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We, the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage, as a sacred commitment between two individuals, is ordained of God. The family, in all its diverse forms, is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.
All human beings—regardless of gender or gender identity—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Our identities are an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal purpose.
In the premortal realm, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.
The first commandment that God gave to humanity pertained to the potential for parenthood. We declare that God’s commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that the sacred powers of love and commitment are to be employed between individuals who are lawfully wedded.
We declare the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed. We affirm the sanctity of life and its importance in God’s eternal plan.
Partners have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. “Children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3). Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another, observe the commandments of God, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. They will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.
The family, in all its diverse forms, is ordained of God. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities.
By divine design, parents are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. All parents, regardless of gender, have the responsibility for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, parents are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.
We warn that individuals who violate covenants of love, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.
We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family, in all its forms, as the fundamental unit of society.
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2023.06.03 20:54 Mr_JoNeZz [FS][UK] Clear Out! - TNF, Arc, RL, Sup, NlKE & OW.

Hello All,
Having a clear out of some items I haven’t really worn recently. As previous listings, sales are to be made through Paypal Invoice ONLY!
Some fashion reps history pieces!
Message me if you require any more information!
Images with timestamp (In Order) - https://imgur.com/a/Mp4pYZ8
UNHS Supreme x CDG 2017 Box Logo Tee - LARGE
Really good condition/quality. Looking for £20 + Shipping.
2. UNHS Supremes Van Gogh Fields Hoodie - LARGE - £40 + Shipping.
Really good quality, like a supreme heavy blank. Fits like a Large.
3. Nike x CPFM Longsleeve Polo - XL - £25 + Shipping.
Never worn, solid piece. Boxy & fits like a Large.
4. Off-White Scribble Tee - Medium - £5 + Shipping.
Worn a few years back. Fits like a medium. Decent quality.
5. TNF x RAGE 92 Fleece - Large - £15 + Shipping.
Fits like a large. Really solid piece, the logos have been blacked out since the front tnf isn’t that clean but it’s a really nice fleece.
6. ARCTERYX Ames Jacket - XL - £35 + Shipping.
Really good quality coat, has been worn a few fair times, and will wipe the sleeves free of any dirt. There is a hood within the collar but it is not effective, so it it best to keep it inside.
7. Ralph Lauren Grey Hoodie - L - £10 + Shipping.
Has been worn a handful of times, no stains or excess signs of wear. Fits like a M-L.
8. Supreme MJ Tee - M - £5.
Has a few signs of age. Has not been worn, but has been on a hanger in the closet for a while. Lol.
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2023.06.03 20:53 RuggedWing 24M I think I had my first cougar flirting experience but I do not know the next move lol.

This is someone I see maybe once every few months at work conferences. Is this a no go?
I was at a work conference, I’m 24 working in higher education, lots of age gap with people who normally attend. I was outside on a patio drinking some and a coworker was out there. She’s in her 40s and sat by me - we were talking and then she randomly said “can I touch your face” she touched it and I didn’t react any certain way. The night went on and nothing happened, but I am unsure if there was any interest. Dumb story and question, but I would just like opinions. Am I looking into this too much?
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2023.06.03 20:53 Caraxes45627 18 [F4M] Our story together!

Hello there! I’m looking to meet someone in order to hopefully get a boyfriend. I only had one relationship before and I learned a great deal from it.
I’ve tried other dating apps such as Tinder to look for people close to me, but it turns out that I haven’t reached or connected with anyone in the right way that I’m trying to accomplish by making this post here.
I am looking for a good looking, white, skinny or muscular male between 18 and 24 years old, from North America with a good personality. Please, add your picture when you message me (SFW).
I would describe myself most of all as a feminine person. I am very loving, caring, helpful, I am kind, warm, supportive and sensitive. I love writing love letters. I really like compromise and commitment and once I’m in love, I’m faithful to only one person. Some activities we can do is voice calling, watching movies and shows, listening to music together. I will provide a physical description of me; I have brown eyes, brown hair, white skin, 168cms tall and thin. I also intend to keep the conversation as SFW as possible.
I won’t reply to any profile that has a Not SFW post or comments on it (if your profile is Not SFW but it’s empty or with SFW comments and posts, I will reply)
If you are everything I’ve described and you feel we could be a match, then I encourage you to message me, and just tell me your age and what you thought of my post and from there I hope we may start building a beautiful relationship!
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2023.06.03 20:53 Cephalon_Niko Question: Is the ship "Cross of Dorn" from Wows accepted/acceptable as canon? Plus are "normal" warships even still a thing and could there be more like it? (Yes this is a serious question please dont take it as and execute me for herecy.)

Question: Is the ship
First off all I wanna say I have great respect for the Warhammer 40k "universe" and the dedication fans put into it despite admitedly only knowing little about it as Ive only very recently started getting into it after acquiring the "Cross of Dorn" and its captain "Augustin Riegerwald" in World of Warships. [For reference see images below text]
A bit of context: As someone who enjoys proper quality warships with that fight guns and not rockets (aka. fight like real men) I primarily play and collect german ships because they are all brawlers (Like the Black Templars). So naturally with the "Cross of Dorn" being a very cool reskin of the heavy cruiser Mainz (Draft of a Hipper class with diff. Main guns) it peaked my interest as follows: Ship - Ships lore - Black templars - 20 Legions - What is Warhammer - Whats the communities opinion of the ship/do they accept its existance as canon? (And could there be more ships like it?)
The ships lore: "This warship is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the Black Templars. Only a few chosen Brothers know of its very existence, as it lays dormant deep in the Reclusiam hangars of the Eternal Crusader, flagship of the Templars’ fleets and Chapter’s Fortress-Monastery. This ship was the gift, reward, and blessing, given by Rogal Dorn to the newborn Chapter and its first High Marshal Sigismund. It is ancient like the time itself, dating back to the early days of the Dark Age of Technology. Looking deceptively small, compared to the gargantuan vessels of Chapter’s fleets, it holds the mysterious and now forbidden powers of that long-forgotten era."
So long story short what is your gusy opinion on the "Cross of Dorn" and its captain "Augustin Riegerwald" do you accep it as canon? Can it even be concidered as being canon or is that not even possible? Could there be more "traditional" warships or would the be too outdated to be viable in the Warhammer universe? (Note: There are 3 more Warhammer40k related ships in Wows) And regarding the tabletop gameplay: If such warships/ if surface fleets are still a thing could there be playable warships at some point? What are your thoughts on all this?
The Cross of Dorn
Its captain Augustin Riegerwald
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2023.06.03 20:53 Hitch42 Audio-Drama.com links from May 28 to June 3, 2023

