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2023.06.03 20:48 Mr_Slickrickk Key and Zebra log in and out sheet

Hey does any body know if we have a form to help us keep track of ppl signing in and out keys and zebras if so how do we get to it so I can print it or do we need to make one.
Thank you
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2023.06.03 20:47 botcraft_net While the world's most awesome and biggest public torrent tracker RARBG shuts down out of clear sky, some cool individuals manage to rescue as many as 3.4 million magnet links from it!

You can get the full database here: Grab it while it lasts even if you have no clue how to use it (and that will come later). Make sure to spread the word too!
This was made possible by and
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2023.06.03 20:47 1gris1 What helped me to this point

My DE started about 18 months ago. Having never had anything close to this before I had no clue what was happening. Very bad itching on hands spread to face, ears, and torso as It got worse. Many sleepless nights trying to make it through the itching. Some lotion from a friend helped me get through this first event. One of the items was a steroid creme and wool wax creme. They had been through something similar. This same thing occurred about a month later with worse symptoms. Similar method of treating it helped but not as much as before. This continued pretty much constant though varying degrees for a couple months. This led me to see a dermatologist who diagnosed it quickly as Dyshidrosis Eczema. They prescribed Clobetasol (100$ a tube!). But it didn't really do much. By this point I was using Wool Wax creme to help with the dry hands. It did help with the dry skin during the "calming down" stage of DE. I returned to tbt dermatologist to seek more help but got no suggestions that would lead to why this happeneded. Again another event with this a few months later in the Fall. This latest through December. When it reoccurred by this spring I finally called an allergy doctor. The 62 pin test showed no surprises for me. Trees, grass, weeds, mold, dust all were positive. But this couldn't be it. Allergies with those had always bothered me but the symptoms had changed. So we did the patch test. The one result from that which caught my eye was a contact allergy to cobalt which can be found in some supplements. This caused me to look at a nature made multi vitamin that has vitamin B12 in it. The vitamin B12 is as Cyanocobalamin which has cobalt dichloride. Now it isn't cobalt chloride which is what the paper from the doctor says can be one variant that is a contact allergy for me. After a phone conversation with them I have decided to stop taking it and see if it returns or not. I didn't think of the supplements as a source of this problem and probably wouldn't have gotten here this fast without the patch test.
Hopefully my experience helps some others in some way. And I am not one to go to the doctor all the time. It took this extremely wierd thing for me to go to this extent. You never know what it could be.
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2023.06.03 20:46 SamuraiAinu Asap help

Asap help
I have a few places I need to find unfortunately I do not have all of the images I need to find. This first and most difficult because I forgot to screenshot on another phone and text the image to this one is a sky blue house numbered 12752 with a large paned window and a brick leading path with brick work near the entrance. The second is a parking lot near solar canopy's and ticky tacky houses. Key not the light fixtures are square not circular and there are notable eucalyptus. I suspect that the residence is near the house but here are images of the parking lot. If you can help me find these today you are god. They are definitively somewhere between north orange county and San Gabriel valley, most likely closer to the middle of them, La Habra area.
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2023.06.03 20:44 andar1on Salvage or sell?

What do you do? I try to salvage yellow/legs and sell blues, any tips?
Maybe there’s something I didn’t take into account.
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2023.06.03 20:42 Beneficial_Affect522 When to push on diastasis so severe I can't even get comfortable in bed?

