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BH Review

2023.05.27 11:11 CasualAtEverything BH Review

DISCLAIMER: Please take this with a grain of salt since I’m on minimal sleep from grinding bounty hunter since release and just wanted to send this into the Reddit universe before I go into a deep slumber.
As an avid fan of BH in all iterations of its release in RS2 and OSRS, I’ve been looking forward to this update quite a bit. I play entirely on a max main, so keep that in mind as well, below are a few thoughts on the system as it stands.
That’s pretty much it from me for now, I’m sure everyone has different opinions and I’d love to read them. Lots to improve on, but I still like it and think Jagex did a good job giving rewards that don’t encourage gold farming.
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2023.05.26 05:16 prettyfuzzy My early farm/herb rush grind

Just want to tell about this wild early game grind.
Herblore seems fucked I'm doing everything I can to get ahead of it. I'm grinding 25x4 tithe farm for 82 farming so I can do hard contracts ASAP. I even updated the tithe farm strategies wiki with info I could only find in YT videos.
Anyway, Kronos seed, such a great anima seed for contracts/hr and herbs/hr. Great. I have 2. I can kill Hespori in 3.5 mins without prayer pots and a half inv of potatoes with cheese, without base 70 combat stats and only rune armour, that's my flex atm.
Anyway so now I want a decent way to check my patches so I can visit them early. Whatever fuckin lunar spell costs 3 soul runes to check every patch? Nah. I'm low mage level, and it'd be too expensive anyways.
Check patches with nature amulet. Sounds amazing! Depending if I'm up on seeds or not, I can use it to watch my current contract patch (for seeds) or watch an herb patch (for herbs).
Accidentally make a Defense Amulet. Wtf? Oh I need magic roots for this thing.
Plant a magic seed. I got from 76-79 farm yesterday, I can definitely plant magic trees.
Fuckin shit. My wc level is only 70. Yes i can pay the farmer to clear the magic tree, but I won't get the magic root for the nature ammy.
I spent like 2 hrs in denial believing cutting willows for wc would be good enough to grind 70-75 wc. It's not. I'm banking these logs and it's like 30k xp/hr. I tell myself, "It's great! I can chop willows in Draynor and run up to check if my herbs are ahead! I can chop willows south of Ardy to check if my bush contract is ahead! It's great!" No it's not fucking great you dumbass. It'll take like 12 hours to get to 75 wc. Fuck that.
Boost wc? Bruh the axeman's folly or whatever takes like 1-1.5 days to brew. Not to mention I have to grow the hops first too. I'm trying to rush this shit. It'll still take hours to get to 73/74 wc anyways.
So now I'm bout to learn Sulliuceps so I can get the wc level to get the magic root to get the nature ammy to finish the Tithe grind to get ahead of the herblore grind. Once I finish all that, Maybe I can start actually playing this game. Jk I don't take these 30 hour nested grinds for granted, this shit is amazing, I just hope I can bear the pvm grinds later.
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2023.05.26 04:17 Kingnchess The Chompy Bird Revelation - Why I'm Fuming and Why We Need More

I need to vent, I seriously need to let off some steam about my new favorite part of the game, Chompy Birds. Yeah, you heard me right. CHOMPY. BIRD. HUNTING. AND IT’S AMAZING.
I've been an avid player of OSRS for quite some time now, but only recently have I discovered the pure, unadulterated joy that is Chompy Bird hunting. Why only now, you ask? Well, that's why I am making this post. For too long, the OSRS community has brushed off Chompy Bird hunting as some kind of annoying activity and treated it like some kind of punishment sanctioned by jagex for our diaries. Every time I talked about it I was met with people flaming them and telling me to avoid them unless I was doing a diary. "Focus on bossing," they said. "Killing chompies won't get you anywhere," “void gear sucks now,” they said. Well, guess what, they were wrong. Dead wrong.
I've been hunting these plump birds for a few weeks now, and let me tell you, it's not just fun - it's insanely profitable. I'm making a steady 500k an hour just by hunting and selling these magnificent creatures. Yes, you read that right, 500K AN HOUR. And I'm not even good at it. Why the hell do people not do this on new accounts? Why was I never recommended this? It makes more money than blue dragons and it is hella fun.
So why the misinformation? Why does everyone shit on them so much, they are fucking amazing. I honestly don't know, and frankly, I'm pissed off. This community is supposed to be about sharing knowledge and helping each other out. But instead, you have my new favorite money maker getting roasted by maxed mains who discover this part of the game after already having a max cape and just trying to finish the grind. Of course they have a bad reputation, but you should give them a shot, they are really good.
But now that I've discovered the truth about Chompy Bird hunting, I have a suggestion. Let's take this thing to the next level. I propose we add a new, more challenging and more rewarding Chompy Bird - a Mega Chompy, if you will - in the Wilderness, similar philosophy to black chins.
It would be High-risk, high-reward hunting challenge that not only tests your skills but also gives you the chance to earn something truly unique. Imagine hunting this Mega Chompy while avoiding PKers, adding an element of thrill and danger to the hunt. And what's the reward, you ask? How about a unique drop that gives a defense boost in the Wilderness Slayer Cave and Revenant Caves? Think something similar to the wilderness weapons.
This item would make these areas more desirable for players, fostering more engagement in the community and making the Wilderness a more dynamic and exciting place to be. It's about time for some new wilderness content and I think adding a Mega Chompy to the Wilderness is the perfect way to do it.
So, let's not brush off this idea as we did with Chompy Bird hunting for so many years. Let's embrace change and make OSRS an even better game. Join me in calling for the addition of the Mega Chompy, and let's revolutionize the way we hunt in OSRS.
I rest my case. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. #MegaChompyForOSRS TLDR: Chompy birds are underrated and fuck people for telling me to avoid them. I am making 500k an hour on them and loving every second of it. We need to add a wilderness chompy that is even more rewarding.
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2023.05.26 00:47 ZaMr0 Highest levels worth getting if not maxing?

