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2023.06.07 00:01 -AmTeC- Advice needed on replacing concrete embedded refrigerant lines! Hey everyone. So a bit of a predicament here. The c**** who laid this concrete did so around the condenser without asking or even thinking for a second. F*** I hate those B*************************. The A/C is now leaking due to either the concrete or the way they manuvered the condenser around without disconnecting it. So I gotta replace it much to my fury. This location is the most ideal, while it CAN be relocated, the few techs I called in said that it would be better to break the concrete and run new lines to the original location. So I was wondering, how much room do I need to leave for the lines? The red marks I put on the photo appears to be the route of the existing lines, can I cut a channel along here for the new lines to run? I figured it would be best to cut all the way across to that gravel drainage channel to the right, but am still worried about water getting into the house, as long as it's sealed up well enough, do I have anything to worry about? And after the new lines are sleeved and run by the HVAC tech, would filling the channel with gravel be a concern? Obviously I'm not going to fill it with concrete because that's what got us into this fucking mess in the first place and cost me my precious magnificent green box in the first f*** place. Unless there is a way to safely fill it with concrete without causing another calamity. Also there's a gas meter there, am I even allowed to cut near a gas meter? I do know exactly where the gas line is routed and I know I won't hit it (famous last words).
And if all of this is the wrong way to do it, please let me know so I can do this correctly! Much appreciated 👍
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2023.06.07 00:01 fushi-tarazu Siren / Blue Light Etiquette

Is it just me, or do you also feel like proper use of the acoustic warning signals (siren) is not taught to police drivers? I live near an Autobahn entry/exit, and even at 4 am, the only ones blasting the siren when approaching, basically nothing, for a long stretch, are the cops. Any ambulance or fire trucks flying by seem to get the concept. Cops just seem like: let's gooooo make noise, beeewooow beeewow. Just my 10 Pfennige...
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2023.06.07 00:00 NoConfusion9554 25F - Looking for chat buddies!

Hiii people of the world!!
I'm not really good at introducing so please bear with meeee but I hope I would let you know a little bit about me?
Here it goes;
If you're looking for a friend I can be and I am willing to be one of them.
I am from USA, I do love to get to know more about people who's near me. But also open with others so maybe I'll learn something from your country. I'm kind of a sweet, shy at first, talkative (if im comfortable),caring, friendly, open minded and who really likes video games (specifically tekken), horror movies, listening to all kinds of music but my fave one is RnB. I also enjoy watching some cartoons, and even reading books. I am a pet lover who will love and take care of yours too.
I am a girl who seeks pure and genuine connection/friendship.
Maybe we can have more deeper conversations, share our whereabouts; interesting, ideas, thoughts, learn about life. Anything as long as it gives us the idea of having connection. I am a bit shy when it comes to vid call/call so maybe let's get to know each other first till we feel comfortable enough.
Feel free to shoot me a message if you like the vibes, cant wait to hear from you!
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2023.06.07 00:00 Cautious_Stranger781 Complicated Situation

Hey y’all, I need some advise. I had a 6 month long distance relationship going with this girl and we really loved each other. I was living in a weird place and she was in a big city that I grew up near and have family in. I wanted to move there before I met her, but when we started dating it became a goal for the two of us. The relationship didn’t work out because she lost faith in me, but I ended up moving to the city she lives in for my own reasons after we broke it off. We’ve been broken up for a little over 6 months now and she wants nothing to do with me. We both made some mistakes along the way but she wasn’t as forgiving of mine as I was of hers, which I think made her lose respect for me. We’re not really on speaking terms at the moment but I’d hope to change that. Other than a simple text, what are some ways to show her that I’m in a better place and hopefully gain her interest again? Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.07 00:00 greywolfpub The Lone Hero: Cyber Initiative (An Isekai Fantasy/Scifi LitRPG) - Chapter Three: The Fall Of Senterra

