How much did tj dillashaw make

Gain or Lost money? Post it here!

2019.04.07 02:17 1CBBS Gain or Lost money? Post it here!

How much money did you make or lose? Post it here!

2016.01.04 21:29 Not_An_Ambulance Malicious Compliance

People conforming to the letter, but not the spirit, of a request.

2015.06.13 04:03 Baptism of Fire

For all Lorne related memes and thoughts. You must really like him if you think of him that long.

2023.06.03 07:49 SmartButAlsoStupid I just wish I had a different brain so bad

I’m so tired of this. I overthink and fuck things up all the time in good relationships - it seems like the only ones I can hang on to are people with ulterior motives who see how needy I am for affection. I’ve worked so hard to love myself more, and I really do - but it feels worthless so often when I don’t have anyone else to see the good in me. I have so much love to give - like I work so hard on myself and I feel so confident I could make someone happy if I could just keep it together whyyyyy am I like this 😞😞😞 I’m so worn down
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2023.06.03 07:48 ChasinBagsAlways Teaching the winning method. Follow and dm me on insta. @temu_learn_earn

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2023.06.03 07:48 acryptotalks Online Jobs Creation Freedom For All

Online Jobs Creation Freedom For All
It's painful that real gigs are getting rejected because of people's experiences with scams and activities that waste people's time, and resources with low or no reward. In fact, some of us that understand decentralized platforms powered by blockchain, see how Venture Capitalists are unjustly benefiting more than loyal community members. To make this clear to us, VCs (Venture Capitalists) acquire the most favorable vesting and huge discounts in rounds (seed round or private round) which will definitely remain forever closed to average retail users. This is talking about users that are even ready to invest in a project but VCs or Whales are already in control, making the creators, the networkers, the designers, and even most times the developers unreachable. The Rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Painful Actual value has become secondary!!!
There are a lot of projects out there with no product, and in no time they fade away, we called them shady projects on the market, and anyone that is already a victim of one would always fight against any project that pitches free entry without looking into the product around it.
Many believe that for a project to survive, there is a need for Venture Capitalists, this is a total assumption and the real deal is that we are in an open world where ideas and implementation count. Blockchain gifted us with these tools, accessible to everyone, it doesn’t need old white money to pave the way.

Now The Real Gigs

There are a lot of real gigs in the world today, and I presented one of them some days back which many in the subreddit tagged scam but with discussion with the mod, it shows the project's real product which is to create jobs by building a new generation of Labour and allow everyone, no matter their status, an opportunity to become stakeholders with their individual share defined by the quality of effort and time channeled into the project.
I present to you DAOLABS
DAOLABS launched a product known as Social Mining, a solution that leverages on a network of contributors bringing in their diverse skill sets to make a product successful. This product has been tested far back in 2019 with Avalanche blockchain and has proven to work since its implementation till date. A close look at DAO Labs shows how the project advocates for a fair distribution of value to lift those up who are involved in manual contributions in making things happen but only get a small fraction compared to the Venture Capitalists and their inbred offspring. DAO Labs believes that the users in the trenches that add more value should receive bigger dividends than VCs who do virtually nothing but harm projects by dumping their gains on the secondary market.

Freedom For All

As a social media user, DAOLABS released a Twitter program, an automated social media marketing tool that allows eligible Social Mining users to earn by promoting the project via their Twitter accounts. Social Mining's Twitter Program features Twitter API connection, engagement & impression-based incentive mechanism, featured tweets, and auto-adding hashtags & mentions.
What Do You Earn?
DAOLABS rewards every contributor with Stablecoin ($BUSD).
How Much Can You Earn?
You can earn a minimum of $10 and a maximum of what your skill can command you. you are the determinant of what you earn. DAOLABS have Five social mining platform with different rewards token/coins.
How To Start With DAOLABS
Own Twitter Account with at least 50 followers (Reddit Program is on the way, but if you want to be a tester, you can notify me)
Register on the DAOLABS Social Mining Platform (DAOVERSE), Connect your Twitter with it, Follow information about the Twitter program, and start earning.
Do you need to learn more about this solution? Drop your comment and let's discussion start!
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2023.06.03 07:47 Soft-Waltz8776 Jasmine and Gino…☹️

I’ll just get right to the point, in the trailers alone, it looks like Gino and Jasmine’s relationship is no longer that firey ball of passion lmao it seems like she’s just using him now 🤷🏼‍♀️
Which is what I (and most others) believed in the very beginning as well! BUT as their first szn progressed, I truly believe Jasmine actually DID fall in love with Gino’s ol’ weird self 😂
There was just so much passion! And seemingly REAL feelings + emotions! Now though? Now it looks like there’s trouble in paradise and Jasmine’s no longer settling for his horrible sex, as she made clear with the whole “my ex is a real man, he knows how to fuck!” or whatever she said lmfao
AND Gino made it clear, things only have gotten worse once they separated. Which can also be a sign of somebody whose just using someone else—it’s all good when you’re in their face spending $$$, but once you’re gone & it becomes CashApp payments once a month.. now it’s time to find and move onto the next fool, therefore you begin fighting & arguing more etc
And hey, I know I could be 100% wrong you guys. Shit, I hope I am wrong for their sake! I actually love them together, they became one of if not my favorites of that entire season.
So, simply put, what are you guys thoughts about what’s to come from these 2 in the upcoming szn? Will they rekindle their romance and get married? Or will Gino leave her to be with her ex and call it quits?
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2023.06.03 07:46 CarpenterNext5572 Just something I thought of in ChatGPT if Shannon met her younger selves. I decided to start with her Toddler Self.

