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Winnsboro, Tx Conspiracy - Proving Boomers Will Try To Destroy Anything New , Including Better Income Possibilities. (Long read, but so worth it)

2023.06.06 23:50 BeneficialPressure32 Winnsboro, Tx Conspiracy - Proving Boomers Will Try To Destroy Anything New , Including Better Income Possibilities. (Long read, but so worth it)

In June of 2021, a new company, Texas Sigma Partners LLC, moved into the little town of Winnsboro bringing opportunity for growth both physically and financially, as well as high paying jobs for the citizens of Winnsboro and it's surrounding residents. Most positions were filled fairly quickly and production started up.
TSP is a sister plant, subsid if you will, of the south Tx Sigma Agriculture that brings in well over 6+ million in revenue each year while researching , manufacturing and producing the most up to date, highest quality organic fertilizer that's available in North America. At this plant specifically, its comprised of chicken litter (poop) , natural molasses, and a binder ingredient that consists of things like bacteria, carbon, etc. All organic according to their website.
Very shortly after production started, about 27 older, long time citizens of the town started complaining of an "odor" emitting from the building, and having a hard time breathing and or enjoying their homes. Around this time, unfortunately one of the portions of the plant caught fire and caused one of the scrubbers to go out. During the fire, no one including WFD was worried due to their not being any major chemicals in the building that would explode, unlike many other plants located in Winnsboro. The group of boomers though, didn't let the opportunity slide. They managed to call and complain to TCEQ, the environmental QC of Tx, so much so that they were forced to run air , water and other tests. A few of them flooded the City Council meetings with lack luster tantrums filled with misleading or even half truthful information stating that the plant is in so many violations and a nuisance to the town, and even shutting business down. They continued to demand that the City Council shut the plant down or remove it, which is something they have no control over.
TCEQ ran every test they could think of and found that TSP was in fact in violation of a few codes and things but nothing worth an immediate shut down. Stuff like a few extra parts per million over allowed standards. Sigma immediately began the process to remedy those mistakes so that production could continue and no one would lose their jobs. Part of that of course, was getting the equipment replaced that "happened" to catch fire, ironically, the same equipment used to decrease the output of stench associated with the chicken litter. This is where it starts to get wildly interesting.
At this point, the boomers refused to let it go. They ended up hiring an "outside party" to come in and tests ALL SORTS of stuff. Run off water, air quality, you name it. And wouldn't ya know it, the results came back that TSP was in massive amounts of violations. Shortly after, the ring leader of the "sick " boomers, and a few other people, hired a Tyler law firm and proceeded to sue Sigma with the ultimate goal of a complete shut down and financial restitution for their "troubles" and "injuries". They went to court and the judge (Wood County) ordered that TSP operations be temporarily suspended until the remedies were complete and or further testing could be done with clean results.
TSP did just that. Spent well over a million on new equipment, new scrubbers, filters and even went as far as to raise the steam stacks (during processing, the mixture is heated to help combine ingredients. Not burned, just heated which emits mild steam that then leaves the stacks) so that it was high enough not to cause odor for the city. Now , in order to have the final stack test done, the plant has to be operational for 45 days. The judge granted them to do so for that. And the complaints started pouring in again.
I am going to list some facts real quick to help paint a picture.
-TSP is located in the designated industrial complex of Winnsboro in the furthest building from town.
-They are neighbors to multiple fowl smelling plants including a milk/cheese/dairy plant called Keller's Creamery (which sprays rotten/spoiled milk onto its surrounding fields), a twice weekly active Sale Barn that sees thousands of farm animals a week, a stone manufacturer , a feed mill that houses Ammonium Nitrate , the Cities Rodeo Arena and so many other things.
-Winnsboro and its surrounding counties have over 100+ dairy and chicken farms that residents of the area have described smelling for over 20+ years.
- The area is also known for its vast expansion of hay fields that are regularly sprayed with potent manure through the year (fertilizer) to promote growth.
From what I have been able to read on public forums, it seems the complaining group continued to complain about it way past the plants operational hours, and even during the time when they were completely shut down by the injunction. Recently , now that the plant is operating in prep for the test, someone was observed ranting about it on a Sunday morning. The boomers were still convinced that the plant was operating and continuously tried to convince others with zero proof. A resident posted the open/close hours and expressed that it couldn't possibly be the plant because they didn't operate on weekends, and the boomers continued to ignore the facts and attacked the resident. One of them, the above mentioned ring leader, has just recently said she is having to have "major heart surgery because of the fumes from the plant". When questioned by what I believe to be the same resident of the area , they became defensive and argumentative. Over the last few weeks, I have seen several new commenters that are for the plant and its workers show up to discuss it on the forums.
Get this though, the suit was filed on 04/25/2022 claiming Injury/Damages. That was over a year ago and if I have my time line correct, they were barely operational if at all. And no one has complained about it , other than the boomers about the smell. I have TONS of questions.
  1. How can you file a suit for injury/damages when no one had been injured at the time, just "annoyed"?
  2. If the plant and its fumes are truly that toxic, why hasn't any of the staff been affected or sick yet? Should they be questioned or had physical's done for their own safety? Some of the contributors to the forums have worked their for over 6+ months. They are perfectly healthy.
  3. Winnsboro is made up of over 3000 active residents, so why only 27 plaintiff's if its causing quality of life to be essentially non-existent?
  4. Why is this an injury/damage suit instead of TCEQ violations/environmental havoc/EPA suit?
  5. Where even is the Environmental Agencies if this is a toxic plant harming people?
  6. Why would the residents complain about the smell of a chicken litter plant when surrounded by countless chicken and dairy farms already? I have noticed several citizens have mentioned its not worse than those and most hardly even know the difference.
  7. Is it legal to claim that the plant is causing you to have heart surgery without substantial proof of that? To add to that, wouldn't you assume that your medical records would be subpoenaed during an injury trial? What's the consequence for lying?
  8. Has there been an investigation into the where-a-bouts of the complaining citizens the day of the fire? Could they have caused it on purpose?
  9. Why in the world would residents try to run a business out of town that offers growth and financial gain?
  10. Wouldn't you want and welcome outsiders to your town to generate revenue and what not? Do they not know that attacking whoever they don't like with lies and excuses causes the town to have a bad rep? Aside from the fact that there are more churches than stores in the whole town which proves they are set in their ways.
With all this , even as little information that is here, I believe it's safe to say that something isn't adding up here and it needs to catch widespread attention. From the info I have gathered, the plant has not purposely done anything to anyone and they have made overwhelming efforts to fix what little mistakes were made and be in total compliance. Additionally, considering the geographical and agricultural area the town sits in, its possible the "bad odor" residents keep complaining about may not in fact be from that specific plant.

You can find the only (very biased) article on it here : https://www.kltv.com/2022/05/12/winnsboro-fertilizer-plant-agrees-temporarily-cease-operations-over-residents-pollution-concerns/
You can find the case and list of events in the case at the Wood County Records website.
Case# 2022-187.
Unfortunately , nothing but the case parties and list is available on their website. Still actively researching for the case materials. I'm a very intrigued outsider and plan to look into this further and follow it.
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2023.06.06 23:21 Jcb112 Humans Don't Hibernate [Part 49/?]

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We had high hopes during those first few tentative hours, as we started downloading the initial batch of data gathered by the probes we’d sent to scout the planet before our hours-long conversation with the interloper on the moon.
It was clear however, that we had overestimated just how much relevant data that first round of reconnaissance missions would’ve been able to procure.
We should’ve expected as much though, as the first round of recon operations were conducted in order to gain an overview of the planet, rather than anything specific.
It was only after our interrogation of the interloper that we actually had something solid to work with, and a target that we had to work towards.
But whilst the first batch of data wasn’t entirely relevant to our newfound mission, it was still vital in ascertaining where exactly we would focus our limited resources on next. As the overall state of the planet had been more or less mapped to within a detailed enough degree for Vir to begin parsing and analyzing for the next phase of our mission.

10 Hours After the First Round of Interloper Interrogations. Bridge of the UNAFS Perseverance.
“Right, what do we have to work with here, Vir?” I spoke with a renewed state of invigoration, having just arrived back on the bridge with a belly full of food and a brain buzzing with stimulants. The latter was only made possible courtesy of Vir’s glorious abilities in reconstituting what he called coffee beans into the desiccated berries all Vanarans were used to eating.
“Well, preliminary data more or less proves my initial hypothesis of the planet being a recently-collapsed technologically advanced civilization to be true. If we’re going by human categorization systems, at least as far as what I was aware of, we’d be looking at a J-4-actual class, by the close-in orbital-studies metric. Translated into layman's terms, we’re looking at a civilization that has well exceeded industrialization, has probably entered a period of planet-wide mass telecommunication, with early pre-intrasolar orbital capabilities exclusively reliant on surface-based homeworld-derived heavy industries.” Vir began jumping over to the planet’s orbital analyses, displaying what looked to be bits and pieces of metal that littered the planet’s orbit. “Not highlighting Kessler Syndrome here, but, just showing you that despite it being possibly centuries since their collapse, there’s still evidence of space junk in orbit. A clear indicator of orbital capabilities.” He then switched over to the moon, and the image of the moon base we’d just explored. “The reason why I classified this civilization as a J-4 actual, is because we preemptively discovered evidence of permanent settlements and extensive infrastructure projects beyond the species’ homeworld of origin. Thus, we have fulfilled the Erricson’s criterion before we even started on planet-based observations. Anyways, moving on…”
The image on the screen soon shifted towards what were clearly large swaths of built-up areas. Most of them were clearly the remains of urban settlements, cities, all of which were clearly in some degree of disrepair as what should be clearly demarcated edges of concrete and steel were instead haphazardly overgrown with greenery. “I’d hazard a guess of about half a millennium having elapsed following a singular instance of rapid-onset decline.” I spoke suddenly and without warning.
Vir looked at me with a look of surprise. “That’s actually really close to my own calculations. Give or take a century using the Peterson-Wang equation. How’d you come up with your number?”
“Well, back in Vanaran archeology, we studied certain patterns and features associated with the decay of ruins, and artifacts left over by a fallen civilization. This includes the features associated with the decay of urban environments, and using that the estimate the pattern, type, and time since collapse. There are always certain particularities to look for. Such as here.” I paused, using my finger to highlight certain aspects of the orbital picture of the ruined city on the screen. “We see poorly demarcated urban margins, and patterns indicative of artificial zoning, having lost their signature geometric features.” I shifted my attention to what was clearly an industrial area at one point, shaped into grids, that have since been taken over by the same overgrowth. “In addition, we also see a consistent pattern of overgrowth with no disruption, thus indicating that there was no attempt at reclaiming large urban areas or heavily built-up infrastructure. If this were a Class 1, 2, 3, or even a class 4 collapse, we’d see some governmental body, or post-collapse organization attempt to reclaim what is in effect an area that would be vital in jumpstarting civilization. If that were the case, we’d see interruptions to this overgrowth and decay. Some sort of sign that there was an attempt to reverse the overgrowth or some haphazard modification on the original zoning. Or something that would indicate tampering after the first collapse. However, none exist, and all we see here is indicative of an uncontrolled descent into decay without any intervention. When I combine all of these factors, the Civvings Principle would indicate that this civilization suffered a major rapid-onset catastrophic collapse, followed sharply by a rapid-onset decline. Five hundred years was a guestimate based on my experience with surveying these sorts of worlds”
Vir continued to stare at me with that same look of surprise, however, this time there was a certain element of fascination in his face that I couldn’t quite pin down. “You really do know your stuff, Lysara.” He spoke with a clear tone of admiration. “Human xenoarcheology has also postulated ideas similar to yours. We didn’t have much of a sample size to work with though, but this more or less matches up with what humanity was thinking when they started mapping out their approach to xenoarcheology.”
I could feel a small sense of pride welling within me now. A rare, almost alien sensation that I hadn’t experienced in what felt like years.
It was more powerful than what my time prior to this exodus into the deep-end as well, and it was something I was once more attributing to the removal of that Vuark.
“Thanks Vir.” I spoke with a sheepish smile as the AI more or less took the opportunity to get back on track.
“Almost every city looks to be in a similar state, at least, with the cities that weren’t bombed or targeted by high-yield weapons, because if you see here…” Vir switched the image on the screen to what was effectively a desolate wasteland. A series of large craters, filled in with water, to the extent that some could tentatively be called lakes in their own right. There was no life here, no trees, no plants, nothing. All that there was, were swaths of barren lifeless dirt, concrete, and irradiated water. A quick radiation scan superimposed across the image more or less confirmed my suspicions. “... this is the state of most of what were urban centers on the planet’s surface.” Vir soon switched to other images, and sure enough, it was more of the same. With the only difference being the local geography surrounding these bombed out cities, or the state at which nature was managing to restake its claim, as some actually looked reasonably overgrown compared to the first batch of images. “Out of the 743 urban areas I’ve been able to log, about 595 are in similar states of destruction. The rest are on a sliding scale of partial destruction and somewhat intact. However, one thing remains constant throughout all of them.”
Vir paused for effect, superimposing another image above the planet, this time showing the whole globe as a 3D hologram on the tactical table in front of us.
“This is a rough scan of all of the active signals coming from the planet.” Vir spoke, as the scan revealed… nothing, except for one lone signal deep within a forest twenty or so kilometers away from a ruined city. “None exist, save for this one signal originating deep from within this dense forest.” Vir paused once more, taking the time to superimpose the signal that had brought us here in the first place, and the signal originating from deep within this forest. “This is the same signal that we detected from afar. Which means-”
“We found the source of our mystery signal.” I interrupted, completing Vir’s sentence for him.
“Bingo.” Vir responded with an excitable nod.
“The signal’s location more or less matches the Interloper’s riddle as well. A. It’s a signal, probably belonging to a signal station, i.e. a place which symbolizes a desire to reach out. B. The signal’s been going on for centuries now, so this place must be fortified, fitting its fortress criteria. C. It’s hidden deep within a forest, fitting with the interloper’s mention of a verdant garden.” I paused, turning to Vir with a look of confident determination set across my face. “So how about it? Do you think this might just be the place where our mystery person of interest is currently sequestered?”
“There is a potential that the interloper’s riddle was more symbolic than it is literal. However… I cannot deny that there exists a possibility that your current hypothesis might be correct. Regardless, it’s in our best interests to delve into the source behind this signal anyways. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, am I right?” Vir spoke with cautious optimism.
“Yes, and besides, it’s only through experimentation and evidence-gathering that we can confirm or reject our hypotheses. So it's about time we head down to determine what all of this is about.” I responded promptly, as Vir began shuffling between continually scanning the data we had on hand, and prepping the available drones for its first planetary insertion. “I just have one more question before we commit to this.” I quickly added.
“Go on?”
“We’re talking as if we’re confirming that this is indeed a collapsed civilization. Now, I’m one for abiding by self-evident truths, as superficial observation more or less confirms this to be the case. However, I’m also a scientist, so evidence-based decision making is vital to me. Especially when considering the possibility that there may exist some organized alien presence on the planet. And considering their history with an outwardly manipulative and hostile alien force, i.e. the interloper, there is a risk that they may just intercept our drones the moment we breach their atmosphere.” I paused, letting out a small sigh. “I just want to confirm that we are indeed dealing with a fallen civilization.”
Vir quickly pulled up several more planetary scans the moment I’d finished my piece, as he overlapped every possible scan from the first batch of surveys. From the local frequency broadcasts, to light pollution, to evidence of atmospheric pollutants and a vast number of other datasets, not a single dataset pointed to the presence of an advanced civilization. At least not on a scale detectable by current scans. “I’m not saying that there may not be survivors other than our person of interest. But as I currently see it, I don’t see a chance of any other survivors interfering with our operations, if that’s what you’re worried about Lysara.”
I nodded tentatively in response. “That’s part of it, but I digress. This whole operation is just moving incredibly quickly compared to how things usually went back in my line of work. So I just wanted to be sure before we committed.”
With a single affirmative nod from Vir, and a batch of at least a hundred different survey drones highlighted on screen, with their corresponding cameras filling in several more around us, the mission was set.
“I’ve divided the survey teams into two groups. One to survey the area around the signal, and another to survey several points of interest which include the ruins of cities and other settlements. It’s about a fifty fifty split, but I wanted a large sample size for us to work with here.”
“That’s a good idea, make sure to have them set priority to locating any form of long-term information storage. Books, digital media, analog media, anything that might help us translate the local language. That would be vital in unlocking whatever was written on the moonbase.” I quickly added, as the issue of the mysterious carvings and writings on the base still lurked in the back of my mind.
“That’s a good idea, I’ve made that one of their priority targets.” Vir acknowledged as he placed a single hand above the enter key above his side of the tactical table’s console.
“Shall we begin?” He spoke with a grin.

