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2016.05.13 07:33 Varafel The accumulated rambilic narratives of a madman

A collection of stories, posted across the InfoNet, by the aspiring, illustrious author Varafel. Gathered and presented here for everyone's perusing privilege.

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2017.05.20 22:34 TheWalkingTroll Koi to Uso (Love and Lies)

Koi to Uso (Love and Lies) is a Japanese manga by Musawo.

2023.05.28 07:45 big-guy-small-car a unicorn rare 1988 chevy nova twin cam. it was the only way to get a 4age in an ae82 4 door in the u.s. the current twin cam nova registry has 12 on it including this one. located in a junkyard near me.

a unicorn rare 1988 chevy nova twin cam. it was the only way to get a 4age in an ae82 4 door in the u.s. the current twin cam nova registry has 12 on it including this one. located in a junkyard near me. submitted by big-guy-small-car to COROLLA [link] [comments]

2023.05.28 07:44 PPPRCHN A Not-so-many-headed Problem+Panic Buttons (homemade OC fanfiction just for you!)

These are my beginner fanfictions! I tried to keep these as congruent with the portrayed personalities/actions of Overlord(tm).
The first is set sometime around the Re-Estize Kingdom destruction, while the second is set right after Pestonya and Nigredo get released from Ice Prison.
These feature Mare, Pestonya, and Cocytus mostly.
Please enjoy them!
The shadow demon whispered into Ainz' "ear" which was met with a heavy sigh. He had grown tired of this fight, his enthusiasm for the following battle was sapped- all due to a certain individuals' actions.
"I tire of this. Cocytus, do as you will."
Cocytus thumped his chest with the pride not only of being chosen by Ainz-Sama but at the incoming chance to prove his worth to his God.
"Yes! Ainz. Sama. Will. I. Be. Providing. Back. Up. For. Your. Commands?"
Ainz propped his chin on a knuckle, and with a regal wave of his hand stated his decree.
"This war is with truly worthless, as well as anything that might be here. Truly worthless creatures." A chill seeped over the ground as Cocytus and the other retainers within the splendorous tent realized- Ainz-sama was angered by the Individuals' previous actions. The chill spread through their feet and crawled up their backs, like a horrid ghost which wished to whisper sweet nothings of despair into your ear. Slowly, it retracted, yet all in the tent continued to shiver. Such was the wrath of a Supreme Being. "Except for "that individual" do as you must, this was a waste of time. Everyone you shall be placed under Cocytus' direct orders as needed- assist him as you must."
Ainz-sama leaned deeper into his fist, lost in thought and perhaps tired from having to deal with this skirmish- far beneath need to waste his time. Cocytus and the other retainers bowed and briskly left the room. Walking with pride- Cocytus was trailed by footsteps, one step of clicking heels behind him drew his notice.
Albedo, the Overseer of Nazarick gently but firmly gripped one of his arms causing him to stop in his tracks.
"I apologize for touching you, but I don't need to exp-"
Cocytus waved two of his opposite arms, opposite from Albedos' retreating grasp.
"It. Need. Not. Be. Said." Cocytus puffed out "To. Not. Only. Waste. Ainz. Samas'. Precious. Time. But. To. Also. Not. Even. Reach. The. Standards. To. Meet. His. Expectations. Is. Worthy. Of. Eradication."
The other retainers- the Floor Guardians nodded to his statement in agreement.
Shalltear piped up" Ahhh~ We don't even need to show them true despair, this will simply be an execution." With a shake of her head and an expression which read "It can't be helped."
With resolve tempered, Cocytus began his task.
The Hydra was a creature well known not only in Yggdrasil, but in the New World as well. Capable of casting not only magic of the 5th tier, but sometimes able to cast martial abilities. This was, however, entirely dependent on the luck of said hydra from birth. They could have anywhere from 7-9 heads and each could be skilled in magic or martial abilities, what it knew however was random- one could cast up to 2nd Tier but another on the same body could cast 5th tier. Its' heads would act in unison, with a "main head" being chosen by one which displayed their dominance by fighting the other heads and helped by slight telekinesis which allowed them to sense the leaders' whims.
Pelgraya-Nurm was proud of her shiny scales, which she frequently rehydrated to keep their glistening texture possibly to appear alluring to the humans. Their approval was below her, but who wouldn't appreciate praise no matter how insignificant. She shook her golden brown mane, large and fluffy she would easily be lauded by these humans as the softest cuddling partner if only she was nicer. She was not however.
Pelgraya-Nurm was different however, instead of heads it had been born with a plethora of arms. These arms, while not adept at martial kills, could cast 6th tier spells and along with improved dexterity, she could wield weapons if needed. This could be the reason she was cast out and viciously chased off by her kith and kin, probably not wanting the weakness a mutant would bring. She also had a talent, for mana, which increased her mana regen by absurd amounts the lower her mana. She was currently leading the contingent of her mercenary group which while called "The City Guard" were nothing more than thugs.
Pelgraya-Nurm had taken a name in part of jealousy of dragons (but partially from being shunned by her kin) but also to make her stand out among humans. While she easily towered over humans, however, the creatures she saw across from the battlefield shook her even now and made her feel insignifigant. She looked to her adjutant, Papaya, an elf she had bought to handle any affairs of human relations.
"Papaya" Pelgraya-Nurm muttered "What is that contingent of undead? Why have we not heard of such a thing before?"
Papaya rocked with her masters' obvious displeasure.
"I-i'm not sure. We haven't heard anything from scouts or even from the kingdom- they simply appeared P-Pelgraya-sama."
Papaya was consequently splattered across the floor, nearby soldiers, and part of the wall Pelgraya-Nurm was stationed on. Wicking off her claws with a flick of the wrist, she voiced her displeasure.
"You can all be replaced, you are nothing to me. I own you." Pelgraya-Nurm stated matter-of-factly. Simply put, this was how Hydras' and even most monsters behaved- rule of the strong. However, this was not usually the case for humanoids. They had "laws" and "good samaritism" they usually reacted negatively to being pasted onto their nearby surroundings.
