Hershey bar dimensions for wrapper


2018.08.05 05:58 RagingDraugr Jazztronauts!!

Welcome to the unofficial subreddit for the Garry's Mod gamemode, Jazztronauts! Post about anything you like (that relates to Jazztronauts, of course).

2013.06.14 20:18 sirloinsirloin2 Sexy Woman of the Day

Welcome to SexyWomanoftheDay! We choose a new woman or theme every 24 hours for our members to post photos and gifs of! Feel free to nominate some of your favorite ladies or suggest themes at https://www.reddit.com/SexyWomanOfTheDay/comments/12kv4gc/sexy_woman_of_the_days_state_of_the_sub_address/ . This is not a self-promotion subreddit!

2015.11.20 01:49 The Dark Side

This sub is for all redditors who are interested in exploring the ideas of not having to always be positive, to live life in the duality of good and bad, with the interest to find out more about him or herself. This subbreddit is about exploring the ideas of how angry will not always destroy hatred is not always bad, moving past the normally accepted bullshit in the world today.

2023.06.11 01:47 WorthProper3289 Help with purchases

I have avoided updating my app forever as I don’t want to lose the ability to collect lives continuously… however I think today might be the day. I cannot get the in-app purchases to work! It just shows that stupid spin dial and won’t connect. Does anyone know a different way to purchase boosters or gold bars? Or a solution to my game not letting me purchase in the app? For reference I play on my iPhone
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2023.06.11 01:46 healingchrysalis Nothing feels real.

Everyday, I feel like I am floating in a pearly cloud of nothingness. Except, it isn't pearly. I tell myself that it is, that there's something special and substantial to my existence. But I have no direction, all my drive had dissipated, and I don't know what I'm doing with my life anymore.
I still have a dream, it tickles me deep deep down in my depths. I still feel the weight of my heart. I still love someone who is more special to me than I could ever describe. But, our lives are going to diverge, it's just so inevitable. I still treasure every little pinch of time we shared, each and every one. He's going to be an incredible and noble doctor. He has a drive that is unparalleled, and he inspired me like nobody ever has. I want the best for him.
But me, I screwed up. My MCAT score was horrendously low. And I was supposed to research this summer in my lab, and it didn't work out because my PI changed her mind. And I'm ridiculously behind in the process of medical school applications, and the only way it will all work out is if my MCAT score is above and beyond. In one week, I'm in need of an earth-shattering miracle. I created a whole entire organization that wasn't recognized by university, they just couldn't recognize the blood, sweat, and tears I shed onto it all. I was awarded a scholarship but heard nothing about the award. It all feels like everything in my life is denaturing...
And it's funny, how I have enough of a grasp of scientific processes to refer to them analogically in nonscientific contexts, yet I can't apply that to the actual exam. But I want so deeply to be a doctor that heals and loves in a world that's deprived. I know I have a long way to go. How can I feel when I feel so hollow inside myself? But Asian parents, they simply don't understand, when I try to explain how I'm exhausted from the gravity of it all, how I could enrich my application with another year, how even though I'm not going by a lightning quick timeline, I'll make it somehow, by a miracle of grace.
I don't know if I have a future anymore: visions used to shine in my eyes and now I see no color, no shape, no dimension. I know and can feel the web of a story in my depths, a story that is only mine, that threads me towards this path and yet, it's on the verge of breaking and I don't know what to do. The most comfortable and safe I have ever felt was in the soothing convalescent presence of the person o grew to love. But it's inevitable, we likely just won't be in eachothers lives. I'll miss him. Just knowing he exists on this earth grants me the most dazzling joy, and I am so lucky to have ever shared a small fragment of my life with him. I wish him all the happiness in the world.
But in my world, nothing feels real. I write these words hoping I'll somehow salvage something, and maybe somehow the red seas in my life will part, but it's so hard. It's just so very hard.
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2023.06.11 01:46 javiermetal66 Which gods would you pick for these trials?

Working on a Smite-based fanfic idea were the MC finds a magic bead necklace that allows them to use the powers of the gods at will (Think Ben 10 but with mythology). Can also summon their help.
For a chapter, the UN debate if this person should be legally considered a demigod and decide to put a number of tests on them to decide it based on Heracles' 12 labours. (i know those were an act of penitence, think of it more like the Twelve tasks of Asterix).
Out of curiosity, i want to know which god would you pick for each test. You can only pick 1 different god for each trial (except last one, i'll explain later) and each have its own rules. These are:

