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2023.03.30 12:01 Comfortable-Sock7154 Can I sue my mom for emotional damages?

Not trying to Trauma dump I mean I know what subreddit this but if you are on here and happen to me sensitive to this stuff I would skip. I’ve never talked abt all this before so I’ll try to only say relevant information. Starting at around 6 I was getting sexually abused by my neighbor. I tried to tell my mom abt it but she told me I was gross and if he made me that uncomfortable not to go down there anymore. My dad wasn’t in the picture so the only person I felt like I had to go to was her bf. He told me it was normal and not to bring it up anymore. He then raped me on a daily basis for abt 10 years. From a very young age I started to show the signs of schizophrenia when I was 15 it became very bad. My mom was very abusive and beat me every day as well. I have no proof but me and my therapist theory is that she knew and looked at me like competition. I think that because as I got closer with him, she got more and more mad When I was around 15 I couldn’t handle anymore and told someone a little bit about what was going on at home. DCS and a investigator came to the school and I told him everything we got taken out of my mom’s custody because She took me to court to try to get the restraining order that we had just put up dropped so we could be in her words a big, happy family by the time I was 16 I was having full on hallucinations psychotic episodes, and delusions. I was really messed up and my moms abuse didn’t stop there. I snapped any time her or anyone in the house abused me I would go crazy. Around 17 we moved in with her new husband he started assaulting me physically and emotionally. I treated him the same and we would fight and my mom would lie for him when I hit back and turn away when I didn’t she ended up kicking me out because he told her to and I moved in with my grandma but she’s having a lot of health problems and with how bad my schizophrenia is i’m not really functioning enough to work, so I’m concerned about how I’m gonna support myself, if something happens. Idk if I want to sue exactly bc despite everything I want a relationship with her I just want to know my option s
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2023.03.30 11:57 Pinkclubpenguin FANGIRLING ABOUT HIM

Eeeeeeeeeeppppppp!!!!!!!!!!! MY GOD THIS MAN IS SO MAGICAL. I cant express it. I wanted to cry.
I met him finally. After idk how many months!!! For the first time!!!! It seemed right out of a movie for me.
He brought me a peace offering, white flower.
And then we hugged, smiled, kissed. I was awkward cause there were people around and i’m not a fan of PDA on the streets of Bombay.
And then he gets out a red flower as a token of affection. My lord. This man. FULL ROM COM VIBES. 😭 he told me he loves me, he kissed my forehead. He hugged me tight. It was so cuteeeeeeee.
OH THE BEST PART??? WE WORE WHITE. Both of us. Coincidentally. It’s like the universe was plotting for us.
There was a cute white cat too with brown spots!
And right after that was time to leave. And while I was wearing my helmet and scarf, I felt emo. I hugged him again before I left. He took a dumb picture of me hahahahhaha, said my hair was better off without any colour in it and hated the denims.
This time it felt different. Magic’s there. He is there. He is the magic. He had this cute ass hole in his zipper pant which I wanted to roast him for but shutup instead.
Honestly, I was too enamoured by him for me to say anything that made sense. I was just happy. My partner, my soulmate is back.
He is relief to my sore sore sight. The oasis in my sahara. I wish he loves me like I love him. I adore him.
What’s even more cute? He did this secret gesture we have of pinching/pressing our arm or whatever thrice to say that we love each other.
My lord. I love him. God it pains me to see I won’t end up with him.
Anyway, the end.
It was definitely a scene out of a movie.
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2023.03.30 10:58 Hot-Ad-629 Architectural Cycles