I've been thinking what are the optimal levels to get if you're not planning on maxing, here's my personal list but I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions or things I might've missed. Most use stew boosts where possible but a few are level'd slightly higher to allow for a more convenient pie boost.
Skill Level Reason
Attack 99 PvM
Strength 99 PvM
Defence 99 PvM
Ranged 99 PvM
Prayer 85 Desert Elite
Magic 99 PvM
Runecrafting 86 Karamja Elite (Stew Boost)
Construction 87 Max PoH
Hitpoints 99 PvM
Agility 85 Ardy Elite (Pie Boost)
Herblore 85 Varrock Elite (Stew Boost)
Thieving 91 Desert Elite
Crafting 83 Master Step (Pie Boost)
Fletching 90 Desert Elite (Stew Boost)
Slayer 95 PvM
Hunter 80 Herbi Pet Grind
Mining 82 ToA Puzzle (Dragon Pickaxe Boost)
Smithing 86 Lumbridge Elite (Stew Boost)
Fishing 91 Morytania Elite (Pie Boost)
Cooking 89 Varrock Elite (Chef's Delight (m))
Firemaking 90 Abyssal Lantern Redwood Logs
Woodcutting 85 Kourend Elite (Stew Boost)
Farming 94 Max Spirit Tree (Stew Boost)
This allows you to partake in all endgame PVM, get the achievement diary cape, quest cape and music cape, complete all clue steps and unlock major QoL improvements.
Only thing I'm not sure of if CoX or CG benefits from some levels being higher, but that or any other suggestions welcome.
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2023.05.25 04:17 LSOreli Unpopular Opinion: Ironman isn't fun because the skilling is "Challenging"

Disclaimer: people are free to play the game for the reasons and in the way they most enjoy, this is just the way I personally see the mode.
I see it time and time again, "I'm burnt out on the main game so I started an iron and it is just so engaging!" But why is it engaging? What makes ironman mode click for so many people? I believe it is the fundamental idea that you must engage with so much of the game in order to get anywhere and, that everything is useful in some way. Let's take something innocuous like a gargoyle task, in the main game, gargoyles are a decent task because they're afk, but they're definitely skippable, the xp/hr isn't great, the gp/hr is just average, easily beaten by any number of other methods. But in ironman? the relatively common 15 steel bar drop is a bunch of free cannonballs and/or smithing xp. A main account may not even bother picking those up, why? because they can get GP from other places and just buy cannonballs when they need them. There is no incentive to worry about materials for their own sake, its all about converting drops to gp/hr. So much of the game becomes viable when you stop playing gpscape.
Want a set of barrows tank legs? Well you better go do barrows, you can't just spend a couple hundred K and grab them the second you hit 70 defense.
Want a glory? Better get that crafting level up (mostly useless skill in main, hugely important in ironman) and make one or grind the clues for a chance.
Want antifires to make DS2 manageable? Better grind that herblore (another mostly useless skill for main accounts).
These are the things that make ironman engaging, the need to actually go and get the things you want instead of camping ToA for max gp/hr and buying the things you want from Venezuelans.
The thing I don't think is good about ironman mode is how obnoxious a lot of the skilling grinds are. So many people seem to latch on to the idea that for ironman mode to be fun that all skilling must be as cancer as possible. "We can't give ironmen herb boxes because then they may not want to kill themselves going for divine combats!" There is nothing fun about having to mine like 100k buckets of sand for crafting. Every time that something new is suggested for osrs, it always has to bounce off the question, "will this make things easier for ironmen?"
Now I, personally, do not care at all about high scores, I don't care about where other players are relative to my progression. If someone gets to 80 agility in half the time it took me because a better method came out, I am all for that. It would not in any way ruin my enjoyment of the game if I received double the herbs and double the secondaries from all sources. Now, of course, there is a limit, but skills shouldn't artificially be way harder to level just because they were designed with trading in mind. People who want to make skilling horrible can always go with UIM if they want a "challenge" (seriously grinding for way longer isn't more challenging its just more time consuming.)
We don't need to hold ironman back just to make sure that certain skills/grinds retain their status as horrible.
TL; DR: Ironman mode is fun because you have to obtain your own gear and because all skills are useful, not because skilling is way more annoying.
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2023.05.22 17:11 Feuer-Crush [Suggestion] New pool tier at POH