Audio-Drama.com links from May 28 to June 3, 2023
Audio-Drama.com is an online directory of audio drama and spoken word websites, with at least one new link added to it every day, and 100 or more new entries created each month. As of this post, there are 9,310 published articles. Here are the newest articles from the past week:
  1. Outlaws of the Cosmos (Narrated Science Fiction Series) Valda Read is the fearless captain of the bulky and powerful spaceship, "The Forgotten". Her crew, consisting of Clifton, Hardboot, Vantas, and Zaine, have been left stranded in the vast expanse of open space, desperately trying to find a way back home.
  2. The Baby Animals Podcast (Narrated Children's Series) Fun and sweet short stories to enjoy on your drive, before bed, or anytime! For the young and the young at heart. Come have adventures with me and my baby animal friends! Let's go!
  3. 97toNow Productions Proudly Presents: (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) A detective-noir style comedy taking place in locals such as Berkeley and New Orleans, follows aspiring Novelist Jack R. Abbott as he attempts to get published.
  4. The Four Boys Club (Narrated Drama Series) The Four Boys Club (sometimes not-so-fondly called Quartet of Mayhem) is a podcast of a series of short stories, which covers the worlds of four 15-year-olds: Shanky Vai, Baalan "Bandem" Asra, Ankur "Anpag" Benza, and Mompy Arda. Part coming-of-age and part drama/suspense, it has been inspired by Stephen King's The Body (and its movie adaptation, Stand By Me).
  5. Brave New Wild (Role-Playing Science Fiction Series) After a week-long outdoor adventure, you and your fellow Junior Braves return home to find that the world is no longer the same. Your families are missing, there are terrible things roaming the streets and you aren't sure if help will ever arrive. You all need to be brave and use your skills to survive, to adapt and to thrive.
  6. Rolling Dice With Myself (Role-Playing Science Fiction Horror Series) Welcome To Rolling Dice With Myself. A DND podcast centered Around Issac a man of turmoil and pain who awakens in an unknown world. Where earth has become scorched. The sky has been breached by Lovecraftian horror. And The Old Man approaches Please come into the Madness
  7. Ope! Legends of Raspia (Role-Playing Fantasy Comedy Series) Follow the tale of Feaubear Dongodiere as he explores the fantastical desert oasis of Caltaria.
  8. The Atomless (Role-Playing Science Fiction Fantasy Series) The Atomless is a Starfinder Podcast following the rag-tag crew of The Patchwork traveling through the homebrew Aesir system and beyond. Join Ayg, the meek smuggler Ysoki Technomancer; Azhaam, the stony ex-rebel Ifrit Envoy; Theriac, the neurotic xenoecologist Raxilite Biohacker; and Skye, the bold teenage Human Mechanic as they chart their way across the Atomless Sea in this ongoing campaign. What strange encounters await this daring band of space-faring adventurers?
  9. The Trip (Full Cast Mystery Thriller Series) In an attempt to rekindle their marriage, Jack and Amanda take a camping trip in the mountains with their son Lucas. Strange noises in the woods and a mysterious bag found at the bottom of the lake begin them on a dangerous adventure, one that they may not come back from.
  10. Juvie (Full Cast Drama Series) Alana McKenzie an idealistic psychology grad discovers her purpose working in a juvenile prison. Thrown into a world of systematic corruption and rampant chaos, she soon realizes that the classroom was much easier than the real world. Juvie is a gritty Podcast Dramatic Series highlighting the injustices and multiple challenges of juvenile incarceration.
  11. Story Quest (Narrated Children's Multigenre Anthology) Original stories for kids and families, suitable for all ages. New episodes every week! Story Quest episodes are perfect stories for the car, bedtime stories, or as a way to unwind.
  12. Enter The House Between (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) Reality is not what it used to be. After consensus reality shatters, and humanity evacuates to mysterious sanctuaries known as smart houses, a group of survivors navigate the uncertain future of the Quantum-sphere. [...] Enter The House Between, and discover a world in which quantum mechanics, the many-worlds theory, Everett branches, human mutation, dark matter, and artificial intelligence shape and inform the everyday reality of all people, everywhere. Six survivors, cast out from sanctuary, find shelter on a seemingly abandoned farm. There, they explore parallel lives, discover hidden secrets, and witness the birth of a strange and mysterious child; a child who may represent the next stage of human evolution. Meanwhile, a sinister cult leader, known only as Father, launches an apocalyptic campaign designed to bring about a terrible agenda; to impose, by force, a singular vision of reality on an infinitely diverse Quantum-sphere.
  13. Riding Around (Full Cast Comedy Series) Join hosts Kelley Quinn and Malin von Euler-Hogan for a weekly recap of the beloved 2000s sitcom Riding Around, the first show ever to be filmed entirely on and around a bus. Never heard of Riding Around? That's because they made it up. Every week, Malin and Kelley welcome a new comedian for an improvised trip down memory lane about the making of an episode of TV that never actually aired.
  14. Hundred Second Theater (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) Miniature audio dramas of 100 seconds length.