Hi all, 27F, 38+3 with a scheduled c-section on Wednesday, and pretty debilitating diastasis of my pubis symphysis (not sure if I have it backwards), last measured at 11mm at 35 weeks via x-ray in the ER.
Meds : Compazine, Reglan (both 5mg x every 6 hours), Famotidine (20mg x2 daily), Zofran (4mg x every 6 hours), prenatals, Dilaudid (1mg as needed for migraines), and Wellbutrin XR 150mg.
Height: 4'10"
Weight : 196lbs
Other dx's : hEDS, false labor (treated once with tocolytics but I cannot tolerate another shot so I will stay in false labor), dysautonomia, chronic migraines with aura, anxiety and depression.
Second pregnancy, baby is around 8-8.5lbs according to my last ultrasound. Not breech, facing correctly, his head is possibly the cause of the diastasis (x-ray showed his head pushing on my entire pelvic bone structure), he's perfectly healthy and happy, despite me having fought with Hyperemesis Gravidarum and still weighing less than my pre-pregnancy weight.
I woke up and once again heard my pelvis crack when I tried to get up this morning out of bed, just as it did before when I went to the ER the first time when I was dx'd with the diastasis. I cannot walk, I can barely waddle to the bathroom 15 feet away. I'm staying in bed but it hurts even just laying here. I physically cannot roll, even though last night I was able to just fine. My entire pelvis hurts so bad I've been in tears, but I feel like nothing can be done besides getting baby out. I already have SI joint dysfunction as well, and the pain is going into both SI joints. Should I go ask my OB if we can do my c-section today instead? I'm scheduled for the morning of June 7th. Literally just days away. I did have an elevated D-Dimer to the point I wasn't even allowed a PICC when my HG was at it's worst, so I'm worried about being on bed rest even for the next few days.
Pillow between my legs isn't helping anymore, and I am at a loss besides take one of my Dilaudid, but I don't wanna stay high until Wednesday morning either. I barely take it, and have only gotten 14 pills since January and still have 6 left currently (I do cut a 2mg in half, though). Tylenol doesn't even touch it, I can feel the bones are way off from where they should be, but no clue how much worse it really is at this point. Should I go to the ER even? Or do you think OB can handle it?
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2023.06.03 20:41 Responsible-Box616 some oc's

some oc's
gray: he will roam around if his face is happy you can walk around him if his face is angry he will act like blue trying to catch you lime:he will walk around he wont attack People But he cant steal items that you need to collect if you want to get the back you have to attack him he will try to eat and you will have to click a couple of times in a certain place so he doesnt eat you and get the Item white: he will fly around But theres a catch, he is Just a light so he will alert other monster where you are Brown:acts like blue But can only catch you if youre in a box (or if you leave the box while he sees it) so yeah, basically reverse blue black:he will have a couple of holes on the map, he can walk normally But sometimes he will appear from a hole if a Player is next to it (he also Walks on walls)
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2023.06.03 20:41 Yansi16 Blue Meanies Panaeolus cyanesence or cubensis?

Blue Meanies Panaeolus cyanesence or cubensis?
Total newbie to Shrooms. Can you guys identify if these are Panaeolus cyanesence or cubensis? I got them this week and was told it was blue meanies. Did my some research to find out there are 2 different types.
Context: My only experience with shrooms was in the form of infused chocolate bar 3 yrs back. I had a bad trip with racing thoughts and was panicking for majority of the trip. I want to give it a try again with dried shrooms. Maybe start microdosing for a full month before going on a trip.
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2023.06.03 20:40 ShinyKnight242 Commercials start happening in real life. What happens to the world?

People unknowingly start advertising things out of nowhere, in the exact same fashion as a TV or YouTube sponsor ad.
Someone might be frustrated with their insurance company and talking about it to their friend, when all of a sudden their friend talks in an ultra deep voice about Allstate. The friend has no clue that they're now a commercial character, and once the commercial ends, the friend has no idea what just happened to them.
The same happens to politicians and world leaders. They could be talking about something incredibly serious and impactful only to mention that their sponsor is dollar shave club or magic spoon. This is completely unbeknownst to them, it happens automatically and naturally like how a person's heart beats.
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2023.06.03 20:39 TranslatorNo8561 Would this be a good creepypasta in 2010?

Last night I had a dream where I was playing Kirby 64 with a guy that I didn't recognize as the player 2, them there was a part where I was stuck in a toboggan and fallen down in a water vortex, them there was a game over animation where Kirby was sucked in the water vortex and old clog shoes where split'em out of the vortex??? (the otther guy was laughing because it was a reference to an old movie) After the game over screen I was falling in the game's blue hell which I was quickly able to save myself from with Kirby flying powers, being now able to come back from the vortex without losing any lifes, I was also able to find those old clog shoes getting the clog shoes copy ability which let me play like in a fighting game.
But them, after I defeated some enemies with Kirby's sick kicks I blackd out and fond myself inside the game completely covered in blood while everywhere near me was covered in ruins and the guy that I was playing with was hiding from me on top of something and them I said these exact words: WHY HIDE FROM ME? GET BACK HERE TO MEET YOUR NEW GOD OF DEATH! LOOK AT THE BLOOD ON MY FACE AND AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! TELL ME WHAT YOU FEEL WHACHING THE RADIANT INCARNATION OF SORROW AND DECADENCE!
And them I wake up... (maybe I have whached to much gorefield berore sleeping)
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2023.06.03 20:39 TheTurtleVirus Low Poly Lancias