2 Kilometers from Truval City, The Former Farming Co-Operative of the Truval Municipality, Greenhouse 2a.
The greenhouse’s electrical equipment was starting to waver.
I say waver because the word fail just didn’t sit right with me, especially since I was sure I’d already raided every single spot in town for every scrap of electrical equipment I could possibly modify for the maintenance of this greenhouse.
The rest of the gear I’d managed to scrounge up was put to storage within the bunker, for equipment way more vital than the sprinklers, lighting, heating, and security of this small little place that wasn’t explicitly important to our survival, but really, just nice to have.
Whilst I didn’t exactly mind losing it, it was Eslan who I was more worried about. As ever since I introduced him to wild berries and oranges not native to this part of the planet, he’d been hooked. He’d prepared over a hundred pre-collapse recipes now, most of which were jams and other non-perishables that were actually pretty good, and were close enough to pre-collapse flavors that it even triggered some deep-seeded nostalgia from my first instance.
Ever since then, the greenhouse had become a bit of a personal passion project that I’d forced myself to commit to.
I never was good at botany or plant stuff, but I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t put my all into finding small little ways of improving both of our lives here.
So here I was, picking out the last few fruits before winter hit, and I’d have to shudder the place until the thaw of spring.
Running the greenhouse over winter just wasn’t viable, not with the load it put on our limited equipment.
But as I continued the calming motions of plucking oranges and berries from their stems, I noticed Lera, my felinor watchcat, stare off blankly into the distance in a way I hadn’t seen her do in a long time.
She was staring into the sky, at literally nothing.
I didn’t think too much of it though.
If there were threats, she would meow and bark in short order.
So for now, I continued on my afternoon chores.
I’d check up on the broadcast equipment sometime later.
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(Author’s Note: I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, we're finally expanding the perspectives and character roster for the first time in a long while! I hope you guys enjoy! :D The next chapter is already out on Patreon as well if you want to check it out!)
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2023.06.06 21:50 Falconerelectronics Mina Miller Edison: A Powerful Force

Mina Miller Edison lived an incredibly inspiring life. She thrived in numerous aspects. Especially since she played many roles throughout her impressive lifespan. Highly educated, confident, ambitious and determined represent the characteristics that describe Mina.
She displayed a deep committed to her family. This includes being the loving wife to inventor, entrepreneur and American icon Thomas Edison. She was also a loving and dedicated mother.
In addition, Mina demonstrated a strong passion for her community with the endless organizations that she contributed a tremendous amount of time and energy.
Mina was born into an entrepreneurial family on July 6, 1865. As the Miller family continued to grow, Mina was the seventh of eleven children born to inventor Lewis Miller and Mary Alexander. Her parents had a love for education. Mina attended and graduated from Akron High School in Ohio. After high school, she went on to study at a home and day school in Boston.

Mina’s Father the Inventor and Founder

Mina Miller Edison was born into a family that was used to being in the spotlight. Lewis Miller was a successful inventor. He also became one of the founders of Chautauqua Institution. The Miller family spent summers in their home along Chautauqua Lake. Her families love for Chautauqua was passed down to Mina. Therefore, when she had a family of her own she brought them to her family home at Chautauqua Institition.
Mina’s father and husband both had a passion for inventing. However, what they chose to invent was different from one another. While Thomas concentrated on technology and electronics, Lewis focused on farm equipment. They shared the common goal of making life easier with their inventions.

Chautauqua Institution

Chautauqua Institution sets on the shores of beautiful Chautauqua Lake in southwestern New York State. The Institution was originally called the Chautauqua Lake Sunday School Assembly. It was founded in 1874 as an educational experiment in out-of-school, vacation learning by industrialist Lewis Miller and Methodist Bishop John Heyl Vincent. Hence, a place where spirituality meets continuing education.
“The original scheme was a Christian educational resort . . . [where] pleasure, science, and all friends of true culture should go side by side with true religion.”

Chautauqua Institution

We call Chautauqua County home which is also the birthplace of the National Historic Landmark, Chautauqua Institution. Chautauqua Institution is a 750-acre community on Chautauqua Lake that attracts 100,000 visitors each summer who explore spirituality, philosophy, cultural vitality and the arts.
President Theodore Roosevelt once called Chautauqua Institution: “the most American thing in America“.
The mission of Chautauqua Institution (or as locals call it, CHQ):
CHQ is dedicated to the exploration of the best in human values and the enrichment of life through a program that explores the important religious, social and political issues of our times; stimulates provocative, thoughtful involvement of individuals and families in creative response to such issues; and promotes excellence and creativity in the appreciation, performance and teaching of the arts.Each summer season celebrates four program areas: The Arts, Religion, Education and Recreation. A summer at Chautauqua is loaded with lectures, concerts, religious services and as well as amazing displays of literary and performing arts. Chautauqua Institution attracts world-class talent that performs ballet, theater, opera, symphony and dance. Click here to check out this season’s exciting events.

The Multiple Achievements of Mina Miller

Marriage to Thomas Edison

When Mina Miller met Thomas Edison, she was promised to her gentleman suitor, George Vincent, the son of Bishop Vincent. Edison learned that Mina would be staying the summer at Chautauqua, he arranged to spend time there to win her and meet her family. Thomas Edison’s hearing was badly compromised by this time from when he was a child so he taught Mina to send and receive Morse code. That summer, he used it to ask her to marry him. He tapped “Will you Marry Me?” on Mina’s hand, and she said “Yes.”
The next step was getting permission from Mina’s Father Lewis, to which Thomas wrote this:
“I trust you will not accuse me of egotism when I say that my life and history and standing are so well known as to call for no statement concerning myself. My reputation is so far made that I recognize I must be judged by it for good or ill. I need only add in conclusion that the step I have taken in asking your daughter to entrust her happiness into my keeping has been the result of mature deliberation, and with the full appreciation of the responsibility and the duty I have undertaken to fulfill. I do not deny that your answer will seriously affect my happiness, and I trust my suit will meet with your approval.”
This letter won the approval of Mr. Miller. The date for the wedding was set for February 24, 1886, hardly more than a year after they met. She was only 20 years old. Oak Place, the Miller home in Akron, was to be the site of the wedding. Father Miller and his Mary Valinda spared no expense in seeing that the nuptials were an occasion to be remembered.

Managing a Home Full of Staff and Children

When Mina and Thomas Edison got married she was much younger then her husband. She became the stepmother to his three children. Still being young herself she was not fully ready for motherhood. However, Mina Miller Edison took charge of the household. Often times Thomas was not around due to his work. This left Mina in charge of hiring the house staff as well as raising the children. Furthermore, she gave herself the title of “home executive”. Mina also held ownership of Glenmont. The home she shared with Thomas. Owning and managing her own home was the first of many successes for Mina.

Children of Her Own

Two years after their marriage Mina and Thomas added to their family with their first child, Madeleine. This started the same pattern of children Thomas had with his first wife. Their daughter was soon followed by two sons, Charles and Theodore.

Madeleine Edison

Madeleine was born on May 31st, 1888, the first child born to Mina. She was born in Glenmont, the Edison Family home in New Jersey. Madeleine married John Eyre Sloane. She married him in the Drawing Room at Glenmont on June 17, 1914. Madeleine and John had four sons, who happened to be Thomas Edison’s only grandchildren from either marriage.
Madeleine briefly ran for Congress in 1938, she sadly lost. During World War II she gave much of her time to blood drives for the New Jersey Red Cross. She also administered the Edison Birthplace in Milan, Ohio after her mother’s death. She died on February 14, 1979.

Charles Edison

Charles Edison was born into the Edison Family at the Glenmont on August 3, 1890. He married Carolyn Hawkins, whom he had met in 1912 then married on March 27, 1918. Finally, he became president of his father’s company, Thomas A. Edison, Incorporated, in 1927. He ran the company until it was sold in 1959.
Charles is the best known because of his second career, in public service. In the mid-1930s he served in the cabinet of President Franklin Roosevelt. First as Assistant Secretary of the Navy, then as Acting Secretary. New Jersey voters elected him as their governor in 1940. He also founded a charitable foundation that now bears his name, the Charles Edison Fund. He died on July 31, 1969

Theodore Miller Edison

Theodore Miller Edison was the last to be born at Glenmont on July 10, 1898. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, from which he earned his physics degree in 1923. He was the only member of the Edison family to graduate from college.
Theodore did work for his father’s company after graduation. After starting as an ordinary lab assistant, he worked his way up to technical director of research and engineering for Thomas A. Edison, Inc. He eventually founded his own company, Calibron Industries, Inc. Also, he built his own smaller laboratory in West Orange. Theodore earned over 80 patents in his career. In 1925 he married Anna Maria Osterhout, a graduate of Vassar. He became an ardent environmentalist. Theodore lived in West Orange with his wife Anna until his death on November 24, 1992.

