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2023.06.05 00:55 CyclonusDecept Alternator issue ?

2002 chevy suburban 5.3 v8 1500 z71. Truck has 88k miles. I just replaced all the sparkplugs, wires, coils and the alternator. Alternator is ac delco new from amazon. Parts store didn't have the right serpentine belt in stock so i put the original one back on.
Started the truck just fine and let it run for 10 minutes. I hear a whirring noise that I think is coming from the alternator that I don't think was there before (not sure since I haven't driven the truck since November and even then rarely drove it).
I noticed the alternator is pretty hot to the touch. Alternator reads 12.6 volts when off and battery reads 12.5 v. When the truck is running alternator reads 14.6 and battery is 14.5 volts.
Just wondering if this is normal. Haven't driven the truck yet other than just pulling forward and backward slightly in the garage.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.05 00:54 vi0l3t12 iphone 11 pro max battery

does anyone know how much to get the ip11 pro max battery replaced in an apple store in canada??
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2023.06.05 00:53 minimalistpeach Dogs allowed in the mall?

I always see people with their non service dogs at barton creek square mall. Does anyone know if they are actually allowed in or if people just do it anyways? I’ve never seen any of the store complain about it.
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2023.06.05 00:53 Scout816 HG Kyrios (Beginner Review)

HG Kyrios (Beginner Review)
HG 00 Kyrios, a kit from 2007. This is the oldest kit I've built as a new builder. I picked it up for $20 at a local hobby store cause I like orange.
The kit is very color inaccurate and doesn't come with enough color correcting stickers (not that those are great to begin with). Many of the parts are molded in white when they have grey segments, or in the case of the back skirt, should be orange to begin with. I opted to color a lot of parts with black marker instead of painting.
The chin is supposed to be covered with a foil red sticker that doesn't fit exactly right. I ended up trashing it because I messed it up. The chin, eyes, and part of the hip are all covered in foil red stickers and I wish they were molded in red plastic instead.
I'm not sure if the color inaccuracy is due to the technology at the time, or the price tag of this kit, but it leaves much to be desired. An orange, white, grey kit with angular parts and hexes has the potential to look really good. (Maybe it's time for me to pick up the MG?)
While the design of this ms is nice, this kit isn't great to pose. Hip joints are very loose and the legs fall off really easily. A lot of armor parts bump into each other. There isn't much mobility to the legs and feet, making it hard to pose this kit dynamically without an action stand. The transformation into flight mode is pretty smooth for an HG, and in my opinion this kit has one of the nicer looking flight modes.
Overall this kit is decent, but for people used to building newer kits, I would know what you're getting into. Some very basic customizing (panel lining, marker) makes it much better as a model for your shelf. Unless you're trying to finish a collection though I wouldn't spend >$20 USD on this kit.
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2023.06.05 00:52 CompetitiveGarlic322 iso tix for charlotte, nc on 6/13. pls pls pls 😭😭

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2023.06.05 00:52 DFSxBigDoeDoe Not sure who needs to hear this, but this is one of the most helpful Challenges for almost everything. Just in case you didn’t know!

Not sure who needs to hear this, but this is one of the most helpful Challenges for almost everything. Just in case you didn’t know! submitted by DFSxBigDoeDoe to MyTeam [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 00:52 Local_Raspberry3355 I saw something I hated

My husband and I were at the grocery store a few nights ago. It was almost closing time so he was parked out front bc I was only getting 2 things . Another woman parked out front and she had 2 little girls, they looked around ages 5 and 6. Well, while they were getting out of the car to walk in, she backhanded the youngest one very hard across the face. She was screaming and cussing at them, calling them bitch this mother fucker that. It was terrible. I called the police and on turn they started a CPS investigation on the mother. I know how broken the system is. I am scared of what that mother would do behind closed doors if she was so keen to beat her child in public. But I am also scared the girls could get removed and put into a foster home where they are sexually abused and far worse things happen to them. I hate that I called on one hand. But, I hate that she abused her kids on the other. I'm sorry I had to vent this. I've been carrying it around all week and have nobody to talk with about it that would actually talk and tell me I did the right thing or if I fucked up. I think/hope I did the right thing. I hope more than anything that that was a 1 time thing, it never happens again and the girls can stay with their mother in a safe home. Thanks for reading this far..
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2023.06.05 00:52 No-Swordfish-7457 Please help!!!