Shannon Glaser found herself in a strange dream. She stood in the midst of a vast black void, with no discernible boundaries or features. It was an eerie, disconcerting place. As she looked around, she noticed a faint light in the distance. Curiosity piqued, she began to walk toward it, her steps echoing into the emptiness.
Eventually, Shannon arrived at the source of the light. It was her family's old house, the place she had grown up in. The sight brought a mixture of nostalgia and warmth to her heart. With a sense of trepidation, she pushed open the creaky door and stepped inside.
The interior was dimly lit, casting long shadows along the familiar hallway. Shannon's footsteps echoed through the silent house as she made her way toward the living room. As she entered, she froze in astonishment.
There, sitting on the floor, was a cute toddler version of herself holding a teddy bear. Shannon's heart skipped a beat, and a wave of emotions flooded over her. The little girl looked up, her innocent eyes meeting Shannon's gaze.
"Hello?" Shannon tentatively called out, her voice carrying a mix of confusion and wonder.
The toddler version of Shannon regarded her with a disappointed expression. "Why did you become so thoughtless, Shannon? And a little selfish too?" the tiny version of herself spoke with surprising maturity.
Shannon's eyes widened in surprise, and a pang of guilt shot through her. "I... I don't know," she stammered. "Life got busy, things changed. I didn't mean to be that way."
The toddler Shannon shook her head disapprovingly. "That's not an excuse. Remember how we used to dream big? How we wanted to make a difference in the world? But now... it feels like you've lost sight of that."
Shannon felt a lump form in her throat. She had indeed forgotten about her dreams, consumed by the demands and pressures of adult life. The innocence and purity she once possessed seemed distant, replaced by a jaded outlook.
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2023.06.03 07:46 Pupper-Gump Series of weird dreams

In the first dream, I was a bystander in a bank robbery. The dream wasn't very clear, but what was clear was that I was overtaken by fear and unable to even open my eyes.
In the second dream, I was a hostage in a school. The aggressor was threatening us with a shotgun, so I thought it was best to simply remain calm and cooperate with him until help arrived. That turned out to be a bad idea, because he was a nutjob and started bashing a girl's face in with the shotgun. I tried to get him to stop, but he threatened me and I backed down in fear. In the moment, I didn't see anything wrong with what I did, but when I woke up, I was irritated with how cowardly I was.
In the third dream, it was a repeat of the second dream. The only real difference was that the aggressor had a rifle instead. I'm not sure if I remembered the last dream or not, but when he tried beating the girl with his weapon, I got the guts to attack him. Turns out I sucked, because before I could disarm him he shot me in the gut. But although the wound gave me as much pain as my nightmares did, I was happy with my actions.
In my last dream, I was a dog running around happily. Seriously, you have no idea how fun it is to run around like that. It's like swimming at super speed but the water doesn't fight you. Just the fact that you have 4 legs to work with makes running really easy and it feels like you're gliding.
Not sure if those are connected at all, but there you go.
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2023.06.03 07:45 fatedch I struggled and succeeded!

When life gives you lemons, do you make lemonade or drink it with tequila? When you encounter problems, do you try solving them or drowning in them?
Dearest readers,
I just want to ask, how is everyone? I have been away for the past three months from everyone mentally and emotionally as I have been burnt out. The feeling of being done with being done and being tired of being tired made me lose motivation in anything. I lost all emotional contact with everyone, as I tried to focus on myself first. I was there, but I was also not there. Do you get what I mean? I detached myself from them mentally, but I was with them physically.
In the last three months, I preferred staying in my comfort place, my home. However, I went out occasionally for school and when my friends wanted to hang out. Now, many of you might wonder. How did my friends take it? Long story short, they took it horribly. I was told that I wasn't minding them; I didn't think of them as friends; nor did I talk to them basically. My family, on the other hand, thought I was the same me. I don't know what to tell you though. In the process of isolating myself, I began to feel better. I reflected and succumbed to solace. I was a person who prefers solitude and quietness for peace.
What is burnout?
There is no exact definition for burnout, but according to Robinson et al. (n.d.), burnout is a condition of mental, physical, and emotional exhaustion brought on by prolonged and excessive stress. It occurs when you feel overloaded, emotionally depleted, and incapable of meeting incessant demands. It is known that the number of people who feel burnout is rising. According to Smith (2023), burnout was reported by over half (48%) of those aged 18 to 29, compared with just 40% of their peers aged 30 and older. Furthermore, women (46%) reported higher levels of burnout than males (37%), who reported lower levels. The definite reasons for burnout are still unclear, but one thing is for sure. Stress is one of those factors that affect our mental health.
Defining the feeling of burnout is difficult. Once you feel it, it's hard getting out of that rabbit hole. The exhaustion and numbness just keep cycling like a sphere. The once shiny wheels are now rusted from overworking and overburdening. I am sure when you don't know the feeling of burnout, you might think it is the slightest piece of pain. However, for those that feel it, I want to say you can soon feel the emotions that were once numb. I am proud of those who overcame in and I am proud of those who are in the process and will start the process.
How did I recover from burnout?
The first step in my recovery was acknowledging the fact that only I can change how my future is going to go. Now, it's not easy. It wasn't easy even thinking about it. Every time I think about it, an immense burden falls on me. It made me feel even more depressed than I already was. I took my time experiencing solace, and when the time was right, I decided to make the change. Occasionally, we need a break, right? We all need to sit down after standing up for so long. With the lemons we got, we make lemonades! We drink that refresher. If you drank the tequila and drown in them, we have to get back up again. We have to sober up and start making baby steps.
What are the symptoms?
Burnout doesn't show itself in one full attack. Once it's in you, it goes slow and steady. You will eventually feel it once it's overflowing. A lot don't notice how worse they are once they admit it to themselves. You feel sad, exhausted, numb, and empty. I became confused with how I was feeling when I felt this. As a high achiever growing up, academic validation became embedded in me. This developed my burnout. However, it may be different for other people. They may get burned out from work, family, or friends. It is a struggle knowing it and straying far away from it.
Why did I write this?
I wanted to try and open the minds of those who are still unaware of burnout. Others might think it's simply sadness. However, we are all in no position to tell how a person is feeling. Keep in mind to not invalidate others! Why did I feel burnout? I also do not know. The main takeaway is it's okay to feel what you feel. We can all take a break, once in a while. There is a chance you might treat it better than what I did, which is staying in solitude until I feel ready again. We all have different experiences, and I hope this works out for you.
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We offer a large rage of money making courses for completely ***FREE*** including:
- All Andrew & Tristan Tate Courses (The Real World, Hustler's University, Network Brilliance, Iron Mind, Fitness, How to be a G, Webcam etc.)
- All of Iman Gadzhi Courses (Agency Incubator & Navigator, Pen to Paper, Six Figure SMMA, Infuencer Ignited, Kaizen Cure etc.)
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How to generate leads and how to follow up on them. How to use texting to your advantage in dating and much more.
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Todd Valentine - The System is a revolutionary course, created by the famous pickup instructor - Todd Valentine.
The System by Todd covers everything you need to know to play the game. This program is applicable for beginners, as well as intermediate students.
In The System by Todd you will learn how to OPEN (Open, Premise, Establish, Narrative) as well as much more on how to lead proper interaction with girls, and how to close them (infields included)!
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2023.06.03 07:44 ChasinBagsAlways Teaching the winning method. Follow and dm me on insta. @temu_learn_earn