  1. 100m dash raze against sprinter Usaint Bolt.
  2. Shooting contest against sniper Wali (3 tries with different objectives, any ranged weapon, 1000m).
  3. Fight against MMA fighter Jon Jones (no weapons or magic).
  4. Spend one night without temptations at Paradise, Stuttgart (no alcohol or s*x).
  5. Endure a hypnosis session with Jeff Toussaint.
  6. Eat world's largest burguer from Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar. (1 hour limit).
  7. Complete Villa Pisani maze in less than 40 mins. (no passing through or jumping/flying over the walls. Bring flag placed in the center)
  8. Pass the Suneung (same rules as examination).
  9. Find a south philippine dwarf kingfisher (proof required, bird must remain unharmed)
  10. Climb mount K2 and back. (Bring flag at the top).
  11. Spend more than 45 mins in the Anechoic Chamber at BRE.
  12. A capture the flag match against the british SAS (5v5 match, paint weapons and ammo, can summon 4 ally gods, think of it as a conquest match).
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2023.06.11 01:45 Hawkwings77 On June 12th, r/dancingwiththestars will go dark for at least 48 hours in protest of Reddit's API changes that will kill 3rd party apps and impact accessibility

Starting on July 1st, Reddit has decided to impose exorbitant charges on third-party app developers (Relay, Reddit is Fun, Apollo, Baconreader, Narwhal, etc.) for utilizing their API. This decision has far-reaching consequences that not only hinder app developers but also affect the experience of moderators and users alike, including impacting accessibility. The lack of function in Reddit's official app has made far from a complete solution for moderators, and left many users dissatisfied with their experience with it as well.
​In response to this situation, dancingwiththestars has joined with other subreddits in a coordinated effort. We believe that unity is essential in driving change and advocating for the rights of app developers and the overall user experience. To amplify our message and demonstrate the strength of our concerns, barring any significant positive changes in Reddit's plan,
dancingwiththestars will be participating in a blackout starting on June 12th, lasting at least 48 hours.
During this blackout period, the subreddit will be set to private, rendering it inaccessible to all users. This collective action is intended to raise awareness and urge Reddit to reconsider their recent API changes. Our primary goal is to initiate a productive dialogue with Reddit, leading to a reversal of the detrimental modifications they have implemented.
We understand that this blackout may cause temporary inconvenience to our community, and for that, we apologize. However, we firmly believe that this short-term disruption will bring long-term benefits for every user. By standing together with other subreddit communities, we hope to send a clear message to Reddit and foster a meaningful conversation about the future of their API policies.
In the meantime, we encourage you to let reddit know that you disagree with their planned changes.
​There are a few ways you can express your concerns:
We appreciate your understanding, support, and active participation in this important endeavor. It is through the strength and dedication of our community that we can strive for a better Reddit experience for everyone involved.
Further info:
(For mods of other subreddits who will be participating, if you need it feel free to copy this message entire or in part to your subreddit.)
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2023.06.11 01:45 violet_1000 Saturday, June 10, 2023 Non-Real-Time Meeting

Welcome to this non-real time meeting of Overeaters Anonymous!
I’m violet_1000 I’m a recovered compulsive eater and your leader for this meeting.
Will those who wish, please join me in the Serenity Prayer:
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
Overeaters Anonymous is a Fellowship of individuals who, through shared experience, strength, and hope, are recovering from compulsive overeating. We welcome everyone who wants to stop eating compulsively. There are no dues or fees for members; we are self-supporting through our own contributions, neither soliciting nor accepting outside donations. OA is not affiliated with any public or private organization, political movement, ideology, or religious doctrine; we take no position on outside issues. Our primary purpose is to abstain from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors and to carry the message of recovery through the Twelve Steps of OA to those who still suffer.
Our Invitation to You
The Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous
Abstinence in Overeaters Anonymous is the action of refraining from compulsive eating and compulsive food behaviors while working towards or maintaining a healthy body weight. Spiritual, emotional, and physical recovery is the result of living the Overeaters Anonymous Twelve Step program.
The OA tools of recovery help us work the Steps and refrain from compulsive overeating. The nine tools are: a plan of eating, sponsorship, meetings, telephone, writing, literature, an action plan, anonymity, and service. For more information, read The Tools of Recovery OA page.
Sponsorship is one of our keys to success. Sponsors are OA members committed to abstinence and to living the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions to the best of their ability. Sponsors share their program up to the level of their experience and strengthen their recovery through this service to others. To find a sponsor, look for someone who has what you want and ask how he or she is achieving it. Will all abstinent sponsors please identify themselves in their post?
According to our Seventh Tradition, we are self-supporting through our own contributions. Our group number is 99038. Please use the group number when making your contribution. As our virtual group currently has no expenses please consider donating directly through this link to the OA World Service Office, who provides resources for OA groups all around the world to carry the message to other compulsive overeaters.
Suggested guidelines for sharing:
● As you share your experience and strength in OA, please also share your hope. Please confine your sharing to your experience with the disease of compulsive eating, the solution offered by OA, and your own recovery from the disease, rather than just the events of the day or week. When responding to other member’s posts, please focus on your personal experience rather than advice giving. If you are having difficulties, share how you use the program to deal with them. If you need to talk more about your difficulties and seek solutions, we suggest you speak to your sponsor and other members after the meeting.
This is a literature meeting. We are studying from the Big Book.
Assuming we are spiritually fit, we can do all sorts of things alcoholics are not supposed to do. People have said we must not go where liquor is served; we must not have it in our homes; we must shun friends who drink; we must avoid moving pictures which show drinking scenes; we must not go into bars; our friends must hide their bottles if we go to their houses; we mustn’t think or be reminded about alcohol at all. Our experience shows that this is not necessarily so.
Inc, A.A. World Services. Alcoholics Anonymous, 4th Edition (pp. 100-101). A.A. World Services, Inc.. Kindle Edition.
Closing By following the Twelve Steps, attending meetings regularly, and using the OA Tools, we are changing our lives. You will find hope and encouragement in Overeaters Anonymous. To the newcomer, we suggest attending at least six different meetings to learn the many ways OA can help you. The opinions expressed here today are those of individual OA members and do not represent OA as a whole. Let us all reach out by private message to newcomers, returning members, and each other. Together we get better.
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2023.06.11 01:43 Sarin_gas_smells_gud Contemptor dreadnought dimensions?