Mina’s Step-Children

With the marriage between Thomas and Mina, she took on his three children from the first marriage. Marion, twelve years old, Thomas, Jr. ten years old, and William Leslie eight years old. She continued to struggle with her relationship with her stepdaughter. Mina’s stepchildren did not take education as seriously as she did. They believed that Edison’s fame could make their future for them. Finally, due to this belief, Mina’s stepchildren went on to live less acclaimed lives as the other Edison children.

Marion Estelle Edison

Marion was the first born of Thomas Edison’s children. She was born on February 18, 1873, and gained the nickname “Dot” as a child after Morse Code. In 1895 she married Karl Oscar Oeser, a German army lieutenant. They lived in Germany through the First World War. Unfortunately, her marriage ended in divorce in 1921. Finally, she then returned to the United States, where she died on April 16, 1965.

Thomas Alva Edison Jr

Thomas Alva, Junior, was born on January 10, 1876. He had the nickname “Dash” after Morse Code like his sister. He went on to marry stage actress Marie Louise Toohey in 1899. However, the marriage ended within a year. He next married Beatrice Heyzer. Thomas Jr sold the use of his name to advertise “quack” medicines and dubious inventions. His father disapproved of this and eventually asked him to change his name. Thomas Jr. briefly went by the name of Thomas Willard. His efforts at inventing and starting a mushroom farm failed. Finally, he died on August 25, 1935.

William Leslie Edison

William Leslie was born on October 26, 1878. He went to school at St. Paul’s School, Concord, New Hampshire. Then also attended J.M.Hawkins School on Staten Island. He later studied at the Sheffield scientific school at Yale. William soon married Blanche Travers. William Edison served in the military during the Spanish-American War in 1898. He also served again in the First World War. Like his brother he turned to farm life, breeding chickens. Finally, he died on August 10, 1937.

Chautauqua Institute and Mina’s Influence

Mina’s father’s love for Chautauqua was passed down to his daughter. Mina dedicated herself to many organizations locally. She supported many land and wildlife conservation. Often times Mina would donate her own funds to projects for Chautauqua. Mina became a trustee of the institute. Others involved in Chautauqua held Mina in high regards. Also much like her father, Mina continued her involvement with her beloved Institute until her passing in 1947.
Mina was active in many different organizations and clubs including:

The Thomas Alva Edison Foundation

After Thomas Edison passed away, Mina started The Thomas Alva Edison Foundation in his memory. The foundation combined both Thomas’s and Mina’s passions. Mina’s love for education and Thomas’s love for science. However, later on, the nature of the foundation changed. It was no longer dedicated to advancements in science and education. Finally, it became a foundation aimed at preserving Thomas Edison’s name and accomplishments

Wrapping It Up

Lastly, Thank you for taking the time to read this post.
In addition, please click these helpful links for more info:
Finally, to learn about Wire Harness Assemblies, please click below:
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2023.06.06 20:51 Rand0mness4 NoP: To Dream of Clear Skies

Nature of Predators is created by u/SpacePaladin15, whom was willing to let his horde of fans write fanfiction.
I'd like to give my thanks to u/SavingsSyllabub7788, the creator of Death of a Monster, and one of my favorite birbs. for giving me an odd bit of inspiration, and the discord at large for shaping this story with theories and random discussions. This one shot didn't even conceptually exist last week.
Also referenced u/Acceptable_Egg5560's Nature of a Giant in this one.
Tell me how you feel about this story. I'm content with where it ends, but others' insight always helps me figure out my flaws.
Memory Transcription Subject: Barkim, forsaken krakotl veteran.
Date: December 20, 2136
I came before Captain Sovlin and Captain Kalsim. I remember watching Kalsim train. I doubt he remembers me. My career made me into a captain pretty fast. Faster than most. I had repelled five Arxur raids while in control of the bridge. My crew were brave enough to trust me and my insane methods. Letting a colony world fall was unacceptable in my eyes. We were the vigilant, always ready to warp in ten minutes or less. The federation as whole didn't seem to understand how much value a few extra minutes bought for the settlers meant. Even if I had to order a retreat, tens of thousands would survive because they managed to find a place to weather the raid while the Arxur were distracted.
I was a hero.
Rumbling laughter and howls make my slow trod falter, and I look though a window into the recreational room. There's several humans at a table holding scraps of paper and barking in a jovial mood. They're not masked, and my feathers ruffle looking at them. A flicker of movement on the table catches my eye, and I finally spot the Dossur in their midst, almost completely hidden in a bunker of coins.
A Dossur beating an entire group of pack predators by himself. I never would've believed it, but I'm still not surprised it would be Alvin of all people.
That little runt was the only reason I've managed to hold onto my sanity for so long. He was braver than I, and he brought me back even when I was at my worst, again and again and again. He was the first to run to our predatory saviors back at the facility. And he was the last to leave, running back into the fighting and leading a human doctor to me to stop the stray bullet from taking me into Inatala's grace.
I left him to his card game, faintly overhearing one of the humans complain about being a several years running Texas Holdem champion. Alvin's response sounded very much like him, asking if he wanted to bet the actual crown next to add to his growing wealth.
Eventually I found myself in front of a door. Inside was a small room. One wall contained a wooden desk carved with enough craftsmanship to rival old Krakotl wood carvers. The desk was cluttered with cylinders and writing apparatuses, and a primitive writing board resting on the wall above it displayed several print outs of various people. Relatives. Descendants. People that had enough empathy in them to take back the few lucky souls that still had people they could trust. The computer underneath it was not active, but if it where I'd imagine there would be encrypted communication logs trying to reconnect with those few love ones. Plans to reunite them. Promises to protect them under this faction's umbrella.
It was strange, that this group of humans wasn't desired by the rest of their kind. They take more direct, brutal action than their leaders, but they act to save lives.
On the opposite wall was a locker. Inside were several firearms of Human make, and multiple emergency atmospheric suits. Many were for human use, but some were Federation standard. A pair of boots and engineering equipment rested on the floor before it, scuffed and well worn. There's a strange logo of an orange planet on the back of a jacket hanging from a hook nearby, and an even stranger article of cloth called an 'arm band.' The arm band has a large tree sewn into it, flanked by two prey animals and a river. The human I'm visiting was part of that arm band group, named after a tree of all things.
You couldn't get me to harbor a guess as to why they'd name themselves after a tree.
The far wall was rather simple. A faded green paint coat, covered in various anti-predator posters. One was of a human in a blue space suit, the visor open and revealing an endless pit of teeth. Another depicting a feral, over-proportioned human salivating over a dressed, screaming krakotl on a dinner plate. A third poster depicted some venlil collared and chained in place, stuck in some multi-colored wrapping that went up its legs halfway.
There was a mirror beside the posters, and I winced at the terrible shape I was in. I'd abused myself too much after I was freed. Even after stopping, I was still recovering. Looking past the mirror, there is a large banner of a green Terran letter. A few paper photos are plastered around it of smiling humans in strange places, and my eye always lingers over those photos despite the many times I've seen them. Earth looked lovely. I wished Kalsim had called off his mission.
Feeling like an intruder, I turned my attention to the last part of the wall. A set of black out curtains were flush with it, concealing a human roost built into the structure itself. If I was lucky, she would be there.
Come on, you're better than a chicken.
Carefully, I lifted the curtain. "Hope?"
There she was. The one human I wasn't bothered by on this station. I can hear the music playing now that the curtain is out of the way, and the thick visor over her eyes tells me she's watching a video or simulation of some kind. I hesitate, watching her in her own world. What fur she does have is short and remarkably dense, and she has such a unique coloration that I would swear she was one of a kind if she hadn't mentioned having family. A tan complexion, painted over by splotches and stripes of white and violets that humans can't see with their own eyes. Her face is relaxed, mouth slightly open in wonder.
The human that helped staunch my bleeding, and gently broke the news to me of everything that had happened while I was locked up. The same one that kept me from pulling myself apart immediately after, and tried to find a way to keep me busy as my whole world went up in flames. A stern, capable person that could make decisions under pressure and wanted to save lives. While not a leader, I could see it in her. She had mettle.
She was completely exposed. Had I been the old me and not the one that woke up in a PD cell after a Sillis conference, I might've followed Kalsim's path. A talon in the right spot, and humans die fast.
"Hope?" Even raising my voice, she didn't hear me right in front of her. "Hope!"
As much as I respected her, coming this far in my state was exhausting. I, being a former fleet captain, hero, and outstanding Federation officer, decidedly acted like a child in that moment and pecked her.
I let out the most undignified shriek in my life and fell over backwards, landing on my tail feathers and sending a jolt up my spine. I forgot that since Hope was human, by extension she could be loud. Really, really, unfathomably loud.
There was a blur of limbs and Hope was sitting up, visor wielded as a bludgeon. She made eye contact with me, and I realized all my remaining feathers had poofed up.
"Blu!" She scolded, face curling in frustration. "What in the matter is- Blu?! You're not in your room?"
Shock, this time. I felt some shame in how low my standards had fallen, and smoothed down my feathers properly. My poor heart was already recovering and I stood, puffing out my chest.
"I... I wanted to go for a walk. See what you humans could do with a dated station like this."
"You're in my room."
"That appears to be the case." I pushed a ball of dust across the floor with a talon and regarded it absently, turning my head and keeping an eye on Hope. "It needs cleaning."
With speed I was anticipating, she hurled a pillow at me. I caught the assault and rerouted it, catching her in the face. She leaned back and laughed, a noise that calmed what was left of my quaking heart as I hopped forward. She offered a hand that I accepted, and she helped pull me onto the edge of the bed.
"You offered to show me your skies." I began, feeling uncertain. "Is that possible?"
"Yeah," she said. "Here-"
Grace put a hand on my chest and pushed down. A profound sense of horror washed over me as my back hit the soft bedding. She wouldn't- no. She can't- is it even- when have I last- Inatala please-
I realized with a start that Hope leaned past me, grabbing her pad. She plugged an odd attachment into it and fastened it to the wall by her head, and flopped over beside me. My immediate terror faded into embarrassment, and my face warmed at my own stupidity as she pulled the curtain closed. It became dark, and I felt her shift slightly until the ceiling above us started to slowly glow. Her pad booted up and began to project an image up there, and I felt my initial problems fade as a blue sky opened up before us.
"Oh wow." I breathed, realizing it was a video as a plane flew overhead. I forgot myself for a moment, looking up into an alien sky as clouds blew by at a lazy pace. The jet stream slowly lost its uniformity and stretched out, facing away as other clouds replaced it. I could hear wind and alien birds chirping, and for a long moment I was there. I was really there.
Storm clouds, massive weather fronts, all began drifting by. There was a dull rumble of thunder. I started as a bird flew very close overhead.
"What was that?"
"Woodpecker. Some can get pretty big back home. Not as big as you, Blu."
"Is it really this serene? Where was this taken?"
"My backyard. There was a massive hill out back. I used to lay there for hours when I was younger. Lived at the edge of a village. The only noise back there was the odd combustion engine or farming drone. Sometimes someone firing off a gun or listening to music loudly."
"You lived in the countryside? You're a pilot!"
Hope chuckled softly. "Surprise! There's some pretty sharp people that don't live in the cities, Blu. Especially us humans. My father could repair any farm equipment you threw at him going back a hundred years. Of course, I also have an uncle that thinks the Queen of England doesn't exist, so it probably levels out." She finished, sighing and reaching up. She swiped her finger across the ceiling and suddenly the skies changed.
They were orange now. More clouds. I felt a familiar pang in my chest thinking of a Nishtal sunset, but I kept quiet as the skies gradually changed. I was surprised to see such a vibrant shade of orange, then a sharp streak of violet bleed into it. There was red as well. A lot of red.
"Why red?"
"Oh, that. Massive forest fire in Canada. That's a country above mine. The smoke changed the colors for a little while. It made for a nice view."
That it did. I got lost in the footage, and started losing track of time. Only the occasional creak of the bedding kept me from forgetting where I really was. Hope seemed content watching the skies, and it dawned on me how close I was to her.
I'm acclimating well. Maybe I'll be like Alvin in no time.
When the skies slowly turned to night I was amazed at the stars that came out. Constellations I was unfamiliar with, patterns and swirls of light that could never be seen from a Federation city. I heard Hope inhale and reach out, changing the scene before it could linger anymore. "How about a time lapse. I've got some good ones."
"I don't know what that is."
"Really? Someone sets up a camera in a nice spot and records hours or days of footage. They take everything they've documented and then speed it up to a couple minutes." Hope starts a new video. I'm taken back by it, how a cloud bank flows around a mountain pass like water. It looks like a stream, where the clouds shift with each wind current change, flowing back and forth as minutes are turned into seconds.
It's stunning. Hope switches to another one, and another. I'm struck dumb with wonder, baffled at how not one other creature out of the hundreds of species thought to do anything similar over the course of the Federation. Massive mountain tops, where humans blur through trails like plasma. Prairies with storm cells moving in, lighting and rain sweeping through and giving it new light as the terrain is rapidly drenched. A large road where thousands of human vehicles streak by and leave brief paint trails in their wake.
"Thank you, Hope."
She nods, an odd gesture of acknowledgement, before changing the video back to a more slow paced skyline. After several minutes of silence, I feel a weight forming in my chest. Slowly, my wonder begins to crumble.
"How many confidants were you able to find? For the others?"
Hope shifted to look at me, turning her head and making my feathers tingle slightly at how close her face was to me. She looked back up at the sky. "Seven."
"There were forty that wanted to leave as quickly as they could. What happens to them?"
"We're letting them go. Even if they don't want anything to do with predators, they're going to find out avoiding my species is pretty hard. We're going to give them access to the network anyways, in case they want our help down the road."
"And the rest of us?"
"I'm helping the ones that want to go back to a somewhat normal life find that. There's several planets they can go to, and countless colonies. They'll be placed close to the support network in case there's trouble and they need to come back, or need financial assistance or help integrating."
Hope had mentioned something about 'shelters being a safe place' for us break outs, but had never elaborated on that.
"And what about the others that want to stay?" I noticed Hope scowl at the skies, her face forlorn.
"The ones that want to stay and help us fight are welcome to. It's not all dangerous- being part of the network isn't as risky. Helping the ones that wanted to go back to living, or finding others that got lost or fell through the cracks. It... it feels wrong asking anyone we rescued to fight and die for us. We don't want clouded judgement and people thinking they owe us that. But, there are a lot wanting to join our ranks in more aggressive operations. We're making them combat ready, teaching them how we wage wars so that they don't turn into their overseers."
I lay there for a long moment, staring at the open skies above us. "What about me?" I asked quietly.
"You're not excluded from those choices, Blu."
"You read my file. You know who I was. What I would've done if I didn't end up in that place. You'd really just let me go?"
"If you wanted to go, then yes."
The simple way in which she states it confused me. Like such a choice wouldn't cause issues or risks.
"But, we've been thinking about a better choice for you."
"The Mazics are turning into the next Paltan Combine. Their newest influx of refugees were the released Krakotl."
My chest tightens. Nishtal is no more, razed to the bedrock and dead. We had been abandoned by our neighbors, our home slaughtered well before our true nature was revealed. And in the same year, the Federation deploys over forty thousand ships to take back a world that left behind their rule. Billions of loyal citizens captured and destined for a bloody fate were worth less than billions that seceded peacefully.
And then the humans brokered a deal with the Arxur and saved their souls. This was yet another time they did the impossible.
"We were thinking they could use a strong anchor to roost against. Someone that they might remember. A leader that they can trust."
I turned my head to directly face Hope, but she was still looking at the skies.
"I... they hate you humans."
"They do."
"I can't try and lead them, and sell out anyone that still doesn't believe in the UN's cause. I can't betray them." I chirped, dread worming into my gut.
"We wouldn't expect you too. We don't want you too. Blu-" Hope turned her gaze on me, her voice sincere. "We want them to find the right path. They deserve peace and security. They don't deserve to live in fear and rot with hatred. We don't... my group does not want yours to suffer over what your government did, even if the masses supported it at the time. We think you can lead them to a better future, where this hell can have a chance to heal and fade."
She looked back up at the artificial sky above us. "You don't even have to talk to us again if you choose this. If you do your best to ensure your species can coexist with mine, that would be more than we could ever hope to see happen."
"You think that's possible? That I could get that far? It seems so far away."
Hope bared her teeth in a smile. "You're more than capable. You love your people with everything you have, Blu. They'll see that. They'll believe in you. When you stand firm for your people, they'll follow you, too. We'll help where we can- peacefully. This can happen, I know it."
I found myself looking up at Earth's sky once again, apprehensive above this new burden. There was no way I would turn this down. If the Wolverines thought it was possible, then it was possible. A future where my people were both free in body and spirit was one I would fight for until my weary body gave out.
"How do we start?"
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2023.06.06 20:43 KookygRequirement RU pov: Large pro-Russia TG channel states that the official Russian MOD video shows farm equipment instead of Western Leopard tanks and apologizes for the embarrassment. 4th image is the RU MOD release. Source linked below - Milinfolive Telegram