So we all know the pools at POH are incredibly useful, and the renewal benefits scale up with construction levels:
What I'd like to suggest is a last tier to the pool (maybe at an unboostable 99 cons?) that along with the previous bonuses, also offers a boost to all combat stats (like a combined super combat + ranging + magic) + stamina dose + increased hp (brew/anglerfish like). Basically like a blessing to your character, which could be a QoL in saving bag slots for different activities as well as having to prep potionwise in every single thing you have to do in the game.
I don't think it would be an overkill: for some activities you'd still prefer having divine potions over the pool boost, and even for irons, you'd still need 90 herblore for the super combats to fill the pool. It would be just a great reward for achieving 99 cons.
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2023.05.21 23:37 Goosebo Starting to feel intimidated/ overwhelmed

I got back into OSRS after many years and after a couple of weeks decided to create an Ironman. I have been enjoying the different play style. I’m currently sitting at 1,250 total and at the point of doing farm runs, tree runs, birdhouse runs and soon seaweed spore(?) runs. I don’t like how all these runs constantly tie me into the game. I feel like I should be trying to keep this runs very consistent but I don’t like the idea of logging in throughout my day to do them or feeling like I should be. I also don’t like the thought of being too busy to do them. Then there’s also my kingdom I’m trying to keep running and tears of guthix each week. But I know how important being consistent with these things is for Ironmen. But it makes it difficult to switch off from the game.
Right now I have a fair amount of free time but that will change when my wife is back and work gets busier. I guess it’s just starting to feel a bit overwhelming. I’ve always found OSRS hard to balance with life - I have an addictive personality and it’s usually “on” or “off” for me. I find it difficult to only play an hour or less a day and I hate wanting to play but not being able to. At the moment I play in most of my free time but as I said I won’t have the flexibility to play whenever I want soon.
I want to play optimally but trying to be so efficient starts to take the fun out of it I guess… but then I need to be optimal if I want to reach more end game content which is the stuff I really enjoy. Does herblore get easier?
Am I making any sense? Any advice? Maybe I’m just burning out a bit from playing too much recently. Ramble over…
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2023.05.21 08:47 Thynxy Solo Chambers Coaching Inquiry

I have a few trios kc. I was wondering if there was a discord or a member of the community willing to to teach me the timings of mage and melee timing when running the head.
I'm looking for someone who will be patient to coach me how to solo, since I am quite new at this method. Prepping is surely fine, but I wanna get to a point where I don't have to suicide. I understand that suiciding is rather important when first starting out, but I do want to get the timing down.
I do have 90 herblore if that helps. I am an English speaker. Any nationality is welcome, as long as we can communicate! :)
OSRS in-game name: Flynxy
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2023.05.20 16:04 Other-Apricot6532 GIM on Rs3

I've just made the switch from OSRS to Rs3 about a week ago and I'm loving it. New skills, new methods to train existing skills and most importantly for me is the vast amount of bosses, something osrs lacks in comparison. This also made me think, what does osrs have that rs3 doesn't have? The answer would be GIM. Yes, I've seen all the different things that make ironman easy on here and like a 'group ironman', but in reality, it feels far from it. You can just boss with each other from what I've seen, that's about it.
The main advantages on gim I see are things like duplicate items. Let's say you're doing KK with a friend and your ironman friend gets a dupe that you needed. It's not a dupe anymore because it can be given to your partner!
Some untradeables could become tradeable throughout the group e.g. araxxor pieces or items with perks on them, assuming the player has the levels to make it if they wanted to. Stuff like fire capes would remain untradeable or zuk capes.
The main thing is, it'll be fun! OSRS gim blew up, everything was active, streamers were popping off with thousands of viewers, starting areas were packed bringing back nostalgia and finally competitive hiscores! Even from a business perspective, it's really good as more accounts = more $.
Finally, I would like to assume it wouldn't be as big of a project as OSRS. The game seems more advanced and hopefully, the engine wouldn't limit it and make development last 2 years like OSRS, if it ever were to happen.
Tldr; gim would be huge for rs3 and boost player count/activity tremendously which means more $ for Jagex and rs3 streamers as more viewers, whilst also being nostalgic for older players seeing places like cows packed and everyone questing/skilling together early on.
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2023.05.20 09:00 Vaskov Some advice on accounts