Hello everyone, I've got a couple of contemptor files that I'm looking to print but don't know if they are scaled correctly.
If any of you own a plastic contemptor and can get me the dimensions(height from bottom of feet to crapace, body dimensions) of the model, it would be much appreciated.
Also looking for dimensions of primaris intercessors, some of the nurgle specific vehicles, and if amy of you got your hands on the leviathan box, I'd like to get dimensions for those too so I can confirm my scaling for the 3d files available.
I can try and compensate if you can provide me a photo of the model measured with ideally a caliper but a ruler will be ok too.
Thanks in advance guys and happy printing.
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2023.06.11 01:41 WotDaHelll Is it worth it for me to get lessons, or just looking for resources online?

Well let me start off by, I do not plan on becoming an artist, producing my own music, or anything. I am just a very avid music enjoyer, and I want to be able to sing along without sounding like poop (and maybe hit up karaoke night at the bar haha)
Maybe do covers is probably as far as I would go.
I haven't looked for any resources yet or done any training myself. I have definitely improved recently.
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2023.06.11 01:40 surivanoroc20 Old PC’s SSD having boot/freezing issues in brand new system

Hi all.
My old (c.2011) PC’s GPU died, so I decided to build a new PC with all new parts. The only thing I wanted desperately to keep was my OS SSD (installed c.2018), since I dread having to reinstall Windows and ALLLLLL my stuff. After building the PC and running test boots, I plugged in the SSD and it wound not boot. After looking online for solutions, I quickly learned that older boot drives are MBR (legacy) and newer PCs require GPT. No idea that was a thing. Figured out how to enable CSM to get drive to boot. That worked. Went into safe mode to uninstall all nvidia software and drivers, rebooted to install Intel Arc drivers and software. That went well.
But out of nowhere, if I try to launch anything, steam, control panel, just anything, the system starts to freeze and becomes unusable. Starting up in safe mode does not cause freezing.
I do have old Asus Ai Suite II software and EVGA Precision X from the old hardware the SSD came from, but didn’t have a chance to uninstall any of that since I don’t have a way to get into windows because old GPU died and couldn’t use iGPU since old mobo doesn’t have monitor ports. Tried to uninstall old software while SDD is in new build but it won’t let me.
Any idea what can be causing the instability and freezing?
I think it’s likely that I don’t have ReBAR enabled, but doing so turns off CSM, which means I can’t use the SSD to boot. I want to try to convert from MBR to GPT but can’t because it just freezes.
Any help or insight is greatly appreciated.
New system (all stock, no OC): i7-13700K, ROG Strix Z690-G, 64GB Corsair Dominator 5600 DDR5 (QVL) Arc A750, Corsair Shift RM1000x PSU
Old system (all stock as well): i7-2700K, Asus TUF P67, 16 GB Corsair Vengeance, EVGA GTX 970 (died, and mobo doesn’t have display ports), Rosewill Lightning 1000 PSU
Carryover-over component: Samsung 870 Evo SSD (MBR boot drive)
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2023.06.11 01:40 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ James Marshall – Dating Accelerator (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️ James Marshall – Dating Accelerator (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ James Marshall – Dating Accelerator (The Natural Lifestyle) ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

James Marshall – Dating Accelerator

Why Most Guys Never See Any Results and what to do about it
If you’ve just started out on your seduction journey, it’s perfectly normal to be completely confused about how to seduce beautiful women.
The Dating Accelerator – a comprehensive online video course by James Marshall is the perfect place to start.
In this 3-week program you’ll learn the fundamentals of approaching beautiful women, getting numbers and going on dates, with lifetime access to all video modules to return to as you develop in skill and results.