I couldn’t help but feel a tingle of relief and excitement when seeing this screen. Clothes, armor, a guide. I wasn’t going to be walking around clueless for long.
I stroked my chin at these selections. While armor looked tempting, I couldn’t afford it. Same with the 24 hour guide. A thorough immersive guide right now would leave me broke and naked.
Well, this choice was already set in stone for me, wasn’t it?
“One temporary guide, please,” I said a bit nervously. Though nothing happened. I pivoted my head to and fro, but nothing. Where the heck was my guide?
“Whoah! Full moon! Hello!” I heard a strong Italian Brooklyn accent over my head, realizing that I wasn’t alone. He was a metal orb with hummingbird wings, covered in etched lines and cybernetic crevices all over his metal plates.
I should have picked the clothes first!
I crouched over to cover my unmentionables and cried, “Simple gear, simple gear!” Immediately, I was given a wardrobe. Even had the entire Sailor Moon glowing light as I was dressed up head to toe: A dark cloak with a hood lined with fur, pants, gauntlets, a padded leather top, high leather boots, and a bag over my belt.
“Heh, kid, you don’t have to call out your selections. Not that I mind. That high pitched squeal was unpredictably hilarious.”
I scratched the back of my head sheepishly. “Heh, sorry about that. This is all very new to me.”
He zip-lined right in front of me, the sound of his wings buzzing making my eyes grow wider. He zoomed in on my face as if he was analyzing me features, then suddenly, a red dot appeared on him, and I fell on my ass.
The first thought that crossed my mind was a laser sight, and that was exactly what it looked like before a red scanning beam traced me left to right.
He chuckled. “Heh, you’re pretty skittish for a guy with those level 1 stats. Well, allow me to introduce myself, hero. My name is Devicho. That’s D-E-V-I-C-H-O. And I am your temporary guide, here to answer all of your questions!”
I got up off my ass and nodded. “My name is Silas.”
“Yeah, I got that from your stats.”
“Oh, right. Well, crap, where do I start?”
“I got ten minutes.”
“Ten minutes!?”
“Yeah, I know. But them’s the rules. It’s all the boss is allowing me.”
“The boss?”
“The dungeon core. Alzera-Kar. We call this hidden gem mother, as she is the creator of all things in the country of Thalian.”
“Wait, a dungeon core created all of this?”
“Oh boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Thalian is made up of five nations: Marviel, land of the fae, Dradersi, land of the dragons, Guedmar, land of the orcs, Dokumbe, land of the goblins, and finally, Senterra, the fallen land of the humans.”
His voice dipped. “Hey, listen kid, I’m not gonna sugar coat anything for you here. Senterra is gone. A barren wasteland from what I could tell. If there are any humans left, they are most likely in hiding, so the other races can’t find them. A little history lesson for ya since we are tight on time: long long ago, these five nations lived in harmony as one. That harmony was doomed to fall, as the dungeon core, our great mother, created more and more resources. Now you see, the dragons were selfish bastards. They thrived off of money, greed, and pride. They started the racial divide, and these five species segregated themselves. Walls separate some regions, while big bodies of water separated others. Now, with the way things were rolling, the dragons were on the top of the food chain, and the humans were on the very bottom of it. As expected, all the races started to take advantage of the weaker race, bullying them to no end. Wars broke and Senterra crumbled. I’m talkin’ mass genocide, kid. The savagery, the bloodshed. Oh, it was horrible. Alzera-Kar saw this and was very upset. To help these deprived and enslaved humans, she created cyber sense.”
“You mean that purple evil Kirby that I killed? That was one of them?”
“No, well, yeah, but that was a defective cyber sense. And I’ll explain how. Originally, cyber sense was a mechanism solely for humans. They are particles in the air, nano feeds that respond to humans around its perimeter. They are everywhere, essentially dominating all of Thalian. Now what they do is shape themselves into cyber gear to improve the biological functions of human beings. This gave humans the edge that they needed, but after the humans broke the shackles of the other Thalian nations, they became the bullies. More war, more bloodshed. At this point mother Alzera-Kar was stressed. Her creations were dying. Her creations were killing themselves off. She didn’t know how to contain this ceaseless war and divide. Under this intense strain and tension, her crystal structure shattered, breaking off in three pieces. Without this protection, her core is vulnerable, and open for influence. These three pieces were scattered all over Thalian, but as of late, three nations have those pieces, and kid, they are protecting them with their lives! Dradersi has one, Guedmar has the other, and Marviel has one, too. These three nations are in constant strife! When one nation has all three parts, they can locate Alzera-Kar, and make her do anything they want.”
I was speechless…
“In this vulnerability, the cyber sense that was enhancing humans through cyber gear started to create evil fleshy beings. I’m talkin’ monsters. Of all sizes! They are only detectable by humans, which is why most nations made sense out of keeping humans as detectors. Remember what I said about them practically squattin’ everywhere? Well, that didn’t change. These hideous freaks lurk around, and materialize at any given moment. They became sentient. The upside though is when you kill the stronger ones, you get a full blown cyber gear. Some lesser creatures drop some precious loot too, parts to build a full-fledged cyber gear. It is good to note that cyber gear only operates for humans.”
“I think I’m getting some of the pieces to this puzzle together, here. Was I sent here to restore Senterra?”
“You bet!”
“And find the three shards to help Alzera-Ker?”
“Boy, you caught on quick, didn’cha?”
“But I don’t understand. Why not snatch the shards herself? She is all powerful, right? She’s pretty much the god in this country.”
“Not when she’s unprotected. If mother could become defective when vulnerable, imagine how much harder it’d be for her to get those shards?”
“I guess you’re right…”
“Not only that, but those kingdoms who have her shards are keeping it on lock down. Warded I imagine. It won’t be easy.”
“Why me?” I asked honestly. “I understand her humans here are suffering, and she went out somewhere else to find a hero. I don’t know why she wouldn’t pick someone locally. So I have to ask, why a foreigner? And why me?”
“I guess she saw something special in you that she couldn’t find in her natives. But don’t feel too overwhelmed. You’re not the only hero she went out of her way to find.”
“You mean there are others?”
“Of course! This is an entire nation we are talking about, after all.”
“How can you be so sure? A girl and her titan hound hunted me down back in my home town.”
He paused and then asked me sternly. “What did this girl look like?”
“White hair, real model type bod. A few inches shorter than me. And her titan, a big brawny dude in armor, had a skull for a face.”
“That ain’t sound good.”
“You know her? Her name is Lucyna.”
He sighed. “She’s from, Dradersi, daughter of King Orelus. Usually, dragon-kins have horns on their heads, sometimes along their jaws too. And some scales on their skin. They can materialize wings for flight at will, and are physically strong by nature. Lucyna probably used a spell to disguise herself as a human to remove those features on Earth. What’s more bothersome than that though was she found a way to open a gate to your world, and managed to track you down…”
“Not only track me down, she killed me.”
“I don’t understand. How the heck are you here if she killed you?”
“That’s what I’m trying to figure out. I’d died and came back to life, isekai’d to this crazy fantasy RPG world.”
“You think this is wacky? You should hear what she thinks about people from Earth! Every race here was inspired by a planet from different galaxies. The plan was to make a cornucopia of races, but things started to get messy quick.”
“This mother seems to appreciate variety.”
“It has its goods and bads, as I’ve already mentioned. Which brings me back to Lucyna. This whole death business, it’s unsettling. And if she has access to Earth the same way mother does, you may very well be the only hero. Mother hadn’t started the recruiting process yet. She is still on the selection stage.”
“Then how did someone like Lucyna even know what she was planning?”
“Could be a precautionary step? Not sure. Lucyna is very smart. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a few steps ahead of her maker.”
“She’s on my hit list,” I said seriously. “Her and her dog.”
“Hey kid, slow down. You’re nowhere near her league! That dragon-kin is an elite, a royal one at that.”
“Then I’ll level up! Whatever it takes!”
I wouldn’t expect anyone to understand. It’s not just a vendetta. All of my life I was invisible. I love my mom, but things changed when she started focusing on her career. She was hardly ever there. Dad was never around, either. He taught me to never take shit from anyone, use my fists when I have to, and never give up. That’s it. I was alone, in my own mind, in my own world. I became detached from everything, losing myself in my hobbies, finding fulfillment in playing games. That’s where I belonged. That’s where I felt like I was achieving something, where I was somebody. Still, it would have been nice to feel that out in the real world.
I wanted my life to mean something. Then she came around and snuffed my chances out. But then the dungeon core brought me back and gave me my chance.
"This is an opportunity to start over, to start fresh. I will do right by Alzera-Kar, but not because she gave me this gift. I want to help these tormented humans of Thalian because it’s the right thing to do. A voice for the voiceless, and power for the powerless. She brought me here to become a hero, and I’ll do just that. As for my own personal agenda, that’s secondary. I want that psycho to know what having everything taken away from you feels like! My life wasn’t the best life, but it was my life!”
“You sound motivated! Thadda’ boy!”
“I’m going to raise Senterra up from the grave, and I need you to tell me everything there is to know about getting stronger to do it.”
Read up to 50k words on Royal Road for free! (Daily Chapter Drops):
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2023.06.06 23:59 jupitercitylightss Purple Pillow Store Near Me Coupon Code