Out of the corned of her eye, Pelgraya-Nurm saw a twisting of her humongous shadow- a small offshoot which seemed to sputter and slink off. Only for a second, she must have been seeing a trick of the light. She turned towards her opponents and grinned, they stood no chance.
Across the battlefield, after being reported to by that shadow demon, someone stamped the seal which would seal their fate.
Cocytus had prepared a map of the village they stood before, which had been prepared by the shadow demons beforehand. It was largely unremarkable, but being a ragtag mercenary group this could easily be all of their mustered forces. The shadow demons hadn't been scouting for long but they would more than likely bring forth confirmation to this point. Cocytus would not be swayed by this, already tempered by previous expectations.
"Shalltear. May. I. Leave. Mopping. Up. Escaping. Troops. Or. Those. Running. Away. To. You?"
With a dainty curtsy, Shalltear silently left with an expression of relish. Now, what to do about showing the true wrath towards someone who wasted the precious Supreme Ones' infinite mercy of a quick death?
"Do. We. Have. The. Troops. Ready?"
"Yes, Cocytus. I have a suggestion to showing off our Supreme Ones' beauty in rule." Demiurge responded with a slowly growing grin.
Then. I. Shall. Leave. That. To. You."
Pelgraya-Nurm was the first to hear it. A slow repeating stomp followed by a short break and then repeating. It quickly grew and inversely morale quickly shriveled.
This continued for a short while, as the undead which comprised the enemy forces- stomped in time, a truly jaw-dropping event. Undead could be coordinated so? In this number? Pelgraya-Nurm was growing uneasy, her surrounding contingent had long passed this.
The undead knelt and bowed, all centered on the tent in the distance. A chill was growing like a pillar of ice in the human army. No longer centered around Pelgraya-Nurm, but on this unknown force which had appeared.
The army split neatly in two as the undead smoothly, rised, slid away from the center, and resumed kneeling. A golden embroidered flag, with a black seal upon the purple midnight fabric. It slowly approached the middle grounds between the two armies and assumed a straight backed stance.
It began hoisting the flag straight up on every stomp, down in between. With a voice unnaturally loud for a sinle creature to have- and to be heard over such a distance. A voice which while holding a degree of self-importance rasped with the clear hatred for the living. It interrupted between the stomps.
STOMP "Ainz!" STOMP "Ooal!" STOMP "Gown!". Silence.
STOMP "Ainz!" STOMP "Ooal!" STOMP "Gown!". Silence.
STOMP "Ainz!" STOMP "Ooal!" STOMP "Gown!". Silence.
This continued until they saw creatures slowly walk from both sides of the army, chilling them to the bone even more somehow. Towering, black, and wielding swords in twisting patterns with paired great shields. Adorned with red veins which pulsated and seemed to draw the viewer into their grisly visage, a face which begged for them to approach and be rent. Death Knights.
These creatures lumbered in a roundabout number as the contingent shuddered in fear, no doubt a rout was being concocted simultaneously by these non-connected creatures. As the realization dawned on them for what was happening- they were being boxed in. Those horrid creatures had spaced themselves enough to easily be able to catch them if any tried to run.
It was a do-or-die situation. And if they got resurrected it might just be a die-or-die situation. Suddenly, gripping her superiority and strength- Pelgraya-Nurm commanded these rowdy people together.
"We have no chance of running, this is truly ride or die! Keep them at bay and I'll blast them to death!" she smirked despite her creeping fear.
The soldiers prepared themselves, maybe some of them would make it out alive if they fought to either their teeth or nails.
Shalltear skipped along the streets, a strong undead following in tow. It was called a Living Hunter, an undead of the 50s level. It hungered for the living as its' name foretold, it however was adequately skilled for this task. It grew stronger in proportion to the living around it, which increased the radius of those included which could swell to absurd ranges depending on deployment. As well as that, it grew faster movement speed and attack speed the longer it chased an individual living creature. It towered over its surroundings and it could be slowed by those running into or hiding in buildings. This was also tempered by the fact it was sometimes unable to control itself from brutally devouring victims alive in brutal and sadistic fashions. While it could be a dangerous foe for attackers, it could easily be countered by simply sending in weak merc. NPCs to distract it or, even simpler just having a tank which had any taunt skill to constantly reset their passive.
Shalltear had been dragging along several human corpses in one hand while her umbrella was twirled in the other, snacks- not for her of course. They had easily accomplished their task, Living Hunter chasing stragglers and scaring people while Shalltear threw rocks to smash them into pieces. While its disgusting nature could never be mistaken for cute, the growl it made was of pleading. Shalltear stopped in place, sighed in an exaggerated manner, and spun with a childish waggle of her finger said-
"I GUESS you receive a treat for your good work.."
-she smiled and tossed corpses up to the Undead Hunter not unlike how one would toss treats to their pet dog. It snapped them up and smashed them like balloons between its teeth, chewing them up as if relishing a delicious piece of bubblegum.
"Gruuuu..!" it rumbled, shaking the surroundings.
"Okay, you continue with the pincer attack while I watch over this city, arinsu~."
It lumbered off as Shalltear sauntered up a walls buttressed stairs, before shortly perching herself to watch the ensuing battle, kicking her feet, and cutely twirling her umbrella.
STOMP "Ainz!" STOMP "Ooal!" STOMP "Gown!". Silence.
STOMP "Ainz!" STOMP "Ooal!" STOMP "Gown!". Silence.
STOMP "Ainz!" STOMP "Ooal!" STOMP "Gown!". Silence.
Suddenly, it stopped. Jolting the mercenaries to attention. The undead chanter turned itself to the side and took steps back. A towering creature stepped forth from the tent and walked down the alley towards them.
As a slow frost gently billowed forth from the enemy side, the soldiers teeth began clacking. Pelgraya-Nurm, being cold-blooded, especially. The creature walked forth, eyes glinting in the dwindling sunlight and planted itself where the chanter had been. It slammed its weapons- a giant curved sword with a long hilt, a halberd, and an oddly small thin blade. The halberd and large sword had their hilts planted in the crackling, dry earth.