Learn the Fundamentals of Approaching

This field-tested course will guide you step-by-step on how to start approaching and meeting women in your everyday life.
  • Even if you’re a complete beginner
  • Even if you’ve never cold-approached before
  • Even if you have no idea where to start

Why isn’t everybody dating beautiful women?

Before I explain the course, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that men don’t talk about.
Most men spend their lives living with ‘oneitis’, an obsession with one girl they know (and often repeating this pattern with another girl every year or so).
They have their eye on a girl who’s ‘special’. Which means she’s not like the rest, in fact she’s better than any other girl out there. He hopes that one day he’s going to finally confess his love for her, and she’ll fall head over heels in love with them.

The brutal truth about your dating life

Meanwhile, some guys have managed to convince themselves that they’ve got their dating life ‘under control’. Things are going ‘according to plan’.
Girls sometimes check them out when they’re at a bar with friends, they have a couple of options they could ‘make a move on’ in their social circle, and of course, the ace up their sleeve – Tinder.
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2023.06.11 01:40 hadderbear We were able to give away all of the eggs and donated the oreos and gave the strawberries to the chickens. What a haul!

We were able to give away all of the eggs and donated the oreos and gave the strawberries to the chickens. What a haul! submitted by hadderbear to DumpsterDiving [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 01:40 MatchThreadder Match Thread: Toronto FC vs Nashville SC Major League Soccer

7': Toronto FC 0-0 Nashville SC

Venue: BMO Field
Auto-refreshing reddit comments link
Toronto FC
Sean Johnson, Aimé Mabika, Richie Laryea, Raoul Petretta, Kobe Franklin, Deandre Kerr, Mark-Anthony Kaye, Jonathan Osorio, C.J. Sapong, Lorenzo Insigne, Federico Bernardeschi.
Subs: Kosi Thompson, Shane O'Neill, Cristián Gutiérrez, Jordan Perruzza, Tomas Romero, Brandon Servania, Sigurd Rosted, Ayo Akinola, Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty.
Nashville SC
Joe Willis, Jack Maher, Lukas MacNaughton, Dax McCarty, Daniel Lovitz, Shaq Moore, Hany Mukhtar, Sean Davis, Alex Muyl, Teal Bunbury, Jacob Shaffelburg.
Subs: Randall Leal, Fafà Picault, Brian Anunga, Taylor Washington, Josh Bauer, Elliot Panicco, Ethan Zubak, Jan Gregus, Aníbal Godoy.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2023.06.11 01:39 ApocalypseSpokesman What do I do about this?

What do I do about this?
This is a display issue.
I used to play on a PC, but have hand-wavey recently begun playing on a Mac. The display is occluded by the bars at the top and bottom of the screen. I was okay with it for awhile and now I'm not.
How do I make it not like this?
submitted by ApocalypseSpokesman to eu4 [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 01:39 Existing_Emotion299 Just came back from a DMT Blastoff during the comedown of 5 Grams of Golden Teachers. It was one of the most profound moments of my life

