First convenience atm near me


2021.05.09 22:30 Gottacatchemallsuccs babyleaves

First baby leaf on your new plant? Show me. Just recovered from near death and putting out new growth? Why aren’t you showing me yet? Suddenly found the most beautiful new baby leaf that ever was? Show. Me.

2016.04.13 22:39 no_turn_unstoned WELCOME TO THE_PACK


2012.09.10 20:06 Kmlkmljkl Fifth World Anarchists

Because we all hate being ordered around by 5th dimentional water bottles on how to op̡eņ them.

2023.06.05 03:13 SeattleChocolatier Name and training tips needed!

Name and training tips needed!
Lost my rescue Lab to cancer last month - she was the best girl and today found this little pup available. Born on April Fool’s, so far very mellow and calm. My first puppy, so please give me both your suggested monikers and your insights into training!
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2023.06.05 03:13 Nearby_Ad_771 Scared d*, reassurance please:(

Today I ate a bojangles salad for lunch, and then cheerios, then a whole dominos small thin crust pizza. Around 10 minutes after I had my pizza I went to shower, and when I was almost done I felt like I had to poop, so after my shower I did but it was a ton of watery d* it was so gross. I felt fine before and fine after (other than the anxiety). But the anxiety is killing me. I read a bunch of posts on this subreddit and at first most said that I wouldn’t throw up since the diarrhea would get rid of it, but then I kept scrolling for more reassurance and saw some people saying they always d* first then v. Immediately after reading that I felt 100x worse and went and had more d. I have my anti nausea wristbands on and I have been sucking on a peppermint, but I am so so anxious. Usually when I feel sick I would just eat bland foods, which makes it so much worse that I ate a whole pizza like 20 minutes before the d*, I don’t feel the feeling of “oh it’s okay the worst is down because now it’s just the bland food in my body”, now I’m scared that I will have to throw up the pizza or that I will just keep having d until all the pizza is gone which how long will that take! I really need some reassurance I guess, even if it’s lying and the posts I saw saying that I might throw up are more truthful, I’m just so scared right now. I haven’t thrown up since I was little and I’m 20 now. Last month I went to a concert and almost threw up after from over exertion, like I literally gagged and everything but I was able to stop myself. I don’t know it’s just scary that it almost happened then and now I’m scared it’ll happen soon
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2023.06.05 03:13 nowagner One Last Choke to end an Era of Choking

A consistent era of Choking will finally give way to a rebuild. The same series of events happened nearly every season in a hilarious cycle.
  1. Retooled roster gives hope for successful season
  2. Injury and disappointing players lead to a mediocre regular season but a playoff berth.
  3. First round series win/close series gives hope for the future and gives me reason to run it back.
  4. Choke horrifically in a second round series. Reset to 1.
Losing in the fucking Play-In of all things seems like an clear cue that it is time to finally blow it up.
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2023.06.05 03:13 JuXVI I am 21 and have a constant* burning sensation in my lower arms

Hello. 21 M who weighs around 50kg-53kg (it varies from day to day), height: 175cm. I Drink alcohol on occasion, no smoking and no other use of any drugs medically or recreationally. European.
BMI is way too low but I have a normal eating pattern (2-3 big meals a day with lots of snacks throughout the day). I suffer from a burning sensation in my lower arms. Basically, it feels as they are burning and that I have to stretch them in a way to sort of relieve it (though it does not get better, only worse, if I do nothing the sensation remains - sort of like a tick I suppose). It is only located in my lower arms, however if it gets very strong my right leg and upper arms are also affected. Usually it comes at a time where I am not stressed/pre-occupied with school work (so during holidays etc.) yet I can feel it practically whenever I think about it(the more attention I give to it the worse it gets). Though, when I am under a lot of pressure I can sort of push it aside and function normally. Whenever I do not have anything to distract me with it gets worse, especially when I try to sleep (If it is bad I only sleep every 2nd day because my body is too exhausted to react to the sensation anymore). It only started fairly recently in 2022. I have faint memories of having it before in my childhood though my memory is hazy. I have been to the doctor for it before to no avail. Neurologically I am in the clear, so the lead theory at the moment is that it is Ticks, as there is no concrete trigger for them (i.e., not in the sense of OCD as my doctor put it). I have no concrete diagnosis and my psychotherapist has been beating around the bush lately (very frustrating to say the least).
The first time I had it I rendered it to an iron deficiency. Therefore, I treated it with iron supplements and it seemed to work. But, it is still here and I have above average iron levels now so I render my little self-medication as a placebo effect or no correlation.
If anyone has any ideas or advice they could give me I'd appreciate it. I am just tired of not sleeping anymore or not being able to sit still to read a book.
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2023.06.05 03:12 hmm---what- 27F /46M, should I break up with

