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2023.06.11 03:23 UnclePocketsVR How do you get TTS / Media to work on mobile IRL streams on IOS

when doing IRL and wanting to do TTS/media over a speaker how do you do this?
I stream not using the streamlabs app. I use another app to stream., I do not use my phone.
When I use the steamlabs app (not to stream from just for dono alerts) when I press replay on anydono it just makes the same noti sound. it will not read out anything./
my sub/follow/dono alerts are not custom when replayed via the speaker.
I use a server to stream so the sound plays on my PC and stream can hear it. Just I cannot her it I can only read it.
is there a way to make it so the alert will play over my phone speaker when I use the app and replay the dono?
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2023.06.11 03:23 Captain_Birch Deku vs Miles Morales (Finale)

The duo plummet toward the pavement. Miles desperately shoots a web, which catches the edge of a building, sligshoting the duo into a park. Miles wrenches deku's arms out from around him and webs a tree to catch himself. Deku stops right above the ground using Float
Miles: you almost had me there, dude. Is that the best you got?
Deku enters Full Cowl mode, the energy of One For All rippling through his body. He dashes forward and kicks the tree trunk, causing it to be cut clean through. Miles jumps off the collapsing tree and kicks deku, but he doesn't budge.
Miles: uh oh
with a punch from deku, miles is sent flying back through trees, leaving a wake of stumps in their place. As miles gets up, deku lands in front of him
Deku: you've had your fun, but it's time this ended, I'm taking you in.
Miles: try me.
miles takes off in a sprint toward deku, who flicks the air, sending a Shockwave blasting miles back again. Deku holds his broken finger and rushes forward. Miles sees something, a streetlight. He gets an idea
miles dodges deku, webbing his feet to the ground, before rushing to the streetlight and punching through the metal, grabbing the wires inside
Miles: here goes nothing. Actually, screw that, here goes everything.
He begins to absorb the electricity from the streetlight, then from the other streetlights, then from the city power grid. In a matter of moments, the entire city has lost power, as Miles has absorbed it all. Now, crackling with orange energy, faces deku, Who's successfully escaped the webbing. They face each other.
Deku: you ready?
Miles: remade as I'll ever be.
Deku: then let's do this.
they charge at each other at phenomenal speed and at last, they collide. Miles grabs deku by the throat
Miles: You're about to have the whole city's power coursing through you. Time to say Adios!
As miles begins discharging the energy, deku grabs Miles by the collar and glares into his eyes. The multicolored constellation of One For All shining I his eyes
Deku: You wanted my best? Well here it is! ONE MILLION PERCENT. DELEWARE DETROIT SMASH!
He punches Miles into the ground. Instantly all the saves energy is discharged. There's a massive explosion that wipes out the entire park, and when the smoke clears, deku is still standing, his a totally shattered. He hears a noise. His phone ringing, and looks to see the cracked screen of his phone laying on the ground near him. It's Ururaka. Deku tries to reach the phone, but collapses of exhaustion
The End
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2023.06.11 03:23 BigWoodBrownlee My first Rockhopper and I’m hooked.

My first Rockhopper and I’m hooked.
Decided to capitalize on the sale of the Rockhopper Sport at my local shop and I’m hooked. The difference in speed between my old GT 27.5 and this 29 is incredible. Like floating on a cloud. Happy riding bros/ladies.
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2023.06.11 03:22 KingSylar5 I opted in for beta then opted out

I opted in for Android beta 14-3 and i decided to not do it. I opted out at the beginning of download. Will this screw up anything? I tried resetting my phone to see if it'd go away. It's still there paused though. I successfully opted out though. Should I just continue? I'm on pixel 7a and I'm just worried that if i end up being one of the people who have a massive bug that id lose all data on my phone. What would be solutions if I'm worried about losing any data? I have photos backed up but i really don't want to go through the whole process of readding any apps and logging back in to them. Are there any settings that i should make sure that are enabled I'd i do follow through with the beta? As of right now i am not following through. I just want to get opinions from others prior to committing which i should have done initially. Thank you in advanced.
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2023.06.11 03:21 to_turion What are your routines? Please share :)