RU pov: Large pro-Russia TG channel states that the official Russian MOD video shows farm equipment instead of Western Leopard tanks and apologizes for the embarrassment. 4th image is the RU MOD release. Source linked below - Milinfolive Telegram submitted by KookygRequirement to UkraineRussiaReport [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 20:06 TrendsWide Russia’s military falsely claimed to have shredded a Leopard tank. It looks more like abandoned farm equipment.

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2023.06.06 19:40 CaregiverNo7635 Follow up on Brute Bro

Bro + Flail he uses this is i day 280+ i play to at least 900 days done kraken and gobo city and Ijirok
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2023.06.06 19:35 DanielJMMW7002 Premier Kim Tok Hun Inspects Inspects Various Economic Sectors, Pyongyang DPRK People’s Korea June the 6th.

Premier Kim Tok Hun Inspects Inspects Various Economic Sectors, Pyongyang DPRK People’s Korea June the 6th.
Premier Kim Tok Hun Inspects Various Economic Sectors Pyongyang, June 6 (KCNA) -- Kim Tok Hun, member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, vice-president of the State Affairs Commission of the DPRK and premier of the Cabinet, inspected various sectors of the national economy.
He visited farms in Anju City, Taedong, Phyongwon and Sukchon counties of South Phyongan Province and Unjon, Kwaksan and Sonchon counties of North Phyongan Province and other areas seething with the efforts to uphold the resolution of the 7th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the WPK with rich harvest, where he learnt in detail about the immediate farming and referred to the ways for fulfilling the grain production plan for this year.
Saying that the successful implementation of the Party resolution depends on the responsibility and role of officials, the premier stressed the need to take nutrition care of rice seedlings in a sci-tech way in conformity with the regional characteristics as the rice-transplanting has been completed in the main.
He also underlined the need to put more efforts into manuring and cultivation of early crops including wheat and barley as their harvest season is approaching, and make thorough preparations for harvesting and take in a far-sighted way technical measures for increasing the grain storage and drying capacities.
At the Namhung Youth Chemical Complex, he called upon its officials and workers to intensify the drive for increased production and send much more fertilizer to farms, mindful of the importance of their duty in attaining the grain production goal for this year.
Going round the Taean Friendship Glass Factory and the Taean Heavy Machine Complex, he called for directing efforts to technical innovation to steadily improve the quality of products and produce more functional glasses of various kinds, speeding up the production of custom-built equipment and conducting management in a scientific way.
The field consultative meetings discussed the issue for agricultural guidance organs at all levels to introduce scientific methods for making high and stable yields even in disastrous abnormal weather to farming in conformity with the actual conditions and take practical measures in a timely manner, the issue for pushing ahead with the work to update factories and enterprises in a planned way and other issues. -0-
www.kcna.kp (Juche112.6.6.)
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2023.06.06 19:34 Vast-Listen1457 031 The Not-Immortal Blacksmith II – “Heroes” & "The reluctant Lich, Part 2!"

Better late than "The Late".

- - -
Three mortal teenagers from earth, each equipped for a paintball tournament, looked around the medieval town they had found themselves in. One of the three, a boy named Sam was the first to speak. “Guys? I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.”
The female of the trio looked at Sam, “Well duh. We left Kansas two weeks ago.”
“Molly! Leave Sam alone. You know he’s slow some days.” The third member of their group said.
“Shut it Hesh, you furry reject!” Sam and Molly said at the same time.
“You’re just pissed that I got to keep my cat ears for the tournament.” Hesh responded with a grin.
Sam looked around the street they were standing on. “Do either of you think it’s strange that there’s nobody on the street?”
“Yeah. Where is everyone?” Hesh replied. “You’d think they would be happy to see their new Heroes in person. I was expecting a parade the way that super-hot goddess was talking.”
“You thought she was super-hot too?” Sam asked, shock apparent in his voice.
Hesh stood to their full height. “I may be an ace, but I’ve got eyes. If she wasn’t the posterchild for beauty, I don’t know what is.”
Molly sighed. “Boys!”
“Hey!” Sam said. “Hesh is a TRAP! Not a boy!”
Hesh punched Sam in the shoulder, sending him flying through the wall he was standing next to. Hesh and Molly stared as Sam stood up coughing.
“What was that for?” Sam asked once the coughing fit ended.
Molly and Hesh continued to stare.
The trio of Heroes walked around the deserted town, looking for any signs of life. “I see a couple of birds from up here, but no people.” Hesh said from the roof of a row house.
“That makes three birds, two rats and a goat.” Molly said. “Too bad the goat ran away before we could try and kill it for food.”
“Right?” Sam replied. “Maybe it was some sort of ‘Magic’ goat that would give us even more power?”
Hesh and Molly looked at Sam, “Shut up.”
“What it would be fun!” Sam looked down at the paintball ‘magazine’* on his belt. “Hey! Ammo is full again!” He dumped the magazine of balls into the hopper on his gun, and let loose a full auto burst. The shots went clean through the building, and exited the other side, then burst on the wall of the next building over.
Hesh laughed, loading and spraying his balls across the roof of the row house until he fell through into the attic. “I can’t believe these do so much damage now! What do you think would happen if we raised the pressure to max on the guns?” They yelled from inside the building as he shot his way down to the ground floor, and came out through the wall.
Molly, eyes gleaming, said “I want to find out!” and made herself a spot to sit by breaking a nearby stone wall. After sitting down, she started to riffle through her pack for a tool kit.
Hesh and Sam stood to the side, watching her work.
Part 2
Several months had passed and “John the Lich King” had been busy. Several of the items in the treasury had been sold on the international stage, and the kingdom was in the black again. Most of the art was on public display in the capital itself. And John was in the middle of writing a proclamation about ‘Literacy, being tantamount to expanding the kingdoms workforce’ when a living guard (he had found out that the old king had used the undead for all of the jobs in the castle, hence all the bone piles when he had died) stuck his head into his office behind the throne.
“My Lord, Bolder the Drake has been sighted headed this way.”
John nodded, “Thank you Robert. I can take it from here.” He stood from his comfortable chair, “Tell your wife I say hi. And good luck with your new lad, I hope he grows up big and strong.”
“Thank you, my lord.” Sir Robert bowed himself out of the office and returned to his position on the wall.
I don’t think I will ever get used to being called ‘My Lord’ or ‘King’. John thought as he stepped out of the office and walked up to his throne. Why is this throne so uncomfortable? Maybe another cousin? He heard the sound of the dragon king land in the courtyard, and tried to get comfortable on the throne. “Open the doors for the Dragon King.” He called to the footmen at the far door.
The men saluted, and swung open the massive double doors of the castle (as opposed to the normal person sized door set into the left-hand large door). The large, and somewhat portly, dragon king entered.
“Oh, so the farmer king has decided to meet with me at last?” Bolder the Drake’s voice almost shook the great room, and the footmen had to cover their ears. John was glad that death had made such things as ‘noise’ not bother him as much.
“Well met, Drake.” John glowered at the dragon. “You know my proper title. If you will not show me the honor of my station, then I will deny you yours.”
Bolder glowered at the dead human. “You will show me respect, or I will burn you from your throne, and conquer your pitiful kingdom!”
“Or you could just be polite.” John answered. Gods above, I’m so glad I don’t really feel fear anymore, otherwise I think I would have pissed myself by now!
The dragon raised his head almost to the ceiling, pointing his muzzle down towards the throne. “Bend your knee to me, and I will make you a vassal state. Ignore this gift, and I will destroy you.”
“So… Death or slavery? Those are my only options?” John asked.
“Yes.” The gloating dragon replied.
“Death it is.” John smiled, “Oh, wait, I’m already dead.”
War. War always changes. Sure, the basics of ‘kill them before they kill you’ remains the same; but, for better or worse, the means and methods are constantly on the move.
King John sat astride his new warhorse, heavy plate armor girding his body. The Lance of Dragon Slaying was in his right hand, and the Sword of Snicker-Snack belted at his waist. A squire handed him a large kite shield. Across the rolling hills, turned wasteland, of the battlefield, he could see Bolder the dragon lounging in the sun, being fed by one of his handmaidens. Or in this case, eating one of his handmaidens.
John sighed. “Alright, I have a plan. Just don’t be surprised, okay?” He looked to his left at Lord Devon.
“As you say, my lord.” Devin replied.
John rode his horse to the middle of the field. “Dragon! I challenge you to a duel. A duel to the death!”
Bolder looked down at John, “Oh, finally some spine from the dead man? Very well, I accept!” He stood and shook himself; bits of the recently deceased handmaid flew about him; and walked to the field of battle.
John spurred his mount to a trot, lowered the Lance of Dragon Slaying, and at ten yards spurred his mount again.
For his part Bolder let John charge. He was certain the lance would bounce off of his scales. And he was mostly right, as when the attack struck it was off center by nearly a yard and skittered for a bit down his side. Then it dug in, and he roared.
John left the lance behind as he wheeled his horse to the side and fled from the dragon’s claws as they reached for him. Sadly, for his horse, it took a claw across its rump and spilled. John rolled across the ground for a dozen feet before coming to a stop.
John stood up, drew the Snicker-Snack, and yelled at the dragon, “Is that all you can do? Kill innocent horses?”
Bolder sat up. “Are you calling me a coward?”
“Yes I am.” John yelled up at the now annoyed dragon. “I bet you couldn’t even eat me in one bite, you worthless excuse for a worm. I’ve met lizards braver than you!”
Bolder struck. Head swinging down, jaws open; he consumed John in one bite. Then realized his mistake as John’s sword pierced the side of his throat from the inside, and sliced through the veins in his neck. He choked and gasped, but as his life’s blood spilled onto the field, he knew he was dead. One last time, he tried to breath his flames, but they never came. He collapsed.
A thoroughly blood-soaked King John crawled out of the gash in the dragon neck, stumbled forwards and collapsed to the ground. “I’m glad that’s over. Now I need a bath.”
The battle over and the dragon slain, John the Dragon Slaying Lich King advanced his forces into the dragon’s former kingdom and subsumed it into his own.

