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2010.02.13 03:28 DragonAndTheArcher Tequila!

Welcome to /tequila, the subreddit for the drink we all love! Everything to do with Tequila, Mezcal, and agave belongs here.

2023.05.26 22:27 DAS_OOZE Worth the price tag?

Worth the price tag?
Opinions on this? I found it at a local and I’ve not seen it anywhere else, but $130 price tag just seemed too steep, so I didn’t pull the trigger. I could definitely be convinced tho…
I love a good blanco, especially a higher proof blanco, but I don’t think I’ve ever spent more than about $80 on one. Is this a fairly rare bottle, thus the expensive price tag? Appreciate any input, thanks!
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2023.05.26 17:57 kwilkenadler Celaya Tequila

Celaya Tequila
Anyone tried this yet? Rated really highly on Tequila Matchmaker, though no panel ratings yet. I believe it’s rather new, so either isn’t additive free or is in the process of certification. Big fan of the bottle design, and a store close to me in AZ just started carrying it this week. Thinking of picking up a bottle but don’t want to spend the money if it’s an additive sugar bomb. Thanks all!
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2023.05.24 05:58 youDreaditdoya Amatiteña Origen

Been reading here past few weeks. Taking a break from bourbon/scotch. Love Fortaleza reposado. Recently picked up a Tapatio Anejo and love it too. One small ice cube. At a bar tonight and decided to try a tequila I’ve seen on here/matchmaker and decided on amatitena blanco, neat. A lot going on here! I Initially thought cat piss. Super smoky for a blanco - wow. Funky. Then really mellowed out. Almost didn’t finish it but by the time it was almost gone I was actually really enjoying it. I’ll probably get bashed here but I was getting a semi-sweet vinegar on the nose. grassy, minerally taste, maybe anise, some kind or spices/syrup taste, not cinnamon, super peaty aftertaste. Hint of Lemongrass? Can’t really place it honestly….Never had a tequila like it. $24 felt steep pretty though for a pour.
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2023.05.03 20:24 bbum CRT is creating an additive free program.

Interesting article, but nothing really new [to this community] until that last paragraph. The CRT -- the regulatory agency that governs the production of all products labeled "tequila" -- is creating a "certified additive free and natural" program.
No details yet.
Personally, I have little confidence this new program would be of a quality that could obviate the need for or value of TequilaMatchmaker's Verified Additive Free program. The CRT is the same agency that allows up to 1% additives -- maybe 4% if you squint right -- in products labeled 100% agave after all.
Time will tell.
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2023.04.13 18:52 Adanvangogh Need advice/direction from Senior level designers regarding passion projects I want to include in my portfolio.

(Reposting) I'm trying to figure out how to approach this case study(ies) and need some direction from people in the field with experience/knowledge.
Quick background: I'm in the middle of doing a career transition from Architecture to UX/UI and have enrolled in a Bootcamp to facilitate the transition. Through this bootcamp I will be working on a couple of case studies to add to my portfolio, but I want to work on an extra, or maybe two extra, passion projects that I can add to my portfolio. So far, I have been learning a lot and have been enjoying the process, but my concern is that everyone ends up with very similar projects in their portfolios- I want to “stand out” and include a passion project so that I at least showcase my interests and talk about projects I care about.
Passion Project 1: Tequila matchmaking App
I enjoy drinking tequila and always looking to try different brands. I came across a tequila matchmaking app called “tequila matchmaker” and was immediately intrigued by the matching feature the app offers. I played around with the app and this specific feature and quickly found various areas that could be improved based on personal knowledge of Tequila.
This is where I’m stuck- I don’t know where to draw the line between “Im going to define the pain points and redesign this app feature/section solely from personal experience/knowledge” and “I’m going to design a matchmaking feature for a hypothetical app and design this from the ground up based off hypothetical pain points Ive defined from personal experience/knowledge”
The general concern is that I’m not sure how case studies like this are perceived by hiring managers since there is no user research. I’ve seen many portfolios where these case studies are included and overall seem to “look” good but most of the decisions are only backed up from a personal frame of reference, and not from user research.
Passion Project 2: Product Prototype of a watering device for indoor plants
I’m a plant daddy (no shame!) , and have always watered my plants the same way for years until recently when I decided to prototype my own battery powered watering device.
I defined an issue and started thinking of solutions. I managed to create a functioning device and want to move it forward.
Is this something that hiring managers see value in? or a better question; how can I showcase a physical prototype as a case study in my UX/UI portfolio?
Conclusion: I know this is a lot, and any general insights would be greatly appreciated. Just looking for direction, but if anyone is interested in potentially talking in more detail via email or even video call, I would be open to that as well!
Thank you
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2023.03.22 20:49 acrossthrArc What makes Untappd so successful and so good?