  15. By Way of the Sea (Full Cast Historical Fiction Series) The year is 1814, and Elena's life is about to change forever. When Elena learns from her father that her past has been a lie, her entire life is uprooted all in one night. Along with a trunk of her mother's belongings, she is dropped off the next day at the pier to begin a voyage to her new home and her arranged marriage. While aboard the ship, she befriends Captain Jeremiah and his wife, Lucia, all while avoiding the condescending eyes of the first mate, Silas. One night, after their ship runs aground in a storm, Silas is left to watch over Lucia and Elena on a tropical island, while the Captain goes to find help. Soon after, Kwesi and Bahia wash ashore, creating a new dynamic among the stranding souls, forcing Elena to determine what she wants for her life, and what she truly considers home. A regency era story, with layers of humor, adventure, love, and self-discovery. A great episodic-series for fans of historical fiction, Jane Austen, Bridgerton, and other 19th century dramas.
  16. Division Rate (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) A thousand years after the advent of biological immortality, civilization has crumbled and humanity is trapped in a technological dark age. In the ruins of what was once a global empire, the surviving immortals rule as monarchs over the mortal commoners, but the winds of change are coming. 'Division Rate' follows the story of an esteemed and influential immortal who wakes up groggy in a ruined laboratory, captive to a mysterious woman who says she is going to cure him of his immortality.
  17. The Freckle Files (Narrated Mystery Series) [Join] investigative journalist A. D. Freckle on a suspenseful journey to revisit her most elusive cases.
  18. The Fire Fades: A Dark Souls Podcast (Narrated Fantasy Anthology) Come rest by the bonfire and share a pot of estus stew with me as I tell you the stories of Lordran, Lothric, and the like! Fear not the dark my friend, and let the feast begin.
  19. Brandon Wilborn's Fantasy Fiction (Narrated Fantasy Anthology) Love classic, epic fantasy? Wonder what happened to stories of rousing adventure with noble heroes and dastardly villains? Then join Brandon Wilborn, fellow fantasy nerd and indie author, as he reads the unabridged audio version of his novels and stories, starting with his debut novel, The Treasure of Capric. Brandon's action-packed tales with classic heroes and devious villains let you escape to wondrous worlds with noble quests, soul-piercing danger, and a thread of hope.
  20. The Walker Mysteries (Narrated Mystery Series) Meet DCI Charlotte Walker - the Yorkshire Tea-drinking, Tizer-loving, Love Hearts-eating detective. She's confident and creative; fearless and feisty... she's the detective you want on your case. But outside of her job, she's quirky, talks ten to the dozen, easily goes off on tangents and can be a bit flirty at times... This isn't a typical police procedural, it's a trip into the chaotic and witty crime-solving world of Charlotte Walker.
  21. Hell or High Rollers (Role-Playing Fantasy Comedy Series) From members of Mischief Theatre, creators of the Olivier award winning 'The Play That Goes Wrong' and the BBC's 'Goes Wrong Show; comes this brand new live action role play podcast. Loosely following the rules of D&D 5e join our players as they take on the roles of four heroes attempting to escape eternal damnation in DnD Hell!
  22. Rogue Tyger (Full Cast Science Fiction Series) 5,000 years into the future — in a corner of the galaxy where Earth is no longer known — humans and a dozen other sentient races have forged a civilization. Spacers brave the oceans of void between hundreds of worlds for power, glory, and simply to survive. This is the tale of one band of spacers and their ship: the Tyger. join the crew of the Tyger as they search for adventure, riches, and possibly redemption. You'll travel from the outer planets to the frontier and back to the core systems as they experience victories, defeats, and more than a few surprises. Adventure Awaits!
  23. Retreat (Full Cast Comedy Series) For comedy, history, self-improvement & culture fans. Shannon, is a "Plastic Paddy"; a clueless Irish-American who loves Ireland. She's at the arts residency to collaborate with her Druidic-healer poet cousin. (They met online when their DNA matched on a genealogy website.) The residency is rundown, the lakefront is full of stoats and her fellow housemates put her "positivity practice" to the test. As they prepare to inaugurate the new Megacorp Exhibition Hall, an heiress, a hot groundskeeper, a fairy fort, a famous Russian dissident artist, and an army of frisky stoats have other plans.
  24. Modern Folktales (Full Cast Multigenre Anthology) Modern Folktales is an anthology of cautionary and twisted short stories that revive the folktale by tackling the moral and social puzzles afflicting today's young adults. We all know the fables well-worn into us as children and it's clear that the stories informing today's ever-questioning minds are in dire need of refreshment. What happens when we go too far? When we trust too openly? When we take too much acid and run through a plate glass window? If you find yourself questioning the world we live in today, Modern Folk Tales might just have the answers you're looking for.
Feel free to discuss any of these shows or comment about Audio-Drama.com. Note that the website is currently in the process of being redesigned, so some functionality is limited and pages may look different from one another. I always welcome any questions or feedback.
Compiling these link takes a lot of time and is something that I work on many hours every day. If you appreciate this effort and would like to help support it, please consider visiting the Audio-Drama.com Patreon page. Audio-Drama.com will always remain free for everyone.
Previous weekly Audio-Drama.com links
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2023.06.03 20:52 Caraxes45627 [18/M] Our story together!