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2023.06.03 07:43 Annual_Ad_787 My past situationship (21M) keeps coming back after I (21F) left because he didn’t want a relationship…now he’s saying he wants a relationship. Should I give him another chance and how can I tell if he’s being genuine???

I (21F) met this guy (21M) off of a dating app in September of 2022. He had gotten out of a 3-year-long relationship 3 months prior and I had also gotten out of a much shorter (3 months) relationship around the same time. I wasn’t technically looking for anything serious at the time because I had gotten brutally cheated on and planned on just kind of having fun and getting back out there but after hanging out with this guy quite a bit, I caught feelings for him. After about a month of talking and going on dates, we both began introducing our friends to each other. One night we decided to introduce some of our friends and we all hung out together. (Side note: before I had met him he had been on a couple of dates with one of my friend's other friends whom I had only met a couple of times and was never close with)
During the night he ended up talking to my best friend and she ended up asking him if he was planning on asking me to be his girlfriend since things were getting more serious, he replied that he didn’t know what to do because he had just gotten out of a relationship and felt that it was still really early. Which I totally understood. During that night I later found out that he had talked to my other friend whose other close friend he had previously gone out with. At this point he was really drunk and ended up asking her about the previous girl and if she knew why she stopped talking to him and that he had really thought things were going to go somewhere with her, as well as some weird questions asking if she had talked about him and if she thought the sex was good. Knowing I would be upset by the fact that he was asking my friend about another girl my friend decided to wait until the next day to tell me. I was obviously upset but ended up deciding to sit on it before bringing it up to him. That night I was out with a friend and I showed her a picture of him and she had said that she matched with him on a dating app a couple of days prior. I was hurt and confused, he was actively on other dating apps and drunkenly asked one of my friends about another girl. I realized that I hadn’t really asked or talked to him about commitment and I had just assumed instead of asking so I technically couldn’t be upset about the dating app situation. But I was extremely hurt about the fact that he was asking my friend about another girl so I ended up cutting him off. This was very short-lived and I ended up going back. After about 3 weeks of doing this, I finally realized and decided that it was doing more harm to myself to stay in this situation than leave. So I ended up ending things He was very understanding and apologized that he couldn’t give me what I wanted. (I ended things around mid-December).
Flash forward to February: I had been doing really good and started to move on from him and the situation. I had opted for no contact and had not spoken to him since I had ended things. Right after Valentine’s Day, he called me. I honestly thought we had butt dialed me or something simply because of the fact that we hadn’t spoken since I ended things, so I answered. We talked on the phone for about 30 minutes and he said that he didn’t like how things had ended and he wanted to take me out to dinner. I was very hesitant and made it clear that I didn’t want to get hurt and he said that he knows and wouldn’t have reached out for no reason. Before going out to dinner, he had asked to come and see me and asked if I would go to the grocery store with him. I agreed and he came to pick me up. He ended up coming inside my apartment before we went to the store and immediately initiated sex (which I did give in to but also played my part in initiating it). A couple of days later we went out to dinner. It was an EXTREMELY nice restaurant that was very very expensive. We ended up having a great time. About a week later everything is going really well so I decided to stay the night over at his house. The following two days after he barely talked to me, he responded maybe twice to me over the span of 2 days while being very active on social media. This enraged me. I send him a long message about how I had told him he only had one more chance and that I wasn’t going to be used for sex and that if he could’ve communicated that he was busy or talked to me, I would’ve been fine. He read it and then never responded to the message. I removed him from all of my social media and kept no contact.
Flash forward again to May 29th he texts me saying that he just wanted to reach out and hoped I was doing well. I didn’t plan on responding to him but I ended up giving in and responding. He asks me if he could take me out again, and I said “You pissed me off last time”. He responds that he thinks we should just go out and have fun with no expectations and I respond that it is a good way for me to get my feelings hurt. He asks what situation will allow him to take me out again and I say that I wasn’t sure if there even was one and said that I couldn’t keep my feelings out of the situation like he could which he says “Well I keep coming back to you so false” I start getting angry and say that the only reason he keeps coming back is that he and I have amazing sex and he hasn’t found anything better and he says “That yes the sex is amazing but you fucking know I like seeing you, don’t bullshit me, you know I like being with you.” I then say "What happened last time then?" And he says “You were mad at me cause I was not texting good and was distant. I wanna see you though it’s that simple” I ended up ignoring those texts and he texted me a couple more times by which I ignored for a day or two until I finally decided to answer. I told him that I told him last time I’d only give him one more chance. I didn’t ask him for much and that maybe if he had really wanted me in his life, he would’ve gotten it right when I made it clear I’d only give him one more chance. He ended up responding and said he wish he had more of an explanation as to why he wasn’t responding and that he wasn’t planning on going anywhere, that he was having fun seeing me again but that I wanted to stop. I told him he put me into a situation that gave me a choice between being disrespectful to myself and allowing my needs to be brushed off or respecting myself and prioritizing my needs. Although he may not have planned on going anywhere and I didn’t think that he wanted our relationship to progress further than what it was He then said I didn’t give him the chance to explain what he wanted and he didn’t see why we couldn’t talk things out and see if what we want aligns together and that he would love to see me and talk things through even if it means moving slower and talking through next steps. So I eventually agree to talk to him which is supposed to happen in two days.
I’m really hesitant and I’m scared I’m going to get hurt again. He is a good person and I really do see potential in our relationship, I just don’t know if he actually sees that too.
I really can’t tell what his intentions are, he said he knows that he’s going to have to work and show me how serious he is for me to even consider us trying things let alone even having sex. Maybe it is obvious from an outside perspective but do you think he really wants to commit to me or do you think he is playing games and saying what he can to hook up? I’m nervous that he’ll just end up saying what I want to hear and not actually follow through with it. I know that last time I didn’t make it very difficult for him to get in my pants and I also initiated it but do you think him waiting and showing me with his actions will prove that he doesn’t just want sex or do you think he’ll do just about anything to get what he gets what he wants? He is a very very attractive man and I know he could easily just go get sex anywhere else, so I question if I'm just convincing myself that he just wants sex (I've been deceived and used in the past before so I question if that is interfering with this situation). Do men ever go back to someone just for sex if that person left them because they wanted a relationship? What kind of things should I ask him when we talk that might help me figure out if he is being genuine? Am I being dumb giving him another chance? I honestly just need advice and thoughts from an outside perspective.
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2023.06.03 07:43 10shelby1999 Passed NCLEX RN NGN