Of course it has obvious flaws we all know about. But what exactly make it such an appealing platform? Compared to platforms for other drinks such as Tequila Matchmaker, Whiskybase or Vivino, I would say Untappd are far ahead.
What could other platforms do to be as great?
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2023.03.15 19:53 Ghoghogol Don Camilo EA 8 yo and 9 yo - Anyone tried them?

Has anyone tried these extra anejos from Nom 1472? See them at Old Town, Total Wine, Seelbachs and various online shops but strangely there aren't any Tequila Matchmaker reviews. It's not even listed as active.
I imagine these were anejo barrels that were forgotten until someone stumbled on them, sold them to a middleman, who turned around and bottled them.
The reviews for Don Camilo's regular bottlings weren't great, so wondering if 8 or 9 years does anything more than dump a ton of oak into these tequilas.
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2023.03.08 16:27 edwindolgo Exciting Update: Cazcanes Tequila Establishes a New Home at Tequilera Tap, NOM 1614.

Exciting Update: Cazcanes Tequila Establishes a New Home at Tequilera Tap, NOM 1614.
Cazcanes Tequila is proud to announce our move to our new home at NOM 1614. After nearly a year of preparation and anticipation, the Cazcanes team is thrilled to bring our customers an elevated experience.
Our new distillery is equipped with an horno (a traditional brick oven) and a tahona (a volcanic stone wheel used to crush cooked agave), providing us with endless possibilities for new projects. Our talented tequileros will now work in a larger facility with many more tools and amenities.
Cazcanes is also proud to announce that Francisco "Chico" Jiménez Lazcarro will continue as our master distiller, bringing his exceptional 39 years of tequila-making experience to our new home. His expertise is instrumental in ensuring that Cazcanes continues to produce the highest quality, additive-free tequila our customers know and love. Chico will continue to work alongside Colin Edwards and the entire Cazcanes team to ensure that our new distillery maintains the same level of excellence our customers expect.
Over the last 10+ months, we have worked diligently to fine-tune our process to ensure that the quality and flavor profile our customers count on remains constant. At NOM 1614, we conducted blind taste tests with industry experts, confirming that the unique flavor profile of Cazcanes has been maintained and even enhanced in our new home. As a result, we have successfully brought the Cazcanes DNA to NOM 1614, and we are excited about what this new chapter has to offer.
Our commitment to producing the highest quality, additive-free tequila (confirmed by Tequila Matchmaker) remains unchanged. In addition, we are proud to announce that Cazcanes Tequila is now certified organic, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO, further reinforcing our dedication to delivering the highest quality tequila to our customers.
For more information, please visit our website at www.cazcanes.com or follow us on social media @drinkcazcanes. Email: [email protected]
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2023.01.07 23:03 rb4osh Any good agave spirits made traditionally and with a flavor profile that competes?

