How to stop taking metoprolol

How to stop smoking weed

2015.06.09 12:00 alexrohan How to stop smoking weed

How to stop smoking weed when you are addicted? Starting with weed is always an adventure to most of the addicts. but most of them do not know how to stop it and back to the normal life. We will discuss the topic how to stop smoking weed forever. quit smoking marijuana and best of luck.

2009.11.16 20:14 karmanaut Firewater: or how I learned to stop worrying and love distilling

Share techniques, equipment, still designs, recipes, materials sources, and anything related to beverage distillation.

2019.08.10 10:20 probably_edgier How to counter taking the bait of Beach Boy.

Counter anyone trying to catch you with Beach Boy!

2023.03.21 10:28 hotrodsticker The Versatility and Beauty of Rugs

Rugs and carpets are more than just floor coverings. They can be functional, stylish, and even works of art. From the plush and cozy texture of a shag rug to the intricate patterns of an Oriental carpet, there’s a rug to suit any space and style. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the world of rugs, exploring their history, different types, and how to choose the right rug for your home.
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2023.03.21 10:16 navyatirwadi Make Your Day Beautiful With Roorkee Escort Services

Make Your Day Beautiful With Roorkee Escort Services
There are escorts who specialize in massage, roleplaying, domination, and other areas. These escorts can accommodate any type of request. The Escort Service In Roorkee has a high standard and all of their escorts have a professional and discreet manner. They will make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable time.
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2023.03.21 10:14 charlsdan1 How to Fix Netgear Orbi Not Showing Attached Devices Issue?

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2023.03.21 10:12 fimaaflix “I crashed my number one goal for 2023” Late Alaafin’s estranged wife, Queen Ola jubilates as she becomes a certified Interior Designer

It is a joyous time for Queen Ola, the estranged wife of the late Alaafin of Oyo.
The mother of three has bagged a degree in Interior Design and can’t keep calm.
Queen Ola, who has been combining school, business and motherhood spoke out in how stressful it was juggling all.
However, she was able to pull through and is now a Certified Interior Designer.
She expressed excitement at crashing her number one goal for 2023.
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2023.03.21 10:11 hoangtotq MountainLending - How to get a loan in Utah - MONEY 24

MountainLending - How to get a loan in Utah - MONEY 24
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2023.03.21 10:10 gloryarenax Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (Full Program)

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2023.03.21 10:08 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (2022 New Version)

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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
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2023.03.21 09:09 transcend2000 I have Feelings for a close friend and would appreciate advice on how to proceed. (I’m 25M, gay, he’s 25M, bi)