Hello. I haven't played properly in a long time and was looking for a bit of advice regarding accounts as I don't have a massive amount of spare time so don't want to "waste" time with the wrong account.
I have 3 accounts and wondered which people would think is best to main now.
The first account I have a 20 year old account with some untradable rares on like scythe etc but it has pretty low stats mostly 40s, combat stats are 60-70 which would need more work on.
The second account was a high level attack account with 1 def and 1 strength originally intended for low level pvp but I'm not sure if RS3 has much pvp now?
The third account has 90 combat stats, 99 prayer, 99 herblore, generally higher skill stats than the first.
Is it worth leveling the first account with the rares or just stick with the 3rd one unless RS3 does have PvP or is there any benefit to starting again and not jumping in an account with banks full of crap with no idea what's going on? My thoughts were to play RS3 over OSRS as I don't have a huge amount of spare time.
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2023.05.20 04:40 BigApple2247 Road to lambo speedrun!

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2023.05.19 06:02 DropWatcher Drop Watch: May 19th, 2023





Songs in bold came out at midnight
* means not on Apple Music or Spotify
Sorted by Spotify Monthly Listeners

Old Drop Watches

Full Calendar

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2023.05.18 18:41 DropWatcher May 19th, 2023





Songs in bold came out at midnight
* means not on Apple Music or Spotify
Sorted by Spotify Monthly Listeners

Old Drop Watches

Full Calendar

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2023.05.17 22:32 TurtleBearAU What is P2W?

Good morning.
Wanted to start a discussion around what exactly ‘P2W’ is. The term has been warped and twisted so much that it has become an all encompassing blanket thrown over almost every MMO.
I think we need some more terms to cover the difference between MMO’s.
WoW is P2W because you can buy level boosts and mount. FF14 is P2W because you can buy story skip. BDO is P2W because you can buy pets, weight, inventory or costumes to sell (costume argument is stupid because it isn’t realistic for 99.9% of the player base). OSRS is P2W because it has members. ESO is P2W because it has a premium pack.
So what really is P2W? When comparing BDO to WoW or Lost Ark to FF14 there are clear differences but the community still throws the word onto everything.
Maybe it’s time for the rise of P4C (pay for convenience)
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2023.05.14 21:53 Grimghul Returning Ironman considers de-ironing to enjoy the game again

So, long story ahead, TL;DR at the end
I have two RS3 accounts. My journey started with a main account a few years ago. I was living alone at the time so I could afford the time to play a lot. I played my main for a while, then started to learn about Ironman mode. Found some cool streamers that were all about that Ironman life and I said "ok fine, I'm resetting, making an Ironman to be cool like you guys". I mostly solo games and like crafting the stuff myself anyway, so it seemed like it would fit me perfectly.
So there I was, "only" about 5-600 hours into my main and I went on and made an Ironman. I had a ton of fun on it, but also grinded like mad. My Ironman account is now a little short of 3000 hours and way more advanced than my main (runemetrics links at the end)
Now, unlike a lot of people I did the opposite and left the game during the pandemic instead of passing time by playing it. The Priff and then the Herblore grind burned me out, I just had to stop. I just came back after almost 2 years and plan on playing again, but my life doesn't let me play for 6+ hours a day every day anymore. I also plan on getting to a point where I can just pay for my bonds with game money without all the hassle (some bossing, some afk slayer, stuff like that).
That being said, I am not really close to making money on my Ironman trough the usual Ironman means. The money I made were drops that I got that I obviously couldn't sell, but I could kinda sustain my bonds for a bit with them. The way I did that was bond my main with cash (as it isn't advanced enough to buy bonds trough GP). Then I would drop-trade gear to it, and sell that. Then buy bonds, make them trade-able and send them over to my Ironman. A hassle obviously, even for such a grindy game. And it also meant I kinda had to pay for game time for my main anyway since that was never bonded when I needed it to be anyway. All that culminated with yesterday when I drop-traded a bond's worth of gear on a F2P world like an idiot. I just don't wanna do that stuff anymore.
I realize this is sunk cost speaking, but I am considering de-ironing. My Ironman is way more progressed. I have ancients, I have Priff, I have a ton of stuff done, both quest and skills. I have full Subjugation, full Bandos, Dragonrider lance (after 70 hours of Vindy, that alone drained me and wouldn't do it again) got Sunspear and all that jazz, Invention, some ports, some Anachronia, some PoF. I am 2 levels away from full Masterwork with a banner boost (with mats at the ready too). It's just like way better than my main.
But even so, I feel I'm too far away from actually making bond money on it with Ironman methods. I'm honestly not considering another subscription in my life, I have like 10+ already and a family that wants me around. Now, I kinda feel like getting my main to a point where I can grind bosses for gear to make bond money that way, and also progressing to where my Ironman is now...I honestly will never get there, I just don't have the time anymore.
I've played a lot and I'm still not really endgame, I honestly just want to have fun. And grinding another account for 2500 hours ain't it. Right now I am one step away from de-ironing. I would play the game "as an Ironman" anyway, I don't plan on buying gear off the GE, I plan on continuing with planting my own stuff, cutting my own logs, doing my own everything. But having a no-frills way of sustaining a bond is very tempting right now. I can only imagine how getting like a blood dye and not being able to turn it into bonds would feel like.
TL;DR Ironman account is 2500 hours worth of progress ahead of main. Want to make GP for bond comfortably without sinking too many hours and basically just have a more fun grind. Do I just de-iron?
These are the accounts for comparison:
Ironman: https://apps.runescape.com/runemetrics/app/overview/playeGrimtusk
Main: https://apps.runescape.com/runemetrics/app/overview/playeGrim%20Ghoul
Thanks for reading this monster of a post, and for any answers I may receive. Sorry if it seems like a lot of rambling. This took way less than my Ironman did tho, I really wanna know what others think before I do the unthinkable. Mostly just looking for people that may have been in my situation or people that wanna jump at me with some advice while I grind some Smithing on both accounts :D
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2023.05.14 10:32 oceansandsky100 Coming from rs3 the potions in this game seem kinda underwhelming ? Is Herblore that important to train still?