Low Poly Lancias
Low Poly Lancias I modeled and printed on a Prusa Mk3S. These models will be released with a membership subscription soon. You can check out my free models or if you haven't before :)
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2023.06.03 20:39 awittycleverusername Z Depth is off (noob)

I'm still trying to get my calibration dialed in as I've only had my printer for 2 days (and i'm completely new to all of this).
I got a whambam plate for it and it requires a 3.8mm spacer, but the spacer I printed only comes out to 3.25mm
Any suggestions on what could be wrong here?
Here are my settings:
Thanks for any help you can share <3
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2023.06.03 20:38 emi_macandcheese Guy 25M ish just gave me 20F his number…what do I do???

I went to the dollar store to get frosting after my ballet class, and as I was getting into my car this guy- I have no idea how old he was, but he’s definitely older than me- called out to me, telling me that I had a very nice car and he liked it. I said thank you and proceeded to get in my car.
My window was down, and the guy came and stood by it and told me that I was the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. I thanked him, and he asked my name, so I gave him a nickname. He gave me his name- George- and asked a couple more questions- what do I do for a job (I’m a bakery assistant, did not tell him where), do I have kids (no- I’m a twenty-year-old college student which I did not tell him, I just said no) am I from around here (yes.) To that last question he asked if I was sure because I “don’t look like I’m from around here.” I really have no idea what that means. He also told me that he’s from Ohio.
After that he said that he would “love to be my friend” and asked if he could give me his number- his phone was dead so I couldn’t give him mine. I would have said no, that I didn’t have a phone, but it was on the seat next to me and I didn’t want to be rude. So I let him give me his number, and then he went into the store and I went home. Told my mom what happened, she said it was probably a scam, and if it wasn’t I was dressed for ballet class in a leotard, short skirt, and tights, so that was probably why this happened.
I really have no idea what I’m supposed to do now? I feel like I shouldn’t text him back, but he was not creepy at all and actually very nice. He was quite attractive, not going to lie- tall Black guy with a gorgeous accent- but I’m asexual and aromantic, and very happily single. I’m also twenty and this guy was definitely older than that, probably twenty-five or older. I have a pixie cut and don’t wear makeup- I had just blue eyeliner on today because I forgot to take it off after rehearsal- and I’ve never thought of myself as pretty. I’ve never even been catcalled before, let alone had someone give me their number. So I was very confused and didn’t really know what to do.
Did I get scammed somehow? What just happened? Should I have not let him give me his number? What do I do now??
TLDR- guy gave me his number and I have no idea what to do
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2023.06.03 20:38 Great-Camera-6314 Ewok bleps

Ewok bleps
Just thought I'd do a little pic dump since some of you liked the pics from denmark, especially the ones with Lilly derping around. Lilly is a very tiny cat with a big fierce attitude and a resting blep face. When I got her and her brother I couldn't believe this little blue eyed fluff was even real. She was way skinnier than now and I had to get her shaved since her belly, throat and legs were completely matted and she moved like a turtle in its shell. But whenever I looked into her outward squinting eyes I was blown away from the alienesk energy she radiates. Until today I sometimes look at her in disbelieve, and I couldn't be happier that we found us. :)
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2023.06.03 20:37 containerfan Aux Mods for SC31 Pro, FW3A, and FWAA