I promised myself that I would share my story if I passed so here it goes!
I graduated from RN school on May 12. My school sent my transcript a week later on Friday May 19 and I got my ATT on Monday May 22. So I imagine that it takes one business day to get your ATT after your school submit your transcript to the board nursing. I had all of my other required documents submitted before I graduated on May 3 so that I was ready to schedule my test. I got to schedule my test on June 1 which was the earliest date available.
I have taken the LPN NCLEX before this so I kind of had an idea of what I was going into except that it was not an NGN test.
Here’s what I studied. I used you UWORLD and Kaplan.
UWOLRD: I answered about half of the quiz bank on uworld. I averaged about 75 Questions a day and had a quiz bank score of 58% using the old way of scoring and a 68% using the NGN Way of scoring. I took 2 self assessments on uworld. The first one I took a month before I took the NCLEX and scored a high chance of passing. The second one I took a week before the test and scored a very high chance of passing. I do like using uworld for a couple reasons. One is that they have a Phone app so I could do questions on the go and did not need my laptop to do it. I also think that they have a good rationales that are easy to understand. The actual and clicks, however, is a bit more vague, and has a lot less wording than that Uworld questions. For me the NCLEX was harder than Uworld.
Kaplan: I use Kaplan mainly for testing purposes, and to see how I was placing. I did not use quizbank. I took two CAT test and scored a above the passing rate on both of them with a mixture of green and yellow subcategories. I also used the diagnostic test which gave me a 68%. I also use Kaplan throughout all of school and remediated most of the previous test I have taken.
I also watched a couple of YouTube videos, such as the one hour review by beautiful nursing, and some of the simply Nursing Videos as well.
The test itself was pretty difficult. I would say it was much more difficult than the LPN test. I had taken my test cut off at 135 questions. I had a lot of bowtie questions, select all that apply, and small case studies. I did not have very many traditional questions. I felt like I was telling throughout the whole entire test. I felt like I was also guessing. My last two questions were regular questions, and they were not hard at all so for the people thinking that you can tell whether you pass by if your last question was a select all that apply and if it was difficult both of my last two questions were not difficult or select all that apply. After my test shut off, I believed I had failed because of my last two questions were super easy and I had not heard of anybody’s test shutting off 10 questions before the maximum amount of questions before in passing. I was for sure that I was going to have to do all the questions. In fact, I was so sure that I had filled the proctor lady had to console me because I was crying so hard leaving.
After 30 minutes of me sitting in the parking lot crying, I tried it, the Pearson Vue trick and got the good pop-up. I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I didn’t believe it and I had to wait till I got my results to really celebrate.
I got my license from the board of nursing approximately 20 hours after finishing the test. I could not get quick results because you have to wait 48 hours and I got my license before quick results were even ready. I’m still in shock. I completely thought I failed, and I really only could tell you three questions that I know I got right. But I indeed did pass, and I am officially an RN.
A couple notes:
  1. Remember, if you are still in the test, you can still pass or else they would cut you off. I got nervous after 85 questions that it did not shut off and I gave myself a confidence boost at 25 questions are inviting myself of this. It wasn’t within 10 questions of me saying I can still pass and focus really hard on those 10 questions and the test shut off for me. SO IF YOU ARE STILL IN THE TEST, YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE NO MATTER WHAT QUESTION YOU WERE AT.
  2. The Pearson Vue trick has worked for me and a all of my classmates. It seems to have a 99% chance of being accurate if you get a good pop-up you passed. But only about a 75% accuracy of getting the good pop meaning you failed. If you get the bad pop-up, it does not necessarily mean you failed just maybe they had to grade your test by hand. But then again it is still 75% accurate that you did indeed fail.
  3. Study before you graduate be prepared to take your test as soon as possible. The longer you wait the more of a chance do you have of not passing.
Thank you all if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate and asking me! I hope everyone passes!
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2023.06.03 07:43 user87666666 I dont know if you guys ask your parents on how to apply to colleges/ unis