tldr; ldr going to meet for the first time and I'm thinking about a breakup because I'm just tired. So we met online several years ago, we have a 20year age gap between us, but when we met, we instantly clicked, with time we grew to like each other, our relationship was weird, we both liked each other but knew we can't realistically make it work, and so we always talked about how we are in some sort of an open relarelationship, as in we're happy together but we wont pass up the opportunity to meet new people and maybe getting in a "real" relationship and just leaving, but we grew attached and neither of us actually went for it. Now ages later, (6 years) we can finally meet, we already purchased plane tickets and hotel rooms, and we're meeting in a couple of months, and I'm having such big dilemmas, other than the obvious big ones such as kids were i want them and he doesnt (no, I'm not forcing him into having a kid), and the marriage ordeal, (and my family that wont approve of the age gap) I'm starting to see all the imperfections, to the point where I was ready to walk away a few months prior and he talked me out of it. The main issue I have is effort. I dont feel he puts enough effort into our relationship, into me. I've asked him to a lot and he always says, he cant do much because of the distance but when we meet things are gonna be better, another problem is we are having a lot of arguments that stem from misunderstandings, I tend to talk a lot, and by a lot i mean A LOT, he just tunes me out, to where he doesnt know what I'm talking about at all, when I ask him about it later he has no clue, one incident happened a couple years ago and it still makes my blood boil to this day, it hurt me so much. I also feel that he says he misunderstood as a way out for him to not argue, using my english against me (as it is not my first language) even though Ive been speaking it for years, and although not perfect it is not so horrible as to create misunderstandings like those and Not with a man I've been with and knows me so well (as he claims he does). Lately I've been seeing all the cracks. All the things he said we'll do and never did. He never put in the effort to take me on a date, until I lost it on him, then the next day he found some random activity on the internet for us to do (it is something I like doing) except it was very last minute and not very thought out, which lead to him getting Frustrated when it didnt work as he expected and got upset over the money he spent, (wasnt that much), but it made me feel so icky and I had to pretend it was all cool and tried to mend the situation (it worked) the rest of the activity went smoothly but I was exhausted and just wanted to be alone after. That was our first and only "date" until today. A couple days ago I lost it on him, he always says I get mean when I'm upset, I guess I do, but I was really Upset and stressed out, I asked him not to mention one topic (granted not very nicely, i snapped at him after he tried to re approach the subject) and he shut down completely, I wanted him to talk to me, expected him to take control and just calm me down which didn't happen, later at night I apologized, but I stated my frustration, and he repeated that when I'm upset I get mean, and I kinda lost it on him, I told him that if he knows that he can step out of himself and his hurt for a min and understand that I need him. (Like I've done so mamy times) But then I realised that it was all in vain, becauee I've been asking him for the same things for ages and nothing ever happens. So I told him that I will not get upset or mad anymore, it will all be okay because I'm gonna be nicer, and we're gonna be fine. He said I'll resent him, but i just said no we'll be fine. The next day he asked what I'm doing on sunday, because he would like to do something, honestly I didn't wanna do anything with him, but I just agreed, just being good. (He also suggested other dates which I am not free on and he shouldve known but no biggie, really) And that got me to my second ever date, It was fun. Not amazing but nice enough. It just annoyed me how he used the same website again, even though the first time didn't go so well. He confirmed when I asked him if its the same site and said yeah it was easy since he had it from last time. Meaning he didn't look for anything, he didn't put effort in anything. And it just makes me wanna scream. I would like to add, that the first time we played on that website, i asked him how he found it (I had done some research and found some much cooler things, I wanted to suggest) and he said "oh it was the first thing that popped up when I searched". It was the first thing. I am so tired of less than minimal effort. Now the trip is coming, I did all the research and created the itinerary, I enjoy doing that and I'm the type of person that needs everything to be planned out and perfect. But I got frustrated because I asked him things and his answers always were "I don't know" like yeah I didn't know either but I looked it up, and I need your opinion so would u take 15mins off of your day and get back to me, but till now (three weeks after I've got it all done) he hasn't gotten to doing it. Had a small conversation about it, and he said things take him longer, he needs to "chew" on things longer, I told him sure, and that I'll be waiting, but honestly there's nothing to "chew" on because he didn't research anything, like he didn't recognize one of the places we're going to. His words exactly were: "that's not a word is it? I've never heard that in my life". And I had to inform him it's a place we'd be visiting. I'm So frustrated. Our communication is in such a low point and I don't know if it's worth it. I could tell he got a bit irritated today on our "date", how am I supposed to feel good about it when he gets mad? It doesn't feel good and it feels worse that he paid some money too! I just see the cracks, the foundation isn't so solid either, and i'm questioning if it's a good idea to meet. I come from a conservative background, meeting is a very serious step to me, and I don't know if it's worth it. If he's worth it. We've been through a lot together, and I don't say that lightly, but lately everything seems bad and I don't know how that's gonna change when we meet, I asked him if he's gonna surprise me when we meet, he said surprise? What do u mean? I am not a material person, but like maybe a ring (as a gift nothing else because I love rings) a teddy bear? A little something special, something just for me. I don't think he ever thought about that. But what drove me to write this post is that he was watching videos and sharing what he thought of them with me, and casually pointed out that he might need to buy a chain for his wallet, and I reiterated, yes reiterated, that he cannot put his wallet or phone in his pocket, it'll get stolen so quickly, he said no a chain will attach it to his belt or pants so it will stay on him at all times. I tried to say no again to which he explained what a chain is again!! And so I just said okay whatever you're comfortable with. Now I said reiterated because I've told him (when I was planning our trip) that he needs to buy some sort of bag (fannypack, slingy) anything to keep his items in, and sent multiple links. But he never listens and in my head I was going, my trip is NOT stopping for anyone, I put all of my savings into this trip and I'm gonna enjoy it. He just does not listen and I've told him a couple times that sometimes his actions feel condescending, like when he screenshots our conversation and points out what he didn't understand (after the fact and while we're arguing, instead of asking for clarification immediately). There are obviously many more little things that accumulated that I am now at combustion danger levels. And I honestly don't know how to proceed. Now I feel a tad bit okay canceling on him cuz he mentioned more than once that this trip is not just for meeting me but it's an important mile stone for him to travel such long distance, (he also said he's scared that I won't meet him or would change my mind tbf). This felt like word vomit. I would love your advice/thoughts/notes/questions. Anything.
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2023.06.05 03:12 Odd_Ad1661 I (26F) am dating someone (M30) who is planning to move overseas. Im so confused if I should continue?