Aux Mods for SC31 Pro, FW3A, and FWAA
u/INeedMoreLumens was kind enough to experiment with some aux mods on a few of my lights, and the results are amazing! Here are the specs:
Sofirn SC31 Pro (de-anodized and polished)
  • Stock driver (older ATTiny85 version upgraded to Anduril 2)
  • Custom copper spacer
  • Custom machined KD triple MCPCB to reduce diameter
  • 3 x Nichia 519A sm403 domed
  • Lume Aux Board
  • Green aux (to match the button)
  • Stock FET+1 driver (yes, the crappy one)
  • 3 x Nichia 519A sm303 domed
  • Lume Aux Board
  • Purple aux (technically pink, I believe)
  • Stock driver
  • 3 x Nichia 519A sm353 dedomed
  • TheFreeman FWAA TRI-LED flex PCB
  • Ice blue aux
Before I get into the pictures, let me just say that u/INeedMoreLumens' work is immaculate. I couldn't be happier with the results. The aux LEDs are so tiny that I don't think I could reflow them myself, and I don't even want to try. If you have any of these lights and want a very nice upgrade, be sure to reach out to him.
Alright! Let's see how they turned out!
Aux on high
Aux on low
Aux on low
Aux on low
Lume aux board on SC31 Pro
Another angle
TheFreeman FWAA TRI-LED flex PCB
Lume aux board in FW3A
Sorry about the blurry pics, but I had to use low light to capture the aux LEDs. These lights are just incredible in person.
As usual, if you have any questions, please let me know. If you want specifics on the aux mods and Anduril 2 modifications, send those directly to u/INeedMoreLumens. Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.03 20:37 Mysterious_Ad4995 Getting ready for the launch

My podcast is really coming together. I’ve get the Trailer done, and 3 episodes. I’ve got my first guest story teller to agree to come on ( I am asking my favorite podcasters from other podcasts to be on my show because I really like there podcasts). I have a summary written of my first 12 episodes so I can use this to write my stories. I can use it to ask guests what story they want to read and it gives me a plan on what to write. I’ve gotten my Facebook Group up, my Discord up (with areas for general audience, businesses I am working with, patrons, and the podcast team. I created a Patreon for two reason first and main one I wanted to create a part of the community that I could offer the ability to play the game I am basing the podcast on, edit the rules, and even write the script. But I wanted them to have some flesh in the game even a little so it would less likely be abused. The other and less important reason for the Patreon is so my podcast could take care of it’s self. Now by this point your wondering what my podcast is about. It will be called To Rule a World 3D; It based on a 3D printed/World building game my friend and I are creating. I’ve aways had this Emperor fantasy and so the game is about ruling a country you win when you’ve become the only world leader, this could happen several ways. Conquest, buying out, the ancient evils kill them, alliance, ect… So what I’ve done is take the turns and turned them into stories from many different perspectives. So that’s where I am at. If your interested in playing I’ll send you a link where to get the rules. Otherwise tell me what you think I need to do to get ready for launch
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2023.06.03 20:36 Sonikkunn I found a hurt bird on my yard. I can't take him to a vet.

I found a bird with a broken and exposed bone on my yard. Couldn't find his nest. Decided to take him inside and give him food, water, and a warm place to be. His paw, however, won't get better with just that. I can't take him to a vet because vets don't treat birds like these here where I live, but I don't want to abandon the poor guy. What do I do?
Species: Fledgling?
Age: Young. Some months old at best
Sex/Neuter status: No idea. Don't know how to check.
Breed: Fledgling??
Body weight: No way to check
History: it's a bird. Found him outside.
Clinical signs: Exposed bone on his right paw. Can't move it.
General location: Portugal. Évora.
Links to any test results, X-rays, vet reports etc. that you have: No vets here that can treat him.
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2023.06.03 20:35 Latenightscythe Printer unable to print Temp towers

So I just received my printer recently and have been printing alot, I also recently completed a 35 hour print and various other bits and still currently able to print, however i was told for cleaner prints to calibrate my system and one way to do so was to print Temp Towers.
I decided to use the auto towers provided by Cura's marketplace which seem to work properly but my printer seems to stop once the temperature increases once (starting 200, increase to 230) and says The Print Head Temperature Sensor is Abnormal to which im forced to turn it off, I have been able to print multiple other things afterwards at a steady heat, is there something im missing or is there a potential break in my system i'll need to look into, thank you for any and all help x
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2023.06.03 20:35 AutoModerator Weekly /r/MnetKingdom Round Table - June 03, 2023