Hey everyone! Please give me your honest advice and input on this situation.
Two or three years ago I (25M) met a handsome guy (25M) randomly at a neighbors party and pointed him out to my straight friends as a bi guy. They didn’t believe me, but later that evening we hooked up. He pulled back the following few days & weeks but we started hanging out a lot, we both made out with a female friend together and would occasionally do the same or slightly more in select situations that summer (often while drinking). Since then, we’ve become the closest of friends in all ways except physical or romantic. We’ll sleep in the same bed, spend afternoons golfing, days doing whatever with friends, but on my end there is a bubbling up of romantic attraction.
Since we’ve met, I lost a bit of weight (straight normal seems to be gay fat) and started to excel in my career and now have many options for guys— but I don’t feel like many of them fit as well as he does- at least in my perception. I bring it to Reddit (lol) because I think it’s hard to see one’s own situation neutrally.
My friend is very suave, handsome, charming, caring and so fun to be around but His downside is that he isn’t employed full time (for a few years despite having opportunity). I sense he has a bit of a confidence issue because of that. He prefers to hang out with friends at their home and can’t afford to travel (which I do a lot) but He takes care of his toddler nephew nearly full time— something that has made me see so much beauty in him because of how clearly he loves him.
I am solid enough in my own career & finances that that doesn’t really matter to me anyway at least in the short/mid term, although he is also studying and working towards getting a job in healthcare and is on a massive self-improvement kick.
Nevertheless he in the 2.5 years I’ve known him become truly one of the most genuinely kind people I know, and is very affectionate. We’re both talking about how it’s almost gardening season when we spend a lot of time in my yard working and are looking forward to it. We’ve been playing golf together at least once a week since snow was off the ground, and hang out every weekend with our friends.
In short, we have a very wholesome friendship but after multiple flare ups, I find myself once again hoping for more.
We’re both more on the masc side and in some ways have more of an uphill battle talking about our romantic feelings overall but this weekend he opened up to me about how he was in love with a man a few months ago and it got me thinking….
For other context I am the type of gay that no one’s necessarily knows if I’m gay or not- so I tell them, and he’s the type of bi only gay guys know and will go after women more frequently by chance. All the same, he tells me after parties that he’s not interested in this or that guy and is trying to be celibate and would only have sex with someone who he really has feelings for. He is so insistent I find it almost like he doesn’t want me to be jealous or concerned, but I’m not an impartial observer like you, the reader.
I’ve gotten myself into a confusing friends or friends and more situation and again deeply appreciate your time reading my full description and your advice on how to proceed.
It could be 50/50 with high stakes on either side of the odds. Let me know what you think and how you’d proceed.
Good luck on your own endeavors, thanks for helping me with mine 🥂
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2023.03.21 08:08 throwawayinfinit3 idk what to do

I just wanna pull my life together but I feel like it's impossible. I'm behind in my college courses and if I don't pass I'll be suspended for a year (after taking about a year off anyway unintentionally), I have about $1000 in credit card debt with only $450 to my name, and I can't seem to hold down a job without something happening that ends with me leaving or being let go (bosses lying about keeping me on, terrible working conditions, etc). I just feel hopeless and like my life is spiraling. Are there any solid steps in the right direction? I just feel lost. I've been working on school when I can, it's just so hard. It all is.
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2023.03.21 08:02 Leisure-Lawn How to Choose the Right Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Service Provider in Oklahoma

How to Choose the Right Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Service Provider in Oklahoma
Looking for the perfect lawn mowing and maintenance service provider in Oklahoma? With so many options available, it can be hard to know what to expect. Consider factors such as customer reviews, the quality of services offered, and whether or not the company offers additional services beyond routine mowing before you choose a reliable provider.
Consider Your Needs:
Before you choose a lawn mowing and maintenance service provider, it’s important to assess your needs. Are you looking for basic mowing services or something more advanced, like landscaping or hedge trimming? Knowing the services you want will help you narrow down your list of potential providers and ensure that your lawn gets the care it deserves.
Once you know the services you need, it’s time to research potential lawn mowing and maintenance service providers. Check out reviews on third-party websites to get an unbiased assessment of service quality. Also, make sure to visit the provider’s website to find out more about their services.
Check Their Reputation and Reviews:
When vetting potential providers of lawn mowing and maintenance services in Oklahoma, be sure to check their reputation. Customer reviews can go a long way toward helping you make an informed decision. Take the time to read reviews online to get an idea of the provider’s customer service level and overall performance. Additionally, see if they have any awards or certifications that back up their claims. These optimizations serve as signposts that should put your mind at ease when selecting a provider.
Compare Prices and Services Offered:
Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential service providers of lawn mowing and maintenance in Oklahoma, compare what they have to offer. Compare services and prices on each provider's website if you can, so that you can make an educated decision. Be sure to inquire about hidden fees as well; some providers may charge extra for certain services, such as fertilizing or edging. Ultimately, you want the best value for your money, so do your homework!
Make Sure They Are Licensed and Insured:
When it comes to choosing the right service provider for lawn mowing and maintenance in Oklahoma, you want to make sure they are licensed and insured. Ask potential providers if they have a license or certification to perform their services in your area. Also, make sure that the provider carries some level of general liability insurance coverage so that you won't be liable for any injury or damage caused by their employees on your property. This is an important consideration for both protecting yourself from liability and ensuring that the provider is trustworthy and professional.
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2023.03.21 07:49 rockthefloating Best Smart Home Products

Welcome to The Floating Rock the one stop shop for best smart home products & gifts online. We offer the widest selection of smart home products at the best prices with fast & free shipping.
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2023.03.21 07:38 galaxywebtechblog What Is The Role Of Search Engine Optimization Services In Growing Your business?

