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2023.06.07 01:10 PatchworkGuilt Replacing timing chain, what else while Im there? + BONUS mystery sound

Replacing timing chain, what else while Im there? + BONUS mystery sound
I had a coolant leak and also suspected a loosening timing chain (I was right!) in my 1970 Mustang with a 302. Also, every 10th start there is a terrifyingly loud rubbemetallic screeching sound that makes me turn the car off immediately out of fear. I've been able to narrow the sound down to the front of the engine/belt area, and the one time I was brave enough to let the engine run a bit I found that it goes away once the thermostat kicks in. The sound is continuous (doesn't pulse in time with a piston or anything). So I disassembled the front of the engine to get to the timing chain, half expecting to find an obvious source of the sound as I went. No luck.
SO: What else should I replace while I'm in here, both as possible sources of the sound and as common sense refreshes for an engine that sat for 20 years?
  1. Timing chain (Already purchased, it's happening)
  2. Timing cover?
  3. Crankshaft eccentric?
  4. Harmonic balancer?
  5. Water pump (already purchased)
  6. Water pump back plate?
  7. Crankshaft pulley?
  8. Radiator? (Current one works but is old and gunky)
Thanks so much for your thoughts!
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2023.06.07 01:09 PokenerdKate Are there any organizations or groups working to prepare for automation?

Automation could put hundreds of millions of people out of work.
The common wisdom is that it will create just as many jobs as it replaces, in fields that we can't even imagine yet.
I don't believe that. And I don't think that we're prepared for hundreds of millions of people to lose their jobs. We don't have systems in place to take care of those people and their needs.
I'm scared that when/if this happens, society will try to ban automation and preserve those jobs. Essentially creating "busy work" for people.
I would rather embrace automation and garuntee access to housing, healthcare, education and utilities. Give people the freedom to pursue their interests and choose whether or not they want to have a job.
Are there any groups or organizations that share this vision of the future and are actively working to make it a reality?
Ideally by pushing legislation through congress and public advocacy?
This is something that I'm worried about and I want to find a way to get involved and put my energy towards something productive.
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2023.06.07 01:08 guardians2isgood so why isn't she in the woods?

i have followed this case closely.
yes I know todd borges says he looked and she is not in the woods.
yes I know they took a dog for a walk 2 days later and the dog didn't think she went in the woods.
yes, I know Bill Rausch says no one ever saw any footprints that went in the woods.
I still think that is most likely what happened.
It's rather definitive to me she was driving alone to vermont or new Hampshire and crashed her car and then ran to try to avoid DUI.
we know no one ever saw her again at the latest 8:30 if you believe the RF sighting. either she ran in the woods got lost and died of hypothermia. or she hitchhiked or knocked on the wrong door and was murdered.
think if you are playing the percentage option 1 she got lost in the woods is so much more likely considering there are a lot of woods to get lost in compared to the percentage of the population that would just murder a women.
so why am I wrong?
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2023.06.07 01:08 Misss8061 Lost Yorkie, please help!

Lost Yorkie, please help!
Please help return this precious baby to his deeply loving and caring family. He was lost in the London Ohio area on Saturday 3rd June around 8AM. He is a yorkshire terrier weighing about 5KG, his fur is curently cut short and he is microchipped. A family who loves him dearly is waiting for him to be returned home, they consider him to be their whole world and are completely distraught without him. Anyone who returns him safely will be rewarded. Please spread the word. Call 647-949-9370 or take him to your local pet shelter and have him scanned if found. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 01:08 OkDirt3567 Nanny not a fit despite no red flags?