[TL;DR — I started using an app that basically makes a “playlist” for my bedtime routine. I want to set up more routines that are realistic for ADHD brains. Here’s mine (attached screenshot)! What routines are helpful for you?]
I recently started using the brili app for my bedtime routine, and it’s been very helpful. I didn’t realize how big a difference it would make to “outsource” remembering all the steps and the order they go in. I usually find “chunking” tasks to be overwhelming, since it ends up making the task list longer (a.k.a., scarier!). Bundling them into a routine somehow made it all make sense. Now, I want to make more routines, but it’s so daunting to start from scratch!
The examples in the app are somewhat helpful, though they’re not exactly made for ADHD brains and timelines (3 minutes to pick out clothes? 3 minutes for any decision ever??? 😂). They also include a lot of things that are wayyy aspirational for me, like tidying, journaling, reading, AND writing out tomorrow’s to-do list during a 1-hour bedtime routine. I’m just trying to do the basics right now, especially when my chronic illness makes the basics extra hard. It took a lot of tweaking for me to turn their bedtime routine template into something that’s realistic for me. The process didn’t make me feel great, even though the outcome is super helpful.
In the interest of not reinventing the wheel, I was hoping we all might share some routines that work for us in real ADHD life. What steps have you “automated” in your brain or through an app by turning them into a routine? I’ve attached a screenshot of my IRL bedtime routine. I’d love to hear what you all do, especially if you have variations set up for days when your body, brain, or environment won’t cooperate.
Some ideas to get the ball rolling: - Morning routine for non-morning people - Self-care routines for hard days - Housework workflows (cleaning, laundry, decluttering, etc.) - Routines for starting things when you don’t want to - Start of the workday routines - Cooking or meal prep routines (bonus if they include cleaning up!) - Routines that help you rest and relax
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2023.06.11 03:21 StacheyMcStacheFace LPT: Don’t take photos or videos of other peoples kids ya creep.

I was at Takapuna beach playground with my little girl (2.5) yesterday and at one point she was enjoying chasing the gulls. It was cute as.
Meanwhile I’m packing up our lunch stuff and keeping an eye on her, and I see some old dude around 70 at the table pull out his phone and starts pointing it at my daughter. Thankfully he was slow at getting the camera sorted, so I walked toward him. Just wanted to be sure that’s what he was doing before I called him out. As I get to him he’s got the phone up and pointing at my girl. I sternly told him to not take a photo or video of my daughter…that’s wildly inappropriate.
Even when I take a photo of my girl in public I try so hard to get an angle that doesn’t include other peoples children.
Don’t take photos of other peoples kids ya fucking creeps.
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2023.06.11 03:21 SkepticMaster Calories

I seem to find a fairly wide discrepancy when trying to calculate the number of calories I've burned through various apps and websites. I lift three days a week with high weight and intensity for about an hour and a half on leg and push days, and about 2 hours on a pull day. I've been building power pretty consistently but I can't seem to lose any actual weight. I'm 350 lbs, 5'11 Any advice on calories burned would be appreciated.
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2023.06.11 03:20 David_Maybar_703 It makes sense to me

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2023.06.11 03:20 spleef35 Grocery store delivery guy has a frighteningly poor sense of direction.

This was really something. I've never seen a person have this much difficulty with something so simple.
To start, my mom ordered us some stuff from Mal-wart. They ended up having to substitute half the items on the order for other things, and there were three things that were out of stock (but hilariously, the website said if we did an in-store pickup then it'd be there for us. I think that's code for "We are trying to force you to come into the store"). On top of that, the delivery was supposed to be at 10:30am, then was delayed until 12:15pm, then it was moved to 1:00pm.
The delivery guy calls my mom to tell her he can't find our apartment building. Apparently, every building on our street, according to his GPS all have the same number as the one listed in our address. Yeah, the 7 buildings on this intersection are all #44, sure, that makes sense. Guy is seeing 4's everywhere!
My mom tells him that there's only ONE #44. He continues to insist that all the buildings are #44. I think he's probably not zooming in on the map or something, but regardless, there's a gigantic #44 right on the front entrance to our building, and the other buildings have clearly displayed DIFFERENT numbers on them.
My mom looks out the window and sees him pull over within the intersection and get out of the car. She can even see the Mal-wart packages in his hand. She tells him he is parked directly across from our building, and that if he crosses the street, he'll be right at our building. The guy seriously turns completely around and goes around the corner.
I tell her I'll go down there to meet him and get the package.
She tells him to turn around and come back to his car, and that I'm on my way to meet him. I go downstairs (we are on the 8th floor and our elevators are slow so it takes two or three minutes, depending), go outside and the guy is completely gone.
When I got back upstairs she told me that she stayed on the phone with him and he kept trying to go up the cross street, go the opposite direction of our building, and she kept telling him to come back to his car and wait for me there. He wouldn't listen to her. Then he hopped back in his car and drove off.
It just amazes me that he couldn't stay put and wait a couple minutes.
My mom called and complained, was able to get her money back, and the person she spoke to said they've had lots of issues with this delivery person (who actually works for a different company, think "Floorsmash"), and he frequently picks up deliveries at their location and is rarely successful at completing deliveries. And nobody on Mal-wart's end, or Floorsmash's end, does anything about it.
We ordered the stuff we wanted from a different store, got it same day but they also had a few items out of stock. For our next grocery delivery attempt, we went with a different store, again, this time paying less money and a smaller delivery fee to get EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED, and we got it same day too.
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2023.06.11 03:20 twinklesweetstarz Aliens in Las Vegas Video with All the Evidence