Don’t get me wrong I prefer this game 100 % I’m just not seeing the massive point of training Herblore ? I can boost maybe 3 or 4 skills like fishing and Hunter , but the combat boosts don’t seem huge ? Ironman btw
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2023.05.12 17:08 dark1859 revamping castle wars

a minor update preserving the original CW while adding a new mode with enticing xp and rewards.


the general idea of this update is the following
  1. make the general base game CW experience more rewarding as an alternate way to train combat
  2. make CW less painful as a whole to grind with a better ticket system
  3. provide an alternate PvE mode for those who dislike pvp, with the understanding the pve mode will be less rewarding per game than the pvp version.
  4. lessen the impact of thaler on CW with exclusive CW rewards

base reworks

pretty simple just a number of things to make the experience smoother and deal with longstanding issues

Siege mode

Siege would be the new mode. In lore due to the recent zamorakian civil war lanthus as decided to expand his operation to prepare warriors for potential sieges in the coming years ahead.
Sieges will use NPC elemental constructs, players have one castle one team of up to 40 players with scaling npc waves based on it.
the basics
as a pve focused mode, all participants will be on one team. Games tolerate a capacity of 40 players total, and have an 18 minuet timer. you need at least 4 players to start.
The way the game works is pretty similar to pest control; players will be randomly assigned to either the saradomin or zamorak castle, and need to either defend for 8 total waves (about 2m a wave give or take) or break through the enemy castle and destroy the golem core at the top.
Players will find that they have a golem core on the ground floor in the supply room, if this is broken into and destroyed by golems they lose. The underground tunnels are inaccessible in siege until round 6.
the core can be repaired with golem cores dropped from golems, or fed to the anima cannon.
Death also carries a slightly higher price in Siege but you may also carry as many bandages as you have space for. Upon death you'll be transported to the spawn room but may not leave for 15 seconds.
the roof will have a large anima cannon that may be activated to skip a wave ONCE per game and requires roughly a wave and a half's worth of cores to fully charge. it kills all active golems on the map.
victory grants 2 golden tickets and 4 silver tickets plus a bonus ticket based on if you made it all 8 waves or 2 if you destroyed the core. If you lose you'll get up to 7 silver tickets based on wave progress (i.e. if you fail wave 1 you get 1, 2 you get 2 etc)

Setup phase
encompassing the first two minuets of a match players may vote to skip setup via a big red button located at the gates, catapult, and start room.
setup phase allows you to set up barricades, you may have up to 60 set up at any given time, as well as preload the catapult for up to 6 rocks and set up ballistae which will be returned to the user upon running out of ammo or at the end of the match or if destroyed, which will act like turrets dealing high damage till they run out of ammo. Ballistae slow down enemies and target barricade breaker type enemies first.
Barricades unlike in normal Cw gain greatly increased HP (up to 10k per barricade) if placed in rows next to eachother
during setup you can explore the map and scout out the random placements of enemy barricade lines, these barricades have very high hp and can be destroyed but cannot be attacked during setup. You may set up more barricades at any time as long as the limit isn't hit and there is a small delay while waves cross the field and bridges to get to your castle (about 30 seconds) so you can set up more or repair doors/ballistae without (hopefully) being assaulted.
setup ends when 2m pass, at which point the only way in and out of the keep will be ropes automatically tied to the battlements and the gates will seal. lastly barricades CAN be climbed over though you may occasionally fail but will stop failing all together at 15 agility and climb over faster at 45 and instantly (no animation) at 60.

