powers of the papacy have been broken.[lxxvii] From his mouth pours a stream of toads and reptiles. This appears to reference the beast, the dragon, and the false prophet who release four foul spirits. A version of this image was discovered cast on a canon of Protestant troops captured during the Schmalkaldic War.[lxxviii] Melchior Lorck, The Pope as Wild Man, c. 1545, Etching, 22.9 × 19.4 cm, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett Conclusion In Renaissance Germany, complexity existed in people’s relationship with the wilderness. It both conjured up images of the Garden of Eden before ‘The Fall’ as well as the dangers that may lurk beyond. The wild man and woman were just as complex and represented sinfulness, but also redemption and innocence. As Merry Wiesner-Hanks concludes ‘beast, saint, or hero? the wild man was all three’.[lxxix] A closer look at images of the wild man reveals their complexity. There was not a simple evolution between a demonised creature associated with cannibalism and rape to the holy saint. In the age of the apocalypse, the wild man and woman provide a reminder of Original Sin and the need for repentance at a time of social reform. In this way, the hairy woodland creature is not entirely absolved. Further Reading: Abulafia, David, The Discovery of Mankind: Atlantic Encounters in the Age of Columbus, New Haven: Yale University Press, 2008 Bartra, Roger, Wild Men in the Looking Glass: The Mythic Origins of European Otherness, trans. Carl T. 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2023.06.03 06:05 invisiblearchives Unexpected design decisions as a result of hidden practical realities

Hope this is within the scope of the subreddit, if not feel free to zap it.
Context: Have some background in board game design, and work in tech. I've been spending my off hours learning code to attempt to wrap my head around what video games are actually made of, hoping they might inform my design insights (earlier today I watched Shigeru Miyamoto's legendary GDC talk where he mentions this)
What happened: I found some bits of code from World of Warcraft, and scanned through some of the variables of various functions. Monster levels (and I would assume, player levels) are coded as tinyint - giving them a maximum signed value of 127. For the game to have extended their level cap past this would have required a fundamental reshaping of the game code, and using a much larger variable. The consequences of this on the game's resource use would have been dramatic enough that it has influenced design decisions on the backend for years, including attempting to run xpacks that only increase the cap by 5 to delay the issue, and ultimately it was worth fundamentally cutting the game's levels in half and remapping all the rewards, unlocks, stats, etc to match during the creation of the shadowlands prepatch. If the game runs long enough, it will surely come up again as an issue. This may have been obvious for some of the more technically gifted or c++ aware readers, but it blew my mind.
Implications: A seemingly tiny technical limitation or practical reality can cause such a fundamental issue that it could cost a company millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours to address. What are some of your favorite examples of this? Is it possible to operate at such an expert level of detail that these can be avoided? Or is the "fly in the ointment" unavoidable in the grand scheme of things?
I'd love to read your responses while my brain stops smoking.
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2023.06.03 06:05 Atom_101 Still run after a PhD or give up?