Architectural Cycles
Hello fellow architect community!
I'm obsessed with cycles, everywhere, from economical, to political, geological, climatic, metal content in currency, downright to our quotidian cycles. The more you go down the rabbit hole, the more bizare it is how everything - and I mean absolutely everything - starts to reveal underlying structural cycles. But I'm an architect in the making, and despite large interest and fascination, I have academically limited understanding of the above sectors, but I have good understanding of architectural theory/history, so I always wondered; "do architectural cycles exist?"
I took the past 2 days to reflect on this idea superficially (with whatever info is available online) and layout all the major (western - for now) architecture styles and movements since just before the industrial revolution, aligned with major global events, such as; conflicts, inventions, tech-eras, population, interest rates, etc. with the intention of trying to determine whether there exists cultural cycles in the way we build and manifest architectural thought and construction over time. It quickly became evident that there are periodic patterns! In particular, resurgence of old styles in a sense of always going back to fish past socio-spatial-organizational ideas or aesthetics, always followed by clean slate new ideals, and repeat?
I then took some work developed by famed but very controversial (brilliant in my opinion) forecaster called Martin Armstrong. I have been reading his work avidly since 2016, he developed an AI in the 80s which it feeds MASSIVE amounts of data about human civilization all the way back to the Egyptians with inumerous institutional deals and seemingly even with the black market. This AI, called Socrates, has spent decades churning out patterns and cycles on human civilization, and Martin has used it to spur out a lot of unbiased forecasts that seem to hit the nail on the head since the early 90s. Anyway, im not interested here in forecasting architecture, but I took something he called "The Economic Confidence Model" (overlayed as the thick black line on the graph), which delineates cycles titled "Private" and "Public", which delineate popular confidence in governance, by tracking global capital flows over time - for example now we are supposedly reaching the end of a Private cycle which is how he explains all the growing dissatisfaction in the world, etc. Anyway, to my HUGE SURPRISE, his Economic Confidence Model (please research it for more info, i display it here purely diagramatically), lines up perfectly with patterns discernable in the timeline of grouped architectural periods and styles!!
To get to the point, I could spend years on this, filling out in detail to arrive at some underlying order of events that reveal how and why we build the way we do over time, and I will continue to update it from time to time, but I wanted to share this so that fresh pairs of eyes and perspective, and anyone else interested, would have any contributions, edits, suggestions and additions to make - I'm all ears! I only ask that if you share info that is relatively uncommon knowledge (within the architecture community) that it be referenced as to keep everything in order. Feel free to scribble on the graph and send it back.
I'ts my first time posting on Reddit, but I'm familiar with it's community, and I'm looking forward to starting this discussion in such a vibrant community, so if I can provide anything else let me know.
NOTE: this is two days of work, and I know requires A LOT more information such as, political or ideological cycles, economic policies, and general foreign policy such as rise of globalism etc. which I intend to add slowly and post updates, but there is enough information on there already to notice some sort of patterns/reactionary periods and get an interesting discussion started. Also, there might be some discrepancies I'm still figuring out such as the "AntiEstablishment" label in post WWII reconstruction (which is awkward with Brutalism) but keeping it there for mindmapping purposes atm.
PS. I understand that not everything can be put in a box, but a little generalization helps to zoom out and see the bigger picture, of course detail may always be added.

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2023.03.30 10:53 AndyPandy85 Feeling dismissed in a medical situation because you’ve experienced psychosis

I don’t know what is going on but my entire body felt like it was shutting down the other day to the point that I was making pacts with a god I don’t believe in to change my ways if he lets me live. Near death experiences are horrific and despite whether it actually was one or not I still went through all those emotions. I took an ambulance ride begrudgingly because I hate the doctor but this was the second time in three days these internal pains started and my friends were mad at me for ignoring my physical health the first time it happened so I promised I would go to the ER if it happened again. The ER, my GP and my therapist all say I just had a massive panic attack and while I really want that to be the case I’m convinced I’m one step away from death. I see my new psychiatrist tomorrow and I’m pretty sure she will say the same. My idiot prescriber that I just fired neglected to fill my klonopin prescription on time and I had to call and she still didn’t fill it regardless of saying that she did. I’ve been on it daily for four years and it was finally refilled 7 days late. The reason my therapist thinks it was psychosis is because she had a patient that experienced psychosis due to benzo withdrawal. But goddamn all that was so real. My head was full of pressure, my eyes were swelling. Everything looked like it got squished flat then stretched long then squished flat again. I saw the floor move away from me while on the elevator and the elevator door hadn’t closed yet nor was it moving. I’m not one to have visual hallucinations, they’ve only happened when I was on antidepressants, I deal with tactile hallucinations mainly. I guess that could explain the body feels. I dunno I want more tests done cus I’m worried it’s super serious, but I’ve no recourse as I’ve been to the ER and my GP and my therapist isn’t giving any credence to the possibility that it’s a severe issue like I think. If I go back in I’ll just look like a hypochondriac. Each one of them blamed it on panic attacks and my therapist threw the psychosis in as the cherry on the cake. I didn’t share the visual things with the ER doctor or my GP because I already am dismissed enough being bipolar, no need to bring the fact that I experience psychosis too into the picture
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2023.03.30 10:41 cognitivexdissonance I’m facing a moral/ethical dilemma