I made a video on the recent Las Vegas incident to gather evidence that has been shared so far in one place. I am not sharing just to get clicks--I do and have had a genuine life-long interest in the phenomena. I have seen UFOs/UAPs on four occasions. My father says he is an abductee and I hope to share his story soon on my channel. As a child, I had a disturbing memory of something that took place when we spent a year living in Mexico. I am weighing whether to have hypnosis to recall it but I am not sure yet if I want to deal with any emotional fallout from it. Basically, a coyote told me to wait for him at the window and to be sneaky about it, to do this when my family was asleep. I snuck outside of the bedroom and waited by the window. I remember playing cards with myself while waiting impatiently. The coyote showed up outside. My next memory of that night was walking in the woods with two beings. It was beautiful and I could see the stars so clearly while looking at the sky and tree tops. I picked up something and asked them what it was and they told me it was a pinecone. When we were walking we were surrounded by fog and we had a goal to get somewhere. I was 4 at the time. That is all I remember but I did feel like we were walking toward a UFO.
I am nervous putting myself out there as I do have bad social anxiety and previous commentors made fun of my voice.
Here is a link to information about the incident from the Baltimore Post Examiner:
And here is the link to my video:
If anyone knows of someone who could hypnotize me virtually and that is not too expensive, please let me know as this has bothered me my whole life and I really should look into it.
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2023.06.11 03:20 lovelyzinnia44 Is medical debt worth dipping into emergency fund or is payment plans a better option?

Hopefully, this question fits here. My parents were terrible with money growing up and I’ve had to learn financial literacy on my own.
Emergency Fund: 17K
Income: 55K
Medical Bills: 500 currently, but incoming unknown surgery bill (est 2500)
Mortgage: 1166
No CC debt, only 425 left on car payments.
I’m unsure if it’s better to do payment plans or do emergency fund for the 500 and replenish it with time.
I also have a fun (/s)sewer cleaning that needs done to my home at an indeterminate date by the city, and unsure how much it will cost.
Thanks for your input.
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2023.06.11 03:19 Christmas_Missionary The Number Tournament Summary

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Poll Layout:
Each number will be polled one-to-one.
Poll #: Competitors
1: 0, 1 [CLOSED, 0 WINS] 0 wins [Subreddit pulled COAD 1 day early, awaiting Mod response]
2: 2, 3 [CLOSED, 3 WINS] 3 wins 68-66
3: 4, 5 [CLOSED, 5 WINS] 5 wins 17-13
4: 6, 7 [CLOSED, 7 WINS] 7 wins 23-19
5: 8, 9 [CLOSED, 8 WINS] 8 wins 29-22
Then the winners of those polls will be polled. (Semi-Finals)
Poll 7 will hold 3 competitors. There will be a 2-option poll (7b) if there is no majority.
6: 0, 3 [CLOSED, 3 WINS] 3 wins 20-19
7a: 5, 7, and 8 [CLOSED, NO MAJORITY (7 AND 8 WIN)] 7: 21 votes, 8: 15 votes, 6: 5 votes
7b?: 7 and 8 [CLOSED, 7 WINS] 7 wins 74-49
This will end us off with the last 2 numbers remaining. (Final)
8: Winners of polls 6 and 7 [CLOSED, 7 WINS!!] 7 wins 67-49
7 WINS!!
Other Details:
There will only be one active poll at a time.
Each poll will be 2 days.
Due to the closing of pollgames on 6/12, a few changes have been made:
Each round of polls will go at once
Each poll will be 1 day (24 hours).
Any polls that are tied for the winner will have a runoff poll.
The Alternate/Ranking vote system would make this so much easier.
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2023.06.11 03:19 Archives-H I sell cursed artifacts for a living. So let's talk about selling crashed UFOs.