Tequila Matchmaker seems to not have agave spirits (makes sense), but now I have an interest in learning about some respectable ones. Any suggestions?
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2022.12.31 19:43 Ill_Dealer_2494 Tequila bottle cap replacement

Tequila bottle cap replacement
Hello fellow redditors,
I found this bottle of Don Fulano extra anejo at my local NorthGate market on sale in LA region for 130$, while other stores are selling it for 150$. I enjoyed Don Fulano anejo in the past, and I was tempted and got this, mainly to introduce this to a friend (a bourbon drinker) who is new to Tequila.

However, after bringing it home, the cap glue came off, and since I had the guest over already, I used a wine bottle opener to open the remaining plastic cork.

The plastic cork now has a hole in it and I think air will go in. What are my options at this point to preserve this? I am not a heavy drinker, so, I need to keep it in a bottle for a few months at least.
Will it keep well if poured this into a whiskey decanter?
How about pouring it into another tequila bottle, assuming I can empty one out soon. Or shall I look for a food-safe glue?
Any other ideas? Use an old wine cork?
I was very underwhelmed with this paticular bottle though, which is surprising to me since I enjoyed anejo from Don Fulano in the past. I am currently going through a bottle of Arte Nom Selection de 1146, which is tasting better.
What should I explore next? Forteleza is already way too popular and is difficult to find at a reasonable price point. I am reading nice things about Tapatio Anejo here on reddit as well as on Tequila Matchmaker.
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2022.12.27 14:11 mommy_sorry Additive free Tequila (Blanco)

Additive free Tequila (Blanco)
I need a list of high quality tequila (blanco) I posted here a while ago and found out that I was not drinking good or even “real” tequila.
I did get some help, but no liquor stores in my area carry any of the 12 tequilas I was recommended… I have found one, but it’s odd as I can’t find it anywhere online except for 101 proof version. It’s the tequila ocho la ladera plata, but it’s 40% rather than the 50%. I did search for it on tequila matchmaker but only the 50% version came up. I assume the 40% is still additive free but I’d like to make sure so let me know if it is to your knowledge & also if anyone can recommend another way of finding good tequila let me know as I have searched 6 different stores, all the same thing. They all have the same tequila, bad quality stuff with a popular name usually celebrity made. Thanks
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2022.12.13 21:32 MasterRanger7494 Scotch review app?

Is there a good app to look at scotch reviews? I use tequila matchmaker for tequila, and there me,cal reviews for mezcal. Is there something like that for scotch?
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2022.11.24 11:10 overproofmonk Póstumo Blanco, anybody tried? Thoughts/info?

I've seen this online, but can't find almost any real reviews or production information on it -does anyone here know more?
They do have a website, but very little info is there: https://tequila-postumo.com.mx/producto-en/
Tequila Matchmaker has them listed as coming from NOM 1586 (same as Chamucos, which definitely catches my eye), but no other production information, and no reviews. Is this a hot-off-the-press, brand spanking new label then? Any and all leads are appreciated :-)
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2022.11.20 00:08 daneyblybarneypants Thoughts on low pressure auto clave?

I have seen a lot of tequilas on tequila Matchmaker that have been getting high ratings, but are also utilizing the low pressure autoclave. I myself bought the cazcanes reposado number 9 and have been enjoying it regardless of the autoclave.
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2022.11.10 22:32 cyp3d Are all additive tequila garbage?

Seems like the general consensus is that any tequila with additives aren't worth purchasing. I guess I am curious if this is absolute snobbery or if there are less egregious examples of additive tequila that people enjoy/are generally acceptable. No doubt things like Clase Azul / Casamigos taste like vanilla syrup. I've been sampling as much of the additive pure tequila i can find, and in many cases I find the expressions to be worse off than some of their additive competitors. It seems like my tastes do not align with the Tequila MatchMaker reviews so maybe I just need to keep tasting.
example: atleast to my current pallet the El Tesoro Anejo and XA are nowhere near the flavor profile of even the lower end Don Julio offerings for sipping. The Fortazela blanco/anejo seem to be great, but its nice to have differing profiles.. Maybe I just need to sample more but the selection in utah is so limited. anyone from Utah in this chat? Hoping to find some ArteNom on my next outing.
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2022.11.01 22:49 Timmy_the_Enchanter Anyone had Gran Dovejo High Proof or Don Fulano Fuerte?