Silence. No one dared breath. The battlefield had shrunk and the contingent realized this. They were audibly shaking now, armor clinking over armor. Pelgraya-Nurm moved to say something was cut off by a shriek from behind them. A shriek which sounded like souls whining to be realsed from eternal torment.
Rubble came crashing down around them, slushing some of them and maiming others. Pelgraya-Nurm was struck by a huge chunk of wall directly in the face as she looked up, knocking her out cold. She was unable to witness the creature which had crumbled the walls from behind like a child might crush a graham cracker in their hands. It lurched over, so close it could look some of them face to face. It rasped a disgusting swathe of undead stench over them and seemingly chuckled. It- counter to its' size, grasped several soldiers with its armored mitts and tossed them into the air. The resulting crunch of the bone heralded the beginning to the skirmish.
As the undead began marching towards them, their attention was diverted between the encroaching mass of dead and the fact this creature summarily had grasped Pelgraya-Nurm and slowly dragged her with them. Their trump card removed, they were finished in barely ten minutes.
Pelgraya-Nurm awoke slowly, her vision blurry and ear-holes ringing.
"????? ??????? ?? ??? ????..." something murmured. She did not know or care whether this was directed at her, and she was focused on simply getting up and wreaking havoc among these filthy peasants. She toppled over, due to her weight and a force pushing her down.
"??! ??? ????? ? ??? ?????? ??? ? wonder ?? sama ??? ???????? ?? ?????" failed to breach her head and report anything communicable to her brain. She was slowly coming to and realized she was surrounded.
A silver haired thing, a creature in orange vestment, and the tall white thing from before.
"Waking ??? ?? ???? ?. Good. ??? ?? ?? begin."
The silver-hair and white- thing stood with smug(?) looks (she had never cared to learn human expressions) as the orange-suit walked forward.
"How would you ???? do this?" the orange-ones' movement was making her dizzy again, however she had the upper hand- quickly she cast a [Silent Magic: Ultra Fireball] in a deft motion. Before that she was struck across the head which sent her reeling and slightly rolling. The fuzziness returned-
"No." orange-suit said, muffled by her newly made brain fog.
"A bit gentler ???? ?????? Ainz-sama ???? ???? this one ??? all." the silver-hair piped up
"Indeed. It. Will ????. ?. ??????. Prize. For. ???. Ainz. Sama. ????. It. Would. Seem. ???. ?. ??????. Bauble." white-thing responded.
Her vision returning, she weakly lifted her head and was promptly struck again- she had been bitch-slapped. It wasn't as forceful as before, which allowed her to go all out and cast [Maximize Magic: Ultra Fireball], [Maximize Magic: Magic Arrow], and [Maximi-
She was bitch slapped once.
She was bitch slapped twice.
She was bitch slapped a third time.
Her head was whipped around comically with the applied beatings.
"????. ??. ????. ???. Awaits." the white-thing stated
"??????." the silver-hair responded
"??. ??? ????? ????." the orange-suit concurred.
Pelgraya-Nurm was gripped by her throat as she was recovering from this. The orange-thing gripped her throat with a single thing, threatening to crush her windpipe. Slowly she started being dragged along behind them, at a brisk pace. The cobblestone of the city around her and the subsequent rocky ground, for the first time hurt as she was roughly dragged along it.
She struggled, and was thrown onto the ground and bitch-slapped again, gripped by the throat, and dragged along again. This continued two more times, but Pelgraya-Nurm was exhausted, not only from her large size' energy need, the beatings, and an unknown exposure to the sunlight. She felt weak and the fight left her. She was dragged along the long, slow, path towards that tent.
They finally arrived in front of the tent and she was again slammed into the ground, this time in a much harder throw. The wind and tears were knocked from her, the ground cracking underneath this crushing blow. The white-thing, silver-hair, and orange-suit all prostrated themselves towards the tent. An encroaching fear was growing over Pelgraya-Nurm and she bowed her head to the ground (again, partly from exhaustion and the beatings).
"Ainz-sama! We have brought this disgusting specimen before you as you have asked!" the three spoke in unison. Pelgraya-Nurm understood. Ainz Ooal Gown was not a country or a simple fief but someone these things bowed before.
As the aforementioned one fluttered the tent flap open, a finely decorated skeleton thing- followed by a demi-angel(?). Fear pierced her through like a harpoon, and felt as if it was being pulled through her guts. She openly shook and hoped maybe since they had brought her forth, they might allow her to at least live. Undead were known to hate the living, but maybe since this one surrounded itself by the living it would be merciful.
Ainz flapped open the tent, and was greeted with Demiurge, Shalltear, and Cocytus. He received their gift of this prisoner-of-war, and consequently praised their efforts. This praise made them seemingly shiver with delight. But to Pelgraya-Nurm, it was unnoticed- she was too focused on this one called "Ainz."
"A-Ainz-sama?" She spat up as she pressed her head into the head indent she had made earlier. "I-"
Ainz sliced his hand horizontally as if to cut her in twain.
"Silence." it commanded.
She began tearing up, how could fate deny her strength. She had made herself a slowly growing land, full with servants, and glory to her. Why had this thing come here? Why her?
"To viciously murder ones followers, loyal beings- is a sin I cannot abide. To do so, is to be scum of the worst kind. I do not normally do this, but I shall relish this. Cocytus lift her."
Before she could run, white-thing grabbed her by the forehead and lifted her straight up. This painful grip denied her any chance to pull free, her large body squirming halfways upon the ground. Her arms pulled and scraped the ground and attempted to pull herself free by pushing against Cocytus. She was like a child being lifted by the leg, helpless against her coming doom.
Ainz flicked his wrist and a magic circle appeared before his bony hand. With that he made a faux-gripping motion and she could no longer move her body and some of her arms. It felt like she was truly being gripped within his grasp. Her arms now flailed uselessly and she screamed and cried as she too flailed. Her last thought was that she had never found a mate, maybe a human HAD been her only chance.
With that flick of the wrist, she was summarily twisted around, multiple times, in a quick clockwise turn. Cocytus' grip being the axis of this sickly pirouette, evoking the look of a ballroom dance. Cocytus subsequently dropped the head.
"Send it to be picked clean, and Living Hunter to patrol."