Please use this thread to discuss anything that's been on your mind recently regarding Kingdom or the groups participating. Please avoid self-advertisement or topics that do not relate to K-pop in some way, though discussing topics unrelated to Kingdom (ie. comebacks, general K-pop news, etc.) is allowed on this thread and this thread only.
If you are interested in discussing the previous episode, please consider posting to the pinned post-show discussion post instead.
Also, a friendly reminder that this community has customizable user flairs that you can edit to show your support of your favorite Kingdom competitor, available in Ateez Green, BtoB Blue, iKON Purple, SF9 Pink, Stray Kids Red, The Boyz Gold, I'm-Honestly-Just-Here-For-TVXQ! Orange, and I-Can't-Choose White. And #Hoes4Huta Periwinkle.
Please make sure to remain respectful and considerate of your fellow community members, and consider glancing over our rules if you are new to this community.
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2023.06.03 20:34 TheTurtleVirus Lancias I 3D modeled/printed for my desk

Lancias I 3D modeled/printed for my desk
I model low poly cars and 3D print them. I love rally and thought you guys might like to see these too. You can check out my free models here or These Lancia models will be released with my membership subscription when it comes out in the next couple months.
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2023.06.03 20:34 outoftheolivepit Someone check my counting

I don’t think this is part of this particular update, but in the vitalys mines, there SEEMS to be 7 potential future pathways(counting blue archways and dead end routes)? It’s hard to count those because of how windy the paths are but I’m pretty sure. I counted 7 carts clustered together on the right since of the root beer tower when you walk in. And I counted 7 Pickaxes scattered about. I know if they do the seven dwarves this only makes sense but I’m sure it’s going to involve quests of gathering the axes, repairing the tracks, upgrading our pickaxes to free the dwarves from being trapped. there’s a lot of ground work laid out here, so I just wonder how long it’ll be until we see them, and if anyone else has noticed this before ? If they need to add all 7 I hope they have like one or two on the map at a time and they all live in the same house so it’s not insanely crowded.
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2023.06.03 20:34 tndaris [Waybound] Predictions bingo

As we all wait for the Waybound release I thought it might be fun to play a bingo type game for all the various predictions we've seen discussed here. I guess this isn't really like bingo with randomized cards but close enough. Once we have finished reading Waybound we can come back and see how right or wrong we were!
Reply and list five predictions you believe are most likely to happen in Waybound in order of one through five. You will get 5 points if your number one prediction is correct, 4 points for your number two prediction, 3 points for number three, 2 points for number four and 1 point for number five.
If you get all five correct you get bingo with a total of 15 points, and bragging rights forever!
Feel free to add a bonus prediction of your own for an extra 5 points.
Here are the options if the bingo link/image doesn't work. They are a combination of theories I have seen on this subreddit merged with some of my own. Good luck everyone!
Waybound bingo
  1. Lindon dies and comes back to life
  2. Suriel dies for real
  3. Ozriel dies for real
  4. Makiel joins the Vroshir
  5. Cradle is upgraded to support Monarchs
  6. The group makes 8ME style armor
  7. The 8ME will function as police to stop future Monarchs
  8. A planet-wide script circle (or something similar) prevents new Monarchs
  9. Dross acts as a Presence for the group
  10. Everyone in the group gets their own Presence
  11. A majority or all of the group become Monarchs
  12. Mercy stays on Cradle
  13. Ozriel's Scythe is hidden on Cradle
  14. Reigan Shen is the final boss once he fuses with Subject One's binding
  15. Mercy leads the fight against Malice and forces her to ascend
  16. Ziel kills the Weeping Dragon to get revenge for his sect
  17. Lindon finds a way to ascend while keeping his HungeDreadgod power
  18. Lindon still fuses with his Remnant and achieves a new stage beyond Monarch
  19. Lindon manifests a Creation type Icon
  20. Yerin Consumes a significant part of the Bleeding Phoenix advancing like Lindon
  21. The group ascend by walking through the doors at the bottom of the labyrinth
  22. Lindon adds a new door at the bottom of the labyrinth
  23. Fisher Gesha berates Wei Shi Jaran for how he has treated Lindon
  24. Kelsa and Jai Chen lead the Twin Star sect once the group ascends
  25. Dross and Little Blue become Heralds while Mercy, Ziel and Orthos become Sages
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