I met him through a dating app. He is great, funny, sweet, smart and sensitive. I am really attracted to him. After seeing each other twice he told me he has recently made up his mind about moving abroad. I felt used in some way but I understand that he is figuring things out and might really just have decided that. At first I didn’t want to continue since I dont see any point to it. But I find that I miss him and every time we would spend time together I would tell myself its the last time but after a few days my resolve weakens and I go out with him again that week.
One time we were in bed and he was teasing about finding me a replacement once he leaves, saying I deserve better and that someone should do all the things he is doing now when he is gone because I deserve to be happy. Hearing how willing and unbothered he talks about letting me go broke my heart and I just cried in his arms. He was clear that he wants to keep seeing me and maybe be in a relationship with me granted that I understand it has an expiration and it would end once he needs to leave. He insists we are not friends or friends with benefits. He said he sees me as a romantic relationship. He has made effort to show he cares about me.
I want to stop seeing him because I just know deep down this is going to hurt like a bitch and I might never recover as fast as I want to but there is a part of me that thinks I can make this work and convince him to stay. But that would mean he lets go of his dreams of living in different countries and experiencing other cultures. I never want to be the reason why he didn’t pursue his dreams. I feel like I am falling for him and is definitely attached, it hurts that he does all these sweet nothings and enjoying his time with me when I know i’ll be left broken after he leaves. I am just so confused, one day im so sure im done but the moment he asks about my day and shows me affection, I crumble.
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2023.06.05 03:12 ComTruder I’m in a relationship that I don’t want to be in and I don’t know why