Enemy types
Golems are split into 5 types, Stalkers, Hunters, Breakers, Menders and Berserkers. With Enraged spawning and guardian under a unique condition.
Stalkers are designed to deal with players, they deal no barricade damage or core damage, but greatly increased damage to ballistae and players. They are capable of teleporting to players within a set radius but are less likely to do so than hunters
they would have the prefix "hardened" for melee, "spined" for ranged, and "burning" for magic
they would at highest wave deal around 5k damage on average and have around 10k hp, every 3 hits they will deal a massive blow that will be nullified partially by skin prayers/drain curses and fully nullified by deflect curses
Hunters are stalkers hopped up on divine energy, only a handful will ever spawn per wave and they do not count towards the normal enemy wave number. they only ever target one person and share ripper demons infamous attack and will despawn after their target player is dead. Their job is to target players dealing high amounts of damage or whoever first breeches the enemy castle
Breakers deal almost no damage to players if distracted but heavy damage to gates and barricades, they can only deal 100 damage at wave 8 to players but can nearly oneshot barricades in the final waves sporting up to 100k hp each on the last wave. stuns will always work on them and they move very slowly
usually 1-8 will spawn per wave at most.
Menders act akin to spinners from PC, they heal all enemies around them in large bursts making them a top prority. They have laughably low health even at wave 8 rarely exceeding 7k hp making them downable even by low levels.
you will usually see 3-4 of them per wave
Berserkers are the standard enemy unit, they can damage both players and barricades and will attack whichever they get closest to. They deal average damage and have above average health (say 20k at wave 8 for hp and 7k damage max) but attack everything.
they make up the bulk of enemies during a wave
Enraged only spawn if time runs out in a match, they instantly destroy barricades and ballistae and will very quickly kill the core but completely ignore enemies. Enraged golems only spawn one per game if they spawn, and suffer double the length of stun durations. killing it will end the game BUT only award half the tickets if you had finished all waves or destroyed the core.
Guardians only spawn once you breach the other fortress, they behave similarly to berserkers but have higher health and cant be run through. they do not despawn during wave transitions and do not leave the castle, but do not respawn either
Waves work pretty simply, starting off they rarely number more than 20 total enemy units. but will eventually expand to 75 by wave 8.
waves do not end on a timer so you cannot outlast the enemy, but you can end a wave prematurely by either killing all enemy targets, or making enough progress through enemy barricade lines, or naturally, by destroying the enemy core
teamsize is taken into account for enemy spawns and for a full 40 player team the cap is 200 enemies per wave
Destroying the enemy core
so you want to speed up the game, explosive potions are not an options and barricades will grow in hp totals the farther you go.
the barricades would start half way at the bridge towers, encompassing the other side in 8 rows with randomized bulges. you cannot destroy the barricades on the stepping stone shortcut but once you breach the center may from behind. Barricades take 3x damage from behind and follow the same rules as yours with a much higher hp cap (100k max). However as a result the small bulges in the line have drastically less but still increased hp as you progress.
After breaking down the door (about 20k hp) you'll need to fight past guardians and destroy the core, hunters will spawn more frequently once you're inside to target invaders. the core has a static 100k hp and cannot be healed with equal vulnerability to all styles.
attacking the core drastically increases the chance to spawn a hunter but the core itself cannot retaliate.