My name is Quentin Lorreno. I’m somewhat of a middleman in the criminal underworld. I mediate the crime families, I arrange diplomatic marriages, I keep things civil.
But above all I buy and sell cursed artifacts.
These dissonant pieces of the world can be as anything as a shrunken head that gives you bad vibes to things as dangerous as paintings that squeeze the life out of you once you look at them.
What my clients want with them, I don’t know. I don’t ask, and I don’t tell- for the most part.
So let’s talk about UFOs.
In recent times sightings have increased and I’m sure you, dear reader, have heard the commotion of the media and all the talk about them.
Whistleblowers, leaks, court cases- all the like.
Information about alien spacecraft, intelligent aliens coming to visit- hell, even asteroids carrying data from other worlds, other systems. But let me tell you one thing: the people you call ‘higher-ups’ and the ‘elites’ barely know a thing about UFOs, much less alien life.
But I know pieces of alien starcraft are highly desired. And the fact that recovered debris and a ship itself can fetch prices so high you’ll find yourself doubting your very eyes.
The artifact was in the center of the man’s shop. A simple trader in the wet market, haggling with customers and overcharging tourists for the smallest things. “Excuse me,” I said, politely.
He turned to me and smiled, revealing a single gold tooth. “Ah, come my friend,” he cheered, beckoning me inside. I followed; so did my assistant- and expert, Aster. “What do you desire?” he paused, and added, “friend.”
I observed the small artifact in the center of his shop. It was round, and inscribed with symbols I neither understood nor truly comprehended.
“I want this,” I indicated. Despite the freezing rain of the wet market, the small spherical thing felt hot to the touch, and I drew back. “And where’d you find this?”
“Down river, sir,” he explained, vaguely gesturing to the roaring stream past the market. “My friend, the fishman found his nets. All fish in there, dead.”
I turned to my assistant. “Aster, can you verify?” She nodded, slipped a leather glove off her hands and reached out into the ether.
She was a Canary- that’s what we in the artifact business call those with heightened senses, those with powers of the interesting kind. She began to shiver and I laid out a hand on her shoulder as her eyes started to roll back- I feared for her every time she reached out.
“Yeah, it’s legitimate all right- not of this world.” She closed her eyes, sighing. “And he’s telling the truth.”
I nodded to the shopkeeper. “How much for the er, magic sphere?”
He thought, not entirely sure what to make of it. “Five hundred dollars?”
I could get a better deal. “Three hundred.”
That was acceptable. “Deal!” And I slid out my wallet and handed over cash. He seemed happy, and handed me the still-hot sphere. I nodded to him, and the two of us headed back out into the rain.
The moment the water hit the sphere it hissed and smoke trawled out. “Agh!” I yelped, the metal suddenly turning boiling-hot. It fell, and steam poured from the ground.
Aster, gloves on held it. “How much do you think we can sell this one for?”
There were a few clients I had in mind. World governments, for one, charged more than they really needed to for alien artifacts. A representative from the U.S Department of Defense was a client I could easily phone.
So I thought. “A few thousand,” I assured. “Worth the trip here.”
Me, Aster, and my bodyguard (where had he gone?) had traveled to the market to seek out old artifacts. Aster, with her ability, would sense if these artifacts were objects of the interesting kind, and we’d buy them from the clueless merchants.
Then we’d turn right back around and sell them to shady rich people for a more than decent profit.
It was an easy game, save for the fact that self-proclaimed artifact bounty hunters were after us and the fact that handling cursed artifacts without proper precaution could just as easily wipe us (and bystanders.) off the map.
A clean cut man with dirtied hair and ripped clothes raced up to me. “Hey boss,” it was Matt, and with someone in tow, gripped tightly by the collar. “This guy says he knows you.”
I looked at the fiery redheaded man with odd, dark tinted glasses beside him. “I don’t.” I looked at the man more carefully. “Nope, and Matt- release him.”
Matt did so and the guy fell to the floor. He picked himself up and extended a hand. “My name is Quincy Kieni,” he pointed to the sphere Aster was holding, “and uh, that sphere belongs to me.” I looked at him in confusion. He scratched his chin. “Okay, not really- but I was about to buy that.”
I shook my head. “Well you can’t have it.”
He sighed and started to wave his hands rather eccentrically. “Well, I’ll pay you double!” He began to rant now, “You don’t understand how important that is. You tourists don’t realize that-”
“Okay,” I cut him off. “What’s so good about this?”
“You’re not going to believe me,” he continued, “but it’s an alien artifact. Debris from a crashed ship east of here. Now, I’ll pay double-”
Aster laughed at his words. “Yeah, we kinda already know that.” He stopped and saw the gloves. “We’re in the artifact underworld, you?”
He nodded- then tried to seize the sphere. Matt caught him again. “Okay, fine,” he hissed. “Can I at least propose a deal?”
This was getting tedious. “What deal?”
He cleared his throat dramatically. “For the past week-” he coughed, cutting himself off. Matt gave me a look, “I’ve heard rumors of a fallen meteorite east of here messing with phones, electronics, et cetera-et cetera.” I wondered where his rumors came from. “Also according to some Company scanners I stole- anyway.”
“Whoa!” I snapped. “You stole Company scanners? Not cool!” The Company were the people after us- those who stole artifacts for themselves in order to keep the world ‘safe’.
And getting in their way mostly led to death. “That’s not the important part,” he mused. “Look, I know they’re doing recovery somewhere nearby-” he pointed to the sphere. “I can put together a spell or something and track down the rest of the ship.”
I saw what he wanted then. “You want to work together.”
He nodded shyly. “I’ll locate the spaceship. We get in and out.” He gestured to his little messenger bag. “I got a list of spells in there. Invisibility, Bloomshape, Sanctified…”
Joining forces with the strange little magician would definitely put more Company men on our trail. However, recovering more artifacts for ourselves could net me enough money from my contact at the DoD to essentially bribe our way out of any Company trouble.
I sighed heavily. “Okay, you got a deal.” Matt released him, and for the second time he fell, splashing mud all over us.
Quincy Kieni, as it turned out, was not good at magic at all. The first three attempts to cast a location spell on the artifact ended in a series of sparks, fires, and explosions, each time worse than the last.
“Not to worry,” he seethed, “seventh times the charm!” At least he was right about that one.
Black smoky lines erupted from the sphere and pointed us east, cutting across hills and roads.
So we began the journey walking and splashing in the rain, the short fiery magician leading us forwards, whistling a tune to himself so annoyingly I considered cutting off the deal.
Matt walked beside him, making sure he didn’t pull any tricks. I and Aster walked behind, eyeing our surroundings for safety.
At a certain point Aster began to shiver. Not from the rain but- “We’re getting close,” she noted. “It’s not all debris-” she reached out into the ether and froze, “-Company Men- and- something else.”
I asked her if she could tell what it was. She couldn’t. The journey continued, and the boisterous Quincy started to the quiet, now muttering the tune underneath his breath.
And over a hill and through the brush we saw it. A river, cutting through rocky hills in a small unassuming valley.
And there it was, large and looming. A great metal disc, pulsing with energy and symbols that glowed against the rain. Smoke churned out as water reacted with the metal- just as the sphere had done.
All around the crashed ship were people. Explorers sent from the Company, bagging artifacts, taking photographs and even loading off large pieces of the ship itself into trucks coming and going.
They marched with urgency as the rushing waters eroded the ship, more and more parts of it being washed away.