So for starters, me and my gf have been dating for a little over a year and a half now. I’ve had some longer relationships but she says that she has never had one that lasted more than a month. We met through a mutual friend.
When we first began talking I would ft her every night. I didn’t mean it in a way of trying to make a move or anything, just genuinely liked talking to her as a friend. We talked about our days and if her days were bad I’d try to do what I could yo cheer her up, and she eventually told me that she felt a certain type of way from me talking to her like that and that no one has ever given her this kind of attention before. We fooled around for a few weeks before we eventually started dating.
What I’m looking for in a partner is someone mostly to hang out with, fool around every now and then, and to just spend time with. However, I came to find out that she sees relationships as a much more serious matter, and takes any sign of me not marching her intense feelings as a sign that I don’t love her anymore and immediately becomes insecure and anxious. I do what I can to reassure her and make her feel better, but it always comes back to the same thing, usually about twice per week.
She stays at my house and has recently began moving stuff in by my permission, but I’m not sure if I want to be in this relationship anymore. Don’t get me wrong, the sex is great when she isn’t in her head (I’m not trying to demean her by saying that, but sometimes we’ll start and have to end early randomly because she says that she doesn’t feel pretty). She’s an awesome person with a heart of gold, and I want all the happiness in the world for her, and she recently broke down and said that she’s scared I’m going to break up with her.
TLDR, I want to remain friend with her since her mom kinda sucks and she has grown close to my parents, but I don’t really feel the intense emotional attachment that she has towards me. I know I’m the asshole in this situation, but is there any advice out there?
(The main reason I’m hesitant to break up with her is because I fear she will break mentally, mostly because she literally said that to me)
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2023.06.05 03:12 LOFreePuppiez AITAH for mumbling to the new manager that I miss the one before him? Pls read to the end before judging too quick...

I already work in a very toxic work environment my coworker has been getting picked on for her living situation amongst other things, I've had rumours spread about me, I have been attacked by coworkers this year getting in my face and standing up for myself and others. My previous manager was my fiance , who passed away in January. I've been in complete shambles. He had a wonderful heart and was great at his job. So after he passed away, we went a while without anyone taking his spot...
Then the new one came in. Everyone thought that I would e the hardest on him, when in the beginning I actually had his back. I can tell he was having a hard time , but even I would say you know it's not his fault that the other one passed away he is doing his best. THEN, suddenly everything flipped. The new manager within weeks started to join the crowd that would talk down about other people . One day the main girl who talks bad about others especially when they are going through things, came in complaining that there was nothing to do. I simply offered her a computer to work on so she could have something to do. She then threw a fit and began making a scene, saying everyone hates her and was laughing at her. Even the new girl that day saw how ridiculous it was and saw what truly happened Ibthen get talked to by the new manager, and he was painting me as the villain just by offering the "mean girl" a computer. He began to yell at me, I walked away because it was so ridiculous. It's not in my character to either laugh at or hate anyone. And she was painting me to be that way, and he yelled at me for iti mumbled that i miss the last manager and i walked away. .
I began to feel bad until the next week when I got talked to by someone else asking why I made the "mean girl" upset by "laughing at her," She was told that the new manager told her that, which is a complete lie and trying to hurt my character, and also trying to get one of my coworkers against me. I told that person everything that happened and said if anyone laughs at people it was the "mean girl", she laughs at people's situations and thinks she is better than everyone and even says she is better than anyone. I did nothing that day but offer her a computer . So Yes I did feel bad at first for saying that I miss the previous manager, but while I was out sick with the flu I find out the new manager uses that time to pit people against me and straight out lie.
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2023.06.05 03:12 Bevatron Sub Update and Ticket Scam Warning

Hi all, a few things.
First, thanks to u/context_clue, the sub was finally able to implement automod filtering of posts from new/low karma accounts, which was where a lot of the ticket scam issues were coming from. HOWEVER - replies and PMs are not limited, so if you post looking for tickets, I would advise you to still vet the sellers and only buy using legit avenues of exchange.
Which brings me to my second point: there's been about 10 posts in the last 12 hours from brand new accounts specifically trying to sell Roots tickets, all with very similar wording - I suspect many of these, if not all, are scams. So just be aware.
Back to the filtering really quick - We weren't able to only exclude ticket posts from new accounts, so everything from new accounts is currently getting removed. I'm manually sorting through these daily, but if you believe a post you've submitted should be allowed through but it's still stuck in the ether, just message the mods. However, that brings me to my last point –
This is maybe a little preemptive, but I'm sure you've all heard about reddit's upcoming changes in how third party apps access the site. I've been a reddit user for 15 years, and have used RIF almost exclusively. At this point, RIF IS reddit for me. If third party apps are done, my time with Reddit will likely come to an end. This sub doesn't take a lot of work, but I am on here daily, at least for a few minutes here and there. The other mod has offered to take the lead, but was also open to adding more mods. So, just a heads up to keep a look out for a post about that in the near future.
That is all. Happy Philly Summer months to all!
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2023.06.05 03:12 worldprincessiv can adrenal supplements make you gain weight?