reworked rewards

Ofc, no one is going to play the mode unless it's worthwhile to play reward wise
Xp lamp vouchers & reward lamps
while you can purchase further xp lamps with your tickets you are guaranteed a lamp voucher every single game.
these vouchers stack, and will grant an xp lamp in any combat related skill (combat skills, summoning, herblore, prayer) and scale up to level 120 xp rate wise.
traditional reward lamps can be purchased for 1 silver ticket each or bundles of 4 for a gold ticket. These lamps scale like the voucher lamps, but can be used on any skill
reworked armoweapons
item/item set rework other information why
Decorative swords now has a special attack, a quick jab that ignores armor, resistances, and prayer for (X TBDT) of weapon damage strength of the effect is based on tier. decorative swords scale to t70 based on type. if used in an eof with verac's armor and flail the damage is greatly increased. makes them more than a shiny stick
basic decorative Decorative now shares a special effect with the strength scaling to level that reduces damage based on total armor rating making it the first tank hybrid set, base decorative provides a 1.25% reduction per part scaling up to 5% per part (caps at 30% total) for profound. Basic decorative armor also increases food healing slightly if you've unlocked the expensive spices. now granted a set of boots and gloves upon buying all main armor parts (helm legs torso). All CW armors can be upgraded up to t90 by feeding it an equivalent part of armor. augmentation becomes available after feeding a t80 set. mostly aesthetic. makes a great set of armor for irons and early players as you can keep upgrading it as you acquire better gear. makes early combat a little easier by making food heal slightly more.
detailed decorative set shares the special damage reduction effect. detailed armor's set effect increases the duration of stat boost effects by 3%, stacks with berserker for a total of 18% same as above same as above. makes skilling a bit easier and making it extremely valuable for pre overload players being able to get much longer out of their warmasters and supers for early bossing.
intricate decorative set shares the special damage reduction effect. inherently counted as a "magic" set for animate dead. defense abilities like resonance will only trigger on an ability dealing 5000 damage or more and will stay active for a total of 15 seconds, even if you take your shield/defender off. same as above valuable to advanced players who are less comfortable going all out on dps. this set
profound decorative shares the special damage reduction effect. special attacks cost 5% less adreniline to cast and are 5% more accurate than a normal ability inherently augmentable. same as above. Extremely valuable to advanced players as it lets you get more special attacks off faster (Which is big for melee and mage especially) but its staggering cost may deter widespread use
Faithful shield buying this shield will allow you to use it on any spirit shield to give it a staggering 8 prayer bonus and allow it to lower typeless damage's hits with its passive effect. using its new niche does not consume the shield, but you can only bless one shield an hour. Naturally any imbued spirit shields are rendered untradeable and this process is irreversible. something of great value to endgame players.
team hoods/capes automatically unlocked as a cosmetic override, team hoods can now cover your existing helmets so you just have your helm's face peaking out from the red/blue hood. this is purely cosmetic if dismantled or turned to dust you'll automatically receive your hood back cosmetic
Halos halos can now be added to any helmet where they will proudly sit overhead... for no effects n/a cosmetic, fashionscape is true endgame
CW accomplishment/veteran capes will now match the stats and effects of your highest unlocked cape. each cape now has an associated emote triggered by the skill cape emote. i,e if you have a skillcape a skill cape, a tokhaar-kal it will match the kal of your style etc. lets you show off a bit and makes them a viable all in one cape.
new rewards
item use why
decorative crossbow/wand same effect as the decorative sword but ranged/magic flavored EOF fodder at worst, matching the decorative weapons otherwise
Decorative ranged styled armor and decorative magic styled robes same effects as the normal ones, automatically unlocked upon completing a full set cosmetic differences, they're all still hybrid just different styles
Castle wars staff a t85 weapon that can be upgraded with the staff of sliske to t92. this staff can store rune casts but hits very slowly. it retains the SoS special attack and upgrades it so the clone mimics your abilities for 25-50% damage. alternatively using the imp wand and core with it will greatly enhance the staff's prowess (damage) with ancient spells (15-20% depending on spell) new path to engame gear
Hand Ballista a t85 weapon that can be upgraded to t92 with a SGB. Fires ballistae bolts from CW which can be tipped with enchanted bolt tips for their effects, this ammo is inherently t92. Fires extremely slow but hits stupid hard, retains the SGB's special attack. alternatively using blightbound cbows with it will give it inherent poison damage as well as boost the effects of enchanted ballista ammo by 5%. new path to endgame gear
Twinblade a unique blade that has two upgrade paths which will alter its special effect. This weapon can use both dual wield and 2h abilities inherently but feeding a ZGS will give you its special attack, except you always have the buff while the blackhole is up. Feeding it t92 khopeshes will give it cyclone, a spinning attack that deals increasing damage the longer the target stays in the damage area over 5 seconds and you can move with the damage (all be it at walk speed). unlike its other two cw weapons it is quite fast for a 2h weapon but at a cost it wont do particularly great damage with 2h or 1h abilities till it is fed one or the other to specalize it. new path to endgame gear
minigame armor revitalization kit allows minigame hybrid armor to be used outside of minigames, one kit per armor part. allows for augmentation of the armor but also boosts its weakness style's effect on it good gear, more incentive to play other minigames save for the pits which is dead anyways, and would make it good high risk armor, potentially take a lot of damage but no need for extra inventory space at bosses like nex beyond weapons
minigame hybrid torso purchase buys vanguard, BM or trickster torso pits are dead, cw is at least *somewhat* active
hybrid booster guarantees a minigame hybrid armor part within 50-100 games (depending on location) the current system really sucks for CW and SW, this is just bad luck mittigation
brawler, runic accuracy and sharpshooter auras your basic combat auras, the higher tier versions can also be purchased as well for increasing ticket fees (say 10 gold for base and a multiple of 5 every tier up to t3? with t4 costing 150 ea) gives the auras a new source guaranteeing a steady flow of alts and new players
potion enhancers for a silver ticket each will boost a potions boost/effect by 1% three doses per enhancer could be especially useful for extreme invention giving you over 120 in boost or even further beyond.
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2023.05.11 06:11 PM_ME_UR_HAIRYGOOCH A problem I have as a returning player (hadn't played since 2012) is the over-abundance of passive effects, items, gear, etc