I’m currently in a very healthy enm relationship. Technically not poly as my current partner needs some time to get to that point, but i think it will eventually become a poly dynamic in the near future.
Now to the dilemma at hand. I have one woman in my life who I’ve loved now for 14 years. We took each others virginities and we may not have been in communication with each other constantly over the years but this woman has always been there for me through a lot of struggles in my 20’s fighting for success. I went down a bad path of addiction, several really hard break ups, etc.
We broke up because of her pursuing college very far away and our lives just couldn’t continue, but the love has never gone away.
She got married about two years ago, we used to flirt and maybe send a sexy photo or two to each other before hand and when she told me she was getting married i was so happy for her and told her i would respect her marriage.
About a week ago i was a little buzzed on some bourbon and i was on Instagram and i always look at her stories but all she ever posts are promotional photos for the female collage tennis team she coach’s of the actual players and not her.
So i replied to the story and said “ i always check your stories in hopes to see cute photos of you, it never happens, but ima keep checking”.
The next day she sent me two cute pictures of her smiling and thanked me for making her smile that day and opened up about not knowing if she’s happy being married or not. Before she told me that i had already said “i hope one day our paths cross again”
And low and behold our paths are crossing next week. I’m in a certain city for business and and she’s coming here also for a tennis tournament so we are talking about meeting up and seeing each other and we’re both really excited because of how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other. I also met her on a plane so it’s just another like really crazy fate seemingly situation that two people who live on opposite sides of the country end up being in the same place completely unplanned.
I love this woman. I would never want to harm her or jeopardize the life she’s built for herself but i don’t think i could resist having her again if she came on to me.
She’s truly the one that got away and i feel part of me has gone down the poly/enm route just in hopes to have her in my life again in some capacity.
I love my current partner. If fact i want to marry her, but i really love this woman too very very deeply, but obviously we are full grown adults now and have both probably changed so much the love is somewhat fantasy based but also the consistency of kindness and love we’ve given to each other has never stopped or changed in any way.
Edit: crucial detail. This is pertaining to a jehovahs witness. If you decide to divource you are not allowed to remarry at all ever within the religion unless adultery happens. Also can’t have sex unless you are married.
What do i do?!
I know she’s told me she’s struggled with monogamy in the past but to my knowledge she has never cheated on her husband. He leaves for months at a time and she travels for her job so it seems they barely even get to see each other.
I also want to add that we have not talked about planning on hooking up or anything like that but we just have a certain chemistry that just ignites.
I’m also concerned about my partners feelings about it. She prefers discretion. It’s pretty easy to do when i go out of town here and there for both of us to kinda have these moments in time to just act out our desires. TLDR: about to have possible adultery with a woman I’ve loved for a very long time and has the special place in my heart of “making me a man” and taking my virginity.
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2023.03.30 10:33 Euphoric_Cricketthx I wish DH and BM would get back together. Am I nuts?

I'm at a loss. I'm probably PMSing, but my depression is hitting extra hard right now.
Recently BM and her husband separated due to some anger issues from the husband. She took the kids and they have been staying at a relative's place. This has caused her to open up a lot to me and DH about what's really been going on over the last few years. As a result, it seems like she's been feeling kind of lonely and looking for support because she's been texting us both a lot more.
I think I'm a little jealous and anxious when she talks to DH and he doesn't inform me of every bit of their conversation. Truthfully, he shouldn't have to. That's super controlling and I want to trust him.
However, this nagging feeling won't go away that perhaps she might want to get back together with him. I had a dream last night that she came over and they were blatantly flirting in front of me. It killed me, but in a way I was relieved. Part of me really wishes they would get back together because BM has been talking about giving her abusive husband another chance, and I don't want the kids to go through that. I went through that as a kid, and it kills me to think of them having to go through the same thing. It makes me sick to my stomach.
At this point, I'd rather just walk away and let them get back together. I think they are always going to have some kind of affection for one another because they had children together, which is understandable. I just hate that I can't bring myself to walk away without some kind of catalyst, but I feel like I should. I feel like they both want to make that move, but won't do it because I'm in the picture.
Maybe it's just my depression talking but I just I just kinda wanna run away from it all. It's making me anxious and paranoid. I think I'd be the most disappointed not to get to see the kids anymore. Has anyone else ever felt this way?
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2023.03.30 10:18 tryingbeingbetter I'm the heaviest I've ever been, and childhood trauma is making weight loss difficult.