hi! first time posting here. about a year ago, a doctor i have only ever seen once suggested i take an adrenal supplement to help w some issues i was having. he recommended a supplement called adrene-fit and i took it for a year, and stopped 3 days ago.
i noticed a month into taking it, i started gaining weight but didn't link the two together. i finally saw my endo for weight gain and i mentioned the pill and she told me to immediately stop taking it because it probably had bovine (it does) in it, and that can make you gain weight, retain water, and increase your appetite.
my question is, can i link my entire 30 pound weight gain to this supplement? i have never gained weight like this before so i'm not sure what else would have caused it.
thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 03:12 Henrygullen Wax, sealant, or ceramic spray?

I've been hand washing my car forever but I never really bothered to wax/coat it. Always though that my only options were ceramic coating or simply "wax" but I guess that couldn't be further from the truth. Looking into it more I've become completely overwhelmed by "sealants", "hybrids", "spray wax", "ceramic spray" plus a million other products which I have no idea what the hell the difference is.
My goal is just to coat my car with something after washing it which will A) hide some swirls and add gloss and B) give me the hydrophobic effects of ceramic. Not looking for one single product to do this 2-3 steps is fine, and it doesn't have to last forever as I have no problem reapplying every couple months. What products do I need to accomplish this? and what would the process be?
Note: Obv doing an actual paint correction/ceramic coat would be the best way to achieve what I'm looking for but thats not really in the budget haha, and I prefer doing things myself, even though the results are nowhere near what a professional could accomplish.
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2023.06.05 03:12 makingchanges16 Last minute planning possible

My husband just found out he has to go from the US to India in mid-July for work for a week. He’ll be flying through London. It seems like a missed opportunity for me not to meet him somewhere while the kids are out for the summer and can stay with family. Is it even possible to plan a trip on such short notice? We’re never been to Europe and planned to go when the kids were older so I don’t want to see everything we would try and see on a first trip. Problem is I’m so overwhelmed I can’t even decide where to go. While we want to see all the sights with the kids, we would want a laid back trip, beach would be great, relaxing, not too crowded, some history. Am I dreaming to contemplate this?
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2023.06.05 03:12 sahand597 Hestu not showing up at his first location

Does anyone know why Hestu might not be showing up at the first location near Lindor’s Brow? I’ve tried everything, done missions, yet he still isn’t there.
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2023.06.05 03:11 n3vlynnn Seeking Advice on Grey Rocking

Hi Everyone, I'm a young woman currently living with my Mom until I save up enough to move out. My Mother is extremely toxic and emotionally abusive. Our relationship really does a number on my psyche and one of my weak points is that I can sometimes let her words and actions get under my skin, and become extremely reactive, even to the point of yelling, calling her out, which does nothing but make me feel horrible afterwards.
It doesn't happen often but when it does, it's so demoralizing because I'm normally a very grounded and mindful person, and I handle conflict much better with other people.
I don't want to carry this toxicity into my life or other relationships when I leave, so I'm seeking to practice Grey-Rocking and other mindfulness techniques to re-approach our interactions and retain some emotional integrity.
I already practice a lot of Greyrocking in the sense of not telling her my personal business, not giving her my number, filtering her emails so they don't immediately reach my inbox, never asking her for anything, never getting in her car--which is all progress, and has all helped.
The thing I need support with is that there are some common ways she 'hooks' me and I'm not sure how to respond in the spur of the moment. I do say No to her a lot, but it seems to incite more conflict. The issue is the power dynamic, since I live in her house and cannot just ignore her or say No to every single thing without the risk of her harassing me or threatening to make my life miserable.
* Hook 1: She sometimes tries to chat me up in a friendly way and overruns the conversation with questions to keep me engaged. This is the easiest to navigate. I have no breathing room to speak, so I have to cut in and find a way to end the conversation.

* Hook 2: She ominously tells me she has something important to talk to me about and leaves it up to me to follow her to the common area to talk about it, or drop what I’m doing to talk to her, or save it for later. It's usually about something she wants from me, or how I'm not doing enough. Our conversations always end horribly, they are never productive, and I hate talking to her.