I think a big problem in this game is the use of 'meta' passive effects or items, etc.
What I mean by that is that in 2012 or OSRS, you want to train a skill? You just go do it. There are the occasional bonus XP sets but that is it.
Now I feel that when you want to train a skill in RS, there's a bunch of intertwining content that you need to do to maximize XP potential. This isn't inherently an issue, but it is a bit overwhelming when you find out that to do x skill, you gotta go do y (like unlock relics, do memories of guthix, etc etc). This is a similar issue I have with Invention.
If the passive effects, XP boosting gear, etc were more obvious on what to unlock or where to get them I think it would be better. Currently I have been playing about a month and I'm finding out about things that have daily caps, and had I started doing them a month ago I would be far better off right now.
One thing that Jagex has done right, is that when you do a Slayer task it says "Hey if you do Smoking Kills you would get more points". If they apply this QoL to other skills it would be great but I understand it's a difficult task.
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2023.05.11 05:12 wercooler Is there a game like runescape but less AFK?

I came back to runescape about a year ago. I really enjoy it. However, there's one thing I really dislike, it turns into a super afk game in the later levels. So I wondered if anyone could help me find anything similar.
Here's some of the things I like about runescape:
  1. There are a ton of non combat skills. They all offer fun gameplay. And at least some of them are super unique.
  2. All the skills feed into each other. In woodcutting you chop logs, in fletching you turn the logs into arrows, and then you can use the arrows in ranged combat. In farming you grow herbs, in herblore you use the herbs to make potions, and then you can use the potions to give a temporary boost to a bunch of skills.
  3. The economy and grand exchange are great. almost every item is tradeable. It enables you to play the skills you want. If you like woodcutting and herblore, you can cut a ton of logs, sell them, and then just buy herbs to make potions.
However, for a lot of noncombat skills, runescape has taken on the identity of a "second monitor game", where you can play almost optimally while only clicking every minute or so. Is there a game like runescape with a wide range of skills and a big economy, but that isn't so AFK?
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2023.05.10 21:39 MagicMoa PSA: Bastion potions are amazing for late-game herblore training

Apologies if this has already been said, but I haven't so far seen anyone mention how incredible bastion potions are for training higher levels of herblore. You'll need level 80 to make them (or 76 if you're ok with boosting). But according to the wiki they give 387,500 xp/h for only -1.58 gp/xp with the amulet of chemistry. This is more xp an hour than super restores for a lower net cost than making prayer potions.
I'm currently pushing through to 86 for the Varrock diary, and I've saved so much money compared to if I had gone with sara brews. The only drawback is that the starting ingredients are also very expensive and can sometimes be a bit slower to buy, so you'll need a nice cash stack and a bit of planning to make this feasible.
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2023.05.09 05:49 SlightlyHastyEnt Question about professions in Wotlk

New Classic Play with a question about professions
Recently stared playing wow for the first time ever. I choose to play Classic as it is right up my alley. Im loving it and want to get into professions. I am a lvl 15 nelf hunter.
Im wondering if doing two gathering professions would be wise (skinning / herblore (?sorry osrs player). Or if doing a gathering and production profession.
What are the benefits to doing the production. Will this make less gold than the gathering?
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2023.05.06 20:52 Exciting_Head1671 I wish more Fishing training methods existed, even though Tempoross is fine.

Look, I'm not shitting on Temp because it's actually a pretty interactive/enjoyable activity. But I just hate the OTHER methods of training fishing when I don't feel like paying as much attention.
The whole skill's training strategy seems to revolve around being almost entirely AFK or 2-ticking of some sort. My personal meta for training it is finding something else to do and having OSRS open in the background.
Perhaps these complaints stem from the fact the general XP an hour is ~50k. Barb fishing, Temp, Drift Net fishing(which has a small cost associated with training this way) are all in the ballpark of ~50k-60k an hour. 2-ticking can net you 70k-90k+/hr, but it's such a niche method and the XP is still pretty weak compared to other skills which require even less attention.
I just feel like Fishing in general is very time consuming to train while only having a small handful of convenient training methods, and those of which barely increase the XP/hour. Having so many AFK alternatives is great for those who don't want to train it as much, but I feel like there just isn't a real way to grind it out and pay attention while gaining a significant XP boost unless you 2T. Temp is considerably more click intensive than something like Barb Fishing and the XP an hour is almost identical if you sacrifice points to not cook your fish.
I would love to be able to spend a few hours grinding away at a few levels and feel like it's worth it, but I have no motivation when I feel like a big increase in effort is only rewarded with a negligible xp boost.
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