I just can’t contain the profound appreciation and awe I have for whatever this consciousness experience we’re all having is. All I can say is I have no words to describe what just happened to me. Wow!! I glimpsed the other side of the veil and it was the most wonderful, profound moment.
These two memorizing substances are from a completely different dimension! When used together they complement and magnify each other. I would more than recommend this combo.
Now that I’ve caught my breath, where do I even begin? I’ll try to do my best to document what the fuck just happened to me while it’s fresh.
After a difficult yet positive 5 gram mushroom trip facing some personal shit I was coming down from, I was in a pretty good mood, so I decided to load up the Yocan with my remaining deems. I didn’t notice what the dose was but eyeballing it, maybe around 40 mg. From what I remember I took two long hits, holding it upright. Almost instantaneously my body began to feel very heavy. Then, reality flipped. It’s quite hard to describe now but there‘s a higher dimensional space parallel to this one and I fell right through the floor and ended up on the other side. I woke up in the most awe inspiring, beautiful waiting room. When I say I couldn’t have imagined something so beautiful I truly mean it. The entire room was filled with self transforming impossible shapes. The closest similarity was that of liquid gold but it wasn’t like the gold here. It reflected light in ways I couldn’t describe but I’ll do my best in saying it was like fractal light blooms glistening off the gold. The fractal light blooms refracted every color imaginable, as well as, an infinite spectrum of new colors! Saying I was speechless would be an understatement considering information moves at a much higher rate in that realm. Everything was done telepathically. I didn’t have 5 senses and experiencing the world was all instantaneous and more rich. Before I was pulled back into my physical body, I looked down at what I thought was my body in this hyper realm, but it was a disembodied flowing robe or cloth made of the same light reflecting liquid gold material. I also remember floating disembodied on some ancient looking balcony overlooking a vast sparkling deep turquoise sea. The balcony was built from very advanced monolithic structures similar to what you’d see in ancient Egypt or how the Forerunners designed buildings in the Halo video games. Now that I’m back i truly long to return. It felt like my true home. Also I want to know more about it due to intense curiosity. Does this reality exist in some unfathomable distance from here outside the observable universe? I may never know.
Lastly, as I was on the final leg of my journey before I was jolted awake, an entity who I did not see spoke to me telepathically in the “wormhole” of sorts pulling my consciousness back. The entity was a collective consciousness and they conveyed to me their race placed tools such as mushrooms and dmt here billions of years ago to help those willing and curious to discover the true nature of reality. Then I was awake back in my body just like that.
What the actual fuck! I’m going to have to integrate this one for a while. I’ll honestly never be able to see anything the same again. I’ll say I’ll be taking a deems break for a few weeks and just returning to the same spot in my apartment to sit and meditate on this trip.
Okay that’s the last of my ramblings but I needed to info dump everything that happened before I lost it.
submitted by Existing_Emotion299 to DMT [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 01:38 WhackoMo 21 [M4A] SoCal/Anywhere. Looking for that spark

Hi, I'm Morgan, of if you want I also go by Eddie, that's my middle name.
I got out of a depressing break up about 6 months ago and In trying to get out there and find someone that I spark with.
Just some stuff about myself for starters I work as a line Cook at a bar, so I may be hard to get a hold of because my job is so hands on. I also am on a journey to try and lose a lot of weight, mostly because I do plan on enlisting in the USMC in the next half year. As for right now I'm 5'7 and 230lbs so yes I'm husky. My hobbies include Yu-Gi-Oh, video games, horror movies, binge watching TV shows, and Warhammer 40k.
As for what I look for in a person I'm not picky, all I ask is that you don't try to mold me into what you want me to be and that you're not a Nazi, in both the figurative and literal sense. Also if you have a warped sense of humor then that's a bonus point! If any of what I have rambled about has resonated with you then please reach out, I have a lot of love to give and nobody to give it to.
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2023.06.11 01:38 Such_Ad7910 Where to make friends in West Chester

I have been living in WC for a bit but have not really bothered to put down roots in the area. I don’t drink much so the bar scene is not really for me. Any recommendations for a ~30 year old trying to make new connections in the area? Ideally looking for recurring activities to get involved with. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.11 01:38 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [Genkicourses.site] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

A “lead” is simply a phone number that you get from a girl.

In a bar, nightclub, at a mall, at a coffee shop, on the street, etc, the key to sleeping with boatloads of beautiful women is systematically and optimally turning these phone number “LEADS” into meetups (dates) and then into “SEX”.
It will then be your choice if you want to keep the girl around to be part of your “harem” or make her your girlfriend.
So you can think of the process like this:
Acquire phone number “lead”Work the lead properly for a meetup (date)close the lead (have sex)retain the girlrepeat the process until you have your dream “harem” or “dream girlfriend”.
So as I near the big 1,000 laycount milestone, I decided to spill the beans on my ENTIRE “secret sauce” in FULL DETAIL.
My secret to systematically having sex with 100+ new girls every year.
For those of you who look at my high number of lays as being suspicious, I don’t blame you. But I have documented proof with 100s of hidden camera infield footage videos of me picking up women – which is more than any other pickup artist in the world has ever recorded.
No lead is waster
That’s my secret: working leads like a machine.
I got the first highly optimized lead system for dating figured out, I want to give back to the men out there that are struggling. Leverage my years of frustrations to get laid immediately.
What is the system? I call it The Lead Machine.
Why Machine? Because it works like a damn well-oiled machine!
Just put leads in and get pussy out!
Here is a sneak peak of what is included:
Massive Master flowchart ​​
Screenshots of conversations utilizing different parts of the chart
Dates Masterclass videos from Occam’s Razor
Videos About Dates Straight to the House
Videos About Closing at the House
Excel Spreadsheet Template for Organizing and Tracking Leads
It’s time to end that frustration, and stop wasting so much energy.
And that for a fraction of the money you are spending away inefficiently.
Stop wasting time and energy.
You don’t have to figure it out all over again. I did that for you. Been there done that.
So here I am offering the product of over ten years of optimizations, and first hand experience.
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2023.06.11 01:38 MatchThreadder Match Thread: Atlanta United FC vs D.C. United Major League Soccer

