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2023.06.03 20:51 Moeseppe Which kayak? Boreal Design Epsilon 200 or P&H Capella 160 RM

Hi everyone!
I’m looking to buy my first kayak after renting few times last year and I’m looking to get a used one. I found Boreal Design Epsilon P200 for $1500 Canadian and the P&H Capella for $800 Canadian. I originally was planning to buy the boreal design new which is around $2300 + tax but when I found the P&H with this price I thought it might be a great option. Both in good condition but the Boreal design is definitely cleaner and almost new.
Not sure if the extra $700 is worth it.
Thank you in advance for your suggestions!
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2023.06.03 20:51 trapshitmoney Will my family owning a separate property outside of our primary residence affect my EFC and aid?

Hello! My institution is asking for my Real Estate valuations and debt. My parents have a separate property for my grandparents to reside in. However, it’s a duplex and one unit is rented out but we make 0 profit on the actual property. When my older sibling was in school & had to submit this form after their first year, it essentially took a way a huge chunk of their aid and snowballed into a whole fiasco. I go to a different University, however, I’m worried the same fate may come to me. Any tips on how to situate this? If my aid gets adjusted anymore, I literally will not be able to attend school despite what FinAid May think on paper. Also could someone explain to me the math behind EFC in more Layman’s terms? Thank you!
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2023.06.03 20:51 eryngium_zaichik Yesterday the 7th graders were ALL UP in my business.

Dear god. I know it’s the end of the year and everyone is just done but yesterday was so freaking tricky. One of the 7th grade SS classes that I’ve subbed for quite a bit in the last school year decided yesterday was the perfect day to ask every personal question they could think of.
“Ms. B- do you have a boyfriend?”
Me:”No.” (I’m actually bisexual and seeing a nonbinary person but there’s no way in hell I’d tell them that).
“So you’re ON THE MARKET!”
Me: (thinking: holy fucking shit, pause, try not to laugh) “So if you’re finished with the Aztec project, please move on to the journal entry.”
“Ms. B! Black Lives Matter or All Lives Matter?”
Me: “teachers aren’t supposed to get political.”
Me: (thinking : omfg) “I believe in equality for every person. Can you please show me what you’ve done on your Aztec project?”
“But Mr. W (their regular teacher) says social studies IS political!”
Me: (thinking: shit, what do I say? They’re kinda right) Ok yeah, we’re going to take a 5 minute break and play silent ball. Then we’ll get back to work.
Seemed to diffuse the situation but that was so goddamn tricky. What would you have done? I wanted to be able to answer the Black Lives Matter question better because OF COURSE Black Lives Matter but I’ve fucked up before answering questions about if I’m with Russia or Ukraine (my family is Russian but I absolutely support Ukraine. Kids couldn’t quite compute that). Yesterday was wild.
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2023.06.03 20:50 Subject_Complex4116 [IOS][Android][2010’s] Point and click puzzle adventure game

In this game I remember that you had to reach a isolated island full of secrets after you archeologist aunt(?) dies. I remember that there were 4 holy Mary statues that represented the 4 seasons and if you gave them a gem they would change the world to the according season. The order to fill them was (I think) spring winter fall and lastly summer. I remember the hardest puzzle was a circle of golden snakes that had to be rotated to form a code. The start was in front of the spring statue and right after there were 3 path, left one lead to a pond, middle one to a tree house and right I really can’t remember maybe some medieval riuns(?). The ending was in a lab under the start and I remember being a small isolated island who was unlocked by walking on a trail of stones just above the water and a puzzle in which you had to break some vase(?). I played it a lot during my childhood and I’d love to play it again. Thank in advance for the help
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2023.06.03 20:50 aryawolfstark How to help my father