We just hired our second nanny and I’m feeling “meh” about it. We got really lucky with our first nanny who was with us for a year from 4 months old to 16 months old. Our first recently left for a non-childcare role. Though our first nanny gave us 30 days notice, we were a bit rushed in finding a replacement because we were out of the country her last week. We did interviews, trials, and reference checks with the new nanny and felt good about hiring her.
Well, it’s now the new nanny’s second week and we just feel “meh” about her despite no red flags. She seems timely, reliable, follows instructions well, attentive and feels safe. I’m trying my best not to judge against our prior nanny relationship which was built over a year, and keep in mind it’s only been a week, but I just don’t feel like my child is “living their best life” anymore with the new nanny. It doesn’t seem like the new nanny connects with my child well. She seems very calm/low energy and to lack any playfulness (which we are as parents). I miss kiddos giggles and smiley pics throughout the day.
I feel like the new nanny is just more of a babysitter, but my purpose in having a nanny is to provide my child individualized developmental opportunities. My home is fully stocked with developmentally appropriate learning resources which I don’t feel she leverages. I’ve also had to take back on certain insignificant duties the nanny used to handle because she just doesn’t get. Also, we installing the car seat for the new nanny, her car smelled like cigarette smoke which was a turnoff for me.
My husband feels the same but wants to give it more time which I agree is reasonable. He thinks we should provide her more guidance but it seems odd to me to try to train someone to change their personality if that’s just not their vibe.
I’m also probably disappointed because we are paying the new nanny more (extra $800/month for us) and I feel like we are getting less than our prior nanny. But again, my child is safe and cared for so I don’t know if I’m just looking for another unicorn.
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2023.06.07 01:07 MenitoBussolini What songs have, in your opinion, defined or shaped the 2020's so far?

These days I've been thinking about the pop culture of the decade we're currently going through, and was wondering what songs really helped define its early identity. Obviously it's way too early to tell which will endure in the public consciousness and which will fade away, but I think there are a few that already stand out, from The Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" to Harry Styles' "As It Was".
What about you? Do you have any tracks you think we're going to look back on, for better and for worse?
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2023.06.07 01:07 kcchavez FRA Rail Crossing Elimination funds Caltrain Grade separations

The FRA granted $6M for grade separations to Caltrains.
California – Grade Separation at Churchill Avenue, Meadow Drive and Charleston Road (Up To $6,000,000)
City of Palo Alto
The proposed project will complete project development activities for rail grade improvements to improve safety
and mobility at Churchill Avenue, Meadow Drive, and Charleston Road. As the number of Caltrain trains and their
frequency of service increase, traffic congestion will increase at these locations. Additionally, the Churchill Avenue
and Charleston Road grade crossings are in the top 10 locations of FRA's predictive accident list. Overall, this project
will develop solutions to improve traffic circulation and increase public safety. The City of Palo Alto is providing a 70
percent non-Federal match.
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2023.06.07 01:07 Easy_Significance_89 (f23) is the hurt and the loss she caused (f22) too far gone

i’ve been dating this girl for 2 years now. i just came out when i met her only talked to one other girl before her. i’ve also only been with her sexually. im in my 20s and sometimes i just feel like i didn’t live my life enough. i was very reserved growing up which means i didn’t allow myself to have any experiences: parties, going out, meeting people. i didn’t have my first kiss until the girl i met previously from my current relationship. i just kinda feel lost tbh. i do love the girl that i’m currently with but she’s done a lot of things that have really put me off and honestly feels like i lost my complete attraction to her. for the first year it was me begging her to stop talking to her old fuck buddy (who she cheated on her ex with).
then we both wanted to do bus life she convinced me to quit my job and sell my car and she’d work (i was the main one building our home on wheels so it made sense that i finished it full time so we can get on the road). we eventually sold our bus and go back double we put into it (enough plus more to put money towards a place of our own) i begged her to let’s settle down and once again she made the selfish decision to use that money towards a van to travel in (although i explained to her i no longer wanted to travel). she purchased the van, we went on one trip, and she decided she’s over it and now we are selling the van. but because of her decision and no one wanting to buy the van we are losing a-lot of money and now we are living on her parents basement (her parents have made several racist jokes that make me uncomfortable). i now have no car and am currently looking endlessly for a job which is hard to find because of my gap in my resume now. i feel like a loser, i was always on top of things. always had money. always had whatever i wanted because i provided myself with that. right before i met her i felt like i just became happy in life, i was going out, meeting people, i was SO confident in how i looked. then when i met her and the fact she lied so much over her ex fuck buddy and made me constantly feel like i was second i lost all of that. still to this day.
needless to say she’s made several selfish decisions throughout this relationship. i felt like i kept giving and giving and losing; and that she experienced none of that loss. i remember in the beginning of our relationship (well for the first year) every time we hung out with her friends they would just talk about the shit they did prior to her meeting me and everyone she’s been with sexually and those experience (right in front of me) not only did it lower her from me but it made me jealous. i had no one to relate to.
idk i love her and i know she’s trying now and always says “i cant believe you’re still with me you’re the most patient person” and she’s apologized so much times for decisions she’s made but idk. my heart is attracted to her in a sense but emotionally and even sexually i found myself losing attraction. sometimes i feel like i love her for who she could’ve been if she never made those selfish decisions.
but now i don’t know what to do because what do i have? i have like everything i have left to lose will be lost if i break up with her. we have a dog together, she is my best friend (just not completely my lover. i live with her now and with no job or car it’ll be hard to get back on my feet. how do you break up with someone when they’ve become your livelihood. sure i could move back in with my family again until i build my life back up but i just don’t know what to do. i’m just having a real hard time getting back my lost self esteem and getting over what she did. people can change but not if you don’t let them and sometimes i just feel like she has done one too many things.
sometimes i just wish i didn’t give it all up for her. maybe i would be happier? maybe i would be more willing to try harder with her
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2023.06.07 01:07 Cinematry Narcissist NPC is convinced she's being followed by woman who is literally just looking for public dog-poo-bags in the dog park....