9': Atlanta United FC 0-0 D.C. United

Venue: Mercedes-Benz Stadium
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Atlanta United FC
Brad Guzan, Juan José Purata, Miles Robinson, Andrew Gutman, Brooks Lennon, Thiago Almada, Franco Ibarra, Caleb Wiley, Georgios Giakoumakis, Derrick Etienne Jr., Ajani Fortune.
Subs: Luiz Araújo, Amar Sejdic, Osvaldo Alonso, Quentin Westberg, Tyler Wolff, Luis Abram, Ronald Hernández, Machop Chol, Miguel Berry.
D.C. United
Tyler Miller, Steve Birnbaum, Jacob Greene, Donovan Pines, Victor Palsson, Christopher Durkin, Mateusz Klich, Pedro Santos, Lewis O'Brien, Christian Benteke, Taxiarchis Fountas.
Subs: Erik Hurtado, Kristian Fletcher, Cristián Dájome, Brendan Hines-Ike, Derrick Williams, Gaoussou Samake, Alex Bono, Russell Canouse, Yamil Asad.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2023.06.11 01:38 Toadstein12389 Age gaps

Hey guys, We have no pokemon leagues in our area and our loa shops won't host. But we have a gaming bar that does tons of gaming events for adults. Is anyone familiar with sanctioned leagues for adult ranges only or in an adult gaming space? If not, is there room for a world where you just get together to play without sanctioned play?
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2023.06.11 01:37 frobnosticator2 Getting bars to line up

For a few years I've been trying with MusixTeX to get bar lines to line up with the ones above and have pretty much given up on it after a suggestion to use autosp didn't work. I found autosp excessively kludgy as well. So, on to Lilypond. I've found something at https://music.stackexchange.com/questions/23593/ that works as its own example, but I can't figure out how to apply it to my own work.
To head off any comments of "don't do that" and "why do you want to do that?" -- it's common to do this for bagpipe, jazz, and children's piano books.
submitted by frobnosticator2 to lilypond [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 01:37 sj_b03 Considering swapping heatsink/ shroud on dell RX 5700

I’ve seen people swap heatsinks before, is there any reason not to/anything to look out for with swapping heatsinks on a gpu? Mounting brackets for gpus seem to all be the same dimensions around the die itself, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work unless there’s other factors I’m not considering.
I just want to swap the heatsink because the temperatures have been a little higher than I’d like to see. Are there any factors I’m overlooking here?
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2023.06.11 01:37 Greatingsburg [Discussion] Bonus Book: The Vampire Lestat, Part 7, Ch 12 - End

Welcome back, fellow travelers on the Devil's Road! 🛣️
This week, like Lestat, we are early risers and have moved forward the check-in before everything goes dark on June 12th. No idea what I'm talking about? Check out this announcement.
What a journey! This book has not only covered great distances, but also centuries of time. I hope you enjoyed the ride, and I am curious to see what you think of this section in the comments!
Some admin from my side: Since Those Who Must Be Kept and The Mother and The Father are ridiculously long nicknames, I will refer to Akasha and Enkil as "OG vampires". Also, I'll continue to refer to everything related to mind powers as ESP.
Today's discussion covers Part 7, Ch 12 - End per the schedule. Want to see or write comments outside the weekly discussions? Check out the Marginalia. Beware the spoilers. 👀

Let’s raise the curtain one last time for our very own Lelio of the vampire world:

Chapter 12. After stealing the OG vampires from the Egyptian coven, Marius buys them fancy mummy cases and buries them in his backyard for the time being. This doesn't go unnoticed, and soon the Elder appears and demands that Marius bring them back. They butt heads, first figuratively and then literally. Marius makes the perfectly rational choice of squeezing his eyes back into his head with his thumbs. Their fight is broken up when Akasha unearths herself. She pins the Elder and then squashes him like a cockroach. As a finishing touch, she pours lamp oil over the goo and burns the remains. Then she ESPs Marius that he will always be safe with her if he becomes her new guardian. She also encourages him to drink from her so that his wounds will heal and they can leave Alexandria. Marius succumbs to her seductive powers.

