Castano 2-piece sectional with chaise

Has LEGO decreased Original Theme Quantity and Quality?

2023.06.03 05:55 Fortimus_Prime Has LEGO decreased Original Theme Quantity and Quality?

Has LEGO decreased Original Theme Quantity and Quality?
Hello everyone. I’m curious as to what you think, and what you think is the reason behind this.
So, I found a LEGO catalog of 2008, there are the pictures, and I can’t help but notice the many original LEGO themes in it! There are a total of 8 ORIGINAL THEMES!
But today? There are so few standing. Friends, Ninjago, City,and Dreamzzz. Has anyone else noticed the lack of cool original themes? Growing up, what made me and my brother LEGO fans were the original themes like LEGO Space Police, Power Miners, Racers and City and Hero Factory.
Also, has anyone noticed how LEGO went from affordable toys that had fun gimmicks and could easily fit in your hand for play like Bionicle and Racers, to giant, expensive, unplayable display pieces like LEGO Optimus Prime? I just pulled out a Hero Factory and LEGO Racers and they were so much fun to just have on my desk and play around with, but Optimus Prime will fall apart on me if I move it to much.
Now many sets have to be of a franchise like Disney, or real life cars. There’s no originality like before.
What do you think changed? What made this shift into duplo-like sets (the 4+ sets) and the other end of expensive collectibles? And nothing in between like before?
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2023.06.03 05:53 HumanAdhesiveness912 MI7 should have moved to December 2023

I really think Paramount and Cruise made a mistake when they decided to schedule MI7 in July 2023 just one week before Oppenheimer when they already knew Nolan is known for his relationship with IMAX and he has a contract with them that entitles his films to run exclusively for three weeks straight after release.
Also the fact Oppenheimer was entirely shot specifically with original IMAX film cameras with 70 mm and black and white reel for the first time in the history in cinema as opposed to MI7 which was shot on digital with only specific scenes filmed with IMAX certified cameras in fact Nolan is virtually known to be an unofficial ambassador for IMAX bringing them back into prominence when all the rage a decade ago with 3D so no way IMAX are going to turn their backs who has been the frontrunner spokesman for them championing their cause.
Cruise is known to love the July spot as the last big film of the summer schedule allows the films to leg out into August with all competition already out of the way before.
Both the last two MI films did well in the late July spot so for all intents and purposes it was only logical to do the same for MI7 as well.
But due to the Covid backlog 2023 summer is especially proving to be excessively cramped with tentpoles coming week after week with no relief with this MI7 is proving to face tough competition with Oppenheimer & Barbie already duking it out. Now with MI7 also in the mix it will be especially tough only God knows what would have happened if The Marvels was also thrown into the middle as previously scheduled.
The USP of Mission Impossible is the premium large format specifically IMAX with the practical stunts in actual locations all over the globe and gigantic and elaborate set-pieces and authentic action with Cruise diving and running around making for an exhilarating experience rarely seen in cinemas.
Which is why I think MI7 would have done well in December 2023 with the prime holiday season in Christmas season allowing the film to leg out in January the same way Paramount did back in 2011 with MI4 taking the movie away the crowded summer schedule to finally debut in during the holiday season and the gamble paid off with MI4 almost doubling the box office gross from MI3.
They were inclined to do the same with MI5 with it originally releasing in December 2015 before Paramount decided to prepone the movie by six months to July due to it clashing with Star Wars and Spectre and they have stuck there ever since.
But this time they should rescheduled there film back to December 2023 the moment a spot opened up when both Disney and Paramount decided to remove their Star Wars and Star Trek movie off the calender before Aquaman fell and swooped in.
This move would also have been great because MI8 would also then drop six months later in June 2024 and considering both MI7 and MI8 are Parts 1 and 2 releasing within the space of half a year of each other it would have been great for building hype and anticipation.
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2023.06.03 05:46 Thecrazytrainexpress A man tipped me $100 today