This is going to be yet another "woe is me" story. Feel free to skip.
I graduated with CS undergrad degree from a top Uni in India in 2021. My research interest is in ML which is super competitive and I didn't have much in the form of a profile except 2 pubs in Indian conferences. So I spent the next ~1.5 years beefing up my resume. I took up a full-time job at a startup while also working remotely as a research assistant. During this period I was easily working 80hr weeks, and was extremely burnt out. But it all paid off when I got a Neurips pub. I thought that with 3 pubs, with one of them in Neurips, and 3 more papers under review, I will easily get a PhD. Armed with this confidence, I left my job in November and started sending out applications.
Reality hit in January when I got a single interview out of my 11 applications. And that single interview was from my undergrad thesis advisor at Harvard, so I only got it because he knew me (he was also one of my LoR writers). Unfortunately he had a single opening and almost 200 applicants (got to know this from a postdoc at the lab), and I didn't get through. By March I had 11/11 rejects, with $1000+ down the drain.
I didn't want to get another job, so I thought, I will try again after improving my profile for a year. Now the bulk of my application is already set in stone. My GPA is kind of low (8.72/10), can't fix that anymore. My LoR writers will be the same, can't change that. The only thing I can do in a year is add more papers, so that's where I focused my efforts. Back in November, when I had quit my job, I started working with LAION, an open source research group on discord, run by volunteer researchers. I became one of the core contributors for one project and that led to another paper submitted to Neurips this year. In the meantime, out of my 3 under review papers, 1 got accepted to another top conference. Apart from this, I also got an ex-postdoc from my Harvard lab, who is now a Professor, to give me an RA contract.
For my open-source project I was working with a postdoc at Princeton. He said that for his PhD (he is from a bio background) he met with all his potential PIs beforehand and recommended me to reach out to profs as well. Now I had heard this advice before but didn't really pay heed to it because most CS profs have it clearly mentioned on their profiles to not contact them regarding admissions. The way around this is to apparently meet them at conferences, but that is prohibitively expensive for me (going to Neurips would have cost me $2500 when factoring in visa+flight+living costs). Since the Fall '24 deadline is quite a bit away, I thought I would reach out to potential PIs anyway and offer to be an RA at their labs, while clearly mentioning my intent to do a PhD with them. Basically giving PIs an option to try me for ~6 months before committing... except I got 0 responses from my cold emails. But hey, you only need one admit right? So I asked the Princeton postdoc about his lab. He said that the lab was indeed looking for PhDs and asked me to email his Prof with my interests and details about our previous work together. But, my mail was met with a one liner response asking me to apply directly to CS/ECE PhD programs.
It is now beginning to set in that literally nothing will change for me by the end of this year, except having 1-2 more papers, meaning the upcoming application cycle will not be any different. Cold mails are a shot in the dark, getting an answer is like winning a lottery. But even with warm intros, which take months of (unpaid) work to setup, I am being told to fuck off.
So here I am, burnt out, kinda depressed and with no sense of direction, coming to terms with the possibility that academia may not be for me. On top of that my field keeps moving at an unforgiving pace. Oh you are doing self-supervised learning? Diffusion models are the new cool thing. You mastered diffusion models? Too bad we moved on to LLMs. I am dreading writing a new SoP for this year. You are expected to portray a happy and hopeful image in SoPs, how you are going to change the world with your research... I am way too jaded to pull that off. I could also apply to lower tier colleges, but I really need an EB1-B visa after I graduate and for that you have to prove to the US Government that you are "an extraordinary individual". Kind of hard to do if you are going to a low-tier college. Also after the amount of work I put in, I really don't want to apply to Profs who have fewer pubs than I have. At that point it might be better to sell my soul go back into industry. At least I will have money.
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2023.06.03 06:05 Valentcat2 Just saw that the girl who fucked my ex while I was dating him is engaged now.

I am not saying that my ex wasn’t guilty or more guilty than she was. But she met me before they did it and told me how pretty and sweet I was via Zoom. Then she completely rubbed it in my face as she and my long-term (5+ years) boyfriend cheated and began dating.
Now, although she and my ex broke up, she is engaged to someone else and seems perfectly happy. Is it wrong that I wanted her to be hit by a bus instead?
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2023.06.03 06:05 bananasplitss What should I get done to my hair?

What should I get done to my hair?
I am planning to get my hair done by a hairdresser in about 2 months, and was wondering what people think would look good.
History of my (half east-asian) hair (note that I did all bleaching and dying myself. Yes, I know that’s stupid).
I started bleaching my hair when I was 12. It was just streaks and stuff back then. When I was 13-15 I had 1/4th of my hair bleached and then dyed bright red. 15-16 I bleached the entirety of my hair and then dyed it red. But I let the dye wash out over time and I was blonde in the end. I realised my hair was damaged and was falling out, so I shaved all the blonde hair off, which happened in late January of this year. I haven’t done any chemical treatments (dye, bleach, perm, etc) since then and I’ve only cut my fringe slightly a while ago. My hair feels healthier, but I am staying cautious.
I wash my hair daily as if I don’t, it gets very oily and smelly (I have spoken to hairdressers, and they confirm that I am doing the right thing for my hair). I come from a family of hairdressers but I was very reckless in the past when it came to my hair.
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2023.06.03 06:05 HumanAdhesiveness912 MI7 should have moved to December 2023