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2023.06.07 01:07 No-Distribution6191 NEW BETA!!! Metro State RP DOJ vMenu (NEW) TONS of cars/eup/mlo's all optimized! Semi-Serious RP vMenu Server. Join a New and GROWING community that values you as a member and player! EXPERIENCED DEVS, MANAGEMENT, OWNERSHIP (ALL ACTIVE)

NEW BETA!!! Metro State RP DOJ vMenu (NEW) TONS of cars/eup/mlo's all optimized! Semi-Serious RP vMenu Server. Join a New and GROWING community that values you as a member and player! EXPERIENCED DEVS, MANAGEMENT, OWNERSHIP (ALL ACTIVE)
Metro State RP is a brand new DOJ based vMenu server. This server is currently wrapping up with the final touches on development.
We are ready to launch right now. We just need more people. Currently hitting about 8-13 each night. We most need civs, crims, gangs, police.
We just need more people: -We currently have BCSO, LSPD, and SAST that are starting up and looking for officers. -BCSO has waived their applications and are allowing candidates to skip straight to training. -LSPD seemingly is having a slower start to things. Could use help with command related things I think and help setting up the department. -FD is starting up, but will be officially launched after launch the server. -If you are interested in starting a department or business. I am all for it. I currently do have a short pause on development of these departments just until PD and FD is 100% squared away and confirmed to be good to go/ bug-free and its operating relatively smoothly. I am still assigning “ownership” of these roles and helping everywhere else I can. -Not currently looking for anymore police department or Fire Department heads. -Everything else is open.
-Regular civs, you are the life-blood of the server. I listen to regular players just as much as admins. -Accepting whitelist gang apps very quickly. -Could use more staff as well, but they should also be involved elsewhere in the servecommunity. -EUP Devs would be a god-send. Ideally if you know how to optimize or if you create. We should talk:) -I am looking for help with vehicles. I don’t mind teaching people the ropes, but extra brownie points if you know how to make good handling files or optimize, as it takes me a very long time to do… In the rare occurrence you are a vehicle modeler. We should talk 📷
The server is in a good state already. Optimized, mostly done with development just doing final touches. We have tons of MLO’s, including hidden ones, over 750 custom cars, EUP… and the best part, all optimized. ( I still have like 38 cars to go through and optimize.) However, I still need to balance all of them.
TONS of awesome cars!
-We have also added a lot of scripts and features that add to rp, simple things like /carry, /th, /piggyback, etc. -A ton of emotes, including props. -Other things like hiding in trunks, being able to push vehicles, attach them to tow trucks, GSR tests, etc. -Lots of small little rp focused scripts that I'm sure I'm forgetting. -We have activities that you can actually go do with friends, like mini-golf. Or hit up Dave and Busters and play some arcade games like Pac-Man, Tetris, or more modern game options. -All of these things are going to continue to grow as I add more in. -Sonoran CAD -VStancer -Working Doorlocks for businesses, PD, etc.
This isn't going to be an overnight thing. It will take some time and effort. I have yet to find a community centered vMenu server that values and listens to their community beyond the paying members and admin friend groups.
Again, I want to emphasize that the server, development wise is pretty much complete. … but, aside from that its just polishing.
This will NOT be another fly-by-night vmenu server. Come see for yourself!
Come check us out! See why we have 10+ people playing on the server creating RP before we have even launched. These guys are so anxious to play, we just have to wait one more day! Please dont hesitate to DM me if you have ANY questions or need ANY help at all. Uncle Larry#5696
ALL dept cars can adjust rooftop unit number to match each officers number. ALL liveries currently being redone.
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2023.06.07 01:07 PsychologicalPlum773 CarPlay