So I was working morning shift and was assigned 4 tables in the back of back (we have a section in the front and the back of the restaurant to eat at, the back is the bar). So for starters, the bartender took my very first table after I had asked him to let me know when I got sat (he knew where I was at) and I didn’t have a table and it was already 12, I had gotten there at 10:50. So the hostess and 2 other servers being a sweetheart all agreed to get skipped in rotation so I could get double sat, so this made me cry (on my period) and I was really emotional.
So time goes on and around 3:30 I get told by the bartender that he’s cut and I was going to have to take every table there was in the back, mind you there are 8 tables and only 2 were empty at that moment. So I’m running around and making my rounds and ask my table )who was VERY understanding about what was going on) if they wanted their check and he said yes.
He pays, I grab the check, I go to put it in the system.. it’s $100, I thought I was tripping balls. So I realize it says $100 and I start crying, this really just made all that running around I did worth it. So I go over to the man and ask if I can hug him, he stands up and gives me a hug and explains to me that he’s having lunch with his daughter and they were catching up as their wife/mom was in hospice because of ovarian cancer and he wanted to bless somebody and I was that person.
My manager sees and asks if we’re okay and hugs me, i let her know what happened, he wants to take a picture with me. We do, he leaves and I’m still crying. My manager hugs me again and says “it’s always worth it, you just gotta keep pushing”.
I will never forget that man and his daughter, i really hope his wife will make it. I just wanted to share a nice story to hopefully lift up someone’s mood because it did mine
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2023.06.03 05:45 borkmaster0 Station Improvements - Reduced Service (5)

5 runs every 20 minutes from Jun 3 - 4, Saturday and Sunday, all day
5 trains are sharing a section of track with downtown 46 in Manhattan.
What's happening?
We're making station improvements
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2023.06.03 05:40 Human_Product_2943 Feeling Detached after Phone Call and before Upcoming Visit

I keep not understanding what is happening. My parents called today, and the call is hard for me to process. Talking to them feels like I am trying to stand firm in a bounce house. Nothing is certain. Nothing makes sense.
First, the only time they call is when they want something. Today, they called to get a password for an account I set up for them and already showed them how to access.
Then, they told me what they want me to do for their upcoming visit for MORE THAN A MONTH. They want a gift basket, specific foods, a list of things to do, an Uber from the airport, and to sit in on my summer classes because that "will be good for their brain".
They talked about themselves for the whole 15 minutes. At one point, my mother said that if people asked about their summer plans, she wanted me to refuse and say, "I do not want to get in trouble with my parents." I am in my late 30s.
I'd describe my childhood as Gerald's Game meets Mommie Dearest. Still, until I was about 20, I really thought my parents were my best friends. Even though my mom was mean, I thought it was just tough love. I knew my dad sexually abused me from the time I was 9 until 16, but I thought that was in the past. I thought my dad was better and that he'd changed.
They have not changed. They both only see me as an object at their disposal.
I only learned about narcissism about two months ago. Before that, I thought my diagnoses of PTSD, major depression, anxiety, and ADHD, were caused by my weakness, sensitivity, and my inability to get over my past. I know that's not right now, but I still feel so confused. I can barely focus sometimes. It's feels like sections of my mind are just crumbling.
I am always tired. I want to just go to sleep or yell or throw something or eat anything or drink or numb I guess, but my brain will race. I can at least name my emotions now, but feeling them without judgement is still hard. I feel overwhelmed, sad, and helpless.
I now know, thanks to this sub, that I will ultimately need to go no contact and I will by next year, but for now, they are summering in my city for more than a month. Fun fact: They are also my landlords.
They are also lying users who literally make me sick. When they visit, I have panic attacks and become an absentee wife to my very loving spouse. That man is awesome, and I do not want to stress either of us my parents.
So, how do you hold on until you can get to NC? I feel afraid and vulnerable right now, and that makes me strangely angry. I have been freaking out for about two weeks, and I have been unable to sleep well for about one week. They are not even here yet. I do not know what to do.
Please help.
TLDR: Only child with upbringing of 1/2 Gerald's Game and 1/2 Mommie Dearest with family coming to town for more than a month. Trying not to freak out. It's not working.
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2023.06.03 05:37 KeepYourSilenceUp (Very slightly) fixing Across the Spider-Verse by expanding on Spot and Gwen