I just witnessed one or the most awful episodes of my life. My dad is depressed and suicidal, working frantically at 62 to keep the family afloat. My nmom only watches TV and goes to social events.
My nmom asked my dad to move the TV to another place in the room. My dad accidentally bumped this huge tv into a table. The screen broke.
My nmom started yelling frantically, screaming and asking my dad to jump off the balcony because he broke the tv. Saying he did it on purpose, to hurt her, to bring her down with him, and demanding payback with his life - "You broke the TV so you need to kill yourself now and leave me finally alone". She didn't stop until my dad was crying on the floor, absolutely broken. She then provided comfort in a soft voice and told him it wasn't his fault - it was mine because I had borrowed the HDMI cable.
Then she started shaming me, saying how I was a terrible daughter and how all her friends thought I was a failure because I didn't work in construction like she used to (I'm a fairly successful economist who lives alone with a high salary and a good, stable job). She started attacking me saying that by my age she had bought a house, and that me and my dad were parasites, and that her friends called me "the mentally challenged daughter" because I didn't work with her and I decided to carve my own path and independence.
I have fight response, I tried to reign in but I snapped when she asked my dad to commit suicide and then when she insulted me. Now my dad doesn't want to talk to me because she made him believe I don't care about them and that I'm the villain. I can't help him if he won't talk to me.
I don't know why I'm posting here. I grabbed a kitchen knife because I had an impulse to cut myself (I never did so far but I always have the impulse after witnessing this type of abuse). I thought that if I put my focus into posting here then I maybe I could distract myself before self harming myself. It worked. So thank you for listening community.
I feel so helpless. I don't know how to help my father. I can't go no contact because they're a package deal. If any of you have ideas on how I can limit my contact with her but still help my dad please let me know. I only see her because of him. I don't want to lose him. I'm afraid that she will drive him to either suicide or an early stress death. Im extremely worried. Also guilty for feeling nothing else but deep seated hatred towards my own mother.
Will really appreciate your insights. Thank you for listening. I post here anonymously because I can't bring myself to let anybody close to me know how abusive my mother really is and how much of a hard time I've always had.
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2023.06.03 20:50 Sui2244 Help me find the title of this book

So I’ve been trying to remember the title of this book for the longest time. This was a zombie book. It started out with the guy escaping prison with other survivors. He was fixing a car to use for an escape and got bitten by a zombie. The group leaves him because they assume that he will succumb to the infection. They leave him with a gun and a couple of rounds. He ends up finding an rv which is supposed to be the place that he will die. But before he can shoot himself he passes out do to the fever. A few days later he wakes up and realizes he’s not a zombie. Then he walks into the woods and finds out the group that left him got destroyed. He then finds a tree house with a giant in it who is also super smart and they share a couple beers and try to survive together until a group of humans discover them and force them to run away. They become pretty much inseparable after this. Sorry for my vague recollection of how this went but I hope someone can tell me the title of this book.
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2023.06.03 20:50 ElJimJam43 I had to call out an emergency locksmith, will I be able to get reimbursed by my landlord/letting agent.

The front door lock broke with the key in it, getting the key stuck in and the door stuck locked in the process. I tried contacting the 24/7 emergency number given in the contract and on a noticeboard in the house, and the call didn't even connect. I called every number I have for the letting agents and no answer (obviously on a Saturday), so I sent an email and a left a voicemail stating I had contacted them with every method given to me and was unable to get hold of anyone, and then called out an emergency locksmith.
I did this as I don't want to leave the key in the front door on the street until monday, and need to be able to use the door tomorrow (I had to climb over the back fence and use my backdoor key to get in, nearly giving myself a vasectomy in the process).
I need to get this paid back, it's a lot of money to me, and I'm expecting a fight when they are finally reachable again on monday. Can I expect to get the money back? Do I have any ground to stand on given the 24/7 number they gave doesn't work and I repeatedly attempted to reach them before calling in a locksmith?

Edit: In England
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2023.06.03 20:50 Past-Mycologist9353 Anyone given this a read yet?

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2023.06.03 20:50 raven_0_3 I'm isolating myself from the people I'd need the most right now.