I asked, and my AP was like, dont ask me something that happened 20 years ago. So then to make conversation I just asked something like how was your study experience, and they also scolded me. So when a student tell me how "lucky" I am that my parents had gone to uni so I would know how to apply, I am like, wtf do you mean, I did everything from A to Z myself
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जो एक निश्चित अवधि के लिए उनके सामने है, एक अनपढ़ तकनीक जो किसी व्यक्ति के विचारों को नियंत्रित कर सकती है? यह कुछ ही है और कमजोर दिमाग के साथ खेलता है। कमजोर और कमजोर दिमाग वाले लोगों को लग सकता है कि उनके साथ छेड़छाड़ की गई है, लेकिन वशीकरण के माध्यम से किसी व्यक्ति के दैनिक जीवन को प्रभावित करना संभव नहीं है।

भारत में वशीकरण विशेषज्ञ ज्योतिषी

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2023.06.03 07:42 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 13. The Storm:

"You want to what!?" Galax yapped.
"Is it really that surprising?" I asked. "Five Clerics have awakened due to their faith in Kurtulmak, You built your Temple outside of the town out of respect for the people, yes, but you could not build it in town because this land is Kurtulmak's." I paused. "Thus, on the behalf of our Clerics, I am requesting that a Temple be built."
"It's not an unreasonable request." Kuvli spoke. "Not to mention, without his help, we would all be dead."
"Without Bahamut's intervention, we would be dead!" Tallyn snapped.
"Yes, and you have enjoyed a very significant upsurge in attendance at the Temple." I replied. "Everyone knows where it is, how to reach it. You've even begun construction on an outer wall specifically to protect it from another attack."
"This is demanding preferential treatment!" Galax screeched.
"Oh, would you shut the fuck up?" Nakk asked. "You and your Temple have had it out for Ruuk since he made contact with Kurtulmak, and I guarantee you, if anyone else so much as talked with him, you'd burn them at the stake!"
"When have we been hostile to him?" Galax asked.
"Running through the list." Nakk said. "First, your Paladin tries to ruthlessly murder his brother because he wasn't, I don't know, sincere enough. Then you excommunicated him. Your Paladin went to his place, planning on spying on them under the pretense of temporary service. Then, when he went to your Temple, you spent several minute interrogating him before even giving him that- not to mention how casually one of your own considered using your own holy vestments as a punishment. I'm real sure your God is happy about that!" He added sarcastically.
He paused, taking a sip of water and clearing his throat. "Then-" His voice cracked and he cleared his throat again. "Then, when we were attacked. you spent basically the entire time praying instead of doing something, and when any of your faithful fell, your Clerics cast Revivify on them, saving them from death." He spoke this with barely restrained fury. "And then! You had the fucking audacity to openly admit you want this place to be a theocracy, giving an absolute non-answer to avoid telling the naked truth! You have been nothing but suspicious of his intentions, no matter what he says, no matter how he acts! Your God is ashamed of you!"
The silence was only punctuated by Nakk's enraged gasping. He had stood up, and now he leaned forward, his fingers being the only part of his hands touching it. "Maybe you started out genuine." He said in a terrifyingly cold voice. "But I don't trust a religion that talks shit about people behind their backs, and I sure as hell don't trust a religion full of hypocrites."
He sat back down, glaring at them.
"How did you know about some of those things?" I asked.
"I've got like thirty Rogues under my belt and twenty Way of Shadows monks on standby. I kept it a secret because keeping tabs on our local authorities allows us to call them out on corruption and bullshit. So far, the ones concerned most about justice are more interested in having Heaven on Earth. We've gotten complaints about your Clerics proselytizing, making it very obvious that your every action is a prayer to Bahamut."
He glanced at the rest of us. "It's fucking performative at best and insincere at worst. Plus, you have the monopoly of giant Dragon men, who must dedicate themselves to Bahamut- and even then, they're the only ones more consistently following him. It's almost like being transformed into a Dragonborn by a ritual that requires you to abandon your past life and your past ideals makes you actually willing to follow the teachings. Need I say more?"
He went silent, everyone just... stared at him in shock.
"Youi've had monks this entire time?" Tudru asked.
"Hey, having people who can turn invisible in the darkness and spy on people is great." Nakk replied. "Their representative approached me, asking me to keep their existence a secret because they knew what I was doing, and wanted to hold me accountable as well. And no, I don't know who they are, because they wore a very blatant ninja costume and had a carved wooden mask with kabuki designs painted on it."
"I've been aware of them as well." Tatla replied. "They've been doing the same for me, I'm pretty sure they're Unawoken volunteers, and they only seek out Unawoken who haven't found their Class."
"How many people here were unaware of these ninjas?" I asked.
Myself, Kalith, Tudru, Tallyn, and Galax raised our hands.
"Wow, get fucked, us." Tudru remarked.
"In any case." Nakk continued. "I've been keeping a close eye on you, Tallyn, Ruuk, and Kalith, and considering a lot of the shit you've pulled, the fact that I'm not demanding the destruction of your Temple, even if it means our friends and family stay dead, is the fact that you've been useful. The moment you step out of line, the moment you leverage your monopoly over future resurrections to enforce your theocracy, that's the moment I'm going to walk up to you and slit your fucking throat."
I didn't know what surprised me more. The fact that he was fully willing to kill Bahamut's High Priest here, or the fact that he didn't seem to know about mine and Kurtulmak's plans. An entire hidden spy ring, and a shadowy clan of Monks, there was no way they didn't know.
'Do I trust them, believing them to be on my side, or do I play stupid, and wait until I know for certain they support our goal?'
"We let Tallyn build his Temple. Not pissing off the God who's been helping us from the beginning is in our best interests, and if Bahamut wants to step up to the plate, then he's more than welcome to. I, for one, am not holding my breath. Especially since he's probably fucked off to find Tiamat or is banking on Kurtulmak keeping things stable here while he keeps her from causing any significant fires."
It came down to a vote, it was unanimous. Galax and Tallyn looked like they'd just had their every dream crushed, considering how fervent I got briefly, it was entirely likely they got carried away.
"Now, Tallyn. It might interest you to know the other Sorcerers have been organizing with the intent on taking over the Warren. "Nakk stated. "Considering your God outright threatened them for trying to use him as a means to gain power, you might have an idea as to what to do."
"Are they trying to summon Demons?" I asked.