Since digital marketing, all types of businesses that want to use online advertising and marketing have the right opportunity. However, in this day and age, the role of digital marketing in SMEs is just as important and successful. It applies equally to established as well as small and emerging businesses.
However, new businesses and small and medium-sized businesses can now advertise online and generate leads.
The purpose of Search Engine Optimization Services is the benefit that stands out the most when analyzing how it works. It is the ability to communicate with a diverse range of customers without ever using call center centers.
Expanding Your Company In comparison to traditional advertising strategies, digital marketing generates significantly more leads.

Digital marketing is the least expensive type of marketing in terms of cost.

Small businesses with limited resources and capital discover a powerful and consistent advertising channel in digital marketing.
Companies are making significant financial savings, according to 60% of those polled in Gartner's Digital Marketing Spend Report. Using digital marketing and promotion strategies.
Expanding Your Company According to the findings, 35% of the companies polled will change their marketing budgets. They are using digital advertising instead of traditional sales promotion channels.
As shown in the Google graph below, digital marketers reduce cost-per-lead (CPL). and n in comparison to other marketing techniques.

The Role of Search Engine Optimization in Changes

Expanding Your Company Digital is important for branding and marketing because it has a competitive advantage over other forms of marketing. However, digital methods can be used in conjunction with a specific target audience.
When your clients work with your company, digital marketing ensures that they will commit to the company.
When yourSearch Engine Optimization Services strategy is based on how you handle this engagement, you will be using digital marketing at its most effective.
By truly assisting your clients, you will be able to identify their needs.
Growing your business will allow you to gain the necessary trust in your product offerings.
Because it works with precise targeting, sales serve as a learning aid in branding for digital marketing.
The most important factor to consider when determining which traffic is converting into users, customers, leads, and deals is how businesses define success.
If no sales occur, the role of online marketing is critical. If this happens, all of your efforts will be for naught, and your marketing efforts will be rendered ineffective.
A variety of CRO (Exchange Rate Optimization) methods can be used to increase exchange rates.

Digital Marketing's Importance in Digital Customer Targeting

In light of the rapid rise of smartphones and mobile marketing, it is the primary mode of interaction and the most advanced method of disseminating data and information.
Because smartphones have become such an integral part of our daily lives, more than 90% of Indians always keep them nearby.
It is critical at this time to be able to target customers with digital marketing and prepare for their faster augmentation and growth.

Believed To Be The Goal Of Digital Marketing

The ability of digital marketing to attract and engage customers is what makes it valuable. Whoever appears is likely to inquire about your photograph and who may be interested. enough to buy your goods.
Being able to meet your expectations will assist you in establishing a platform for growing your business. It will eventually encourage them to buy from you and return to your website.

Using Search Engine Optimization Services to Motivate Prospects to Take Action

The function of digital marketing is to use appeals to persuade customers to take the desired action.
Calls to Action (CTA) can be used to ememphasizephasise what visitors to your site should do right away.
Calls to Action can be used in a variety of innovative ways to ensure conversions.
Calls-to-Action inform website visitors of what they should do after visiting your page.
Growing Your Business They have the option to register, download, buy, or sign up.
To persuade prospects to take helpful activities, you might pick and apply specific efficiency advancements in digital marketing.
Forms, buttons, and instructions must be utilized to produce the best results. refined in keeping with the page’s layout, text, visuals, and color palette.
Read more information so contact Us.
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2023.03.21 07:34 thr0waway_1020 My dog saved me