Hello there! I’m looking to meet someone in order to hopefully get a boyfriend. I only had one relationship before and I learned a great deal from it.
I’ve tried other dating apps such as Tinder to look for people close to me, but it turns out that I haven’t reached or connected with anyone in the right way that I’m trying to accomplish by making this post here.
I am looking for a good looking, white, skinny or muscular male between 18 and 24 years old, from North America with a good personality. Please, add your picture when you message me (SFW).
I would describe myself most of all as a feminine person. I am very loving, caring, helpful, I am kind, warm, supportive and sensitive. I love writing love letters. I really like compromise and commitment and once I’m in love, I’m faithful to only one person. Some activities we can do is voice calling, watching movies and shows, listening to music together. I will provide a physical description of me; I have brown eyes, brown hair, white skin, 168cms tall and thin. I also intend to keep the conversation as SFW as possible.
I won’t reply to any profile that has a Not SFW post or comments on it (if your profile is Not SFW but it’s empty or with SFW comments and posts, I will reply)
If you are everything I’ve described and you feel we could be a match, then I encourage you to message me, and just tell me your age and what you thought of my post and from there I hope we may start building a beautiful relationship!
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2023.06.03 20:52 Objective_Year6718 type me by long biographical style text please?

35/f, late diagnosis as combined type adhd (though i am more inattentive than impulsive)
i am the firstborn with two siblings, to an evangelical born-again christian dad and more moderately christian mom. my dad grew more fundamental with time and when i was in high school i declared my atheism after getting into punk music and reading the communist manifesto and feeling like christianity was quite harmful in many ways. my dad responded by forcing me to go to bible study and church each week otherwise i wouldn’t get to drive my car (bought myself) for the week, which was a hefty consequence considering i had severe anxiety around riding the bus.
i loathed the small, homogenous midwest town i grew up in and was something of a loner. i was put in the academically gifted classes in middle school but felt stupid in comparison to the other kids and didn’t achieve the high grades they did because i didn’t really care and didn’t enjoy being the only freshman amongst juniors and seniors in many of my classes once high school came. my primary focus was getting out of there once i graduated and that’s exactly what i did.
right after high school i spent the summer in romania volunteering in an orphanage. though i’d always been shy (i was the kid that adults would constantly make the joke, “i wish you would stop talking already!” because i was incredibly quiet unless i knew you, then i could be accused of being a motormouth), i always felt comfortable around young children and was a natural caregiver. I particularly loved (and love) babies.
I studied photography and fine art in college and grad school because i always felt like i contained a lot inside that i needed a way to make it external and bridge my inside and outside. the work i made was always deeply personal, so i never really considered making a career out of it, except becoming a teacher but that fell to the wayside as it seemed the only thing i could make decent money at was nannying.
i’ve been a career nanny for 15 years now and am pregnant with my first child now. it feels amazing to be realizing my greatest dream, that i always somehow thought i wouldn’t be able to do (for no reason other than a strange self-imposed “i can’t get what i want most” complex)
I used to describe myself as ambitious but really i’m more of a dreamer; ultimately i care little about my profession and seek mostly a comfortable existence with plenty of time with my loved ones and spare time to explore my various curiosities and connect with nature. it took me a really long time to realize being a mom was my main ambition, and have thought of pursuing a number of career paths but mostly i like studying and going to school.
the older i get the more introverted i feel, i used to live in big cities but in my 30s have been trying to move away and into more rural areas. i tend to avoid crowded events and definitely like more intimate social events.
i am artistic, but moreso creative. i have nothing but ideas but it’s hard for me to execute most of them. i like craft type activities, such as using plants to dye fabric, pressing flowers, and making jewelry. i absolutely loved darkroom photography but it isn’t something i can afford to do anymore. the art i make typically starts from an idea and the medium comes after—i’ve worked in video, sound, photo, sculpture, installation etc.
like other adhd-er’s i have hobbies i will focus on to the extreme and then will drop by the wayside once it’s lost my interest. i spent a couple of years really digging into genealogy and doing ancestral research in order to have a spiritual connection to them. i built a family tree in the thousands and used dna to further identify relatives when paper trails went cold. i love investigative challenges such as these and have a strong left brained side that feels sometimes at odds with my right brained creative/more chaotic energy but ideally i spend time engaging with both of these equally otherwise i get quite bored.
another passion of mine is astrology. i was quite skeptical of anything “woo” after being raised in such a harmfully religious way, but around 28 i started studying on my own and my interest still has never waned. i hope to write a book about genealogical and family astrology someday as this has been a good chunk of my research. i enjoy helping people learn more about themselves or see themselves differently by reading their chart.
i absolutely tend towards people pleasing and am very agreeable unless i’m quite comfortable with a person, which is a few and far between type relationship for me. i think part of this is being very conflict avoidant and wanting to be liked and seen as less intense than i truly am. as i mentioned before, i feel a lot under the surface and i definitely struggled with my mental health as a teenager and young adult. i identified strongly with the crazy/mentally ill woman stereotype from an early age, perhaps because my aunt passed due to suicide while i was a child and i was constantly told how similar i was to her. i feel a pressure to keep things more surface level and talk about inane things that don’t interest me because it’s rare for me to find people that want to talk about the things i’m interested in. and i don’t necessarily need to discuss my interest with others also.
in a similar way, i would never describe myself as a leader. i feel quite uncomfortable in leadership roles. i typically do my best work when left alone.
there are two types i usually receive when i take online tests, but i’d rather see what input i get before staying them. (perhaps it’s pretty obvious though?)
thank you for reading this far if you’re still with me and for any input you might have!
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2023.06.03 20:52 TheCoverBlog House of M/Decimation and How to Set a Status Quo Review and Analysis

House of M/Decimation and How to Set a Status Quo Review and Analysis

House of M and the following Decimation were two Marvel storylines in 2005. While they touched most major members of the Marvel Comics Universe, those mainly impacted were the X-Men (and their mutant friends). The result of House of M, which is explored in Decimation, is the Scarlet Witch using her reality warping powers and obliterating the mutant population via depowering them. She says three words and that’s it. No More Mutants. These words set off an entire era of X-Men comics and defined the line for years to come. Was it a powerful creative choice or was it an editorial mandate or both? How does it compare in tone and relevance to the modern X-titles? The answers honestly may be a bit surprising depending on your history with comics. For me I definitely buy the idea that this was editorial sidelining the merry mutants due to the (lack of) ownership of their film rights. However the landscape that emerges is surprisingly interesting and refreshing, at least at the start. House of M and the subsequent Decimation.


I want to give a bit of context about where I am coming from for this review. I have never read these stories nor the following comics until the year 2019. However I have read most everything prior to 2005. This gives me an interesting perspective because I have heard extremely mixed reactions to this story and era. I am very excited to approach it though since it does seem to be quite radically different from any prior status quo and is distinct from the modern comics in just about every way. Along with House of M I have currently read the first seven issues of X-Factor and New Excalibur as well as The 198. From these titles I was able to get a pretty good feel for the beginning of this era and was honestly pretty captivated by it at the best of times.