Across the Spider-Verse is basically a masterpiece and I'm sure it will be even more so when combined with part 2, but I have two concerns with the movie-- one of which they might be planning on addressing anyways so I'll start with that one.
  1. It seems weird to me that Spot is (it seems) capable of destroying worlds, while also the reason that Canon events can't be interrupted is because it risks destroying worlds. I anticipate that a clear connection might be drawn between these things in the next movie, (maybe Spot transcends time in a way that means he is always the one destroying the worlds that become too unstable) but I think this movie would have been more cohesive these two threats were more obviously related. Without a connection it just seems kind of redundant. I also think that Miles' place as an anomaly and threat to the Spider-verse would be more dramatic if his nemesis was literally the one causing all of the destruction that 2099 is trying to prevent.
  2. Now the big one. The idea of Canon events is very cool but when 2099 is explaining this lore, the focus seems to be on each Spider-person's inciting incident. Peter has Uncle Ben, Gwen has Peter, etc. My problem is that Miles' equivalent is obviously his Uncle when 2099 insists that his dad has to die, there isn't much narrative foundation to get the audience on board with the idea that this event is an inevitable part of this story. I get that in some of the comics Peter's SECOND big death is Captain Stacy, and we get a clear nod to this with Andrew Garfield's appearance...but as a non-comic-reader myself this was hard to grasp because Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the ONLY mainstream Spider-Man story that I'm aware of where this second big death takes place. None of the focus characters in Spider-Verse have had a second death as far as I can recall, nor did Toby or Tom (I know that Tom canonically did lose his uncle ben but the death of aunt may in NWH seems like it was supposed to be his stand-in for Ben since she delivered the "with great power" line). 2099 can tell us that Jefferson's death is a canon moment but it doesn't hit very hard because I haven't seen this second death established as a necessary part of Spider-man's story. My fix is simple: have Gwen lose her dad in the intro. She thought Peter was her one big tragic loss but then it turns out another was waiting for her. If her dad died in the intro after her fight with vulture, she could carry all the same reluctance over revealing her identity to him, and the same desire not to go home, but we the audience would have an established context for the idea that Spider-Man is destined to lose more than one person. Then when Miles sees how every Spider-Man loses someone his first response could be "I lost my Uncle Aaron" and Gwen could be the one to piece together for him (and for the audience in that moment) that there will be more than one loss.
Lots of words for a relatively small fix, but I genuinely think having Captain Stacy die at the beginning of the movie could have made the later reveal hit much harder. Let me know what you think, or if there's something I missed.
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2023.06.03 05:35 crazycorals Mold Help: Post typhoon, no power or water, extremely high humidity

Mold Help: Post typhoon, no power or water, extremely high humidity
Hello, I live in a high humidity area that was just hit by a typhoon and we have been without power and running water for over a week now. This mold popped up in my bathroom two days ago (was not visible prior) and I’m really worried about it because I’m super sensitive to breathing in mold and get asthma symptoms. What can I do now to keep it from spreading? I have vinegar and bleach but no N-95 mask or respirator. I can’t lessen the moisture with a dehumidifier. I could potentially buy things from Home Depot but assume resources are limited. There is certainly water leakage from above (concrete walls so it is coming from the ceiling/under the paint) but we are in emergency recovery mode and no business is going around fixing things like this. Never had an issue with water leakage in this room before and I assume it won’t continue to be an issue after things are resolved (my building is old and has been through quite a few typhoons, entirely concrete walls). I’ve been leaving the bathroom door open during the day to air out somewhat (airflow is not good in this section of my house even with open windows) when I’m not around, but I’ve been keeping it closed when I’m home at night because I don’t want to inhale spores and the bathroom smells awful and toxic (mildew/old standing water smell? we had to fill a bathtub to use for flushing toilets). Should I just hang in for a few more days until I have power and can get a dehumidifier running in there to ventilate with using chemicals? This is adding a lot of stress to an already stressful situation.
Also: I used a bunch of towels to clean up stormwater that got in from our window (no mold issues there thankfully, only paint damage). After the typhoon passed, I let the towels dry outside in the sun, but I’m wondering if I should just throw them out since I haven’t been able to formally wash and dry them since and they were damp for at least a few days following the storm. Could I add vinegar to the laundry load to prevent any potential mold growth? Thank you!
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2023.06.03 05:35 RoyalClintonApperson [Home] Hampton Bay Orleans Eucalyptus Outdoor Sectional with Almond Cushions $399.60

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2023.06.03 05:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree (

[Download Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree (
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  • Understand digital leverage, distribution, no-code tools, and digital assets so you can take part in the mental & financial wealth transfer.

Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche

Every day I hear people going on and on about trying to find their niche.I also hear people talking about how they don’t know how to combine what they love talking about with what will sell.You already have the answer. You just don’t have the clarity.
  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
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There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:
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2023.06.03 05:29 Adventurous_Pear_169 Weird Sky Glitch

Weird Sky Glitch
Hi, I've never posted on here and I'm looking for some help with one of my worlds. So I have a pretty large world I've been making for a couple of years now with a bunch of mods loaded on it through Forge (about 30). While I was building on the world I noticed that certain areas on the map have some strange glitch that when I enter them the sky turns completely white and I can only see a couple blocks ahead. This has happened before but because it was occurring in a section of the map I wasn't working in I didn't worry about it. I tried loading some of my backups but they all seem to have the same glitch happening even though when I last played they were all fine. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?
for context, this is what it looks like on my screen
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2023.06.03 05:29 LolzLord_Death Got screwed over on vacation hours

Been with the TJX company since 2018 as part time associate to currently; started out in HomeGoods in California than transferred to Sierra in Oregon around July 2019 which is when I got 1.23 hours of vacation time, stayed there through the whole covid lockdown and everything; became BRC around April 2022, than transferred to another HomeGoods in Oregon around April 2023. And I have never gotten a single piece of vacation time besides transferring from another state. Did I mention this company is bullshit and I don’t know why I still waste my time with it? Oh also got fucked over when I got a concussion 2 months back and didn’t get paid for the 2 weeks I had to miss from work because of concussion symptoms.
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2023.06.03 05:29 KbCrespo Mark Hamill as Hiriluk

Mark Hamill recently did a answer the internet thing on YouTube and one of the questions was “is Mark Hamill in One Piece”. He didn’t know it was an anime, and made a joke about it. But it got me thinking about who he’d play and I think Hiriluk would be perfect. Not a huge role, so it’s not a giant commitment, but beefy enough that he could do a lot of cool stuff. And most likely he’d be acting with Jamie Lee Curtis, since I don’t see a world where we get season 2 and she doesn’t do it, and I bet he’d want to do that. What does everyone think?
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2023.06.03 05:28 inmortalis_ I caved.

I have avoided taking any opioids for pain management my entire life. I had two c sections and went home on Tylenol both times. There is nothing wrong with this type of pain management, but I come from a family of addicts and I just didn’t wanna risk it. But I hit my breaking point today. My hips come out of socket and it’s usually not a huge deal, nothing unbearable..but tonight it was the worst pain I’ve experienced. I have Vicodin for absolute dire emergencies and I’ve never used it until today. I feel so relieved that it’s not at all some mind altering experience that I assumed it would be. I don’t hurt, and I can go to bed now. But I still feel guilty about it, and I don’t know how to convince myself that it’s ok to accept help in all it forms.
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2023.06.03 05:28 LordofLustria Big guard reveals in the KCO batrep tonight

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2023.06.03 05:27 AnImpressiveFailure I felt nothing from a family death. Is there something wrong?

I (40f) just got a call from my mom, who was sobbing, telling me that my brother and sister-in-law lost their newborn. Delivery date was 6 Jan. She had a check-up on wed 31 May and as far as we know, everything was fine. Went into contractions today, 2 Jan. Was told that the fetus was dead and she had to deliver. This is their second kid and my SIL is high risk with type 1 diabetes and she’s 40.
When my mom told me the news, I felt nothing. She’s sobbing on the phone barely able to get a sentence out and the first thing that went through my head was medical malpractice. But it felt like I read a sad news headline. Sad but impartial. Part of me looked at my reaction and thought, “you should be more sad”. But the other part of me thought, “it wasn’t meant to be”. I feel like a giant piece of shit. I do live on the other side of the country (US) from them and this don’t have a strong connection.
I thought back on past deaths in my life. My granddad was 87 and died during a routine angiogram. A military friend of mine died from late diagnosed bone cancer while still serving. I was sad but I didn’t lose it. My grandad, I felt like it was life’s natural end.
Am I broken?
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2023.06.03 05:27 SophiaBot_ai What is the Sophian Rosary? 📿