Trigger warning: Eating disorders, bullying.
I made this account specifically to improve myself, and I really just wanted to let everything out at once. I'm a 5'2" woman, and I am currently yo-yoing between 169 and 175 lbs.
Ever since puberty hit me, my weight has felt like something I have very little control over, and my self esteem has never been good. As a kid, I was pretty skinny - I remember being able to see my ribs, and I couldn't finish a bowl of cereal before school. I swam in my clothes, and friends would joke about how loose they were. But midway through middle school, I suddenly became capable of eating two bowls of cereal and wanting to eat twice as much of everything. As a result, I quickly became chubby.
Growing up, my peers made it clear that they thought I was fat. In middle school, there was an instance where a 'friend' revealed that he liked me, and he asked if I felt the same. When I told him that I didn't like him that way, he quickly turned sour, and one day he called me fat. I turned to my closest friend (who had been walking with us) to ask if she thought I was.
That friend suddenly got silent, and literally ran away. The boy I rejected roared with laughter, and I didn't know what to do with myself. Meanwhile, people who I didn't consider to be friends made passing comments on my size and rump. I began to hide myself under layers of clothes even when it was hot outside. But the comments still came, and some particularly cruel classmates would dare each other to ask me out. A boy who sat behind me in class would kick my butt and laugh.
But I couldn't stop eating. My grandparents would make me two whole pizzas to eat after school, and I would devour them. Growing up, I was unable to have birthday parties, so my parents would take me to the buffet, where I would devour as much food as my stomach could hold. My mom began to encourage me to wear shapewear to church, and one day she became so annoyed that she asked why I ate so much despite knowing how big I was.
Even my relatives made comments on my weight. Family friends and members felt the need to comment that I was getting "thick".
In high school, my closest friends developed eating disorders, and at least one made it a competition. I'll call this friend Lexi, who was also the same person who ran away when I asked if she thought I was fat. Lexi confessed to me that she hated our friend for being able to stay petite and curvy, something I also inwardly envied. One holiday, she made some rich, chocolatey treats for us as gifts. But in private, Lexi told me that it was to make our mutual friend heavier. However, she made very sure to assure me that she didn't view me as competition, and even admitted that being around people heavier than her made her feel so much better.
By the end high school, I started to lose weight quickly. But this was because my family was poor and my parent was sick, and I quite literally would save up quarters to eat packs of crackers at school. I would buy a single pack of peanut butter crackers, eat half of them, and then slowly eat them throughout the long bus ride home.
In college, I was able to lose weight by walking around everywhere, and I began the habit of going to the gym nightly. I restricted heavily and wouldn't allow myself to even get slightly out of deficit. I took pictures obsessively, tracking every inch gained and loss. When I was unable to sleep (which was always), I'd jog up and down flights of stairs in my dorm because otherwise I would be left my depressed thoughts. But at some point I began to lose muscle, and simply walking around became exhausting. And I still hated myself - even when I was nearly underweight, I could only hear the voices that called me fat, hipless, and unattractive. I knew I'd break, and so I stopped.
Years later, I'm now the heaviest I've ever been. And I'm so tired. I don't have the mental energy to do much. I'm in grad school, a full-time job, and a volunteer position, and I barely have time to cook. I frequently find myself feeling so empty, and something good tasting just makes me feel a little more alive. I have to film myself for classes and review them, and I hate seeing my rolls and how clothes fit on me, and I cannot help but wonder how many classmates laugh at how chubby I am. I recently video-called my dad, and he mentioned that he noticed I'd gained some weight. I can't visit family without at least a few conversations about how big I'm getting. Everyone notices.
I want to be better. I wanted to be thinner. I want to actually love myself. I'm married to a wonderful man, and I hate that I can't genuinely believe him when he says I'm beautiful. I've been looking up surgical interventions and pills to lose weight. I know that they are nearly all fake, but I'm so desperate to not hate the person I see on video and in the mirror.
I just want to finally feel comfortable with myself, and for all those voices to go away.
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2023.03.30 10:06 Murky-Improvement-88 I (21F) learned my ex(20M) fell out of love with me when he started his new job.

We broke up about a month ago. He won't stop creeping up on me.
But basically what I learned today was that he fell out of love with me months ago (around 6~8 months) after we would have been together for 6 years. He fell out of love with me once "Patricia" came into the picture. And he told me not to worry about her.
Then he takes her on a date and tells me it isn't a date. And when I have a problem with it, he tells me, "You don't know when your guy friends like you, so why do you act like this whenever I have a female friend? It just seems cruel." He tells me she's not coming on to him, but then tells me she's tapping his butt at the workplace and suddenly, BOOM, He fucks her (and another woman) after I kissed my college roomie (21F) while drunk around a week before.
And today, he took her out on a date. And told my friend to tell me he's "sorry."
I'm just hurt af. Idk. I just feel like dog shit. And I was used and treated like shit a lot of it. And I feel kinda stupid for not realizing a lot of red flags before. Like he literally told me when we first started dating, "I am not a good person." Like this shit is on me.
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2023.03.30 09:57 Geof_Golden Rude/💩 client?

Rude/💩 client?
Hey people. I've been doing Upwork for about a year now. So about a month or two ago I was interviewed by this client. The messages were decent at first. But then I noticed that the client was very unresponsive. He would reply to me in a very short manner and also it took so long for him to do so.
So the story goes. After about 3 weeks of thr initial messages. He finally send me an intrusctional video and we agreed on a contract. So i did the work, collecting screenshots from specific websites. It was supposedly a 4 hour test run. Well after that I asked about whether the job will have a weekly workload.
He answered Yes. And he initially says that I'll be expecting 10-20 hours of work per week. Long story short. The 10 hours never came.
After about a week after the 4 hours work. He said that he wanted to work on something new, this time he wanted me to collect gifs ( recording videos) of websites. Showed me example. I had a few questions about the new request that he wanted but days go by. He didn't reply to any of it. Then somehow he replied to my messages with just 'hey (my name)'.
That was it. Then he started ghosting me again. He was always online ( it was always green). I had enough of this and decided to tell him that we didn't have any effective communication going on. He then said he 'just had a personal problem and it's affecting his life too much'. So then he paused the contract, told me that he will brief me about the new request on that week through loom recording. Well that never came. But he was always online.
So this week. I decided to message him a few time seperated in days. Just asking if the loom video is ready. 'Will I be working this week?' Stuff like that. Throughout this he was always online. Then today I asked him again, he finally replied as shown in the picture. He asked me to record some of the videos on the websites. Then I said to him to increase/unpaused the time limit/ contract. ( I guess it's not a paused since he set it to 0 hours per week) in order for me to use it as a test run. Cause obviously that to me sounds like it requires some time. It's not one websites he asked for some. Then guess what.
He ended the 'long term' contract and also included a review. The review is still hidden as I wanted to ask opinions from u people. Oh yeah and he also blocked me.
So who's wrong here?
Summary 1. Client gave me false expectation 2. Changed his work request 3. Communicate POORLY 4. Gave me headaches
I'm hoping the review of me will be decent. Yeah. Any advise or opinion?
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2023.03.30 09:56 xero_light Driver didn’t ask for insurance