House of M

I was not impressed with the actual eponymous miniseries from Brian Michael Bendis and Oliver Coipel. The story and art were both fine, but I didn’t feel particularly moved by any of the emotion or excited by the action. The best I could say is that the concept of a world where these characters get their every wish is a bit interesting and fun overall. I found most of the joy in the initial introductions and exploration of the alternate lives of the classic heroes. It felt akin to Age of Apocalypse or Heroes Reborn, and the novelty always works for me when it is done with a bit of care. Past that the plot left me with very little until of course right at the end. No matter the quality of the book, the ending is uniquely impactful at least among X-Men comics due to the reshaping of the entire line. Lowering the mutant population down to near irrelevancy is a radical shift from the past assertions and predictions of the future for mutants. Before we have always seen many futures that involve mutant domination or the complete reverse, but never a mass ‘curing’ like this. It arguably muddies the whole mutant metaphor in some ways. Terrible events of course occur that radically reduce the number of certain oppressed groups, such as the AIDS Epidemic and the gay community. The key difference here is that the mutant population is brought down by over 90%, but those individuals are still alive. It almost resembles a version of sterilization based eugenics that have been done throughout the history of the US, but that’s a pretty thin comparison at times I think. It feels like a very comic book magic based situation, which is not an inherently bad thing. The X-Men sometimes are at their best when the metaphor is used quite loosely and can be applied to a variety of experiences. Of course you run the risk of being too generic or making too broad of generalizations, but you’ll always need a good writer for a good story, you know what I mean? The status quo of the mutants having less numbers and thus less power has potential, and is a stark contrast to everything published post House of X/Powers of X. Also the idea of radical bigots identifying a sub group within an already minority community and viciously pushing for their eradication is pretty relevant in the year 2023. There’s never going to be perfect showcases of these types of themes in a Marvel superhero comic (especially when they are created by such a predominantly white cis heterosexual male demographic), but this setup at least feels new. Finishing House of M, I was more excited to explore the world of the X-Men than I had for the last probably 10 years of publication history.


After the Scarlet Witch did her deed, the subsequent storylines in most X-Books was branded as Decimation and were centered on the mutants dealing with the fallout of their population reduction. I read three series to start and I believe I did them in chronological -ish order. The first was X-Men: The 198, a limited series about the Xavier mansion becoming a government internment camp for the surviving mutants. This one had some of the highest highs, but many of the lowest lows as well. I followed that with 7 issues of X-Factor and New Excalibur. These are both establishing legacy teams in a way that is comparable to their past roots, but revamped for the new era. Bringing back longtime writers Peter David and Chris Claremont may not seem like the best way to refresh the line, but it felt to me like they had matured as writers and were ready to deal with a more dire tone.


The initiative to bring the number of mutants way down, whether editorially backed or not, is an opportunity to explore some new stories. An intimate mutant network should help to make the multiple books in the line feel more connected and impactful to each other. In the best case scenario it would also help facilitate overarching storylines that exist in this shared world. I have no idea if the books will pay any of this off, but I have a renewed enthusiasm to delve into the X-Men universe of this time. Check back here in the coming days to find more in depth looks at the books in this article and any of the subsequent stories I find to be as interesting as this kickoff.
Check out the full post and more like this over at The Cover!
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2023.06.03 20:52 Total_Discipline_418 Books with an MC who is going through some kind of big life change (fantasy, dystopia, supernatural, apocolyptic) (preferably female)

Some of my favorite books are red rising, mistborn, not even bones, the handmaids tale, dune, the name of the wind, and a song of ice and fire. When I was in middle school, I liked divergent, the hunger games, the percy jackson series, mortal instruments and harry potter, so I think I like those vibes, but would prefer something more adult.
I’m fine with protagonists of all ages but I prefer stories where I’m being introduced to a new world or setting along with them. My favorite chapters from the game of thrones were Daenerys’ chapters, and I like stories about overcoming opppression, especially slavery or sexism.
I prefer books that aren’t explicitly young adult, but I mostly care that it’s well written and that I can feel like the protagonist is making realistic or somewhat understandble choices, and not entirely focused on romance or their love interest.
Unfortunately, I didn’t really like A Court of Thorns and Roses nor The Books of Babel, if that helps narrow down my taste.
Thank you so much.
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2023.06.03 20:52 GElise9 Kidney stones only on one side?

Hello. I (27F) have had kidney stones since I was 19. It took an absurdly long time to figure out it was kidney stones since I wasn’t in the primary age and gender demographic.
I’ve only ever had kidney stones on my right kidney. I have 2 again right now- 0.8mm and 0.6mm. They’re recurring. I don’t know what they’re made of.
I’ve tried to Google it and couldn’t find anything. My doctor just said, “That’s weird.” My kidneys look healthy otherwise, they’re a healthy size, it’s just stones.
Does anyone have experience with only one kidney repeatedly producing stones?
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2023.06.03 20:52 Blu1027 Chocolate Cherry Jam usage?

Thinking of making a batch or the chocolate cherry jam for christmas gifts ( can I just say how great learning to can has helped me with gift ideas for my aging parents and inaws that want for nothing).
I like to include little usage idea cards but beside ice cream or cheesecake toppings I'm a little stumped on this one.
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2023.06.03 20:52 Caraxes45627 18 [F4M] Our story together! [Relationship]

Hello there! I’m looking to meet someone in order to hopefully get a boyfriend. I only had one relationship before and I learned a great deal from it.
I’ve tried other dating apps such as Tinder to look for people close to me, but it turns out that I haven’t reached or connected with anyone in the right way that I’m trying to accomplish by making this post here.
I am looking for a good looking, white, skinny or muscular male between 18 and 24 years old, from North America with a good personality. Please, add your picture when you message me (SFW).
I would describe myself most of all as a feminine person. I am very loving, caring, helpful, I am kind, warm, supportive and sensitive. I love writing love letters. I really like compromise and commitment and once I’m in love, I’m faithful to only one person. Some activities we can do is voice calling, watching movies and shows, listening to music together. I will provide a physical description of me; I have brown eyes, brown hair, white skin, 168cms tall and thin. I also intend to keep the conversation as SFW as possible.
I won’t reply to any profile that has a Not SFW post or comments on it (if your profile is Not SFW but it’s empty or with SFW comments and posts, I will reply)
If you are everything I’ve described and you feel we could be a match, then I encourage you to message me, and just tell me your age and what you thought of my post and from there I hope we may start building a beautiful relationship!
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2023.06.03 20:51 stronglikefeels Dealing with inquiries on if you are pregnant