Go to this page for Purple Pillow Store Near Me Coupon Code. If you're looking for the newest coupons and promo codes, that page is the place to go. They always have the latest offers available.
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2023.06.06 23:58 Beautiful_Comfort_36 How to show a guy that I'm interested

I (F27) met this guy (M30) twice through a group of friends. We met earlier in the year and then a month ago.
Both times we spoke and he seemed really nice and friendly. Both times he gave me his drink to try. The second time we sat near each other and he offered to swap seats with me because mine was uncomfortable. We talked a lot individually and as a group.
When we were heading back we walked together to the station and one point we were standing really close and we locked eyes. It felt flirty. He was acting silly and jokey and asked me if I liked if guys were more direct or subtle. I was just laughing and said subtle. We hugged twice when we said bye.
We all swapped social media as a group so we have each other on Instagram.
A few days after I asked him out for a group get together and he said yes and joked with me, I joked back and that was that.
A few weeks later he wished me happy birthday and I thanked him.
When my friend made a group chat for the event he said he wasn’t sure if he would still come, it looks like the group plan isn’t happening now anyway.
Recently I liked his photo and he reacted to my post. But this is as far as our interactions go.
Shall I try and start a conversation with him? I really like him but don’t want to come off too strong especially as we’ve only met twice.
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2023.06.06 23:58 steframs I’m in need of advice what to do next after all retirement savings