Much later, after confirming everything was razed and destroyed- the Living Hunter gleefully engorged itself among the feast of the battlefield.


Pestonya completed her tasks; per the norms- as Head Maid she had more tasks to do than the maids under her but not as many as, say, the Pleiades. Basic tasks and management work she could handle but something had caused her normal confidence to wilt.
Maids, and even some of the other Area Guardians would normally flit back and forth like a well oiled machine- today was no different...
almost everyone who passed her would for a split second lock eyes with her, and she knew exactly why. She had disgraced herself and had actively gone against the wishes of the Supreme One, Ainz Ooal Gown. This was tantamount to blasphemy. While Ainz had considered her request and complied, she felt shame and the bitter taste in her mouth; jealousy.
Jealousy towards her co-conspirator Nigredo. They had both pleaded with Ainz to spare some humans from the utterly brutal beheading of the kingdom they were currently facing. She did not have to leave her home as she had been punished and placed within the Frozen Prison, which was already her home. She did not have to bear the continuous weight of others silent judgement. She did not have to silently endure the newborn hesitation of other Nazarick denizens to follow her commands. Pestonya bore it, if it was what the master wanted, it was what the master would receive.
Ainz had listened, complied, released, and forgave both of them- each of those displayed alone would have been a blessing. Altogether, it was practically disrespectful to have received each bestowal of his compassion and mercy. It had produced many mixed feelings within her, gratitude and shame.. Despite her willingness to work tirelessly and endlessly to erase this debt, Ainz-sama had said she still deserved a break and had told her to collect her thoughts during it.
She had spent those days and nights wringing her hands and though her body did not have the ability to cry, she had done so without the tears. The dark fog of feelings had loomed over her and kept her lost within.
She once more braced herself and returned to the grace one of Nazaricks maids was expected to have. She knocked on the (comparative to the others) plain wood door. This wasn't to say it didn't belong- the fine engravings upon it swirled into each other, leading the eye on a slow tour of tastefulness. But when compared to some of the other enchanting decorations on the 9th floor, it was... unique. Within, a voice beckoned her in.
As she entered, she recalled something she had witnessed once, long ago.
"You aren't HIDING anything are you?!" a gruff, booming voice proclaimed "You wouldn't want to get in trouble with the other would you?"
A tall armored man was ranting and raving, gesturing wildly, and... making odd poses. The man was one of the 41, Touch Me-sama. Anyone could tell he was 200% not serious, and was joking glibly with another. Her creator, Ankoro Mochi Mochi-sama.
In comparison, the normally soft voice was practically screeching and she was likewise smacking at Touch Me continuously. Touch Me had puffed out his chest and was laughing haughtily-
"HO HO HO!" he bellowed, as each smack of Ankoro's hands displayed a gentle "0 dmg" marker.
In a more subdued voice, he mumbled something to her with his hands on his hips, something which caused Ankoro to renew her vigorous assault and somehow, in an even higher pitch-
"Then why are both your NPCs animal people..? Hmmm..." Touch Me mocked a pose which would normally invite deep introspection. They had continued with these jabs as they traded items which they thought were interesting, or the other might like, simple presents between them- a soft, gentle feeling of mutual respect and closeness.
Pestonya, lost in thought, had no clue what a "Furry" was.. Along with her natural kindness, gentle tone, and sympathy towards the otherwise despised humans she had taken this to mean "Fury." Ankoro Mochi Mochi-sama had intended for her to be compassionate to those around her, and she had gladly done so. But she had no right to assume what her creator had meant..
Pestonya snapped out of her daydream and entered the office of Sebas-sama, the walls were bare, and the room, likewise, had a desk covered in neatly stacked papers which Sebas sat behind. Sebas had the glint of gentleness in his eyes and none of the derision the others sometimes let slip.
Not only had they talked over the memories of their creators fondly with each other, they were close colleagues as well, both heading management positions..
-they had also bitterly talked about how they had felt they betrayed Ainz-samas' kindness and gone against his word. At first, this had led to awkward silence and uneasy shame but they both bonded over willingness to pay back Ainz-samas mercy 10-fold.
"Pestonya-sama, welcome."
They both traded the customary bows and sat down opposite each other.
"Sebas-sama.. ah.." she could barely get the words out and she trembled slightly trying to.
Sebas simply waited patiently and his firm gaze braced her to answer for what she wished to request.
Eclair Ecleir Eicler walked proudly, he had finished another piece in the grand battle to take over the throne of Nazarick.
He laughed haughtily, and loudly proclaimed his mission statement "I Ecl-"
Before he could even get his name out, he was shoved violently down the stairs and tumbled down the grand staircase.
After the dizziness wore off, he looked up at his assaulter..
A freezing cold stare met him, backlit by a chandelier and slightly heaving shoulders stood the Floor Guardian Mare. His normal shy flower-like disposition was more akin to a fist that had crushed a bouquet of flowers. Maybe those flowers were lilies intended to be placed on his coffin.
Fluder Paradyne traced the usual path he made when he was ruminating. As his master and teacher had surmised, Jircniv had him cut off from tactical speeches and high-end gatherings. Either way, it did not matter to him as he could dedicate more time to studying the tome he had been graciously given- and Jircniv had stopped giving commands to even his knights since they had been vassalized.
The floorboards creaked and groaned from his pacing, and indeed, one could faintly make out wear and tear that made a path back and forth that he trailed. This entire floor was his to do as he pleased, he had restored a shaky position with his disciples, and even then, they rarely saw him anyways.
On this floor there were two guards, and a third "guard." While his master had said that the Shadow Demon was there to deliver and inspect the average goings on Fluder did. A bitter pang in his heart stabbed at his feelings. He had betrayed Jircniv for his new master, and it was rather obvious his Master had him monitored for betrayal- but compassionately let him keep his pride by stating it was there in case he quickly needed assistance or to contact him.
He wouldn't dare simply send his master a [Message] whenever he wanted to, and he had been rather busy lately anyways. His rumination led to deep introspection over the tome he held in reverence, his new tasks, and more. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and was chastising himself lightly, as he felt like a young boy again. Every time he dipped out of sight of the two guards, despite his ruminations- he would absent-mindedly add flourish to his pacing. A little spin here, a little hop there, and so on. This was undoubtedly unbecoming for the "pinnacle" among his magic using peers; however, he was no longer the wise teacher but the learning student.
He remembered the meetings with his teacher, Ainz-sama, and they could be counted on one hand. However he did not say anything on the matter as they had been massive moments each time. He was also taught just how minuscule he was and that he had a long ways to go. He had occasional visits with several casters from Ainz-samas Great Underground Nazarick. He had the lady known as Narberal, and the shrinking violet Mare-sama, to explain deeper meaning in magic. Both were the quiet type, so he could easily ask questions rapid-fire.
"Ahhhh.." he mumbled over and over. He had to ask every possible question regarding in specific detail or they would silently sit there. The meetings were short and when over they would quickly leave through a [Gate] .
Again "Ahhhh.." he heard about some of the resources in Nazarick which piqued his interest in what sorceries he might yet hold in his hand. If he provided good results maybe he could someday be allowed admittance..
A sound notified him of a [Gate] spell entering, he had been scheduled one such visit, and thus ready to greet him and vice versa.
Pestonya walked the same path she had done a week before, and knocked on the door to Sebas-samas' office. However, when it was heard one of the maids announced her visitation. Unease. Incredible unease. She entered and practically imploded seeing Ainz-sama seated on what was usually Sebas-samas' chair. She knew what was coming and her subsequent execution was writ in stone. It was obvious Sebas-sama would talk about this to Ainz-sama, but she still felt slightly betrayed.
"I have finally disrespected Ains-sama enough so to be unforgivable" she thought. She bowed to Ainz-sama and with her heart in her stomach she waited for her punishment.
Ainz asked her to stand up straight, and waited for an explanation of her previous actions.
Cont. in comment!
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2023.05.28 07:44 ebender2772 Is it worth building my truck?