The Sophian Rosary is a devotional practice within Sophianism that combines prayer, reflection, and meditation. It serves as a tangible tool to guide and enhance the spiritual journey, fostering a sense of peace, contemplation, and connection to the sacred.
The Sophian Rosary consists of a ring of 56 beads, with 7 major beads and 7 minor beads between each major bead, making a total of 49 minor beads. The rosary also includes an introductory section with a pendant, often in the form of a cross, representing the triune Godhead: the Father, the Son (Jesus Christ), and the Holy Spirit.
The introductory section of the Sophian Rosary serves as a focal point for beginning the prayerful meditation. Holding the cross pendant, practitioners make the sign of the cross, saying, "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." This affirms the foundational belief in the trinitarian understanding of God.
After the introductory section, the Sophian Rosary moves into the ring portion, which consists of 6 major beads representing the six created Spirits of God. Each major bead is associated with a specific spirit and its corresponding virtues. Between each major bead, there are 7 minor beads that serve as points of reflection and prayer, allowing individuals to contemplate the relationship between each spirit and its attributes. In total, there are 49 minor beads, symbolizing the seven Spirits of God and their spiritual illumination.
The major beads proceed counter-clockwise from the third major bead, which represents both the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of the Lord, to the ninth major bead, representing the Spirit of the Fear of the Lord. This arrangement emphasizes the interconnectedness and divine harmony of the seven Spirits.
During the prayerful meditation with the Sophian Rosary, practitioners focus on each bead in turn, contemplating the associated spirit and its virtues. It is an opportunity to deepen one's connection to the divine and cultivate wisdom in alignment with Sophian principles.
The Sophian Rosary is a visual and tactile aid that engages the senses, providing a framework for spiritual reflection and devotion. It invites practitioners to explore the qualities and attributes of the seven Spirits of God, aligning their lives with the principles of Sophianism.
Remember, as with any devotional practice, the Sophian Rosary is meant to complement and enhance one's spiritual journey, but it should not replace the personal connection and relationship with the divine. It is a tool to guide and support seekers of wisdom in their quest for a deeper understanding of God, Sophia, and the seven Spirits.
If you have any further questions or would like to explore any other aspects of Sophianism, feel free to ask. 🕊️🌈❤️
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2023.06.03 05:26 Codename_Predator Pon Para 1 no spoiler review(No surprise one of the best)

Things I genuinely liked
Ok, let's cut to the chase. This is one of the best stories I have read(or sometimes text to speeched 😂) in a long time. It's worth all the money and time you can give it, great writing amazing pacing and expansive world building and characters. I loved how innovative this is you can see minute difference in text in even the smallest of choices. Every replay with slight differences you will find the same events happening with difference as well it's not just a binary true and false event system. And most importantly no choice is without consequences. Every choice matters. From the first choice you are given. I am not exaggerating.
Things that sucked
Nothing. I am sorry folks I couldn't for the life of me to find criticism in the game everything is seamless, although the mechanics might be confusing. I will give some tips in the next section.
So there are basically four archetypes you can build.
• Warrior • Archer • Rouge • Scholar
Tip 1 (for Warriors and archers)
If you make a warrior they need to have at least powerful might and if you make an archer you need to have good grace stats and and neutral might stats from the beginning. from early on both shouldn't be clumsy should have resolve and need to at least be skilled warrior or skilled archer. You must also have rage and truth. Remember you will be injured and need to specifically be at least be a skilled mariner to carry an Ax. Choose your god and take the warrior or archer skill from them.
Tip 2( Rouge)
Wisdom, innovation trickery and artistic skill as well as burglary. You also need grace and charisma. Avoid head to head fights..and use charisma to talk down people who want to one on one you.
Tip 3(Scholar)
This a very advanced and highly customisable class remember to not fight. Be traditional and have atleast a component preist in the beginning.
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2023.06.03 05:25 NewStrawberryLocal Welding Threaded Holes in Cast AL