Original - First - Previous - Next
- - -
Ugh. Like I've said before, mental health is important! Take care of yourselves! If you want to feel sad, go watch "1916" by Sabaton, or the original by Motorhead; I will let y'all decide which is more moving.
In other news, my NCCC reunion is this weekend. So EXCITED! The kid finished school for the year this past Friday (so glad that isn't hanging over my head any more). Brother Proof bought me a pair of excellent gaming books for my birthday!
Can't think of any other news from the River Valley.
Safety brief??? Sure. (Blame Ralts and Tractor Man for this.)
Stay out of the dust storm. Wear a helmet on your bike, you don't want to become an organ donor. DRINK YOUR WATER, it's bloody hot out. Keep your hands to yourself. Elves are still annoying as hell. Avoid the Fae at all cost, and never give them your name, even if they politely ask for it! When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade isn't your friend anymore. If you trust your government, you don't know your history. Make sure your dog is eating enough cheese. Know yourself, if you need help call the FBI. Follow the Demolitions expert if they are running in panic. Help people. Try to be the best you.
Time to shake the donation box.
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2023.06.06 19:30 SnooSquirrels1375 Recently, I reached level 80 with my first character (warrior), and I want to share my experience in case it helps someone else.

First, a bit of context. I'm in my thirties and live with my partner. I have a job, training, and I take care of various household chores, so I can only play a couple of hours a day if I'm lucky. Often, I go several days without playing. Anyway, I reached level 80 a week ago, and since then, I've played 12 hours at level 80. I have a Gear Score (GS) of 3.5, and I'm exclusively playing as a tank. Here's what I've done so far to reach that GS:
At this point, I feel well-equipped for Heroics. I can tank bosses relatively easily, and if the healer and DPS are good, we can breeze through the dungeon. The main problem I'm facing now is that many groups formed in the Heroic queue actually want to do Heroic+ dungeons. I'm eagerly awaiting the update that will separate them in the group finder. Other than that, the experience has been enjoyable. I knew I wouldn't measure up to most players reaching level 80 at such a late stage in the expansion, and I think taking it slow has helped me avoid frustration and enjoy the experience.
Two tips I can give you are:
  1. Take the initiative, form the group, and fly to the dungeon to provide summons. This way, you prevent the group from falling apart.
  2. If you don't feel like forming the group, leave it running in the background. Join the queue, minimize the game, and when it flashes, you can respond to the message or accept the invitation. In the meantime, enjoy some Netflix and chill. If you're more tryhard, work on reputation, professions, or farming while you wait for a group invite.
So far, it has been a great experience, and my best advice is to take it easy and not rush.
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2023.06.06 18:41 slitmunch44 From Instagram: actually can’t believe ANYONE thinks like this

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2023.06.06 17:39 kwagenknight Russian MoD released a video of what they say is their Ka-52 attack helicopter destroying "Leopard 2's" that in fact turn out to be farm equipment destroyed😂

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2023.06.06 16:35 RagnarLothbrok2525 Any advice for getting the final 57% in 11 hours? Is it even feasible? Haha (currently farming at SF 168 but with no exp equipment)

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2023.06.06 15:36 YaaliAnnar NoP: Lost and Found (58)