I (28 M) graduated from college 2 years ago and now I’m having a stable, decent-paying job that allows me to escape pay check to pay check living hell. I’m thinking about retirement and savings for future. I followed the sub’s flow chart and I have completed the following:
  1. I have been able to save up more than enough in my HYSA (1-year emergency + vacations + unexpected expenses).
  2. I have been contributing 10% pre-tax to my employer’s pension plan - this is mandatory as we’re unionized.
  3. I have been contributing 10% pre-tax + 10% post-tax (Roth) to my employer’s 457b plan - I chose an extremely aggressive investment portfolio with total expense ratio of 0.5%. I’m maxing out on this plan.
I’m living a frugal life - no debt so far, so I still have more than enough in my main bank account to cover my basic and unexpected expenses. One of my goals is to be able to buy a house in the next 3 or 5 years when the opportunity comes. Should I open an IRA? Doesn’t this seem redundant as I already invest nearly 30% into retirement? Is 30% too much compared to 15-20% rule of thumb? Should I open an individual brokerage account and invest in index fund to speed up my saving for future mortgage down payment? Are CDs and bonds safer for me in 3-5 year savings? Do index funds and CDs/bonds yield the same ROI?
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2023.06.06 23:57 burshotty Sambo competitions

I’m practicing judo and boxing right now. I wanted to do sambo but there is no gyms near me. I have heard that there are competitions in my state and wanted to know if I did wrestling along with judo, would I be able to compete in a tournament?
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2023.06.06 23:57 Salem1690s A question about Kurt and heroin (sorry if triggering)

I’ve been around a grand total of two heroin users in my life. I’ve been around others who have abused prescription opiates. I myself have abused sleeping pills to excess (I can take almost 100mg of Ambien and only come off a bit loopy)
Much is made, and has been made of Kurt’s heroin addiction. It was a big deal and nearly cost him a lot in his lifetime, and it still is kind of an unfortunate part of his legacy today.
My question is essentially. I’ve been around two heroin users. One was a recreational user of snorted heroin. The other was a lifelong addict, using needles.
In all cases, whether it was Soma or snorted or injected heroin, when the people I’ve known were high, you knew it. It was very hard to miss.
In the case of the guy I knew who was a lifelong heroin addict with a heavy habit, despite his long term usage, at high doses he was literally not functional as a person - to the degree that he had no conception of what was going on around him - he had no idea of his surroundings or what was going on, and was reduced to a child like state. He was literally like on another plane mentally.
It’s been claimed in books and such that Kurt had a heavy, daily, expensive habit.
It’s also been stated that after 1991, he was a “full blown addict” who never truly got 100% clean for any prolonged period after ‘91.
However, watching interview after interview with him, and watching video after video of him performing, I don’t see a drug addict. I know he was but the man hid it well.
Outside of the clip from Montage of Heck with Frances, I have otherwise never seen footage of him where he is clearly fucked up.
He doesn’t seem to lack an awareness of where he is. He doesn’t play out of time. Never.
In interviews he appears lucid and coherent.
My questions as such are has it ever been said how often he did heroin? Daily? More than once a day?
How was he able to keep it together for live performances which required him to both sing and remember guitar parts at the same time and interviews such that he was never non functioning as a guitarist, or nodding or even slightly “not with it” in say a televised interview?
Consider other musicians like Keith Moon or Brian Jones or Jim Morrison or Syd Barrett, whose addictions affected their performances and interviews.
It makes me feel like his heroin use has been exaggerated.
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2023.06.06 23:56 Wacky_Sacky Should I go for this “opportunity” or look elsewhere?

I started at my current company nearly a year ago to get off night shift at my previous company. I took a decent pay cut ($4/hr) but they were able to pay me my desired minimum income and had good benefits to support my family. I ended up learning fast and have since been trusted with leading projects and have gone above my job description to support on various tasks. I was told by my supervisor to keep working as I am in my role and he could see me becoming the next engineer when they hire more people for the position. A month ago they posted an engineer position and I made sure to apply. Last Friday with no reason they cancelled the position. Today I received an email from the recruiter saying the position was canceled but in its place was another position. I am currently a technician and this new position is for a “technologist” not an engineer and the pay is a grade lower than previously posted engineer position. The description for the technologist is what I started doing months ago where the projects I am working on currently I feel fit better with the description of the previously posted engineer position. It doesn’t seem like they will be hiring for an engineer anytime soon and I feel like they would rather keep me in these lower paying positions and have me keep going above my expectations rather than them paying me the salary of an engineer. Should I apply for this other position or look elsewhere for work? I did get contacted by a contractor I worked with previously with a job opportunity that would pay very good so the opportunities are out there.
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2023.06.06 23:56 Throwaway1989345 Help with identification

I am going to get screened in the next few days but I wanted to post here to potentially ease my anxiety. I have these raised bumps on my penis shaft and near the foreskin area. I think I’ve had some of them for a long time, but I don’t remember having this many before. I’ve had tons of fordyce spots since I was a kid, but I didn’t know if these were more of those or an STD. You can’t really notice them unless I am erect or I spread the skin out, hence why I am erect in the pictures.
The reason I’m concerned is a received a nuru massage about 3 months ago. There was no penetration or oral, but she did sit on my thigh (she was naked) while giving me a handjob. To my knowledge our genitals never came into contact, but they were in close proximity and could have touched. I have no symptoms. No itching, burning, and none of them have bursted open. I appreciate any insight you can offer.
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2023.06.06 23:56 Squaremudtrix Has Ben 10k Club passed away?