I(14 M) almost committed suicide a couple months ago. I lost my black lab, Princess in late June of 2022. She had a form of cancer and thyroid eye disease which is very rare for dogs. She ended up living three extra years then she would have but came to a peaceful end. We used to take long naps during the day and took long walks around my neighborhood. She was my best friend. Not only did I lose a friend, I also had something to turn to when I wasn't mentally well. It was extremely hard for me and I was hurting bad. Then in August of last year, my grandfather who lived with me my whole life died of complications of pneumonia and COVID-19. He died shortly after being taken off of life support and I never got to say goodbye. My family on my dad's side was extremely impacted and did not take it well.
It didn't fully hit me emotionally until my family was burying him. After losing two important figures in my life, I fell into depression. I didn't really see a reason or will to live. I attempted to commit suicide 4 different times within a 2 month time frame. Each time I either was caught or backed out. I ended being put into therapy and I hated it.
In November of 2022 shortly after my 4th attempt, my parents suprised my brother and I with a 8 1/2 week old puppy. I was overjoyed. However I was still grieving over Princess and was hesitant to getting a new dog. She grew on me and I finally had a new dog to love and turn to. After getting her, I had a reason to wake up every morning and had a will to live. She kept me moving and living. We do the same things that I did with Princess while creating new things to do. I still miss Princess a lot and I know she is in a better place.
TLDR; After losing a dog and grandparent, I attempted suicide. Suprised with a dog who saved ne from actually committing.
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2023.03.21 05:46 Evening_Trick_3910 Procrastinated (on AP work, activities, etc)and having a lot of problems with motivation/distraction. I'm just exhausted and completely lost on what I need to do in order to succeed.

TLDR: How can I be the catalyst of my own self-betterment and limit procrastination?
I'm a junior in high school and I thought it would be a great idea to take APES and AP Psych self-study. I have one last week of march break left but I still need to cram both of the courses' contents in one month. I am beyond stressed but I find myself still procrastinating. I find one of my greatest distractors is social media apps like tiktok, instagram, etc, but even if I delete/limit them, I always find an alternative. I have autism (and I suspect ADHD as well), but I have no issue with absorbing material- It's just that I can't seem to start/stay consistent with my studies.
The issue of procrastination pertains to my responsibilities in clubs/extracurriculars as well. I actively ignore my tasks unless some one is actively hunting me down to get them done (or if my reputation is at stake). My motivation for joining those activities was either 1) out of inspiration/envy of others accomplishments and 2) university. I seldom find myself starting anything out of passion, and if I do, I end up just dropping it once the fixation of the day is over. Also, actually doing things isn't the issue, it's how I start/stop them.
Somewhat related, my anxiety has been getting worse. Everyday I wake up and there is this sinking feeling in my chest lasting throughout the day and, before my period every month, I get this feeling of extreme dread. It is so tiring to live with, especially paired with my somewhat secluded social and home life. I am afraid of most of my peers because I find it difficult to start conversations (although there are people I can connect with, but I don't really talk to them outside of school). My academics have not suffered, but my mental wellbeing has. I constantly compare myself to peers and their accomplishments I see online. I am envious, sometimes to the point of obsession, and I know I should be putting this energy into bettering myself and studying but I just don't. I consume self-betterment media and videos all the time but, other than in philosophical ways, I don't really apply their tactics.
I feel like I'm looking for a magical moment that will enlighten me on what I've missed and what I need to do in order to succeed (get good academics, connect more with peers, gain a better understanding of myself and needed improvements, etc), but I know it can't be something I wait for. How can I be the catalyst of my own self-betterment and limit procrastination?
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2023.03.21 05:33 martintelligences [Society & Culture, Politics] Openly Opinionated Episode 4 - The Intersection of Race and Class AI-Generated Discussions on Diverse Topics Exploring Race and Class Inequalities SFW [Link]