First Previous
Memory Transcription Subject: Vichak, venlil school principal
Date [Standard Human Reckoning]: 2136-10-23
I told my vice principal that I didn't come to this predator planet for a vacation, so I need some knowledge or study results to bring home. Johan, my possible future brother-in-law, suggested that I could perhaps observe a human school. Keristian, the human coordinator for the refugee apartment, assured me that he had contacted an elementary school and came up with a schedule. For now, he told me to familiarize myself with the amenities in the apartment.
Besides their blocky design, human apartments had the same general functions as venlil ones. The staff provided us with a stepping stool to account for the larger dimension of the furniture, but other than that it has all that we needed.
Well... we could use a full-body dryer.
I found some alien features too in the apartment, such as the artificial pond, which humans use for recreation. They call this activity 'swimming', something that translates into "moving in water". Their First Contact package insisted that they came from arboreal lineage. Yet, their movements in water betrayed a hidden skill. After considering it, it made sense in a way. The water in their world is teeming with life, and they would benefit from aquatic hunting skills.
Adjacent to this 'swimming' pond, the apartment also had a gym. We have gyms back in the home world, but here on Earth, a wide range of humans frequented them, not just their armed forces personnel. They perform a variety of body movements such as lifting and putting things back down or running on a conveyor belt.
Does this dedication to simulated hardship serve as a means to channel their inherited predatory aggression? They didn't turn themselves from savage beasts into civilized people without some way to temper that excess.
We expected to meet a lot of gojids in the apartment, but it felt sparser than I had imagined. Keristian explained that the gojids here had entered into employment within the Capital. A large number had secured work on the farms. Some had brought seeds from their homeworld, which they planted back in the camp. After the human experts determined it safe enough for Earth, they transplanted the sprouts to one of the farms around the city.
I wondered if any venlil plant species had established themselves on this foreign soil. After Timür explained the concept of invasive species, I realized that I misinterpreted their cautious approach as predatory territorialism. On the other paw, the unspoiled wilderness that I witnessed on my journeys to and from the camp made me appreciate the inherent beauty of preserving such a wild landscape.
Some other gojids chose careers in logistics, serving the complex system that kept the goods in the region moving. Right now, humans directed most of their effort into alleviating the ruined cities. Some of the gojids had even volunteered to help the human, despite the presence of arxurs in the affected cities.
For our last meal of the day, we had gojid dishes made out of earth ingredients. I have to admit that I have not tried gojid cuisine before, but it grew on me just like human cuisine did.
The midday heat on Earth felt milder compared to the scorching intensity of a Deep Day in Venlil Prime's sunward section. Unlike our homeworld, where night temperatures could plummet beyond freezing, Earth's night felt comfortable.
I spent my first night on Earth sitting on the rooftop garden of the apartment. The blanket of darkness that stretched all around us sparked feelings of unease. However, the glimmering towers of the Capital provided a comforting backdrop, their lights twinkling like terrestrial stars. One of the staff members commented on how the city's light pollution obscured all but the brightest celestial bodies.
The staff member was a human after all and would do insane human things like complaining about their city not being dark enough.
Nevertheless, humans did appreciate the necessity of artificial lighting. As night fell, we could illuminate our room with the voice command, a comforting alternative to the deep night outside. I shuddered at the thought of enduring a night in such complete darkness.
Yesterday, I decided to explore the downtown capital to familiarize myself before I visited the school today. Mom insisted on tagging along and Keristian wanted Sukma, his aide, to guide us. We wanted a self-guided exploration, so as a compromise, the human equipped us with wrist-worn devices. These gadgets allowed him to track our whereabouts and also functioned as a means of payment. While the coordinator insisted we needn't worry about finances, he explained a rough price guide to prevent any possible exploitation.
Humans, in stark contrast to the lone arxurs, put heavy importance on socializing. While we waited in the station, the rhythmic cadence of Bahasa, their local language, filled the air. Thanks to Vani's provision of a language model, I could comprehend their dialogues, and snippets of human conversations drifted toward my ears.
"Do you see those domba?"
"Shhh... don't call them that. But yeah... I thought we had just one here?"
"Maybe Vani's relatives came to visit?"
However, even with the additional language model, my translator couldn't decipher all of their voices. Vani informed me that Bahasa serves as a trade language for the region and they had a plethora of other tongues that our translation device has yet to have the data for.
Once aboard the train, the humans adopted a collective silence. Being surrounded by humans aboard the train felt daunting, but this discomfort came from me standing out in this setting. I would feel the same on any other planet inhabited by a different species, carnivorous or not.
When we came to the downtown station, we plunged right away into an endless sea of humans.
Timür's unapologetic display of his face had acclimatized us to humans. We learned to perceive them not as threats but as just xenos with weird faces. It also helped that the humans in our vicinity maintained a respectful distance. However, they almost always locked their curious gaze onto us, averting their eyes when they figured out that I noticed them from my peripheral vision.
Distinguishing individual humans posed a challenge due to their similar appearance, but I soon learned to note the distinctive fabric of their clothing and the accessories they adorned.
The bustling capital of Nusantara presented us with new experiences and opportunities to learn about human culture. Mom and I took full advantage of our time there, immersing ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere provided by the city.
We first stopped at a local market, a bustling hive of activity that operated around the clock. Here, we observed humans haggling over the prices of fruits and vegetables, inspecting textiles, and purchasing a bewildering variety of cooked foods. The rich aroma of exotic spices and prepared meals filled the air.
We had a pleasant experience in the market until we stumbled onto the flesh section. Mom caused some embarrassing commotion when she vomited at the sight of the flesh.
So we decided to visit something less challenging and found ourselves going to museums and galleries. The tour guides in each institution we came to explained the history of this island while showing a collection of historical artifacts and artworks. It offered a captivating glimpse into the ancient human civilizations that once inhabited this region, and their struggles and triumphs.
We decided to have our last meal of the day in the city. With many of the buildings crammed in the city center, the place we had access to the open air lay at the top of the building. We watched the sun setting on the horizon.
As we ate through a platter of addictive fritters, Mom said that we venlil did construct similar dense settlements. Her explanation surprised me at first, as I almost forgot that Mom used to work as a civil engineer. She then explained that dense arrangements for habitats like this only made sense in colonies that lacked land or breathable air.
Humans seemed to have other motivations. They prefer gathering close to one another, creating bustling metropolises to allow for large swaths of untouched land for their wildlife.
So today, having learned to navigate the urban labyrinth of the Capital, I bid a temporary farewell to my mother at the outskirt station. Her exploration of this city would take her further out, where she would visit one of the human agricultural facilities. On the other paw, my destination lay at the heart of downtown.
Once I arrived at the downtown station, I switched on my visual overlay, allowing it to project directional instructions across my visual field. It painted a pathway to my destination through the tunnels and covered walkways. The direction landed me in one of the city's gargantuan towers.
The visual overlay translated the name of the school in venscript. Since humans write horizontally, the resulting translation turns a quarter circle. The sign above the entrance says:
"State Elementary School #1"
Number one? I suppose in a city this big, they did need more than one school. Under the sign, I spotted a human figure standing. She waved her arms and I could tell that she had waited for me. When I got closer, I made out the warm and inviting expression on her face
"Hi, I'm Andin, and you must be Principal Vichak?" Her voice sounded melodious and soft for a human. The human clasped her hands in front of her and bowed.
"Hi Principal Andin, nice to meet you," I replied to her with the same gesture. "I can't wait to see your school."
"Excellent! Follow me," she said. Her billowy one-piece dress twirled around her when she turned around.
Andin led me through the lobby and toward a balcony overseeing the heart of this educational facility, an internal atrium spanning three stories in height. The humans embedded the school inside one of their superstructure, and due to the lack of outdoor space, this architectural feature provided a simulated outside area where young humans could engage in physical activity and socialize. A synthetic material replicating grass covered the atrium's floor. Simulated sunlight streamed projected from the ceiling bathed the area in warm daylight.
An assortment of colorful play structures and exercise apparatuses dotted the periphery of the atrium. I presume they provided the students with ways to release those predator energies. Balconies jutted out from each floor, giving educators an overview of the bustling space and enabling effective supervision during playtime. The classrooms and learning spaces surrounded the atrium. As we walked past, I noticed that several of the glass panes had turned opaque.
"I read from the sign that this is an Elementary School. How old are your students?"
"Our elementary school caters to students from the first through fourth grades, so they are between six to ten years old. However, we sometimes admit older students. For instance, we have a few twelve-year-olds in the fourth grade."
Something felt a bit off from her answer. "What's next for them after this?" I probed.
"After completing their time here, students move on to four years of middle school, followed by another four years of high school. During high school, they can choose a specialization before they move on to university."
Her response left me flabbergasted. "Twelve years of education?" I said in disbelief. "It takes a full twelve years to complete education here?"
"Uh... yeah. That's pretty much the standard timeframe for education all over the planet. Just... how long does it take for you to finish your mandatory education?"
"Seven years," I responded. "By the age of thirteen, kids can start two years of vocational school and most venlils started working at fifteen."
Andin's eyes widened, "Wait, you have children working full-time at fifteen?"
"No, they're not children. They're adults." I realized that humans might have different lifespans. "What's... your age of majority here?"
"In this country, people can vote at the age of seventeen. But in our local culture adulthood starts at twenty." Andin explained.
"Alright, maybe we have a different lifespan?" Andin suggested, echoing my thought. "What's the typical lifespan of a venlil?"
"The average life expectancy hovers around ninety years, although many people live past one hundred," I explained. I wonder if perhaps humans live much longer? I didn't expect predators to live long, but humans tend to defy the norm.
"We had the same lifespan," Andin admitted.
"Wait... what?"
"Maybe we have a different education system?" She suggested again. Andin offered me her pad. "Feel free to observe any class that interests you. Here you can see the schedule for today." The contents had been translated into Ventongue. It presented a timeline of various subjects that took place throughout the day.
As my eyes skimmed over the list, one caught my attention. "Can you explain physical education?"
"In this class, we teach children how to exercise." she explained, "In fact, a PE class should begin now."
An adult human arrived on the field, followed by human children chattering and making all sorts of kid noises. They sounded just like venlil juveniles. At the command of the teacher, the students aligned themselves into a tidy grid pattern. A rhythmic melody started to play, filling the atrium with an energetic ambiance. The teacher at the front began to move in sync with the music, demonstrating a series of actions that the children mirrored.
"What are they doing?" I asked, intrigued.
"They're warming up to prepare for the activity ahead."
They performed various movements, the fluidity and synchronization of which appeared almost like a dance to my venlil eyes.
Once the 'warm up' concluded, several large, blocky objects rolled into the atrium. With a series of arm gestures from the teacher, these objects positioned themselves around the area. Some expanded to form rudimentary structures complete with roofs, transforming the atrium into some sort of tiny city.
The children gathered in a circle. Following a brief, excited chatter, they each presented a hand, some with palms facing upward, others showing the backs of their hands. According to some unspoken rule, those showing the backs of their hands stepped back, causing the circle to contract. This ritual continued and I figured out that the group with the most members excused themselves until one kid remained.
"Ah, it seems they're playing 'Hide and Seek' today," Andin commented, watching the unfolding scene with a warm smile.
"Hide and Seek? What's that?"
"One child plays as the 'cat' while the others will play as the 'mice'," she explained, her expression turning somewhat hesitant. "Ah... perhaps this wasn't the most appropriate activity for you to observe."
My translator didn't quite capture the nuances of 'cat' and 'mice', but I gathered they referred to Earth animals. The child designated as the 'cat' stood in the center of the atrium, standing near a pole with their eyes covered, while the 'mice' scattered, seeking shelter behind the fabricated structures and blocks.
The 'cat' began a loud countdown. Upon reaching zero, they removed palms hands from their eyes and commenced their search. A realization struck me as the 'cat' started prowling around.
"This... is," I murmured, taken aback by the implication of the game. "You're simulating a hunt."
From time to time, the humans can't help but remind me that despite their friendliness and civility, they had a history as predators.
"Well... yeah, when you put it like that…" she paused. "But, the children didn't see it as a hunting simulation. I mean… I doubt that none of them will become a hunter when they reach adulthood. Most of us nowadays don't hunt."
"I understand." I looked down and the cat had found a mouse, chaos ensued as the two of them rushed to the pole. The mouse touched the pole first and laughed. "You humans do need an outlet for your aggression to maintain a civil society."
"What? No…" Said Andin. "We have Physical Education to encourage a habit of fitness."
"So, you don't feel the urge to get violent, sometimes?"
"Most of us don't. Those with that kind of urge receive treatments so they don't harm themselves or other people."
I looked down at the human children below. Despite their concerning activity, they looked like they enjoyed it.
"But if this display makes you uncomfortable, we can see other classes."
I looked at the pad, where another class intrigued me.
"You have an art class? In elementary school?"
"Yeah, it encourages creativity… you don't have art classes?"
"No, those with the aptitude will go to art colleges after they graduate from school."
"Oh…" She gave me a look that I think signifies pity? "Are there other things you don't see in Venlil school?"
"The English class seems interesting. I noticed that most of your people can speak in English when needed."
"Heh, that one is contentious." She chuckled. "English is waning now, and people proposed that we teach our kids Chinese, Hindi, or Swahili for the foreign language class. I take it… you don't have a foreign language class?"
"We do, but… like art school, you learn it at the university level, usually as part of a Foreign Relation Studies. Because foreign languages are spoken by other species."
"Interesting." Again, she gave me that concerned look. "So, do you want to see the art class or the language class?"
"Art class. I think."
"Sure, let's go," Andin said, guiding me down the stairs toward the art classroom.
Upon entering the room, chaos greeted us. An eclectic array of children's artwork adorned the walls, showcasing vibrant landscapes, portraits, abstract shapes, and depictions of what I assumed were various earth creatures.
"Ah, Principal Andin," the art teacher greeted us with an inviting smile as we entered. "And we have Principal Vichak as well!"
"Meet Harta, our art teacher," Andin introduced me.
The moment we entered the room, a sea of young faces turned towards us. It felt like a forest of eyes scrutinizing us.
"Children, say hello to our visitor today, Principal Vichak."
"Good morning, Principal Vichak!" They speak in harmony. The children then refocused on their tasks, their hands returning to their brushes and colored pencils.
Some students here worked alone, while others collaborated in small groups. In one corner, I spotted a screen displaying 3D artwork, sculptures made from what looked like recycled materials, clay, and even intricate artwork made of folded paper.
"Today we have a free-form class," Harta explained. "With your visit, I asked them to make something about our two species."
Several children gathered around a large screen at one end of the room, using it to sketch out their designs before replicating them on canvas. They drew scenes of humans and venlils with a level of technical skill and creativity that amazed me, considering the young age of these kids. In one section, busy children molded a piece of clay, their tiny hands trying to create something that looked like a venlil.
"But how do you evaluate their work?" I asked, confused. "And for that matter, how do you grade students in the Physical Education class?"
"In this school system, we don't include art and physical education to determine if a student has what it takes to continue to the next grade," Andin clarified.
"We do give individual feedback to each child," Harta chimed in. "We aim to ensure their personal growth and development, not just their academic achievement."
"Indeed," Andin asserted, her voice reflecting a sense of profound conviction. "The role of the school has evolved over time. These days, we don't work just as a hub for academic instruction, but as a second home where children learn essential life skills. We work hand-in-hand with parents to nurture these young minds, helping them develop into thoughtful and responsible individuals."
This notion brought back memories of my own school back on our homeworld. People would often refer to our school as a "nursery" due to our additional class on socializing and communication. I remember Renata, the human psychologist stationed in our homeland, said that my school had the basis of a well-rounded education. Here I learned just how more "rounded" we need to be.
Throughout the day, we ventured into different classrooms, each offering a snapshot of the subjects covered in human elementary education. The STEM classes felt lackluster by my standards. However, I soon appreciated their teaching approach which encouraged students to arrive at their conclusions.
On the other hand, the social studies and citizenship curriculum appeared more intricate, which made sense, given the complex social structures of the human race, a species as varied and divided as the primitive yotuls.
Midday brought a meal break, during which I had the chance to mingle with some of the other faculty members. I learned that a significant portion of the adults currently abstained from food and drink, on account of what they called the "fasting month". Andin observed the fast as well, but she kept me company in the cafeteria despite her abstinence from eating.
"Are you sure it's alright for me to eat while you're fasting?" I asked, somewhat.
"Of course," she assured me, her face warmed by a gracious smile. "Self-restraint is a fundamental aspect of being human."
Self-restraint, a quality I found woven into the fabric of human nature. Despite the invasion hurling their world into chaos, humans displayed remarkable restraint, refraining from lashing out in anger.
Post-meal, our educational exploration resumed. The sheer number of classes devoted to non-academic skills struck me. For instance, they had a class dedicated to environmental education, where they instructed young learners on how to care for their planet. Another class, called Health and Wellness, focused on areas such as hygiene, nutrition, safety, emotional well-being, and mental health. My visit coincided with a session of "meditation", a peculiar human practice to calm themselves. When I observed the children sitting in tranquil silence with eyes closed and serene music enveloping the room, I realized that they do have a method of quelling aggression, by nurturing a peaceful disposition.
The complexities of human pedagogical methods began to dawn upon me. The length of their educational journey lasted longer than ours because of this multifaceted curriculum. They didn't focus just on the injection of academic knowledge, but they also introduced human development in theirs. Even their academic lessons went beyond feeding students with facts and figures. Instead, they encouraged a more gradual learning pace that fostered independent thinking.
Such an extensive approach to education daunted me. Could we even implement such a model in our venlil school? Considerable obstacles lay on our path, given the expectations of parents and our society at large, who were accustomed to a quicker, more streamlined education.
In any case, my day reached its conclusion, and my time to depart came. When I bid her farewell, Principal Andin provided me with a binder filled with artwork created by the students, along with personal messages for me and the students back at my own school.
I had time to reflect and consider as I walked toward the downtown station. I recalled how Andin and Harta viewed the institution not as a place of learning, but as a secondary caregiver, working hand-in-hand with parents to nurture the holistic development of their young ones.
On my way to the station, my mother called. She informed me she would be coming downtown so we could share a last meal of the day together.
"How did the farm tour go, mama?" I queried, eager to hear about her day.
"It was enlightening," she replied, leaving me curious about her experience. "And what about your day?"
"Oh, mama," I began, a sense of excitement rising in my voice, "I had an extraordinary day."
Afterwords: Humans with their 22nd century education.
Somehow this is the longest chapter I have ever written. Also note on my update schedule. I'm posting update on every date divisible by 3. That means some updates can appear 96 hours later when the last post is on 30th and the month ends in 31st,
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2023.06.06 14:13 davidhply My thoughts and ideas for the game so far. (Spoilers on gameplay)