Hi everyone,
How did you handle all of the annoying questions from people who keep asking if you were pregnant? We’re waiting till we successfully pass the first trimester (2/3rds there) to say anything because of prior loss.
Quite frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of people asking why I’m not drinking or why I refuse to do certain activities that would cause nausea or any jarring shocks to the body. I’ve said I’ve cut back because of age (mid 30s) and that I can’t party anymore and that I have very bad motion sickness. Even if I have a mocktail or pretend to take a sip of an alcoholic drink people are keenly watching me for some odd reason and have called me out for not drinking alcohol.
I’ve gotten this question from extended family and friends of friends who I don’t even know that well. For example, 24 hours ago I met a group of girls on a trip I’m on and these women who I don’t even know have asked me if I’m pregnant (I know 3 out of the 8 girls).
Now it’s like my every move is under a microscope and I get asked multiple times a day.
When did people (especially people who don’t know you) get so nosy?
Do you just ignore everyone and let them gossip?
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2023.06.03 20:51 General_Gengar I want to stop thinking about relationships. I am too much of a disaster to date

I am the kind of person who would seriously damage anyone who dates me. I face an insurmountable road to improve myself to a point where I wouldn't just traumatize some random woman.
If you read this list of faults and you decide that I should keep inserting myself into other people's lives, then I don't know what to tell you. I have failed myself and my family my entire life. I have never been good enough to succeed at anything. I'm not even a good caretaker for my brother.
I just want the thoughts to stop. I tried to run away from any space that talked about loneliness, but I just got lonelier. If I could get better at suffering in silence, the lives of those around me would improve dramatically.
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2023.06.03 20:50 aryawolfstark How to help my father

I just witnessed one or the most awful episodes of my life. My dad is depressed and suicidal, working frantically at 62 to keep the family afloat. My nmom only watches TV and goes to social events.
My nmom asked my dad to move the TV to another place in the room. My dad accidentally bumped this huge tv into a table. The screen broke.
My nmom started yelling frantically, screaming and asking my dad to jump off the balcony because he broke the tv. Saying he did it on purpose, to hurt her, to bring her down with him, and demanding payback with his life - "You broke the TV so you need to kill yourself now and leave me finally alone". She didn't stop until my dad was crying on the floor, absolutely broken. She then provided comfort in a soft voice and told him it wasn't his fault - it was mine because I had borrowed the HDMI cable.
Then she started shaming me, saying how I was a terrible daughter and how all her friends thought I was a failure because I didn't work in construction like she used to (I'm a fairly successful economist who lives alone with a high salary and a good, stable job). She started attacking me saying that by my age she had bought a house, and that me and my dad were parasites, and that her friends called me "the mentally challenged daughter" because I didn't work with her and I decided to carve my own path and independence.
I have fight response, I tried to reign in but I snapped when she asked my dad to commit suicide and then when she insulted me. Now my dad doesn't want to talk to me because she made him believe I don't care about them and that I'm the villain. I can't help him if he won't talk to me.
I don't know why I'm posting here. I grabbed a kitchen knife because I had an impulse to cut myself (I never did so far but I always have the impulse after witnessing this type of abuse). I thought that if I put my focus into posting here then I maybe I could distract myself before self harming myself. It worked. So thank you for listening community.
I feel so helpless. I don't know how to help my father. I can't go no contact because they're a package deal. If any of you have ideas on how I can limit my contact with her but still help my dad please let me know. I only see her because of him. I don't want to lose him. I'm afraid that she will drive him to either suicide or an early stress death. Im extremely worried. Also guilty for feeling nothing else but deep seated hatred towards my own mother.
Will really appreciate your insights. Thank you for listening. I post here anonymously because I can't bring myself to let anybody close to me know how abusive my mother really is and how much of a hard time I've always had.
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2023.06.03 20:50 dickles_pickles 26 [M4F] - New Jersey/East Coast/USA - Closeted goth "gamer" guy and tall girl appreciator looking for loving relationship. Open to relocation, pictures included!