Has anyone installed a CarPlay head unit that doesn’t have the pre installed I-drive screen? I’m hoping to do it soon and would appreciate any advice. I’ve seen some people change out the current radio but I want to cut out the space in the dash and put it there as I’ve seen some do.
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2023.06.07 01:07 Cinematry Narcissist NPC is convinced she's being followed by woman who is literally just looking for public dog-poo-bags in the dog park....

Narcissist NPC is convinced she's being followed by woman who is literally just looking for public dog-poo-bags in the dog park.... submitted by Cinematry to PublicRumpus [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 01:07 Skorpion2425 Is this too much for new tie rods?

Is this too much for new tie rods?
Brought my car in for a wheel alignment and they said they couldn’t do it unless I get new tie rods(old ones were corroded). I’ve never replaced tie rods myself but this seems really high
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2023.06.07 01:07 Komatron-Chan Question about getting a healthier look

Thanks to an Redditor on AskMen he gave me the tip to ask my question here aswell.

Bare with my English. I'm not an native English-Speaker, but will try my best
Like the Title says i wanna gain some Muscles in my Arms and Legs. Actually the whole Body. I don't wanna look like an Bodybuilder or so. I just think i look kinda skinny or not "manly"
To get an easier way on how i look: I'm 30 Years old, 5,7feet tall and weigh 132lbs. I work from 8 - 6 from Monday to Friday (sometimes i have the saturday off or sometimes under the Week 1 day) so i would like to train at home instead of the Gym.
I struggle a bit with getting weight on myself. I eat mostly (well actually only) Meat. All day you can say. I do smoke. Drinking rarely. I can eat as much as i want, but Bodyfat won't increase. When it does it's "gone" in a short time.
I'm selling Car, Bike, Boat and Solarsystem Batteries. Install them in Cars or give advice to find the right Battery for each Type of Machine or Ride, so i'm lifting like 33lbs Batteries all day long. I'm doing this for a Year now and i realy enjoy my Job. I thought when lifting them almost all day, it will increase my strenght. It does actually, but not visible. My Arms still look like i never did anything to them. Same goes for my Legs.
I have a Set of Dumbbells in my Apartment if thats also interesting to know.
Any Idea or Tips what i can do?
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2023.06.07 01:06 showOfForce10 IG page dedicated to stealing cars

Some of y’all ybs shot tf out. I’m not gonna name any names but there this IG page where you send in ya video of yourself and your mans out joy riding in the stolen V. Get y’all shit together man…tighten up. People work hard for their shit and Ima speak for my self I will light one of you lil niggas tf up from my bedroom window if I catch one of you niggas tryin to steal my car
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2023.06.07 01:06 HyKaliber Don't let Reddit 'Plaxico Burress' themselves and kill 3rd Party Apps

What's going on?

​ A recent Marvin Harrison Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users. ​ On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader to Sync. ​ Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the desktop interface . ​ This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free. ​

What's the plan?