“Well,” Quincy murmured, “this is a larger operation than I thought they’d send.”
I squinted. “Look-” I pointed to something like a chair being brought out. A dead body, short, gray, and clearly non-human lay dead on it, “a gray.”
It’s dead, large eyes, black as night looked eerily at us, sending a chill down my spine. “That’ll fetch a price,” Matt noted. This was true- corpses, though we never had the chance to recover one, sold at astronomically high prices, pun intended.
Quincy seemed to disagree. “But think of the blood in that thing,” he mused. “So many different applications to science. Cancer, the Flu, Covid…”
“For a magician,” Aster joked, “you seem to care a lot about science.”
I silenced them. “And we better get in there before they take all of that loot away.” I turned to our newfound magician. “So do your thing. Invisibility?”
He reached into his bag and whipped out a phone, opening an app and observing a photograph of a spellbook. “Well, see,” he nervously began, “I don’t exactly know that one.” I looked at him rather angrily. “But I can make them think we’re one of them?”
I sighed. “That’ll do.” That in fact, as we would find out soon enough, wouldn’t do.
The man read out the words and waved his hands eccentrically, and gold lines surrounded us like snakes, swirling around us. “Done.” And then he started to race down the rocky hill.
“Matt, keep an eye on him.” He nodded and went after the magician.
Aster and I followed, entering the camp and nodding to the clueless agents. We went into a tent, found a couple of powerful devices and pocketed them into our bag- one enchanted to fit in an unknown number of items.
We made sure not to take anything that looked particularly dangerous. Or important enough.
“The grey-” I remembered, “do you think we can?”
We observed the men transporting the body onto a truck. “Too well guarded.”
A woman came up to us, a look of annoyance in her face. “You two!” she snapped. “Stop idling about and get to work!”
The spell held, though the lines seemed to waver. “Yes, ma’am,” I replied. “Where to?”
She gestured. “We need more people inside the ship.”
I nodded and we headed off, the lines now starting to vibrate. This was not good. Her eyes were on us, and we quickly entered the alien ship before she saw through our deception.
The inside was definitely larger than the outside. It had seemed relatively small on the outside, enough to carry maybe a crew of four, or five.
But the inside was ginormous. It was a maze of halls crawling with Company Agents scanning and scraping samples of highly reactive metal.
Aster tugged at me, and we found a room deeper in. “Something’s here,” she whispered.
“Hey!” a voice shouted. “That area hasn’t been deconned.”
“We’ll uh, handle it,” I lied. The agent handed us a mask and we put it on, entering the room and closing the door behind us.
“Woah,” Aster gasped, shining a flashlight onto the room. It was some sort of… morgue. Dead alien bodies, oddly humanoid and gray, now decaying sat on tables across the room, some cut up, some still preserved, pristine and glimmering in an unknown yellow liquid.
I felt an odd sense of fear- and being watched by something hidden inside the room, watching with deep, bulbous black eyes.
The door opened behind us, and a woman with stark blue hair walked in. “Woah is right,” she agreed, spraying a bottle of something into the air. “What designation are you from?” She looked at us intently, and the spell started to drift. “Do you even have clearance to be in this deep?”
I looked at Aster in confusion, then back at her. “We, uh, got sent here by the woman in charge.”
The lines surrounding us started to vanish. “I need to see ID Tags-” she squinted as us- “now!” That was the moment the spell broke. Her brow furrowed and- “Intruder!” she shouted, “we’ve got artifact-”
Aster reached out and scrambled her mind. She fell, dazed. I heard the rumblings of people approaching. “Damn it!”
We backed into the morgue, the dead almost staring at us, wondering what would happen next. I shoved a table onto the door, and the agents of the other side started to knock.
“What-” the door started to open, “now-”
A uniformed man entered the room, saw us and started firing, bullets hitting the wall beneath us. They began to enter shooting as we hid behind a counter, firing back.
That was when the first man screamed.
Something leaped from the shadows slashing the man and pouncing off, leaving him bloodied and terrified. He fired around and screamed as it leaped back, falling to the floor, dead.
I dared a peek- claw marks, stab wounds. “We’ve got a live gray!” a second agent yelled. Radio chatter. “Non-lethals- the boss wants it alive!”
This was good news for us. A tranq dart would at least keep us alive- though spending time in a prison was not so good. On the other hand, more agents were coming down the halls, ready to seize the alien.
That’s when I had the plan. “Aster- this just might work, but-” I told her the plan.
She nodded and began to reach into the ether. Across us, the agents fired at shadows in darkness- there were two of them, fighting back. Agents started to be lifted into the air, carried by an unknown psychic and tossed aimlessly.
Then one of the Greys darted at us, and stopped. It bared claws and teeth sharp as knives and I grew scared for a moment.
But the plan had worked. Aster reached into its mind and- “A deal!” she whispered, harsh. She turned to me. “Let’s go!”
Temporarily, at least- they were on our side.
There were three, I realized, and we began to fight our way out. The agents started to retreat, overpowered by the surprise. The Greys led the way, and I headed out.
The hall ahead of us was clear, and in the midst of the confusion we quickly exited the craft. Outside was another mess though, and Quincy and Matt were shot and hid, spells cast, bullets deflected.
A Grey snarled and leaped at them. “Matt, Quincy!” I shouted. “Let’s get outta here!”
We were being surrounded. “The truck!” Matt shouted back, starting to back towards a truck loaded with artifacts. “I hotwired the truck!”
We ran, avoiding all we could. A bullet just barely grazed me and I yelped as I reached the truck. The others followed suit, climbing inside and I started it up- and so did the three extraterrestrials.
“Go, go!” Quincy shouted. “Should’ve-” the window shattered and a bullet hole emerged in the leather behind me, “made a Plan B.”
I hit the gas and charged forwards, knocking a tent over and spilling it’s contents. There was an explosion behind us, and suddenly, we were out of the hills and into fresh road.
Distracted by whatever chaos we had sown, they didn’t give chase. And it was smooth sailing from then; we headed into a little campground a little to the west, and stopped.
We got out, and cheered. The three aliens looked at oddly and seemed to nod, understanding. One had been shot and lay dying, leaking odd yellow from it. The two spoke words in a chittering sort of way to the third as it died.
It passed, breath leaving our world. The two stared at us with bulbous eyes and leaped into the trees, leaving us with the corpse of the third.
“So,” Quincy started, “that went rather well.”
“Are you insane?” Matt snapped. “We almost died.”
I shook my head. “But we got some great loot here,” reminding the two. “And we got…” I stared at the corpse, “that. It’ll pay off some of our debts and fetch a good profit for us all.”
“Ah, his share?” Aster inquired. “That spell was barely effective.”
The magician seemed nervous at that. “Well, I was actually thinking of another prize.” Oh dear. What more was he going to ask for? “You all seem like experienced people,” he pointed out. “What if I join you?”
“No!” we all shouted. He ended up joining us anyway. We did need a magician, and a rather useless one was better than none at all.
The alien artifacts- especially the corpse fetched a high price on the market. We, soon, were overflowing in cash. Sure, we didn’t know what our clients- much less the government was going to do with it.
But at the end of the day that didn’t matter. Our job was done, and we lived to see another day. Such was life in the world of the artifact underground- it’s really the small things that matter- the knowledge that you, at least, would live to see another day.
And that, by me, was okay.
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2023.06.11 03:19 Legitimate-Ad51 My dad lost his battle with Schizophrenia in 2017