I really think Paramount and Cruise made a mistake when they decided to schedule MI7 in July 2023 just one week before Oppenheimer when they already knew Nolan is known for his relationship with IMAX and he has a contract with them that entitles his films to run exclusively for three weeks straight after release.
Also the fact Oppenheimer was entirely shot specifically with original IMAX film cameras with 70 mm and black and white reel for the first time in the history in cinema as opposed to MI7 which was shot on digital with only specific scenes filmed with IMAX certified cameras in fact Nolan is virtually known to be an unofficial ambassador for IMAX bringing them back into prominence when all the rage a decade ago with 3D so no way IMAX are going to turn their backs who has been the frontrunner spokesman for them championing their cause.
Cruise is known to love the July spot as the last big film of the summer schedule allows the films to leg out into August with all competition already out of the way before.
Both the last two MI films did well in the late July spot so for all intents and purposes it was only logical to do the same for MI7 as well.
But due to the Covid backlog 2023 summer is especially proving to be excessively cramped with tentpoles coming week after week with no relief with this MI7 is proving to face tough competition with Oppenheimer & Barbie already duking it out. Now with MI7 also in the mix it will be especially tough only God knows what would have happened if The Marvels was also thrown into the middle as previously scheduled.
The USP of Mission Impossible is the premium large format specifically IMAX with the practical stunts in actual locations all over the globe and gigantic and elaborate set-pieces and authentic action with Cruise diving and running around making for an exhilarating experience rarely seen in cinemas.
Which is why I think MI7 would have done well in December 2023 with the prime holiday season in Christmas season allowing the film to leg out in January the same way Paramount did back in 2011 with MI4 taking the movie away the crowded summer schedule to finally debut in during the holiday season and the gamble paid off with MI4 almost doubling the box office gross from MI3.
They were inclined to do the same with MI5 with it originally releasing in December 2015 before Paramount decided to prepone the movie by six months to July due to it clashing with Star Wars and Spectre and they have stuck there ever since.
But this time they should rescheduled there film back to December 2023 the moment a spot opened up when both Disney and Paramount decided to remove their Star Wars and Star Trek movie off the calender before Aquaman fell and swooped in.
This move would also have been great because MI8 would also then drop six months later in June 2024 and considering both MI7 and MI8 are Parts 1 and 2 releasing within the space of half a year of each other it would have been great for building hype and anticipation.
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2023.06.03 06:04 Baconz909 fuck hope I aint a goredoll

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2023.06.03 06:03 dirtybraaains 90’s collection

90’s collection
TLDR: I have so many damaged 90’s hot wheels on cards. What do I do?
I’m trying to make this as short as possible, thanks for reading.
My dad gained interest and collecting aspect of hot wheels back in the 90’s. I would like to believe he saw my extreme love for them early and wanted to bond. We didn’t have much in common but cars was one of them.
For many years, he categorized and documented all collection numbers, description, series, wheel sets, card differences, everything.
His mental heath has declined the last few years, and has neglected storage and a lot of his possessions. The place he was storing them became dilapidated and water damaged.
The pictures are about a 1/4 of his collection. These are the ones for now I could pull from the damage and dry and try and save. A few Johnny lightning, ertl, matchbox as well.
I have Inherited the task of trying to figure out what to do with a damaged collection. Varying water damage, cars all look pretty good but cards have damage from light to extreme.
I love them and could keep them but he’s on a fixed income and not sure if I need to explore the options of selling.
What to do?!
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2023.06.03 06:03 Awesomeuser90 Girls Und Panzer is obviously fiction, but there is more truth to teenage military training than you might think