​ On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love. ​ The multi-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action. ​ What can you do? ​
  1. Complain. Message the mods of /, who are the admins of the site: message reddit
  2. : submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on /reddit, such as this one), leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post. ​
  3. Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join us at our sister sub at /ModCoord - but please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail. ​
  4. Boycott and spread the Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support! ​
  5. Don't be a jerk. As upsetting this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible. This includes not harassing moderators of subreddits who have chosen not to take part: no one likes a missionary, a used-car salesman, or a flame warrior. ​
You know who would support this change? Ryan Grigson.
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2023.06.07 01:06 Mrmander20 [Vell Harlan and the Doomsday Dorms] 3 - C1.2: How Much Would

Vell Harlan and the Doomsday Dorms Book 3: Just a Moment
At the world’s top college of magic and technology, every day brings a new discovery -and a new disaster. The advanced experiments of the college students tend to be both ambitious and apocalyptic, with the end of the world only prevented by a mysterious time loop, and a small handful of students who retain their memories.
For the past two years, Vell Harlan has been caught in the loop alongside his best friends, Lee and Harley, and with their help he’s been able to survive every disaster the universe has thrown at him. But as Vell enters his third year, Lee and Harley are entering their fourth (and final) year at the Einstein-Odinson College. With a ticking clock counting down, the trio must cut through the chaos of killer crickets, haunted phones, and naked sorcerers to try and solve some of the mysteries plaguing their lives -including why all these butterflies keep following Vell around...
[Chapter 1 (Book Two)][Previous Chapter][Patreon][Cover Art]
On his first day at a new school, freshman Samson Onwe is shocked to find that he is now caught in a deadly time loop -and that his twin brother isn't. At the risk of alienating his twin, Samson is seeking answers from a certain group of students who share his newfound awareness...
The gang of strangers made a good first impression, at least. They had their own secret lair. Lee asked Samson if he wanted a cup of coffee before they got started, which he managed to refuse. The last thing his nerves needed right now was caffeine.
“Very well then. No one else seems to be showing up, so I think I can get started.”
Harley and Vell were currently taking their turn manning the deja vu booth, but none of the other new students had shown any inklings of awareness of the loops. Samson was their only new looper this year, it seemed.
“To make a long story very short, Samson, this school is in a time loop,” Lee began. “Every day that classes are in session, some event of apocalyptic scale happens, and mass death and destruction follow. Then, time loops back to the beginning of the day, and it’s up to the small handful of us who remember to prevent that disaster.”
She paused in her explanation for a moment to let Samson’s brain process things.
“Every day?”
“Every day of classes, yes,” she confirmed. “Though some apocalypses are less apocalyptic than others. Sometimes it’s only a handful of deaths, or even just one.”
“How- What is- When-”
“Give it a minute, dear, it’s always a bit shocking,” Lee said. “To answer some of those questions you half asked, no, we don’t know what causes it, nor do we know why students seem to be randomly selected to be aware of the loops. What we do know is that if we don’t actively endeavor to change things, the world will repeat the exact same events of the first loop.”
Samson nodded along. That was the first thing he’d heard that made sense, at least.
“And, perhaps most importantly, especially to you, those who aren’t randomly selected to be aware of the loops, cannot, ever, under any circumstances, be made aware of the time loops,” Lee said. “We’ve seen the consequences firsthand, and they are disastrous. Any non-looper who becomes aware of the loops is inevitably driven insane by the knowledge.”
“ brother...”
“Can never know,” Lee said. “I’m sorry.”
“Well, what do I do? Can I just say ‘no thanks’, opt out?”
“Only by leaving the school,” Lee said. “As far as we know only students can be aware of the loops, so once you’re no longer a student, the awareness ends.”
“Hell no. I worked too hard to get here,” Samson said. He and Ibrahim had spent hundreds of hours studying as hard as they could to ensure they got to go to the best school on the planet together. Neither would be walking away from that.
“I understand. Then you’re going to have to embrace the oddity, and the secrecy,” Lee said. “Do you have any questions?”
“Not right now, but once my brain catches up, probably,” Samson said. It was a lot to take in all at once. “Is that all you know about the loops?”
“Yes. Though, well, as you might’ve guessed from the fact that we have a robot among our number, there’s a bit more going on here than just the loops,” Lee said. “Things get very complicated very fast around here.”
“More complex than the literal apocalypse on a daily basis?”
“Well shit,” Samson said. “Like what?”
“For my part, I’m the daughter of Noel Burrows, and I might have some mild psychotic issues in relation to my father,” Lee admitted. “I’ll leave others to explain their own personal issues in time. Both for the sake of their secrecy and the fact your eye is twitching a bit.”
The tide of information and strange circumstances had left Samson a bit twitchy -along with the fact the clock was still ticking.
“Could we deal with the rodent problem? I think I’d be able to cope better if I didn’t have that hanging over my head.”
“Of course. I believe Hawke and Kim—the two you met at the booth earlier—should be dealing with that as we speak,” Lee said. She withdrew her phone to get an update and put it away just as quickly. “Let’s catch up and help them handle it. Seems the zoologists are being touchy.”
By the time Lee and Samson had caught up to Hawke and Kim, Harley and Vell had also joined the party. A party which currently was attended mostly by rodents.
“Okay, I get the experiment,” Vell said. “Make a woodchuck able to chuck wood, reference the old tongue twister, score a few, uh, science journal headlines, I guess, and some easy publicity. But why so many?”
“Yeah, it’s ‘how much wood would a woodchuck chuck’, not ‘how much wood would three-hundred and fifty-seven woodchucks chuck’.”
The zoology lab was currently full to bursting with hundreds of woodchucks in cramped cages, nestled between piles of loose timber and planks of wood. Samson kind of wanted to interrupt this experiment just for the sake of getting those animals out of the cages. They looked cramped.
“The essence of science is repetition,” the lead scientist said. “To properly determine how much wood a woodchuck would chuck, we’re going to need to establish a mean quantity of wood chucked.”
“Well you’ve definitely got a mean quantity of woodchucks, but not the kind of mean you’re thinking,” Harley said. “Maybe you should stop wondering what a woodchuck would chuck and start wondering what a woodchuck should chuck.”
All this rhyming was starting to give everyone involved a headache.
“We know what we’re doing, thank you,” the lead scientist chided. “We’ll have these woodchucks chucking wood in no time.”
“No one doubts that, we just doubt whether giving rodents ballistic properties is a good idea,” Lee said.