Has Ben 10k Club passed away?
I’ve found this alarming news from the Ben 10 Planet server and I’m sat here sprung this is very out of the blue.
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2023.06.06 23:55 silentdeath1028 I don't see a future with how my relationship is going and I need to vent

This might be a long text.
(We're both in our early 20s) It was all going great, I love being single I never thought I could make a relationship "work", but my current boyfriend convinced me into it, he was patient and understanding, I loved it. I met my bf (let's call him S) on social media years ago, we started talking about a year ago he confessed that he had feelings for me and wanted to go on a date, I talked about how I felt about relationships in general and that I'm not looking to date anyone (want to work on myself first). After countless requests and fun conversations I agreed to go on a date 5 months ago, and tadah we made it "official".
It was a good first date I would say (first ever date for me) with S arriving 2 hours late but at least it ended well, pretty sweet. I did not know what to expect. Overall it was - good food good conversations and lack of planning. It was a fun day.
I don't know how to say this but we have sexted before and this was assumed as consent towards all kinds of sexual advances? I found out about this after a conversation with him about how I didn't feel comfortable with how things were going too fast (as some who doesn't even like touching others to him being my first everything?)
I think I'm obsessed with planning, I at least need to know the basic skeleton of how my day would go, where we'll go, to dress up or dress down etc.. The last part doesn't matter much because I've realised S has a very different lifestyle from mine. I like to look presentable at least, or rather put some effort to look good, smell nice etc. S on the other hand.... not so much. Even the bedsheets at his place were same for a month 😭,, only changed them because I said I won't be sleeping or doing anything on that.
I don't know if I'm being nitpicky or something, especially because fictional men have raised my standards (or should I say bare minimum?). My first kiss was nowhere near magical for me like they say in those novels or even special as most people say, it was filled with anxiety I couldn't calm my nervous but I went with the flow eventually.
S knows that I tend to "go with the flow". I felt like he was rushing everything just because of this. Because he knows anyway I'll be convinced (into it) soon enough. To me it comed of as desperation.
He is really good at sweet talking but it depends on his mood. I really don't know but it seems like everything has changed after I said "yes" to him. Although I hadn't met him before at least our chats weren't like this. He was really understanding, made time for me, cheered and supported me through my most difficult phase.
I have thought of breaking up but it hurts so bad and I don't know why but I don't want to break-up and I don't have guts for it. I seem to be looking at only the few things which don't go with my "mental checklist" because I wasn't ready for a relationship since the beginning?
Overall S is really a nice person, very caring, helpful and mostly responsible it's just that now I do not see him being there for me, giving me time and care especially when I need it the most. He doesn't pick up calls, leaves my texts on seen when I'm being vulnerable, he'll only reply when he gets time. His overall nice personality seems to be only for his family and friends. He "pulled" me (his words), I feel like a trophy gf he wants to show off to everyone but when it comes to actually doing all the nice sweet things he said he'll disappear.
unedited sorry
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2023.06.06 23:54 ayr23 Seeking emotional advice

I’m mostly seeking a little emotional support and advice on how to rebuild my confidence and figure out some steps forward with this guy I’ve been seeing. I know I shouldn’t let this stuff get to me, but it’s really worn me down over the years. I’ve been seeing the same guy for 5 years now and recently he’s been making promises to me that he hasn’t been following through on. We don’t see each other exclusively, but he still helps me financially to a certain extent.
This year I took a gap year to travel, where he agreed to help me financially while I wasn’t working so that I could stay afloat. He ended up helping only very slightly, and go months without helping me at all, which has caused me to nearly deplete my savings while I’m not working and traveling.
He’s offered to pay for my Ubers to get to and from the gym and any events related to academia. He says to text him when I go and he’ll send me that money. Lately this has resulted in him never sending the money he’s promised to reimburse me with after I already spend it on those Ubers. I bring it up, he threatens to cut me off altogether.
He told me he’d send me some money while I was traveling, only to send me none.
He’s offered to make donations to organizations I work with, only to tell me to go find someone else to donate after he’s already committed to, which makes me look bad professionally.
When I bring up some of the things he’s promised to help with before, he has been verbally abusive and threatened to never talk to me again. He will talk down to me and make me feel so so sad and bad. Its hard for me because I’ve been seeing him for half a decade and really viewed him as someone looking out for me in a world where I don’t have a ton of support. I know this is more of a reflection of him than it is me, but it just hurts so much and I don’t have much support to vent or talk about these things. I was just wondering your take on the situation and just seeking advice and ways to cope and navigate my situation.
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2023.06.06 23:54 jakeisbill Is this a good idea to drum up business?