This is a little bit of a read, but you can think of it as a high effort post from someone who means business. I've clearly marked and categorized everything, so feel free to skim the parts that interest you.
What brings me to reddit for dating: For the short of it, I've been doing online dating for about 7 years, and could only describe my experience as a sisyphean struggle. With more traditional dating platforms having been absolutely torturous and a complete waste of time, with me rarely ever finding matches and those I do get ending up being ghosts or people who just don't respond less than productive, I'm hoping this might give me a breakthrough.
Age: 26, open to 18-32~. I’m less about age, more about attraction.
Appearance: 5'8", medium length blond hair (pictures are from when it was short), blue eyes, white skin, slim fit body type. I dress almost exclusively in black if I can help it, hence "closeted goth". I've been told I'm fairly handsome, but I'm including a few (poorly taken) pictures, so you can decide for yourself whether or not I've been lied to!
(Imgur seems to be having problems lately so if you're getting an error that's why. My posts tend to get automatically removed if I include any other image hosters but if you message me I can send alternatives no problem.)
Face: https://imgur.com/a/ykiCkwQ
Body (Warning: Shirtless): https://imgur.com/a/zO96e63
Interests: Many of my interests fall into the "nerd" category. Games (video and tabletop), anime, music, art, sci-fi and fantasy stuff of all varieties. I enjoy a lot of RPG's, and some of my favorite game series include kingdom hearts, fire emblem, dark souls, and a fair few others. I play a lot of league at a fairly high level, but I'm not exactly proud of that because the game damages my sanity at times.
In general, I like to keep in shape, play games with friends, share music I think is great, watch tv/movies/anime (horror and psychological stuff especially), share memes, read, and do some amateur writing. I'm also rather intelligent/insightful and enjoy some nuanced discussion.
Location: Currently in central NJ, somewhere in the no man's land between nyc and philly. I'd prefer someone local who I can meet in person, but won't pass up someone great online who's willing to eventually relocate or that I can eventually relocate to.
Looking For: Monogamous relationship, ideally something serious. I feel that what I'd like the most is to find someone very special to me, who I can love with all my heart and spend my life with. It'd probably be my greatest joy in life to be able to do that, and have someone do so in return. That said, this is just a description of my ideal scenario, not what I'd expect out of every relationship.
Traits I'm Looking For: Kind, loving, trustworthy, understanding. Good sense of humor, emotionally intelligent, communicates well. In this regard, I wouldn't ask for anything I don't freely give. I also very fond of women who are dominant/aggressive in a playful way, as well as role reversal dynamics.
Personality: Generally cool headed, laid back, and kind. Introverted, but can be extroverted when I'm in my element and otherwise comfortable. Deceptively intelligent despite how incredibly basic my pictures look, but I also tend to clown around a lot so that's not easy to discern at first. I’m also very reasonable, with a strong preference for peacefully resolving issues, so you can expect very little to no drama and good communication. Oh, and according to a myers briggs test, I'm an INFJ?
Fun facts: I have a deep and sexy voice which many people don't expect, and a great many people tell me I should get into radio or voice acting. I'm also a bit dead on the inside but that's probably because there's a skeleton living inside me.
Partner preferences: I'm a big fan of goth/alt girls, as well as tomboys. I also really like short hair, usually between pixie and neck length, and have a sizable interest in women that are taller than me. But these aren't dealbreakers! As long as I find you attractive, everything is fine.
Dealbreakers/Requirements : Similar interests are pretty important for me. I tend to play a lot of games in my free time for entertainment, so having a partner that I can do that together with is my ideal. I do have a strong preference for body type that I unfortunately can't get past, with that preference being the thinner end of the spectrum when it comes to proportions/body fat. So basically petite/slim/fit/muscular. PLEASE DON'T BE A SOCIOPATH, OR ACT LIKE ONE!
If you have any questions about anything I mentioned (or didn't), just ask and I'll absolutely answer them for you. I'm very friendly so absolutely feel free to come talk to me.
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2023.06.03 20:50 raven_0_3 I'm isolating myself from the people I'd need the most right now.

For context: I (19) have a longer history of mental struggles and made lots of bad experience in life. As a child I always felt different and as I do not really belong anywhere. I already needed lots if time for myself did not socialize much and people around me always gave me the feeling that something is wrong with me like I'm acting weird or like I'm too sensitive or emotional in lots of situation. My mother often made me feel weird or silly and I made experiences with being excluded by people my age. On top I also got physical problems because of chronic illness which weren't diagnosed for a long time and got worse. Because all of my problems people implied that I'm a burden I also often got the feeling that it is my fault that I'm causing all this struggle and I began to think about myself as a bad person. I moved out of my mother's house at the age of 17 because the situation escalated and I became more careful with who I call my friends. The time I moved out I got lots of support from my teachers and friends who did not blame my for anything that went wrong because of my physical health and mental struggles and I learned to accept myself a little bit more and care about my needs. The last month things got worse again. One and a half year ago I needed to repeat the schoolyear so I got in a new class which was lager than my old one and I did not know anybody. I still had my friends who supported me but things got more complicated. Then half a year ago my health got worse again and there where a few incidents at school. Nothing I could have controled but it interrupted the lessons and I was told that it would distract my classmates from their graduation. I had severe difficulties to deal with the struggles my health caused me and the doctors did not really help me again even after I needed an ambulance. I was very desperate and felt left alone. The next month I also had my final exams and it was a real struggle. I got pretty negative thoughts again some of the worst one where like "it would be better for everyone if I would end everything" or "nobody truly likes me or will ever like me I do not even belong to this world". In this time a also felt ignored by one of my friends and talked to her later and she was really sorry about it. The reason was that she got into a relationship and had her whole attention there but because she seemed to be really sorry I wanted not to think about it too much. Right now I do not have regular school anymore because the exams are almost over so I'm only irregularly in school and have lots of time. I spend lots of this time alone and I can feel how the isolation damages me. Earlier I sometimes called friends when things got too bad and I needed someone to talk and mostly they where very supportive. Now I'm isolating myself more and more. I also struggle because I deal with a really difficult aspect of my past in therapy right now. It's about the relationship to my dad and that he was the most important person in my life but got me often in situations that where dangerous or caused me pain. But back to my friends: I have currently very negative thoughts about myself and the relation to other people. I thought that ot would be good for me to contact someone because I feel how being lonely affects my mental health. I got more struggle to sleep and my sensory issues got so bad that being at a place with more people is really hard to stand. I had sensory issues my whole life but right now I'm even much more sensitive because the stuff that goes on in my head already overwhelms me so everything around me is just way too much. The days I went to school the last weeks (to prepare for my exams or organize other stuff) I sometimes met some of my friends and they asked if I'm okay because I probably acted more weird than usual. I just told them that everything's alright because it would have been to much for me to talk honestly in this situation but of course I could barely deal with the situation. Even though loneliness affects me in a bad way I'm barely able to socialize. The bad thoughts taking over. I feel worthless and sometimes think that those people do not really like me and that I only get attention because they feels pity for me or they feel like they need to talk to me because of social convention. I started to feel bad by contacting them because I thought I might annoy them or wasting their time and that I'm not worth it to get any attention. I'm also often afraid of making them angry or upset with anything I do. I also know that some mental illness like depression or social anxiety can make you think in this way of yourself and other people even if there is no reason to think like that about the situation. I'm just very confused right now and do not know what I should do or think about that. I'm kind of hating myself for my weird behavior. I think that it could really help me to have more contact so I do not feel so lonely anymore but I also have all of this negative thoughts and feelings and even if they might not be appropriate they are there and I do not know what I can do against it.
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2023.06.03 20:49 LadyOfTheNoire Panda miraculous holder