Is it worth building my truck?
Earlier this year my grandpa gave me his 2004 3rd gen 4.7 with 170k and i was stoked because i’ve always wanted a truck, but it’s not perfect, small body rust, beat rims. Now that i have a truck i want to make it look good, but idk if it’s worth putting money into, i was mostly looking for cosmetic modifications, headlights, taillights, new rear bumper, new mirrors, weld new body to get rid of the rust, new paint and maybe a cool set of rims. it’s already got a nice side exit exhaust and it sounds amazing. The truck runs perfect besides that i need new brakes and rotors, Should i build my truck?
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2023.05.28 07:44 strawberrycow-wow what are things i can do to continue to make positive progress when times are tough?

tonight it’s rough. i had been doing so well the past year but tonight i am having quite the breakdown.
i ate a chicken sandwich and some fries. i remember not being able to eat chicken for a while due to me being petrified of food poisoning. i am trying very hard to not jump to a food poisoning conclusion or the stomach bug. my siblings ate the same things from the restaurants and they are both fine. i am wondering if this is just a SEVERE GERD flare up. i try to burp a little but it just ends up being water brash and i’m nearly regurgitating. i passed some green stools too.
i am so tired right now it’s nearly 2 am and i worked all day today i really wish i could put this on pause and just feel nauseous a different time haha.
back to my point, i feel like i am regressing in progress because i am overthinking about the dinner i ate and that i’ve contracted good poisoning since the nausea hasn’t gone away and i’m trembling (shakey?)
if i let myself go too far, i feel like i may spiral and go back to my old habits.
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2023.05.28 07:43 Feio_Fracassado I can't stand being this lonely anymore

First of all, sorry if there's any English mistake.
I'm 20 years old never kissed someone and never had friends.
I was born ugly. Not a messy person, not someone average. I'm ugly. objectively ugly. I could number all the features of my face that are considered disgusting by society, but I won't because otherwise the post would possibly have another 100 lines.
I can't have a conversation looking directly into people's faces because I feel ashamed of myself. I miss the obligatory mask use during covid times. Everywhere I go, I try to position myself at an angle where my face is as little exposed as possible. When I walk down the street, I stay on the side of the wall so that one side of my face is hidden. When I see someone taller than me, I feel inferior. Especially if it's someone handsome and tall... then, in addition to feeling inferior, I feel angry and jealous of the person. This is body dysmorphia, quite possibly. One of the thousands of psychological problems I developed because of childhood bullying
There are those who say that a good personality is capable of overcoming such conditions. Maybe I would even agree, if we're referring to someone average or just a little ugly. But in relation to the real uglies, that's already a myth. But ok, let's suppose it's true: it wouldn't work for me either because I have social phobia and I've never even had any friends. That is, I don't know how to talk, I'm socially awkward and I've never had experiences that 99% of normal people with the same age have had, such as a simple trip to the mall with friends or a friendly call on discord.
But to make things worse (when someone is cursed at birth, it has to be completely cursed, right?), I'm short. I'm around 5'6 tall. And so is my masculine organ.
Loneliness, in small doses, is wonderful (at least for us introverts). It's great to be alone and listen to music, play something, play a video game, read a book, cook... but daily, eternal and continuous loneliness is one of the worst feelings that any human can have, after all, we are social beings and what allowed the evolution of the species was the social relationship. And I don't have it. I don't know what it's like to feel loved by people who aren't family (since in this case affection and love is just instinctive). I don't even remember the last time I got a hug. And I'm starting to miss all of that, especially seeing others around me happy and living their lives like a movie.
I, truly, just wanted to be normal. But maybe this life isn't for me.
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2023.05.28 07:42 khilji1604 [SHELFIE] Restarted my skin care routine and wanted any reccomendations!

[SHELFIE] Restarted my skin care routine and wanted any reccomendations!
So I had acne prone skin growing up and as a teenager I never hesitated to pop a zit that showed up trying to gush out all the gunk in it. I've learnt since and am much better with handling zits now. I had started a skin care routine including Adapalene and a benzoyl peroxide facewash, which did show me decent results but I got lazy and stopped the same. I've since started my routine again and wanted to share my current state and the products I'm using.
AM Routine :
Panoxyl Face wash
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face wash
CosRx Snail Mucin and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel (I take a small quantities of both and apply it on damp skin)
The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% (Alternate days)
The Ordinary Rose hip Oil and Pura D'or Vitamin E Oil (Two drops of each and dab it on the skin and rub it in for a minute)
Australian Gold Tinted sunscreen when going out
PM Routine :
Neutrogena Hydro Boost Face wash
CosRx Snail Mucin and Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel (I take a small quantities of both and apply it on damp skin when not using Differin)
Differin 0.1% Gel (Alternate Night to dry skin)
The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors ( When using Differin)
The Ordinary Rose hip Oil and Pura D'or Vitamin E Oil (Two drops of each and dab it on the skin and rub it in for a minute)
My skin seems to be purging from restarting the Differin but seems to be doing alright other than the some tiny bumps and the odd cystic acne.
Would appreciate any tips on what I can do better or anything I'm possibly overdoing. Thank you in Advance:)
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2023.05.28 07:42 hyperspace-elf 5/27/23 Ground-level yellow blinking/pulsing light

I almost never post things on the internet in general, and almost didn't want to make this its own thread, but just can't resist reaching out to see if others have experienced something similar as I can't seem so find anything even close. I know these things are real, but am also a healthy skeptic myself, so please, flame away if you must, I understand where you're coming from.
5/27/23 Ground-level yellow blinking light42/300
I live alone, pretty far out in the county. (Like, Amish neighbors far out)
I've had experiences with these (usually) high altitude, obviously intelligently controlled craft/light(s) that many describe. Many times over the years, in fact. Almost always with other people present, also witnessing the same things, so though jarring, things always felt safe.
Well, it'd been awhile (a year or so) and something inside me decided it was time tonight to go outside, look up, and to try to say hello; see if anyone was in the area.
About 9:30, make coffee and go stand out in a spot in my yard (not too far from the house, ~50ft) with the best view of the entire sky. Very dark, party cloudy. While staring at the sky waiting for my eyes to get adjusted to the darkness of the sky, I tried meditating on just being a calm, peaceful, and welcoming presence out there. After a few minutes of standing, I decided to walk down to the boathouse shed next to the pond (maybe ~60 feet from the house) to grab a lawn chair that I could take back to my spot in the yard.
Not a minute after returning to my spot and setting up the chair do I notice a very small, blinking/pulsing yellow light zipping around down by the pond in the SAME AREA that I JUST WAS a minute or so before. I watched, it would blink erratically a few times, allowing me to catch its path of travel, then disappear, only to reappear a second or two later in a completely different location in that area with another few quick blinks/pulses of this yellow light. One second it'd be ground level, another, it was floating up to the top of one of the trees nearby the pond. No sound. At this point I know that something strange had arrived, and also that it was VERY aware that I was there and looking in it's direction. I got my hello. My heart immediately starts racing out of control. I'd not had this CLOSE an experience before, and was hardly ready for it. My mind hopelessly attempts to attribute it to a firefly, as that's what it could MOST closely relate this sighting to. But it traveled around MUCH too quickly, blinking patterns were odd, and as I tried to quickly reevaluate my surroundings, there were exactly 0 other fireflies around ANYWHERE. We don't get them until late June/Early July anyways.
At this point I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed because I keep loosing it's position between the blinks/pulses and wondered if it intended on coming nearer to me, so, out of fear, I began walking briskly back towards the house, attempting to respectfully make clear that I'd suddenly gotten very overwhelmed due to the close proximity of this encounter, which I hadn't experienced before, and needed to stop. Once I was back on my back porch, near the door of the house, I took another long look back in that direction. Though I was genuinely freaked, I still wanted to see if I could catch it's flashes once more. I did, and it was coming quickly nearer, about at the spot in the yard where I'd just been. In an instant, I felt my entire nervous system electrically light up, all the blood drain from my body, my face go pale. I couldn't help but to nervously scurry back inside, my self-preservation taking the wheel. I wish I could've shown more courage, but the behavior of these things have a way of making you feel very small and helpless, especially in one-on-one encounters.
Again, not trying to prove anything, just trying to detail an experience that I had. Still in that, 'not quite sure how to proceed' state. I feel bad, I meant no disrespect and attempted to make that clear. Don't ask unless you are prepared to receive, I suppose.
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2023.05.28 07:41 CPlayto 6 days sober - Fun story!