The zoology team lead refused to yield, and Lee didn’t feel like pressing the issue. As they so often did, the loopers were just going to have to sabotage the experiment. Lee called for the retreat, and the loopers, Samson included, returned to the lair. Samson did get a cup of coffee this time. It turned out to be damn good coffee, too.
“For those of you who haven’t been properly introduced, this is Samson, our newest looper,” Lee said. The other loopers gave a few awkward waves.
“Oh, uh, shit, are we doing introductions,” Samson said.
“Well, not officially, as we do have a bit of a deadline,” Lee said. “We’ll have to grab dinner and chat later, but right now we should focus on the woodchuck issue. We do have just three hours now. Ideas?”
“We could do like, an actual animal rights complaint or something,” Hawke said. “All those animals in cages have to be breaking some kind of rule, right?”
“Possibly, but the Einstein-Odinson can be a bit lax about those kind of things, frankly,” Lee said. “Innovation requires risk, so they say, including to animals.”
“Fuckers. Before we go further, new guy,” Harley snapped. Samson stopped sipping his coffee and sat at attention. “Any chance you got a super specific bit of knowledge or something that would help us with this?”
“Uh, I don’t think so. I’m in computer engineering,” Samson said. “Should I have some kind of superpower?”
“Nah, you’re good, I was just hoping,” Harley said. “Sometimes the day does get saved by us knowing a random piece of trivia, though, so speak up if that ever happens.”
“Will do.”
“Can we use Botley to sneak in, cut open a few cages, and sneak out?” Vell suggested. “It’d probably only take a few loose woodchucks to cause chaos.”
“Been a while since I did a prison break,” Harley said. “I like it! Can we chalk that up as Plan A?”
“Sounds perfectly sensible to me,” Lee said. “Samson, why don’t you go with Vell and Harley? You can get to know them, and Botley while you’re at it.”
“Works for me,” Harley said.
“Just don’t sit on him like you did me,” Vell said. “Or at least ask first.”
Harley did ask, but Samson turned her down.
“So she’s just-”
“Out cold,” Vell said. Harley had started manually piloting Botley’s body, a process that involved her physical body effectively being put into a coma. Samson seemed a lot more confused about than Vell had been on his first day. At least she was lying in bed instead of on top of Samson.
“Isn’t this only supposed to work with like, animals and stuff?”
“Botley’s technically alive. Like Kim.”
“Right. And how does that work?”
“If I knew, I would tell you,” Vell said. “Get used to hearing that, it’ll happen a lot.”
“Is it that bad?”
Vell lifted his shirt slightly to expose the circular scar around his waist. At this point, he knew the secret would get revealed sooner or later, so he decided to just get it over with.
“When I was twelve I got cut in half by a train accident,” Vell said. “A secret Goddess named Quenay resurrected me by putting a weird rune on my back, and in my first year two people here kidnapped me trying to study it. It gets weird.”
Samson spent a solid thirty seconds staring at Vell like he’d just grown a second head. Vell turned to showcase the glowing rune on his back, just to confirm his own story.
“What the fuck?”
Vell nodded along with the expression of shock. It was nice to get a new person’s perspective on his circumstances now and then. Helped him stay anchored in how truly insane it all was. Samson hadn’t even heard the finer details yet, like how one of the people to kidnap him had been Vell’s girlfriend at the time. Or how he was being stalked by chronologically impossible purple butterflies, like the three flocking on a windowsill right now.
A longer, even more chaotic explanation was briefly staved off by the return of Harley’s consciousness. She woke up, and shortly after, the tiny mechanical body of Botley appeared next to her in a poof of smoke. She rubbed his round head and congratulated him on a job well done before turning her attention to her human guests.
“Caused a little chaos, but no guarantee of anything,” she said. She took a look at Samson’s face before continuing her debrief. “Oh, I know that look. You tell him about your rune already?”
“Hiding it’s never done us any good, so why not?”
“Honesty is the best policy,” Harley said with a nod. “Except for all the lying and secret keeping we have to do about the time loops. Honesty is the best policy except when it would drive people literally insane, how about that?”
Hearing that only reminded Samson that he would have to lie to Ibrahim about all of this very soon, and that made an already confusing day even worse. He lied to his brother all the time, of course, but about dumb things like stolen snacks and misplaced video games. Never about anything important.
“Looking rough, Samson,” Harley noted. “Can I call you Sam? Sammie?”
“Samson, please,” he said. Harley nodded.
“Well, Samson, let me tell you about a little thing called a coping mechanism,” Harley said. “Food, booze, sex- pick your poison and have as much of it as you want, because there’s no consequences for anything you do on the first loop!”
“That sounds...unhealthy.”
“It is! But long term mental health is a slow process, and having some easy stress relief in the meantime sure helps you get there,” Harley said. “A bandaid ain’t much, but it’s better than bleeding.”
“Harley knows what she’s talking about,” Vell agreed. “Uh, both in the sense that she’s pretty good at the whole mental health thing, and that she has a lot of sex as a coping mechanism.”
“Open invitation to join me in that, by the way,” Harley said. “Just ask.”
“I’ll think about it,” Samson said flatly. He didn’t know what to think about that offer, or anything else he’d heard from these ‘loopers’ so far today. All this chaos would have been overwhelming in the best of circumstances, and being far from home and separated from his brother was far from the best circumstance. Possibly the worst circumstance, even.
For now, Samson bid Harley and Vell goodbye and tried to track down his brother. As they were unused to being separated in the first place, it took a while for them to track each other down.
“There you are,” Ibrahim said, as the two finally crossed paths. “What have you been doing all day?”
For a brief second, the phrase “helping a bunch of lunatics in a time loop disarm three-hundred rodents” flitted through Samson’s head, but he never dared to say it out loud.
“Just got wrapped up in some school stuff,” Samson said. “You know how it is.”
“I don’t, actually, what-”
In spite of the warning, Ibrahim didn’t duck, so he got a log to the head. A loose woodchuck chittered madly and than grabbed a stick, chucking it in a random direction, before running off. Apparently some of the woodchucks Harley had set loose were already chucking wood.
“What the fuck was that?”
“A woodchuck.”
“Yeah, I could tell,” Ibrahim said, as he rubbed a sore head. “What animal was it?”
“It’s a woodchuck. That’s what it’s called. Also a groundhog, I guess.”
While Ibrahim continued to wonder what the hell was going on, Vell sprinted around the corner, looked around, and spotted Samson.
“Samson, hey, did you, uh, see-”
Samson pointed in the direction the woodchuck had fled, and Vell went running that way. Ibrahim watched the quick exchange and squinted at Samson.
“What the hell is going on with you, Sammie?”
“It’’s nothing,” Samson said. “Don’t worry about it. Also, duck again.”
This time, Ibrahim listened, and the stick went sailing over his head.
“Do I need to start wearing a helmet?”
“Probably not,” Samson said. If the apocalypses were even half as bad as described, a helmet wouldn’t do much good.
In the background, Vell snatched up the wood-chucking rodent and started carrying it away before it bit him. Samson tried to ignore the tiny rodent screeching in the background as Ibrahim tried to talk about his day. He began to wonder if he’d survive a year of this.
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2023.06.07 01:06 Junel_Fe I feel sick and scared [TW: Flashbacks]