In a few weeks there is an event at a conference center near me for "Women's Council of Realtors". There is a booth fee for vendors of $160. I was thinking of buying an inexpensive green screen and setting up $10 Head shots for the event and handing out business cards. I can do a quick edit on the pics and email them directly on the spot.
Does this sound like a good idea?
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2023.06.06 23:54 Dragonlionfs The things left unaddressed/unresolved as of Chapter 364

I was thinking about all the things that the post-Miura era could tackle, and the stuff Miura himself may have planned to do something with. I decided to make this somewhat speculatory list just for fun.
He's all but outright confirmed to be the sage locked by Gaiseric in the Tower of Conviction that prayed to God to send down angels, sacrificing his kingdom, his empire even, to become Void. But as with the other Godhand members, we barely know anything beyond that. Heck, Void is one of the less elusive members, oddly enough, but we'll fall down that broken bridge when we get to it. What I find interesting about him is that, when the Four Kings of the Astral World were first introduced by Schierke, I legit thought they were four of the Godhand (or maybe a "good" reflection of them), with the missing one being Void. Because you have the basic four elements, and the fifth one would be a more abstract one, like nothingness. There's also the question of why he's the only one left from the former Godhand. Did Gaiseric kill the others? Were they gradually replaced by the Godhand as we now know them? Or did Void... do something? The first one remains the likeliest purely due to Occam's razor logic, but still, it's hard to shake the feeling that Void's different from his... colleagues... If, like Guts reaffirmed, Griffith will keep on soaring ever higher, therefore maybe even trying to ascend beyond the Godhand, with Void being the senior, he may have a backup plan, or know more than we think. Well, the dude's head is a brain, we already think he knows everything.
She has an interest in Guts, a __particular__ interest, in the Old Farnese style. Plenty of people have speculated that she might turn on the Godhand and aid Guts; I think it might be a mix of staying loyal to her peers, and helping Guts because she's a masochist and might find the idea of their extinction enticing, though that won't be very fun for Guts&co. Back to the Four Kings, I found it very suspicious how the Astral King connected to water is called the **Lady** of the **Depths**, whose spirit Schierke summoned against the trolls. And immediately after we get to Qliphoth, where Slan is called by Gaiseric, the Whore **Princess** of the Uterine **Sea**. Lady and Princess, Depths and (Uterine) Sea, there's some semantic similarity there. Furthermore, I found Mozgus' story about the nun who went around helping people suspicious as well. Did I think Slan was the nun in the story, a very cleaned up account of her actual mortal life, where Mozgus' nun, if she did do those good deeds, did not do them in the best way, or with the best intentions in mind? I don't know, I just clung to whatever crumb I could get cause we know so little about the Godhand; also Slan showed up in the heretics' fire so my mind was already on her.
The one we've seen the least. Slan's already showed up, Conrad was seen manifesting from plague rats in that town just after Sir Laban left. Also his domain is... weird. Someone once pointed out (or maybe it's on the wiki, I don't remember) that he was the one who showed Griffith and Theresia the respective visions so that must be his sphere of influence. If you ask me, he's this very kind of speculation that leads people to madness and long analyses and essays. Also his eyes are covered so maybe he's Peekaf. Granted, Femto and Slan are the only ones whose eyes we can actually see, but I have this feeling. It's bollocks anyway, since Peekaf is just meant to be fairytale symbolic of some of the themes of Berserk. But I like to think I'm right, no weird little man living in the world of the absurd (or of ideas) can tell me otherwise.
Well we know he's got something to do with death, disease, that kind of thing. We know that from like two panels, in the whole of Berserk. No crazy theories on him, just silence, for dead men tell no tales. Maybe he was a gravedigger? idk
Lucifer. Oh, also, in the post-Miura chapters, was he really untouchable or did he just bend space like he did against Gaiseric at the top of Ganishka? Probably not, but I just thought of that and found it weird.
Yeah, no, something's off with those Wicker Men. Made with souls of the damned? Armour taken from invaders? And, in the post-Miura chapters, the *original* denizens of the island were like the Tower of Conviction blob? Something is off about the origins of the island, and about Danann herself. Granted, she could be like Flora, her soul drifting around in the astral world except she can take physical form. And she's the King of the Elves. Gaiseric, just what was happening in your time, man? Speaking of Flora, I assume the blob is connected with the taboo she violated. I'm waiting for Morda's master to show up again so she can shed some light on all of this stuff.
I assume she'll show up near the ending, if at all, with that foreshadowing at the end of Black Swordsman. Though Falconia complicated everything. She's either dead, living in Falconia, or surviving somehow by herself. The latter makes the most sense given the nature of her threat to Guts, but even Rickert almost died on the road to Falconia, so idk.
Very likely just a one-off character for Lost Children, though it would be fascinating to see her again. I feel like seeing her in Falconia would mess with the closure she got at the end of Lost Children, since it seemed so nicely wrapped up, so it's probably for the best she doesn't show up again. I admit, seeing her as a background character would make me giddy.
Yeah, here's the thing. What do Farnese and Slan have in common? Bingo. Or, used to have, we actually don't know if Farnese has those kinds of urges anymore. It is possible, these things probably don't just go away, and it would make an interesting character moment for her to be faced with this stuff again, but after all she's been through, I don't see how it would really get to her that bad. The more interesting thing is her time with the Holy Iron Chain knights, the context in which she was introduced, in fact. Besides the drip, she knows about the prophecy. Heck, she was the one who found the bloody lake where the old Band of the Falcon were sacrificed. She knows stuff, even if she doesn't realise it. She knows about the Hawk of Darkness, Hawk of Light, would probably be able to reach the conclusion that Griffith is the Devilman himself masquerading as the Messiah, and recognise that, isn't it weird how their major religion has a bird as a symbol, and the most recent member of the Godhand is all about dem birbs? Maybe she'll crucify Griffith the same way she used that bird to reproduce the Holy See symbol and it will make him a martyr so he can ascend past the Godhand but at this point, I'm just spitballing at the sun off of a very unstable raft. Also, what is this Holy Iron Chain? What can it hold? The Beast of Darkness?