For context: I (19) have a longer history of mental struggles and made lots of bad experience in life. As a child I always felt different and as I do not really belong anywhere. I already needed lots if time for myself did not socialize much and people around me always gave me the feeling that something is wrong with me like I'm acting weird or like I'm too sensitive or emotional in lots of situation. My mother often made me feel weird or silly and I made experiences with being excluded by people my age. On top I also got physical problems because of chronic illness which weren't diagnosed for a long time and got worse. Because all of my problems people implied that I'm a burden I also often got the feeling that it is my fault that I'm causing all this struggle and I began to think about myself as a bad person. I moved out of my mother's house at the age of 17 because the situation escalated and I became more careful with who I call my friends. The time I moved out I got lots of support from my teachers and friends who did not blame my for anything that went wrong because of my physical health and mental struggles and I learned to accept myself a little bit more and care about my needs. The last month things got worse again. One and a half year ago I needed to repeat the schoolyear so I got in a new class which was lager than my old one and I did not know anybody. I still had my friends who supported me but things got more complicated. Then half a year ago my health got worse again and there where a few incidents at school. Nothing I could have controled but it interrupted the lessons and I was told that it would distract my classmates from their graduation. I had severe difficulties to deal with the struggles my health caused me and the doctors did not really help me again even after I needed an ambulance. I was very desperate and felt left alone. The next month I also had my final exams and it was a real struggle. I got pretty negative thoughts again some of the worst one where like "it would be better for everyone if I would end everything" or "nobody truly likes me or will ever like me I do not even belong to this world". In this time a also felt ignored by one of my friends and talked to her later and she was really sorry about it. The reason was that she got into a relationship and had her whole attention there but because she seemed to be really sorry I wanted not to think about it too much. Right now I do not have regular school anymore because the exams are almost over so I'm only irregularly in school and have lots of time. I spend lots of this time alone and I can feel how the isolation damages me. Earlier I sometimes called friends when things got too bad and I needed someone to talk and mostly they where very supportive. Now I'm isolating myself more and more. I also struggle because I deal with a really difficult aspect of my past in therapy right now. It's about the relationship to my dad and that he was the most important person in my life but got me often in situations that where dangerous or caused me pain. But back to my friends: I have currently very negative thoughts about myself and the relation to other people. I thought that ot would be good for me to contact someone because I feel how being lonely affects my mental health. I got more struggle to sleep and my sensory issues got so bad that being at a place with more people is really hard to stand. I had sensory issues my whole life but right now I'm even much more sensitive because the stuff that goes on in my head already overwhelms me so everything around me is just way too much. The days I went to school the last weeks (to prepare for my exams or organize other stuff) I sometimes met some of my friends and they asked if I'm okay because I probably acted more weird than usual. I just told them that everything's alright because it would have been to much for me to talk honestly in this situation but of course I could barely deal with the situation. Even though loneliness affects me in a bad way I'm barely able to socialize. The bad thoughts taking over. I feel worthless and sometimes think that those people do not really like me and that I only get attention because they feels pity for me or they feel like they need to talk to me because of social convention. I started to feel bad by contacting them because I thought I might annoy them or wasting their time and that I'm not worth it to get any attention. I'm also often afraid of making them angry or upset with anything I do. I also know that some mental illness like depression or social anxiety can make you think in this way of yourself and other people even if there is no reason to think like that about the situation. I'm just very confused right now and do not know what I should do or think about that. I'm kind of hating myself for my weird behavior. I think that it could really help me to have more contact so I do not feel so lonely anymore but I also have all of this negative thoughts and feelings and even if they might not be appropriate they are there and I do not know what I can do against it.
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2023.06.03 20:49 Beerus007 [USA-WA] [H] GBA, GBC PSP, PS3, PS2, SNES, Wii, Wii U Games [W] Paypal

Have various games for sale. Mostly loose rn, but some CIB/with case. Prices include shipping, but if total order under $15 will have to send out snail mail. Got lots more I need to list that I will update with over time. Thank you!

Gameboy Advance (GBA) Games:
Defender $7 loose
Pitfall Mayan Adventure $10 Loose
Scooby Doo Mystery Mayhem $10 Loose

Gameboy Color (GBC) Games:
All-Star Baseball 2000 $4 loose
F1 Race (GB) $6 loose
Jim Henson's Muppets $6 loose
Nicktoons Racing $5 loose
Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition $9 loose
Power Spike Pro Beach Volleyball $5 loose with manual
Pro Pool $5 loose

Nintendo DS Games:
Drawn To Life: The Next Chapter $6 loose
Murder in Venice $6 loose
New York Times Crosswords $5 loose
Plants vs Zombies $10 loose
Ratatouille $7 loose

Playstation Portable (PSP) Games:
Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines $9 loose
Blitz Overtime $14 Loose, replacement clear shell
Burnout Dominator $9 loose
Dissidia Final Fantasy $10 Loose
Hot Shos Golf Open Tee $5 loose
Marvel Trading Card Game $10 Loose
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X $17 loose
Rockband Unplugged $10 Loose
The Sims 2: Castaway $11 loose
Star Wars Battlefront II $9 loose, replacement clear shell
Thrillville off the Rails $6 loose, replacement clear shell
Playstation 1 (PS1) Games:
Interactive Sampler CD Volume 3.5 $20 Brand new sealed