"Not yet, at any rate." Nakk remarked. "But considering you're Level Five now, and they're still stuck at Level 3, I figured you might want to get on that."
"You're Level Five!?" Tallyn roared.
"As if you have any room to complain, Mr. Level 6 Paladin." Nakk remarked.
"How the fuck did you manage that?" Tudru asked.
Tallyn looked away. "We've been having a bit of an issue with undead." He said.
Even Nakk was caught off guard by his words. "There are fucking undead in the catacombs!?"
"We have been doing our best to keep the situation stable." Galax stated. "Hallow is a Fifth Level spell, that means we need to reach Level 9."
"We've basically been level grinding off of the undead." Tallyn said, his voice full of shame. "But it's the only thing we can do. They're just... so angry, accusing us of leaving them to die, accusing us of knowing about the mine ahead of time. They just mindlessly attack us, and it's all we can do to keep them down."
"You should have told us." I said. "We could have come up with a better solution, hell, we could have cremated them, or or something."
"That would not have solved the issue." Galax said. "They are angry and restless because they died violent and pointless deaths. We kept this secret because if this got out, the people would lose faith in us, at best, we'd be exiled. At worst, executed. We've had to deal with the fact that we're killing our loved ones over and over again." For the first time ever, I saw how exhausted he was. "We were doing routine maintenance when the attack happened. We couldn't devote anyone to more than defense simply because most of our spells go toward putting down ghosts. That is why we brought back our faithful. We can't afford to lose anyone, and now it's only going to get worse."
"Then move the dead here." We all looked to see Kurtulmak entering the Council Room. "I have a Pact with Kalith, I can observe what he is doing when I feel like it, and today I felt like keeping up with current events."
"Why should we move our dead here, in the middle of a populated area?" Tallyn asked.
"Because this land is my domain." Kurtulmak replied. "I may hallow and unhallow the land as I see fit, I can choose to imbue it with any effect I desire. Move your dead here, and they will finally know rest. I have exactly one condition for this."
"What is your condition?" Galax asked.
"Kneel before me, and beg my mercy." Kurtulmak replied with venom in his words. "Your actions have harmed the Warren."
Galax nodded and stood. He walked over to Kurtulmak, and after a moment of hesitation, he kneeled and said. "Please, have mercy on me and my Temple."
"Acknowledge me as Master of my Domain."
"Master." I said. "You are moving the goalposts. This isn't the time, nor the place, nor is it worth pissing Bahamut off."
"You speak sense, Ruuk." Kurtulmak looked at Galax once more. "'I grant you leniency for your actions against your Warren. However, understand if there is a next time, I will have you call me Master. Rise."
Galax stood up, he was clearly trying to hold in his indignation.
"In recognition that I did, indeed, go too far, I grant you permission to build a Temple within my Domain. I shall cede just enough land to Bahamut, under the understanding that once this situation has concluded, that Temple will be removed and my land returned to me. I shall ask no tithe of you, but may change my mind if you continue any form of belligerence against me or my followers. And if any of my Followers wish to seek counsel from you and your priests, you will give them guidance as you would any of your faithful, and I shall do the same. Is this understood?"
"Yes." Galax replied.
"Go, build your Temple, retrieve your dead."
At this, the meeting was adjourned. I walked over to Nakk, who was just leaving. "Care to have some company?" I asked.
"By all means." He said. We walked out together, and after a few minutes, I said, "You have listened in on my conversations with my God." I said.
"They are all fascinating discussions." He said. "Especially the followers you've amassed. A Warlock, a handful of Clerics, and others."
"What are your intentions?" I asked.
He led me down an unfamiliar road. "I will be frank with you." He said. "The Council isn't going to last forever. All of our desires pull us in different directions, and I sure as shit am not qualified for that." He stopped and faced me, then surprised me by kneeling. "Imperator Ruuk Stingtail, the Shadowscale Clan has chosen to pledge our service to you and our God. We will continue to work toward the establishment of your Empire."
I smiled, nodding. "Continue to serve us faithfully. Though you have not asked for a reward, I will ensure our God and Master rewards you appropriately."
He nodded. "Thank you." He said. "Is there anything you need, any information you require?"
"Can you or any of your Rogues create a still image?" I asked.
"Yes. What do you need?"
"I need an image of the interior of our enemies' base of operations beyond the wall, the place where they plan their movements. With an image, I should be able to listen in."
"As you wish, Imperator."
"Rise, before anyone happens upon us." I said.
He stood up. "S'not going to happen, Imperator. This entire street is inhabited by my Rogues, The Monks are neutral, but they do not care who leads."
I nodded. "Then it's in my best interests to earn their loyalty." I said. "Why do you wish for our Empire to rise?"
"Simple." He said. "I'm not cut out to help lead a nation, but I sure as hell am able to keep tabs on people. The Dragon-worshipers would make Bahamut's will law, they've spoken of a nation where everyone is faithful, where vestments are worn by all, where evil is punished. Shit's too rigid and it's going to get people killed. You and our Master, though, I know what he wants, I know he doesn't give a shit if we're good or evil. What he does care about is that we're safe."
"What do you know about the Sorcerers?" I asked.
"They want power, and they don't care how they get it. They are a direct rival to you, because they want to rule the Warren as well." He looked at me. "They do, however, respect power, you being a full two levels above them might be enough to get them to capitulate."
I shook my head. "No." I said. "I don't want anyone who even so much as thinks of betraying anyone. Keep an eye on them, if they start making any obvious attempts at contacting any beings, ensure whatever happens fucks up royally, to the point where they're terrified of ever doing it again. Do they have any outside help?"
"No. It's just them and their little circle."
"Ruin any material components they have for anything too dangerous. either that, or replace it with something different. Understood?"
"Yes, Imperator." He replied. "Would you like one of my Rogues to be available in the event you need something?"
"Yes, if they can be surreptitious." I paused for a moment. "Is there anything else?"
"No, Imperator. I will get everything prepared."
"Excellent. And Nakk, be sure to swing by so our Master can meet you properly."
We continued along the street and went our separate ways. I was getting more and more used to the idea of ruling this place, ensuring my Master's will was followed. I paused, examining that thought. It was the first time I had internally referred to Kurtulmak as Master. I thought about why I thought of him as such, I hadn't been avoiding it for any particular reason, if anything, this was just a slip of the metaphorical tongue.