* Hook 3: She asks me to ‘help’ her with something, and do a task. She will often make it urgent, or if I hesitate for a couple of seconds, she will anticipate my saying ‘no’ and proceed to call me ungrateful and selfish because I didn't drop everything I'm doing to come to her rescue. There have been several times when I sat down with her and tried to gain clarity about certain tasks I could do for her on a regular basis just to get her off my back, and she's never been clear about what she wants.
Also, a few days ago, when I helped her with something, she was angry that I didn't do so with glee, and once the task was finished she told me I never do anything and I'm ungrateful. Seems like the needle is always moving, she just wants my energy to be available to her anytime she wants, and anything less that full self-sacrifice is not enough.

* Hook 4: She sometimes does things that royally pisses me off, usually in the boundary-crossing territory. For example, moving the dog gate and letting him pee near my door, despite my having asked her hundreds of times to keep it in place. Deliberately crossing boundaries. THAT really pisses me off and gets me emotional. She also intentionally does petty, yet cruel things, when she is angry.

I do my best to keep a wall up and keep quiet when she is talking down to me, but sometimes I just explode with rage and tell her off, and that is not who I am. I want to find a way to respond to these situations with more dignity, self-control and respect while still setting boundaries. If anyone can speak to this situation with care & compassion I'd appreciate hearing from you. Thanks.
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2023.06.05 03:11 milkandcookies1212 Playdate etiquette and group rates/watching multiple children

Okay! I hope this is comprehensible for everyone, yell at me if it doesn't make sense.
Is have been grating on everyone and I can see MB's stance on this wavering. She asked me if I was comfortable with playdates, I told her yes, and she said she would think about it. Here's ONE of the problems: I can't trust that friend's mom (FM) will not take advantage of this opportunity. FM has three kids around the same ages as my two Nk's. On two separate occasions, FM has left me with her kids. The first time was minutes after approaching me with her 3 children in NP's yard and introducing herself, getting on the phone, and walking back to her house. The second time was while my youngest NK and I were on a walk and said hello to the kids playing with chalk on their driveway. FM was cleaning out her car, saw us, waved, locked up the car, got on her phone, and went inside. Both times I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt and waited upwards of 30 minutes before sending her kids back home.
FM and her husband have gone through three nannies since I've been employed by NF. After their second nanny quit and walked out in the middle of the day, FM asked MB if it was okay to ask me to watch her kids during the days I am not working for NP. I considered it but ended up passing on the offer. I had been NF's babysitter before being hired as their nanny and I guess FM and MB talked about how much I was charging them. FM mentioned my sitting rates and was firm on wanting to pay that rate, despite wanting a nanny and having one more child than NFs.
MB and FM are friends. MB struggled to make friends in her mommy groups and is happy to have found someone that lives so close by and has kids around the same ages as hers. I feel for her as I witnessed how the loneliness affected her, but I am certain that FM will take advantage at any opportunity she has.
Here's where part two comes in: In the past with former families, they tended to limit playdates to under 2 hours and have always added on extra pay for the friend. I was going to bring this up with MB a few days ago but she blindsided me by asking if I was comfortable caring for up to 6 kids. I told her that I was and asked her what for. NPs and their friends want to go out for an adults-only dinner and were hoping to leave the kids at NP's house and pick them up when dinner was over. This is nothing new for me and told her that. I told her that in the past I was paid by each family. She was SHOOK and told me that they were planning to pay me a six-child rate and split it amongst the parents. I told her that I would discuss with fellow nannies to see how they handle this. Unfortunately, I have two IRL nanny friends that are NCS and don't handle playdates or watching a group of children because they strictly work with infants.
So now I have two issues. If I send B5 over to play on his own for an hour, obviously I don't expect to be involved in the playdate. If I go with him and brink younger NK my gut is telling me I will end up responsible for all the children in the house. If friend comes over, I am not sure that NPs will want to pay extra for him. But at 5 years old should I expect compensation? It might make my job easier for B5 to have a friend to hang out with. BUT, what's to stop FM from also sending over her other kids? They are around my youngest NKs age (3 & 18 months) and they enjoy playing together. I would expect compensation for them because they need to be watched more closely and are younger.
Also, how does everyone else handle watching multiple children? Do you do it similarly to play dates or do you charge each family? It would be a big job with six kids 5 years old and younger.
Not sure how to proceed and could use any and all advice you all have. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 03:11 Windermed is it possible they’re interested, if so should i go talk to them? (please read)