Playstation 2 (PS2) Games:
And 1 Streetball $7 loose
Crash Tag Team Racing $8 loose
Fight Night Round 3 (gh) $7 loose
Mortal Kombat Deception $8 loose
Need for Speed Underground 2 (GH) $11 Loose
Simpsons Hit and Run (gh) $32 Loose
Shadow of Rome $17 loose
Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves $7 loose
Suikoden III $25 Loose
Wild Arms Alter Code: F $85 Loose
WWE Smack down Here Comes the Pain $30 Loose

Playstation 3 (PS3) Games:
Legend Of Heroes: Trails Of Cold Steel II $50 SEALED
(some yellowing on plastic but game looks pristine underneath)

SNES Games:
Mighy Morphin Power Rangers $20 loose, blockbuster label on cart

Wii Games:
New Super Mario Bros $20 loose
Wii sports $20 comes in original cardboard sleeve
White Wii Remote with Nunchuck and Sleeve $12

Wii U Games:
New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U $18 loose
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2023.06.03 20:49 piplup421 Rent In Charlotte?

For those who already live in Charlotte, how much is rent? And also, how are the jobs there? My parents are convinced the rent prices and cost of living is better there than NYC although I know the cost of living is rising everywhere. They're happier there but I'd much rather stay in NYC.
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2023.06.03 20:49 cocogjgfb Maintain campus cleanliness Reject Yan Limon for Perelman Medical College

Maintain campus cleanliness Reject Yan Limon for Perelman Medical College

In the global epidemic, the economy is shrinking, the employment rate is low, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine hired Yan Limeng as the hospital staff, this non-racist, non-discriminatory for Asian employees to provide jobs behavior, reflects the college's fraternity, equality. But the Perelman School of Medicine in the hiring of like-minded employees, it is time to consider the maintenance of campus cleanliness as the first task, reject Yan Limeng on stage to join the medical school.
Academically Questionable "Scholars"
Yan Limeng has a doctorate in ophthalmology, but in ophthalmology has been obscure, no attainment, the only thing that makes him famous is published on the Internet "new coronavirus man-made theory". Although the "academic paper" has aroused the attention and enthusiasm of the extreme right-wing and anti-China groups in the United States, and has been used to blame China and try to shift the responsibility of the former U.S. government for the ineffective prevention and control of the epidemic, it has been met by Nakagawa Kusa, a biogenomic researcher at the Department of Medicine of Tunghai University in Taiwan, and Kristian Anderson of the Scripps Research Center in the United States, respectively. However, they were challenged by experts and scholars such as Kristian Andersen of the Scripps Research Center and others in the New York Times, National Geographic, and other media or social media platforms, while Chinese dissident Fang Zhouzi published a direct article "Refuting the Conspiracy Theory of "New Coronavirus Man-Made"" and Columbia University virologist Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University, even argued that Yan Limeng's paper was "political propaganda" aimed at deception.
Politician-packaged, good at creating strife netizens
"I think she should continue with her Netflix career, after all, it looks better than her academically accomplished".
"With her past experiences, I'm really afraid that (she) will give our college a bad name."
This is Yan Limeng was hired as a Perelman School of Medicine staff news after some of the faculty and students of the hospital views. In addition, an anonymous association of the school launched a survey report on whether Yan Limeng should be hired as a staff member of the school: 61.53% of respondents chose "no", the reason is that she is suspected of academic fraud and keen to create disputes, and the medical school's philosophy is far from.
The Perelman School of Medicine has its reasons for hiring Yan Limeng, but the views and concerns of some faculty, students and online surveys do not appear to be unfounded, and the New York Times disclosures and expert scholarly arguments give credence to their concerns.
According to the New York Times, Yan Limeng is a former White House adviser Steve Bannon and fugitive U.S. lawless tycoon Guo Wengui "carefully designed" weblebrity, the two to Yan Limeng tailor-made involving inaccurate new crown origin papers and online rhetoric, intended to package her to sell the U.S. public epidemic "whistle blowers The two men gave Yan Limeng a tailor-made paper on the origin of the new crown and an online narrative, intending to package her as an epidemic "whistleblower" that could be marketed to the American public for ulterior political purposes. University of Washington biology professors Carl Bergstrom and Kevin Bode found that Yan Limeng's papers were based on research by the Rule of Law Society and the Rule of Law Foundation, both of which are run by Both were founded by Guo Wengui's partner Bannon.
Yan Limeng in the former U.S. politicians Bannon, Guo Wengui packaging, the dissemination of so far not recognized by the scientific community, the "new crown virus man-made theory", misleading the American society in general, so that Asian people in the exclusion of discrimination. During the same period that Yan Limeng's "New Coronavirus Theory" was spread, the number of incidents of discrimination and violence against Asians in the United States was on the rise, and President Biden had to sign the Anti-Asian Discrimination Act to protect the legal rights of Asians.
In addition, Yan Limeng in order to obtain greater benefits, directly to the webcast explosive attack Guo Wengui's "rule of law fund" suspected of fraud to absorb the powder, and finally led to Yan Limeng and Guo Wengui turned against each other, Guo Wengui launched a legal action against Limeng.
Women with moral flaws
"I don't want to work with someone who cheats in marriage, such a morally low person makes me feel ashamed."
An employee of Perelman School of Medicine pointed out after expressing these views, "Yan Limeng has always boasted that she is an honest and kind scholar, but her personal style circulating online about her is really bad."
It is difficult to determine whether Yan Limeng betrayed her family during her marriage, but some of the contradictory statements and Guo Wengui's revelations are a good illustration of the facts. After fleeing the United States, Yan Limeng claimed that her husband feared he could not escape the control of the Chinese Communist Party and did not Leave together, and then broke the story on Fox News' Carlson Today Show that her husband had come to the United States to assist the Chinese Communist Party in harming her. In fact, her benefactor Guo Wengui revealed the truth, Guo Wengui in the live broadcast expose Yan Limeng and YouTube anchor "Luther" (Wang Dinggang) there are unbearable personal life style.
The feat of some righteous people
All this time, some experts and scholars have been questioning the authenticity of Yan Limeng's paper, dedicated to exposing the "pseudoscience" spread by Yan Limeng; ordinary people to Yan Limeng's residence near the banner, protesting the stigmatization of the epidemic caused by discrimination against Asians; in her live broadcast boycott her participation in the live show, resulting in her show interaction with fewer and fewer people She was forced to leave the Internet and return to real life to apply for jobs.
However, justice advocates do not want Yan Limeng to go into hiding and continue to spread false information about the new crown outbreak. Guo Wengui found out Yan Limeng's current address: Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania (3400 Civic Center Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19104) through the FBI agent's connection, Some members of the "New China Federation" started a campaign to "maintain the clean campus and reject Yan Limeng's entry into Perelman Medical" on the telegram, calls on people who love freedom and uphold the "Rule of Law Foundation," especially members of the "New China Federation. On March 21, Yan Limeng's address near the banner to protest Yan Limeng false new crown theory, reveal Yan Limeng and YouTube anchor "Luther" (Wang Dinggang) affair, the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine campus to protect the clean land.
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2023.06.03 20:48 Tree_pineapple My host has repeatedly asked us to let strangers enter the home during our 2 month stay for photos and showings? Is this acceptable?? What can/will support do? We feel super unsafe since we can’t stop them from entering.