Hi everyone, I’m 23(F). My father was paranoid schizophrenic. When I was 16, he started acted really weird. Telling me if he overslept, he’s wasting time in his life when he could be awake. He told me 2/3 months before he died that there was bugs under his arms trying to get out of the plastic wrap. I was only 16 when he told me these things, so I brushed it off without realizing what he actually meant. I remember one time, he left the house on foot for 3/4 days wondering around in the city. I still to this day don’t know exactly where he went or why he left. I thought he was being dramatic and I didn’t understand exactly what was going through his mind. He broke his phone before this. He would say people were hearing his calls, etc. I miss him a lot. I am slowly realizing he was asking me for help without directly asking for help. I feel horrible. I’m also scared for myself of developing this horrible, awful disease. I joined this group about a month ago and I haven’t stopped reading ever sense. I really want to help people who are like this because nobody deserves this. I also feel at fault for not helping him either and not understanding more. I’m lost in life right now and not sure what to do. I’m sorry to everyone who has this. Please be strong and please don’t give up. If you read this, know you are important and people love you.
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2023.06.11 03:19 pietrodayoungas Surprise im back at msm, but i downloaded msm on another phone so im not gonna post my islands oftenly, soo rate my plant island

Surprise im back at msm, but i downloaded msm on another phone so im not gonna post my islands oftenly, soo rate my plant island submitted by pietrodayoungas to MySingingMonsters [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 03:19 Sharp_Finish_4896 I (24F) slept with my friends (24F) ex situationship, am I a shitty person?