Hey everyone, usually a Fortaleza Still Strength person when I can find it. Both of these were on the shelves at my local liquor store. Don’t know much about them but they rate pretty highly on Tequila Matchmaker.
Opening them both up tonight and I’ll give you my thoughts.
Anyone have experience with either of these? How do they compare to something like Still Strength Fortaleza? Our selection here in my area can be pretty awful sometimes, so I was excited to see something different.
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2022.10.25 05:31 waggawerewolf Not a fan of this blanco - lots of vanilla pudding aromas.

Not a fan of this blanco - lots of vanilla pudding aromas.
Went to a random liquor store and had this recommended to me. Everything in the store that I was already familiar with was a bit overpriced and I wanted to try something new, so I ended up getting this, which I'd never seen before. It had good reviews on Tequila Matchmaker, so I figured I'd splurge.
Looking it up on here, it looks like it gets decent reviews on this subreddit too, but I strongly dislike it, especially at $40/750ml. It has a good nose, but the palate is all vanilla, birthday cake, and buttercream frosting.
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2022.10.18 21:59 Seababz Proud of myself

31F. I went on my first date with a girl (also 31F). It was both of our first dates with women, and I had us order shots of tequila to celebrate. I’m super into her and can’t wait to see her again. Proud of myself for taking this chance. It was the easiest first date I’ve ever had in my life.
If only Abbi Jacobson knew how much she’s been a matchmaker for so many late blooming queer WLWs. 😂
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2022.10.16 13:30 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 16th, 2022

Links to this week's episode discussion posts:
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2022.10.05 00:30 Buckthorn-and-ginger Cheap mixing brandy?

Hi! Sorry, aware this is a common question (I did have a look in search before posting) but I think I want to ask something specific.
I somehow ended up with a bottle of JP Chenet in my home bar at some point. I'd never had brandy at all before and I have no idea how it got there. I'm a tequila/bourbon fan (mostly tequila) but I started using the JP Chenet for Japanese Cocktails (brandy, orgeat, bitters, so very brandy forward) and they became high up my go-to easy cocktails list.
I've now run out of the JP Chenet, and am looking for a replacement. Should I just get another bottle? Or should I go for the St Remy XO (it seems to be highly recommended here for cheaper brandies and it's only £5 more than the JP Chenet)? Does anyone know what the flavour profile difference is?
Edit: also is there a brandy equivalent of Tequila Matchmaker? I'm not sure where to go for tasting notes for brandy
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2022.09.18 20:37 --Randy-Lahey-- Olmeca Altos…additives?

Old Town Tequila has Olmeca Altos included in their no additives section, but I don’t see it included on Tequila Matchmakers Additive Free list.
Is this just a mistake by Old Town Tequila or is it actually additive free?
Edit: guess this image was pulled from the link I posted…realize they aren’t pics of Altos bottles…
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2022.09.18 02:33 josqvin What is your opinion on autoclave Tequila?

There are only around 5 distilleries highly ranked on Tequila Matchmaker that use traditional ovens. That's a paltry amount of variety, so sometimes I have the urge to try an autoclave product. They are of course inevitably less nuanced and interesting than the real deal.
At this point I see no reason not to buy anything but real oven Tequila from the same handful of distilleries. And if I want something interesting or different then look for a new mezcal.
It is kind of funny how little real tequila is actually on the market in comparison to how popular it is. There also seems to be this homogeneity of product, even among the top producers, in comparison to Mezcal.
What is your opinion on Autoclave juice? Do you have any bottles you would recommend for something different or offbeat this is still quality juice?
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