Yet the more I thought about it, the more I realized that, yes, I absolutely considered him my Master.
I resumed walking, the two Temples were in the process of being built and people were observing with curiosity. I knew I would go in one day to show that even hosting my Master in my home, I respected him enough to give him the proper respect he deserves.
I still helped other Kobolds, even the Humans who had remained with us this long received my aid, but I was beginning to think, perhaps it was time for them to just join us. I greeted them, asked them how their day was and if they needed anything fixed. "No, Councilor. We're just doing our best with what we've got."
I nodded. "I understand." I said. "I used to miss being Human, but after the attack... It's absolutely irrational, but every time I see Humans, I feel a little jolt of panic."
They looked at me with expressions of sympathy. I told them of how proud I was of them for trying their hardest, for doing their best. "Sometimes, I just wish you were comfortable with being a Kobold." I said.
One of them began to transform, and then more of them joined when they expressed happiness. I welcomed them, and subtly encouraged them to ensure the Humans of the Warren were happy with where they were.
'The sooner they're all Kobolds, the better.' I thought idly. It took me longer than I care to admit, but I eventually realized I had thought that thought. I looked at another Human as they passed by, and the realization hit me. 'I hate Humans.'
I had always promised myself when I was younger and still Human that I would never be so low as to become racist, yet with all of the shit they put us through in the past half year alone, the very thought of Humans just filled me with rage and disgust.
I didn't think of our Humans as such, just... misguidedly holding onto their Humanity.
The next Human who spoke to me, it wasn't even a conscious thought, I didn't hate him, I just couldn't stand what he was. Seeing him embrace Koboldhood filled me with joy and delight, and I knew, before I achieved anything significant in life, before I raised up our Empire, I was going to ensure every Human embraced our way of life fully.
I started going out of my way toward the Humans, never overtly forcing them, just making them come to the conclusion that it was for the best, that they would be happier as a Kobold, that maybe they could help the other Humans embrace it. That maybe it should be mandatory at this point/
"Aren't you tired of feeling useless?" I asked. "You are better than you think you are, you know."
It was so easy, these people respected me, they trusted me, my opinions. I eventually dropped the pretense. "I think you would be happier as a Kobold." I would say. "It's a shame you can't fully be part of the Warren."
Like an avalanche, the transformations proliferated,, propagating as the former Humans came to accept what they should have accepted all along. I felt a rush of power as I gained another Level, it felt so easy to do,
I grew aware of a new spell, one that would allow me to slip into the Astral Plane if I so desired, I returned home, and looking at my Master as he continued working, I couldn't help but feel I wanted to do something for him.
I knelt. "I have gained power, Master." I said. "As well as the fealty of the Rogues. Nakk will be coming along to meet you properly."
"You kneel when I did not command it." Master remarked. "Why?"
"You are my Master."I replied. "I have come to the understanding I should be showing you my devotion more overtly. Case in point, I thought of you as my Master, where before I simply would mentally refer to you by your name. I don't know if I simply didn't accept it fully, or if there was some other factor, maybe I was just a little uncomfortable. I have such reservations anymore. You are my Master, and I am your servant."
He nodded. "Was there anything else?" He asked.
"I've convinced many Humans to embrace becoming a Kobold, and have convinced them to convince others. The result was... exponential."
"I see. I was wondering why the Humans had embraced the Warren completely. Why did you do it?"
"I realized I hate Humans." I replied. "And because they continued to stubbornly cling to a life they'll never have again, I helped them embrace the Warren. The joy on their faces simply makes it better."
"To do something so inherently selfish, yet to enjoy such a positive reaction. What a novelty."
"Master?" I asked, confused.
"Ruuk, congratulations. You have done your first overtly evil action. You have manipulated countless people to abandon their Humanity, all because your hatred could not reconcile their existence."
His words shook me in a way I hadn't expected. He was right, I had done something evil, I had done something irrevocably fucked up. "Does that make me evil?" I asked.
"Neutral." He replied. "Still leaning toward good. I am proud of you, Ruuk, you exerted your authority in a way to ensure our Empire's success. Those with power take what they need, what they want. You and I will see this world kneel."
I nodded, smiling."Thank you, Master." I said. "For your guidance."
"If you ever wish to fully embrace this, simply think of something you want, anything you desire, and take it."
"Anything I want..." I mused. "There is one thing, Master."
"Then grasp it tightly, no hesitation, not when- Wha-!?"
I didn't resist the impulse, obeyed him without hesitation. I took hold of him, and kissed him. He stared at me in shock as I pulled away. "The audacity." He hissed.
"Apologies, Master. I got caught up in the moment." I said.
He took hold of me by my armor. "It takes a special kind of foolishness to manhandle your God." He spoke in a threatening tone. He lifted me up and threw me onto the bed, then he pinned my wrists against it. His eyes were filled with fury, his grip so tight it hurt.
"No hesitation, Master." I said. "Make me hurt."
"No." He said. He let go and climbed off of me. "I did, after all, challenge you to embrace your desires. I should have anticipated it." He sat on the foot of the bed, the anger still smoldering in him.
"I am sorry, Master." I said. "In that moment, I wanted nothing more than to try."
"Why?" He asked. "Why did you too something so recklessly foolish?"
"Likely because I've never actually been with someone." I admitted. "In the moment, I realized I just... I wanted to know what it felt like."
"You will have all of the time in the world for consorts." He replied. "Why me?"
"Love, perhaps." I replied. "If not blind and reckless lust. May I touch you, Master?"
"Why?" He asked.
"To comfort you, to apologize for my actions."
"You may."'
I rested my hand on his shoulder, the texture of his scales was rough, yet pleasant. I didn't realize I was beginning to lean in to kiss him again until I realized how close I was. He shot me a scathing look as I pulled away. "Sorry, Master." I said.
"Undress." He said. I didn't even hesitate. He pushed me down again, not as roughly, his hands grasped my wrists and pinned me down. "I do this to show you I am not a gentle lover. I am going to make you hurt, Ruuk. I am going to make you beg for death."
I flashed him an audacious grin.