So to start my friend and I aren’t like best friends or anything crazy but I really like her, just to give a little background to the story.
So she very recently was having sex with this guy I met. When he and I first met I had something else in the works but we genuinely clicked right of the bat and of course I had a tiny crush. She also met him that night but didn’t end up coming out. He would msg me a lot wanted to hangout and I insisted I wanted to be friends because I could use some guy friends and he was cool shit. I knew the attraction was mutual but I liked this other guy so nothing came of it. Key point I’m genuinely so bad with my phone and answering people I get in these “social battery runs out constantly” phases so I would answer sometimes and other times not. Msging faded so on so forth, all good.
Fast forward to almost 2 months ago and my friends in town and asked if I wanted to hangout with her and him, didn’t think anything of it and I was excited so I went and we drank ! I soon realized they were sleeping together and felt awkward because of that previous crush, plus I low key was flirting with him but we just had good banter so I could play it off. My friend absolutely obliterated & gets jealous but honestly wasn’t intentional after I found out, we just really vibed. But I do understand why she felt that way. Obviously she’s drunk when we get back and I overhear her giving him shit and saying stuff like “you think she’s prettier than me?”. Sooo I totally get it, it was flirting but it was just so easy with him I didn’t know how to not be myself. Now back to it I get super uncomfortable because it’s obviously shitty of her to do that but I think fuck I think I like him, but my friend is feeling insecure, I WAS flirting (possibly unintentionally) plus she’s wasted so I’ll back off. Time goes and I move on to other things, obviously didn’t hangout with them together again lol. But I got the feeling any time we mentioned him and I said something positive she shot daggers at me with her eyes. But it wasn’t like I was telling her I was into him I just think highly of him. I was trying to make myself feel better and ease her by mentioning how good they were together (which was true). Also point to mention, I didn’t over do it in a way which made my attraction obvious I just trying I bury them deep, stop the intense looks and ease that insecurity I caused. But with this I felt insecure and I felt she was being shitty to me. Disclaimer- I have seen her a few times since this awkward trio interaction.
Now to this week, he msgs me out of the blue and wants to chill ! I was thinking hell ya, new guy friend absolutely! We chat for a bit and I find out he and my friend aren’t seeing eachother anymore, he broke it off. I haven’t talked to her i but so I had no clue. I ask him if it makes me a bad friend if I do and he says no and eventually agree and say let’s do it. I reiterate that we are friends that’s it and he still openly flirts with me but I just take it as his personality and good banter. So we plan to have dinner at his place and get wine drunk, ya I know I’m an idiot but some part of me thought I could really just get drunk and we’d be besties.
UH no we get drunk and have sex a couple times and I stay over. I did try to resist I swear but I have zero self control and now I feel like the worst human to ever exist. I genuinely like him like even without the sex it was so fun! He totally chill with it because he didn’t consider them together, and he liked me first (little ego boost) but nothing happened. I don’t know what to think a small part of me thinks she was toxic for how she treated me and honestly it made it easier. I feel guilty just thinking something like that, it’s so selfish. Then the other part is like yo he’s toxic, but really he owes nothing to either of us.
I just don’t know what to think and if I tell her how to not crush her or I should just not say a damn thing. So what the hell do I do ? And am I a really shitty friend/person? I like to think I’m self aware and I think I’m the problem. Literally anything will help. Also big thanks to whoever read this massive pile of dog shit and the people that will give possible soul crushing advice 🙃
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2023.06.11 03:19 David_Maybar_703 Follow the science

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2023.06.11 03:18 OfficialCheeseNips Bosch 500 dishwasher louder than expected.

Bosch 500 dishwasher louder than expected.
New Bosch dishwasher installed today is a lot louder than I expected. Every review I read said you wouldn’t know it’s on if it weren’t for the red dot. This is a video of the earlier phase of the cycle. Phone app says it’s about 48-50 decibels. I have a 48 hour return window with Home Depot. Is this normal?
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2023.06.11 03:18 PuertoRican-Princess Im finally able to listen to my favorite music without being sad about my ex and I don’t know how to feel about it