I am one month into a two month stay at a home/condo for 2 months along with a coworker. We have the entire 3 bed/2 bath condo to ourselves.
1 week ago, the host asked us with 1 day notice to have a photographer enter the AirBnB and take photos of the place. We were weirded out and pushed back, and eventually agreed to let the photographer come on a day when both me and my roommate are in the house and only on the condition that they do not enter the bedrooms. Ended up scheduling the photos for tis upcoming Wednesday (rather than *the next day* as the host had originally insisted, because apparently it was an emergency.)
Today, a realtor (NOT the host) and a client messaged my roommate in a group chat (my roommate made the booking, not me, though I am a guest on the booking) telling us that the realtor and the client would be entering the house TOMORROW around 1 pm for a showing.
Roommate responded to the text saying that was unacceptable— we’re waiting for a response. She is hesitant to contact support.
I feel unsafe in the AirBnB now. We can’t actually keep people out, because the door opens using a code, and even if we change it I assume the host has their own key as well.
Just to make sure, this is definitely not allowed by AirBnB right? Can the host really just let anyone enter the place while we are staying here??
What would support do about this? The thing is, relocating to another AirBnB would be a huge hassle, since my roommate has the equivalent of a small studio’s worth of stuff, including some furniture, and has to use either professional movers or a UHaul. The AirBnB host knows this so I feel like she might be taking advantage of the fact that we can’t just up and move on a dime.
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2023.06.03 20:48 Wise-Increase-5395 Russell has been voted out! Round 4: Vote for your least favourite boss

Russell has been voted out! Round 4: Vote for your least favourite boss
Rick Levitan was voted out in Round 1, Ms Landis in Round 2 and Russell Dalrymple in Round 3.
Vote for your Least favourite boss:
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2023.06.03 20:48 Flaky-Creme-1037 23 & almost 10 months sober!