I got nothing. Well, aside from another showdown between him and Guts. But really, he probably has to find his own path, and also tell Farnese he's her half-brother. That would be fun. These are the obvious things, but I have no idea what could be done with Serpico going forward.
He has an as of yet unexplored backstory, the one where he protected the old man (who as I read assumed it was Daiba, but that's farfetched) and the one where he was betrayed by those he swore to protect. Maybe they're both the same incident in a way. Also he's awesome, he's badass, and he'd be a good foil to whatever shenanigans happen between Farnese and Serpico going forwards, because let's face it, things are gonna go south. Him being betrayed by those he swore to protect makes me think of Guts and Casca, and Griffith, but I'm just grasping at straws hoping to find that needle.
She could find out about Flora's taboo, ponder whether to do it herself, whatever it was, explore the nature of Griffith's current form further, and heck, go deep enough in the Abyss that she meets the Idea of Evil, or whatever alternative manages to worm its way back into the canon. Otherwise I'm not completely sure what more needs to be resolved about her from what we know so far.
There's the obvious, and then there's the question of whether his elf-pointed ears and circumstances of his birth have any further relevance. The ears could be just an aesthetic choice and the birth situation is a blatant way of communicating that this guy **SURVIVES**, he **STRUGGLES**. On the one hand, I wonder what significance, if any, there was to that tree full of hanged people, on the other hand, it doesn't need any further significance. It is Guts' origin, and that's all we need to know. It would probably negatively impact the story anyway if it was revealed to be important beyond just being part of what makes Guts himself. Also the Beast of Darkness is obviously important but there's too many variables for me to even warrant making a guess. Something something Astral world I think, and whatever it is, do the Godhand know about it? Did Gaiseric have an equivalent when he wore the armour? If Gaiseric used his equivalent to kill 4/5 of the Godhand, and the Berserker armour made Guts' BoD way, way more potent, then the Godhand or at the very least Void would be really weary of it, but Griffith doesn't seem to really know, especially in the post-Miura chapters.
Who were his parents? Probably doesn't matter. Who was the gipsy that sold him the crimson behelit? Probably doesn't matter. Although at first I thought it was the same gipsy that scried her crystal ball while telling Puck to look outside as the Eclipse started. These things happen, they were set in motion by the Godhand, and they're just reaping the results.
Now that the party's so much larger and more varied, what can his role be? What can his purpose be? Sure, he doesn't really need a purpose to exist, as a person in his own world or w.e, but he needs a purpose to keep existing as a character for us. He could continue being the comic relief, or the one really caring about looking into the how's and why's of Guts' monster hunting, but the story has outgrown that for a long time. Maybe the Beast of Darkness swallows him and he becomes a spark of light in Guts' consciousness keeping him at least 0.1% sane, idk. Also since we're on elves, Ivalera. She eludes me completely. I just don't know.
TheAlmightyLoli makes a good point about him pursuing being a sailor, I guess. Isma being gone in the post-Miura chapters could make it into a kind of PotC Davy Jones deal, where they can only see each other again once every [certain amount of time] when the physical and astral worlds are closer or something. The details of his backstory likely don't matter.
Besides the obvious of the whole Eclipse and Moonlight Boy thing being resolved, I can't think of anything else. At some point I wondered if she had Kushan ancestry but that's irrelevant. Since she has no memories after they went to rescue Griffith from the Tower of Rebirth, maybe she's due for a rebirth as well.
Rickert invents the Glock and kills God. On a more serious note, yeah, he's gonna have a large part to play coming up, excited to see it.
She and Farnese are like two coins with reversed faces in Slan's pouch. Is Luca gonna be the Mary Magdalene of Falconia? Well, for who? I can't see her warming up to Griffith, maybe she'll be among the voices of doubt and protest once something happens that raises suspicions in Falconia.
She's the scariest thing in Berserk.
He seems more of a loner than even other Apostles, has somewhat of a bond with Sonia, and it's suggested, especially in chapter 372, that he may not quite respect Griffith to the point the other Apostles do. Plus, his demonic form is still off-putting but not as horrible as that of other apostles, so he could end up a turncloak to Griffith, somehow, or a tragic figure.
He and Sonia could help each other, in different ways, figure out something is wrong about Falconia or the context behind it, or he could be used (as murder) to show Sonia an uglier side of Griffith. Or maybe he'll be fine, he's a cool guy. I forgot how many characters there were.
**Silat and Daiba**
Silat has been one of the most interesting or at least enjoyable characters on Griffith's side of Berserk. The Bakiraka clan's hideout sounds cool, and there is a lot of potential in terms of coolness factor there with Rickert and Daiba tagging along. Think of the contraptions Rickert could build to synergise with the others. We may get more lore from Daiba sort of like we got from Schierke and Flora, and who knows what Silat might get up to. Will he sneak Daiba's snake in the Garden?
**Manifico and Roderick**
Manifico, no clue. He was reduced to a joke character before we could get an inkling of some other role that he might fulfill. His ruthless businessman demeanour may help the party, or he'll just remain a liability. I don't think there's something all that special in Iith that Roderick could make up privy to, so for now he'll probably continue being the cab driver engaged to Farnese.
Bonebeard's next appearance, because he will undoubtedly return again, will be the sixth one. This will herald the apocalypse and will either mean Griffith's downfall, or his success. When Bonebeard comes back, the chips will be down. And he'll make us die laughing before we get to read the ending.
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2023.06.06 23:54 TheExpertNomad A quite place to work with great wifi...

