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2023.04.25 05:43 SmokedSalmonLake MN Smoker Recommendations

Hi all - I'm in the Twin Cities, MN area looking to buy an offset as an upgrade to our pellet smokegrill. My budget is under $2,000. I am running into trouble finding anything under this price point given material & shipping cost increases, so I am curious if anyone has ideas on stores I could visit or places in neighboring states that might offer cheaper (or no) shipping.
I was first looking at the Old Country Brazos, but (1) they are out of stock on Academy.com, and (2) I have heard rumors Academy no longer ships. A bummer given how people were getting them for ~$1,000 + $100 shipping a year or two back. Texas Star Grill Shop has it shipped $2,000, which is hard to justify given the base cost of the offset.
I went on a hunt for the Horizon smoker as well (~$1,700 retail), but I was unable to find it at the local Cabela's / Bass Pro Shop (and it appears to have been taken off their site - or at least hidden from the search menu). Does anyone know if Horizon smokers are still being sold at these stores? I assume it would bring me far above $2,000 to get it shipped directly from Horizon.
Is there anything else I should be on the lookout for in the MN area - whether it be another offset model, a particular BBQ store, or nearby fabrication company? The end game might be waiting for a good deal on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace...
Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.22 04:31 piratefaellie PSA: If you live in Tx, Nm, Co, Wy, Id, Mt, Wa, look out for this man trying to ride a completely unconditioned horse across the country

Long story short, some idiot in Texas has quit his job and decided to ride from Texas to Seattle on horseback, something that's totally feasible if done right. The problem comes from the fact that he bought a completely unconditioned horse off of craigslist and is using him as his ONLY horse for the entire trip. No pack horses, no horses to switch to, nothing. He had the horse for 2 or 3 weeks total before setting off on his 'journey' and his plan has been to freeload off of nice ranchers and let the horse graze on grass (he didn't plan anything else food wise for his journey).
It's been 12 days I think. In that time, the horse Shiok has lost a significant amount of weight, appeared dehydrated, developed edema and saddle sores, and is thought to be lame on his back left. The horse got loose once already. The man seems to have 0 horse knowledge, has had the bit upside down and twisted in the horse's mouth this entire time, digs his spurs into the horse (yes, spurs on an endurance ride), and has actively refused medicine, food, water, and help for his horse.
Texas welfare laws for horses aren't good. The horse was seen at a vet clinic yesterday, but has since been released - he was possibly boarding it there as he's paranoid someone might steal the horse. Right now the community is trying to raise awareness in any way possible. If you live in any of the above states, be on the lookout.. idk what can be done at this point, but I think people are trying to collect video evidence of the horse's condition to try and build a case.
articles/sources to read:
I really don't want to promote the guy's socials, but if you want to go direct to the source you can find him under the name 2raw2ride. fitting since he wore completely through his jeans on day 3 and needed someone to get him to walmart to buy new ones. You can also find more info by searching #SaveShiok on tiktok.
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