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So my phone died and I’m starting this all over. So I (29f) need help, let’s call me Myla. So 13 years ago I meet lets call him Zack(29m). I want you to understand being born of parents who were abused as children both sexually and physically. Meant a lot of challenges. Both my parents were alcoholics. My father, in particular was an alcoholic and a drug addict. And neither one was prepared to protect me or my sister and I bring this up because at the time I had really started to rebel around 17 when I met Zack and he being born of a narcissist. We were both trying to escape, and we had spent a lot of nights together, forming a friendship. He was a very straight man,and I was pansexual mostly interested in women, but after a year and half we slept together, my losing my virginity to him. But shortly after I had found out, my father had raped one of my sisters friends, so I left to figure out what happened. And I know this is too much for one Reddit post but I left, the guilt was eating me because I didn’t know and I didn’t stop it. So I left Zack and I went back to my father to try to help him, but he was so far deep alcohol and drugs. I think he doesn’t even know what he did. But I ended up spending the next three years of my life being emotionally and physically abused. Literally the worst years of my life and I felt like I deserved it. Because this girl I knew since I was 12(I know this isn’t the same but at the time I had already had lived my life abused in a different way, not sexually, not physically, but emotionally. I was torn down and used and I know it’s not the same as physical as I have experienced physical, but I felt that it was important to say understand my mind).And I know I can’t explain everything that happened. Let’s just assume it was bad and life-threatening. And in that time Zack married my friend bell(33f). And this is my question I want Zack. But left him in the worst way I mean ghosted him and my friend bell who was bullied beyond belief like in the movies (I know it’s not right but it’s the reason why I seeked her out as a friend, I’m literally the reason they met). Anyway, I want to know if it makes me asshole for trying to get him back. I know the blame is equally on both of them for their relationship ending like it has. But I have never met anyone (and believe me I have dated both men, women and them)that I’m more compatible with. We want the same things.(We have built our friendship and shared a lot of time as friends). Would it be wrong for me to pursue more? I don’t want to betray bell. I asked for her permission to rebuilt my friendship with Zack. Aitah
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So I have a dental bridge on my front six teeth, I have had it about 5 years and truly have never been happy with how it looks. It looks crooked and too bulky for my mouth. I went to the dentist (a new one) to see how much it would be to replace my bridge and found out that the nerve of one of the teeth below the bridge is infected. The dentist said they can do a root canal without removing the bridge and then later do an appointment for the bridge replacement as the root canal needs to be done ASAP. Has anyone had a root canal done on a tooth with a bridge or crown over it? Did it last?
I need a partial denture for my back teeth so I’m considering just getting a full denture to save money now and possibly in the future if that root canal fails. There is also the possibility that when they take my bridge off in the future there may be issues with the other teeth underneath and they may not be able to give me a new bridge then I have wasted $1000+ on the one root canal.
Any advice is appreciated!
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So I have just finished Crooked Kingdom a few hours ago and I have a lot of thoughts (and tears) but I still need to calm down before I post about them.
That being said, I'd like to talk about Jesper and Kaz already. Because for all the goddamn fighting they do, they obviously care about each other. One could argue that they are practically best friends/brothers (by their standards lol because they are definitely not your average friends).
Jesper had always admired Kaz. And throughout Crooked Kingdom, all Jesper ever wanted was to get back in his good graces again and to win back his trust. Just like Inej, Jesper had always stood by Kaz. It was even mentioned how much Jesper appreciated Kaz because despite of who Kaz is and what he has done, he gave Jesper a family with the Dregs.
We all know how much Kaz cares for Inej, but after her, I noticed that Jesper seems to be the person he cares the most among the others. Kaz always made fun of Jesper's gambling habit but he knows that it's a problem and wants him to stop. When Jesper asked for the remaining parem, Kaz did not give it to him because he did not want him to get hurt. We can even see Kaz's inner dilemma because he can see why giving the parem would be practical but on the other hand, he's confused and trying to supress the fact that he cares for his friend. And by the end of the book, Kaz even admits that Jesper is missed. Granted, he adds that it's around but Inej wasn't fooled and that those words would mean the world to Jesper.
I have more thoughts regarding the whole series coming soon but I could not resist posting about these little moments between these two. Also, it just astonishes me and warms my heart whenever Kaz shows any sign of care for his crew aside from Inej.
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