After we stopped talking I didn’t listen to music at all for the longest time. Which was awful bc I basically listened to music from the time I woke up until I went to sleep. But I couldn’t listen to ANYTHING without thinking of her and feeling like I had a hole ripped in my chest and stomach. We shared soo much music with each other. She was in every song.
She reached out recently and we talked and it was nice. Just like old times. No awkwardness or hurt feelings, it was GREAT talking to her again. She made it seem like she wanted to try to be friends and she wanted us to be in each others lives again. I was extremely hesitant bc things had just started going well for me and I didn’t want to backslide in any capacity.
Well. She didn’t agree w that and after a couple of days she gave me the whole “take care” speech and I asked her to not contact me again bc just those two days of us talking I was so anxious and on edge I didn’t eat or sleep. She said she wouldn’t contact me ever again and that was that. For a few days after I was so sad and still couldn’t eat or sleep. Slowly I started to get over it again.
Well. About 3 weeks ago, she texted me and said she needed to talk to me and called me twice. My stomach sank and my hands started to shake. I couldn’t think to do anything but block her number. And idk what happened but I just suddenly felt… nothing about her. I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t feel hopeful. I didn’t feel anxious, happy, curious. I didn’t wonder what she wanted. I felt nothing. It felt like something was just washed away from me. Or pulled out of me.
The next morning, I put on a playlist of my favorite songs that were ruined for me from sharing them w her and it just felt like music! It didn’t feel like sadness or regret. It was just music. My favorite music! I enjoy my favorite music again and I feel so guilty about it. I feel guilty bc I never ever thought that I wouldn’t think about her or miss her or wonder what could’ve been. I never thought that she would just be a fleeting thought that doesn’t elicit a smile or a pang of sadness. I never thought that I could ever or would ever feel nothing for her… But hopefully I can get over the guilt, as well. Some day
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2023.06.11 03:18 whenishit23232323 I found my dad on Ashley Madison. Male 15

Yeah, I went on his phone to google something and I found the infamous Ashley Madison website.
I am a little shocked, actually very shocked. I don't really know that to say, I don't wanna say anything but I just kinda look at him differently now.
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2023.06.11 03:18 dillsteroo Budget Advice; Family of 4 (plus grandma), 2 cars, SoCal

Hi! Please, any and all advice on this budget. I still find the unexpected expenses are getting us down, despite trying to plan ahead. Many of these numbers are goals and haven't always proven realistic, but mostly pretty close. Some feel low, and others high, but hard to know. Any advice? Thanks!!
We are in SoCal. My mom stays with us about 75% of the time, she pays most of our grocery bill, and household goods, and plane tickets when we need them, etc. but doesnt pay rent) Where can we most easily/effectively cut? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Apologies for length, I'm just using my YNAB budgets, so it's probably overkill!
Income: Self-employed $3333/mo, partner 2x per month $2081 (after health insurance, 401k taken out of check) Total: $7495.
Rent: $2035.
Childcare: $900.
Car Payment (1 car, financed; 2nd is paid off): $425.
Renters Insurance: $28
Internet: $90.
Car Insurance (2 cars): $155.
T-mobile: $140 (3 lines, phones paid off - we also travel to europe so need the data there, too in case that's relevant. Our current plan works for that).
energy: $150.
Streaming: Netflix, Apple TV, Peacock, Spotify Family $43.
Groceries: $350-ish/mo (what we end up spending after my mom's help)
Gas: $200/mo (2 cars, roughly two tanks each per month. My husband commutes, I drive around for errands and kids drop off, etc. Gas is often almost $5/gallon here lately)
Teacher supplies: $40 (I know it shouldn't be this way, but that's what seems to keep happening every month for one reason or another?)
Medical/Dental: I've been putting $10/mo toward this, which doesn't seem like enough?
Estimated taxes (self-employment): $450/mo.
DMV/fees/taxes: comes out to $25/mo.
Car maintaince: $40/mo.
Subscriptions/Memberships paid annually: Software like YNAB, RescueTime, TurboTax, plus Annual pass to zoo: $25.
Replacement funds, for computer, phone, car: $150/mo (not enough?).
Travel: $300/mo (husbands family lives abroad, we take one trip annually to visit so I am saving $4000 for next summer’s tickets).
Dog vet bills, meds: $40/mo.
ROTH IRA: $100/mo.
Other Investments: $270/mo.
Emergency Fund Savings: I want to get to 6 months expenses saved, which would be $44970, which feels insurmountable, right now I'm putting in about $200/mo, but have wiped it out a few times recently. So, fits and starts.
Clothes/Shoes/Haircuts/Self-care: $50/mo.
Misc: Everything I didn’t list here, like passport renewal fees, pet toys, kids stuff like carousel tickets or toys, home improvement, travel outside of big annual trip, bank fees, cc annual fees: $150/mo.
FUN MONEY:Eating Out/Coffee/Bars: This one has been a struggle. $550/mo.
Holidays, Birthdays, Gifts: $75/mo.
Charity/Giving: $15/mo.
Discretionary for each of us: $100/mo

Looking at this now, I see I need to save emergency instead of investing right now? What else?
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2023.06.11 03:18 nachotypicalfatty Ate - I’m not interested to whatever shit you’re listening to. Gusto ko lang mag byahe ng payapa please.

Nakaka trigger talaga yung ibang tao napaka INCONSIDERATE. We just left the bus terminal and she’s playing tiktok vids from her phone. Nakakairita yung high pitch pabebe voices na naririnig ko. I don’t know if some ppl just feel entitled to put their phone on speakers and play whatever they want out loud or they simply don’t know how to be observe proper decorum in public spaces? Kairita 😠
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