During that first COVID summer I bought an inflatable boat (it's a real boat not a toy lol) so my wife and I could get out on some of the lakes in the parks near our house without investing in a truck & trailer. It sat in the garage unopened for the past 3 years.
I landed on cirrhosis last weekend and spiralled. Something stuck, because I've done what I couldn't do for years/over a decade - shut down the drinking.
This morning, after the first Friday I didn't drink in memory, my wife and I were having coffee together (already a great Saturday morning) and I remembered the boat. Now, I had remembered the boat several times in the past and I love being out on the water, but I had been too lazy, too out of shape, too hungover, and too unwilling to give up a socially acceptable afternoon drinking window to commit to unboxing and figuring out the damn thing.
From the time I had the idea this morning I; unboxed it, figured it out, packed in into the car, packed a full-on picnic, went to the park, paddled it across the lake where they were having an art fair, did the art fair thing, had a picnic with my wife (coke zero, no beer or white claw), got back in the boat, she did some reading I did some fishing, paddled back, and we spent the early evening heading to a few stores to get the trolling motor setup because we wanted to go back out tomorrow.
My wife said it was the best day she'd had with me in a long time. I agreed.
It's 1am on my 7th day here. IWNDWYT (sp?)
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2023.05.28 07:41 No_Recover_7421 [WTS][ON][MISSISSAUGA] Dboys aks74u, deadline Sunday may 29th 350$ obo

Wanting to sell my aks74u from dboys, bought this rifle in November of 2022 from airsoft depot in Scarborough, gamed with it a total of 3 times at action airsoft in mississauga. Dboys is not known for quality and after my first game of running a 11.4 lipo the gears in the gearbox blew up, this has since however been addressed by the tech at airsoft depot and myself by method of replacing the gears with new and better quality ones, and by my own modification of drilling, threading and installing a new guide screw in the rear bracket to keep the spring guide in place preventing the issue from reoccurring, (the screw doesn't affect the rifles ability to collapse or open the stock, when the stock is opened the screw is not visible) she now runs flawlessly, it currently has a m90 spring installed making the rifle shoot ~300 fps with .2g bbs and sub 1 joule making it indoors legal and in some indoor fields full auto legal as well. Asides from that the rifle has minor cosmetic blemishes on the charging handle, inside of the muzzle near the threads, on the dust cover where the charging handle strikes and asides from that not much, the rifle also comes with a zenitco style b11 handguard, 2 high cap fakelite mags, an ak pattern sling, a dovetail mount for any picatinny/weaver platform optics or sights, and a zenitco style rp1 ergonomic charging handle. Tested with a battery and works safe, semi and full auto and shoots flawlessly, the rifle is wired to mini Tamiya and requires either a small brick battery or a long stick type battery.
Total value of all parts, labor, repairs and mods is ~550CAD
I will be in mississauga until 6 pm tomorrow and am only willing to sell in person, I can also possibly drive to a location within the gta, 350 obo, cash or etransfer is accepted, no shipping and no lowball offers.
Any other photos or video of functionality can be sent via fb messenger or any other platforms
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2023.05.28 07:41 Pretty_Ad_849 My follower is gone

So i was doing eltrys' quest in markarth and after being sent to cidhna mine and escaping i couldnt find athis who was my follower. Serana came running to me after i escaped though athis was nowhere to be seen. I checked the shrine again, went to jorrvaskr, to the hall of the dead in whiterun and he wasnt there. I then tried using console commands and i couldnt teleport or resurrect him though after entering the "player.moveto" command i get the loading screen and crash. Does anyone have any idea how to fix it?
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2023.05.28 07:41 GoGoWolf PLEASE HELP!!! Lost bird near SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY

This is to anyone near the Santa Clara University campus. I have lost my dear Buddy when we were out on a walk today (May 27, 2023) and he flew off after something spooked him. He went up into a tree and after some time, some crows got to him and chased him toward the dorms on Market Street. If anyone finds him (whether he's alive or the worse thing possible) please contact me here. Thank you.
He is VERY SHY AND SCARES EASILY!! So if you find him on the ground (which is actually normal for him) please DO NOT approach and contact me instead.
He will respond to his name or a "Wolf Whistle" but DOES NOT TALK! He instead makes various noises.
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2023.05.28 07:40 sapphirenuke Afterlife roleplay

Afterlife roleplay
So you all remember Over the Garden Wall, right? Or maybe some video games like Spiritfarer or Cozy Grove? Either way, it doesn't matter. They were all strange fantasy Americana stories that took place in some sort of purgatory or afterlife-like world. That's where you come in!
you don't have to have seen any of the materials I listed for this to be fun. It's going to be all original content, just somewhat inspired by the spirit worlds from Over the Garden Wall, or Spiritfarer. I'm going for a fantasy Americana vibe, but you don't have to be American for this to be fun either. This roleplay is for everyone! Also, if you have some source materials that you'd like to draw from aesthetically, don't hesitate to tell me! I've heard people headcanon that Ruby Gloom is a sort of afterlife world for small children, for example, so we could do something with that.
Some things that this roleplay can include, but doesn't have to: You boarding a boat or train to travel around this strange world while you try to figure yourself out before crossing over You shape-shifting or taking on a new form, possibly of a plant or spirit animal Some sort of lurking, horrible evil You helping other people cross over into the great beyond before you're ready to go yourself
Thanks for reading! Message me if you're interested in some sort of spooky afterlife-y fantasy Americana!
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2023.05.28 07:40 GoGoWolf Please help my find my baby!