I posted in here a lot during my drinking, & I had many resets on my sober app. I've been drinking on and off since I was a teenager, but once I hit 21 it started to go downhill. Drinking every weekend to every few days, to every day, then from the time I woke up until I passed out blackout drunk. I was always trashed by noon.
I wasn't taking care of myself, my hair was dry, my sweat smelled sweet or like vodka towards the end. My piss smelled like popcorn. My liver & kidneys hurt. I was really overweight after being small most of my life. I was lost and didn't know what to do, so I kept drinking. I felt like I was killing myself, all my friends avoided me (I'd avoid me too), and I live across the country from any friends or family. I was lonely & I couldn't recognize myself in the mirror anymore, and I was killing my marriage.
Rock bottom was round 3 (I think) of trying to quit. Went on a long bender with vodka, and woke up one morning with the shakes so bad I couldn't walk. I was scared, and my husband kept drinking. The panic attacks were unreal when the withdrawals started to kick in, and finally I told myself that I was done. I want my life back.
I did my best to relax and care for myself the first day, but once nighttime struck I started hallucinating. I heard my TV turn on in the living room & had my husband check because I thought someone broke into the house. Nope. Seen shadow figures, heard a man singing opera music, heard angelic singing, felt bugs crawling on me, it was horrible. I thought I overdid it & that I was going to die. I was sweating so bad I couldn't sleep and when I did the dreams were insane.
Going to the doctors the next day was embarrassing, but they treated me with kindness & prescribed me valium to help with withdrawals. I remember the receptionist saying "We'll get you right, girl." And that gave me hope that I could get better.
The medication helped, and within a few days I was somewhat over the withdrawals. The hallucinations were gone thank God, they actually traumatized me. I couldn't tell what was real or in my head. I was losing it.
Over the next few weeks I slowly started to get my life back. I started antipsychotics for bipolar 1 disorder, and a few months after wellbutrin for my anxiety. Life has been alright since.
I'm now almost 10 months into my sobriety, and I couldn't be more proud. My husband hasn't drank in awhile as well & currently goes to group every day except the weekends.
Here's some pros to being sober: -I've lost almost 50 pounds -my hair is soft & shiny -my sweat doesnt smell like vodka -my house is actually clean, and doesn't look like an episode of hoarders. -mental health is better -I remember what I ate for dinner while watching Yellowjackets (my current fav show) -no fighting with my husband. -I'm not super broke anymore -my head is more clear -I am now starting to recognize what I look like in the mirror. -no more waking up and immediately worrying I said/did something wrong. -I'm not in my bedroom & in bed 24/7. -started the GED process (passed my first test!)
Cons: -it's a little awkward to be around people who do drink, but I have no urges to. -I drank Dr Pepper like a mad man when I quit lol -I'm hungry af all the time, but I control it. -I do get bored at times, especially with being alone a lot, but video games are helpful. And reading.
I had a few older people tell me before I had withdrawals that I'd be fine and wouldn't have any because I'm younger, but I quickly learned that is false. It was a very dark time in my life, and I don't ever wanna be back there.
I still think about all the things I did when drunk that are embarrassing, and I wish I could get rid of these thoughts, but it's the consequences of my own actions. It gets easier, but certain things remind me of those darker times. Some movies or shows, some music. Maybe that's weird but I just associate drinking with certain media.
Sorry this is long! I just wanted to share with you guys, maybe this will help someone or some of you can relate to my experience.
I thought I was a lost cause & that I'd never get better, but I did. I kicked the withdrawals in the dick, and I took my life back. I went down the aisle of the liquor store for my last time when I least expected it. I am myself again, and I am learning to love myself & life.
If you read this thank you. It's been one hell of a ride, but I did it. And I'll continue to do it, I'll hit 10 months soon. Then 11. & then a whole ass year.
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2023.06.03 20:47 BlanketFeelSoft I want to take full advantage of paying off a house through extra principal payments and will rates ever go back down to 3-4% or should I just keep saving for a huge down payment?