hey so um just wanted to make this post because i just want to be sure if what i’ll do on tuesday is worth it or not. to sum it up: someone from my math class has been giving me the vibe that they’re interested but i’m not sure. here’s what i observed:
• ⁠used to sat in the back (im the only one who sits there btw)while they sat near me in the front. i’ve noticed they would glance at me alot of times when i wasn’t looking.
• ⁠can’t say this is a 100% reliable sign but there were a few times i’ve noticed where they would quickly look at me and then the moment i turned my head towards them they’d quickly turn away.
• ⁠maybe this can also be considered too but they would mirror me alot during class (for example, bouncing the same leg as mines, mirror my rest position when we’re scrolling on our phones, etc)
• ⁠another sign (?) is when one time our class was about to end and when i had to walk back to my desk to grab something they got up and even tho our shoulders were about to touch i quickly pulled away (stupid move i know, but i only did it just to be safe since i don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable) and when i did i remember they turned to look at me and then look away (im only mentioning this because everyone who i’ve done this to hasn’t turned to look at me that way before so i thought it could mean something)
• ⁠another thing i noticed too is that sometimes they would stare at my direction for what felt like a while. it has only happened like 2-3 times but i remember one time i was looking at the front of the door and while i was doing so i kinda noticed (through my peripheral vision) that they were looking at directly at direction for what felt like almost a minute or so (with their feet pointed towards me) and then another time when i was getting help with an assignment in math and after the teacher left to help someone else im pretty sure they were looking at me while i was doing my assignment. (also after i had to move from the back i moved to a table next to them and the same thing would continue lmao)
• ⁠might be a stretch (cant 100% confirm as well) but our class has these types of white binders that we put in a desk and as a way to sort of.. make my move? i put mines next to theirs. what’s interesting tho is that they would start putting theirs next to mines shortly after i did that and even when everyone’s binders were all messy they would still put theirs next to mine (even tho there was a bettemore open space near mines)
• ⁠another stretch (ik) too but i kinda found their insta after it showed up on my suggestions and they accepted my follow rq on their main/ their private acc and they requested to follow me back (once again, i know how much of a stretch this could sound like.. i just thought i’d mention it especially since they accepted me on their private acc which barely had any followers)
• ⁠another thing i noticed happened during a time when our school had an event where (my class, as well as other classes) had to do a booth and we had to do this type of thing where we presented what we had and on the 2nd day i saw them pass by my booth and as soon as they looked i could’ve swore they smiled after (couldn’t tell since we both wear masks lol)
• ⁠and kinda recently? but during a test we had recently they sat in the back but when our teacher told everyone who needs to finish the test to sit in the front they sat to a desk very close to mine (even tho they could’ve sat on another desk close to them that was on the front)
i’m not sure if this means anything or if my mind’s in a delulu state but i hope this helps! (also i’m pretty sure they’re just as socially anxious/shy as i am soo yeah).
i’ve also been thinking on trying to spark an opportunity to talk to them somehow during 5th period on the last day of school (since that’s the only class period i have with them) and my plan on doing this is by purposely having a pencil “fall” from my desk and hoping it slides near them and if they pick it up, i’ll say thanks and see if something can come out of that.
but yeah i would really appreciate if this is just delulu or if i should just go for it
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2023.06.05 03:11 CliffBooth77 [WTS] - Tiny 2 large sale! WE Shakan - Kizer Feist Friday - Djinn Jade - Sixleaf SL 01 - SL 02 - Jade Socom copy

Timestamp -
Album -
Hi 4 for sale no trades. Conus shipping is free for you included in the price. First come first serve yolo/dibs wins must comment please. Sorry for low formatting on mobile. Accepting PayPal no comments!! F&F or G&S message me questions ect.
WE Shakan Black/charcoal titanium with blue accents, gold color hardware. Stonewash blade in 20cv limited edition. Like new in box condition, unused with box ect. all Included. A little lightening on the side edge of clip see video. SV 149
Kizer Feist KFC Sold out at Kizer Newest release in Red/black fade dragon scale/wing pattern scales. 154cm blade, knife is 100% Limited new mint condition with new style box ect. all Included. SV 95
Damned Design Djinn - Jade/stonewash 14c28n sandvik awesome little front flipper. Have a collection of these love them. Hard to get good pics will add more. Still sealed from factory never used. SV 45
Sixleaf 01 - Got these just to check out. Still like new in the box, no usage or damage at all. Large green g10 3.9” D2 blade tanto style. SV 30
Sixleaf 02 - Got just to check out still like new in box. Not used or damaged at all. Micarta with a weave pattern to it. Also large like 3.46” D2. SV 30
Socom copy - Sitivian not a clone but knock off socom. Jade scales and D2. Stout knife with sharp machining on the blade. SV 20 add on 10!
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2023.06.05 03:11 AndyBMKE I completed CS50! It's amazing, but (maybe controversial opinion) it's not the best course for the average beginner.