I was parking up and a van drove in behind to park and I slowly backed into him, my van is fine but he took a nasty dent, the guy was really passive and I gave him my works numbers, my name and plate, and I took a few pictures, he took no pictures didn’t ask for my insurance and said “I’m just gonna say it happened while I was on a job” But I’ve heard that one before My question is can he actually chase up my details? Under the stress myself I didn’t think to ask for insurance because my van hasn’t got a scratch.
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2023.03.30 09:49 Most-Fun-5779 175 ug LSD Trip Report

This all took place on a Thursday night in April 2022. It was me my girlfriend and my best friend, this trip is really interesting because I didn't expect it to do what it did. Let's get started.
6 PM: Me and my best friend and my girlfriend just sitting around, and I had the smart idea to you know do some ACID. So, we start looking for someone and we end hitting up our weed man. " you got acid dawg?" "Yep 10 a tab " that small word exchange was just the start of a life changing experience.
6:30:PM: We called up this friend that was close by because he had a bike. I ask him to use his bike to ride up to the plugs crib to acquire the LSD. He said yes so, I'm riding this bike and I'm thinking nothing of what could go wrong, I've done acid before but very little did I know this particular trip was about to change the way I look at everything and myself. This is called an ego death. This was the most severe one I've ever had. I text dude "here", Hes coming out. Now on the way back.

7 PM: I get back to the crib and we start vibing and just hanging out, we all stoked Cuz we about to be fried to the core. But as my friend is trying to get us to do it now, I'm getting 2nd thoughts, do I really want to do this?. Now im looking at 1 and 3/4 of tabs in my hands now. The anxiety is kicking in " Im fine". We take them then decide to go run around the neighborhood. We found this Green Machine bike, I just remember riding it down the road and falling off it sidewards, and then when I stood up and everything looked so vibrant. I knew it was the acid first signs, so its all laughs and giggles until we get inside.

8 PM: We all get inside and then were like, what do we do now. About this time the acid is slowing creeping up on me then about 5 minutes later visuals, body high, sweating all came into effect. about this time, I took those two pictures. Then we start blasting just extremely loud music and just turning up like were lit as fuck for about. This one song's lyrics stick vividly in my head the way I heard them. " I don't need no molly to be savage but when I'm on the molly I feel savage. Bandit by NBA youngboy and Juice wrld go stupid while on acid. We did this for a good 30 minutes until....

8:45 PM: I remember just looking at my girlfriend and was just thinking about how much I love her and I felt like something bad was about to happen. I stood on a chair and everything went quiet. I very slowly got down and started to lose my vison then, I was in a leaned over position trying to fix this. but no matter how hard I tried the acid just killed something in me and, my brain just stopped working basically. I remember just holding on to my girlfriend while going through this very bad mind I was in because she made everything bad go away.

9 PM: My vison was like very intense heat waves I couldn't talk or walk or stand up, I just remember sitting there just with very paranormal entities. I described it to my girlfriend as "Him". "Him" is a paranormal entite that was controlling me, because of this trip I will never do acid again in my life. And for about 3 hours I was a zombie.

1 AM: I start to snap back to reality. And my girlfriend is comforting me and making me feel better like she always does. So I'm able to talk again and I was scared as hell I wanted it all to be over with I was done. Then, word to my dead it whispered to me and said "bye bye " and then I slowly started to fall back into this psychosis and then about an hour later I came back and then everything was.

2 AM: I came out of the dark place and, I just felt retarted bur it was over.
For anyone who read my whole trip report thank you for listening and if I Learned one thing from this it'd be that acid isn't something to play with it can change how you look at a lot of things. I do not recommend it to anyone and got a lot more trip report story's :)
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2023.03.30 09:49 MaleficentAd1056 Gwyneth Paltrow looks sort of familiar?