Please help!!!
🍪 Cookie cookie, cash easy 💵 Earn up to $500 cash 💰 Search 167776331 on TEMU App
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2023.06.05 00:52 ChocolateDoozy Ain't that on the nose? china seller...

I was talking to a friend about my bikes and looked to, only to be baffled within moments.
New bikes for 76$ to 98$ bucks! What a steal! ... hah... yeah, total steal I bet.
I checked out the seller and 99% of the items he sold are cheap figurines with those bikes mixed in at the end. 11kongweiquan10 . Ain't that a trustworthy name? It sounds to me like a name generator had a hiccup.
Anyway, there is buyer protection, but I think that won't matter since he/eBay can afford to lose 75~100$ if the case goes through. Which I think it will not. Since the transaction will mostlikely never complete.
I read the part about shipment and how 'prices may vary' and got the feeling that, if you order it, they will slap some nutjob-like fees on it or ask for you to send money via some third-party service so it can't be traced or resolved via eBay... and that's when you are fkd.
Am I about right, or is this super legit, and I am just a bit paranoid :)
I mean... that be a first... someone lying on the internet lol
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2023.06.05 00:52 Oscarzoroasterdiggs Plant ID?

Plant ID?
Can someone help me identify this plant? The owner of the fish store suggested it to me, and it seems to be thriving in the back of my tank… but I forgot to ask him the name of the plant (for plant care purposes).
This thing is extremely low maintenance, growing in the inert sand that I use for substrate. I’m wondering if I should trim it, and perhaps if the trimmings can be replanted?
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2023.06.05 00:51 unlitcigar Am I being asked out ?

So I ( 22 M ) work at a store and there is this girl that is a regular. We usually have short fun conversations and teasing banter and usually meet at the store weeks apart. She mentioned that she works as a server at a diner not far from my store during our first meeting. I told her I will check out that place casually ( not really thinking much of it ). Then four weeks later I meet her again, and after I am done processing her transaction, she says, “ so when am I gonna see you at work ? “ and I replied “ one of these days ;) “ ( blurted whatever came to my head ). But that got me thinking, does she like me or would it be creepy to show up there ?
PS : I work part time at the store where its usually just me and I try to be as friendly as possible. Lately I have noticed girls tip me $5 or $10 just for what is basically checkout or start up conversations. I am not pursuing a relationship and I am not a super attractive individual. I haven’t had the chance to interact with women much in my life but I would like to have perspective if this is normal or am I reading too much into this just to be aware at my work.
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2023.06.05 00:50 Then_Marionberry_259 storing silver coins such as morgan dollar in flips ok?

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2023.06.05 00:49 LivingHunter816 What’s this part name?

What’s this part name?
Did a side job with a friend we are completely new to this, did you guys know what part to the name of this part? This was for a restaurant and I tried finding more info but could not on the website of Bradford White. We know more on the HVAC side but never worked on Water Heaters.
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2023.06.05 00:49 Suspect-Consistent Discard English muffins

Discard English muffins
Made my first batch of English muffins ever!! I mixed discard from 3 different starters (one with 100% white flour, one with rye and another with whole wheat) it made the most flavourful english muffins I've ever tried. Never buying these from the store again.
I used this recipe:
I bulked the dough in the fridge for about 2 days (I forgot about it lol) took it out, shaped into a ball and let it rest at room temp for about an hour. Flattened it w/ a rolling pin, cut into rounds and let it rest covered again for another 30-45 min
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2023.06.05 00:49 iLuvDarkHumor 24[M4F] EST/Online - "If my Grandmother had wheels, she would have been a bike"