I don´t just mean the Lords Resistance Army led by General Butt Naked (Seriously) with obviously child soldiers in a war. I mean how in the Cold War, actual teenagers did in fact get some military classes in high school. Usually more so boys than girls, but girls did participate. And of course driving tanks wasn´t much of a thing, although they could drive a truck or tractor. The Soviet Union was one of those places where military training of teenagers did occur.
Also, most countries in the Cold War had military drafts, and most armies in the world were based on that model, and teenagers would be aware that it would not be a very long time until they were in formal militaries for at least a year, possibly more, often subcultures developed around that expectation and being seen as sexually attractive to other people would also be part of the deal and the way social pressure encouraged you to take part just as Girls Und Panzer denotes the idea as being part of being seen as attractive to boys (heh, like boys need that much encouragement, it would be a bonus for them though). Here is an example from the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic: Soviet Education. First Steps of Becoming a Soviet Soldier #ussr, #soviet - YouTube
Japan didn´t do this as military service being compulsory was unconstitutional as of 1947 with their post war constitution, but people heard about what people did in other countries and their national services, particularly in South Korea, Taiwan, and the US before Ronald Reagan´s presidency.
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2023.06.03 06:03 themeparkthemeparkkk DIY QUESTION: Automatic Headlight Conversion Kit for 2019 Beetle S 2.0L?

I just purchased a used 2019 Beetle S Convertible and it’s pretty much as basic as they come. One of the more old-school styles is the manual headlight switch — I’ve already left the lights on once by mistake.
I watched a few videos and they seem easy enough to switch out on my own, but I’m having trouble finding a conversion kit that fits my year and trim. If anyone has any insight, let me know. Not only is this my first time owning a car, but it will be my first time doing DIY work on one.
Thank you!
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2023.06.03 06:03 Crazy_Dazz ME4: Is your preference related to LE vs OT?

Obviously there's a bit of a divide in the community, between wanting Shepard back, or allowing him to Retire in Peace.
I don't want to regurgitate all that here, because it's a weekly occurrence anyway, and nothing's going to change in the short-term.
HOWEVER, I am genuinely curious to see if peoples' view is related to how long ago they first played ME? ie: How long ago did you first lay Shepard to rest?
For many people, they first finished ME3 over a decade ago. That's a LONG time. I can understand people having the view that Shepard's story was great, but they finished it, and that was that.
For a number of reasons, I never really got into the OT. But got the LE when it came out for PS4, and have played it again on the PS5. So for me, its still relatively fresh. I also don't play a lot of games. I love what I love, and tend not to bother with the rest. So I still feel that I could playthrough the LE trilogy again prior to ME4, and see it as a continuation.
I think we also have to respect that by the time ME4 actually hits the shelves, it could be 15 years since many finished the OT. I can understand that in those circumstances they would rather see a completely modern game, just titularly set in the MEU.
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2023.06.03 06:02 TheCantervilleGhost My Uneventful Week Off

I spent my week off waiting for weed that never came. For the first three or four days and nights I just slept and cried when I needed to. I've still been thinking about Kyle a lot. I need to go visit his grave in Metairie. Maybe I can get someone else who knew him to come with me, as I haven't been to Metairie in years. I also went to the Kenneport or something nature preserve and there were tons of fungi and beautiful flowing plants with red berries. I don't know what they were but the flowers looked solanaceous. I didn't take any photos because I was being in the moment also alert like a deer bc you never know.
I am genuinely grateful for how well today went. It took six days but I finally started feeling better. I went to the library, finished my resume and went to goodwill and bought new shoes and clothes for summer. The only clothes I had were long sleeved dresses, cut offs and bdus, and various black shirts with holes in them. I like dressing like a bum because it lets people know that I don't care about their feelings. Sometimes that's not true or appropriate so you gotta buy clothes and make an effort. That's what normal people do so I did that.
I went out in person to pursue an indeed ad application and I think it went well. I walked right into the general manager and I think he is considering me for the front desk. Even though I've gotten really fat from MAT, people still like me because I have a nice attitude and giant boobs. I dressed nice in my new goodwill clothes and drove there in my used car and I was the happiest I've been in forever.
Hopefully they'll call me Monday and I'll be done with retail forevermore. I don't like how much it makes me hate my fellow person. I don't understand the customers who treat a retail establishment like a market south of the border. What the fuck is with all.the bartering and price demands and shit? I go into the store and I pay what they ask. I guess other people are raised not to have shame. That's a shame. It's a whole cycle of shame fueled by weekly pay which is like my new DOC. It's the greatest I wish every place offered it because I can always pay bills on time with less effort. Also it's one of the only new DOC choices that doesn't contain fentanyl (yet.)
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2023.06.03 06:02 Samuelbr15 I don't know what to do with my life