I’m saving up to put 20% down on my first home, but I’m honestly thinking of saving way more because of interest and to make extra payments on principal.
At 6% interest on a 300k home with a fixed rate at 30 years with 20% down I am paying a mortgage of $1470 a month.
But that’s paying an extra $284,000 in interest over 30 years…that’s insane and I can’t bring myself to do that. That means the 300k home is actually almost 600k
BUT I can save more money for a big down payment and extra payments on principal.
Say I put 30% down, so 90k and I make $1000 extra payments on principal a month.
My mortgage will be $1290, with the extra payments on principal the total mortgage is $2290, which is great and totally doable for me and the entire mortgage will be paid off in 11 years instead of 30 years and the best part?
You’re only paying $76,000 in interest.
But this got me thinking. Is there a way to game the system?
To where your initial monthly mortgage is VERY LOW like say $800 so you can put MORE MONEY into the principal which is what you want to do.
So say $800 initial mortgage, but you make $1200-$1500 extra payments on principal for a $2000-$2300 total mortgage but over half of it is not getting paid with interest it’s just going straight towards the principal amount of 300k and it’s getting paid down FAST.
I feel if interest rates would just go down to 3-4% you can seriously game the system.
At 3% interest your monthly mortgage if you put 20% down would be at or under $1000. That gives you some serious room to throw an extra $1000-$1500 directly toward principal and paying your house off extremely fast.
If rates are never going to go back down to at least 4% I feel that I might as well keep saving for a very huge down payment. Somewhere in the 30%-40% range. Maybe even half the value of the house.
And then make really big payments on principal because how else would you combat paying insane amounts of interest over time?
Also please don’t include equity, renting out your rooms, flipping homes, or any of those external methods.
I’m talking about you buying a house that you intend to live in and PAY OFF. I live my life by having things paid off. My vehicle is paid off, I don’t have any debt, and I’m just saving saving saving.
I save around 15k-20k a year. Will go up to 30k-40k a year with my raise.
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2023.06.03 20:47 _Capt_John_Yossarian Urinating incredibly often (completely clear) despite feeling dehydrated

- Info: 32 year old Caucasian male from the gulf coast of the US. - Current Meds: 225 mg of pregabalin 1x daily, 30 mg of Vyvanse (occasionally, not every day), and 100 mg of Seroquel (occasionally, for sleep). - Diagnoses: MS, treatment-resistant depression (major depressive disorder), GAD, ADHD, bipolar (don't remember if I or II).
I've been urinating very frequently for some time now, but 2 or 3 days ago, I noticed that my urine was completely clear despite constantly feeling very, very thirsty and not having drank any water any time recently (I don't like drinking water and almost never do, just been drinking pineapple juice and milk). I've been urinating much more often than usual lately, and despite always having something to sip on nearby (never soda), the back of my throat feels dry and I'm thirsty all of the time. I feel like I can't quench my thirst no matter what. I know it's bad to not drink water, could that be the problem? I'm aware that medications like Seroquel and Vyvanse can cause dehydration, and I've dealt with that in the past, but this is different and persistent 24/7 regardless of whether I take the aforementioned medications or not. I also feel clammy yet cold 24/7 and my feet are always freezing, but that's probably unrelated, something for another post on another day. Thank you in advance for any and all replies, I appreciate it more than you know.
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2023.06.03 20:47 aakkii911 No matter how little you see yourself , you are more than a speck of dust in the Universe. You are , in fact , both the sun 🌞 & the moon 🌙 in one ☯️