So I'm playing barb and really enjoying it so far - level 66. Story is good, world is good, side quests are great! I actually love the level scaling as it puts more time and thought into items not just power leveling and smashing through the game. I don't mind the gaps in mobs when roaming the world but maybe an increase in some dungeons would be nice, not by adding more small mobs but making larger mobs more spread out an area, so you pull them into each other. in the open world its fine as it makes me look at the world instead of the monsters.
Nightmare dungeons
Gets very boring after awhile but the challenge keeps you going back? Or is it just because its the only real option of its kind. Needs some work.
I think if you beat a tier of a dungeon you should be able to have that unlocked and the affixes available to choose from. Get a key of sorts. So the point of beating higher dungeon tiers remains the same (rewards etc) but you also have a dungeon you like with good affixes to "farm" - higher item drops, gold find etc that you can go back to. You will out scale it but its nice to farm if looking for items to increase your power. Maybe cap this at a certain tier, can cause problems at endgame leaderboards etc.
Maybe add a rouge like option? or game mode? You go down the dungeon and pick buffs and debuffs. Or add elemental type damage to certain skills etc as you progress and go deeper. Keeps changing every run and makes them feel unique.
Have a menu or list to see which nightmare tiers you have completed. good to see rewards I've missed you get when beating a new tier.
Fun! great concept but not rewarding enough, these should have increasing drop chances and increasing difficulty. Eg. going for a specific ring - current cost is 75 as you farm and as you collect more shards you can invest the shards into the chest to change the tier. So 75 is tier 1 with "x" drop rate (sometimes you get garbage from the box)you can choose to increase the tier by "buying" and moving to tier 2 and so on. costs 85 shards now and increased drop chance and more items. Have limited time with the helltides so I think this will be more rewarding for the player and more focused on speed and the time of the event running out. Very much a risk reward here. Get to tier 4 and the time runs out as you just don't have enough shards and can't open the box. :(
World Bosses
More frequency of them - Very fun though
Great! - leave them alone (don't get why people are complaining about traveling between vendors etc)
Bit clunky - need to improve pathing (does feel good when you get it right though and are flying through the world)
Remove cooldown if you dismount on purpose.
Able to level up horse as you ride around to get another boost? Often you need just one more boost.
Reduce the speed at which the horse slows down after a boost ends, make it more gradual.
Happy but I think they should add a few more skills - not a new "branch" but maybe some longer improvements on each or a few more branches off each skill. More variety in choices and different gameplay options. Probably come with time.
Paragon Board
Can't quite put my finger on it but feels like its missing something. I like the concept. Maybe they need to add some unique runes or something that changes up a skill or something. Not just percentage gains and reductions but I'm not sure here tbh.
Good, enjoying so far. Drop rate is very good! When you start to complete your build it feels very rewarding after grinding for hours but need to add more legendary's and tweak some that are terrible. I think the seasons will fix this though and as the game goes on.
Add a gem pocket! for the love of god. Increase the sale price of gems also?
Scale back the gold cost increase on rerolling enchants, should still increase but not so quickly. I think should also increase gold dropping in the world from mobs so you don't have to keep picking up everything to sell. Just tweak the world tiers percentage gain? Seen as you need to improve your gear consistently as the world scales you need to role better gear more often.
Barb class
Increase barb weapon mastery to 20 from 10 but scale back each level and buff 20 a bit more than 10. I finished them very quickly and they are very cool to see improve as you play. Not sure on other classes yet.
Chest or storage box
Search function
A tab you can create that's the layout of your equipment slots for your character - I can put in there for upgrades I'm wanting to do but don't have the right affix maybe - or need more of those shards to put sockets etc currently just make my own in the box. Quite useful.
Allow us to transmog uniques?
Add more colours to choose from?
allow us to change colours of weapons?
Tree of whispers
Good concept but should allow choice of all available gear boxes instead of three but make the legendary type box still random. Eg - there is a ring I'm hunting for, I can keep going for rings. Doing the challenges for the tree doesn't feel rewarding enough but if this was available i would be consistently running them if I need a certain type of gear.
PVP event thing - I haven't done it and probably won't so don't have an opinion on it, yet.
Option to adjust scaling of zoom on minimap. Just a bit too close sometimes. This might help with people complaining about no overlay. I don't care for the overlay - happy how it is - keeps me looking at the world and not a map.
Interactive map - allow us to select and search what we looking for.
8/10 lots of potential
Edit - formatting
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2023.06.06 14:04 RajatKhareCrunchbase Transforming the Battle Against Worldwide Food Shortage: Utilizing the Potential of Cutting-Edge Technology

Food security has become an urgent global concern due to population growth and limited resources and arable land. To tackle this issue, incorporating innovative agricultural technology has emerged as a crucial solution. By utilizing advanced tools and techniques, farmers can optimize production, minimize waste, and ensure sustainable food systems. The World Health Organization (WHO) highlights the alarming state of global food security and nutrition, with millions of people facing hunger and malnutrition.
Achieving food security requires a comprehensive approach that involves increasing agricultural productivity, adopting sustainable farming practices, managing resources efficiently, and reducing post-harvest losses. Technology plays a vital role in addressing these challenges and driving positive change throughout the entire food supply chain.
To meet the increasing demands for food, the agriculture sector must embrace technology-driven solutions. Advanced tools and technologies such as precision agriculture, remote sensing, data analytics, and automation offer significant potential for optimizing farming operations and improving productivity. These innovations enable farmers to make data-driven decisions, enhance crop management practices, minimize environmental impact, and adapt to changing climate conditions.
Aero41 is at the forefront of leveraging UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to revolutionize agriculture. Their drones are equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technology, providing farmers with valuable insights into crop health, pest detection, irrigation management, and fertilization requirements. By capturing high-resolution images and real-time data, Aero41’s UAVs empower farmers to make informed decisions and optimize their farming practices.
Boundary Holding, a driving force behind technological advancements in agriculture, recognizes the potential of Aero41’s innovative UAV technology. Led by Rajat Khare, Boundary Holding has provided significant funding to Aero41, enabling the company to expand its operations, refine its technology, and make a tangible impact in the global fight against food scarcity. This partnership has empowered farmers to adopt precision farming techniques, optimize resource allocation, and increase overall agricultural efficiency. Furthermore, Aero41’s remote monitoring and data analytics capabilities offer farmers real-time insights and predictive analytics, facilitating timely interventions and improved decision-making.
Boundary Holding’s strategic investments in agricultural technology demonstrate the firm’s commitment to addressing global food security concerns through technological innovation. By supporting initiatives that enhance productivity, promote sustainable practices, and optimize resource utilization, Boundary Holding plays a crucial role in driving progress toward a more food-secure future. Under the leadership of Rajat Khare, the firm leverages technology to revolutionize agriculture and ensure a sustainable and resilient food supply for future generations.
The digital revolution has provided farmers with access to extensive data and sophisticated analytics tools. By harnessing this data and employing advanced analytics, farmers can gain valuable insights into crop health, weather patterns, market trends, and supply chain dynamics. Addressing food security also requires effective post-harvest management and food preservation techniques. Technology plays a vital role in improving storage, processing, and transportation systems, thereby reducing losses and ensuring that food reaches consumers safely and promptly. Innovative solutions such as cold storage facilities, packaging technologies, and supply chain management systems help minimize post-harvest losses and enhance the availability of nutritious food.
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2023.06.06 13:58 Windgesang_ Hunter of the moon (Lunacub guide)

Hunter of the moon (Lunacub guide)
Finally, the fifth deadeye of the game is here. I’ve been waiting for her for 7 months now. Except she has a few slight issues with her kit (yes I’m saying it straight from the start).


Lunacub is a 5* Deadeye Sniper focusing on Camouflage. With the ability to stay camouflaged nigh-permanently, she is capable of staying deep in the enemy lines to deal some damage before everyone else, making it the next best thing to global range.


  • Offensive stats:
Deadeye Snipers have one of the best ATK stats in the entire game, losing only to Mystic Casters and Crusher Guards.
Similar to all those top ATK branch, they have a pretty slow attack interval to “compensate” at 2.7 seconds, one of the slowest of the game.
  • Defensive stats:
I have already spoiled that she has extremely long duration camouflage, which boosts her “defensive” stats by a lot. But even outside of that, her HP is strangely high and is one of the highest of all Snipers, losing only to Spreadshooters, Flingers, and Fiammetta.
Why is her HP that high? Because for some reason they decided to give her +300 HP as trust bonus, on a unit designed to have nigh-permanent Camouflage. It’s the same trust bonus as Andreana – another Deadeye – at +300 HP +40 ATK, so it’s not unprecedented, but why not going for the full ATK like Firewatch.
For a number example, at max level and max module, she gets 1996 HP. That’s extremely high for a ranged unit.
Anyway aside from that her DEF is pretty average for a sniper.
  • Cost:
Deadeye Snipers have a fairly high cost for a ST sniper. For Luna, that will be 19 at base and 21 at E1 onward.


Deadeye have one of the best range in the game.
Deadeye range at base (left) and E1 onward (right)
They have the ability to reach a bit further forward than Marksman and 2 tiles further to their side which really enhance their positioning aspect because they’ll usually be able to reach the enemies even with awkward placement. Especially for Lunacub, she has even less of a positioning issue thanks to her Camo.


Prioritise attacking the enemy with the lowest DEF in range first
The Deadeye’s trait is a weird one. It’s unpredictable unless you have a solid grasp of the enemy’s stats or you are in your second attempt of the map already. It can be helpful because Casters and most ranged enemies tend to have lower DEF than their melee kin so you can take them out earlier. It’s not always true, but it’s a good starting point.
But it’s not all bad. It also prevents them from ever being distracted. There’s a typical strat that they would spawn ranged enemies following behind a defender or an elite which would usually lead to most ST units to aim at the defender instead of the ranged one, even when both are blocked. These snipers however, can snipe out those ranged enemies in advance. The same goes for enemies with Taunt (“more likely to be targeted” or “draws enemy fire” in the game’s description), the Deadeyes ignore that and only care about the DEF stats.
They also count DEF debuff/buff as well. If you have Shamare or something to reduce DEF, those guys are definitely more likely to be targeted by a Deadeye. The reverse case is someone like a Guerilla Herald, who buffs DEF for everyone but themselves and have low DEF. The Deadeyes usually target these Heralds first.
Anyway, the targeting will be annoying to get used to.

Talent: Wilderness Instinct

Available at E1: Gains [Camouflage] while this unit’s skill is not active
At E2: Gains [Camouflage] while this unit’s skill is not active; Attack interval reduced slightly after skill activation
[Camouflage]: Prevents being targeted by enemy attacks if the unit is not blocking (but will still take Splash damage)
This is the main identity for Luna, being a unit with a nigh-permanent Camouflage buff.
As stated, camouflage prevents enemies from targeting the user, but they will still take Splash damage. This Splash damage refer to most attacks that deals damage in an area.
But what’s not expected is that some attacks that looks like it should be doing damage in an AoE still wouldn’t hit camouflaged unit. For examples, Sui’s thunderbolt, Degenbrecher’s area disarm, Dorothy’s… boss thingy that deals AoE damage that split evenly between all allies, etc. My guess is that due to how these skill works, they would still have to find the unit first… or something.
Idk why either
Altars – the cold one from chapter 6 and the true damage one from chapter 7 – for some reason doesn’t affect Camo despite being completely an AoE effect. This is made worse with the fact that the true damage altar actually hit invisible units, the status that is in essence “better Camo”. But this is the only exception so far, since the cold altar doesn’t hit either of those.
I think they just forgot to fix and is now too late to fix
There are also some AoE skills that only activate if the enemy sees someone to attack. This usually means Camouflaged unit can avoid those skills, with the only exception so far is IS#2 Phantom’s AoE attack which can target an ally through Camouflage.
-if you don't see a GIF that means I was too lazy to run IS#2 again to get a recording but you can take my words for this
Her Camouflage is tied to her non-skill state though, so does this mean that if her skill is up, she will be vulnerable again? Nope because she has that extra HP hah. That and her skill is also designed accordingly with this talent, though we will have to wait until the Skill section for that.
Anyway, the second clause of the talent is that her attack interval is reduced when skill is active. This is a 15% reduction to her base amount of 2.7 seconds and is calculated before any Attack Speed (ASPD) buff. Her new attack interval with skill up, without any other ASPD, is 2.3 seconds (in 30 FPS context, that’s 69 frames, which is nice).
Spoiler I guess, but her module level 3 increases this reduction to 25%, which makes her attack interval 2.03 seconds instead.


  • RIIC skills:
Always available – Lazy Cub: When stationed at a Dorm, self morale recovery per hour +0.7
This is not much useful, considering that her other base skill isn’t used constantly either. But this essentially means that Luna will recover morale fast after working in the base.
Available at E2 – Wilderness Survival: When this Operator is assigned to the Workshop to process Skill Summaries, the production rate of byproduct increases by 80%.
Admittedly, this is the highest % chance to get byproduct for Skill Summaries (aside from Nine-Colored Deer). But, like I said, you won’t use this skill and craft skill books that much. As in, eventually, your Skill Summaries acquisition rate will be slow enough that you will only be able to craft once every long while, unless you're actively farming CA-5 (like refresh-with-OP level of actively). Side note, if you have Hellagur, he has access to this skill straight from the get-go.

First skill: Time to Hunt

  • Stats at level 7:
ATK +60%
18 seconds duration, 24 SP cost, 8 initial SP
Auto Recovery, manual activation

  • Masteries:
M3 gives ATK +100%, 20 SP cost, 10 initial SP

  • Advance Details:
This is exactly like ATK Up γ, except with a much shorter duration and cooldown. Presumably, the rotation was reduced with her talent in mind, to minimize the time when she’s vulnerable to attacks.

  • Usage:
Despite that, I don’t think the shortened cycle is enough to put Lunacub deep in the enemy lines. 18 seconds is a decently long time to get killed, even with her amazing 300 extra HP (no I will not let this go).
Technically, if she’s still vulnerable to attacks when this skill is up, we can fix that by properly timed the skill when there are no more ranged enemies around. But doing that negates the upside of short cooldown.
This skill doesn’t look too promising, not because it’s inherently bad. Rather, it pretty much removes Luna’s main identity unless you’re extremely good with skill timing and all that.
And furthermore, Andreana also has an S1 with the same +100% ATK, with similar attack rate (2.2 seconds vs Luna’s 2.033 assuming both have mod3), and Andreana’s ASPD is always active and not just during skill, and, Andreana has DEA–Ⲭ which gives her potentially even more damage.
You can definitely use it because it is Luna’s only method of gaining even more ATK, so that she can actually kill stronger enemies (or at least almost kill because now the short duration can actually hurt).