last year was the best year of my life. I started dating, made friends and treated my psychological problems
this year I moved to another city, I lost my friends and I only keep in touch with my girlfriend from a distance. my social life turned to crap again and autism didn't help matters. I couldn't adapt right and it's been horrible
Also, my parents are having financial problems this year, so I'm off antidepressants and anxiety medication.
and several things happened, mainly involving my girlfriend. she recently went through puberty so she's pretty annoying but i still love her.
also, she has a friend (female) who always treats me badly and even so she always takes her friend's side even though everyone takes my side since this friend is pretty toxic. She also hits on my girlfriend and my girlfriend thinks it's just a joke. I honestly don't know if it's a joke or not, but I'm still uncomfortable with this friend asking to kiss my girlfriend
she clearly has autism, depression and anxiety but doesn't want to treat it, she's not even in high school but she already wants to study for college. I have no problem with her studying and I even support her, I also study for the entrance exam, but she harms her health by studying, for example, she sleeps less than 6 hours a day
She already confessed that she doesn't trust me as much as she used to, and honestly I think I'm the only person who can help her at least a little bit these days, since her parents are very troubled. it hurt me, and I think it's because of the autism that she didn't realize how heavy it was to say she didn't trust her boyfriend
she now came with a talk of wanting to try hallucinogenic mushrooms someday, just once to try. I'm addicted to pornography and I know how bad an addiction can be in a person's life, so I repudiated it in every way and she just doesn't listen to me. I want my best friend back, how do I help her realize she's wrong and go back to how she always was? it was a sudden change, from a month to now she's been like this
i love her with all my might, what did i do wrong to make her like this and how do i fix it? I am also the only help she has. I want to cry
Sorry the post is not exactly ABOUT autism, but as I said I have no friends and I don't know who to ask for help. this subreddit has already helped me with social issues and since I am autistic and she probably is, I thought this would be the best place
Sorry for the gramatical issues and thanks for reading my post this far
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2023.06.03 06:02 Tom_Grossi Just Wanted to Say

I've posted in this sub before. I've expressed how much I appreciate you all for the years of support.
Today, I visited Detroit for the first time in 15 years since I went to Ford Field to see Wrestlemania 23.
Your city is incredible. The people were truly some of the best I've ever met.
I've been a Packers Fan since I was 6. I've always had a soft spot for the Lions. After today, I truly wish the absolute best for your city.
The sheer generosity and inexplicable gratitude that everyone showed left me floored. The "Thank you's for coming to my city" as if they were surprised I was even there honestly had me confused. Because this city was amazing.
As I was leaving a fan event, someone was running down the street to try and get a picture. She was a local and we chatted for a bit.
At the end of our conversation she summed up Detroit by saying "if you fuck with us, we fuck with you".
After today, I fuck with Detroit.
Thank you for an amazing day. You're going to crush the draft and before the world sees how wrong they were about Detroit, I will do everything in my power to show them how freaking awesome your city is.
Thank you
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2023.06.03 06:01 Ashley2007 Fast 9 rant