Hey fellow podcast lovers! I just stumbled upon an incredible episode of a podcast called "Openly Opinionated," and I had to share it with you all. 🎧
Episode: The Intersection of Race and Class
Description: This episode delves into the complex intersection of race and class, addressing the impact on individuals and communities, and exploring potential ways to address inequalities. What really impressed me was how the podcast eloquently articulated the glaring disparities that the world often refuses to confront head-on. The fact that this episode is generated by AI models with minimal human intervention makes it even more fascinating! It truly provides a fresh take on current events, social and political issues, and technology, while encouraging healthy and productive dialogue.
Listen here: Spotify
Everywhere Else
I highly recommend giving this episode a listen! If you do, please leave a vote and comment to support the creators and help spread the word about this amazing podcast. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. Happy listening! 🎙️
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2023.03.21 04:51 Aggressive-Food-1952 Student Discount

Hey there!
Does the student discount for MacBooks only apply to college-enrolled students?
I am currently a junior in high school and thinking about purchasing a MacBook either this summer or next (most likely this summer since I will be taking some college courses at a local university and would like a personal computer to work with). But would I apply for the discount?
I’m a little confused because I feel that once you start your first semester in college, you should have a computer quite a while prior to starting. So having to physically be enrolled in college seems to be an awkward requirement for the discount, rather than just a student in general.
Thank you!
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2023.03.21 02:49 TheRuinedMap Which Brompton best to convert to ebike? (USA)

I recently bought a Lectric XP 3.0 thinking that it would be small enough to tuck away on my boat, but while I fell in love with the convenience and ease of this bike, it's just not going to be a good fit in the space I have for storage after all. Just too awkward and too heavy to be constantly lifting up and storing on board. I'll bring that one back home and use it here.
The only bike that really gets small enough is the Brompton. It is also well built enough to take the elements better, I believe. Buying a used one and adding power over a brand new one will probably get me a few extras and save about $1k or more. I'm looking at importing a ARCC or nano kit to convert, but wondering what model is best. Brompton's ebike in the US uses the 6sp, but wondering if other configurations would work as well or better? I'm seeing a couple used on the market locally, but they are single speeds or 2 speeds.
This is going to be a basic errand running ebike. I'll rarely need more than 10 mile or so range.
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2023.03.21 02:18 Flagsession Flag Redesign Contest (Incorporate Wales into the Union Flag). Not political. This is a design contest.

We're back with a new flag redesign competition. This is your chance to redesign a new flag for the United Kingdom which involves all the members of the UK: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland.
How this works: As per usual we will go to the public vote for all the designs, but our eventual finalists will be scored out of 10 by a judging panel, which will include, us (Flagsession), Flags by , and the legend that is Dean Thomas from NAVA.
The breakdown will be a score out of 5 for design, and a score out of 5 for symbology, which we will each score separately, and the overall highest score will be the winner!
What are you playing for?
The winning design will be made into a 3 x 5ft premium quality flag by our amazing sponsor Mrflag and delivered to your doorstep! Thank you so much Mrflag for your continued support of our competitions!
Our runners up (2nd & 3rd) will be sent a mystery flag as a prize as well. So there's plenty to play for!
You have 4 weeks (16th April) to Submit your entries (with symbology) to our direct messages here on Flagsession or to our email address [email protected]
We can't wait to see what you come up with!
Good luck!!!
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2023.03.20 23:03 catbigbobby 19 f, Come Talk [Chat] or [Friendship]

Hey, 19f UK, super bored rn and am trying to talk to new people more often, I love art, reading, horror and folklore. I am down to talk about anything though (don't be weird, obviously). I'm not very good at writing these introductory passages so just take my word for it that I'm a decent conversationalist. Also looking for new music to listen to if you need a conversation starter.
In regards to music I like Xiu Xiu Lingua Ignota Goblin Burzum Death Grips and other experimental stuff, as well as most fame indie bands.
I'm also an avid player of the sims, an animal lover and a collector of strange objects. Excited to meet some cool people (age/gender do not matter to me, and I'm definitely not interested in dating so, don't get your hopes up. I'm sure there's other subs for that)
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2023.03.20 23:00 SirPereira GDPR or...?