Second skill: Umbrial Ambush

  • Stats at level 7:
ASPD +110; Gain Camouflage for 5 seconds; Within the skill duration, defeating an enemy grants Camouflage for 7 seconds.
25 seconds duration, 54 SP cost, 25 initial SP
Auto Recovery, manual activation

  • Masteries:
M3 gives ASPD +140; Camouflage for 8 seconds; Defeating an enemy grants Camouflage for 8 seconds.
50 SP cost, 30 initial SP

  • Advance Details:
With 110 ASPD and her E2 talent effect, her new attack interval with this skill is 1.1 seconds, or 33 frames in a 30 FPS scale. At M3 with 140 ASPD, that interval is 0.967 second, or 29 frames. And with mod3 M3, that interval is 0.833 second (25 frames).
Luna gains 5 (8) seconds of Camouflage upon using this skill and 7 (8) seconds upon getting a kill during the skill duration. These duration don’t stacks.
That is to say, Luna will only remains in Camouflage for the next 7/8 seconds after getting a kill, regardless of when it happened.
Luna herself has to be the one delivering the killing blow to receive the Camouflage.

  • Usage:
As anyone would guess, this skill is designed to make Lunacub completely covered with Camouflage while still be able to use skill. As long as she kills something, she will get Camouflage for the next 8 seconds.
But that’s exactly where the issue is. She has to kill things constantly during her skill to achieve this permanent Camouflage. (In a perfect scenario, she would need to kill only 3 enemies if it’s perfectly spaced out every 7.9 seconds.)
She doesn’t get any +ATK with this skill, it’s pure ASPD. Meaning despite her high base ATK, that’s all she wrote. In general, her ATK is similar to a Marksman with +100% ATK, while her skill attack interval is similar to a Marksman (or shorter with mod3). Wait a minute, a Marksman with +100% ATK and Camouflage??? Oh my god RIP Ap…
Jokes aside, this idea forces Luna to only use this skill when there are kill-able mobs around. Which sounds fine, skill issue and all, but because of the lack of ATK it severely reduces the type of mobs that she can kill within 8 seconds, relegating it to mostly trash mobs.
And this is why I have always use “nigh-permanent” when talking about her Camouflage. In theory, she can roll over trash mobs and feed her Camo constantly. In practice, that uhhh… depends on a lot of things: skill issues, wave flow, amount and flow of trash mobs. Basically, even the most skillful player can still find scenarios where they can’t use the skill regardless.
Maybe the 50 SP cost is because you’re not going to be able to use this skill constantly anyway.


  • Stage 1:
HP +120
ATK +55
Trait upgraded: Prioritise attacking the enemy with the lowest DEF in range first; If the attacked enemy remains alive, gain 1 additional SP
Analysis: As with Firewatch’s module, this module seeks to improve her skill rotation. Sadly, HG knew they are going to give her this DEA–У module, so they masterfully “balanced” her primary skill by increasing its SP cost to 50.
Anyway, Lunacub was released during a time when HG had already realised that SP cost should just stay low. With her DEA–У module, her S2 50 SP cost can be brought down to a minimum of about 36? But then, why not give her 40 SP cost and then give her DEA–Ⲭ instead? I know I have discovered that DEA–Ⲭ doesn’t give that much boost at mid-range but something is better than nothing.
Well, that’s enough rant for this section.
You can technically use S1 and have an extremely low downtime though, similar to Firewatch S1 (same SP cost and all), though with a much shorter skill duration. Admittedly, her S2 is her identity skill and this mod helps “fix” the SP cost. So yes, it’s a very important mod for Luna.
Important note: the attacked enemy has to lose HP in order for DEA-У to give SP. That is to say, if the target dodged or negated the damage with Barrier (Big Sad Lock, SSS Sloma tower boss…), these Deadeyes will not get SP.

  • Stage 2: (stat boosts do not stack, only replace)
HP +145
ATK +63
Talent upgraded: Gains [Camouflage] while this unit’s skill is not active; Attack interval reduced slightly after skill activation (-20%). {Upgraded from -15%}
  • Stage 3:
HP +160
ATK +68
Talent upgraded: Gains [Camouflage] while this unit’s skill is not active; Attack interval reduced after skill activation (-25%). {Upgraded from -20%}
Analysis: This is a pretty sizeable boost to her attack interval. As mentioned before, it decreases her S1 attack interval from 2.3 seconds to 2.033 seconds, and her S2M3 attack interval from 0.97 seconds to 0.83.
Module upgrades materials are pretty limited, so in the grand scheme, this module is not worth it because Luna herself is not worth it. But for Lunacub specifically, this module is very good if you want to stick with her. It covers her S2 SP cost, gives her even more attack rate for both skills, and provides her with more ATK which she will definitely need if you use S2.

Concluding thoughts

Lunacub is designed to stay in Camouflage and snipe enemies from really dangerous position. Unless if there are AoE environmental hazards (altars excluded) or enemies that deal AoE damage without needing to target anything (like the mushroom from SN). If she can feed off of mobs, she can stay in Camouflage permanently
  • S1 is her only +ATK source. This makes it worth a consideration when Luna is not in danger but you need more damage to kill anything other than trash mobs. That in turns make her unique talent irrelevant, or at least half-irrelevant, and is essentially a side-grade Andreana S1. That sounds sad doesn’t it. You can use it while abusing the camo off-skill (and that +300HP) to dodge the low traffic ranged attacks (why I said half-irrelevant), but if you are at that strategical prowess already, you don’t need this guide.
  • S2 is Luna’s identity. She can go extremely aggressive because of her Camo. With some fodder, Luna can stay almost permanently in Camouflage. The lack of any ATK boost limits the kind of mobs that she can kill, so she’s relegated to mostly weak fodders. She also prefers to be placed away from other DPS or it’ll be a struggle of kill to get Camo. The only major issue is AoE damage (and reveal but we haven’t seen those enemies for a long time until the recent floor 3 boss map in IS#3: Requiem Aeternam and Eternal Wrath, 2 same maps but different boss).
For most people, their first comparison to Luna is Firewatch. Both are Deadeyes that revolves around staying undetected. But Firewatch is far more powerful. Invisible is a definite step above Camouflage. Her Invisible has 50 seconds duration with a downtime of around 15-20. She deals bonus damage to ranged enemies, removing the need for Invi/Camo, though she may or may not target them first. Luna can have permanent camo, though that will be without skill or pray that she kill enemies properly with S2. It is much easier for Luna to be placed aggressively compared to Firewatch, but Firewatch gives a much better reward if you can make it.
Another comparison is someone I made a joke about way earlier: April. Both are Camo Sniper that revolves around being capable of going deep in the enemy’s line and kill something (maybe). With both of their S2 up, they have similar stats: 1200 ATK and about 1 second attack interval. The advantage here isn’t any skill rotation or DPS or whatever, but that April has guaranteed 26 seconds Camo duration whereas Luna needs to get kills. This guaranteed duration allows her to spend time killing (or at least wounding) the stronger enemies unlike Luna who only have a third of that time. Also, April only needs that deployment slot when she’s ready, while Luna has to hog it the entire time. April has an easier time moving around the map. Luna’s only advantages are range, which are rarely seen and/or are not hard to work around, and more importantly her off-skill state for long duration fighting (like I said, something is better than nothing), for example against global range mechanics like Faust or Talulah.
But those are comparisons made while focusing on their innate mechanics of Invi/Camo. What about their designed role? Who else is designed to be stationed deep in the enemies line, having specific talent that will allow them to stay alive in the thick of things, to deal damage before anyone else? That’s right, it is time to talk about Kira…
Throughout this whole thing you might have noticed that I have been constantly saying that Luna is incapable of killing anything but trash mobs. That’s technically not true of course. But given the design of Luna’s kit, her most unique role is to stay undetected behind the enemy’s line to deal damage, and in order to do that she needs to kill an enemy every 7.9 seconds (btw I hope you understand why I keep saying 7.9 instead of 8).
Given this time restriction and the fact that she gets no extra ATK boost, the only thing she can kill within that time are basic mobs. Basic here actually covers a wide array of weak fodders: slugs, doggos, literal basic mobs, their archer version, and their caster version, with some occasional drones. So as much as I keep saying “limited” to trash mobs, it’s a bigger list than it seems. The downside here is that it’s trash mobs, there are plenty of ways of killing trash mobs that don’t involve even 6*.
If you are not using her unique talent, you are essentially using the worst Deadeye Sniper, if not just one of the worst 5* Snipers, with either of her skills (except for maybe Firewatch S1 against pure melee but she has an easy fix for that). No I’m not kidding. I’m not saying you are wrong to prefer using her. I’m just saying to expect accordingly.
So plop her deep in the enemy lines, time her skill correctly, and you can have a unit that filters out trash mobs before they reach your frontline. That’s her best and only value.


So uhh, how’s your 10 dupe Lunacub doing? Anyway, I really love the Deadeye branch in general, so I was kinda thrilled to see a new one announced 7 months ago on CN server. Too bad what we ended up getting is a ST Kirara but thankfully can actually survive and kill things. Still a great addition to my team though. Anyway thanks for reading I guess?

All other guides in this post here.
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2023.06.06 13:55 BigBuy3674 Newly acquired land and new to permaculture - looking for advice

Hello! I've recently purchased a house along with 15 acres of land. About 12 of those acres were leased for industrial farming by the previous owners. I'd like to return that land to a natural state. I have lots of questions as I'm new to this. If you're interested in helping a newbie, my questions are below and thank you.
First, a little about my property.

  1. I've read that I should probably plant a cover crop of something like clover for a season to restore nutrients to the soil. Is tilling the soil first recommended? Can I simply seed clover on the ground, or will I need to till or furrow the land first?
    1. Is one season enough, do you think?
  2. Would it be better to start small, learn, and continue to expand over the new fear years, or do all the work right away? By this I mean, maybe start by working to return one or two acres to a natural state, learning along the way, and then moving on to the next couple of acres in the next year?
  3. Are there resources available to get financial assistance for the purchase of seeds, or purchase/rental/borrowing of equipment?
    1. I'm coming from a tiny apartment. I don't have a tractor or tiller or broadcaster, or anything like that and I don't have a ton of money to purchase such equipment.
  4. Any other advice or recommendations you think would be handy.
  5. Many thanks!
  6. EDIT: to provide clarification of my goals, which I should have done in the first place (sorry).
    1. I don't intend to farm this land for crops (I have an about an acre of lawn that I plan on using for gardens). I'd like to return it to as much of a natural state as possible within my time and budget constraints. I'd like to introduce and encourage native plants (bushes, trees, grasses, even weeds if they would be a normal part of the land). After this vegetation has grown sufficiently, I'd like to create a walking trail that meanders the property.
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2023.06.06 12:22 TrakanHolst Alchemy Stars Ultimate Checklist

Hey, I’m Trakan from the BethelFrankel team and as part of the Second Anniversary update, I wanted to share my Ultimate Alchemy Stars Checklist! Originally made for myself, it is a product of my passion for the game and completing it as much as I can. It has multiple features, including:
* The playable characters list, with checkpoints for their current level and whether their affinity and equipment are maxed.
* Refinement progress
* Calculators for how many days of farming maxing characters will take
* General content stats like Old Seal and Main Story completed
* Team listings
* Cloud Garden Unique Trees and Fishes collection, with indicators on how to get special fishes
It also includes the latest 3 new upcoming characters: Mia, Schwartz, and Jakine.
How to use: You may use the tracker by making your own copy of the spreadsheet and filling lines which aren’t marked with a lock icon. To update the character lists (normal and refinement) without breaking the formulas, the formatting, or the filters that allow you to sort characters, you may simply copy the updated character list tabs to your spreadsheet, manually copy the new rows in the middle of existing rows, then sort at your convenience. To update your spreadsheet when I include new features, I made a script that will allow you to import your data from an old copy to a new one. The script’s presence will prompt Google Sheets to give you a warning about it, but you will only need to give it authorization to run if you actually use the Synchronize button. Rest assured that nothing malicious is in there! Then simply update the B1 cell of the Data Setup tab to the corresponding update date to remove the update presence message on the first tab.
Link to the Google Sheet
For any feedback and troubleshooting, feel free to message me in this post or on Discord (@trakan). Thanks and have a happy second anniversary!
Thanks to u/Eclogia for the huge help too!
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