Chapter 13. Drinking Akasha's blood is absolute ecstasy for Marius. It also gives him memories of Akasha.
(Note: I would like to inform everyone that we are now in a flashback of a flashback of a flashback)
He experiences epic vampire battles, vampires behaving like gods and demanding human sacrifices brought by human slaves from all over the world. Babylon. Assyria. Forgotten cities (Note: Atlantis?). Marius disapproves because of his western ideals. He sees these epic vampires (dark gods) imprisoning the OG vampires so they can feed on them. Eventually they refuse human blood, but their strength continues to grow. Enough time passes that no one remembers that they are actually imprisoned. They are freed, but their appearance has become that of statues.
Vampires, or "The Drinkers of the Blood", are still worshipped as gods. The sacrifices were thought to be evil people and the vampires their good gods. But then times changed and Egypt was conquered and those ideals changed.
(Note: This is the end of the flashback3)
Marius is restored. He dreams of rescuing/restoring/un-traumatizing the OG vampires (insert "I can fix them" meme here) and imagines all the great things they will do together.
They go to Antioch, but for over a century nothing changes except the color of their skin. Marius falls madly in love with a Greek courtesan named Pandora. He turns her into a vampire and she feeds on Akasha. They live together for 200 years. Under Christianity, vampires become devils. So much so that some vampires even believe it (eherm Children of Darkness). Marius hopes that humanity will evolve into an age of enlightenment without gods and goddesses, thus devaluing vampires. In the eighteen hundred years that Marius has lived, he has found no true purpose.

Chapter 14. Lestat is now aware that Marius could wipe them all out just like that, since he is responsible for the OG vampires. He also thinks about rousing them. Marius assures him that he has no intention of killing them or himself, that he is content to experience humanity. According to him, this is only possible because he has lived a full life, and he urges Lestat to do the same, to go away and live a life (in New Orleans) before returning to him. He also reveals that he regrets turning Armand into a vampire in his youth, even going so far as to see Armand's foolish behavior as punishment.
Some general Marius approved rules to living your vampire life:
They contemplate something ominous could happen if Akasha were to become loose. Marius floats the idea in the room that Lestat could drink Akasha’s blood, it would make him stronger, heal existing wounds, but not wounds made after the “injection”. They decide that they’ll humbly ask Akasha to let Lestat drink from her blood.
Before that, however, is a lot of vampire lore exposition Marius gives Lestat by the by:
  1. Ghosts exist!
  2. Immortals that don’t drink blood and can walk in daylight exist. One of them is Ramses the Damned. They are dangerous. Marius and Pandora have a difference of opinion if these things were at any point vampires.
  3. When vampires are burnt, Marius suspects they come back in another form. Possibly they are reborn as humans. Pandora claims she’s been one of the burnt vampires.
Marius promises they’ll meet again after Lestat has lived his lifetime. He also tells him he will move to another place to keep the OG vampires safe. He makes Lestat swear to tell no one about their existence or anything he’s told him. He vaguely threatens Lestat if he breaks his promise (but not really).
Lestat feels oppressed by the secrecy required of vampires and floats the idea in the room telling the world about vampires. Marius strongly rejects this, calling it madness, because vampires are solitary creatures who like privacy.
“We are evil things finally,” says the vampire who pages before stated there is no such thing as good or evil.
They embrace and part ways.
Lestat silently ponders how he would behave in a thousand years, and if he was a statue by then, too. Before he loses consciousness, he hears a woman’s laugh and sees a woman’s neck bending.

Chapter 15. Lestat has a great idea. He sneaks into the OG vampires’ chamber and plays Nicki’s violin FOR THE FIRST TIME, WHILE SINGING. Akasha (understandably) lets out a head-exploding shriek and crushes the violin in front of Lestat. Then she lets Lestat drink from her, and this somehow turns into a makeout session. This is interrupted by a jealous Enkil who grabs Lestat and is about to stomp him to death, only to be saved by Marius ESPing to Enkil that he would take Akasha away from him if he kills Lestat. Then Marius ESPs to Lestat to go (good advice), which Lestat does.

Chapter 16. Lestat apologizes for what he has done, but Marius doesn't buy it. Lestat is convinced that Enkil is the worst thing that has ever happened to Akasha, and he wants him gone. When Marius scolds Lestat for his uninhibited thoughts, Lestat begins to cry. He wants Marius to let Akasha go, but Marius instead urges Lestat to leave the island for the night and not return until just before dawn, and to stop thinking about Akasha. After the hunt, Lestat does just that, imagining him and Akasha in a palace in Germany.
When he comes back, Marius tells him to leave for good, so that Enkil can quiet down. Marius' final advice is that he’ll find him when the time is right and that he can always ESP Marius (Note: Mother hen Marius confirmed).

Chapter 17. We are in New Orleans! Enchanted by the beautiful scenery, Lestat reflects on ancient truths and ancient magic, revolution and invention, and the nostalgic feeling of childhood.