I have a therapist appointment in about an hour, but in the meantime, I do not feel like I am okay. It's been a week and I'm still stuck in an emotional and physical flashback. I don't want to go too deep into it, but my body feels very much triggered and emotionally I feel very afraid right now. I was at a meeting for work today and in the middle of the meeting, I could feel an anxiety attack coming on, even though we weren't talking about anything triggering.
It's gotten to a point where one of my parts came up yesterday night to help me with my feelings of being physically and emotionally triggered. If I stop listening to music for a few minutes, I might be able to listen to him calm me down again, but plugging my ears with music or other audio is the only way that I know of to keep me from acknowledging what's real and terrifying... Still, I know I have to face it if I'm going to get through this flashback.
But in the meantime, I can feel myself somewhat disconnected from my body. I keep feeling like I might "pass out", even though I've never successfully done so before. I'm just so scared... but there's nothing that I should be afraid of right now. And I feel very vulnerable as it currently stands right now... I think maybe I should move to a more private area since right now I'm in a public place...
What helps you when you are feeling scared during a flashback? Or do you have any other words to say? As long as it's positive or constructive, I'd really appreciate any comments. I just don't want to feel alone right now. Thank you.
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2023.06.07 01:06 dugzdunny NEED ADVICE FAST: Someone was shot, friend's car involved in crime investigation, weed and legal gun in car