I'm staying in the north part of Belize City for a couple months, right near BakeD Coffee shop if you know where that is. Anyway, I'm looking for a place to work from my laptop that has high speed internet and is relatively quiet (the coffee shop has fairly loud music). I need to be able to do video calls for work, and the background noise can be too much in coffee shops.
I thought there was a coworking space, but it's been closed just before I got here unfortunately.
I was also consiering heading over to the college to see if I may be able to work from a quiet room there perhaps...
Hopeful someone who knows Belize City could direct me to a good spot!
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2023.06.06 23:53 tozitossout Over the years, I've become the backup boyfriend

Somehow I've become the backup boyfriend for many people. I wouldn't consider myself attractive, average looking with an athletic shape and an amazing personality that makes up for it. Out of all the friends I have, the majority of them end up being female. I still have some guy friends, don't get me wrong. The friendship making process just doesn't go as smoothly as it does with females. I've become the guy that gets invited to the sleepovers, if that makes any sense lol.
Over the years, I've noticed a trend in a lot of those friendships. They'll get into some type of relationship or attachment, get their feelings hurt, then come running to me for whatever kind of soothing they're looking for. This rarely ends well, either we engage in some form of dating, which falls through due to their heart not really being into it, or because whatever hurt them came back for redemption. Or I reject them, and the friendship dies from there no matter how hard I apologize or try to explain why it wont work out.
Being the back up comes with its perks, you get invited to all the events and parties, you know nearly everyone's business and drama, it's nice sometimes. People tend to tell me their deep secrets and info without me even trying to get it out of them. But you still end up wondering if any of it will really last. Of course, I've done some things I'm not too proud of through situations like these. I wouldn't take advantage of any of my vulnerable friends, but I don't have it in my heart to stop them when they're already hurt, so I typically end up going with whatever they want from me. I'm so used to being used for rebounds and baggage holding, it's crazy. It feels wrong to expect it at this point, a few of my closer friends have significant others right now. I'm more afraid than anything else that they'll break up and come crying to me, at that point it feels like it's only a matter of time before the friendship dies. I don't want that.
Thanks for listening.
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2023.06.06 23:52 Best_Pineapple670 Recommendations on where to go swimming?

I just moved to the bay. I'm currently living with family in Alamo and working in Emeryville.
I'd like to get back into swimming. However, from what I can see there is only one public pool anywhere near my place (near heather farms), and the one near work doesn't open early enough for me to swim before work. When I google pools in gyms I just get results for either gyms or pool cleaning services.
Where do people swim?
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2023.06.06 23:52 Impressive_Dream_1 Tradescantia Zebrina Leaves Curling Inward

Hi all,
I'm new to growing plants. I recently bought a Tradescantia Zebrina from facebook a few days ago and I have been noticing the newest leaves curling inward more and more. The rest of the leaves seem fine. I have it near a door so it gets indirect light. I didn't water them because the soil was wet when I bought it. It's still not dry. I did leave it out one evening hoping the ground would absorb some moisture. When I lifted the pot up, I saw a white worm go inside which I figured wouldn't hurt. Please let me know what could cause the curling? Thank you!
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2023.06.06 23:52 InteractionWeird1638 [TOMT] Movie from the 80s/90s with a library scene?

So, I have a vague memory of a movie that my parents were watching when I was a kid in the mid-90s. It was very much a schlocky young adult comedy film. I get the impression that a guy had a crush on a girl and was trying to sabotage her relationship with another guy. The fun wrinkle was that the guy decided to dress as a girl and befriend the girl he had a crush on. I distinctly remember the protagonist setting up a fake rendezvous in the library between the girl and his competition in which the girl and the other guy were finding clues in different books that suggested a romantic rendezvous to the other. The wrinkle was that the other was slowly getting undressed and when the girl (maybe the girl and her friends?) rounded a corner, he was naked or nearly so, and her responses was basically, "In the library? Seriously?" and it hurt their relationship. Eventually, the ruse was discovered, but I can't remember much more than that. Can someone help me out with what movie this is? I know "Just One of the Guys" had recently been rebooted as "Just One of the Girls" - is this scene from that? Or is it something else?
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