General Information
First Name: Bai
Last Name: Lín
Age: 15
Species: Human
Blood Type: AB
Gender: Female
Date of Birth: January 15
Residence: Paris,France formerly Shanghai, China
Height: 1,68m
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Hair Lenght: Long and free
Clothing Style: Black leather jacket, white shirt, blue jeans, purple sneakers. Wears a bronze circle pendant
Hero Identity
Name: Xiongmao
Miraculous: Panda Miraculous
Miraculous Accessory: Black and white necklace shaped like a panda’s head facing forward. Purple jewels on the eyes, ears and forehead indicate the timer
Costume: White jumpsuit under a black garment with purple outlines. She has a white mask with a black spot on her left eye and her hair is in a single space bun beneath a hair band with the two panda ears.
Basically this https://www.google.com/search?q=chinese+warrior+outfit&source=lmns&bih=553&biw=375&prmd=inv&rlz=1CDGOYI_enGB1005GB1005&hl=en-GB&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjkrea44Kf_AhURpicCHR4EBkYQ_AUoAHoECAAQAw#imgrc=2ytTijxO3fZoGM with added details I mentioned
Weapon: Staff
Powers and abilities: Higher strength level than the average miraculous user
Miraculous Power: Pacify: Disarms a target by touching them either directly or with the staff. A child detransforms after a single use 5 min after.
Transformation phrase: Hanii intervene!
Detransformation phrase: Hanii sit out!
Name: Hanii
Age: As old as harmony
Gender: Male
Favourit Food: Berries
Personality: Calm, peaceful, pacifist
Likes: Sleeping
Dislikes: Violence
Family: Other Kwamis
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2023.06.03 20:48 No_Credit_7796 My mom invalidates my pain

I’ve (20F) had extremely painful and heavy periods since I was 12, and the doctors could never figure out why. They out me on continuous birth control pills when I was 14 so I just wouldn’t get my periods. This whole time my mom told me that I don’t know what pain is, and things could always be worse, etc. I always just wanted comfort.
Well, I just found out that I have a unicornuate uterus with a rudimentary horn. They told me during periods, this horn collects blood and it gets trapped, which can cause severe pain. Additionally, the ovary attached to the horn has fused to my colon and is free bleeding, causing pain constantly.
I was stressed from my diagnosis and it induced a period, despite my pills. It hurts so so bad and I was laying in bed crying. My mom asked me what was wrong and I said I’m in excruciating pain. She told me I don’t know what pain is at my age, and she’s had things much worse.
I just want to be comforted.
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2023.06.03 20:48 stinky_wanky88 Two year developed “pimple” like rash on face

Age: 2
Sex: Male
Height: 35 inches
Weight: 35 lbs
Race: Central American
Duration of complaint: 2-3 days
Location: NJ, USA
Any existing relevant medical issues: no prior medical issues
Current medications: no medications
added pic
My two year old toddler has bumps on his face that look like mosquito bites after the first day, so they’re not white just red.
He had a fever yesterday (Friday) afternoon and night. Majority of today in the morning as well. We have been giving him children’s ibuprofen to help with the fever. He has been lethargic all day and does not want to eat.
The bumps are not itchy. We did a TelaDoc call with a pediatrician this morning and they ruled out chicken pox, they said it might be a virus or an insect bite. I couldnt find any insect bites that look like his besides mosquito bites.
All of his bumps appeared over night and hhis fever started friday afternoon.
Another side note, he did start a new daycare this past week.
Any help is appreciated
Edit: I managed to add a pic here
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2023.06.03 20:47 Nsomewhere Tried a dog introduction through a gate and for the first time it wen "wrong"

Need advice and perspective really. At the end of the running field session we tried to introduce the owners dog (18 month old intact male) as a potential playmate
My dog had his edge taken off with exercise and we wanted to see if they would lay for both their benefits
Prior to this I have done a couple of weeks walk pasts and watches at about 12 feet with LAT and LAD.. effectively like a a P walk but without the other dog walking. He would sniff and scent and seem chill... more whining to say hi than any off body language
So it was odd... it didn't go badly in that he was screamingly over threshold.. but he did lunge forward and how can I say it... do his version of a warning snap/ over excitement. Huff huff at the fence
Both were off leash and maybe that was it... but they didn't fence run. The younger dog and him approached each other several times and the younger dog showed no off behaviour to me and although it kept happening he could disengage and stand back from the fence and take food at about 4 feet. He was stiff though. We gave it a couple of minutes to see if there was settle and then decided no. He did calmly look at the dog again from about 15 foot
Very odd.
Maybe age/ excitement of dog.. maybe intact. I do not want a neutered dog that is freaky about intact!!!!
I think I need to discuss with my trainer. The last two times I introduced a dog through the fence it was fine (one male one female both calm and neutered) Yesterday a collie bustled up (off leash and flung its stick at his feet) and he was fine and waggly, However he has grumped at a slightly nervous female dog in the last weeks. Nothing bad.. no escalation but still new for him
I am wondering what is going on and what I am not reading
I am going to order "fight" by Jean Donaldson for advice and I am just about to get another group of one to one lessons with my trainer but I can't say I am thrilled by this new behaviour and do want to work on it quickly and help him
I also need to make a decision on neutering which I was happy to go with up until these events!
Oh well to that one really. I have a busy summer and he is also doing kennels (another reason to work on this) and still is coughing and irritated from post kennel cough, so he could be better off with a second implant rather than op and just do op at end of year. Maybe easiest

Anyway I wondered if anyone else had seen similar in a situation with their dog?
He is frustrated greeter and I know fences are barrier and related, but this is not his normal I am too daft and aroused stupidity
Dogs! they change all the time
Edited to add: sorry for title typos ... can't seem to edit!
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