Hi everyone,
My friend is a weed dealer. His plug was shot in the leg today, in a sale that my friend wasn't involved in. However, my friend was there to witness the shot. My friend put his plug in his car and drove him to the hospital. At the hospital, the cops aren't letting him take his car as it is now a part of the investigation.
My friend has 1 pound of weed in the car and a gun that is registered. The police are surrounding the car so my friend cannot simply take it. However, my friend has the car keys.
What should my friend do to recieve the car back? What are my friend's legal rights? What should my friend do right now? This is happening in NJ.
Thank you all in advance
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2023.06.07 01:06 Fun-Dragonfly-4308 Is it illegal to film someone nude in their car?

Someone came up to my car and filmed me sitting without pants on after car sex (stupid I know won’t be doing again). It was in an empty lot and this person parked elsewhere and walked up behind the car before approaching. Don’t know how long they were there or how much they saw, but definitely saw me without pants and filmed it. This is not the first time this man has approached my car.
Was it illegal for him to film me like this? I know it was technically in public, but I wouldnt have been visibly undressed unless someone came up to the car and put their face/flash against the window like he did.
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2023.06.07 01:06 M_i_c_K Crazy climate activist goes on and on berating a guy for "sitting in the car with the engine running, polluting the atmosphere" ... He's in a Tesla 😂 Not the Bee

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2023.06.07 01:05 Novel_Ad_3820 help with dog food

hey there I am hoping someone might be able to help me get a bag of food for my dog I am homeless currently in sugar land, rn we are walking on hwy 6 toward McDonald's. he is not picky at all any kind of dry food, things are rough we had been staying in my car but i cant get it to start up this morning so also looking for someone who can buy cars with no title. i would appreciate the help so much. any if you cant come here but could possibly help my cash app is $jerrym790 i really just need to get dog food ty so much, we'll be at McDonald's outside for a while im in a green shirt
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