I need to start off by saying: I loved CS50 (or, technically CS50x is the online version). The professor David Malan is such an enthusiastic lecturer, the production quality is amazing, and it's challenging. A lot of people here have probably heard of CS50 because it is recommended *a lot* to beginners and shows up on nearly every "how to learn to code" course list. However, I probably won't recommend it to anybody that is brand new to programming.
While it's true that it's a 'beginners' level course in the sense that it doesn't assume you have any prior programming or computer science knowledge, the difficulty of the course is very hard. Keep in mind that this is a Harvard course, which means that it was designed for people who got a 4.0 GPA in high school. In other words, this course is designed for exceptional students.
The pace is fast and there's a lot of work. In order to get the certificate, you need to complete 29 problems (they call them "labs" and "PSETs") and one final project. It covers a lot of ground. Mostly you learn the C language, but there are also weeks on Python, SQL, HTML/CSS/JavaScript, and Flask.
Because I know it will get asked, it took me roughly 75 hours of focused work to complete this course. But I already have a decent amount of experience with pretty much every topic taught (I'd previously completed every certificate on freeCodeCamp and the Front End Career Path certificate on Scrimba, as well as a handful of other random courses). But without that experience, it would've taken me a lot more time (if I would've completed it at all).
I write this because I see a lot of posts on Reddit of people getting frustrated and demoralized once the hit Weeks 2, 3, 4 of CS50. The learning curve is very steep. For some people that might work out great, but I think *most people* would benefit from taking this a little easier to start.
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2023.06.05 03:11 fireandice0776 What's your longest AP situation?

I'm nearing on 5yrs this summer.
It's weird to me. It's surreal. I'm always waiting for the shoe to drop. Idk.
I have love for him.. but not leaving. He's not leaving. We love and respect each others situations. I feel like we provide that passion and fill something missing...
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2023.06.05 03:11 FigSalt3374 Question about the novels..

Hi there. So I just bought some Poirot novels. I am a big fan of detective stories and I heard nothing but amazing things of about the character and his stories. I was unable to get the first few that were released. For example, I only have The Mysterious Affair at Styles, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and the ABC Murders. It is ok with me to go from Roger Ackroyd to the ABC murders? or should I try to find the others to fill in the gaps and just read by publication order to stay true to things?
Let me know what you think. Thanks so much.
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2023.06.05 03:11 Princess_Pink123 Thoughts on singing at my reception?

I am an objectively good singer and have always dreamed of singing to my future husband. As I've been planning my wedding, I honestly gave up on the idea because I am worried people will think it's cringey or that I'm trying to be a diva, etc. But as I'm getting to be a few short months away, the idea has been coming back to me. My fiance loves when I sing to him (which honestly isn't often because I don't really like to make people listen to me sing - I guess I'm kinda bashful, if you will). My thought would be to do our first dance and then pull a chair on the dance floor for him to sit while I serenade him, then we would move on to the fathedaughter and mothegroom dances, as that's the sentimental part of the reception, in my opinion.
If it affects your input at all, I was thinking of singing Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts. It talks about going through the rough road that eventually lead me to my current partner, which truly describes our journey. I really just feel like I would regret not doing something that could be really special and unique out of fear of what a few distant relatives might think.
Let me know your thoughts. I'm really battling with this idea.
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2023.06.05 03:11 Casper_cass Those of you on Entyvio

Those of you who have been on or currently on Entyvio, how long did it take to see that it was beginning to work? And what were your first noticeable improvements? No matter how small, and differences in your symptoms?
I've only had two loading doses and my third will be next week, but I haven't noticed a significant change. I'm really wanting to get off prednisone and my doc will only let me if my Entyvio steps in to help.
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