Epilogue: Interview with the Vampire. Chapter 1. Lestat concludes his backstory by calling it The Early Education and Adventures of the Vampire Lestat. Now we get some addendum to what happened in “Interview with the Vampire”:
Lestat never saw Marius or Gabrielle again. He acknowledges some (some?) mistakes he made, but calls it all a direct result of his fatal love he has for Louis (who is btw a carbon copy of Nicki). They lived together for almost 70 years, which is groundbreaking (apparently not counting Marius' and Pandora's 200 years). Turning Claudia so young was a bad decision, but she would have died if he hadn't turned her (same goes for Louis) ... is Lestat's reasoning. Also, all the people he killed were bad people. Also, also, Louis begged him ALL THE TIME not to leave.
Some backhanded compliments he gives Louis are:
After almost getting killed two times by Claudia, he doesn't turn to Marius for fear of condemnation, Gabrielle was AWOL. Left is Armand.
He tells Armand what happened, but Armand is already well aware of Louis and dresses up a weakened Lestat and uses him in his plot to get rid of Claudia. The previous vampires from the theater are all gone. When he asks about Louis, Armand tells him that he is also dead. Then Armand emotionally explodes, blaming Lestat for destroying the coven and driving them to perform in a theater. Finally he throws Lestat off the tower, breaking every bone in his body on impact.

Chapter 2. After two years, Lestat is strong enough to board a ship back to Louisiana. He draws a parallel to Gabrielle being locked in a tower. He reads a lot and sometimes meets other vampires, but he is too weak to do anything. Eventually, Armand visits him and tells him that Louis is not really dead. At this point, they are both very salty about each other, and they continue to bicker like unhappy neighbors for some time. Armand promises to give him some of his blood if Lestat promises to love him, but Lestat has only contempt for Armand. (Note: This feels very similar to the song Gives You Hell).
Finally, he decides to go into the earth. He dreams of Marius as a photographer. Of his new building of twentieth century impressionists. He shows the OG vampires a movie. Akasha speaks to him to come to her, but Lestat is too weak.

Dionysus in San Francisco - 1985. Chapter 1. Despite secrecy over the rock band, vampires leave messages on Lestat’s answering machine, calling him an outcast and daring him to come out. He feels lonely. The band is about to perform in San Francisco. He fears Marius’ wrath. MMarius speaks to him in his dream, accusing him of risking his revenge and acting impulsively. Then a sudden transmission says, “Danger. Danger to us all.”
Louis visits him. They embrace and make up (Note: Yes, Louis has read the book). He tries to dissuade him from the concert, but Lestat’s mind is made up. He doesn’t fear vampires that need to use telephones to communicate threats. Also, he wants to be Lelio again.
Louis tells him about bars that function as vampire connections, where vampires meet to exchange gossip. All the young vampires imitate the characters in his memoirs. New Orleans has no active vampire connection because it is Armand's territory and he has killed all the young ones. However, Armand has been missing for some time.
Also, the rules for vampires are now stricter. No evidence of killing is allowed. And their existence must remain a secret. Louis agrees to come with him to the concert... but not in those clothes, a fashion-conscious Lestat chides.

Chapter 2. Everyone is super stoked for the concert, outside video screens and speakers have been mounted for the fans that didn’t get tickets. Lestat gushes over Louis' makeover. The concert itself is utter madness and euphoria. And Lestat sweats blood again. He draws parallels to past groups and people (the Keltoi, the Romans, …) and notices real vampires in the crowd.
When the concert is over and they are walking to their car, they are attacked by vampires with scythes. Before they can do anything, the attacking vampires burst into flames. They are pulled into the car by none other than Gabrielle! Lestat believes that Marius is behind the explosions. A chase with a van ensues, and Lestat finally understands the gravity of the situation. They are hit by the van and the car explodes. The vampires narrowly escape death. Other attack vampires appear with scythes, but they combust yet again before they can strike. Lestat wants to fight them like a fool, but Louis and Gabrielle stop him.
Gabrielle repeats that they are all in danger.

Chapter 3. The vampires are back at the house and speculate who could be behind the combustions. Gabrielle doesn’t believe Marius would do this, since it feels like an alien and savage force. Lestat is just stoked to have his favorite vampire fledglings back and tattempts to reassure them that he was in control the whole time. Gabrielle calls Lestat an imp.
Just before bedtime, Lestat muses on the strange transmissions. He tries to ESP Marius and receives a broken signal from Marius telling him exactly what the transmissions had told him: They were all in danger. We learn that Marius is buried in ice and that Akasha has seen and heard his music through the television that Marius set up. Akasha caused the combustions.
Lestat feels a cold hand reach out and caress his face before he loses consciousness.

That's it, folks, the curtains are closed on The Vampire Lestat. 🏁
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2023.06.11 01:36 My_2cents_ Pattaya swingers exchange?

We spend 5 months every year in Pattaya (usually starting in November) and I was wondering if there is some kind of club or group in Pattaya for mature (60+) swingers. I know we can get bar girls, but we are looking for non-professionals that actually enjoy intimacy - hopefully long term. IM me if you live in Pattaya and let's see.
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