I’m in the middle of watching fast 9 for the first time in a while and I’m so frustrated with how they did so much of it. lol. I’m rewatching all the old movies to prep for watching fast X tomorrow. I saw fast 9 in theaters but haven’t seen it since. I remember not liking it but couldn’t recall why. Let me preface this by saying…I’ve been a fan of FF since the first movie. I know there’s a certain level of corniness and unbelievability that comes with it. I’m willing to throw logic out. I was a fan of PLL when it was out and did the same there. I’m happy to get a new movie or new season and never complain they’ve jumped a shark somewhere. If I’m a fan of something, my standards can go low. LOL. But this movie feels like it could have been skipped.
Jakob - wtf. He couldn’t have been a cousin? Just a random brother that dom turned his back on after years of saying you don’t turn your back on family even if they turn theirs on you. They could have made him a cousin or his dads son that he had before he married doms mom. Not someone doms been aware of this whole time. I would have believed a cousin or unknown sibling that was jealous of how dom treated his “family” and felt slighted he didn’t treat them the same. Or this unknown brother went to the track to meet the dad the day he died and he never got the chance so he’s been jealous of dom and the fact he knew him or something. Anything other than this rando brother that was never mentioned.
Cypher - she was a big bad last movie and escaped and should be the big bad is this movie. But no. She spends all her time (so far) in a box. Where is her team? No one is coming to break her out? Feels unlikely. Instead they have motto who is uninteresting. They should have had cipher and Jakob team up. Not Jakob and Moto. Cipher, imo, has been the worst villain so far and they don’t use her in this movie? Dom has moved to a farm instead of the house he worked hard to get back. The family house ..unless Mia lives there now. I’m mid point so they may say that later. But dom moved away and is seemingly untraceable. No phones, no contact and they hide when a car pulls up at the beginning so they’ve clearly been in hiding and living under the radar. From who? They’ve befriended all their enemies except for cypher. So it feels like they’re worried about cypher returning. Tej and co show up to say mr nobody had cypher and she escaped. Dom says no thanks. Roman reminds him she killed Elena and he says things changed and leaves. It feels like if he’s hiding from cypher he’d jump at the chance to track her down and kill her when given the chance so he didn’t have to do that anymore.
CypheJakob - I wish they would have done flashbacks over the last three years since we last saw dom and co and show what has happened since. Throw Jakob in as the brother he never knew he had but Jakob knew about dom and co. Jakob could have worked with cypher this whole time. That’s how cypher knew to look his way to start with. Jakob pet cypher know to tip off Owen Shaw about Letty and kill her. Jakob could have tipped off cypher about Elena and helped have Elena and little Brian Kidnapped. Made the two of them badass team that have been the point of issue for dom since fast 4. Show how they’ve done it over time. Show the last three years where dom was attacked or something and the team found it necessary to go their own ways off the radar so they can’t be tracked or targeted. That’s why dom isn’t too keen to go after cypher. Maybe she’s been going for him or trying to make a move since the last movie. His “thing have changed” line makes a little more sense bc he’s aware of the danger and wants to keep Brian safe.
Tej/Roman/Ramsey - the plots with these three felt so weird. It was like they tried to make this movie a little tongue in cheek and it didn’t work. It just came across cartoonish and like a parody of itself. The whole space bit was awful. Roman falling out of the car near a landmine and then a car falling on him and he’s fine was awful. What was the point of that. He could have fallen out of the car, missed the landmine and been done. But they threw a car on him that he just walked away from for fun. And made a weird death sound when it happened like a cartoon would. Then the whole “isn’t it weird we don’t even have a scratch after all this” convo was weird. Like have Roman get shot or something in the arm and then have the talk where they’re like it’s crazy we do all this and still survive. Would have the same affect. I can’t tell if they don’t know how to write humor for this movie or what they were doing but the three of them and the weird Tokyo drift inventors bring the whole movie down.
Han - i love Han so I’m glad he’s here’s but i almost wish they left him dead. His death was well written and is written off with Giselle.
Hobbs and Shaw- I get why they weren’t here but it’s weird they aren’t even mentioned. At some point it should have been said they’re on a mission or something.
So much of this felt pieced together. Cardi b…for what reason. It just felt like they sat down and said well we’re ending the movies soon, what crazy things got cut from all the other movies or joked about before? Let’s throw it into this one to get them all in there. Why not. Movie 8 was actually one of my favs. It had a good mix of everything. So I’m bummed this is what they did next. I hope X is more like 5-8. With the more slick, heist, action with real stakes.
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