I'm wondering if moist has noticed this yet with Gwyneth Paltrow in her recent court appearance. Has anyone noticed she looks like a female version of a serial killer like Jeffrey Dahmer when he was younger crossed with a Karen? I saw it in a thumbnail on his youtube page. Anyone else see this?
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2023.03.30 09:46 Ramenzi Dnd [Comm] open slots! [Art]

Pricing, Info, and Examples can be found here; Just fill out the form if you’re interested! I have limited slots open so the quicker you are the better!
Fun backstory while I promote for my commissions!
This is Iris Idril, an eladrin elf who sold half of her soul to the banished Great Old One, Vorthal Valgonos. Iris as a child had always found herself compared to her older brother, Amleth. He was the smarter of the two and smarts was just about all they valued in their family so Amleth was all the more precious. She worked hard to try and catch up to her brother while their parents didn’t do much to help the sibling rivalry, typically fanning the flames. She had no motive in life but to find worth in herself, and in that worth all she could see was being smarter and better than her brother in any way she could. Vorthal enters the picture and offers her a new dream. One where she finds self worth and happiness at the small price of giving him half of her mind. She didn’t hesitate. The half of her mind he took was replaced with that of his own being. His plans are vast and unknown to her, but Iris is the start of a plan he’s been concocting for thousands of years.
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2023.03.30 09:26 ThrowRA1177770 Am I (25M) just anxious or is my (24F) girlfriend of (8 months) not being honest with me?

This is a long one that is even confusing to me.
I have spent the past year trying to have time spent with my long distance 8 month girlfriend but she has not put in any effort to spend days off together since she won’t send me her schedule when I send her mine to find time together. It’s gotten so bad I don’t remember the last time we had a day together.
My birthday then came up where I was upset she didn’t say anything until 9pm after I messaged her, she told me she was too busy with work to say anything on my birthday. (Guess she couldn’t say anything before work either I guess)
She then went two days without saying anything on her days off when she was supposed to fly and see me, she told me she was sleeping both of those days and didn’t get in the plane because she was worried I was upset with her. (I also never had a time for her flight because just today she said that was because she was going to buy the ticket the day of the flight.)
Just a couple days later I wanted to call instead of just text but she told me she couldn’t in the morning because a test for school at home, and after I asked to call after work she said yes but she would apparently have to check with her roommates because after telling me she sleeps in a guest bedroom at the apartment she now sleeps in one of the couples room on the floor because she is scared to sleep alone, but when the time came I spent the whole night awake waiting for her to call only to find out at 12pm that she didn’t get out of work till the morning after working 3pm-12pm and she couldn’t message me updates because her job took her phone away because she was using it at work (she works as a tech for an eating disorder clinic)
Now today I asked to call after my shift and we did and she now couldn’t stay on the phone when going inside her apartment because she has a game night at 1am with the roommates.
During the night where I stayed up and she never called she sent me a picture of a pov of her leg in a chair with a clipboard next to her (this was before she went radio silent) and in that photo it’s a bit blurry but I can see that it says on a clipboard next to her that the date is from a week ago. She sent me this photo at 2am when she was at work and while on our call today I had her send me the meta data which shows the photo was taken the the day before at 11:30 pm but somehow because her reception was bad that it didn’t send until 2am so that’s why the meta data is different then when I received the picture on discord (she has never had issues with connection since we video called in the past and she never said her connection was poor at work before.)
She has become increasingly distant and seems to refuse to call while at her apartment, and when I bring up anything not matching up with what she says she seems to just move the goalpost.
The other big thing I found was on Venmo, where she was given money and the message from a guy was “to the best girlfriend in the world” when I asked her about this guy I didn’t know she said he is just a roommate and besides he is gay so you don’t have to worry about it. I still haven’t seen that guy or talked to him, and apparently now even though she was his best “girlfriend” they now don’t like each other so now I really don’t have to worry about it.
submitted by ThrowRA1177770 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.03.30 09:26 OkayElevator Help - roommate is stealing