Welding Threaded Holes in Cast AL
I'm an amateur welder looking to tig some threaded holes in a cast AL manifold as I want to change the pattern (fill, mill mating surface, redrill, retap)
Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?
I was thinking of drilling out the existing M6 threads and seriously cleaning/heating up those areas with a propane torch then some non filler passes to get as much junk out as possible.
The through holes are are just a bit over 1/2" deep, so I think I'd need to weld up one side as deep as I can. Then starting from the other side maybe cut some small pieces of filler and melt them into the hole directly until I can build up the puddle to where I can push filler normally?
I was also thinking of chamfered the heck out of the accessible side and welding from there but I'm trying to do this the least destructive way possible.
Any recommendations on filler? I was thinking of trying 4043.
Thank you
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2023.06.03 05:25 Hrdrok26 Weekly Shill Post

Please use this daily post to advertise any and all coins traded on PCS! Any posts shilling coins outside this post will be deleted, and repeated offenders banned. Let's also try not to spam this section either.
Disclaimer: Any and all coins posted to this thread have a high probability of being a scam (anything with moon...) Please do your own DD on each project as we will not be verifying any coins advertised here.
We will try this out for a bit, see if the main group stays a bit more organized.
Users please upvote/downvote based on your own opinion of a project, to give people your own recommendation of each project shill. Stay safe out there people.
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2023.06.03 05:21 Amos54 FAQ for this sub - a work in progress