I'm looking for long-term friendship. You don't have to like the things i do but please show an effort so we can at least try to work it out. I am from EST time zone. Not a must but similar time zones around that would work better because there'd be less time difference.
Couple of my interests:
-Metal, rock, house kinda music
-Anime, movies, and shitty reality tv shows (Kitchen nightmares, 90 day fiance, my 600lb life, extreme cheapskates etc.)
-For anime genre; isekai, action, or anything with magic basically
-Just recently started reading manga&manhwa. My first manhwa was solo leveling and it was the best (still couldn't find anything as good as that).
-I like photography as in, i basically take pics of anything (it is usually buildings, nature, or anything i think it looks cool).
-I also love Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Star Wars (recently started).
-I love random photo trade like things you took pics of, random junks you found at a store etc etc.
-I have weird curiosities like how do wizards make galleons in Harry Potter? (I know they work but how does that economy run etc.)
-I have a small humanmade skull collection such as skull rings, candles, globe etc.
-I have a small pokemon card collection collection (recently started so nothing fancy or good)
Please send a chat request with introducing yourself a little
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2023.06.05 00:49 buttsniffs4000 Fresh ink from Anyi at Canvas in NC!

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2023.06.05 00:49 RADIALTHRONE1 Digital Girls

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2023.06.05 00:49 Intelligent-Candy138 Is there a directory for all AK merch? (+fanzines)

I'm mainly interested in collecting all official artbooks. I looked through the official store but I feel like it's missing some things.
Fan-made magazines are cool too, where do I start looking for those or is there any you guys recommend?
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2023.06.05 00:49 PurchaseSuccessful23 [Offline] [DFW/Carrolton] [5e One Shot] [Monthly- time TBD]

Looking to get together a small group of people who would be open to meeting at RPG Dungeons in Carrolton TX on a monthly basis for 5e One shots with the goal of eventually starting a homebrew campaign. The store itself does charge a 30/fee per person for use of the table but considering the screens are embedded in the table and minis are included is pretty dope. Looking for people around my age 20s to young 40s.
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2023.06.05 00:48 _Cake_assassin_ House dlc?

Was i the only one that was disapointed about by house in totk?
Its a prety neat feature but it could be way more hopefully they will ad "heartfire" dlc where you have more building options.
The construction area could be bigger, i would love to have a balconi streaching over the cliff. Or at least closer that its possible right now.
The 15 rooms limit is too small and they should give us at least 21 rooms.
And as everyone is talking about, house paints should be introduced.
Other things could also be added like more quantities of certain rooms, new unique rooms, new features and new interior variations (collor, furniture, style)
There are rooms that i would find amazing to have, like a zonite forge with your own contruct that could produce charges and zonite weapons, a zonite garage that would let you keep 1 veichle always ready to use without charge like the stables, a launching pad to gain momentum if i wanna go to tarrey town or a teleport pad like the labs have. Amd roofs
Another thing they should implement is farming in your house. A cucco coup tha can give you eggs, pond where you can store fish ( that would multiply after a few days) or places where you can plant trees and herbs. I would love to have myself some little fire fruit plants in my house. Or mighty bananas and hearty truffles growing in a plot of land.
Another thing i would like is diferent styles for the house exterior. I would find it cool if we could integrate or have some house block decorated in zonai style. This could be made by having a zonai forge transported and anexed to our house in a sidequest. Or we could have a mission to find new bolson designers to make new interiors to the house. It would be cool if you could chose to have a house with gerudo shelfs and decoration inside, one rocky with steel beems like the goron or even a house with the tapestry patterns of the rito. Or god forbid me, cecce mushrooms.
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2023.06.05 00:48 basicboi1234098 Fnaf 6 not in ps store

I was looking for fnaf 6 in the ps store and was unable to find it, I was certain that it had been included there before?
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2023.06.05 00:48 tiredandshort What are the best containers to protect my things?

Right now I have it all in plastic bags and some of those bags inside a mattresss protector that I’m just using as a giant external bag, but I’m thinking of getting plastic bins so I can at least stack it neatly. For my items I don’t use everyday (like sentimental type things that can’t be cleaned either) I want to just store them in bins on my balcony for a full year. Any recommendations for big plastic bins that kept them out (or contained inside) really well?
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