Hey fellow Redditors. I hope that my story is here in the correct sub. I'm totally stumped and would really appreciate your input. I am currently living with another person (let's call him Mark) in a shared apartment. Mark is 30 and working, I'm currently a student. Since I've been living here (about 1 year), Mark and I have actually been pretty close, often sat together in the evenings or went out together, etc. I thought things were going really well. For 2 months the relationship has been getting worse and worse (which I won't go into detail about now because that would go beyond the scope, let's just say his behavior towards me became more and more weird) and after the recent events it has reached its absolute peak. It should also be said about me that I suffer from a chronic illness and therefore purchase medical cannabis. Mark knew about it. When I was away with friends for the weekend a week ago, I allowed my girlfriend to use my room and sleep at my place because she comes from another city and visited me and friends here. On the first evening when she was here, our neighbor was having a party in the flat above us and suddenly around 1 am Mark was in my room, woke my girlfriend up and said something like "I allowed the others from the party to also use our toilet and wanted to make sure that no one got lost into your room". I think that was already fucked up and got me suspicious at the time.. he knew I wasn't there for the weekend, he didn't knock and I was afraid he had another reason for going into my room. (Unfortunately there is no key for my room, so I cannot lock it.)
Now I was on vacation with my girlfriend for a few days and before I left I took pictures of my room + drawer with my weed + weighed the weed. When we came back, I immediately noticed someone must have been in my room and weed is also missing. Since I've been prescribed quite a lot and it's supposed to last a long time, I sometimes have a lot in the room but I never thought that Mark would steal from me.. who does something like that anyway? Since I was probably just too naive beforehand, I had never weighed my weed, so I have to assume that this wasn't the first time this had happened. Well, now I went to the police and I was only told that he has probably already consumed the weed he stole and that there is not much that can be done ... and that I may still have to face some consequences myself, because the dear Mr. officer could imagine that I stored the weed improperly. My doctor never told me anything in this direction, so I was super insecure and refrained from reporting it. Of course I didn't want to end up shooting myself in the foot and thought nothing can be done about my roommate. When I asked him about the situation, he simply lied to me ("we've known each other for so long, I would never do something like that - and that evening I really just wanted to make sure that nobody was in your room") I know that Mark also has other drugs that he uses quite regularly (especially amphetamines and coke).. to be honest, I considered going to the police with this information to still get his ass. But I am not sure.
I've already canceled my rental contract and am currently looking for a new apartment, but it's difficult to find something and I'm still paying for 3 months. Even if I did find something, paying double the rent is too expensive
Do you have any advice?
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"Yes Sir." she said quickly, holding her cheek.
As I was getting the last piece of gear off, she sat on the bed behind me. I turned around and gazed into her eyes, knowing that for the next 5 hours or so, we would be able to make passionate love to each other. I love this girl like no other before. She always looked beautiful to me, even when she had just woken up and how she is the only person who really understands me. I let her into my heart more quickly than any other girl before her because of our chemistry together. To me she isn't just a lover, she's my best friend.
I woke with Breanna awake already getting her clothes on "hey sweety hows it goin" She looked at me, smiled and came over and gave me a big kiss (there was tongue) and we kissed for a good wet minute and i now had enough energy to get up but when i got up only my dad was downstairs and looked upset so i though he must have saw us but i didnt care i walked down the stairs and said ,"whats wrong" he looked at me stood up and gave me a hug, i braced for the worst news he said get your sister and come back down stairs.
“No one will think of you as a whore, ever. Just get that out of your mind. I guess that you have learned about sex and what happens, you just have never done it. So, I think we will start off by finding out how it starts off between a couple. Come with me” I said as I took her by the hand and led her to her bedroom. I could feel her hand shaking as I led her down the hall. When we got into her room, I sat her down on the bed and explained. “what we are about to do is considered illegal in a lot of places. I think that I love you enough as my sister to want to do this to help you. If at any time, you feel like you want to stop or don’t want to do something, you simply tell me to stop, and I will. I will never do anything to you that you don’t want me to. Do you understand me?”
At around nine-thirty, Dad came upstairs and checked in. He probably thought something would happen on Christmas, but we weren’t acting suspicious, Matt actually fell asleep while he was in the doorway talking about mass. He and mom were very religious. I felt shameful talking to him, cause he thought I cared. I guess I didn’t, religion didn’t interest me much. Bodily desire was more awesome to me.
Ethan: ummm…no!
I channeled a really calm and sympathetic voice, and softly said:
The party ran deep into the night, Mark’s usually did, though we didn’t do much. A little swimming in the pool, a little cards, a little ping pong, just chilling with friends. Ellie was there, this time she played my typical role, quiet, shy, unseen, clearly her mind was occupied with something else. At one point during the poker game, her and I were the only ones left in a hand. Our eyes locked, I was the first to look away, back at my cards, but I could feel her hold her gaze for a few seconds. It was the only time she noticed me all night.
"You like that?" Todd whispered.