Please help my find my baby!
This is to anyone near the Santa Clara University campus. I have lost my dear Buddy when we were out on a walk today (May 27, 2023) and he flew off after something spooked him. He went up into a tree and after some time, some crows got to him and chased him toward the dorms on Market Street. If anyone finds him (whether he's alive or the worse thing possible) please contact me here. Thank you.
He is VERY SHY AND SCARES EASILY!! So if you find him on the ground (which is actually normal for him) please DO NOT approach and contact me instead.
He will respond to his name or a "Wolf Whistle" but DOES NOT TALK! He instead makes various noises.
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2023.05.28 07:39 aaspicy 26 [TF4M] Ate girl na gusto na jumowa

Madami dami na akong nakikita na reddit success stories dito so tingnan natin if magwowork nga ba. Wag niyo ko kulitin sa hookup kasi di yan hanap ko now
About me: Cutie na trans F 🏳️‍⚧️, 5’4, fair and short hair and talkative. Has cats, Likes fashion and gaming. Confident naman akong cutie ako tingnan mo nalang profile ko hahahaha
About you:
-Cutie din - mas matangkad sa akin or pwede din kaheight ko -Kaya magcarry din ng convo - a plus if bisexual or pansexual ka kasi mas madali tayo magconnect - Not sexist, transphobic, homophobic, apologist etc. - Near QC or nearby placrs
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2023.05.28 07:39 lostings My co-workers won’t stop asking about my boyfriend and it’s only gotten worse.

I’m (20f) a caregiver at a group home and I just started working here barely a month ago. I’ve been doing everything correctly but my co-workers keep on asking about my boyfriend (24m) and it’s gotten to the point where I’m scared my job is in jeopardy.
For context, my boyfriend drives me to and from work and parks outside while I’m working (I work the graveyard shift). He does not feel comfortable going back to my home without me due to some conflict between him and my parents (who we’re staying with until we have enough money to find a place) and the fact that it’s about a 35-40 mile drive one way (70-80 round trip, if he were to go back home it would be around 140-160 miles per day and we don’t have the money to pay for that kind of gas). Also note he’s comfortable staying out in the car and sleeping in it as needed, his car is his treasure. He does not enter or go near the house I’m working in at all and does not come in contact with anything related to the house.
Moving on… it all started when a co-worker commented about a guy parking across the street and sitting in his car, in which I let her know that it was my ride and he was waiting to come pick me up. I didn’t think much of it since it’s just conversation and I didn’t think my boyfriend being parked across the street would be a big deal. She started asking more questions about it, like if I had a DL, my own car, why he was out there waiting for me, ect. I answered all the questions honestly and we moved on.
The next day two other co-workers bring it up and they both tell me, “Don’t bring him inside, it’s not your house, we need to respect people’s privacy and it’s not appropriate”, and they went on for about 5 minutes about it. I know it’s related to another situation regarding another employee who got put in suspension for that exact thing happening (plus some worse stuff happened relating the person’s partner after entering the house but I won’t elaborate on it), but every day that I have worked either Management has notified me or another co-worker, each time getting more aggressive. While having these conversations I also added that it’s a HIPAA Violation to do so and that neither my boyfriend or I are interested in doing anything close to that. Today at work about an hour after my shift started one of my co-workers (not on the schedule today) pulled up to the house, sat in his car for like 5 minutes and then drove off. My boyfriend texted me telling me about this and I feel very uncomfortable being here. Maybe I’m just being paranoid, but I really do feel like people are gossiping about me and it’s going to lead to an unlawful investigation with suspension and potentially getting fired even though I didn’t do anything wrong. I’m thinking of calling HR when I get off work although I’m unsure of whether that’ll actually help. What should I do?
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2023.05.28 07:39 ned_without_u Nudist progress - body positivity and motivation

Ok, this is probably a longshot, and also if it's something not allowed here I apologize in advance-
I'm hoping to meet someone else who is also on a weight loss journey to help motivate each other by sharing photos along the lines of the naked progress sub. We could also chat about diet/exercise/nudism/insecurities/etc. because it would be nice to be friendly with each other- but the main goal would be that having to share or post a nude body photo regularly will help us both to stay motivated to reach our health and fitness goals.
This isn't about body shaming by any means. We should all feel good about our bodies. But for me, right now I am looking to take better care of mine than I did for a long time. I imagine there are probably others out there in similar situations.
I realize that I could just post on the naked progress sub, but I thought that having a more one on one relationship would force better motivation. You're counting on me, and I'm counting on you, ya know?
For context, and a little about me- I am a 43.M single dad. Was in great shape and loved running/fitness before I got married, but really stopped.taking care of myself over the course of a 10 year (bad) marriage. I've always been interested in social nudity for as long as I can remember, but when I was young and fit I was too embarrassed to admit it and then a few years ago when my marriage ended I felt too out of shape to try. Well, now I am at a place where I have begun running again (treadmill running is my main form of exercise) and even though my body doesn't look like it used to, I am feeling better about it. The other day I took the first nude photo of myself that I have ever taken and I loved it- it felt so liberating to take it and to see my body that way. I appreciated looking at myself more than I thought I would. One of my goals is to run in a naked 5k event.
If I'm being honest, I would prefer to find a woman who is interested in this. Gender shouldn't matter, but I think that it would keep me more motivated if I knew there was a woman I had to be vulnerable and show my But to be absolutely crystal clear- I expect nothing sexual or romantic out of this. And maybe I'm wrong, so I would be open to a guy if this idea resonates with him, too. Or maybe a small group of folks?
Thanks for reading, if you made it this far! Definitely open to ideas if anyone has- even if you aren't interested in doing it.
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2023.05.28 07:39 aaspicy 26 [TF4M] Ate girl na gusto na jumowa

Madami dami na akong nakikita na reddit success stories dito so tingnan natin if magwowork nga ba. Wag niyo ko kulitin sa hookup kasi di yan hanap ko now
About me: Cutie na trans F 🏳️‍⚧️, 5’4, fair and short hair and talkative. Has cats, Likes fashion and gaming. Confident naman akong cutie ako tingnan mo nalang profile ko hahahaha
About you:
-Cutie din - mas matangkad sa akin or pwede din kaheight ko -Kaya magcarry din ng convo - a plus if bisexual or pansexual ka kasi mas madali tayo magconnect - Not sexist, transphobic, homophobic, apologist etc. - Near QC or nearby placrs
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2023.05.28 07:39 InspiringSFAdmin Which to get 2023 integra A spec Tech or TLX base trim?