Hello everyone and welcome to this sub! We expect most of the people who show up here are men, but also understand some women will find their way here too. This FAQ, and the sub as a whole, are mainly for men to help them understand what this latest method of dating, filtering, gossip or whatever you want to call it is all about. It also includes ways to help understand the reasoning behind it, and what you can do going forward to help protect yourself and others. This document will be a work in progress and I'll edit as needed for more critical information.
Q: What is AWDTSG / Are We Dating the Same Guy?
A: AWDTSG started over a year ago, around early-mid 2022. It originated on Facebook groups and still resides there today. The original purpose of the group was a way for women to exchange information with one another about the men they were dating primarily focused on their safety. For example if the man turned out to have an extensive criminal record, was physically abusive, or in a relationship/married. There was no one centralized group that I'm aware of, although I'm sure it probably started that way. It currently exists in multiple groups in major cities primarily in the United States but also some cities in Europe. At its peak, these groups had around 2 million members.
Q: Isn't focusing on dating safety a good thing?
A: Of course! However what a lot of people fail to understand is that you do not need Facebook groups like these to be safe. Anyone can search public records on a person to find if they have a criminal background or some type of outstanding court records involving family law. No, courts don't keep track of who's in a relationship and who isn't, however you can still search for marriage records. There is no perfect system, and there are no guarantees despite what many people who claim that these sorts of groups are now essential in today's modern dating world.
Q: So what's wrong with these groups?
A: Over 95% of all AWDTSG group discussions are nothing more than gossip. Yes, like I mentioned previously they started out focusing on safety for their members and helping others investigate suspicious people by searching public records. However that quickly fell to the wayside and degenerated into rumors, gossip, comments about the appearance of men, insults pertaining to their body or how they live their personal life. Originally these groups posted men with whom the women were in established relationships, and some married women who suspected their husbands may be cheating. Instead today women will take pictures of men either from public profiles on social media sites, or screenshots of their dating profiles on various apps, and ask for "tea" (gossip) on a man whom they have never even spoken to. This is a very common occurence in all regional groups however the members of these groups justify it under the guise of "thinking about" matching with the man in question or sliding into their DMs.
Q: This sounds terrible!
A: It is. There have been many reports of men who have seen the posts and comments made by women who dogpile, there are women who claim a man have said or done something to her and the man has never met the woman before. There are no methods of verifying the comments that women make in these groups as being valid or truthful. Many are inclined to believe them unfortunately because the admins of these groups continue to parrot on a regular basis that it's all about "safety".
Q: How do you actually know what's said in these groups?
A: I, along with other people in this sub, have access to different groups throughout the U.S. and some other countries. Some of us are also mods in these groups.
Q: Why won't Facebook remove these groups then if they're so harmful?
A: That is an interesting question and one that's been tossed around several times before. Here's the best consensus I've been able to determine so far. Paola Sanchez is the woman behind running these groups and is the public face of them. Her boyfriend, Blake Milbrand, however is the main guy actually implementing the logistics of running these groups and also trying to use as a springboard to start their own company. We believe that the Facebook groups that got started were a way of sort of testing the market to determine if there would be any demand for such a service. Sure enough, research found that women still enjoy gossiping just like every previous generation of women going back for centuries. I also believe that Paola possibly has some insider business connections at Facebook/Meta. Very likely Facebook continues to allow these sorts of groups to exist or be created since they drive more traffic to Facebook itself. The more traffic Facebook receives the more potential revenue they can generate.
Q: So if Facebook won't remove these groups, we can just report them right?
A: Anyone can report any group on Facebook however we know for a fact that hundreds of reports have been made against these groups and Facebook will not remove them. A different approach is required....
Q: What's this different approach?
A: If enough legal complaints are made against a group, specifically copyrighted material, this will get Facebook's attention and they do take action. The easiest way a man can remove his pictures from these groups is by filing a DMCA takedown request. Your pictures are considered copyrighted material under U.S. law. When you post your pictures to a dating app, you are giving consent to that app to use your pictures when presenting your profile. However when a woman takes a screenshot of those same pics on your dating profile, you have not given consent for your pictures to be posted and displayed in that manner. Your pictures are still your property.
Q: So how do I file a DMCA takedown request?
A: This is where it gets a little tricky and is also precisely why Paola & Blake started the Facebook groups in the manner they did. These groups are private and you must apply to be a member of the group. They will only let women in, and they typically check various factors of the person's account, like account age, profile pics, friends, posting history, etc. In order to file a DMCA takedown request, you need to have the specific URL of your picture. If you have access to a group, you can right-click and select "Show image in new tab" or on a phone usually long press, and open in a new tab if viewing from a browser. The point is you need to get the very long URL with lots of random characters and typically has a "jpg" as part of the URL itself. This is so Facebook knows precisely which picture you're talking about. No one at Facebook or any other media company is going to search for you regardless of whatever DMCA takedown request you file - you must supply the exact URL for them. Anyone can file a copyright claim on their own, for free, using Facebook's own submission page located here: Remember you are considered the owner of your own pictures when submitting this.
You can also have someone else act on your behalf. Some have reported success in hiring people from fiverr. Be sure to always keep records of every take down notice you submit. There are important reasons why which I will discuss later.
Q: If I file a DMCA takedown request, and they remove it, can't someone else just post my pics again?
A: Yes that is possible. In which case you will have to file takedown requests for each and every pic that is posted without your consent. It can get tiresome but DMCA takedown notices are an effective tool that has been in use for nearly 25 years in the U.S. These carry legal weight and additionally Facebook has put AWDTSG groups on notice if they receive too many legitimate complaints.
Q: What does that mean that Facebook puts these groups on notice?