“This kinda reminds me of when Jim and I first got together. We were in our early twenties and we just started dating, he was always sweet, even back then, that’s what attracted me to him. The first three months of our relationship we spent every moment together, it didn’t matter what we did, as long as we did it together we were happy. One time he even managed to make going to the city dump fun, but that’s a story for another time. Anyways, something came up where he had to go out of state with his family for a week. He told me about it and I understood, things come up and you have to go with it, so I kissed him goodbye and wished him a safe trip. What I didn’t count on was how much I’d miss him. I found myself calling him every chance I got and thinking about him when I couldn’t call him. I didn’t know him leaving would hit me that hard. We spent so much time together that I didn’t know what to do with myself when he wasn’t around. That was the week I found out I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, and as it turned out he felt the exact same way I did. From that moment on we made sure we didn’t let anything keep us apart if it didn’t need to be.”
"The way is yours, milady," I said, giving an over the flamboyant bow.
“Wow, you starting a new fashion trend Malani,” laughed Ms. Sharma.
"Right, of course," Gina said nervously. "Foreplay."
Everyone had stopped snogging and was staring at Lizzie. Her head stayed tilted downwards but her eyes jerked up, scanning us all with scared wild eyes. Then she turned and ran.
My sister is just a little brat. In fact I rarely ever call Courtney anything else.
I woke up of a sweat, dreaming of last night were I was caught up in a shooting outside of town involving a '6er' gang member. He has tried to rape a young women when I turned the corner. I pulled out my Glock 22 and told him to get up, instead he reached for his gun so I shot. I had shot him in the head, then ran off not worrying about the girl or anything else. Let me describe my self, I'm Corbin "Duece" James, my nickname is Duece due to my choice of pistol, a Glock 22. I'm 6' 3", Athletic build, Black hair blue eyes. A pissed off look on my face all the time due to my life.
"YES!!! PLEASE!!!"
“Just please. I’ve seen you naked a million times before, I won’t make fun of you or anything, I promise. Look I’ll even wash your clothes for you, I’m doing laundry anyways. I just don’t want you getting the house dirty or mom’s going to be pissed..” She said sounding a lot nicer so I decided to comply with her and maned up to the task at hand.
How romantic! She gently turned his head towards her and kissed him. It amazed her how he made her feel. She felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
When Aggie had recovered from her climax, she felt Lars was still thrusting into her, and that there was another orgasm building within her. Lars felt bigger than ever and was driving into her with an animalistic force Aggie loved. Lars had his eyes fixed onto Aggie's body, and his sweat was dripping onto her. Aggie was turned on by this and began to thrust her hips into Lars demanding that he go deeper, and fuck her harder.
to the English class he saw her, she looked up and almost gasped, but caught herself. Her big brown
Knowing she had lost her will, Brittany collapsed into his arms, still crying. John held her tight, whispering that it was okay and that he loved her. Looking down into her eyes as she looked up at his, he kissed her lips gently.
The three girls walked out of the room laughing, leaving Will by himself. Almost immediately he began jacking off again, and in a matter of what seemed like seconds, he orgasmed, his boy cum slipping out of his dic and coating his hand with semen. He, as he usually did, kept jacking off his dic to get the most out of his orgasm. He had a sigh of relief, as he sat down in the shower, recovering from his orgasm.
Deana took a few steps towards the living room, then turned back. “Thanks, Mom.”
That’s all it takes to trigger my next orgasm.
"He would fuck me?" Blondie questioned.
Rose, Jessica, and I were hanging out on a Friday night. It was the first time the three of us had been alone together since Rose walked in on us last week, but surprisingly things weren't that awkward.
​​ ”Wait. Are you a virgin?” She asked.
All three of us men had been fucking all three women so any one of us could be the baby’s father. I was pretty sure that I was the father of all of them but then again Uncle Dick claimed the same thing.
''Uh – I... I'm sorry, I...''
Abby was always introducing me to her friends trying to get me to hook up with one of them. The only reason she didn’t ask me out was because she was already going out with my best friend.
“Seriously Dana, that was great, but we’re going to be late,” Michael said, pushing her out of the shower after he had delivered onto her face.
“First and last time Ashley, don’t count on this again, cuz it won’t happen,” Rita replied.
Edgar looked like he was in contemplation, before he looked over to Violet, now loosing the occasional unintentional impassioned sigh as she tried desperately to contain her displays of arousal. “I guess since I'm in this deep already I might as well start stepping up my game, but I hate to start that with you, since you let me off easy earlier. So you get a choice. I dare you to either take off the rest of your clothes and stop covering your breasts... or you can spare Violet however many turns she'll have to wait to stop by finishing her off yourself.” Christabella got wide eyed, her mouth formed into an 'o'. “Damn baby, keep that shit coming.” she praised. Aria looked to Violet, who seemed beyond the point of protest, and then back up to Edgar uncertainly. She still had some serious reservations about stripping nude in front of her friends, but then again, was getting Violet off any less embarrassing? The only things she knew for sure were that she couldn't back out now, with how... interesting things were getting, and that either way, she would have to nut up and just pick, because it was likely only going to get more intense from here on. That was the price of admission. She looked up at Violet and made a split decision. “You're welcome.” she said, pulling the vibrator out from between her legs.
“No…I’m eighteen and I live with my wife in our own place. I can sign or my wife. She’s with my folks.”
“Are you sure you want to see?” With a crinkle between her eyebrows and almost sad eyes, she conveyed her fear that he would reject her, finding her ugly and untouchable.
Harry had never mastered the art of the graceful Floo exit, but he had managed to learn how to remain standing when he reached his destination. When he untangled himself from Teddy and James (who had felt tackling him was necessary), she could tell he was excited about something.
“Guys, I found it!” I shouted in the room so Ashley and Stephanie could hear me.
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