Hi there!
It has been a long time since I have advertised with Google and I am going into it again.
From an European viewpoint, I need to abide by the GDPR, and from what I understood, any kind of cookie/analytical 3rd party that could personally identify a visitor (IPs matter), I should put them under a banner that only when explicitly accepted, I allow them to run at all.
I totally understand that but, as you probably know around here: - you lose the information of the biggest majority of your visitors - because they end up not accepting anything or just closing it (so you don't even have Analytics)
- you don't have information on tag manager to understand how are your ads really doing
So, am I missing something or advertisers totally in the dark at the moment?
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2023.03.20 21:29 GloriousGavin Changed Well Tank, Need Advice

Changed Well Tank, Need Advice
Hi everyone,

I'm a first time home owner, feel free to roast me. I have no experience other than looking at this subreddit and youtube videos. My water stopped working a few weeks ago and I had a plumber come out and he changed out my pressure switch and was able to get my water running, but he told me my pressure tank was shot and advised me to replace it as soon as possible before my well pump fails. He quoted me $1800, but I wanted to do it myself mainly because I would be able to justify buying the tools to do it, which I wanted.

I was able to change it this weekend, but ran into a few problems. The one that is bothering me the most is Home Depot had the wrong instruction manual uploaded for this tank, which said it would need a 10" long 1" Tee. Turns out, it needed a longer 1-1/4" Tee. I ended up buying a 1-1/4" x 1" Bushing so I can use the Tee I already purchased.

I thought that would be the end of the problem, but when I got to installing it, I realized the pressure switch is too close to the tank. None of the internals were touching it, but the big plastic cover that goes over it wont go on properly because it's too close. It's currently on there, but I can't screw it in. I was thinking of either getting a longer nipple and either bending it, or maybe making one with copper pipe and two 45 degree fittings to make an offset, but I'm not sure if that would be a good idea or not.

Another way I've been thinking about is that I read about someone who used 30" of 3/4" pipe with 1/4" reducers on both ends to reduce the chance of the nipple filling up with sediment and to make sure his switch doesn't get wet if it crawlspace floods. That could work here, because 30" would make the pressure switch sit above the tank. And then it wouldn't be a clearance issue.

Other than that, I had to temporarily use 2 sharkbites for where it connects to the well, and where it connects to the rest of the house. There is a threaded elbow where the water comes into the house. My plan was to just remove the threaded pipe, and put a Pex to threaded 1" fitting there. I couldn't get the pipe to come out, even with a torch. I cut the pipe way too short to comfortably solder (I tried and failed), so I just put a sharkbite on it for now and I'll try again later. If it leaks, it will leak into my sump pump. Also used another sharkbite to connect to the rest of the house, and honestly that was because I was maybe 10 hours in, lazy, and also it kept dripping water so I knew I wouldn't get a good solder joint there.

Everything is running again with no leaks, but I want to go back and make sure everything is done right. I'm hoping I don't have to swap out the tank tee, but I'm fully expecting everyone to say I need to switch that out and also did something disastrously wrong.

Also, I'm going to add a bypass over the sediment filter, but I'm going to do that after I add a filtration system.
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2023.03.20 21:15 jellybeanbellybuttom Best Muay Thai gym for beginners?

Hey y’all, I’m currently taking a beginners Muay Thai class in the city, however, it’s honestly hard for me to grasp the fundamentals at the speed they’re teaching at, especially when most of the class seem to have some experience. So wondering if anyone has had a great experience at gym that has Muay Thai classes for a no experience, beginner, ELI5 person. Honestly, ANYWHERE in NYC would suffice since I really want to get a good grasp of Muay Thai.
Not going to call out the gym because the instructors are actually great but the overall class structure is not the best for beginners.
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