please bear with me as I try to explain, so give you a better understanding of my question at the end.
I been looking for a car for a while. Something mid luxurious and within my budget. I moved and sold car and decided my next new car should be an SUV. I have also owned sedans and wanted to switch to SUV. Bigger, mover truck space and other things.
After tones of research, I ended up on Volkswagen SEL R Line. Everything else is too much money. Anyway, I quickly found out it is almost impossible to find a dealership that Carrie’s that model, let alone the interior color I wanted. I Put a deposit Down but it’s been like 2 months and they say the order is still showing up as in queue.
So I started looking into Acura. I really liked the MDX A-Spec tech but it’s too much money. I also like that TLX A-spec tech ( I know it’s not an suv but I have to open my options at this point) but it’s too much money too.
I ended up at the Integra A-spec tech. Great car, love it for many of the same reasons other ppl love it too but there is something about the inside of it that just makes it feel a little small and am not sure why. I fit in it ok but I just don’t know what it is.
I tested drive it and all. after a lot of back and forth with the dealership gave me a good deal on the Integra about 1500 off when all was set and done.
Now, they also give me the same off on the TLX but on the base trim. The TLX looks nice too and feels little bigger inside. It’s not as fully loaded as the Integra but I thought after like 2 yrs or so if I got it I could trade it for something better maybe get an SUV I wanted.
My question is would it be better to take the 2023 Integra A-spec tech or the TLX base trim which is more money than the integra value could be more if kept in good condition. I most likely will be trading whatever car I got for something better.
Thank you all in advance.
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2023.05.28 07:38 Illustrious_Town_163 Is it possible to lose weight with Cushing’s?

I’ve had some Cushing’s symptoms since 2011, but they’re mostly ones that overlap with PCOS - absent periods and hair growth. I also gained a lot of weight around that time, but my lifestyle was terrible food and exercise wise. I also have severe anxiety but I’ve had that all my life, it just really flared up then and I ended up on antidepressants. My weight is mostly in the belly and my face is fat but I wouldn’t say moon face, and I haven’t developed any of the other hallmarks of Cushing’s like high blood pressure, diabetes, muscle weakness, stretch marks or fatigue.
Anyway, I went through various Cushing’s testing in 2013 which came out all negative. Endocrinologist diagnosed me with PCOS. I really didn’t do anything about it but at now realizing I should have and am getting on meds for it and working on weight loss. If it’s PCOS, cool and that makes sense as several women in my family have it and my periods were never regular, but I’m perplexed by a recent result indicating my estrogen isn’t high, which women with PCOS usually have.
The worry of Cushing’s never really went away, but this year I’ve lost 30 pounds and quite easily, just by cutting back on unhealthy food. My understanding is that would be near impossible with Cushing’s. Is that correct?
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2023.05.28 07:38 AzeiR0u 25M - Your thoughts if your girlfriend back rides with a co-worker just to get home. Do you allow it?

Just as the title says, would you guys allow your girlfriend na umangkas sa motor ng co-worker niya para ihatid sya sa bahay?
My gf [29F] and I [25M] are together for 7 months now and we have separate work schedules, her schedule varies from morning, mid and night-shift. Mine is fixed 9AM - 6PM. If pareho naman kami ng schedule, kahit malayo bahay ko, nadaanan ko sya at naihahatid and sundo ko sya.
Madami co-workers ang nag aaya sa kanya na umangkas daw sya at hahatid sya but luckily may nasasakyan pa nman pauwi sa kanila kaya lagi naman sya tumatanggi. Kaso may upcoming small company outing kasi sila na medyo malayo sa bahay nya at work nya, pero ang uwi ay madaling araw na.
Gusto ko sya payagan however she has this question to me na what if wala na daw masakyan pauwi, papayagan ko daw pa sya na umangkas sa ka-work nya? which is d ko masagot.
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2023.05.28 07:37 hxmlet Where can I find a fan for cheap here?

I've heard people tell me I can find cheap fans near station Square, but where exactly? ive been there a couple times and i can only remember clothes or food shops
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2023.05.28 07:37 LukeWasNotHere The Men of The Mountain

“Dad, can you tell me the story?” The son asked, pulling his covers.
“I will try. Promise you’ll sleep afterwards.” The father replied, grabbing a chair.
“Promise.” He said.
The father leaned in close, a half whisper, soft and comforting, like a campfire in a long night.
“There was once a mountain, the tallest and wildest in all the lands. So vast and so steep no man nor animal could climb it or claim it. They sat for so long, so alone they did not know what the ground was like. They grew used to the lack of air, the height, the wind and the cold. Other days, the rain and the heat. They forgot to be scared of the ground.
Until one day. An animal did climb upon that mountain, the bravest of all the animals on the ground. The strongest, the fastest, the ones the animals feared. Once it saw what lived on its peak it became the smallest. The scaredest, littlest thing on a great giant mountain, not made for things like them.
They fought, The Men of The Mountain were primitive but matched only in their ferocity. Many battles took place but soon the animals were forced to stop.
They not used to the mountain, the air, the height, the wind and the cold. The rain and the heat. But, once the battles were over, when the last of the animals were caged, the Men of The Mountain did the thing they always did. ‘Why?’ They asked. ‘Why?’
‘Why come to our mountain, for it is so steep and so cold? Why fight us?’
The animals answered, ‘We climbed because we had to. Because we lost, and because she made us.’ They then told the story of revolt, of trying and failing. For hundreds of years. A story of tyranny and a tragedy. How the ruler made the animals go all throughout the lands to find others to conquer.
The Men of The Mountain wept for them. For some came from a place higher than the mountain, after losing, forced to go down. Then the Men of The Mountain climbed down, to the ground they long forgot. To see things they could have never imagined or hoped.
And with the animals they fought together. Fought the ruler to free the animals they once killed. To free all the other animals throughout the land. Now the Men of The Mountain are the most feared, not the biggest or strongest. Yet, they’re presence is met with fear or anger buried, and sometimes even love.
Some other animals chose to climb that mountain, they talked of wonderful things. After they avoided the deadly. The way the sun set on the clouds in the most peculiar way. The smells. The animals also built for that mountain the same as the men, their danger and beauty.
The Men of The Mountain are still feared. Many will never dare come near it, but to those who do, it seems as though the mountain has tempered their bodies, but not their hearts. For they have saved our people too.”
“Thanks,” The son spoke, his voice growing soft and weary in sleep. “Love you, Dad.”
“Sweet dreams, I love you more.”
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