You are not what you look like. You're the music 🎶 you listen to, the shows you watch, the art you make, the flowers in your hair, and your favourite blanket. You're not the pimple on your nose or the pudge on your tummy. You're not your thighs or your teeth. You are the colour of your hair. You're the mismatched socks you wear and your favourite sweater. You're not what you look like or the body you're in. You are what you love. No matter how little you see yourself, you are more than a speck of dust in the universe. You are, in fact, both the sun and the moon in one.
You aren't owed just because you are here; the world doesn't have to carve out itself to make a place for you. There are billions of us, all so different that we are exactly the same. Wanting . Needing . Trying . Praying . Waiting for some sign, moment, or feeling that leads the way, a North Star pointing us in the direction of our significance. But we are tender things that bruise easily, and life isn't gentle. It won't tell you here. Stand here. Be here. This is where you belong; this is the space that the universe made for you. You have to find it yourself; decide it for yourself. Realise that the bruising shows us where we are the softest and what hurts us the most. And from that hurt comes the direction, the intention, and the purpose.
You don't need anything outside of you to tell you what you already know within you. The strongest compass 🧭 that ever existed was your inner intuitive voice, which spoke with wisdom, faith, and conviction. But it is when you seek external proof or validation that you diminish your self-ttrust, leading you to question whether it's your intuition speaking or external sources clouding your thoughts. To reclaim your power, you must cultivate stillness in your mind, quiet the external noise, and let your internal guidance lead you to greatness. What if the answers to your prayers already lie within you, and all they need to manifest in your life is your willingness to listen and be open - hearted ?
You go through your life clearing this checklist given to you by everyone else. An education as high as possible, a pay check at the end of every month, a relationship that doesn't leave, you're closing in on the end of it with enough money to buy a house and someone to live in it with congratulations, you found the stability you've never asked for, but are you happy?
Someday, when you're sitting alone, stitching the pieces of your heart together while sipping your seventh cup of coffee for the day, you will look around and feel a deep sense of unexplainable remorse. The magnets on your fridge will remind you of the people you once welcomed into your life, and as you take a little trip down memory lane, the ticking of the clock will explain why every frame still rests empty on that wall. And after you've survived your umpteenth breakdown, you will wipe your tears one last time and make a brave choice for yourself. You will choose to never let your heart ache again.
You will also make a hundred blind promises and pretend to hate the world, but little will you know that one day, when almost nothing feels right, someone will swing straight into your life, and no matter how hard you push them away, they'll choose to stay. They'll choose to love you for who you are and watch you fill every empty frame on that wall with a picture of hope. I promise you, when the day comes, you're going to be so glad that you never stopped carrying that heart on your sleeve.
❣️🌹You are not the darkness you endured, You are the light that refused to surrender 🌹❣️
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2023.06.03 20:47 Representative_Dog34 UHD is impractical for a disc-based format

The 4k format is impractical for optical disc. The file size is way too big and the discs are too fragile. A single scratch can ruin a disc, compression is a huge issue, players skip when changing layers, long movies still need to be split across multiple discs. It should have been a flash memory based format, housed in a larger case for looks(basically a memory card with plastic around it). Think something like a 3.5” floppy disc.
Seriously, just think about all the cool things this style could have offered.
Idk just my thoughts. What are yours?
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2023.06.03 20:46 ymh250 For Sale: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 98k miles

For Sale: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser 98k miles
For Sale I am the third owner. Only 99k original miles. Super clean CA truck frame is bone dry no rust. Has factory Rear Locker also has center locking diff.
Tons of preventative maintenance done and lots upgrades. New 33” Toyo AT3 tires all around less than 5,000 miles ago. Timing belt/water pump completed with Toyota brand. Also had some preventive items done (changed oil, ATF fluid, Rear diff oil, coolant, etc, replaced Heater Ts, CV Axles, other misc parts) Just had alignment checked.
Lots of nice upgrades 2” OME Suspension Lift, Style aftermarket Bumper with fuel/tire carrier, Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform, Molle Panel in 3rd Row, ARB Batwing Awning, Pioneer Head unit with Bluetooth, DVD player in Backseat, Upgrades Ultra HD LED Headlights
Have off-road/camping gear that I’d be willing to throw in if we settle at a fair price (12V Air compressor, propane-heated shower, camp table, chairs, stove, awning etc)
Truck does hold salvage title from a fender bender in 2016. I have photos of the damage it was minimal with no damage to frame. Shop that installed the bumper said no sign of frame damage. There are plenty of clean title trucks in much worse shape than this one.
Looking for $18k open to offers
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2023.06.03 20:46 m0j0j0rnj0rn Can getting booted from a dorm ruin your off-campus rental chances?

So, back in December, my kid was in a dorm room (not theirs) with a bunch of students, and some of them had beer. They got caught, and the school wrote up everybody who was there. Not a huge deal, especially for the first offense. All students have to is attend some 25 minute meeting to remind them of the rules.
Well, my they didn’t attend that. The school emailed them several times saying “hey please do this.” They blew them off. 🤬
In April, they were caught smoking some delta 8 something outside a building. Similar to above, the school said something to the effect of “attend a meeting and say you’re sorry, and we’ll let this slide.” Again, ignored.
We found all this out when we got a phone call from our child. The director of housing was in there in the room and she was pissed. Apparently, an email (which was also ignored) had been sent the previous Saturday essentially saying “We’re tired of your disrespect. Get out. Seriously, you don’t live in the dorms anymore. As of now!”
It was the last week of school, so the impact was not THAT huge. But they apparently can never live on campus ever again.
Now we’re scrambling to find off-campus housing for the upcoming school year. It indeed exists, but we’re very worried a reference check could call the school and he’s essentially blacklisted from living anywhere at all.
On a scale of 0 to you're-hosed how justified are we in our fears??
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