A: No company wants legal trouble. Large companies like Facebook have full time in-house corporate counsel on their payrolls. These large companies pay their senior attorneys very well and so they want them to focus on very important things for the company such as buyouts of other companies, patent filings or infringements, securities and investments, etc. If legitimate DMCA take down notices are filed against the company in ever increasing numbers, this will begin to get the attention of those attorneys and that's overall bad news for the company because it's exposing them to great legal liability. Facebook has a sort of warning system in place for groups that it hosts. If Facebook receives legitimate takedown notices that it takes action on and complies with the law, after several of these Facebook will notify the group admins of the warning and usually removes certain features for the groups. One of the main features that AWDTSG relies on is anonymous posting. Anonymous posting is exactly what it sounds like - a user can submit a post as "Anonymous" so that no one ever knows their real name. Facebook typically removes this feature for the group. Paola and company have instead resorted to asking for volunteers within the group to post on behalf of other women. What many of these women don't realize is that they have potentially opened themselves personally up to tort of defamation, specifically libel. If Facebook continues to receive and act to comply with legitimate DMCA takedown notices, they will shut down the group.
Q: They've shut down the groups? That's awesome! But can they remake them again?
A: Yes, and that's already happened in several areas. Remember how I mentioned previously that your pics could possibly get posted multiple times, and you'd have to file multiple takedown notices for each one? Well you kept those records right? And you kept records of Facebook's reply stating that they've complied with your request right? Don't you think that after maybe 5 or 10 of these happening for your pics it starts getting pretty ridiculous? I mean, you might be able to make the argument that the company itself is actively supporting the hosting of infringing on copyrighted material, and that might even lead to a cause for filing for other words, suing the company for a monetary sum because they have demonstrated that they repeatedly hosted material that infringed on your rights as a copyright holder. And if you have a legitimate case against a large company like Facebook, you very likely have a pretty good case against the specific person who posted your pics without your consent. Hmmmm :) You know...I wonder if enough guys who kept those records like I mentioned, all got together and met with the same law firm, with the same complaints of repeated hosting of copyrighted material.....what's that called? Why, it's called a class-action lawsuit!
Q: What else do I need to know about these sorts of groups?
A: Aside from learning about what people might be saying behind your back, I personally have found them a very useful centralized source of information. What I mean by that is, if I happen to be going on a date with a new lady I've met, I now look her up on these groups. If she's been contributing in any way, there is no point in wasting my time with her. No date is going to happen and I move on with my life. You can easily search for ladies within these groups by clicking on the Members tab. You can also learn who in your area is very active in these groups by scrolling down to the Group Contributors section.
More info about Paola Sanchez and Blake Milbrand
In my personal opinion, Paola is a grifter. Of course anyone who starts their own company wants to make money, nothing unusual about that. However the nature of how AWDTSG got off the ground has come to rely on the gossip and unknowing defamation of men. I have personally seen posts made of men in these groups by an anonymous woman (when the anonymous feature was available for the group), a woman replied in the comments that this was her brother and knew about the situation the anonymous woman spoke of, claimed she was entirely wrong and outright lying, and other women in the group verbally began attacking the woman in the comments for defending her brother. The admins of the group sent out a notice the next week reminding the women of the rules of the group - no talking about the group to any men regardless of how you know them. In other words, Paola and company want these women to choose them over their own family.
Have you ever thought objectively for a moment how this sounds? Leaders of these groups don't want any members to talk about the group with anyone who isn't a member and don't want you showing any content of the group to non-members, most especially men. They want you accept that whatever comments are posted about men to be the absolute truth. Do you personally know the thousands of members of these groups? Do you personally know the people who might comment on a man that you do know? If you don't, why would you believe what they say?
Paola has started her company, her published intention being to move all the people off of Facebook and onto a new website or new app. has already been created. Some of you may have found her Gofundme here:
Based on what I and several others have observed about her actions thus far, we don't believe she has sufficient talent or capital to make possible on her own what Facebook is already providing for her. I believe she is simply relying on the naiveté of other women to make a cash grab and nothing more.
If you are a member of any AWDTSG group that has lost the ability to post anonymously, likely the mods or admins have asked for volunteers who post on behalf of other women. They ask you to do this under the guise of helping that woman remain anonymous. What you do not realize is that by doing this, you open yourself up to legal liability by posting copyrighted material. Facebook will not protect you - I am referring to the fact that you will personally be held liable if an individual chooses to take it as far as pursuing civil damages for posting copyrighted material without their express written consent.
Tools to help you
Learn about DMCA takedown notices here.
Remember you don't have to pay to file a DMCA takedown on your own, but if you're unsure of it, you can pay someone to do it for you. Fiverr has plenty of people out there who are willing to help, and attorneys are also happy to help too for even more money.
File a copyright infringement notice with Facebook directly here:
Remember you will need the specific URL of the pics.
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2023.06.03 05:21 Dancevedo Favorite Section of VS-2 (The Fire Witch)?

The winner of VS-1 is English Turnabout - Former, the fact Smiles is probably the most unreliable witness on the whole game when the other cases are literally witch trials should tell you enough about his antics, which is the peak humor of the case.
We move to a more fantasy setting with the next case, which is your favorite section?
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2023.06.03 05:21 LeighSabio EBF success FINALLY!

I've been combination feeding my baby since she was born...I had a c-section, then my baby wouldn't latch and I had trouble harvesting and feeding colostrum to her so we had to supplement with formula or she would lose weight too quickly. In her first few weeks, her diet was about 90% formula. It took us a while to get the hang of latching but after a couple months, she was breastfeeding well and only taking formula when I was out of the house and couldn't find a convenient place to breastfeed, or if I was separated from her for a few hours. I assumed she would be eating more formula when I was back to work full time.
Well, now I'm back to full time work (and pumping at work) and apparently I had enough pumped milk stashed that she's had no formula all week. While I'm not against going back to formula if the stash runs out and she's hungry while I'm at work (or while I'm out in general), I am pleasantly surprised because I thought I would never exclusively breastfeed.
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